Tuesday, May 28, 2013


I was on Twitter this morning and came across a Tweet from someone I know there, and they were very excited about a Derby Road trip, across the state. WOOT, says I, have a blast!

They responded: " Oh, I'm just an NSO"

Which brought me up sharply.


(For the NDR's, ie Non-Derby readers, NSO stands for Non Skating Official. They do a variety of jobs during a Bout, including Penalty tracking, Inside/Outside White Board,, Scorkeeper, Lineup tracker, Penalty Box Timing, Jam timer and a few more I am sure I am forgetting)

Let's take a moment to look at what a Bout might look like without NSO's:

Ref: 27! CUT! (Waves Blocker off to box)
Blocker to Other Blocker in box: How long have you been here?
Other Blocker: Dunno. Long enough. I 'm out of here.


Ref: 32! Ejected! Too many penalties!
Skater: No way!
Ref: Hey, every time I see you, your ass is in the box.
Skater: So? Who's counting?

Or this:

Team A: What's the score? 
Team B: 170 to 5, we are winning.
Team A: No, you're not. We got 200 points on that last jam when you were all meant to be in the box.

And without the Jam Timers, a Bout would be one long game of LA Freeway. Think about it. 

(NDR's: LA Freeway is a scrimmage endurance drill where there are no jam times, one long jam, with skaters rotating in as others fall over dead and crawl off the track)

See what I mean? You can't have a Bout without NSO's. There is no JUST an NSO. 

NSO does not stand for "Loser who can't skate"

NSO's are volunteers, or skaters who are not Bouting, either because of injury, or not their Team in the League playing or perhaps because they didn't make the roster. (more on that later)

Volunteers sign up to be NSO's as a way to be involved with Derby without skating. They go thru training, and give their time and energy to make the Bouts happen. This is a GREAT way to be involved with Derby. The League will LOVE you. I have seen NSO's who are 100% as dedicated to their team (and often any other team who needs them)  as any skater.

Skating isn't for everyone. To be honest: Yeah, it's hard. And can be brutal. (Let's be really honest: it is very brutal) You want to be a part of this, but know your mind, body and desires are not up for skating? This is for you.

I saw a Bout a couple weeks ago where the Head NSO caught an error, which changed the winner of the game. In the last jam. Fair's fair. These people matter.

Skaters who NSO do so for their League. Maybe they haven't passed minimum skills yet, maybe they are hurt, maybe they didn't quite make the roster. 

I've seen some very sad skaters, who want more than anything to Bout, but didn't make it. This time. This is another subject entirely, but hear me: If you want to Bout, you will. You put in the work, the time, the sweat, the pain, dedication and drive and you will be on that Bench next time.

You aren't Bouting this time? Suck it up. The Bout can't happen without NSO's, and NSO's are every bit as much a part of the Team as Skaters or Refs.

NSO is not a secondary position. I believe I made my point as to how a Bout would go without NSO's. I never, ever, want to hear the phrase "Just an NSO" ever again. 

Has NSO become a dirty word? As if NSO's weren't important, the ones who couldn't make it as a skater? Nothing could be further from the truth. Instead of NON skating official, how about "Bout Officials" (Which doesn't quite work as I am certain no one wants to be known as a "BO" but hey, I am open to suggestions here) Perhaps "NRO" Non Reffing Official.

Running a Derby League is a HUGE amount of work. And the people who are giving their time and energy to work as NSO's are working just as long and hard, as the Skaters. And have just as much impact on a Bout.

And are doing it for just exactly the same reason as the rest of us.

Because we fucking LOVE Derby.

Quiche MeDeadly
Bench Coach, Chippewa Valley Roller Girls.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

King Lear. Long Live the King....

This one is hard. I know I haven't been blogging much in a while, and YES, I do really miss you. A lot. Work takes time. Derby takes time. Sometimes I need time. Sometimes you can talk to the whole world and sometimes you can't. 

Right now, I need to talk to the world.

Most of you know I work in Bengal Rescue, and love them. A lot. About 3 years ago I took in an F2, King Lear and his F4 friend, Queen Mab. You can read about it HERE. In short, I took them in foster, but it became clear that Lear could not be adopted out. He is an early generation, F2, Bengal and needed a very specific home, with a person who could help him.

That's what I do. I take the hard cases and make them ok.

I can't make Lear ok. I've tried for 3 years now. He has too much in him to be housed in a home environment. I know what I am doing with these Kitties. I saved Magic, an F1, who no one, including myself, at the beginning, thought could be helped. I've saved and adopted out others.

I can't help him and it is becoming not safe to keep him here.

If you don't know Bengal terms, go and do a quick Google. Basically, F1 means Daddy was a Leopard, Mummy close to that, the higher the number, the further generation the Bengal is away from Leopard. F4 is considered domestic. They are still a lot of Kitty.

Lear has been, for the last few months, letting me know he is VERY unhappy. He used to wake me head butting me. He started shredding the pillow case. He used to pee on anyone's things who stayed over. He started pooping in my bed. While I was in it. He's started re-enacting the shower scene from Psycho, attacking the curtain while while I shower. And the list goes on.

I didn't come to this decision lightly. It took a long time. And I have been sleeping on my couch for some months, thinking about it.

I can't take care of him.

I also had to consider Mab. She is such a sweet girl, and would do so well in her own home with her own person. She has that now, about a month ago, I found her that home. It was better for HER to have the chance of a home and love.

After long talks with the head of Great Lakes Bengal Rescue, I ended up talking with a women who may well become one of my best friends. AMAZING women. She is Michelle from Avalo  Cat Sanctuary.

She  is me, only far cooler, and far more dedicated  to saving hybrid kitties than I am. Kid you not. If I could be her, I would be. I save Kitties that cross my path. I save as many Bengals as I can. She saves as many Hybrid Kitties of EVERY variety that come her way. And any other cat.

She takes the early generation kitties that cannot be housed in a home anymore and gives them what they need. She builds them condos, and outdoor runs. She visits each and every one, every day, and works with them. And loves them.

She does this all out of pocket. And no one knows about her. I want to change that. Here's an article on her Non-Profit Status.

Lear and I are going to South Carolina tomorrow. It's breaking my heart and making me cry. Between his crazy times he is still the loving, purring, trusting me to make things ok Kitty that he is. 

I know she will love him. And care for him. And he will get what he needs.

She doesn't charge anyone. There is no fee. But she needs help. The place she is building for him runs into money. The food he will need runs into money. All the other Leopards she has need the same. 

I don't have enough. I can't do this. I made a promise to Lear. I need to keep it,.

I need help.

There is so much in this world that needs help, but these kitties have no voice. I want to be that voice, it's what I can do, to make a difference. I want to make a difference. I want Lear to be that voice. I want his story to let the world know that there is a women in South Carolina who is MAKING A DIFFERENCE and saving these early Leopard crosses.

Can you help? If every follower I have on Twitter gave us a dollar, we'd have $5000 to save them. Can you give a fiver? Can you give something? Do you have more? Have friends? Can you just TELL people about Avalo Cat Sanctuary?

Can you please help me, is all I am asking.We have the opportunity to REALLY put this on the map. And save so many.

Whatever you give goes 100% to these kitties. To Lear. And Early Generation Hybrids like him.

You can paypal Michelle at: Michelle@avalocatsanctuary.com

Or checks to
Avalo Cat Sanctuary
:346 Rawls Mill Pond Rd
Wagener, SC 29164

We can't save them all, but these have crossed our paths, and we CAN make a difference.

I don't think I have ever asked you for anything so important ever.

A little from each of you would mean so much.

I love you, and thank you, each of you.

And I owe you, big time. If I can repay the favor….

I will.

Love and Lear,

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Hello Blog....

Hello Blog,

Yes, I know, it HAS bee a while. Far too long. I've missed you, you know. No, really, come on, Blog, don't be like that, you know how I feel about you. Some summers just catch up with a girl. We'll do better from now on, promise. See? Look! Bengal Pictures, you've always liked those....

Seriously, this HAS been one of the busiest summers I've ever tried to pull off. Work has been, well, to admit, its usual hecticness, but you must admit, that's pretty hectic. And remember the salsa garden that Slam'er and I planted? Gardens, I've discovered just don't grow on their own, you have to, you know, DO things in them. And would you like to hear how much faster weed-things grow than anything else? A lot faster, that's what I'm telling you. Good news tho, salsa is going to happen in the next couple weeks, and that isn't going to be dull.

And then there's the gym. I'm going after some serious muscles and they do not happen on their own either, you have to work at them, and after you are done working them the heck out and come home, you tend to think things like: "Food. I need food. Wait, no. Hot tub. Hang on, where is my bed?" It's working tho, got another 18 pounds off since the beginning of June.

Ain't easy, for anyone who wants to check in on the whole FIT thing here. You know the people who tell you that it takes a long time, and there's only one way to do it? I am one of those telling you, and it's the most true thing anyone will ever tell you. You'll stall, you'll fail, you'll get up and try again, you'll work out until you cry and wonder why, at the end of the week, after all that work, you only lost a couple pounds.

Keep it up. They DO add up, and nothing you can do is going to make it go any faster. You know where you want to be, but what you have to look at is the space between there and where you are NOW.

I get a lot of mail from people who tell me they got inspired by my own FIT journey and have started theirs, go you guys! If you're doing this, you're rocking this, trust me. And if you want to, and you're not, what's stopping you? Tell me, I want to know. We, Blog and I, do have a comment section. Tell me what the problem is, what IS stopping you.

You feel too fat to go to a gym? Truth: NO ONE has ever laughed at a fat person working out in a gym. They will cheer you. You feel like you've tried everything and nothing has worked? Truth: You haven't stuck to my plan. Burn more calories than you take in. It works or your money back. Do you feel too out of shape to even know where to begin? Truth: Find your front door. Walk out of it. Bring your Ipod. Pick a direction and walk for 15 minutes, hells, ten, turn around and come back. Congratulations, you've just done more than I bet you have in the last year. Repeat.

You don't know what foods to eat or which plan to follow? Truth: There IS no Plan. You know what to do, and if you don't, google "A good book to learn how to eat a freaking balanced diet"

Are you scared, afraid, feel like you would look stupid? Truth: Everyone. Does.

This wasn't where Blog and I were going today, but it turned into where it wanted to go, so here we are. I was going to talk about Derby, still the love of my life, but it does tie into what we're talking about.

I went to the MN Roller Girls Boot Camp a couple weeks ago. In a lot of ways it was the best thing that has happened to me in the last year and a half, second only to meeting and joining my team. Every single one of them was wonderful, friendly, outgoing and smart as hell about Derby. And really really wanted to teach every one of us as much as they could in the two days we were there.

And they did. No matter what level you were at, that's where they started. Like my own Derby Sisters, when I started (and as they do now)

Intimidating? Hells yes, pretty much everyone there was better than me. Did I love it? Oh yes. A year and a half ago I was a 260 pound couch potato, and now I am on a track with MN Roller Girls? WIN. Are they kicking my ass? Sure are!! Anytime, Ladies.

That's what I am talking about when I say what's stopping you? It doesn't matter what you feel inside, where THEY are, compared to you, as long as you don't let it stop you. Do you want to wake up in ten years saying "I wish I had tried, maybe I could have...."

We scrimmaged in the afternoon, after a morning of teaching. Going into exactly what happened would make this far too long, but each line out, in each jam, each team had a MN Roller Girl on it, to help, provide feedback, teach.It was amazing and I was not rocking it, except for one jam. One perfect moment of Derby, when I did everything right, helped my line and made a difference. For Two Minutes. Out of an hour and a half. I'd LEARNED something.

Win. Best feeling in the world. Worth working a year and a half to feel like that for that moment?


But it wouldn't have happened if I hadn't walked into the Zumba class, a year and a half ago, feeling like an egg with arms, barely able to flop around the entire hour.

Start where you are. And don't stop. Keep your eyes on the goal, but remember, you have to go from where you are, to where you want to be, and there's no magic bullet.

What's stopping you?

Love and FIT,
Quiche MeDeadly

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Trying to find an Unknown Person...

It's that time a year again when I need to write a letter. The only problem is that I don't know who to send it to, so I thought perhaps, you might help. I don't think anyone reading this is the person I am writing to, but you may know them. You may be able to link to this, or re-post in its entirety. You might be able to print it out and stick it on a bulletin board somewhere. If you are at a college, get every last person in your school to pass this on.

You might have kids the right age to share this with, they might have friends they could pass on the message to. The internet is a powerful thing, and maybe, if enough people read this, the person I am trying to reach will see this.....

Dear Unknown You,

It's May. Congratulations on surviving another year, or your first year of college. I need to talk to you about something tho. That kitten you adopted last September when you went back to school, or away from home the first time, the one you loved, played with and cared for these last ten months, the one that comforted you, purred at you, slept by you feet at night, remember him?

The one you discovered when school got out that you couldn't take home, couldn't take to your internship, the one you had no place for? Remember him?

Well, good news. He's here. At my back door. And he's a little bewildered to find himself suddenly on his own. He's about 10-11 months old now, maybe a year.

I know you believe that Kitty-Kitty is a Cat, and can hunt, and it's summer and he will be fine, but I need to tell you, all Kitty-Kitty knows is that home is indoors and food comes from cans or in a bowl as lovely bits of crunch.

Kitty-Kitty has been looking for you, he's been to a lot of houses mewing and looking and hoping. He finally showed up at my place and he's really worried about you. He doesn't know me, but he knows I am like you and that when he mews at the back door, I will come out and fill up his bowl and talk to him.

Know too, that since you neglected to spay/neuter Kitty-Kitty, in this case neuter, Kitty-Kitty is most likely a father many times over, to some lovely girl Kitties in the same position.

I know you were thinking, no worries, someone will love him, he's so sweet, he'll find a home but get this: Kitty-Kitty is now MY FUCKING PROBLEM. I haven't dropped the F-bomb in my blog since last May when this happened, but get this too: I can't take him in, I already have more than enough rescues, but I, unlike you, can't just walk away.

I need to make friends with him, feed him, get his shots, get him neutered and find him a home because if someone doesn't he is going to die; scared, starving and alone, wondering what in his world happened for things to go so horribly wrong.

And I can't let that happen. If they cross my path, I will save them.

I wish you had had the maturity to have thought the same when you decided you wanted that Kitten.

Not so much love, but hoping you read this,

Quiche MeDeadly

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Tales That Can't Be Told: It Did Happen One Weekend...

I can't tell you about this weekend. Not everything anyway, that tale's too long and no one person saw it all. I saw more than most however, being one of the few who was sober for it. And I was there. That's Moxie McMurder there, editor of UK's Lead Jammer Magazine. We brought her over for a week, to see what would happen. And it happened allright.

If you want the whole story, or at least as much as anyone is talking about, you'll need to do some stalking on your own. The Persons of Interest are all out there. Go find them, FB, Twitter, Web Pages. The clues are there, piece it together.

All the Derby Photos are by Kyle Cassidy. They're from our Sunday morning scrimmage with MRD Wrecking Dolls. By not a strange coincidence, I seem to be in all of them, but it's my blog and I'm proud of that Bout. I can say, without any inflated sense of my skills or ego, that it was my best Bout yet, and I learned a LOT. I know a bit more than I did going in, and know what I need to work on. STILL sore from it.

We're going to jump around here tonight, by this point on Sunday, remember, a whole lot had already gone down. Including poor Moxie, I think the afterparty Saturday night nearly killed her. Partly my fault, I left her there with Pinky and Jenetic, so I could go home and get some sleep, and be ready for this Bout. Oops. Didn't see her again until Sunday morning. Hard to believe she was that bright, awake and cheery! (don't believe it, not for a moment)

Kyle is doing a book of Roller Derby Portraits. You can, and please DO, follow his Roller Girl tumblr feed and his Roller Girl FB page (Please go and "like" it) There's a lot on the project in both places. If you'd like to see some of the pictures we took at the epic 12 hour photo shoot on Friday, look at the Chippewa Valley Roller Girls profile pics on FB. Nearly the entire team has changed over to them. Go you, and stalk!

You'll also be able to see his work, and CVRG, in the next issue of Lead Jammer Magazine!

The shoot was beyond fun, several locations, much hopping about, some really interesting situations, and a whole lot of chaos, all perfectly orginized and by Friday night, the non Bouting the next day people were ready to settle down and start some drinking. I wrangled Friday, didn't do my shot until Sunday. You may have seen the picture of me holding the frame of bees, it's out there on FB and Twitter, and I have to say, by that point in the weekend, holding a frame filled with 100's of bees and no bee suit on wasn't as scary as you'd think it would be.

We did the shoot after our early morning Hangover Scrimmage (it's just CALLED that, skaters who Bouted weren't the ones drinking all night at the Afterparty. No. Really) I had Slam'er to help me and and it went like clockwork. Kyle set up a background outside the hive area, Slam'er went in, smoked the bees, pulled out a frame and brought it over. She made sure where I grabbed it had no bees, Kyle shot FAST and I gave it back to her and walked away.

Mostly I was thinking abut the Scrimmage. When you get knocked down that many times, (and if I may say so, did some knocking down myself) afterwards, you don't have a lot you fear. Or the energy to fear it.

We had practice on Saturday morning, which may seem strange on Bout Day, but we've found it is nice to get together, we don't kill ourselves at it, but being together is important. I know I've said it before, but it does need repeating: I love my team SO FREAKING MUCH. This weekend was all about them, I wish I could post pics of every single one of them. There was more Derby too, Joan of Dark, from Naptown was there, Dill Hero, Naptown announcer joined Matt in the booth, Razor from Bloomington came along, Allie Gator from Madison was there all weekend, Tyranny from MVM tech'd for Kyle and took photos.

And Moxie. Did I mention how much we love her? This is family and she's right there with us, now and forever. I have to say tho, there's a lot of weeping going on with the skaters here, missing her, and everyone else, who have gone back where ever, scattered again.

 Another thing that made the night perfect was my Flash Girls bandmate Emma Bull, who I haven't seen in some years came, with her husband, Will Shetterly. It was her first Bout. And she fell in love with Derby. Why we have no pics of us, I do not know. There was a lot going on that evening.

David Dyer Bennet came and took pictures too. And Steve Manfred ran the video camera. Beez and El made WONDERFUL post Bout food for two starving Derby teams, refs, volunteers and assorted folk.

Derby runs on such things.

I'm not sure why this picture of Moxie drinking coffee in bed with Coconut is off center, that wasn't the PLAN, but that would be this weekend for Moxie and I, at any rate. We improvise with the best of them tho, and if one thing didn't work, another did.

I'm not sure who exactly had the idea, might have been Joan of Drunk, Joan of Dark's alter ego, I know Moxie wanted some Ink to commemorate her first visit to the US, and it was decided, long after I'd gone to bed, that the group would be getting matching tattoos. Something to do with Wisconsin. We went thru a lot of ideas, and I'm just as glad most of them fell thru, but the upshot is that me, Moxie, Joan of Dark, Dill Hero and Allie Gator all have some Shakespeare Ink.

We got up, the gods know how, early on Monday morning to take Moxie and Razor to House on the Rock. In a word: More fun that I can relate. If there was any doubt to the bond between Moxie and I at this point (there wasn't) it was settled on the drive down and back talking music. It seems we both have the weird  70's early 80's imbedded deep in our souls. And we can sing along to any country song going. No matter if we've heard it before or not.

This is Moxie recreating her Hangover at House on the Rock.

The weird got weirder when we got up on Tuesday morning and still unsure of WHAT we were getting tattooed, decided to go into a local shop and if there was an artist free, we'd be doing it. What ever it was. We walked in and the artist/owner said "Hey, great Bout on Saturday". If THAT isn't fate, I am not sure what is. That's Derby for you.

We got the tattoos and emailed pics to Joan, Dill and Allie Gator.

Still with me here? That's Joan and Dill, with Moxie in the middle. I told you we were going to jump around. I am sure I am missing mentioning things, and people I met, new friends I made, but we knew that was going to happen from the start, didn't we?

We took Moxie out to the Farm of a 1000 Ways to Die, twice in fact. Once to flip the entrance reducer on the newly installed Farm Hive, and again a few days later, on Tuesday, at 6:30am and if that doesn't define brutal after this weekend I don't know what does. We needed to check that the Queen was doing her job and laying, which she was. Being that tired, we were pretty sure we didn't need bee suits for this little thing, that's Slam'er there with the frame, and me on the left.

I'd like to say we were badass enough to have followed thru, but this was another Plan that got revised VERY quickly.

That's some of it. As I said, no one person can tell the entire tale, nor, I think should anyone try to. Weekends this special don't come along often. It was bringing together a group of people who love each other, and who believe that, if you can think it up, whatever it might be, that it can happen. I would say to you: Just go for it. DO IT. Whatever it is you want, it can happen. Make it happen, what have you got to lose? We did this, we had the idea and we pulled it off. Together.

At one point I asked Moxie if this quote didn't sound too arrogant. In typical Moxie fashion, she answered "Hells, who cares, it's fucking true"

And it is. We are such stuff as Dreams are made on.

So are you.

Love and Derby,
Quiche MeDeadly

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Email Dreams...

Some nights I do email all night long.
Long after I have gone to sleep,
and begun to dream.

Last night was that night,
with each email more complex than the last
each problem more pressing, until
it was no longer a dream, but knocking
on Nightmare, but then..

I saw an email from you, which
always makes me feel that little excited, that
little bit of happy I feel when I see one from you, wondering,
what you have to tell me.
It was a poem.

Wise, wonderful and precise,
Every word, every phrase, every stanza.
I read it over and over, because it made such perfect sense,
and was everything I needed to hear.
Like a song you want to play over. And over.
I loved you for writing me that.
And I slept. WIth out dreams. Without email.

The only problem is, now I am awake,
I can't remember.
Not a word of it.
Can you just tell me, one more time…
what you wrote?

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Nexus of Coolness...

Haven't blogged in a bit, been busy with many Sekrit Projects but now that they are no longer secret, I have a whole lot of Derby to talk about tonight! The Chippewa Valley Roller Girls final Bout of the season, we're up against The Mid State Sisters of Skate, is happening on April 28th and we are pulling out all the stops on this one.

(one thing I will tell you, insider tip here, this Bout IS going to sell out, tickets are going fast. Get your tickets NOW in advance HERE)

The official title of the Bout is "The Legacy Bout" but it might as well be called "Nexus of Cool" there's so much happening. Let me back up a bit. At our first Bout of the season we brought in photographer Kyle Cassidy, who promptly fell in love with Derby and has since been traveling around the country, doing portraits of Roller Girls everywhere, for a book project. He's coming back to shoot CVRG, (and the MN Roller Girls!) because, after all, this was where it started.

A few months after that first Bout, Kyle and I, due to the wonder that is Derby and the internet, met Moxie McMurder, editor of UK's Lead Jammer Magazine and I'm not sure who first had the idea, but we had the thought that wouldn't it be cool to bring Moxie on over to the USA and have her do a story on some US Derby, with photos by Kyle. Many emails later the Plan went from Cool Idea to, Let's DO This Thang.

We launched a Kickstarter Project to pay for plane tickets and the response was overwhelming. THANK YOU! It was fully funded in less than 24 hours.

Here's Moxie:

She'll be at the Bout on the 28th, along with Kyle. The more this started rolling, the more cool kids started thinking, REALLY don't want to miss this one. Joan of Dark from Naptown Roller Girls will be there. Naptown announcer Dill Hero with be joining CVRG announcers Matt Black and Mr Wannadie in the booth. 18ft Allie Gator from Madison, along with some of her teammates are coming up, to name only a few.

And yes. We do have the coolest T-shirt cannon ever. And we sure will be shooting the heck out of things at halftime.

My question to you is this: Will you be there too? If you're reading this, you ARE one of the cool kids, and this is going to be THE best party of the year. I think it's time we all got together again.

Stompy, hello? Bring your posse, let's have some MN Roller Girls there. Jeremy, come on, announcers all over the place. MVM, you guys make the BEST signs. Betsy, you've been SAYING y'all want to come up, last chance of the season. Minneapolis, it's not that far, and I MISS YOU. Madison, you'll be here any way.

how many times have I road tripped to see you skate, and in fact, it IS all your fault I am in this Derby now. Way to inspire a girl!

Local friends, there is NOT anything cooler going on this night, I promise you.

Live far away? Look, it's summer, you need a holiday. Take one. Here.

Team USA
, you out there? Sure, the White House is cool, but THIS will be a Bout! Come on over, we'll scrimmage with you, about time you went up against a team that can give you a run for your money ;) (Hey no shame here, I can get Suzy Hotrod and Donna Matrix up, I'll take those hits)

CVRG have come so far in only two seasons. I'm so proud to be a part of this league. And I love it more than anything ever in my life. I want you to meet them. I want you to be a part of this, because, more than anything, Derby is all about bringing people together, all over the world.

Join us for the last Bout of the season, and I'll tell you about what is happening for next year.

You're going to love this.

Love and Derby,
Quiche MeDeadly