Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Most Wonderful Day of the Year!!!!!!!!

And it's here!

I am going off to haunt things, but will take lots of Pics of our Very Haunted House. Skelley is already there, along with Boss's Really Scary Rabbit and many other Spooky Type Things for Haunting Purposes.

Tonight is going to be a good night!

Hope yours is as fine!

Love and Halloween!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Any Amount, Any CD's, Honey, My Eyeball!

Lots to talk about but let's start with Mim on her Beowulf Blankie. It's a Beowulf Blankie and not a regular one because it was part of a promo the Studio did, and they were kind enough to send me one.

Speaking of promos (nice segue, eh?) I need to ramp up mine again. That's right, round two of "Any Amount, Any CD's" Donate ANY amount to Great Lakes Bengal Rescue at donate@greatlakesbengalrescue (or send check) and I will send you any cd's you wish.

Well, any of mine. That's Folk UnderGround (Paul and I with a drummer) Lorraine a' Malena, or the last Flash Girls (While they last) All of them have a fine mix of, well ME, Boss Songs, Me Songs, Trad songs done like you've never heard them, or whatever the heck we all felt like at the time. None of them are boring, and they sure do make nice little stocking stuffers.

The trouble is, we have a Kitty just rescued in Chicago who is running up some vet bills, about $500 worth. She is going to be ok, and we have a kind vet there, but the bill is there. We need your help, yet again. I truly do not care how much you send. Any Amount, Any Cd's.

Send the money, and then write to me at and let me know what and to where. All donations are tax deductible if sent directly to the fund.

No one dies on my watch. Not for lack of funds anyway.

I thank you. Again.

I also have the go ahead to auction off a Jar of OUR Honey! Not sure exactly how that is going to work, but it will be a real jar, pint size of our honey, with a label, signed by all the Beekeepers. If someone comes in with an amazing donation, I might well take it to Twitter, and see if anyone wants to top it.

Or I might say: You win.

I reserve the right do do whatever I want to, to save any and all Bengals.

And now, I know, such excitement tonight, My Eyeball!!!!!!

I go to a really fun eye clinic called The Superhero X-ray Vision Clinic. It's a lot more like seeing a bunch of friends that I only see when I feel like talking me some vision, than some sort of Who-cares-about-you Doctor visit.

My Eye Doctor, Dr Evil-but-Reasonable we will call her (I only call her that because of the whole dilation issue, which so far I have ducked, she's really quite fun, and nearly as funny as I am) decided this visit we would need to Take Some Pictures of My Eyeball.

Hello? Says I...Look, I just came from the barn, I look like I just came from the barn, no hair, no makeup, I am NOT doing a photo shoot looking like this! I mean, I hardly know you, this is all very sudden....

(I have a suspicious mind when it comes to things like this)

Turns out tho, it's not evil. And it just gets the eye ball, AND the cool thing, I had NO idea, there's a lot you can tell from an Eyeball Picture. Like they are the first often know about Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Brain Tumors! (Really? Yes.)

Who knew?

Good news? I have REALLY healthy Eyeballs.

Now if they could just fix these thighs....

Love, Bengals and Eyeballs,

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Three Rocks Stars, A Birdchick, A Director, Some Bird Banders, Maddy and Me...

Such a fine couple days! This was the scene when I got into work, earlier than I was ready for today. It looked like a birder Garage Sale, with the Banders, and Birdchick already up and going.

I know there are a lot of questions about last night, with Jonathon, Paul, Storm, Birdchick and Bill.

Yes, whiskey was drunk, Maddy, Birdchick and I were not however, a part of that. Yes, a podcast was done from the Sauna, but no, the Bourbon was not IN the Sauna, they had moved on to water by that point.

Yes, my Twitter account was hijacked briefly, while I was in watching Twilight with Maddy, who was feeling poorly, but NOT by Jonathon, Paul, Storm and Bill, as I thought at first. They didn't stop it mind you, (who could stop the Birdchick?) but it wasn't them.

And yes, the Birdchick did leave her computer still logged into Tweetdeck, and yes, Maddy and I got her back good, while she was busy hobnobbing in the Sauna.

Yes, Storm attempted Grilled Cheese at 10:00pm, having missed my Mexican Food earlier, but I have NO idea how he managed to not only spill my leftover hot chocolate all over himself, the walls, and carpet, but break the cup into a million pieces.

And in conclusion I would have to say that tho whiskey was drunk, at no point did anyone act drunk, get out of control, toss a TV set or otherwise create chaos. Some Rock Stars they were.

I would, and hope to, have them back at any time, as I am pretty sure I haven't laughed that much in ages. A fine time was had by all. I love those guys. Wish the Boss had been there. (see what he is missing being in China?)

You can hear the Podcast HERE.

And oh, there was much trampolining done, and then a visit to the Bees, with Woodsman Hans along (all pre-whiskey) We had to give them all new feeder buckets, and who would bother with Bee Suits for such a small thing?

Heh. No one got stung, but we had some Bee Moments. A little, perhaps, bold on our parts.

One of the coolest things about having the Banders out is that they will happily talk some Birds and share the experience for as long as you will hang with them. They also let me hold and release a bird, in this case a Lady Goldfinch.

I got the holding thing down, but where the Banders, and Jonathon, released their Birds, and watched them fly indignantly away, my Bird simply stayed put in my hand. They said it was because I was nice and warm, but I think we had bonded, and she was my New Friend, and she Did Not want to leave me.

I explained what would happen tho, if she came home with me to the Spooky House, and we agreed it might be better if she flew on off. One of the Banders gave her a nudge, and she did fly on off, but we have agreed to Tweet from time to time (oh, I slay myself)

A very fine weekend. I am sure Merry Housekeeper will no doubt faint when she comes into work tomorrow, for all I tried to keep things picked up, (Sorry Merry! Does Hot Chocolate come out of carpets? And yes, I think I did use every pan in the house)

I am really looking forward to the Concert at the Guthrie tomorrow night. If they bring half the hilarity to the stage that they did to our house, it will be well worth the trip. If you are in town and have not yet got tickets, go, you, now and get them! If they come to your town, go and see them.

If you are very lucky, they will come to your house too.

Love and Fun,

Friday, October 23, 2009

RIP Hermoinie, The Library Cat....

I am very saddened to announce that Hermoinie, the 2nd of the two mad sisters in Boss's library passed away yesterday.

She had been going downhill for the past week, and after long talks with her vet yesterday, I decided the kindest thing would be to let her have a peaceful end, and not prolong her suffering.

Our vet came to the house, and she was able to go in her own place, with me holding her head and telling her she was loved.

She was 17, and missed her friend Pod badly. It's always hard when we have to make that call for our kitty friends, but it is the best thing we can do for them when it is time.

There would have been no chance for her to recover to a point where she would have been well for anything more than a few weeks, and I felt dying peacefully at home was the right call.

We will miss her.

Hard call tho, never had to do that before. The kind of job that sure isn't covered in the job description.

Love and RIP,

Thursday, October 22, 2009

PA Meets Career and Life Planning Course...

College Student Mary Hill recently asked to interview me for her "Career and Life Planning Course." Not sure it was helpful to HER, but I had fun....(There is no way you can PLAN for this sort of thing....)

About the Career Field
How did you get into this career? Or, How did you go from 'Putting together shelves' to running Bossman's life 17 years later?

I started by doing the book shelves then there were other things to do, so I thought I would stay on until they were done. Not yet!

What do you do at work on a typical day?

No typical days. Whatever needs to be done. Could be and generally is anything. Might be cooking, shopping, errands, posting, e-mail, setting up interviews, making sure he gets to where he is meant to be , pet things, scheduling appts, travel, events, making tea, tending bees. There is no end to it.

What do you do at work during a typical 'Boss is in another state/country for a few days/week/s? (I really like 'A Day In The Life of a Personal Assistant')

I made up the Tasmanian Devil, the rest is true. I do mostly the same work when he is gone, tho not as much hands on for him, no tea making. I make sure the house runs smoothly, everything gets done, I work a lot more online.

What are your responsibilities?

Taking care of as much as possible for him so that he can write.

What advice do you have for someone preparing for a career in this field?

Check your ego. You are not the talent. If you need to hear 24/7 how great you are, wrong field. They know. And appreciate it. Likewise, if you are a 9-5 mon to fri kind of person, this is not for you. It's 24/7. Things are going to go wrong. And right. Roll with it.

What majors and/or minors do you recommend for someone interested in this field?

No clue. Not sure anything could prepare you for it. You have to learn, every day, as you go. You have to learn the person you work for, what they want, need, are like. Listen, learn and move fast.

What courses and/or advanced degree(s) would be helpful for me?

Quite seriously, a notebook and pen are your best friends. Write everything down. I never finished high school, and had only a brief stay in college. Don't use a bit of either.

What experience is necessary to enter this field?

None. You need to learn and not talk about the things you hear. PA who are indiscreet are out of jobs quickly. And dedication, I think. Total and complete.

What activities do you enjoy doing the most?

Music, horse riding, Bengals, (yes, that IS an activity) beekeeping. Are we dating yet?

What are 3 things that you enjoy most about working for Mr. G?

Making things work right, talking to people, and the challenge daily.

What is the greatest challenge of this job?

You will always need to learn something new. And you will learn you need to have learned this about a day after you needed it.

What are the 3 most challenging aspects of working for Mr. Gaiman?

Making REALLY good tea consistently. (yes, that is my three)

What do you like least about your job?

Saying no to people. I have to do it more and more, and it is very hard to do, or rather, it's not hard to do, I do it, but I hate disappointing people. That bit is hard.

About the Organization/Industry
What is unique to your industry, organization, or office?

There is only one Neil Gaiman

What do you like most/least about the work you do?

It's like tossing a LOT of balls in the air, watching them whirl around, and then catching them perfectly as they come down and lobbing them off somewhere else..

What is your work environment like?

Pretty amazingly cool, I must say.

What skills are required for your job?

Don't worry about them, you will acquire them as you go. Keep it together, know what is coming, and don't worry when you don't and it hits you.

What skills are the most important for you to learn to be successful in this career?

Deal with whatever. Fast.

How do you feel your experience working with Mr. G might compare to other personal assistants?

Well, I know a lot of PA's. And being a closemouthed secretive sort, not a lot I can tell you. We KNOW.

I recall there was a reality show a while back "Be Puff Daddy's PA" or something? I can tell you his real PA's were not on camera, they were in the back ground saying "Right 10Am, Mr Puff, shoot till 3, I have your plane tickets, here is your car info, lunch is at noon, I've packed your clothes, they shoot B roll at 4 and here are you meetings" and they were wearing leggings and tee shirts, and probably had not combed their hair.

Are there other organizations in this field that I might explore for opportunities?

No. I mean, well, there might be. I have enough trouble keeping my own bit organized, not sure about anything else.

What is the economic forecast for Personal Assistant-ing?

Uh, my job seems secure. And I would say, while there is talent, they are going to need us.

About Future Growth/Salary Information
What are the employment prospects for someone entering this field?

Well, if you mean MY field, as in my job, you can't have it.

What is the growth and promotional potential for personal assistants?

I would say as a PA if you do not grow and promote, you are fired.

Currently, how secure are positions as personal assistants?

As secure as your last success and as insecure as your next failure.

What areas are growing/changing in this field?

Again, I only know MY field, as in my job. Grows and changes daily. I love it.

What is a typical starting salary for a personal assistant?

My first job (not Neil) I worked for peanuts. Literally. He would reach in a bag, grab some...

According to, the typical yearly salary for a personal assistant in the Bay Area is around $43,000. Does that seem accurate to you?

There IS no typical. You start with someone, and grow with them, or you get hired by someone and work it out between the two of you.

Follow-Up Questions
Is there anyone that you think I should speak with about my career exploration, and if so, can I use your name?

You can use my name all you like, but I have NO idea who you could talk to. Find someone who needs an Assistant, and start Assassinating.

May I contact you again if I have further questions? (Not expecting a super-fast response, you're a busy assistant, and I respect that.)

Sure, this is lovely fun, after a long day. I think it has done more for ME tho, than it is going to do for you, in terms of help.

Which professional publications/organizations and other resources do you consider relevant?

Get really really good at booking airfares.

If I wanted to start in this career area, how would you recommend that I go about it?

Find someone who needs help. Then help them. Do whatever you can, then do more. You told me a bit about what you are doing, that's it EXACTLY. Listen, learn, and move fast.

What advice would you give to me in regard to my career direction? Or, if you had a chance to do it all over again, what would you have done differently?

I would do nothing differently. I love my job and don't ever want to do anything else. If you do this, make sure you feel the same.

Love and Assistanting,

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

SOS Bengal Rescue a SUCCESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SOS Bengal Rescue a SUCCESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We have found a foster, who thinks she would like to adopt in Cleveland! The home seems perfect and she is very excited to take the Bengal Sisters, who will have a lovely life after their narrow escape.

You made this possible, and I thank you!

If anyone was moved by this to consider fostering, I urge you to please visit Great Lakes Bengal Rescue and sign on for a foster home, so that next time, we have a home ready and in place. We are very much in need of foster homes, and you can help so much.

If you don't live in our area, consider your own area Bengal, or animal rescue. EVERY one we save makes a difference.

Thank you, on behalf of myself, Janet from GLBR and the Bengal Sisters, who had no one else to speak for them.

Love and Rescue,

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

SOS Bengal Rescue NOW!!!!!!!!

We have two really lovely Marble Benglas sisters who need help NOW. We have until Wednesday evening to save them, or they will die. Not be "Put to Sleep" or "Euthanized". They will die. They are healthy, later generation, no behavioral problems. None of this is their fault.

Ohio are you there? Anyone near enough to make it?

All you need to foster these kitties is a room, anywhere. And a love of animals. No special experience.

You have heard me talk about Bengals, and the problems with Lear and Magic, and you have also heard me say that most Bengals are wonderful loving kitties. These girls are later generation, with NO problems. Magic and Lear are early generation, who came with a LOT of problems. There girls are very, very adoptable, but what they need NOW is a foster home who can take them until we can get them to a current foster, or to stay with you until we find them a home.

They have no time.

I can't make it in time. And I have no more rooms.

Help them and I will owe you a Favor.

A Really. Big. Favor.

(Yes, like in Neverwhere.)

Contact me: or twitter @fabulouslorrain or Janet (below)

From Janet at Great Lakes Bengal Rescue:

I have a situation in which I need a foster home for two bengal sisters in Cleveland, OH NOW. Due to a domestic problem, hospitalization, divorce, and now a move, the girls have no home. I have until tomorrow evening or they will be euthanized. I have no foster homes in OH. Please crosspost any way you can and keep fingers and toes crossed for the girls.

If you can help, please email or call me.

Thanks, Janet
Janet Saltzman
Great Lakes Bengal Rescue
Fort Wayne, IN

Love and Please Help Me,

Monday, October 19, 2009

It Was Just One Thing, Really....

Didn't do the honey extracting today, the morning was all about THINGS and the afternoon was too nice except for the invasion of Lady Beetles. Did get to Skype with a very tired, but happy Boss, and he got to see his Dog, who kept running to the door to see where he was.

I got home tonight and had my chores in mind, change the sheets, vacuum the up, but I had to take the garbage out and the tree in the kitchen was in the way so I thought if it moved over where the table was, I could get out easier, so I moved the table and the chair had to follow along behind, as WHY have a table with no chair, a table with a TREE makes NO sense, but then the catbox needed to go elsewhere and the fern on the fridge needed to hang from the ceiling, as clearly it looked pretty silly sitting on top of the fridge, besides getting itself caught in the fridge every time I opened it, and the garbage might go perfectly where the vacuum was, opening up a right proper stretch to get to the door, which WAS the POINT of this all.

But I felt bad as the fridge needed cleaning out, and looked pretty bare sitting there with no fern and all, then the sink and the counters were gross, from cleaning up the bits of fern, which sheds every time one moves it. (Hanging it from the ceiling, over the stove may not have been my BEST idea ever, but it's done now)

And then I thought I sure don't USE the pans so much, what if I stuck a bunch of them in the cupboard you can't get to, now that the tree is in the way, rather than hanging them from the pot thing, THEN I could hang all the cool things I got from the Spirit Shop from it instead.

THEN I remembered I still had to change the sheets and vacuum the up.

I get WAY too distracted here in the Spooky House some nights.

Love and Kitchen,

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Little Bits of Things....

First off, here's a Kitty, as in Cat Mihos, photo, of me on my couch with Venus and Mim. That's my arm. And how you can tell it is me. Because it's my arm and all. Mim watches while Venus attacks me. That was the lovely night we got the vid's of Lear and Mab. I wish we could have done more, but the week got pretty crazed after that evening.

For those of you reading for a Boss in China update: Boss is traveling in China and by all accounts is doing well. Haven't heard much mind you, communications are difficult, but we should hope for an update soon.

These next are some pics I got the other night, from the same couch, but without the Kitty, who has gone home to LA, and by all accounts tore up the SCREAM awards with Mr Drew last night. We are looking forward to THAT blog soon...

Mim. With Gargoyle. I love the way the Gargoyle is sort of half on its pedestal, and Mim's eyes are glowing, as if she was using her Special Bengal Daemon Powers on it. Vincent, the Gargoyle, had no chance.

These last two have Mim and Venus posing nicely with the new Buzzard. I like that buzzard. I am sure The Birdchick will letting me know soon just why exactly it is NOT a Buzzard, or even a Bird of any sort, but really, it's all fun. And he looks good on the ottoman, with Bengals, and what more could a Spooky House wish for?

I have been having that WEIRD illness that's going around. Not flu, not a cold where you get sick, feel terrible, then get better, but this sort of serial virus that won't leave. And you never get sick all at once. One thing at a time, and end up with a cough and feeling really tired after about three weeks. I think it's better, except the tired bits, but not so fun.

This week I am finishing the Honey Harvest. Currently it looks like this:

This is where all the frames have been scraped into cheesecloth, taped over buckets, and have been draining ever since. We have an extractor, but it is more trouble to use than is worth while. I like the bucket method, and will then make the comb into wax, and do something cool with it.

Tomorrow, I will pot up the honey, much like Pooh, and give you some pics.

For now, Dog-in-a-superman-cape and I are going for a walk..

Love and Little Bits,

Monday, October 12, 2009

Very Tired Just Now Assistant...

Home now, feeling slightly shell shocked, if truth must be told. Rather a long day. Or couple of weeks since we are being truthful.

Boss is off to China for a few weeks, and all looks good. Kitty is on a plane and tho she may miss her connecting flight, we have hopes that will work too. I think I miss them. I know I miss them. I got home and fed the Bengals and have been running around since thinking "ok, next, what do I do next, what's up"

Doesn't seem to be anything.

Weird feeling.

I can stop for a moment. But I am not exactly sure how. When weeks get intense, it goes like that. Work, gigs, music, bees, Bengals...And all of a sudden, done.

Not exactly done, the e-mail has worked its way up to monster level, and there are a LOT of people waiting for replies. I have a lot to do, but 14 hours into this work day, in a stretch that hasn't had any time off in a couple weeks now, I think I am justified in saying that for tonight, at any rate, I am done.

Kitty and got to spend a couple hours at the MAUL of America today. After dropping Boss off, before her flight, we had gone looking for the cool spooky store we had been to two years ago in St Paul, but alas, it was gone, so the MAUL it was.

Very fun. I made it out of the Mac store largely un-scathed, makeup people see me and instantly KNOW I am the person they have been waiting for, and know that I Need Them. Not sure I needed the "Primer" but did like the moisture thing, and now have some new lips that help aids research, so I am happy about that.

The entire "Looks, clothes, makeup" bit is something that I am not well up on in this life. I love my long purple hair, and do the hair stylist bit every other month, but makeup, clothes and I are not one with the universe.

I watch Project Runway, and adore Heidi Klum, but when they do the runway bit, if I think "WOW, now there is a cool outfit!!!" you can place your bets that it will be in the bottom three. Likewise, if I think "NO WAY, who would wear THAT!" you have your winner.

Go figure.

Kitty also turned me onto the best shoes ever, Dansko shoes, road veteran that she is, she says 18 hours days were made for these shoes. I think she is right. And for an added bonus, they make them in both leopard print and black patent leather.

Why am I telling you all of this? Well, someone needs to listen, and you are it, I am thinking. This is one Assistant who is full on done, for tonight. Chatter me some nice comments and tell me it will all look better in the morning, sleep will cure a multitude of ills and I will wake and answer emails, ride my pony, get a massage, learn some new music and all will be well once again.

I am thinking it will..

Love and done,

Sunday, October 11, 2009

From Marilyn RE: CA Bengal Rescue

I'm letting Marilyn write this blog in its entirety tonight. If you are out that way, or know anyone, or can help save these Bengals, please, they need you now....

Dear All,

4 more pictures have been added to the ever-growing list of Bengals from this big rescue. The cats I just added are: Kajal, Edison, Aramis and Dukot. They can be seen on the Lancaster page of the California Bengal Cat Rescue site. There will be more cats added of course...

A few days ago a vet volunteered her services and spent a few hours evaluating the cats. She was able to examine a total of 33 of them. Some of the cats were in hiding.

Four cats were transported yesterday into foster homes near Sacramento. Two of them, Aramis and Zealle, a bonded pair, will be spayed and neutered this week. Dukote and Ramy will be neutered either this week or next week. Dukote is very stressed out, he has had a hard time of it and he needs time to adjust to his new surroundings.

On Wednesday, seven of the cats will be spayed/neutered. I only have one foster home for one of these cats. If anyone can foster, please contact me ASAP, otherwise, they will be going back to recooperate in a less then ideal situation.

On Friday, Sandy, the SGC will have his operation. . Next week 10 more are scheduled to be put in neutral, and so it goes, every week until all of them have been fixed.

We continue to send the plea out for foster homes, adopters, ear mite medicine, donations, and transporters. We really appreciate any and all help.

Please send donations through PayPal to: and write in the memo or subject head that it’s for California. We are a 5013C organization, so whatever you donate can be written off. In PayPal you can designate it as a gift, so there are no fees.

Marilyn Krieger, CCBC
Certified Cat Behavior Consultant
The Cat Coach, LLC(R)

Member, Board of Directors, IAABC

Resident Cat Behaviorist for Cat Fancy Magazine and

Coordinator, California Bengal Cat Rescue

Saturday, October 10, 2009

King Lear The Huge and Little Queen Mab Up Close And Personal!

Ok my dears! Here you go for the fist time ever, up close and personal in both video and pictures, The Royals, King Lear the Huge and Little Queen Mab! As seen and photographed by our own dear Cat Mihos!

A little back story for anyone new to this blog: King Lear and Queen Mab are Bengals. (If you need more back story on "what is a Bengal" Google is your friend) They were fosters that I had taken on thru Great Lakes Bengal Rescue. Little Queen is an SBT F4 Bengal, meaning pretty darn domestic (for a Bengal) and Lear is an early generation F2 (meaning a whole lot of kitty who never should have been placed with someone who didn't know what they are doing, much closer to ALC)

I have had them for almost a year now, and have come to the decision that we can't adopt Lear out. He's huge, strong, and not trusting of anyone. If he felt threatened, he could get hurt, or hurt someone. He has bonded with me, but it is only recently, and only here for nearly the first time, that you can see him being friendly with another women.

Men, as yet, are NOT on Lear's list.

I used to called Lear, "King Lear the Worried". I never saw a cat who worried so much. He worried for himself. For his friend. I was their fourth place, and he simply worried. No purrs. No contact. Always hiding. When he came out, he was worried and troubled.

He still looks worried, you can see here a bit. But far less so. I tell him every day that he is staying. They both are and they are HOME. Actually, when I opened up the entire upstairs and started telling him that, was when he started trusting me.

Lear is a really special cat. There is something about him that pulls at your heart much more so than the others. Not sure what it is, maybe that I am all he has. Maybe there's just such a dignity about him, determined to live his life despite what's been thrown at him.

Little Queen Mab is a sweetie who puts art into playing. She's just sweet and good. I'm not sure which one this is on the couch below, but toys rock both their worlds. Mab sleeps with me now, but is still more timid than Lear.

It should be noted to anyone considering a Bengal or fostering one that Lear is an exception to the rule. Most Bengals are fun, energetic, friendly, outgoing and a joy and delight. Lear is an early generation Bengal, not recommended for a pet for someone without a lot of Bengal experience, and help from people with more. He also had some sad home situations where he was not happy.

Your new friend would be considered domestic, and they will love you.

I cried little tears when I saw these videos for the first time. To see these kitties go from scared, not trusting, hiding, afraid of the world cats, to the curious, full of wonder, and even joy kitties they are becoming is pretty much the greatest feeling ever.

Lears first Purr cracked my heart.

The best feeling. Ever.

Love and Lear and Mab,

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Honey Harvest....

It should be first noted that all pictures in tonights post were taken by own very own dear Cat Mihos, who Bee'd with the best of us today!

This is my favorite shot, we called it "Madonna with Bees" I think it will BEE my favorite shot of me for a long time.

Today was the Honey Harvest! That's where we go and take all the honey the bees don't need for the winter. Many times, you don't get much honey from first year hives, but we got quite a bit. More on that when we get to the Extractor Blog this weekend. I've got cheesecloths and buckets all over the kitchen.

The Bees were cold, out of their nice warm hives, and so tended to huddle, and look for warm places. Above, you can see Boss, with the makings of a fine Bee Hat and Cape going on.

The Green Hive was an ANGRY hive, not at all happy with us for going in, and well, stealing honey. I can see their point really. That's Boss there, covered in Bees! He wears a half Bee Suit, as it is easier to work in and more comfortable, and he is really comfortable working with bees.

It was at this point that Woodsman Hans got stung five times, and The Birdchick once. I missed it, having nipped up to the house for another feeder bucket. I returned to cries of "Suit up! Suit up! Angry Hive! Warning"

They weren't kidding. I have a huge hole in my beesuit, too and my pants were falling down inside the suit, and I had no shirt on as it gets hot in beesuits and well, that's a story for another time. Duct tape is your friend in so many ways.

It is at this point you start to think "I think the Bees are beginning to Suspect Something..."

Funky Comb! That's what we call it when the bees make comb in their own artistic way, and not nicely on the frames as they are meant to.

As I said, Kitty took all the photos on tonights blog. Even this one. She is very, very good. Having her out this week was such a very good idea, the both of us tag teaming assistantting is working beautifully. It's pretty hectic with China only a few days away, but we are making it work. And it makes me happy that she is here. We are going to shoot Bengals, still and video both, on Saturday.

Of course there is a Bat Hive. You thought there wouldn't be? (Thanks to Woodsman Hans, who knew we needed one)

And for those of you who missed it on Twitter, a little video of Boss shaking the bees off a frame we are stealing. It's pretty cool, they all sort of fall off. Bees are cool.

Love and Bees,

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A Little Busy This Week, But Here's A Few Things....

I did promise, rashly, in my early morning optimism and energy, a new blog tonight, saying I even thought Kitty might take a few pictures, to which, I would no doubt, add some lovely comments.

Well, it goes a little more like this:

ME: I said I would do a new blog with pics tonight, by you.

KITTY: Well, we suck.

ME: Yeah, we do, it's 8 and we are not yet done for the day.

And so it goes. It's all about work this week. Boss is off to China in a few days, and if you think WE are busy, as his Assistants, he is more so. We will get everything done. All mail will be answered. All plans made. The world will be right. The harvest in....

Speaking of which, honey harvest is tomorrow! We gather (Read: Steal) all the extra honey, and extract it, and settle the little darlings for the winter, so last Bee Blogs are coming soon.

A couple of things, that ought to be mentioned too:

My friend Marilyn, aka The Cat Coach has an article in USA Today on Kitties, and them being indoor cats, what to do, how to keep them happy and lots of fun ideas. Read it HERE.

Marilyn is also the head of the California Bengal Rescue Network, and she is heading up a rescue effort to save 35 Bengals. These are lovely Bengals, from a breeder who could no longer afford in these times to keep going. They are not problem children, and all are SBT, meaning F4 or higher, and considered domestic.

Here are pictures, and all the info you might need...

They are lovely, and if you are in the area, and would like to bring one into your home, or even foster until we can find their people, please, contact Marilyn at the e-mail on the site. You will not regret it, and if you do, your life will be full of more love, joy and interesting moments than you have ever known.

Pet Bengal Kittens start at $600 and go up from there. All Bengal Rescue asks is a small token, and these kitties are show quality Bengals. More importantly:

They need you. Please take a look and forward to anyone you think might help.

I am happy to talk Bengal with anyone, and if you need more information, or advice once you have a Bengal, I am here.

Busy, but here.

Love and Bengals,

Friday, October 2, 2009

Still Sick But Still Here...

Today was sort of a wild one. Lots of things I hadn't been expecting. Good thing I learned at some point how to jump a dead car. Very useful skill, and I should tell you, it is not half as scary as I had always thought. You really can't kill yourself. Well, maybe you can, but you would have to work at it.

Found my camera. Where I had left it, oddly enough. I can't take pics of the new bathroom tho as I had the Destroyers pull the evil old sconces out, and then the overhead burned out in a flicker of Doom. So now it's sort of, well, dark, it being night and all.

Lots of Twitter talk about Comfort Books, and being sick this week I am all over them. Betsy-Tacy, Laura, Spenser, Modesty Blaise. May go for some LOTR, Pern and Noel Streatfield soon. Where do you go?

My poor brain is failing me. Sill sick and today was a long one. Lots coming up this week, Miss Kitty is coming, hurrah! Honey Harvest on Thursday with Birdchick. Gigs next weekend, again hurrah!

I just heard Lady Gaga is going to tour solo. (more hurrahs)

It's Homecoming Weekend (threw that in for Miss Maddy, who is beyond excited about this, tho I am not personally involved beyond delivering shoes, socks, money and chocolate today, being the only one with a car for a while there)

It's cold here now, and last night, Little Queen Mab slept with me for the first time.

And I just went into the kitchen and found this:

Got to love the weekend.

Love and Life,

Thursday, October 1, 2009

All I Have To Say....

I am very tired, and don't exactly feel great yet. In fact, I feel lousy. Not a fun cold, and it wears you down. I could be asleep now. I might well be. But I did want to do a new post for you Fiendish Lot. Lots of mysterious dissapearing Fiends, I am thinking you simply got tired of the Cat Pee and want something far more interesting.

Too bad. Don't have it in me tonight.

Speaking of Pee tho, Magic peed his plastic today, but that was three pee-free days. Woot.

I got home to the Spooky House tonight, as I mentioned, really tired. Looking forward to tea, book, couch and some serious ELLEN, SUV, ER action. But first, five screaming Bengals. You'd think they had not been fed in days, screams that grow ever more frantic as each second slips by.

Before I can start the Supper Dance, I noticed Venus had managed to somehow, get a small paper gift bag, the kind with handles, around herself. She'd shredded the BAG and was simply wearing a handle, over her head, around her middle, thru one of her legs. Fashion? No idea, she acted cool about it, like "Everyone will SO be doing this once I hit You Tube."

Four Tins of cat food and three steaks later: Blessed silence. Now, I suspect, Playtime will commence.

I did get a new Blackberry, which didn't manage to import all my phone numbers from the old (Despite Boss trying for three hours yesterday, sadly) but I am learning things on it, and love it.

I think Camera perhaps got jealous of Blackberry, and has de-camped. At any rate, I can't seem to find it. But I can take a photo with my phone and e-mail it to myself. (pretty cool sentence, eh?)

Hence the picture of Skelly in the Bathtub.

Love and Skellies,