Thursday, November 24, 2011

Well, Hello Again....

Well Hello there...Missed you. It's been like a tomb over here and I've got to take the blame on this one, it's just that sometimes, TIME is not there and I start thinking, tomorrow, and oh, I have a great idea for a blog, need to write that, and as soon as I get home...

Today tho, there is TIME. It may not be everyone's idea of a perfect Holiday, but I've been kind of excited for a couple weeks now about the idea of having a few days with little work responsibilities, and getting ALL THE THINGS done. You know, the things there are never time for, like that cupboard that's degenerated into chaos, the Hoarder closet, the basement Laundry of Doom. And it's certainly time to move all the furniture around again. Spooky House likes order. And change.

This is what it looks like now, three Bengals in front of the fire.

I even turned down all the invites today, for company, wonderful food and fun. I love you for them, but sometimes you just need to be HOME, in your own house and you know, do things. I really like that feeling of coming home and feeling relaxed and good, rather than the "Oh-gods-there-is-so-much-to-do-what-a-mess" feeling.

SO, been a while since we were here, eh? I think there are a LOT of things I haven't been telling you except in brief Twitter and FB.

I got to go down to North Central Regionials in October, to see some amazing skating and of course, Joan of Dark and company. Here's Joan and I and the Dragon Tattoos, hers inspired mine. The seriously unfortunate green hair is no longer. I look like something that has been living IN the sea for too long with the Sea Dragons. These things happen tho...Concentrate on the tattoos.

And yes, I do want MORE...

The Chippewa Valley Roller Girls (which yes, would be MY team) have had two Bouts so far this season, with another coming up December 10th, and I have to tell you I am LOVING Bout Production. I may have been dragged into this unwilling, but now having two under my belt, I love it. I get this, and have to laugh that I joined Derby for lots of reasons, but in part to do something other than work, and get away from my day job, and ended up doing a job for the league that is EXACTLY my job.

Which I'm good with. I'm not a good skater yet. No, really. Not rocking the FIT these days, not eating right at all, and got off track on things. This can be fixed, and will, but since this blog has always been about being honest with you about the FIT journey, I have to say, yeah, one of those times I'm sure not making any progress.

But I will. In the meantime, I am very happy to do whatever I can for the league. Because I love it. And THAT is Derby.

All the skater photos are by David Dyer Bennet, who we love and has become CVRG's personal photographer. I love the photo above, as it looks like Arm and Slam'er is holding off an entire pack on her own, and doing quite nicely.

Here's Stunt Double, Slam'er, Calla Doc and Shawtown Shankher being very sure that red jammer is NOT getting by.

Derby eats your life. And if you ever get involved in it, and you CAN, no matter if you skate or not, but the way, you WILL be glad of this. I know I'm happier than I've ever been, having this family, and Derby IS family. I feel pretty normal now, which is funny if you think on it, going all the way to Derby to feel like a regular person for once.

The picture below is Medium Rare, aka Pinky Jamming. That grin on her face? Yup. That's exactly how it feels.

I'll try and Blog more, I know we like being here together, and I love you all as well, and really love hearing from you, your comments, and just what is going on with you, because, it helps me, makes me happy, and before Derby, there was YOU. Which means more than I can say. Stick with me here, ok? Wouldn't be the same with out you. I tell you things I've never told anyone else.

Leaving you with a poem by Kimm Schroeder which I saw and loved. Pretty much sums up a lot of things....She got it in one.

Toe is on the line.

One minor. Got it, Thanks ref.
The chic next to me, is she fast?
Fist bump.
Staring down the barrel...

The pack is tracking me.
I have to track 9.
I am only one.
Staring down the barrel...

What's her distance, what's her speed.
Juke her, check her. Fast, fast feet.
Staring down the barrel...

Am I the bullet or the target?

Love and Back now,

Lorraine aka Quiche MeDeadly

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Welcome to the Spooky House and my Halloween Blog. Yes. I know. Halloween was two days ago, but I am a very busy women and these things don't always happen when we would like. I do happen to have a houseguest just now tho who takes some very spooky pictures and so, again, welcome to my world.

All photos by Nathalie Boisard-Beudin.

That first photo is Freaky Venus, in her bed, on the dinning room table. The next is Madame Mim. Looking like she is about to kill and eat you. She may be.

I know there is rather a lot of things I SHOULD talk about, like how our first Bout of the season went (wonderfully) and how I liked doing Bout Production (a lot) and just where you can find out when it is happening again and all you ever wanted to know about out team, The Chippewa Valley Roller Girls ( HERE ) but the time allotted to write this is short.

I will say tho, I am looking for a few things for future Bouts, if you think you might have, say, some talent, let me know.

In a band and want to play? (Any sort) Play Bagpipes? (Bonus points if you are in an entire Pipe and Drum Corps and can get them ALL to come along, really want that), if you're willing to dress up as a French Maid (and have a costume) know someone who is a Santa, (Xmas Bout only. Duh) want to feed 50 starving Roller Girls (Post Bout, promise they won't follow you home) , have something truly BIZARRE that would go over well at half time (Rein it in there a little, family show) Are a Photographer (we'll get you CLOSE to the action, nothing like it) Do video (The Movie could go BIG, we've got stars) or anything else you think might just be Pretty Darn Cool, again, let me know!

If you don't feel you have any special talent, well, you're wrong there, and I still need you. We run on volunteers, and couldn't do it without you. No skills needed. Come out for the evening. We can hang out. It'll be fun! Promise. Email me: Fabulouslorraine at gmail dot com.

You want some Derby. You just may not know it yet.

Hmmm. Haven't gone all Halloween YET. Working on that. I love this picture. That's King Lear in fronof my "Bengal Tree" painting by Kelli Bickman. All five of the Little Leopards in one tree. Hence the name. Right. Moving on.

Little Queen Mab is hard to shoot, she's still shy and inclined to be swift, but just the fact that she, and King Lear, are letting Nathilie this close is wonderful. When she was here two years ago, she took a picture of Lear that was so scary, him hiding as high as he could get, hissing and very afraid, it made me decide that no, these two could not be adopted and were staying. Now, it's Lear who is Mr Cuddles. (he's going to hate me for saying that in public, meant to be just between us) (Yes. They do read this.)

Magic is another Bengal who who comes out when people are around now, not too close mind you, but he's there, he's curious, and he's my boy. Whatever he is (An Early Generation F1 Bengal to be exact) I love him and the Spooky House is a better place for having him in it.

And finally, here's a Nip Party that happened this morning. That's me there, dressed for Halloween (two days late) also dressed for sleeping last night, I like to combine these things when possible. Fashion is everything you know.

Especially at Halloween.

Love and Spooky,
Lorraine aka Quiche MeDeadly