Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A Really Fine Weekend...

This past weekend was really, really wonderful. I loved meeting all of the Fiends, and can't believe so many of you came so far. It made me so happy. I also did one of THE best shows ever, in my entire life, hands down, Saturday ROCKED.

I got my Famous Exploding Knife back too! It says so now, right on the Knife "Famous Exploding Knife" and no longer has a power cord shaped chunk out of it. And it is sharp.

I missed all of you who couldn't make it. A lot. And you were there in spirit.

And as far as those who did come, I thought they behaved themselves very well. Mostly. I mean, they ARE Fiends. THINGS are bound to happen when they Gather.

Both Friday and Saturday's shows were way fun to play. Time ran strangely, and it didn't seem like we played all night. I could do shows like that every night for a long time, so much love. And even more ROCK.

SO, clearly, I have many stories to tell, lots of photos, updates on Hope the Kitty, how I managed against all odds to get out for a ride today, more pleas for SOMEONE to adopt my kittens (Two, grey striped, one boy one girl, 7 weeks all shots, eh-hem) and so, there is NO WAY I am simply going to download my favorite photos that Nathilie took this weekend of my Bengals, and jot down a line or two between them because tho it is only 10:30 I am so tired that I can hardly see.....

Nope. No way I would do that.

Love and Sleep,

Friday, June 26, 2009

Fabulous Fiend Weekend :: LIVE!

Live streaming page
Get there early and register your username

Fiend Twitter Twibe
This will be a better way to keep track of the Fiends on Twitter since I'm bad at updating the giant list.

Follow the festivities with videos and pictures posted from the event
We will be using http://12seconds.tv to post Fiend shoutouts.

Join the Flickr group and see pictures as they are uploaded

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Thursday, June 25, 2009

And The Weekend Is Nearly Here!

Quick post here to fill you in on Show Details for Friday and Saturday nights!

For those of you just joining, the show is in Stillwater MN, at Charlie's Pub in the Water Street Inn, from 7:30 to 11:30pm, Central time. We will be webcasting both nights, and details, will, I have no doubt, be popping up here just before show tomorrow night.

The band is "Paul and Lorraine" (Clever, eh?) and is heavily Irish/Twisted Irish/Comedy.

It's a Special weekend, as The Fiends, as they call themselves, who post on my Blog here, are Gathering. (Yeah, scares me too!)They are coming from all over the US, UK,Canada and Italy. Anything can, and probably will, happen.

7:30 to 9 First set, easing into things, lots of traditional, well, mostly..

9:30 to 10:30 Second set "Where all the good stuff is"

11:00 to 11:30 Third set...We'll try anything, doesn't matter if we know it or not.

It won't hit me until I am on the way to the gig tomorrow night, never does, I am still thinking about today and all of it's situations, work, and things that need to be done. I can tell you there will be no Spiders, Bears, or Bengals at this show.

And I can tell you, I am really excited to meet all of The Fiends, after getting to know you here for the last couple of years. SO much love.

I am so going to ROCK your worlds!

Love and Fiends,

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Home For Hope, and Some Amazing Thea Gilmore....

Hope is in her new home! She and the kittens went to the vet yesterday, all good, shots, etc. Today, Gayle drove 2 hours each way to come and pick her up, and deliver her to her new family. As you can see, she will be loved. She comes back in two weeks for her spay, the vet said she needed to be away from the kittens, who are weaned, until then.

One kitten has a home, Agent Orange, now Sylvester, has been adopted. I still have two VERY cute grey babies, one boy one girl, who are ready for their homes....

Which brings me to this: The mail came today. THANK YOU! The Fiver For Hope Fund thanks YOU. This Teenage Mother, dumped in my yard, has a new home, a chance at a wonderful life, as do her babies. This IS making a difference, and as these vet bills are getting up there, I don't know how to tell you how much your help means to me.

Thank you. Someone needed to care. And you did.

And onto some music....

I've been listening to the new Thea Gilmore album, Recorded Delivery, for the past few days. I love Thea's music. Been listening, LOTS of listening, for a few years now. She is an amazing songwriter, with the kind of voice that can haunt you nights. Or days. She hangs around on you, she does.

I've never had a chance to hear her live, and so was interested in her new live cd, despite the fact that I don't generally like live cd's. THIS particular cd blew me away. The sound is studio quality, but the performances are LIVE. I've never had a live cd effect me quite like this.

I have been in the studio. I know what comes out when you record a song, each track separately, over a period of days.

I know what a live show is like. I know how it is different, there is an energy that comes out for the people in the audience, that can't come out on a studio track. Recorded Delivery CATCHES that sexy, seductive, magic, slinky cool live energy, but with studio quality sound.

She got it on tape, to use an archaic term. And I am not at all sure that has been done before.

Here is her latest blog entry, where she talks about record labels, and a new idea of hers. Sign up. Now.

If you can see her live, go you, and get there.

If you can't, get this CD.

You will be there.

Love, Hope and A Live CD,

Sunday, June 21, 2009

I Will Write About Something...

I did promise you a new post tonight, come what may, didn't I? Now, for something to write about that will excite, intrigue and interest you....

Nope. Not coming.

Still not coming.

Ok, we wing it.

It was a Day Off today, which is always exciting. Boss and I have been working on the Plan that I go home at night at a reasonable hour, and take weekends off, where it is possible. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. I've been doing house things all day, on and off, but mostly watching cats. Fascinating creatures they are.

The Boss brought me a book a while back from Scotland called "Wildcat Haven" by Mike Tomkies, which was one of the best and most helpful books I have ever read, in terms of dealing with Magic. The Scottish Wildcat is it's own breed, they look much like cats, or Bengals, but they are wild, and unlike the Asian Leopard Cat, cannot be domesticated.

Read HERE for his story. It is a REALLY cool story, and I've read the book many times over. I'd like to do an entire essay on it, but it's really hot here and I don't much have the brain to do it tonight, so go and read up on them and we will talk more on this.

Lazy way out. I know.

Last night gig was a good one, and always, after such, I am a bit wiped out. I can only imagine what next weekend is going to do to me. I have a feeling the gigs are going to be really hot ones, and by that I mean both the music and weather. No need to worry about packing the place, and they will be stacking extra chairs.

For those of you who missed it, many of the Fiends who hang out here are converging on Stillwater next weekend for a meet up and some shows by your truly. Anyone is welcome, and please, if you are around , come down and say hi. Both shows will be webcast, Friday and Saturday, from 7:30 to 11:30pm , USA Central time zone. I believe that happens here, on this site, but Dr Wicked will have all the info on that shortly.

And that, my dears, is all I have for you. More or less. Someone tell Beez that MORE plants came in the mail, and she, Mad Gardener, should come out and plant them, whatever they are.

Me and the Bengals need to watch Ghostbusters now. They love that movie.

Love and Hot,

Thursday, June 18, 2009

A Fiver For Hope.....

Hope and her Babies Three are here and ensconced on the big Scream Porch. If you are just joining the story read HERE first, and then HERE for the Story So Far, about the beautiful Kitty who came to my porch, she'd been dumped in the woods for being in the family way and apparently had the babies in a garage down the street. We think we have a home for her, once the babies are grown enough, and may have homes for the babies too.

Which is good.

Very good, as it appears that Miss Not Into Family Planning may be having some more babies in the not too distant future. I'd asked last night for help with these vet bills and her spaying asking if people coming out here could donate a "Fiver for Hope" and I am beyond grateful for the responses from those of you not coming out but wanting to help. (And those coming!)

I am taking the Fivers in the mail only. I don't want to Paypal, as I don't want any monies going into my account and getting mixed up. All money goes to Hope and her kittens vet bills. Any left over goes in the Fiver for Hope Jar, to be used for the next one.

The address is:
Lorraine Garland
3208 W. Lake St
Minneapolis, MN 55416

I'd wanted to bring her here so that she would not be going out nights partying and having more Babies, but it may be too late, I'll take her to the vet and see what they say. I know they can abort the Babies when they spay, but I don't think I can do that.

(Which should not be taken as my stance on abortion. I believe that is a choice ONLY the women concerned can make for herself, and she is the one who should make it.)

The Babies, as you can see, are beyond cute. Cute overload. They are smaller than I thought, two grey tabbies, and an ORANGE one, who has my heart. More friendly than you would expect, and they have taken to the litter box.

This is a textbook case study of SPAY/NEUTER YOUR PETS. Here is this lovely girl, hardly more than a year old, if that, on her second litter. She had seven babies, sadly, four were found dead, she couldn't take care of them. Now I am taking care of them all.

Anyone wanting to help, and send a Fiver For Hope, it would mean so much to me.

I made a promise. If they crossed my path, I would save them. And I will. I'll see her thru this, and find homes for these babies, and the new babies. And I will not be letting her out. And she will be getting spayed before she goes anywhere.

I know this story is being played out over and over, everywhere. I know most of you have Rescued, and taken on the Pets that nobody wanted. And it means something real. Very real.

It's about making a difference.

Love and Kittens, too many kittens,

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

We Have Hope!

In a typical moment of small town serendipity, I found Hope tonight! And her kittens! Three of them there are. It went like this...

I was sitting with Mariska, talking about Hope as we had heard someone nearby had found her and her kittens and taken them in, and didn't my friend Susan walk by with HER friend, who I knew some, and Mariska knew as SHE was playing for Susan's friends daughters wedding this summer, and I called out hello to Susan and chatted and her friend asked did I need a kitten as she had three in her garage, and darned if I didn't put it all together and , yes, we found Hope.

With me?

(For people new to this blog, here's the story.

They can't keep her, but Gayle has a friend who we think wants her, but can't take the kittens. We have to work this all out, but it looks as tho the story will have a happy ending after all, for our Hope. I am going to visit soon, and see the babies, and I will post pics. They look like Hope, I hear!

We will need to get Hope spayed, something I will need to take on, I believe, and don't think for a moment I am going to be shy about asking for help. (Say, if every Fiend coming to the gathering drops $5 into a hat, I think we'll be there. Call it a tax for Hope.)

If they cross my path, I will save them. Made that promise a year and a half ago. Kept it.

The Bees come tomorrow. Maybe. I think. They could at any rate. Woodsman Hans has built us a canopy as it is meant to seriously rain. Four more hives of Russian Bees, in four new hives.

I will wake early, with either a call from the post office, or to go for a ride.

Either way works for me. I have me some Hope again.

Edited to add: Just got this photo of the babies from their current "Mom"

Love and Hope and Millions of Bees,

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

This is some TIERD!

You know, I'm not sure what gives here. I got up at 6 this morning and had tons of energy, did a couple hours house chores and morning e-mail, nipped out to the stable for a ride, then went into work, and now here I am home again only 13 hours later, and I feel like I may not get off this couch tonight. I'm REALLY beat.

I am going to sit here tonight, with a little L&OSVU and sift thru a LOT of San Fransisco hotel recommendations. For at least another hour before I go to bed.

It's raining here which Mim thinks is great, worries Venus to no end and as far as I can tell doesn't even register with Magic-the-ever-hungry. Also, as far as I can tell, does not register with not one, but two of the houses on the block, who are out in their yards gardening. I am so not in this league.

I'm going to see if I can keep this early morning wakefullness up. It's weird, but I think will be worth it, and in time, perhaps I won't get so tired. The payoff for these early morning rides is huge, and being stronger can only help with both FIT and stress. It's just getting there that is difficult.

May not look at hotels. May just sit here and ponder why for the life of me, I can't tell the difference between the Philippines and New Zealand.

Love and weary,

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Starring Magic. Co-starring Bees and Beez.

I'll talk some about the Bees today, and about Beez (the person) and my Garden, but since I have no pics of either, and do have these great ones of Magic, we'll let him be the Star tonight. Above is a pic of Magic when I got him last October. Those eyes do not know what love is, and those eyes trust no one and nothing in this world. He was only 1 1/2 then, and had been thru three homes, and finally ended up in a Madison shelter who would not take him. That's where I came in. Watch the changes...Here are some from today.

Not the same Kitty, eh?

We went to the Hives today to do some checking, and I was a bit nervous as I had been in charge of them for three weeks, and never quite felt like I knew what I was doing. The Birdchick will no doubt have a Full Report up later, but for now you've got me.

Turns out I was dead wrong about the Hannah Hive being Queenless! She is alive and well and making Bee Babies! She was just slow about doing it. Also, what I thought was weirdly capped honey, was really Brood, and not at all honey. This is good. I had added another brood box as the bottom one seemed kind of full, which would have been wrong had the Queen been dead, but since she wasn't and needed more room, it was exactly right, so even tho I was wrong and didn't have a clue, I ended up doing the right thing.

Kind of like life sometimes.

Mad Gardener Beez came over again today, and planted many Things, with her Sweetheart. (We like him. Very cool.) I am going to have a garden yard as nice as everyone elses. She is amazing, I don't have many Garden Skills, but I swear the women LOOKS at the plants and they do her bidding. I offered to help this week and work on things, which made her nervous, so we agreed I would water the bits faithfully.

The coolest thing about these photos is that I just took them. No zoom lens, no telephoto, I was right there with him. He comes out now, he'll come out when other people are around, and yowl your ear off. Every day is more wonder for him. He pees his futon a lot less too. (like you needed to know that, but it IS significant.) He moves around, and hops in and out his window and can look at us in the kitchen.

He's still pretty nervous, and I can only pet him while he is eating, but he licks me now more than he bites. And is always ready to play, especially in the water. I need to get him a bigger fountain. And a tree to climb in, and easy one that can be scaled with no claws. (All four de-clawed NOT my doing)

And he seems glad to see me.

Love and Wonder,

Thursday, June 11, 2009

The New Scream Porches.....

This has been one of those really long days, but I did want to get pictures of the New Scream Porch up for you. I did have a really lovely ride early this morning, which gave me some things to think about.

Why is it, that when things get hectic and stressed, that the one thing, the best thing, that could help with this, is the first thing to go?

It kind of got me thinking. I am really busy, which is the understatement of the year. I have a job that is, as you know, pretty intense, and I gig weekends. And then there are all those Bengals.

The one thing I need, is some time away from it, where I work really hard physically, and where I have one thing to think about, and it ain't me or my work.

Gave me some thought, and made me think that my morning rides are not something I am going to blow off because I am way too busy to take them.

Here's Magic's Scream Porch. Magic, for those new here, is my F1 (meaning Daddy was an ALC, Asian Leopard Cat) He's had a pretty hard life being bounced around, with people who didn't understand him, or his needs. Now tho, he is learning that there is love and trust in this world. AFter many months here in the Spooky House. Nine I believe.

Here's the view from the other side, which belongs to Venus and Mim, my own Bengals. When I tell you they love it, trust me here. They can't go outside here off leash (Yes, many Bengals are fine with leash walks, they love that too) and this is the coolest thing for them.

I can't figure out how to make Scream Porches for the Royal Fosters, King Lear and Queen Mab. I am REALLY hoping that their forever home comes along soon. If you are a single women, or women-women couple (Lear does not like men.) who might be interested in sharing your home with two of the sweetest Bengals going, drop me a line. They do need to stay together, Lear worries so about Mab. I need a home for them. And they will love you forever.

I have fountains on both Scream Porches now, Magic can't be with the other Bengals, the later Gen's don't much like the early Gen's, but here we are, all living together.

Seems to work.

Love and Screams, Lorraine

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Ballad of the Garment Bag....

The Garment Bag and Hat have been found! There was never any doubt that they WOULD be, I went after them, and I am not accustomed to failure, and when a Personal Assistant gets, let's call it "Mad", you really don't want to be in the way. Do as you are told. It will go much better for you.

I went down to the airport in Minneapolis, having got a tip from a supervisor at Northwest that one could get much further in person than on the phone. There in the deepest depths of the airport at a small dark counter I met with two agents, one from Northwest and one from Delta. (the merger so far, apparently)

It went a little something like this...

ME: I have a Wee Problem and one hears from Sources that YOU are the only people with real Power, the one's who Make Things Happen, and hold the Wisdom of the Ancients and the Airlines in your hands....

NW Agent: Northwest or Delta?

ME: Delta. Dodged that bullet didn't you? Well listen in, it won't be dull. This is a drama of Epic proportions! Being played out on Twitter as we speak!

NW Agent: What's Twitter?

DEL Agent: I know about Twitter. How many Followers? (Head in hands)

ME: Half a million! Poised like Raptors on the Ramparts in Readiness for my signal, ready to swoop down upon you!

DEL Agent: WIll they Smite me?

ME: Yes, if you fail. You will die a horrible death at their hands. But look at it this way, if you find the thing, you will be a hero and live on remembered and in glory for all of your days!

DEL Agent: Not sure I can handle that kind of fame.

ME: No worries, I'll hook you up with your own agent. Now, about this Bag and Hat....

And so we got to work. This involved a lot of first figuring out where the plane flew (Only between Chicago and NY apparently) then some Agent to Agent cell phone calls, some debating on possible scenarios, and finally some Secret Knowledge that I have promised never to reveal, on pain of death and some return Smiting. We didn't FIND the Bag and Hat, but we did have a Plan.

I went home with the Plan in Place.

It was nearly Midnight when I rang two of my Darkest Minions, one in Chicago and one in New York, and gave them specific instructions. (ok, so I had a LOT of e-mail to catch up on, and they maybe weren't Dark Minions but Maure who helps out in Chicago and AFP's amazing Assistant, Beth)

Got it in one. Maure found the Bag and Hat at the Chicago Airport. They had been taken off the plane at some point and left at the gate, and the calls yesterday, followed by Maure showing up in person, had got someone down there thinking.

The point of this, and I do THINK I have one, and the secret of the success, was simply this: Show up in person. And then BE the one person in a hundred who makes them laugh, who asks for their help, who thanks them, offers to bring them coffee and appreciates what they are doing. (And they DO have power. Of a sort. At least where Bags are concerned) 99 out 100 people, and trust me when tell you I saw this for three hours yesterday, are going to whine, bitch, moan and threaten. And get no where.

I got the Bag back. And the Hat.

And for a while there, all concerned had a great time doing it.

Love and Airlines,

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Don't Make Me Come In There...

I was going to do a new post all about the Gigs Rocking most excellently and Phyllis the Amazing 89 year old women who rocked my world last night, but it is getting late, and I'm tired. Also I really embroiled in this battle with Delta Airlines, who not only cannot find a bag what was not LOST but left on the plane, (In the closet of the 1st class cabin, where the flight attendant put it.) but they don't seem to care.

I mean really, they don't care.

In contrast, I offer this: In desperation today I rang Northwest Airlines, and within 10 minutes had a Supervisor on the phone, not that I demanded one, the agent was at a loss as to how to help, and went to find someone who might have an idea. They couldn't help, but had a couple of ideas.

I fear this merger.

So tomorrow morning instead of riding, I go off to the airport for my own personal version of "Don't make me come in there"

(When a Personal Assistant such as myself says "Don't make me come in there" be Afraid. Be Very Afraid. I'm pissed. For our UK friends, that's "Angry" to you. Not drunk.)

Did get a LOT done today. Sunday's are really good for that work wise as no one writes and no one calls. (My job is not day and time specific, days off happen on the best days to take them, which is very handy, as a lot of things I need to do happen during the week, so no sorrow about "working weekends")

I get my Super Computer back this week too. Remember its hard drive died a sudden nasty death some time ago, taking all of my life with it? Well, turns out it still had THRE WEEKS on it's full warranty, and I have a lovely new fresh one now. AND The Amazing Dr Wicked was able to pull my address book and photos off the last one. Photos I could have sighed a little and taken the hit, but the address book????

Wednesday is New Hair today, replacing the Bad New Hair that replaced the Old Hair. Purple again. All this blonde and brown isn't natural. I feel weird, and un-like myself.

Tomorrow, tho.... I find that bag.

Love and Fear,

Thursday, June 4, 2009

A Queen is Dead and the Russians Still Coming...

Found out today that my Boss and AFP are dating! Well, knock me over with a feather! Who knew???? Darn good thing for the internet, no one tells me anything...

Ok,ok I'll stop. Short version, so I can get onto the real news of the day, this has made me very happy. Very happy indeed.

(Edited to add: Attempt at humor there..Of course I knew, I'm like, the PA and all. Not a lot of secrets, we just KEEP them well...)

Today was, among other things, a Bee Checking Day. The Russians are not coming for another week and a half, which is GREAT news, as both the Boss and the Birdchick will be back for it. We could have done it, hiving the four new hives, but it is a lot of work, and I am feeling better that I am not in charge of it now.

That's our new Bee Shed that Hans build, so the Bee Basics could be down with the bees. Much handier.

We went with new Feeder Buckets, and new Brood Boxes in hopes that the hives would need more room, which didn't turn out to be the case, but they are VERY close, three of them anyway, early next week, I am thinking.

The hive we have been calling the Stoner Hive as it has been REALLY laid back, is Yellow Hive Hannah. She was not at all ready for even her second box. and everyone else is nearing their third. I saw still two empty frames on one side, and one on the other, but then looked and said "Well, Hans, just look at all this capped honey!!!!"

Oh. They aren't MEANT to be making huge things of only capped honey. We need babies. They do both, but these frames were really heavy. So we checked all the frames, and sure enough, no baby bees.

(Look, when the Birdchick is back, you get the technical posts with all the right names for things, and really cool pics of the bees, here, I'll tell the story my way.)

Which means, no Queen. And they hadn't exactly gotten around, being kind of laid back sorts of bees, to making a new one.

We aren't going to try and re-Queen, (That trick NEVER works, at least in our experience) but instead, use the honey to start off the very late arriving Russians, and help them get a leg up on things.

RIP Hannah.

We next went onto Purple Yvaine, who had plenty of baby bees, and was nearly ready for another box, but not quite, I thought, but she did need a new feeder pail, so Hans went to tip it in and...Well, SOMEONE, perhaps myself, had not fastened the top tightly enough so all the sugar water came out INTO and around the hive. Me, Hans, and the Bees were as one at that moment.

ACK WHAT!!!! Was sort of how it felt. None of us could believe it. TIme froze. Not sure how the bees felt after that, we lost communion, but they must have thought it was some sort of manna from the Bee Gods, and have no doubt spent the intervening hours licking eachother clean of sugar.

Ah-hem. Right. The other two hives went fine, which was good as I was starting to feel a little inadequate. The Red Juliet hive is the serious in your face hive, and wants none of you, and the Green Wendy Hive, as ever, the kinder gentler, it's all good, sort of hive were both doing well, babies, comb all of it.

Birdchick comes home next week, and Boss the week after, which is GOOD, says the Former Bee Phobia Girl who initially wanted none of bees, as she was SURE the point would come when Boss was out of town and would say "Now just nip on out there and...."

One more small story for you today, by the time 6 rolled around I was beyond tired, e-mail never stopped, phones, just the day, but I was at the END, so I decided to get some groceries and some drugstore thingies for a break. While standing in the drugstore looking at Cell Phone wondering why I had brought IT instead of Wallet, a nice young girl asked could she help me find anything.

I was about to express my thought of the world in general in no nice terms, so I took a deep breath to mellow the heck out, looked up and noticed....

Well, yes, I said. You might well be able to help me.

Do you know anything about Hair Product...???

Love, Romance, Bees and Hair,

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Princess the Cat (By Mr Cassidy) and The New Hair! (By Me)

I read on the Boss Blog that he would have posted photos of Princess the White Cat, but that he didn't have any, and then Mr Kyle Cassidy was kind enough to send them, and since who knows when the Boss will have time, I've put them up here for him, for you all to enjoy.

It should be stated most clearly that the first three photos of Princess the CAT are by Mr Kyle Cassidy. The last four of me, with my somewhat dubious new hair, were NOT. I did those myself on PhotoBooth, having no better options, and you lot all clamoring for the New Hair. There is a SMALL difference in quality going on, you MAY notice, and I thought I should be clear.

I don't think it's BAD hair, I just am not sure it is ME, and I can't seem to make it work exactly. Mostly people (chiefly women, the men say, when asked, GREAT HAIR. Good answer, guys.) but the women say: "You just need some "Product"

Product? As in What?????? "Hair-be-great!" "Bad-hair-remover" "Fix-it-UP!"

I have shampoo. And conditioner. Yesterday I borrowed some "Hair-be-Shiny-And-Smooth" and got "Hair-be-oil-slick". I know about hair spray, but I don't THINK that is what is needed here, and anyway, all I get when I use it is "Hair-be-rats-nest"

I think I may go for two high up pony tails. I look about 12, but hey, until I find out about "Product, it's the best I can think of.

Love, White Cats and Odd Hair,

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Bengal Boy Needs A Ride....

This has been an amazing day! Kind of a long day with so much work coming in, I feel like I just got here and it's nearly five.

In the midst of all this day of work, I had an e-mail from Janet at Great Lakes Bengal Rescue. It seems there is a Bengal boy, 4 years old in a kill shelter in Escanaba, MI which is north of Green Bay by 2 hours. We have a foster home waiting to take him in Milwaukee , but the boy needs a ride. They say they will keep him until Saturday.

Good news is, I Twittered it (and many thanks for all the RT's!) and so far two people in the general area have volunteered to help. We are just working it out logistically, with each of them doing part of the very long drive.

I can't tell you what it means. That people who don't know me much, and certainly don't know this Kitty, would off to do this so he doesn't die. Well, yes, I can tell you what it means. It means that you are making a difference. It means that you can't sit by and let a Bengal die, just because it's a long drive.

I realize most of you live nowhere near Northern WI, and it would be logistically impossible, and I know just as well, you would help if you could.

And to the two people who think they live near enough to help make a difference: You have my gratitude.

It's a good world.

Onto little matters, the garden is in, and there's this new weird hair, I am still not SURE of it. Much shorter, and, uh, all colours found in natural growing hair. And I do know you want some pics of both. Give me a day or so while I think on it, yes?

Love and Bengals,