Monday, August 17, 2009

Your News Today....

In very exciting news today, I just took delivery on a Bobcat, or Skidster, as Hans calls it. I have no idea WHAT he is going to do with it, but it has a CLAW attachment, AND he is going to teach me to drive it up and down the driveway, engaging the claw in a Monster-like manner, which ought to make for some REALLY fun video.

I think he has a Plan. Seems to involve moving many trees, and some digging. More on this as it develops, as it were.

News Report on the Teen Party last night has no one dead, no ir-replaceable artwork (or any artwork) damaged, one Epic Water Balloon fight, a Slip-n-slide adventure and one small lesson learned, (at the expense of part of the ceiling downstairs,) about just how much water it is ok to use in the sauna.

Seriously, these are GREAT kids. They were frantic when the water came thru, and tried so hard to help anyway they could, and apologized many times over. It's my belief that getting upset and yelling at kids for something that they sure didn't mean to do, and was an accident, when they are already clearly sorry and upset and coming to you for help, would only teach them NOT to come to you when something bad happens.

I want them to come to me. If something bad happens, COME to me, and I will help. I want them to know they won't be "In Trouble" they will be getting someone who will help fix the trouble. A water spot on the ceiling can be fixed. Kids hearts, maybe not.

Small news today, if anyone in the Twin CIties has been wondering about Paul and I and Gigs, they start back up again in September. Just taking a bit of the summer off, to do summer. We've been playing pretty straight for three years, and it seemed like a nice time for a bit of time off, which isn't a euphemism for Band Trouble, really, just the cards fell that way, and we played them.

The big news for today is I've been asked, and agreed to be, a Guest at Octocon 2010! That would be the National Irish Science Fiction Convention, if you please. They had made some inquires about my Boss and as I was being the Princess of NO, I asked why no one ever asked long time Personal Assistants to come, as we were the ones who knew all the good stuff anyway. (Just trying to soften my NO, as they wrote a really great letter and seemed very nice, something which Boss confirmed when I wrote to him asking about this Con)

Apparently, they thought it over and decided I might well have a point, and now here we are, off to Ireland next year! (Hi Louisa! Finally we meet?)

I am wonderfully excited about this and can't wait. Handy me playing Irish Music all these years too, eh?

We're going to Ireland!

My ancestors would be proud. Not that they were Irish, just I think they would be proud.

Love and news of the Day,


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