Saturday, February 21, 2009

All About Bengals and the Bug Glove!

I got the best cat toy, as I mentioned, and thought we haven't done much Bengal posting, so it was high time we checked in with them, as tomorrow it's leather and horses, and Monday is Cabel the Dog's big day. But first, dinner....

Mim likes to eats hers by Castle Greyskull....

While Venus prefers more elegant dinning on the granite countertop...

Venus loves to play with the Bug Glove. Or the Featherstick. Or Tampons. (She will fetch them if I have company over, instead of mousie's. This gives me a kind of weird reputation. NOTE: I do not give them to her, she goes in my purse and takes them)

Queen Mab meets the Bug Glove. She is not SURE, but is always up for something..

King Lear the Huge has wet food. King Lear the Huge has his priorities straight. King Lear the Huge will demolish the entire plate.

Then he will dessert on the Featherstick.

Claws Under The Door takes on a whole new dimension with the Bug Glove. I do not have to wear it anymore. Magic, Venus and Mim like this game.

And finally, the closest picture of F1 Magic yet! He's coming nearer all the time, and did reach out to touch me tonight. Sadly, he got shocked, which is something we're going to have to work on, but still...


Love and Bengals,


At 23:28 Blogger Na said...


At 23:30 Blogger Na said...

Awww, all the Bengal love and play. Always cheering to see happy (or nearly happy) Bengals.

At 23:33 Blogger ariandalen said...


Pretty kitties! Happy kitties!

Happy Ms. Fabulous!

At 23:35 Blogger Na said...

And happy couching, Q.

Night-morning, Fiends.

At 23:38 Blogger vampi said...

awww bengal post made the day better :)

At 23:42 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Everything is better with Bengals. I am sure of it.

Just won my half chaps on ebay. Lovely black leather. I got nice looking used ones, but really GOOD ones, instead of not so nice new ones.

I mean, it's a stable, not a fashion event.

At 23:43 Blogger Dragonsally said...

In awe of those beautiful Bengals.

Every photo I see of Magic makes me fall more in love with him.

What is it with cats and tampons? (other than the perfect size for cat paws to throw)

At 23:44 Blogger Dragonsally said...

You can never look to good for your horse Lorraine!

At 23:46 Blogger ariandalen said...

I'm off to bed, myself.
Sweet dreams, all. :)

At 23:52 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

You can't not fall in love with Magic. He's pretty special, and we are all he has.

Oh, I will look good. And we will have pictures tomorrow.

Night Adriandalen!

At 00:33 Blogger Ticia said...

Tiki tiki tiki tiki tiki room
Tiki tiki tiki tiki tiki room

Ticky ticky ticky ticky ticky box
Ticky ticky ticky ticky ticky box

Aloha from The Tiki Room in Disneyland!

At 00:34 Blogger spacedlaw said...

Kitties! I like to wake up to kitty pictures.

Although actually I woke up to Sally crying. *hugs* It seems to have been a most moving ceremony. As it should be.

At 00:38 Anonymous Anonymous said...

Whoa I missed a bit there, didn't I?

I wish I could've seen the memorial..even though I'd be a puddle after.

Kitties all look happy:) I love that little white tip on Magic's tail.

Ooh half-chaps are good things. I might be able to stay on an english saddle if I had some;). Good you got used ones, that means they're broken in and not stiff and creaky.

Tiki Room:) I never got to go to the Tiki room when I was in DW because it was being remodelled.
You hit the Haunted Mansion yet? That one's always been my favorite!

At 04:09 Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good luck Dan. Not that I think you'll need it.

I loved the story thing you guys got happening as well.

How did it end?

At 04:53 Blogger Marjorie said...

Beautiful kitties. And so good to see Magic coming out to play, too

At 08:00 Blogger Phiala said...

They are all so beautiful! Thanks for the photos.

I am slouched on the couch with coffee, trying to locate either my brains or my motivation, or both. Neither seems to be on the interwebs this morning. Will keep looking.

At 08:21 Blogger dabbler said...

So gorgeous cats...especially Magic! And I love the glove toy.

I have had two days of DH and DD away on DD's trip to DC (wow, acronyms.)Managed to read The Book of Lost Things and take myself out for one lunch. All the rest was work or costuming. Oh, and taxes.

Of course, they spent the days learning more about the Holocaust...sleeping on gym floors and having five of the 22 of them sick... not exactly light entertainment.

They did see a one man play titled "I'm My Own Wife" about a transvestite man who survived both Nazi Germany and Soviet East Germany...Mark said it was excellent...and we'll keep an eye out to see f it tours to Philly.

Sorry to miss the bushfire thoughts go out to you, Sally, and your countryfolk.

At 09:00 Blogger Phiala said...

Today is Edward Gorey's birthday (22 Feb 1925).

At 09:25 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

When I was little the tiki room was the most magic place, and I had only ever seen it on YV on the Disney Show...Unlike a lot of childhood dreams, it didn't lose anything when I go there. Nor did the haunted mansion..

I am drinking tea with no milk in honor of Kitty, who drinks it that way.

At least I am telling myself that. It is not because I have no milk. Nope.

At 09:27 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

The half chaps helped amazingly, you really can grip better. I don't mind used, they didn't look very used and will be broken in, as you say Kali.

And the nice new ones cost HUGE $$.

Tea with no milk is every bit as good as tea with milk.

It is.


At 09:30 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Edwards Gorey's B'day? I didn't get him anything....My kitchen is all Gorey you know. Prints, a few signed, would kill for an original, way out of my league.

Mistress, did you find a brain? I have a brain. Did I mention I have no milk for tea?

At 09:31 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Ah, Morning! Just me and my blog. No Fiends to chatter it up with things. Me and my blog, and my tea. With no milk.

At 09:33 Blogger Marjorie said...

Waves at Lorraine!

At 09:35 Blogger Marjorie said...

Tea is good. Honey helps if there is no milk.

At 09:35 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Waves back. I bet you had milk this morning.

At 09:36 Blogger Ticia said...

Thanks for the Bengal updates. I really love seeing how well they're doing.

And Magic... What can I say about that beautiful little man?I know he pees on your stuff and that's bad. But to see his face and how much more relaxed he is does my heart good. He's like a zen kitty to me. Very special. I get a goofy smile on my face whenever you post his picture.

Sally & Co., following the comments yesterday during the memorial was incredible. I was unable to see or hear any of the footage, so for me it was a mute experience. But I was struck by how music transcends and transforms everything, even when you can't hear it. I could feel by your writing how it affected you and the millions witnessing it. An oddly moving experience for me.

At 09:38 Blogger Marjorie said...

Well, I was very lazy this morning, so it was technically afternoon before I got as far as breakfast, but yes, I had milk.

I'd send you some if I thought it would help. Is virtual milk any good to you?

At 09:40 Blogger Ticia said...

And good morning Lorraine, Phiala, and Marjorie!

Another bad thing about typing on the iPhone is the tiny window. If I get too far back in my "novel" during my check for typos, I can't add anything to the bottom.

So, "good morning!"

And, tea without milk? ::shudder: although I live on unsweetened iced tea during the summer, go figure!

At 09:42 Blogger Marjorie said...

morning Ticia, Phiala.

At 09:46 Blogger Ticia said...

Lorraine, the Tiki Room and The Haunted Mansion are special. I get worried that one day they'll close The Tiki Room because there are never very many people in it when I go. Last night there were 10 of us.

At 09:46 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

I get all goofy over Magic too. He is the Zen kitty, it's all so new to him, he has never known anything but terror in connection with people. It's like he has this sense of wonder going on, what will happen next???

I don't care if he pees, that will stop.

Not sure virtual milk would help. I am late actually and have much to do today.

A lovely ride, Freckles is coming for the first play date. I hear the Oscars are tonight, but I have a complete lack of interest in any of the movies, and they aren't really my thing.

This year anyway. Might be different in the future.

At 09:47 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

I know, why don't people understand the magic that is the tiki room? Boggles my mind...

At 09:48 Blogger Marjorie said...

No I think virtual milk is no good for a dding to tea. Hope today goes well, even if you are busy. Freckles is Cabal's doggie play date friend, yes?

At 09:51 Blogger Marjorie said...

I'd never heard of the Tiki Room, but I've Googled it now and it looks fun. Maybe too quiet for many?

At 09:52 Blogger Ticia said...

That's it exactly Lorraine! The wonder. You can see it in the pictures. :-D

And Freckles! Cabal is going to be so excited! How awesome!

All of the animal talk is great for me right now. I miss my little dustmop. She's having fun at the relatives, but I miss her.

So, keep us updated on the 4 legged fiends... And have a great time riding!

At 09:56 Blogger Ticia said...

And The Tiki Room is quiet, but EVERYONE at the park knows about it and professes a deep love for it. And everyone knows the song. Marjorie, you tube the Tiki Room and see if you can hear the song. It's contagious.

At 09:58 Blogger gaypet said...

Morning. Coffee. Coffee. Coffee...

Great shots of Bengals! Thanks. I first wrote "Great shot of Bagels". Hm. Maybe I should have breakfast.

The Tiki Room. Isn't that the one with the phallic fountain?

At 10:00 Blogger spacedlaw said...

Never mind me, I am just busy preparing my posts for the week (and the music that goes with them).

At 10:06 Blogger Phiala said...

No brain, no motivation, no milk.

Buying milk this morning was one of the things I would do if I had motivation.

At 10:07 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Freckles is Cabels best friend, and hey havent' had a doggie play date in 6 weeks now. No running thru the woods, but they can play in the house and in the doggie pen.

Magic touched me just now after he had breakfast and did claws under the door! Then scuttled away.

Morning Gayle! Yes Breakfast! I am all for it!!!! How's the wild world of school? We miss you, you know!

At 10:08 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Mistress! You and me. I seem to have HUGE motivation tho. Weird.

At 10:09 Blogger vampi said...

did htey modify the tiki room at disneyland?

at world they kind of ruined it by adding iago and bird from lion king.

tikiroom haunted mansion and jungle cruise were my favorites. my family still quotes the funniest guide we had ho said after everything "excitement excitement, oh hat a thrill" in a very sarcastic tone.

i'm thinking of going to disneyland for my birthday this year. i haven't been since i was 12.

At 10:10 Blogger Phiala said...

Q, you must have my share as well as your own.

I do have a purring cat, a novel, and the laptop tho.

At 10:10 Blogger Ticia said...

Hi Nat and Gayle!

Yes Gayle, they do have a phallic fountain there.

At 10:14 Blogger Ticia said...

Vampi, the Tiki Room is exactly the same. They've added pirahna (sp?) to The Jungle Cruise.

At 10:21 Blogger spacedlaw said...

A phallic fountain and Tikki Room song. What's not to like?
Used to do belly dancing exercises to that song and it was hard work. Not very long but intense.

At 10:22 Blogger EmilyLady said...

Magic is really beautiful.

Bengals seem to make for extremely interesting company. You know ever since I started reading the blog I've never looked at any cat the same way.

At 10:22 Blogger Ticia said...

Here is a list of what we saw yesterday;

The Haunted Mansion, Pirates of the Carribean, Star Tours, Peter Pan, Indiana Jones, Space Mountain, Jungle Cruise, Splash Mountain, the Tiki Room, Buzz Lightyear, more?? and we took nap-time in the afternoon because we went to bed after midnight the night before and got up at 3:45 am.

At 10:22 Blogger gaypet said...

Thanks, Q. It means a lot. :) School is killin' me. M has been sick (poor guy) and he has not been to school for a week. Which of course means I get no time to study. It will improve this week. Or I, at least, should be able to catch up.

I really miss you all too. My semester is over the beginning of May. So the weather will be nice and I will be out of school. You will get sick of me. :)

Happy Sunday all. Gonna make a token attempt at the dishes now.

At 10:29 Blogger Ticia said...

Nat -I love the idea of belly dancing to that song!

Gayle - ((hugs))

Hi Emily!

Okay, gotta go. Off to breakfast then California Adventure (the sister park) and Disneyland too!

At 10:29 Blogger EmilyLady said...

Thinking of taking fourteen-year-old Benjamin to see Coraline today - he does not like the cinema (hates to be sitting down staring at a huge screen for so long) but figures if I'M the one taking HIM, instead of HIM being the one to take HIS little brother, he'll see it.

Make sense?


Anyway, it's good that he'll see it.

At 11:05 Blogger AletaMay said...

Beautiful happy Bengals make beautiful happy fiends.

At 12:17 Blogger Jane said...

My friends (or is it fiends?) loved Coraline in 3-D, but we're all in our 50s. Would love to hear what the 14 year old thinks about it.

Beautiful Bengals!

At 13:42 Blogger Na said...

Blogger not playing nice.

Well, maybe I wrote too much about D-land. We went there every year when I was a kid, and I worked there briefly. I <3 The Tiki Room. It's tradition - once must see it if possible!

I recall vividly the night I fell in love with the Haunted Mansion. I was about 12, and had always been too frightened by it. But that time, I was laughing and screaming all the way through it, and immediately begged to go on it again.

Ticia - don't miss the Pirates ride! And I recommend exploring Tom Sawyer's Island if you can.

On with the day. Woke at 5:30 am. Back to sleep at 9:30. The day's thrown off, but I'm more rested. :)

At 14:10 Blogger Kitty Cat said...

would like some more photos of my boyfriend KING LEAR!!! please oh please.
meanwhile, your girl Selina Kyle is eating all the plants,
so Red got her a bundle of grass, and she mows it with her mini-needle teeth.

tea with no milk, yes.
and sometimes i make it with milk in honor of you.

At 14:14 Blogger Siri said...

The bracelet I got from Kitty for buying the Saucer Poster (I think that's what it was with, or maybe the Graveyard t-shirt) is supposed to aid with motivation. I wear it a lot. It helps some days. Others, not so much. This seems to be a not so much day.

Sally, there was an article in our paper today about how children are coping with being in the fires, and losing everything. Well written article about what the kids are dealing with.

My favourite quote from Phillip, age 9, "And now we have to stay at our Nan and Pop's - and they're always grumpy."

At 14:49 Blogger Stacy Hurt said...

Ticia is at Dland & didn't even twit me??? Harumph! I'm 20min from there & we could meet up (she's prolly way busy for that, Dland is so costly that if you only have limited time; don't waste it! I will/am missing the chance to see her though)

Tiki Room, meh... Haunted Mansion is still my favorite; bar none.

Tea must have milk; Fab, you might want to keep some powdered variety on hand for extreme emergencies; like if theres 20 ft. of snow outside or you haven't done your hair or brushed your teeth just to run up & buy some. If you barely put any water in it it's not bad.

Bengals are lovely; and Magic is certainly has the most beautiful coat I've ever seen on a domestic. Awesome!

Gayle; hoping you have more time to study & feindlet is doing better.

Yes Mistress; if you manage to sniff the brains out; let me know; I'm a feard mine has run off cavoriting there too.

My lovley tuxie Miss Jack is demanding me... gott run now that i can't see the screen !

At 15:15 Blogger Lexocat said...

Happy Sunday.

Haven't been able to keep up (what's new?) but stopping by to say hello.

FWIW, tampons and Q-tips are the enduring passions of every cat who has lived in my home. Sigh.

Disneyland. We've been annual pass holders for several years. Can't afford to renew this year. Not yet, anyway. Tom Sawyer Island is one of the Boy and his friends' favorite places to run around and be, well, boys. However, it was "re-themed" as Pirate's Lair on Tom Sawyer Island. Less Twain and more Jack Sparrow. Boy loves it but I get nostalgic for the TSI of my childhood.

At 15:41 Blogger Ticia said...

Na- Just have to jump over to Tom Sawyers island! I went to Disneyland about 20 times as a child. My dad worked for TRW and once a year the park was open only to TRW. Score!

Stacy- I would have loved to see you and the other LA fiends, but my husband said "family bonding weekend" which translates into "You're not paying enough attention to me". Meh.

At 15:43 Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lexi--isn't that just a bit weird? A Disney ride becomes a movie which is so popular it makes them go back and modify not only the original ride but anything they can consider related to it. hehe.

That said, Tiki room has been a favourite since I was 6 or 7 years old. And I guess I'm still a classicist, prefer the trad Haunted House, Jungle Cruise et cetera even as an adult.

BENGALS!! I show the pics to Angus, he snorts and rolls over for a belly rub. Must remember not to "oooooo" over them too much when he is around :)

Finally made coffee myownself. VERY late night....local celtic band that only plays once in a blue moon (don't ask me why!) was at favourite saloon/restaurant last night, and me and Glass Artiste hooked up (in a hanging out sense, not a oh baby sense) two cowboys from overseas. Seriously, one Irish boy and one Scots.

Irish boy is British Army, just got back from Afghanistan and decided he'd blow off steam with a month long road trip from Atlanta to Denver, hitting as many states as possible (talk about going the LONG way around)....

Scotts boy was along for the ride. Somewhere in Texas they acquired Stetsons, plaid shirts and boots along with some riding time. Then they took a Left at Albuquerque and wound up in Socorro (Irish boy wanted a green chili burger :))

Irish boy got up and sang a bit w/the band, guess he'd done that the night before as well (we caught them on their third and final night in town) in SPANISH, singing Freddy Fender! Um, cause his mother's from Gibraltar he said.

But of course after that place closed, we had to go close the only real bar in town. A VERY late and liquid night, but much fun.

Q-Eagle brand condensed milk. Keep a can waaay in the back of your cupboard. Bring out in cases of DIRE milk emergency. Just a dab'll do ya!

Okay, I'm caught up now. Back to coffee and apologizing to the cat :)

At 16:11 Blogger Na said...

Ticia. My parents both worked for TRW. That's when we went every year; for TRW night. Best was having no lines on Space Mountain when it opened. :D TRW was a big place, I know, but wondering if they knew each other...

At 16:11 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Hi Jane, and Welcome!

(Fiends! Where are your manners! No warning her of Adriandalen? No seeing if she has super powers we can use to take over the world?)

Judging by the amount of fan mail Ktty and I have been seeing, I am thinking kids love it! MAddy is 14 and she and her friends loved it, and I think younger is ending up more than people thought.

Emily should tell us what her brother thought too when she gets home.

Kitty, you and King Lear??? I did not know this..Hmm....Too bad I can't send him to you to go with Kylie and Batman.

At 16:12 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Oh, I bought FIVE boxes of soy milk, the kind that keeps for months. This will NEVER happen again!

At 16:17 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Oh, riding was great, I'll have a fine story for you in a new post tonight,

I'm back now. If you can't tell.

You can come out. It's safe. More or less.

At 16:22 Anonymous Anonymous said...

How long before you get the not quite new but still excellent half-chaps? Fiends shall expect pictures of said items modeled...or at least in use, of that I am sure!

Soy milk is good back up plan. As Fod is your witness, you will never go milkless again! :)

Happy Sunday, all (or Monday where appropriate....)

At 16:22 Blogger Dragonsally said...

Morning all dear Fiends!
Start of the week here, and start of Pete's uni year. Big Day.

Siri - that is such an adorable quote.

Ticia, did I read are writing your novel on your phone?

Jane -welcome and Lorraine is right, you should be ready for Ariandalen's sniff attack.

Its going to be a hot day here with the bad sort of winds - they are worried fires will be bad again. *sigh*

New post with photos of horsies and chaps Q?

At 16:23 Blogger Dragonsally said...

Hey Lys -SNAP- great minds think alike as always

At 16:35 Blogger Marjorie said...

everyone comes out and starts commenting when i turn my back (pout)

Hi Jane - all fiends togehter here. Ariandalen will be along with a maniacal laugh to sniff your brains soon, then we're all set!

Lys - sounds like you had a great time ;-)

I'm losing my marbles here.

I've just found some rhubarb in my fridge. This is wierd. I like rhubarb, but i have absolutely no memory of having bought it.(and lets face it, even if Tybalt has learned to shop online, it's not going to be for rhubarb.

Is stuff spontaneously appearing in fridges a sign of the coming of the apocalypse?

At 16:37 Blogger Na said...

Oh, Jane! Sorry not to greet you earlier. Eska vous vous. Ariandalen will also be making you an offer of a lovely free, er, coat. Of sorts.

At 16:40 Anonymous Anonymous said...

Marjorie--well, if *anything* was going to signify a coming apocalypse, it would be rhubarb. hehe.

Tho I actually quite like it, in pie with cherries and strawberries...cloves, cinnamon and nutmeg. mmmmm...

Perhaps Tybalt was trying to order something else, but the lack of opposable thumbs OR decent typing technique morphed the request into rhubarb?

Of course, you still have the issue of a) arrival of said rhubarb w/out your noticing. b)how did Tybalt pay for and then c) open and put away said order of rhubarb.

Hermm.... It just gets worse and worse, doesn't it? :)

At 16:41 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Not sure how long the half chaps will take, but I wore borrowed ones today. Apparently I got a REALLY good pair of all leather ones, for a steal, gently used.

Can't do a new post till I get home tonight, as the camera downloading thingie is there...But I will do one, and there are a few surprises.

At 16:41 Blogger Marjorie said...

Morning Sally. Will keep everything crossed that the heat and wind do not combine in the wrong ways. I guess the little bit of rain you had isn't enought to have made much difference, except temporarily?

At 16:42 Blogger Na said...

Marjorie, worse yet, it might be something pretending to be rhubarb. Go carefully. Maybe let Tybalt look at it, make sure no back-arching occurs...

At 16:43 Blogger Dragonsally said...

well, it let me water some pots Marjorie, but you wouldn't think there had been any rain at all. Having said that, it really was only a wee bit of rain.

I love rhubarb. Send it to me!

At 16:43 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Marjorie, I've been there, it's like WHAT and HOW???????????

Sigh, oh to be in England in the springtime. MOnths yet before we have rhubarb.

Cabel and Freckles are the snow dogs! HAving a fine time. Well, they are in the prison of the way too small dog pen (People have houses on LOTS smaller than this dog run)

At 16:44 Blogger Marjorie said...

Lys. I like it too, I just don't usually find it materialising in the fridge. (Although if me thinking about 'hmm xxx would be nice' is going to make xxx materialise in my fridge I'm going to start thinking more carefully (and maybe get a bigger fridge)

starting to think sleep would be good.

Horsie pictures when I wake up?

At 16:45 Blogger Hera said...

I know I say this every time but MAN this blog grows fast! can't keep up :)

I remember that photo! such an awesome night... I was so sick though.. The yummy syrupy stuff in the packets rescued me..

Your Bengals are Beautiful!
I was woken up five times this morning (too early) by Brjánn who brought his toy mouse and wanted to play - and wouldn't take no for an answer.

:) xo!

At 16:45 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

All the pretty little horses , just for you Marjorie, sweet dreams!

At 16:46 Anonymous Anonymous said...

Marjorie--definitely a larger fridge!

Sleep well....

At 16:46 Blogger Marjorie said...

Na, that thought is going to haunt me now. If you never hear from me again, you'll know it was a Shoggath in diguise. . .

At 17:16 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Hi HEra! That was a wonderful night, and I SO wish you hadn't been sick, I had forgotten that part of it.

Ah yes, the bring the mousie and want to play trick. If only once yu think if you throw the mousie to get it away, you are lost!

Oddly, Bengals have been going to bed when I do and sleeping there all night until I get up. Weird. They haven't been playing Rattle the Door either

At 17:41 Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are Head Kitty Cat....

I know everyone goes on and on about how cats are loners and all, but I'm quite sure they are somewhat tribal in their own way.

If alpha cat has a certain sleep patter....and food/fun follows along with this sleep pattern....cats who feel part of the tribe will follow along with that.

just a thought....

At 17:46 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Cats are WAY tribal. Venus is definitely alpha and picks her spots first, and they each sleep in the same spots in the bed every night.. She has been SO cuddly lately very odd.

Freck and Cabel said they would DIE if they had to be otside anymore so I brought them in , only now Freck is desparate to bury Cabels chew thing. He buried one in the Leather Sofa (heard the sound from the office and KNEW that was his plan, and the second in a bag of garbage and now he is crying as I won't let him out to bury one in the snow.


At 17:50 Blogger Dragonsally said...

Sounds about right. My dogs love the in out in out in out game. Pests. Adorable, but pests nevertheless.

At 17:57 Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, you were away too much during the Junketing/Dog Healing time....and now you are back more (in a relative sort of way) so she is RECLAIMING you. *g*

Making you smell right again.

At 17:58 Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm home so much of the time now that when I drive up to Albuquerque and am gone a WHOLE DAY, Angus has to spend much time as soon as I get home rescenting me. :)

After he chews me out, of course.

At 18:01 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

I wish I was home on my couch being re-claimed right now! I am cold and sore and tired, but it is kind of early yet, and Fod knows what these dogs might do, hee-hee..

I did get to Skype with a tired Boss, which always makes me happy.

I am going to have tea. I say that so in case the universe wants to send someone to make it and bring it, it will happen.

Oh, and I forgot, all milk at my house IS soy milk. I don't like cow milk really, don't know why, no new- age health thing. I just like bean milk.

At 18:10 Blogger EmilyLady said...

I actually hate milk. This means milk of any kind. I am not lactose intolerant; I merely retch at the taste. I don't know why.

Benjamin loved Coraline. Got a bit scared, but loved it. This is when having three brothers comes in handy: first Will wants to see it with Emily, then Jack wants to see it with Emily, then Emily takes Ben ...

At 18:18 Anonymous Anonymous said...

so Emily gets to see Coraline three times.

I *am* envious.... :)

I love milk. It does not love me. Not lactose intolerant, just straight up allergic to milk fats.

So skim works pretty well....condensed doesn't bother me too much when in small quantities.

Mozzarella is my favourite cheese, of course.

Skype seems awfully handy in so many situations, L.

At 18:28 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Skype is the BEST!

I have seen Coraline twice, but missed the first 15 minutes both times...Doing hosting things.

I am SO going to have an over the top bubble bath now!!!!!!!!!!!

At 18:29 Blogger EmilyLady said...

Have a good bubble bath.

At 18:56 Blogger Stacy Hurt said...

That sounds divine! A hot bubble bath and tea! You know how to party girl! I finished my walk; trying to be all healthy and the entire time I was out I was thinking "Hey! I have all the ingredients to make peach cobbler!" So; made sure I walked an extra mile, then rushed home & made it. Can't wait to have some tonight! I may be a spiritual being having a human experience but right now my human wants peaches & cinnamon & yummy soft gooey crust! teehee

I love milk; but am lactose intolerant. Never could stomach the taste of soy; tastes too much like french vanilla something which somehow just seems wrong in tea and cereal. I only drink milk when I have french toast; or peanut butter & jelly sandwiches. So, not often.

peace out bubble bath girlz!

At 19:39 Blogger Stacy Hurt said...

y'all are watchin the oscars aren't cha? I miss watching that sort of... but not enough to get cable. cobbler's out of the oven. guess i should actually eat dinner first.

At 19:42 Blogger Siri said...

May I just say

I LOVE Huge Jackman.


At 19:44 Blogger Dragonsally said...

I think for the first time ever I am able to watch the OScars live. Usually it is delayed broadcast.
Siri -Hugh is incredible! Love him to bits, and his wonderful wife.

At 19:45 Blogger Siri said...


damn it all. There goes that dream.

The accent - the singing - the dancing - the humor.


At 19:45 Blogger Dragonsally said...

Oh yes, Debra Furness is a brilliant Aussie actress.

At 19:46 Blogger Stacy Hurt said...

Hugh is an amazing entertainer. OLD SCHOOL style when you had to be able to dance & sing & act, sometimes all at the same time! I still get choked up in the last scene of Xmen3 when she asks him if he will die for them and he's crying and say's "No, I will do it for you." aw jeez; i'm all goosebumply now. !!!

At 19:48 Blogger Stacy Hurt said...

Siri; just pretend he's all yours forever; I'm sure he feels the same way about you! (that's how I get by anyway)

At 19:54 Blogger Dragonsally said...

OMG, Sophie Lauren looks...old?

At 19:57 Blogger Dragonsally said...

Dustin is so YOUNG. Wow. I'm impressed

At 19:57 Blogger Dan Guy said...

I'm free! I was the first person to finish the exam. I think I passed.

I can't believe WALL-E just lost "Best Original Screenplay" to Milk.

At 19:58 Blogger Dragonsally said...

My dog just looked at me oddly while I chanted Wall-EE Wall-EE

Mind you, I haven't seen any of the other films.

Congrats on finishing Dan. Way to Go

At 20:00 Blogger EmilyLady said...

I'm not watching the Oscars. I usually just check the Life section of USA Today the next morning. I haven't been keeping up with the movies, actually. I saw "Doubt" and "The Wrestler" but that's about it. (Loved them both, but especially the former.)

At 20:00 Blogger EmilyLady said...

Now, I hate milk, but am I the only Fiend who loves cottage cheese?

At 20:08 Blogger Dragonsally said...

Wall-EE Wall-EE Wall EE

I love the film SO much.

Next year this will be Coraline and we will be watching The Boss in the audience

At 20:08 Blogger Siri said...

Must be, Emily - I know I can't tolerate the stuff - too much of it as a child.

One of these days, I'll have to see Wall-E

At 20:11 Blogger Siri said...

That will be an amazing night, no? We'd have to do some kind of live cast - live from the spooky house, with all the fiends gathered world wide.

At 20:13 Blogger Dragonsally said...

Yes, I think we would have to do something like that Siri - or we'd all burst with excitement

At 20:19 Blogger Stacy Hurt said...

Oh Emily; we LOVE cottage cheese; alone, w/fresh fruit, canned fruit; whatever. My favorite too! YUM

At 20:21 Blogger Dragonsally said...

I love cottage cheese too.
Its ultra yummy.

Hey Oscar watchers - how much of Jessica Parker's breasts are actually IN her dress?

At 20:46 Blogger AletaMay said...

Hi fiends. I am a sucker for awards shows, but it is sort of a love hate thing. I am watching and enjoying the show for the most part.

I twittered earlier that I was seeing Slumdog Millionaire today. It was much darker, harsher than I expected and I understand why it is a problematic film for some but I did like it. Very well constructed film.

At 20:47 Blogger AletaMay said...

also I like cottage cheese but I hardly ever get it fr some reason. Hum. That should change!

At 20:47 Blogger vampi said...

ah yes i would love pictures of chaps.

i love Dland (ca), i was not as impressed with Dworld (fl). florida changed so much i had remembered. i still had a blast, but i wish they would realize they don't have to change everything just because some movie came out. the magic is that in keeping it somewhat the same, the adult keep coming back, and the adults have the cash.

i am thinking about doing a hotel package for my birthday at dland.

i do have to reveal that when i was younger i was extremely spoiled in that i have eaten at club 33 many many times. best meal i've ever had.

At 21:11 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Oscars. eh? I ad forgotten about them for a few hours. Kind of thought Milk would, tho I haven't seen any of these movies.

And uh, I SO love you guys, but I don't THINK if Coraline gets a nod that I will be in the Spooky House..Just saying...

Right. I am not even going to comment on cottage cheese.

But I will download pics and do a new blog.

At 21:19 Blogger vampi said...

ok so i haven't watched the oscars or any award show in several years, but i just turned this oscars on. the documentary winner having the guy balance the oscar on his chin was hilarious.

i might have to try to get some tickets to the oscars next year.

At 21:20 Blogger Dragonsally said...

In that case, if you will be THERE, we will need to set up a chat room so we can go fiendishly wild as we watch for you on the screen!

At 21:21 Blogger Fluffy said...

Have to come back in a day or two to catch up since I've been out and about. I got to see Coraline 3D this weekend and thought it was amazing. I will go see it in 2D to see what the difference is.
Today I drove down to Austin to see Christopher Moore at BookPeople. He is hilarious. If he's coming your way go see him, even if you don't read his stuff. He doesn't read but is just funny for an hour then he signs. If you go ask him if he really dropped a baby down the stairwell in Austin.

At 21:21 Blogger DataGoddess said...

I've missed you all today *hugs whatever Fiends in reach*

Am trying to catch up on comments but have no brain. Husbeast decided we needed to see Coraline again, but in 2D, which required a trip to Indy. I figured the guy has been under a lot of stress lately (presentation yesterday) so I got in the car and we spent most of the day down there. Not enough warning to see if any Indy fiends were available :-/

Beautiful Bengals!! I want to scritch their ears!!

Will now attempt to catch up on comments. Y'all have been talkative!!


At 21:27 Blogger vampi said...

fiend spotting.... afp bog

At 21:40 Blogger ariandalen said...

Hi, Jane! We have nice jackets available, one size fits all, with lots of shiny buckles and long straps. It's the fashion accessory for Fiends. CX

Yep. Definitely not plain; SPICY!

heh heh heh heh heh

At 21:43 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Oh, Danguy! Congrads and pats on the back! Way to go at whatever you do!!!!!!!

I adore Chris Moore, and yes, he is VERY funny!

Sally, I won't be AT the show, I'm an assistant, Kitty and I will be lurking somewhere tho not at the show, but ready to, uh assist. We will find a way to be together. I can twitter. I am bound to have 100 followers by then.

(I am up to 67 now, which for someone who doesn't Tweet, is pretty good))

Oh, got the photos, just need somting interesting to say about them.

At 21:44 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Oh there goes Adriandalen again, playing with the new Fiend. Where did she go? Jane?

At 21:46 Blogger Dragonsally said...

But, but...what about if we all nagged Boss so you and Kitty can be there?

Actually, it would probably be more fun not stuck in the auditorium

At 22:18 Blogger Siri said...

Well, I mustn't wait for a new blog - I'll have to catch up tomorrow.

Night, Fiendom.

At 22:26 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Hmm..Boss will have nothing to say on it, and if by a stretch he got to bring someone, only losers bring assistants (kidding) but seriously, would rather not be, the fun will be elsewhere, trust me.

Oh, new blog is up!!!!!!!

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