Thursday, April 26, 2012

Email Dreams...

Some nights I do email all night long.
Long after I have gone to sleep,
and begun to dream.

Last night was that night,
with each email more complex than the last
each problem more pressing, until
it was no longer a dream, but knocking
on Nightmare, but then..

I saw an email from you, which
always makes me feel that little excited, that
little bit of happy I feel when I see one from you, wondering,
what you have to tell me.
It was a poem.

Wise, wonderful and precise,
Every word, every phrase, every stanza.
I read it over and over, because it made such perfect sense,
and was everything I needed to hear.
Like a song you want to play over. And over.
I loved you for writing me that.
And I slept. WIth out dreams. Without email.

The only problem is, now I am awake,
I can't remember.
Not a word of it.
Can you just tell me, one more timeā€¦
what you wrote?

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Nexus of Coolness...

Haven't blogged in a bit, been busy with many Sekrit Projects but now that they are no longer secret, I have a whole lot of Derby to talk about tonight! The Chippewa Valley Roller Girls final Bout of the season, we're up against The Mid State Sisters of Skate, is happening on April 28th and we are pulling out all the stops on this one.

(one thing I will tell you, insider tip here, this Bout IS going to sell out, tickets are going fast. Get your tickets NOW in advance HERE)

The official title of the Bout is "The Legacy Bout" but it might as well be called "Nexus of Cool" there's so much happening. Let me back up a bit. At our first Bout of the season we brought in photographer Kyle Cassidy, who promptly fell in love with Derby and has since been traveling around the country, doing portraits of Roller Girls everywhere, for a book project. He's coming back to shoot CVRG, (and the MN Roller Girls!) because, after all, this was where it started.

A few months after that first Bout, Kyle and I, due to the wonder that is Derby and the internet, met Moxie McMurder, editor of UK's Lead Jammer Magazine and I'm not sure who first had the idea, but we had the thought that wouldn't it be cool to bring Moxie on over to the USA and have her do a story on some US Derby, with photos by Kyle. Many emails later the Plan went from Cool Idea to, Let's DO This Thang.

We launched a Kickstarter Project to pay for plane tickets and the response was overwhelming. THANK YOU! It was fully funded in less than 24 hours.

Here's Moxie:

She'll be at the Bout on the 28th, along with Kyle. The more this started rolling, the more cool kids started thinking, REALLY don't want to miss this one. Joan of Dark from Naptown Roller Girls will be there. Naptown announcer Dill Hero with be joining CVRG announcers Matt Black and Mr Wannadie in the booth. 18ft Allie Gator from Madison, along with some of her teammates are coming up, to name only a few.

And yes. We do have the coolest T-shirt cannon ever. And we sure will be shooting the heck out of things at halftime.

My question to you is this: Will you be there too? If you're reading this, you ARE one of the cool kids, and this is going to be THE best party of the year. I think it's time we all got together again.

Stompy, hello? Bring your posse, let's have some MN Roller Girls there. Jeremy, come on, announcers all over the place. MVM, you guys make the BEST signs. Betsy, you've been SAYING y'all want to come up, last chance of the season. Minneapolis, it's not that far, and I MISS YOU. Madison, you'll be here any way.

how many times have I road tripped to see you skate, and in fact, it IS all your fault I am in this Derby now. Way to inspire a girl!

Local friends, there is NOT anything cooler going on this night, I promise you.

Live far away? Look, it's summer, you need a holiday. Take one. Here.

Team USA
, you out there? Sure, the White House is cool, but THIS will be a Bout! Come on over, we'll scrimmage with you, about time you went up against a team that can give you a run for your money ;) (Hey no shame here, I can get Suzy Hotrod and Donna Matrix up, I'll take those hits)

CVRG have come so far in only two seasons. I'm so proud to be a part of this league. And I love it more than anything ever in my life. I want you to meet them. I want you to be a part of this, because, more than anything, Derby is all about bringing people together, all over the world.

Join us for the last Bout of the season, and I'll tell you about what is happening for next year.

You're going to love this.

Love and Derby,
Quiche MeDeadly