Sunday, January 31, 2010

Silver Blue Bengal Love....

He looks like Venus!!!!!

Back from my cross state road trip, rescuing Bubba Kalahari, which was where we met to do the hand off, his former foster and I. Bubba is safe now, and settling in with Woodsman Hans, who has made up his spare room for Bubba and turned it into Kitty Heavan.

Bubba is a LOVER, really sweet. He did a LOT of talking and was very serious about it on the way home. I opened his carrier and started petting him, which seemed to help. He is a BENGAL, for all he is cuddly. When we got him home, he stalked his room, and then settled down to some serious head butting (Bengal for PET ME NOW THAT'S WHAT YOU ARE HERE FOR) he has steak, cat treats, wet food, and dry food. And a tunnel, toys and cat tree. Two beds, and another Kitty to play with thru the door. It's hoped that in time, they will be friends. He wants to be.

He did try a Spray when I was in with him, but I distracted, and calmed him, and he stopped. Tomorrow we get more things for him. This Kitty is going to be just fine. He is front de-clawed, and his tail has an odd kink, as if it had been slammed in something then healed. Both of which are traumatic events for a kitty. And may have started his problems.

Hans and I both agree, no more prozac for him. He needs a lot of things, calming, security, love, the right people and enviorment. He is reacting NORMALLY for a kitty who has been thru the things he has been thru. I don't dispute there may be instances where this is the only thing to do, I really don't know. But, as a last resort. I think we can fix him without drugs.

Finally, A couple months ago I commissioned Kelli Bickman to do a painting for me of all five of my Bengals. I said I saw them in a tree, and I sent pictures, tho she has seen them, and little stories about each of them. She sent me back the picture in my mind. Kelli gets it. And she loves doing pet paintings. I have loved her work for years, and own one other painting of hers. Boss has a huge mural in his bedroom that I never get tired of looking at.

I love her eye. I love the things she sees. I love the way she can paint them.

I love it that all of my Bengals are in a tree together, with the moon and bats in the background.

And I love it that I could drive 7 hours today to save Bubba and give him a chance at living his life as he was meant to.

It made a difference to him.

Worth it. A thousand times over.

Love and Bengals in Trees,

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Somene Peeing All Over Your House? I Can Help....

We had a situation yesterday that nearly broke my heart, and Janet's, director of Great Lakes Bengal Rescue. A blue silver Bengal boy, very young, named sadly, BUBBA, (which may be the source of his problems if you ask me) had been thru a few homes, where, from what I can gather, people did pretty much everything wrong.

Tho neutered and healthy, he sprays. Cats spray for Reasons. Mim did, and Magic really did. They don't now. I fixed them. This beautiful boy, who is a lover and a lapcat, was out of options. Shelter didn't want him, his foster home wanted him gone. I can't take another. We had no options.

I thought about it most of the day. How do I make an appeal to save him when it would look like this "Well, yes, he's great except for the spraying, I can help you fix that, but it is going to take a lot of love, patience, time and a pretty good outlay of $$, well yes, there are a LOT wonderful Bengals with no problems waiting for homes.." Do I let him go, and work on the Perfect Bengals that I can find homes for?

Like Magic, no one wanted him. Does he die (no, not "Put Down" or "Put to sleep" Die) for something that isn't his fault? I've never met him, it's one kitty, we save the ones we can, very sad, but really, who would take this on?

Not on my fucking watch.

Woodsman Hans has agreed to foster him. (Can't call him BUBBA) He did it because I asked him if he would, and his heart is as large and warm as the Birdchick's heated mattress pad. I'll pay for what the kitty needs, and we will fix him. And he will find a forever home. And he will live his life as he was meant to.

How to Fix Litterbox/Spraying problems...

1. Cats have litter issues because they are scared, unsure, unhappy, or have health problems. Check out the health angle first, to rule it out.

2. Kitty needs to feel safe. Those "Cat Boxes" that are WAY to small, and if they have lids, too confined. If your Kitty is fine with it, great. If not, get some plastic bins, the high ones. Don't make a "cut out" for a door, cats can JUMP.

3. You should have at Least one more box than you have cats. You should have a Bin, we will call it, on every floor. As many as you can have. Kitty may be nervous about getting to his bin. With a kitty with problems, even if he is in one room, he should have more than one, in separate corners. Magic has THREE in one bedroom sized room.

If you have multiple kitties, the more the better. Prevent wars, or one kitty from being afraid to use anothers bin.

4. Use only un-scented clay clumping litter. They will not smell if you clean them EVERY day. And you should. It takes 5 seconds to do it. If you leave it a week, kitty will not like it, and it's a drag to clean. Make it easy, have a scoop and bags by each bin.

5. Get some plug in Feliway diffusers. We can't smell them, but they mimic the pheromones of a happy contented kitty. Also get the spray, give a spray near the litter every time you scoop. Plug in the diffusers around the house, near boxes, food or high traffic areas.

6. If kitty pees or sprays you need to clean that up so they don't smell it. Soap and water will not work, neither will steam cleaning, or carpet shampoo. I like Anti Icky Poo best. There are also sites online that tell you how to make up a solution like it cheaply. Be diligent with this.

7. Many cats hate plastic and will spray or pee on it, say you have it on the floor, or under the bin. Get some rubber stair mats, you can buy it in huge rolls, and get some area rugs, big ones, you can get utility rugs cheaply, and put them over, to protect your floor, if you like. Kitty will like it better than walking around on plastic sheeting.

8. Play time, and toys are important. Cat trees for climbing, and feeling safe being UP are very important. Ebay has lots. Don't go for the "01 cent, plus shipping and handling!" ones. Go for the big ones that are around $70 to $130 with FREE SHIPPING. Less, far less than a pet store.

There are lots of toys, mostly for dogs, but they work for kitties, where you can hide treats, puzzle boxes, give kitty something to DO while you are gone. Have treats on hand, hide bits of steak (it's cheaper than you think, one steak cut up into tiny bits will last a week for a couple $$) on kitty's cat tree, in odd places, so he can hunt them.

9. If the problem has started with a new kitty, you need my "How to introduce kitties to eachother" advice, which is another blog. You can't toss 'em in together and hope for the best. I am working on Magic, Venus and Mim being friends now, have been for months, and will be for many more.

If you do these things, you have a very high chance of curing the problem. This will not, however, work overnight, You need a lot of time and patience and love. If you need help, killing kitty is not the answer, this CAN BE FIXED. Write me. Comment here.

If you have things that have worked, let us know in the comments. If you are a national cat behavior expert (Hi Marilyn!) feel free to add to this.

I have a feeling that you will be hearing more about the Silver Bengal Boy whose name cannot remain BUBBA.

I have a feeling that you, like me, will cry when he finds his forever home.

Love and Cat Pee,

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Laughing Cat Mihos, Tired Mr Drew, A Riding Crop and Tired Me....

Miss Kitty (Cat Mihos, Boss's other Assistant and my personal dear friend) sent me this tonight, of Mr Drew, one sleepy Roadie just back from a long tour with the Lady Gaga, with Selena Kyle, who is apparently, one sleepy cat.

Quite a sentence that, eh? She also spent about 10 minutes laughing her head off at me tonight, as I was getting things together to go riding, (while on a conference call with her about the ins and outs of an upcoming Boss trip), saying "BLOG THIS!!!!!!!!"

I didn't think it was THAT funny, I was just gathering Things to leave, and getting frustrated because I couldn't find my phone.

Yeah. I was ON the phone.

Been that sort of week.

Did get to ride, at any rate. My trainer lent me an Indoor Horse as it is down below zero again, and one can't bring Outdoor horses in to the arena, and ride, then take them back out again, too cold. (and the idea of chasing around the pasture trying to catch the minx I am currently riding in the dark-below-zero-ness was not an attractive one.)

My Indoor horse was a bit of a brat, and so, my kind trainer taught me a New Skill. I can now manage a Feisty Horse while carrying a Riding Crop, suitable for Smacking, if need be.

I suggest to the laughing Cat Mihos that she remember I will be coming to visit her in a little more than a month, and that I am not adverse to UTILIZING this new skill, just to keep in practice, you understand. (I slay myself!)

Sending love to Laughing Cat, Mr Drew, Selena Kyle (and her friend Batman)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Happier Post, In The Morning No Less!

Well, no, now that you ask, I do not know what Venus is after, or why Mim is sniffing her butt while she does it...They're Bengals, if you ponder long enough, you may figure out why they do the things they do. Or you may not. Generally, there is a weird sort of logic to it.

They are unhappy this morning. They got "Heart and Livers" for second breakfast. And did NOT like it. See? I can understand THAT. I Gave them to King Lear the Huge, who will eat ANYTHING, (Because he is HUGE, not fat, HUGE) and opened some Beef Feast for Venus and Mim.

(Indulging them? Surely you jest!)

I'm not very good at shooting horses yet, (Ok, that came out strange) but here's Dimil, called Dim, all wet and soggy. People at the Barn seem to like his new name, but mostly they call him "SpotImeanDim" which comes out kind of funny.

I'm still riding Maisie, and doing well at it. Skittery horse. A window was open three days ago, which was, apparently VERY SCARY, and now she does her Skittery Maneuver at odd times when ever she goes by it, remembering. I mean, it could come open again at ANY moment.

Today is important in that it is DAY SEVEN of my new diet and workout program (can't spell "excersize" in ANY way that spell check will recognize, if anyone knows, tell me) meaning tomorrow is Weigh Day. I'll tell you more about it later, if it works, but it is sort of based on an idea of "Eat Less, Move more". And the concept that if you eat more fruits, veggies, lean meats cooked right, and do NOT eat half a stick of butter on your pasta, followed by 3 or 4 cookies, every night, you may well drop a couple pounds a week.

I know, a fad, you say, will never work. If it was THAT easy, everyone would be doing it. We shall see.

That's mostly it for me this morning, wanted to move on, but first to thank you all for the love and support the last few days. It meant a lot.

Love and Light,

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Just Zoe. At The End.

I just saw Zoe, for the first time in about 24 hours, to give her more fluids. The physical change in her was very hard on my heart, and bit pretty deep. But more than that, she's ready to go. Quite simply, she's ready.

Keeping her any longer would be very, very wrong. It is the hardest decision you ever have to make, for a pet, but she trusts us to care for her, has for 14 years now. And she trusts us to help her now. Our vet will come over tomorrow and help her thru the last bit. And Neil and I will be with her.

I, at least, am not going to feel like writing then. So I will tell you things now.

A lot of cats have come thru the house in the last 17 years. Mostly they just show up, at the back door, having followed some sort of Kitty Signs in the woods no doubt, that say "You SO want to go up THERE, these people will feed anything"

But Zoe was pretty special. I remember when she was about 2, she broke her leg very badly falling, and needed about $3000 worth of surgery to save it. Or she could be a three legged cat. For about $400. Neil didn't blink. Do the surgery. This is Zoe, She is special.

(I had at the time a scruffy stray tomcat named Buddy who loved me, and only me, in complete disregard for the fact that he lived in Neil's house and ate his food. I also recall Neil said at the time that if it had been Buddy, we would then have a three legged cat.)

She was like that. Zoe inspired a lot of love in a lot of people. Neil has been getting 100's of e-mails, and people have been stopping by constantly. I've had letters from people I haven't talked to in years, remembering Zoe. She just had so much love going on, and wanted to share it with anyone who crossed her path. (Thank you Nathile and Kyle for the pictures, two more people who loved her deeply)

Even after she went blind, she still saw. And still loved. She had old soul eyes that knew so much. You had to fall in love her. You wanted to take her home. You wanted a bit of that in your life.

I think that is the hardest thing right now, is that I want so much to save her, to do something for her, to keep her a little longer. And we can't. The only thing we can do is the last thing. Tell her we love her and help her on.

She knows this.

Many people have asked if there is anywhere to send something in her name. We would ask, if this is what you want, to send donations in Zoe's name to Great Lakes Bengal Rescue. You can Paypal to . All $$ go to saving Bengal cats, who are unwelcome at most shelters.

Zoe wasn't a Bengal. But she had the heart of one. A heart like a Leopard.

Loyal, loving and true.

We, all of us, and you too, will miss her.

Love. Zoe.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Dimil Seems to Be His Name. All Along.

I think, much like the Boss yesterday, I want to step away from Zoe just a little bit, not from her, but I can't do the blog I was intending to. It hits you harder than I would have thought, and I need a bit of Other for the moment.

I rode a new horse today, Maisie, a lovely bay Arab, in preparation for finally getting to ride my horse that I bought a month ago. He is doing well and getting lots of work, both with a really good rider, and on the ground. He's a handful tho, and I need to be good enough to ride him.

I think I am to the point where I am feel like mostly I know what I am doing, in regards to seat, legs, hands and how to tell the horse what to do, how to tell them where to carry their head, collect themselves, what leads to take, how wiggleing your fingers can change everything (yes, there is a LOT to proper riding) and I am to the point where I can spare some attention from myself and start handling a horse where the attention needs to be on THEM.

Hence Maisie. AnaMontana pretty much did what she was meant to and let me work thu my bits. (Patient horse Ana) Maisie is a little, well MORE. More like my horse will be, according to thems that knows.

I feel a lot more confident now. Not so worried about remembering every little thing. My body knows now. Not, mind you, that I know it all, or even a portion. One will never does when it comes to riding. But, still, progress.

It's being in charge. It's rolling with surprises. It's knowing what do (And staying ON) when they shy&skitter when faced with something scary. (Shy&skitter is a maneuver they will do where they go up about a foot, and sideways any where from five feet to across the ring) Today's Big Scary Thing was a window in the arena that was OPEN. It's about being ONE with the horse, and riding WELL. Vague, I know, but it is hard to explain.

Like trying to explain how it feels to play music, when it is RIGHT, and how you got there. Can't be done.

My horse has a name now, too. He is Dimil. Sounds like "Dim" as in Dimming of the Day, my favorite Richard Thompson song, and "Meel" which is much like the French word Miel, for honey.(Thank you MerryDragon on Twitter!)

His registered name is still "Illicit Affair" but one can't run around calling him THAT, and his barn name was "Spot" and I refuse to be in love with a horse named "Spot" He needed something Arabic, being a pure Arabian and all. And his barn name (kind of a nickname you call your horse from day to day) can be Dim, since he IS like a big puppy, the loverboy.

He seems to like it. Answers to it. Or maybe it is the treats. Hard to say.

Dimil, by the way, is Arabic. For "Spot".

Love and Horses,

Thursday, January 21, 2010

SOS Bengal Rescue SF Area...

Ok People, I need your help. The news on Zoe is not good. In fact, we are going with Very Bad. We are still deciding some things, but we aren't going to be able to cure her, or save her.

We can save this Mother tho. She is a Bengal in a shelter in the SF area. She has just given birth to two kittens. Shelters do not like Bengals, and they do not have a lot of room and they will put her down.

My heart hurts as much for this Mother as it does for our Zoe.

Here is what the shelter has to say on her:

(Heart murmurs are not evil, we've had cats grow old with them. And I tell you right now, seeing the look in her eyes, she is timid because she has no one, and is having babies, and is very, very alone. She WILL trust again. I know this, it's there in her eyes.)

Hi Marilyn, thanks for speaking with me this morning and trying your best to get the resources for this Bengal we talked about. We are searching for a rescue for this 1 year old female Bengal because she is a bit fearful, has a mild to severe heart murmur and she is possibly pregnant. She also has a rear left leg injury where an old fracture has fused and she can no longer bend that leg. Her straight left leg is clearly visible in a couple of pictures I have attached. The injury does not seem to cause her any discomfort and she is able to move about freely. She is a bit fearful and will try to run and hide when stressed, however she has never hissed, swatted, or bit at staff.

Please contact me, fabulouslorraine at gmail dot com if you are near enough to Foster, adopt or drive this Bengal Mother.

Or bring her to me. I will care for her.

My heart is with her, and with Zoe, and I WILL do everything that can be done for both.

Love and Rescue,

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Yup. It IS a Teapot!

Remember back during the Holidays, and I posted some pictures of the Very Strange Gifts I had received? (A flowered dustpan, measuring tape, scrub brush and calculator, ALL flowered?)

I got a lot of really wonderful love and support, and some really fine art, but one of the best things to come out of it has to be, yes, the Abominable Mrs. Teapot. Our new friend Silke, Twittered me "At least you didn't get THIS!"

I traded her the measuring tape on the spot. (need to send that, she mutters)

How could you not love the Abominable Mrs. Teapot?

She hasn't made it to the Spooky House yet, still in the office, but she will come home soon. (going to be a tea party no one invited will ever forget, I can tell you that.)

(Thankyou Silke!)

Since I know you lot are Fiends for little details, yes, that IS a new Dr Who calendar in the background.

Over in the upper right hand corner of the photo, is a Kyle Cassidy photo of the Boss holding kitty Zoe. Zoe is about 14 now, and blind. She's been having some trouble this past week, and a trip to the vet today resulted in a Strange Xray. And then a really quick trip down to the U of MN vet clinic, where she is now.

Bit of surgery tonight, might be something she swallowed that is stuck, might be something else. Not sure yet.

But I thought she should have her picture up tonight.

Love, Tea, and Zoe,

Friday, January 15, 2010

Getting Married! And Fish For Magic! Big Day Here..

Well, the big new tonight WAS going to be that Magic (EG F1 Bengal Rescue) has his new friends, that being six Goldfish and two Fiddler Crabs (hey, I am a Fiddler, seemed right) But there seems to be BIGGER news than this....

Yes, Boss is getting married to Amanda Palmer, you may have heard. This makes me VERY happy, and I am beyond happy to have her, (and her Camp) in our Family now. I love them all, and wish My Boss and Miss Amanda much joy and happiness. Life just got a whole lot more love.

(Life, will not be dull, I suspect.)

I love working with them, being with them and am happy the arrangement is going to be permanent.

Which I suspected long before their first date.

Hoped for anyway.

Joy to you, Boss, and Amanda!

Now, back to Bengals. I got Magic his fish today, and they SEEM to be a big hit. I got him two Fiddler Crabs as well, which he is seeming to watch more than the fish.

Yes, I now have a Half Leopard, 2 Crabs and 6 Fish all living together in peace and harmony. In one room.

So far. This could of course, end badly for someone.

Magic can't live in the main house, with the other cats, at least as of now, and I suspect in the future. Sometimes the later generation Bengals tend to pick on the early ones. Mim bullies him shamelessly on the Scream Porch. Which he can't go on in the winter much.

I want him to be happy. He has two cat trees, one of which is next to the shelves which he loves to climb on. I thought having fish and crabs to watch would give him something more while I am gone during the day.

Yes, he does like Underworld. Or would if he had ever seen it, being a cat of fine taste. He has four Underworld posters to look at.

He also has an Ottoman covered with a blanket, and blankets under for a cave, which he likes to hide in.

And a cabinet where he jumps up to eat.

LOTS of toys too. And we play Hide The Steak, which is always fun.

I do the best I can for him. We have playtime, and now he has fish. (And Fiddler Crabs) His options were Zero when he came to our Rescue Groups attention. Shelters won't take Bengals a lot of the time, and they really don't want early generation Bengals. We could take him. Or he could die.

They do bond tho, if they find their person. He talks to me. Lots. I think we are friends, of a sort.

And I am glad he is here.

And glad my Boss is getting married to such a wonderful women.

Love, Marriage, Fish and Fiddlers,

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Lady Gaga!!!!!!!!!!

The Great Road Trip to Chicago, with Young Maddy was a huge success! We had so much fun. Hardly know where to start. Here is Maddy ready at the hotel, to go off to see Lady Gaga. That might well be a good place to start, I am thinking, as the concert was kind of a high point.

Our host for the Event was Mr Drew, pictured here with Maddy. By a strange coincidence, he is also our own Miss Kitty's Sweatheart, and that he is. Really smart too. He is on the tour just now doing lighting. There are, obviously, a LOT of lights.

Mr Drew gave us a full backstage tour, which for me was as cool as the concert. I love the logistics of big tours, and seeing how they work. It's pretty amazing the amount of work, and things that go into a show. This set was by far the most complex I have ever seen. The stage screens alone, not the audience video feed, but for the graphics on stage were several MILLION dollars worth of equipment.

This is a view, if you can see it, taken on the stage looking out into the empty hall, from behind the big screen. When lit and working, this screen is transparent, and can have any graphics one wishes on it, while you still see the performers behind it.

The Stage Manager came only with us and answered as many questions as I could think of very happily. Everyone on the crew was really welcoming and so nice to us. Shows could not HAPPEN without the Crew, and they are the ones that make it happen. They put it all up, make it run, and then take it all down, only to do it again the next night.

And with a set like this, that is no small endeavor. This picture (taken by Maddy, as are all the Lady Gaga shots) is hard to see, but this box actually has a small circle in it that she stands on, and it rises about 12 feet UP. That was one piece. Most of the stage, even in theaters which HAVE a stage to start with, is built each night for the show.

Lady Gaga does a really lovely show. She is rarely still, and dancing plays as much a part of the show as does the music. She does her own singing, and what's more, is does a LIVE version of her songs, it's not a set canned number. She sings it the way she feels it should be sung, and the version you hear is not a carbon copy of the cd, which I love.

It's a sexy show, but it doesn't get lewd. There's a fine line, and I think she stays mostly on the right side of it. Think Cabaret, or Burlesque. Would I recommend it for a 15 year old? Depends on the 15 year old. Maddy has been to a lot of shows in her life, and knows about performance. She loved it.

It being Chicago, our Lady Gaga did a bit from the musical, one of my favorite songs "He had it coming...." and did it well, that girl can SING.

Her fans are also very cool. They love her. A lot. And she loves them. Her little Monsters she calls them. Very like Tori fans to Tori, or Melissas to her. It's a whole Tribe. Or whatever one calls a group of Monsters. I got to talk to a lot of them, and they are wonderful.

One of the things she talked about most on stage was how much she loved her Monsters, and how it was THEM that made her alive, and made this worthwhile. And how much she loved them, appreciated them, and knew how they felt. I think that is one of the most important and coolest things a really great artist does, and knows. It's about the fans.

I would have liked to meet her afterwords (And Maddy REALLY wanted to) but the show started quite late, nearly an hour after set time, and then our hosts had a un-scheduled meeting that happened directly after, and so that part didn't get to happen. (Next time, Maddy, for SURE)

We did take lots of books from the Boss, for the Crew, and Lady Gaga. This made the Crew Folks very happy, books on tour are NEEDED, and we passed on Lady Gaga's to her, and I am sure this will make her happy too.

I loved the show. I am really glad I got to see her on her first big tour. I really want to see how she grows up, and what she does. I don't think she is the sort of artist, and she IS an artist, that isn't going to stay put in the same place, but is going to keep growing, and changing.

And I want to see this.

Maddy took this photo as we were driving home, out my window, from her seat.

I think it is just about perfect.

Love and Gaga,

Friday, January 8, 2010

The Further Adventures of The Tardis....

I've, as you know, started watching Dr Who these days, thanks to the Boss and Mads. Loving it! And I mentioned what I really needed to make the Spooky House perfect, was a Tiny Little Tardis, that would go spinning around, much like it does on the show, having Adventures, Saving the World.

Boss surprised me with one today, in thanks for staying up all night the other week, and dealing with airlines, pulling off the impossible and getting him home.

Adventures Begin!

Tardis, having been freed from the confines of the Box, lands first on Tomato Planet, which is great for dinner, thinks the Doctor, but not really enough Danger for a really Exciting Romp. He spins off into Space....(No video, visualize this)


Lands on Planet Leopard!!!!! The Leopards are not unaware of Things that happen on their Planet, and here, Cyborg Leopard Mim escorts Tardis to the Sacred Temple.

Where Tarids is hailed as a savior. High Priestess Leopard Venus prays to Tardis, in hopes that it will bring Peace, and a New Era will Dawn, one where Steak and Fish are served. Hourly.

The move is generally hailed by the populace. More or less. Hard to tell. The Doctor stays inside, having, perhaps, slightly miscalculated his dimensions. "Magic" he mutters, "it's all about Magic, time travel is" Clearly a job for the Sonic Screwdriver. (Which is a good tool for opening Cans of Offering)

Perched high above the Shinning Lake, on the Rocky Cliffs, near the Royal Palace, Tardis, observes the King fishing. The lake is newly stocked with Huge Fish. The King is pleased with the coming of The Tardis.

So The Tardis is given Rooms, near the ancient artifacts, from the ancient race, of the Humans, who once walked the Leopard Planet, long ago, before the coming of the Leopards. From the region once called China, now the capitol city of Planet Leopard, called Bengal, in these times, by the Leopard Overlords.

"Should have seen this one coming" thought the Doctor.

And in a Flash Of Light, the Tardis...

Is gone.

Love and Tardis,

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

What Does This MEAN??????

Came home tonight and found this in the Butlers Pantry. I got nothing here. I don't know what it means, I don't know what they are trying to tell me. I can kind of understand the Skeleton, I mean, they are kind of fun to chase around. But spoons live in drawers.

And not in the Butlers Pantry.

Leopards are strange.

This weekend, thanks to our Miss Kitty, Maddy and I are off to see Lady Gaga in Chicago! TO say we are excited about this does not begin to cover it. Very, very happy we are. We'll drive down on Saturday, and back again Sunday. Yes, we will take pics, and lots of them. We are already getting our playlists ready for the drive. I am loving Show Me Your Teeth, Bad Romance and Telephone from the new bit of the cd.

We also got our copy of the Deluxe Fame Monster Book,, which includes, believe it or not, a piece from one of Lady Gaga's Wigs. Not sure what I am going to DO with it, my own extensions are a but loose right now and falling off like fleas off a dog, hair is everywhere around here, but surely there is something. Blonde it is, so I won't mix it up.

One thing I thought of today, we haven't heard back from HOTY about how the Xmas Present of the Smashed Then Replaced Print turned out. HOTY, if you are out there, tell us the end of this story! We like stories.

And finally, Kelli Bickman, who is one of the coolest artists to come along ever, is doing me a painting of all five Bengals, together in a tree. I sent her pictures, and stories of each of them, and she is going to weave them together, in their tree.

This makes me happy too.

Love and Very Happy New Year So Far,

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Paul & Lorraine Live at Charlies!

Live Webcast of Paul and Lorraine Tonight!

Morning All!

Encore New Years Eve Show will be webcast LIVE tonight, from Charlie's Pub, in Stillwater MN. 7:30 to 11:30 USA Central time zone. Details, links, embedding and such will pop up here shortly before then.

7:30 to 9 Trad mostly, sedater Irish, dinner music, warming the heck up, but ends with U2 (My personal favorite, Running to Stand Still)

9:30-10:30 The Good Stuff- Everyone knows 2nd set is where the Good Stuff IS.

11-11:30 Anything can happen and probably will. Sometimes we actually play a song or two.

Would love to see you there live, because it will be REALLY odd only playing for a web audience. Come down, and I will play you some rock.

(If there are Dr Who fans out there, you should really de-lurk and come down. I've been watching Dr Who pretty much non-stop for DAYS, it's the only thing PLAYING on BBC, which is nice, it's ALWAYS on, but I have no idea about anything. Also, DrWhoDealer is coming down, and you should meet him, as the man IS the leading expert.)

(Ok, my first Dr Who thoughts...Love this David Tennent, and the Rose episodes. Rose rocks. No one is saying what happens to her tho, and I fear the worst.)

(OK. And it seems to be Christmas a lot of Dr Who. Why IS that? Does the Dr just LIKE turning up at Christmas???)

Love and Rock and Dr Who,