Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Welcome to the Spooky House and my Halloween Blog. Yes. I know. Halloween was two days ago, but I am a very busy women and these things don't always happen when we would like. I do happen to have a houseguest just now tho who takes some very spooky pictures and so, again, welcome to my world.

All photos by Nathalie Boisard-Beudin.

That first photo is Freaky Venus, in her bed, on the dinning room table. The next is Madame Mim. Looking like she is about to kill and eat you. She may be.

I know there is rather a lot of things I SHOULD talk about, like how our first Bout of the season went (wonderfully) and how I liked doing Bout Production (a lot) and just where you can find out when it is happening again and all you ever wanted to know about out team, The Chippewa Valley Roller Girls ( HERE ) but the time allotted to write this is short.

I will say tho, I am looking for a few things for future Bouts, if you think you might have, say, some talent, let me know.

In a band and want to play? (Any sort) Play Bagpipes? (Bonus points if you are in an entire Pipe and Drum Corps and can get them ALL to come along, really want that), if you're willing to dress up as a French Maid (and have a costume) know someone who is a Santa, (Xmas Bout only. Duh) want to feed 50 starving Roller Girls (Post Bout, promise they won't follow you home) , have something truly BIZARRE that would go over well at half time (Rein it in there a little, family show) Are a Photographer (we'll get you CLOSE to the action, nothing like it) Do video (The Movie could go BIG, we've got stars) or anything else you think might just be Pretty Darn Cool, again, let me know!

If you don't feel you have any special talent, well, you're wrong there, and I still need you. We run on volunteers, and couldn't do it without you. No skills needed. Come out for the evening. We can hang out. It'll be fun! Promise. Email me: Fabulouslorraine at gmail dot com.

You want some Derby. You just may not know it yet.

Hmmm. Haven't gone all Halloween YET. Working on that. I love this picture. That's King Lear in fronof my "Bengal Tree" painting by Kelli Bickman. All five of the Little Leopards in one tree. Hence the name. Right. Moving on.

Little Queen Mab is hard to shoot, she's still shy and inclined to be swift, but just the fact that she, and King Lear, are letting Nathilie this close is wonderful. When she was here two years ago, she took a picture of Lear that was so scary, him hiding as high as he could get, hissing and very afraid, it made me decide that no, these two could not be adopted and were staying. Now, it's Lear who is Mr Cuddles. (he's going to hate me for saying that in public, meant to be just between us) (Yes. They do read this.)

Magic is another Bengal who who comes out when people are around now, not too close mind you, but he's there, he's curious, and he's my boy. Whatever he is (An Early Generation F1 Bengal to be exact) I love him and the Spooky House is a better place for having him in it.

And finally, here's a Nip Party that happened this morning. That's me there, dressed for Halloween (two days late) also dressed for sleeping last night, I like to combine these things when possible. Fashion is everything you know.

Especially at Halloween.

Love and Spooky,
Lorraine aka Quiche MeDeadly


At 18:26 Blogger spacedlaw said...

Meanwhile, Lola is asking me why she can't be on that blog too. I told her it was "cats only".

At 18:32 Blogger Phiala said...

Cats only? Let the poor pooch play too!

Lovely pictures, and I'm glad all is going so well.

At 18:37 Blogger Jane said...

Love this post! And Nathalie's photos are lovely as always. Cats do eat you - ask Marjorie!

At 18:37 Blogger Jane said...


At 19:29 Blogger Beez said...

Great pictures as always Nathalie! I think Lola should come and play on the blog too.

At 19:56 Blogger Laura B said...

Love the pictures! I do have a French maid if only I lived closer.

At 21:24 Blogger Jess said...

Skullpants! Bengals! Yeehaa! \o/

I love that picture of Lear in front of the painting. That made me smile.

You and Nathalie give each other a hug from me.

At 00:22 Blogger Dragonsally said...

Excellent photos Nathalie.

And Quiche - those pj pants - FTW.

Hello everyFiends.

At 01:23 Blogger Dragonsally said...

Hey Quiche - I just watched the trailer for the new Underworld. I'm surprised we haven't heard you squeeing about it!

At 02:16 Blogger Marjorie said...

Lovely pictures! I remember Nat's scared-Lear pictures, and how shy Magic was - so great to see them now and that they are so much happier.

At 08:02 Blogger Cecily said...

Loverly. :-)

At 09:29 Blogger bengalgirl said...

Nathalie, you captured the cats personalities! Except Ms. Mim has the look that always makes me be cautious when approaching a new foster cat that looks like that. Could go either way. Try to get a great picture of Magic and his white tail tip as one of the lists I am on is trying to figure out if that is coming from ALC lines or what?

At 09:37 Blogger spacedlaw said...

How's this one for Magic?

And Mim is not always too diffident.

At 09:44 Blogger Jess said...

I expect Mim and Venus, at least, remember you from previous visits, N. Probably think you just went out for a bit. :D

Mim's a sweetheart. She wanted all the fuss.

At 10:02 Blogger Fablo said...

We'll give the dogs some blog time soon, but really, they KNOW they are dogs, and not Bengals...

Wasn't it Heinlein who said "Women and cats will do as they please and men and dogs should just get used to it?"

Kat, you posted on my past post, email me at fabulouslorraine at gmail dot com, I have ideas for your Bengal who wants out that don't involve building a Leopard Lounge

I have seen the Underworld trailer, and love the look of it. Selena in leather. Movie doesn't NEED anything else. May even go out on a limb and go see it in the theater, lol!

At 10:02 Blogger Fablo said...

I love how blogger randomly decides who I am posting as. How strange is THAT??

At 10:17 Blogger Jess said...

It's the next step in Google's master plan. Soon we won't need to fill in profile info, because Google will assign us new identities.

At 11:00 Blogger D said...

Wonderful pictures! And I'll help volunteer at your bout if you help out at Championships here in Denver(: ...only like a week and a half to go!

Also, the picture of the nip party made me smile, my kitties do enjoy a good catnip party as well!

At 11:13 Blogger Fablo said...

D, you're at Nationals? JEALOUS! I would so help out, just to be there and see all that amazing derby! WISH WISH WISH!!! Learned so much at Regionals...

(and if you tell me the team you coach from chicago is the one going there I am going to have my first fan girl moment in over a decade ;))

At 15:35 Blogger Marjorie said...

Saw on twitter about your hand, Quichie. Hope it's not too painful. How did it happen?

At 17:09 Blogger vampi said...

ohoh bengal pictures!!!

I finally had to admit that my bat pants had to be retired. they were threadbare and bare arsed... i did used to wear them year round.

oh i <3 the wood stove in the pic N linked to.

what in the seven seas happened to your wrist?

At 17:16 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

According to the internets, I punched a bear....

At 17:18 Blogger spacedlaw said...

It was a bear. Or a were-pear. Or a paper plate. Or a bubble. Or most definitely a bear.

At 17:21 Blogger Cecily said...

OK the image of Quiche punching a bear made me think of this.

I'm am sorry, and you're welcome.

At 17:22 Blogger Marjorie said...

I believe in the bear. Or were-bear (even if spellcheck tells me that isn't a word)

After all, if you gave Nathalie the bear repellent that leaves you with just your bare hands (see what I did there?)

And I'm pretty sure it'd take bears to slow you down. That or the revenge of rival haggis-smugglers.

At 17:22 Blogger Cecily said...

Apparently my html sucks, here's the link

At 17:40 Blogger Dragonsally said...

Oh Ceci - thanks for pointing me to what could be a new addiction.

Don't make me go to Twitter Fiends. What did you do Quiche? I totally believe you could punch a bear and win, by the way.

At 17:58 Blogger Marjorie said...

Twitter will tell you that Lorraine either punched a bear, or was set on by Scottish gangsters protecting their haggis-smuggling cartel, Sally.

There are times when I wonder whether twitter is truly the 100% reliable news-source we all believe it to be...

At 18:07 Blogger Dragonsally said...

So in fact it was a bear with a haggis addiction, who was furious at our Beloved Leader for taking the haggis?

At 19:57 Blogger dabbler said...

Beautiful cats...beautiful pictures.

And poor hand/wrist. Quick healing vibes sent. (To the bare bear as well...)

At 21:54 Blogger One Sock Short said...


At 22:11 Blogger DataGoddess said...

Love the new bengal pics! Remembering how Lear was last time Nathalie visited, it's just amazing the difference in him. Probably from knowing he's really home now :-)

And the picture of Mim that was linked in the comments is gorgeous!!

Take care of your wrist! Was it at least your non-dominant hand?

At 09:46 Blogger Erin Underwood said...

I am so in love with these cats. My orange Tabby tries to pretend he's a Bengal, but ..... he's not a very good actor.

LOL. Nathalie, a were-pear. That's a new one. Love it.

Lorraine, beware the were-pear-bears! :-) Thanks for a fun post.

At 12:17 Blogger Cecily said...

Quiche, we are all chomping at the bit to know how you actually hurt your hand. ;-)

Also, just got my kitten neutered yesterday and he looks completely pitiful with that silly collar on.

At 12:21 Blogger Erin Underwood said...

Cecily, you're poor kitty.

When my dog, Bubba, has to wear one of those collars, he's constantly trying to back out of it. He totally get's stuck in reverse. LOL.

At 12:22 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Well between us, whipped a tomahawk on a sticky floor and went down hard, jacked up the hand good.

Embarrassing really. ME?? Miss a tomahawk???? I skate better backwards than forwards. At an open skate too!

Lost any cred that I had....

At 12:27 Blogger Cecily said...

Erin, he was walking sideways yesterday trying to see around it. I'm a bad mother as I couldn't stop laughing at him. But right now he is totally passed out from pain meds, so I think at the moment, he is ok.

Quiche, no cred lost there. All of the best people don't get hurt doing something challenging, they get hurt attempting to walk a straight line. As a dancer, in my youth, I would do all sorts of crazy stuff and not get hurt, but then I would trip over my own feet around the house. There is no shame in this. ;-) (that's my story and I'm sticking to it)

At 12:36 Blogger Erin Underwood said...

Lorraine. No cred lost. :-) We all have "Big Badda Boom" moments. (Yes, I heart Fifth Element.) When I was younger, I was running and jumping into a soft chair. Somehow I landed on the armrest and broke my tailbone.... Snapped that sucker in two. I now have a dent in my as$ the size of a silver dollar.

Cecily, I totally know what you mean about the laughing.

At 14:15 Blogger Pi R Squared said...

Love the picture of Lear and the Bengal tree. (Although all the leopards are beautiful!)

Were-pears? (tee hee.)

Big-badda-boom indeed! Hope your hand/wrist feels better soon.

At 08:06 Blogger LihuaEmily said...

I'd bet I'm the only one here who doesn't actually, ah, dress up for Halloween.

At 08:15 Blogger Marjorie said...

I don't. I'm not really into dressing up, although I enjoy seeing others in fancy dress :-)

At 20:09 Blogger vampi said...

li-em you were not the only one dressed up for halloween. i wore something spooky the whole month long. usually just hair clips, bu ti feel like it counts.

i hope the wrist isn't causing too much pain.

At 20:11 Blogger vampi said...

oh, i fail at negatives today.
i will say at the halloween gig, i was only wearing a shiny top hat, nothing too crazy,

At 14:10 Blogger LihuaEmily said...

My brothers all dressed up ... of course.

At 10:30 Blogger Chantrelle said...

Hi strangers! Miss you all!

Q, boss said you have been tasked with getting a forgotten package from Portland to his humble abode...I know you can do it! I actually drove from Portland to Seattle but didn't find out he'd forgotten his gift until after I was in Seattle. *sigh*

I have been insanely, can't even get to the grocery store busy. But I have to go today! It's been a fun busy combined with work busy but the fun has been fantabulous. Two nights w/ Boss and wife and then Jason's 11/11/11 show. Epic in every possible way.

At 10:31 Blogger Chantrelle said...

ticky tick

At 23:27 Blogger gaypet said...

Sorry for the drive-by but please go look at my FB page for a dog that we should be able to help. She has until tomorrow some time. I called to find out and put the appropriate number in the comments. She is in Texas.

At 23:28 Blogger gaypet said...

Oh. And, um, hello!

At 13:44 Blogger Na said...

gayle - was the dog helped? *crosses fingers*

At 13:44 Blogger Na said...

also - tomahawk, what?

At 18:21 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...


Yes. Me again.

New blog post up!!!!


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