Friday, October 29, 2010

Blogging and Thankyou's....

Good Morning!!

One of the last things I told Kitty last night before sleepily stumbling back to Bengals was about blogging. Just do it says I. Not hard. Don't wait. Just write something.

Shoe may be on the other foot now. Actually, I have not yet achieved shoes. Or much in the way of clothing. Might as well use the word NAKED here at the start, and make things more exciting. Even more exciting tho, is that Kitty DID do a blog in the wee hours of the morning. And since she says most of what I would have, AND she has pictures, HERE you go!

One thing she didn't talk about, mostly as she wasn't there, is Octocon. Looking back at my Ireland posts, I realized I nearly completely forgot to mention the convention! OPPS! I loved that Con. I loved all the people on the committee.

I want to thank them specially for having me over and say, if they ever invite you to come, SAY YES. You will not regret it. They know what they are doing, and they have a LOT of fun doing it. They treat their guests well. "Well" meaning they go out of their way to make sure you will have WHATEVER you want.

(Those they did NOT in fact, completely re-do their programing schedule on Sunday so I could go and meet Irish Roller Girls and Skate with them. I forgive them that, since I didn't bring this up until late Saturday night.)

I loved them, and everyone I met there. You know who you are. Thank you!

Now I am off to work, to wake up a house full of people (If you read Kitty's blog, you know who they all are) who stayed up far too late I am sure, and take them all off to House on the Rock for the weekend.

But I shall leave you with a Lovely Halloween Photo. I call it: "Roller Girl Eaten By Zombies At Grave While Dog Poses Calmly For Pictures"

Love and Blogs,

Sunday, October 24, 2010

A Last Ireland Post....

Ah, one last Ireland blog, as we can't properly do Ireland without mentioning Octokitty. I figured since the Convention was OCTOcon, I should bring it on along.

A point or two about Octokitty to begin. I have NO idea what Octokitty IS. There are many, it is not a singular entity. We have lots lying around the house, they appear. The Bengals love them. To near death. (Which is why THIS Octokitty acquired an eyepatch and prosthetic leg.) I gave one to the Dogs once. Bad plan. Sorry, Dude.

Joan of Dark sends them. (@joanofdarkknits on twitter) I think they are lucky. This Octokitty is, as far as I know, the only EvelynEvelyn Conjoined Octokitty. She knits them. She does Roller Derby too.

Which brings me to a point, if I may digress. (which I can, it's my blog and all) If you are lucky enough to know a Roller Girl personally and she texts you from an After Party, after winning the first bout of the season asking if you are good enough friends for her to spend the next several hours drunk texting you: Say YES.

This will be hours of the best entertainment ever. I am sworn to secrecy and they aren't the sort of texts one repeats on such a Gentle Blog as this, but trust me.

I have a feeling it was probably the next best thing to BEING there.

The Joan of Dark Blog is here. What can be reported, no doubt will be.

Back to Octokitty. Here with Poppets, and a Plauge Rat. And coffee. Octokitty made friends all over the place.

Like Louisa, owner of Raven Books in Dublin.

Yes, there are Poppests all over Ireland. I think most people there carry a couple around. I didn't know this. Brought Octokitty and acquired that Plague Rat myself.

Lovely. SImply lovely. Art even. I should mention that all of these pictures so far were taken by Nathilie, except the first, which was Marjorie. Both of whom know far more about using a camera than I do. The next one is Nathilie I think. Then you get ME.

My little Spirit Guide around Dublin, Anabel, brought Cuthulu. (No Poppests or Rats for this girl, she goes striaght to, um, hell? The Top?) Her mother made this one for her. Especially for the Convention. Again, I say, Ireland is a pretty darn magic place. (Even tho she was Spanish, as is her Mother, who lives in Spain.)

What tourist expierence would be complete without a visit to Molly Malone, who wasn't EXACTLY a Fish Barrow weilder but a Lady of the Evening. Or she may have been both. Not sure. I had to chase off a LOT of tourists, (including one with an Eagle), and a Giant Leprechaun to take this.

Crypt. Entrance. No Octokitty. No pictures allowed inside. This was the one with the Lord Nobody Liked. Not for the faint of heart, this Crypt. No tea. Only, well, I think we all know what lies in Crypts.

Oh, look. Me and Octokitty. And that strange Bunny. On the train to Howth, where we would have climbed cliffs and hiked, had it not been freezing and if my legs weren't about to fall OFF.

Again, no Octokitty. But this is the real actual Crypt where one can get a nice cup of tea. You would have thought I would have say, taken pictures of IT, but no, this was all I have from my several visits.

No clue. But they were in drag and they came running down the street. I liked them. And will always wonder: Where were they going and should I have gone too?

Octokitty in the Yarn Shop in Wicklow, they day of the adventure with the Mad Knitter Siobhan. Not sure there are words for adventures involving Mad Knitters driving about the country in search of Alpaca. I will say this for them: They found it.

Here's a shot from today, Octokitty with my new Weeping Angel figure. Here you can see the Eyepatch, and new Leg that Siobhan knitted for it.

I speak the truth when I tell you I don't know what Octokitty IS. You'll have to ask Joan of Dark, she may tell you. She may not know. She may choose to keep that secret

I do know, I am glad it was with me.

As glad I was to have been in Ireland, which is to say:


Love and Remembering Ireland,

Thursday, October 21, 2010

More on Ireland. With Dressage.

Ok, Mes Aimees, some pictures from my own personal camera. Not a lot, mind you, I lack photography skills, but some...

First however, a Link! I got this while in Ireland. Do you recall in the mad days before I left, I spent two mornings helping my Riding Teacher work on a Freestyle Dressage routine for an event she was doing? (Well, if you have forgotten, I did) Helped her pick out some clothes for it as well, including lending a handy corset and pirate shirt.

Here's the Video, of She Who Owns It All and her horse, Aliandro, riding what we came up with. If you don't know dressage intimately, you will love this. If you DO know dressage, honesty compels me to mention we did put this together in two days, with only two riding sessions, and the horse had only been back to work for three weeks after an injury. You will know what I speak of. And love it anyway. I do. And more importantly, I want to ride like that. And look that good doing it. More than want: I am going to. Check in next summer for a Pas De Deux. (The bar has been SET)

Find it HERE

As far as the first picture here. No idea WHAT it is, but I am calling it the Death Star of Dublin.

Onto a Graveyard. Hands down, this wins for Strangest Thing I Have Ever Seen On A Grave Yet. Not sure I need to say anything else, really. Its all there.

I like how this sign is right up on the fence, not buried in the fine print of a contract, or simply understood, but POSTED, so there are no misunderstandings about Common Graves.

There were other Signs in this Graveyard, if one knows where to look. Like this for the Low Road (or walk as it were) Bram Stoker's Mother and Brother were buried here, I was reliably informed by a local Bram Stoker expert. (Who was originally from Wisconsin, as it turned out)

And then, just to be clear about things, we have the Long Walk. Poetic. Sweet even. Much in the same way as "Taking the Dirt Nap" might be.

Now, most people here, are, as you can believe, quite Dead. And peaceful, but that is no reason not to have a Guinness Walk. Share a beer with your loved ones. Remember them fondly.

And a Restroom. With a nice cup of tea afterwords.

And then we have other signs, which tell us things that are certainly not widely understood. Not sure I understand even now, but being in a foreign country, I was glad of any advice, and certainly never turned my back on morning toast after that little warning.

This is a Bunny. From Hell, I believe. And a scarf. They are all over Ireland these days. In the Library Pub in Dublin. With Octokittys. As far as WHY I have this Bunny From Hell and WHAT exactly Octokittiies are, I believe I shall leave it to your imaginations. (Which will NEVER be as strange as the truth, I'm afraid.)

I loved Ireland. Every minute. More than loved, I left bits of my heart all over.

But I am also glad to be home.

Love and Horses and Ireland and I am sure home now!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

No. Ireland Does Not Make Sense. It Doesn't NEED To..

First off tonight, I need to say that the picture portion of this blog is entirely due to Nathalie in the most part, and Also Marjorie. Left to myself there would be no pictures as I can neither take them or upload them here on my wee windows computer. They however, can do both.

I can't move them around and I don't want to admit to either of them that I lack this skill as well, so we will talk about things in the order that they appear. This is my Spirit Guide Annabel. She has been patiently taking me about Dublin for the last week, and has I believe shown me EVERYTHING now. I've learned a lot. Like when an Irish Person tells you things like "It's not far, just down the road, of course we can walk" it does NOT mean at all the same thing as it does in the US.

Actually, Annabel is from Spain, living here for the last 10 years. Amounts to the same thing. As far as walking goes anyway. And makes for a darn interesting accent. Learning not only Irish, but Irish with a Spanish accent has made for some pretty funny mis-heard words.

Ah! Finn. It's all Finn's fault I am here, and I blame her entirely. For everything. Especially the Gig. She made me do it. All my life, us Irish Music types in the US have dreamed of going to Ireland, and playing with real, true Irish musicians. And there I was. We played Johnny Cash. And Brittany Spears. And Finn led the interpretive dance, to the Norwegian Dance from Hungary #1. Dreams often turn out rather differently than you can imagine. I loved every minute of it. These people have heart.

Here's me in the Graveyard, taking the Low Road. When I get back and downlaod my pictures on my sensible Mac, you can see the rest of the roads. (All taken, not to worry, when I do graveyards, I do them) Liked that day. (Liked all of them really.)

Is this making any sense? Doesn't matter. This is Ireland, Things are like that. It's not GOING to make any sense. Things just keep HAPPENING to me here. It's the way things work here, the Irish have set them up delightfully.

(listening to Marjorie explain Octokitty to another Con go-er. Loving this, -I- dont' understand Octokitty, and I brought the thing here. We'll need to do an entire blog on this one. Later)

And then there's the knitting thing. I don't know how I ended up kidnapped by Mad Knitters, but I can tell you this IS the sort of thing that HAPPENS here. Remember all those Old Songs we sing? Where people are always roving out on May (or any other month) and having ADVENTURES? We laughed. get this: It's all true. Things HAPPEN to these people. Daily.

And I now have a friend named Siobhan. How cool is THAT? She knits. And Well. She took me (Kidnapped really) out to the country and found me Alpaca Yarn. (not that I knit mind you, I am going to ship the entire bag off to Joan of Dark and let HER deal with the Alpaca)

Here's my favorite Crypt. (Yes, after only a week in Ireland I do have a favorite Crypt, thankyou.) You can get tea here, and write. Or just sit and enjoy the, er, Cryptly atmosphere of it. It's peaceful. I like it there. I like it in Ireland.

You would too.

Love and Ireland,

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Ireland Today...

Well Hello again from Dublin!

Yes, still here. Have not been smooshed by any cars coming from strange directions. (Largely, I believe because I have finally convinced these people I am not KIDDING about holding my hand when we cross) My legs still feel like they are going to fall off, but other than that, things are wonderful.

Had a lovely day filled with Dead Things. And Things That Got Dug Up.

(fairly morbid, I know, but that's the way it panned out. Besides, I like Dead Things)

I went to a church today, which was lovely as the churches are, but this one had a vault with Mummies in it. They didn't start out to become Mummies, just regular buried people, but the conditions in the Crypt were right, and there you have it.

It was the sort of crypt that is everything a crypt ought to be, old stones, steep stairs, dark. There were chains which our guide unlocked when we went to go IN, which were not chaining anything. They chain the doors to the Crypt OPEN. How very reassuring. I think.

There's a lot to St Michans Crypt which you can no doubt Google and find out, but the one fact I found that was interesting was that All the little Sub-Crypts, which families would buy, or rather BOUGHT long long ago, get to be theirs forever as long as they want. And most of them were fairly dark because it is not respectful to shine light on an IN USE Crypt.

Except for one. Now, this Crypt has been around a Very Long Time, and there are coffins stacked everywhere, sometimes they break the coffins underneath (which is how they got the famous Mummies) and sometimes they are beautiful, like if you were a Lords Family.

Now it came about that there was one Lord who everyone hated. His tenants, his family EVERYONE. He kind of sucked on all levels. SO they buried him in a plain coffin (After he died) and not in a fancy one like all the other Lords, and said never again would any Lord of this line or family ever be buried here, they were so moving out, no one wanted to ever be buried near him.

You can see this because they hated him so much, they told the church they could LEAVE THE LIGHTS ON. And there he is.

Ok, lovely...Onto the Bog People.

The Museum here is magic. Filled with unbelievably lovely Things That Have Been Found and Dug Up. Jewels, weapons, art, combs. Amazing. I loved it. I love seeing things that people used so very long ago. I love thinking about them and how they lived. No punch line here, really.

There were also Bog People. Bog people, are people who ended up preserved in Bog for 100's of years. I had always thought they were hapless hunters that happened into the bog, or recently dead very OLD people who were buried there, but this does NOT seem to be the case.

They all, it seems, GOT Bogged. On purpose. They are very eerie. Even for me. In fact, the museum helpfully, eh, rests them out of sight, so you need to actually know you are entering the Bog Person Resting Place, you don't just stumble across it.

On the whole tho, I believe it is better to have been so important that a people Bogged you to appease the Gods, than to have been so hated your family won't even be buried by you and lets the church LEAVE THE LIGHT ON.

My how cheery we are in Ireland today! Our friend Marjorie is sitting in my room here with me now, bet she sure is glad she showed up a day early!

Tomorrow tho, much happier: No bodies. Only Graveyards.

And apparently, Alpaca.

Love and Ireland,

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

So Far In Ireland...

Hello from Dublin!

I've been thinking of all the things I want to tell you about, and everything that is so very cool and show you the pictures that I've taken...But if I try and remember all of these things, or download any pictures, you aren't going to get a blog post tonight.

So no pictures, and a mash of impressions and things from Dublin so far....

Cobblestones. I love them. Roads with Cobblestones are MUCH cooler than roads without. My mission in Dublin seems to be to trip over as many of them as I can. I have kind of embraced and accepted this, and am going for a serious high score. Did great today! Hit a lampost too once, but that's championship stuff and I can't do it every time. I hear when the Cobblestones get wet it makes it much more interesting. No rain so far to test this, but one can hope.

I had tea in a Crypt today. We didn't set out to do this, but the fact that it happened is just one more example of why Ireland is such a magic place. At any moment you could end up in a crypt with a nice cup of tea.

I love old churches. Very powerful places. I love the feeling of them, the history of them, and the magic of them. The look of them, with towers you can climb all the way to the top of and look out over Dublin, very beautiful. Very powerful places. I love it that they have crypts under them where you can get a nice cup of tea.

I got to have beans on toast for breakfast yesterday. Now I know I was pretty out of it, but I loved beans on toast. These ones anyway. And I love it that you can get real tea just anywhere. GOOD real tea. That comes with milk.

I went to a place called "Hell" for Pizza last night. Good pizza in Hell. Very spooky place it was. Which brings me to another thing, I have been loving how all of the shops, places to eat, anywhere you look, is all spooky here, bats, skulls, spiders, cobwebs, all of it. It seriously only dawned on me today that the Irish were not in fact just a generally Spooky people (Like myself) but rather, er, Halloween is coming. Go figure.

I love the people here. Haven't met any bad ones. Everyone is so very friendly, and nice to me. Except for the crossing the street bit. No one will hold my hand, they keep saying I can DO this on my own and I am NOT going to get squashed like a bug with cars coming from the wrong way and to grow up and just run when everyone else does and I will be fine.

One can hope.

Tomorrow, I think my Spirit Guide (Whose name is Annabell) is taking me to mummies, a graveyard, another church, more tea, more Things That Have Been Dug Up, and a Knitting Club (which I don't believe is a Euphemism, I think it's, you know, yarn and all. I get to learn to KNIT, which is cool) And more walking.

Over Cobblestones.

Which is cool, because I am sure that there are some I've missed.

I love it here.

Love and Ireland,

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Did I Mention Ireland?

Morning! Lots to cover here and not much time, In fact I am going to Blog while doing four or five other things, so keep up. Or get culled from the pack.

I'm leaving for Ireland in the morning. For my first Holiday in, hmm. Let's go with a very long time. (Don't start in on the Evils of My Boss and how he doesn't let me go anywhere, he's all for it, when ever I want a Holiday, things just get busy, you know, and I forget about such things)

Doesn't this all sound nice? I am using my Writing Filter to put it all down, where the thoughts happen, enter the Filter and flow to my hands, and are typed up here, each word a pearl, and in the right order.

Let's try it with the Filter removed, straight from my Brain:

"Ack Ireland cool must write Fiends need Plan for Holiday fly small plane oh no bad idea what have I done New York Hotel tomorrow Kitty Wedding train where dog meds walk Plan Bengals desk papers file claim email gad oops need hotel la meetings talk to guy set up book 10 new messages stop hate blinking blackberry light need pants oops don't call them pants trousers in Ireland going Ireland help need assistant and dalek bag like Boss hope they like me"

See? Kid you not.

So the Plan for tomorrow and no, I can't tell you how I got myself into this is, for my Doctor to fly me in his little plane to the airport, to catch my Big Plane for Ireland. Seems easier than driving. (Flying out of a little airport to Chicago rather than Minneapolis, which was kind of farther away, but the price dropped insanely.)

I hate little planes. In fact, when this Doctor offers to fly Boss anywhere, I throw what can only be described as a Hissy Fit, complete with stomping feet and screaming. But this entire adventure feels a bit like stepping off a cliff anyway, so may as well start as we mean to go on.

Then I go to Ireland. Louisa who owns Raven Books in Dublin, has been helping me. (Small word, she's taking care of EVERYTHING) the Octocon people have been wonderful, I have SO many people all saying come, be with us here, including my own little Spirit Guide from Twitter whose name I can't remember who has offered to be my TOTAL tour guide in the days leading up to the Con. I am meeting up with Fiends Marjorie, Nathilie, Hellie. (The letter I meant to send you all was confirming breakfast Monday week and then suggesting doing, er, stuff. Cool?)

I am no longer worried about clothes. One gets a belt for the pants (STOP calling them Pants, pants there are Panties. This will be important.) And I bought SOCKS, tall ones. It's Ireland. They have clothes there. People will lend you clothes. It will work.

The important things to remember now are things like cords for the camera, so you can see lots of pictures of me bopping about (Hopefully with TROUSERS on) and the right Plug things so I can use my Computer.

I am staying at the Con hotel the entire time. (That's enough info, if you want to stalk me, do your homework)

Looking at my ME notes, as opposed to WORK notes, for the day, I see I also need: Shoes, Cord ack, moist, Octokitty, NOTb fr write and Glamour Magazine (that one I know, they mention Naptown Roller Derby Team this month!) Shower (yes, I do write that down, trust me) and Hot Tub Scale (For Ireland?)

Love and Ireland,

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Weighting, Measuring, IRELAND, Roller Girls and Cabal....

Hello all! Back from the near dead. Am now part of the Only Mostly Dead. You might not want to get this Evil Virus, it knocks one OUT, but it makes me happy it didn't happen in Ireland.

This was meant to be the monthly Weigh and Measure Blog, but since going to the gym is out tonight, we're going to wait in the measuring until I get back from Ireland. (get used to Ireland being a part of anything I write for a couple weeks, Folks)

I did do the weighing part this morning, but found 16 pounds had gone. Which is good as far as it goes, but I spent the last week living on tea and chicken broth, so I don't believe it is an accurate marker of how my Eat Right Work Out Plan is going.

That said, I am down 26 pounds and an undetermined number of inches. And I do know there are inches because none of my darn clothes fit. Which is a problem for Ireland as I have nothing to wear. My pants fall off. One simply can't go around mooning the Irish. It isn't done, I believe.

I got to meet the lovely Joan of Dark last week, if you recall she was in Chicago for a Roller Derby Match and I nipped down and got her and brought her back. She does a blog about our adventures HERE, so I have little to add except this women can COOK. (And make coffee) Strong argument for eating vegetarian. (and drinking coffee again)

Cabal is healing very well! He is no longer restricted to the one room and can now walk about very well, tho he gets a little wobbly still and can't be off leash outside, but his recovery is so much better than I thought it was going to be that first week.

So now, simply to get all my Work done, find some clothes, and go to Ireland on Sunday. I have some new friends already and one of them, @nemone7 (don't know her real name yet, in fact am only assuming she is a she) has promised to take me everywhere, show me everything, and make it all magic. And meet up with Spaced Lawyer, Hellie, Lousia, Marjorie....

I can't WAIT. Ireland, I am coming.

And I will find some pants.

Love and Ireland,