Saturday, January 2, 2010

Live Webcast of Paul and Lorraine Tonight!

Morning All!

Encore New Years Eve Show will be webcast LIVE tonight, from Charlie's Pub, in Stillwater MN. 7:30 to 11:30 USA Central time zone. Details, links, embedding and such will pop up here shortly before then.

7:30 to 9 Trad mostly, sedater Irish, dinner music, warming the heck up, but ends with U2 (My personal favorite, Running to Stand Still)

9:30-10:30 The Good Stuff- Everyone knows 2nd set is where the Good Stuff IS.

11-11:30 Anything can happen and probably will. Sometimes we actually play a song or two.

Would love to see you there live, because it will be REALLY odd only playing for a web audience. Come down, and I will play you some rock.

(If there are Dr Who fans out there, you should really de-lurk and come down. I've been watching Dr Who pretty much non-stop for DAYS, it's the only thing PLAYING on BBC, which is nice, it's ALWAYS on, but I have no idea about anything. Also, DrWhoDealer is coming down, and you should meet him, as the man IS the leading expert.)

(Ok, my first Dr Who thoughts...Love this David Tennent, and the Rose episodes. Rose rocks. No one is saying what happens to her tho, and I fear the worst.)

(OK. And it seems to be Christmas a lot of Dr Who. Why IS that? Does the Dr just LIKE turning up at Christmas???)

Love and Rock and Dr Who,


At 11:06 Blogger Kristen said...

New!Who has Christmas and Bank Holiday specials. Rose...It's never what you think. Ok, sometimes it is. I don't want to spoiler you. S4 does give a ref to the Christmas-overload, btw.

Happy New Year to you and the Bengals.
Enjoy the Doctor. Watch S1 of Torchwood before the Utopia/Sound of Drums/Last of The Time Lords in S3 of Doctor Who. It's just better that way.

At 11:07 Blogger spacedlaw said...

Looking forward to see you guys!

At 11:20 Blogger vampi said...

<3 rose. i was pretty happy with what they have done to rose. i would only be happier if there were more rose episodes.

fun fact, billie piper, rose, had a mucisal career. it wasn't bad, shameless pop, but i liked it.

also funner fact, the "new" doctor was on billie's other show secret diary of a call girl possibly nsfw, depending on your boss and your tastes, implied shagging and bare shoulders. sdoacg is an excellent show, highly recommended

At 11:21 Blogger Phiala said...

Looking forward to the webcast, not able to be there in person, even if I left right now. I haven't seen enough of the new Doctor to answer any questions.

Right now I am prepping for the Great Poffertje Holiday Cookoff! Yummmmmm! Details to follow. :)

At 11:45 Blogger DataGoddess said...

Love Doctor Who. Currently watching the marathon on BBCA. Apparently a Doctor Who Christmas day show is traditional, even in the old series (or so Dan thinks).

We torrented the last David Tennant episode and watched it last night. *sob*.

And if Moffat makes the new Doctor's catch phrase 'geronimo', I'm going to giggle every time, since he used that word in a slightly different way in the second episode of 'Coupling'. If you haven't seen 'Coupling', go watch it, now.

At 12:04 Blogger quasigeostrophy said...

Vampi: Billie was also in an excellent adaptation of The Canterbury Tales, specifically The Miller's Tale, along with James Nesbitt.

At 12:15 Blogger Jess said...

Vampi, I think they must be heavily censoring the American version of Secret Diary of a Call Girl, because the episodes ITV aired were very definitely not implied. Yikes. Not recommended work viewing. Or if anyone's mother is in the room.

Just watched the most recent Doctor Who. Sniffle! Which is all I can say if Q is only on season 28.


At 12:44 Blogger Dan Guy said...

I'll be there with bells on.

At 12:52 Blogger Chantrelle said...

We're supposed to go to a friend's for dinner tonight, hope I can catch some of the webcast! We haven't gone anywhere in weeks but tonight of all nights?!

These are the last 2 days of break for ben. Bittersweet really. He'll be back in school and not home saying "I'm BORED mom, what can I do?!?!" But it also means setting the alarm for 7am again--every day! Ugh.

And YAY for Wendy in NO!! Great start to the year!

At 12:55 Blogger Maure said...

I loved Rose, most of the time, but I really love Donna. She was refreshing.

At 13:03 Blogger rileysaplank said...

If you're still on season 2 of the NEW!Who then watch out for 'The Girl in the Fireplace' episode, David Tennant's acting in this episode is phenomenal. And for season 3 the stand out episode is 'Blink'.

At 13:38 Blogger spacedlaw said...

What's the link for the stream?

At 13:56 Blogger AletaMay said...

I am very behind in my Dr. Who. Hope to catch up some day.

Not sure what will happen tonight. Would be great to be at Charile's, but may not be possible.

At 14:06 Blogger EmilyLady said...

I'm sorry I've never watched Dr. Who. But I'll take Trekkies on my blog!

I might be able to watch some of the show. I hope to say hello ... you can expect to see me at some point ...

At 14:07 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Not sure Nathilie, Dr Wicked Twittered it yesterday and he is going to embedd it here, so says he.

Personally, I think we should bag the gig and webcast from the Spooky House. It is cold.

No, I mean COLD. Anytime a forecast includes the words "high of zero" it ain't good.

Post gig tonight it will be -20.

Very sad.

At 14:10 Blogger ickle_tayto said...

yeah Billie Piper surprised me as Rose.. she was brilliant, and Catherine Tate's Donna was superb (catherine tate is a comedien normally not a straight actor).. just speed through the Martha season.. (aside from Blink which is just the best episode ever)..

At 14:27 Blogger Cecily said...

Running to Stand Still is my all time favorite song ever. It goes through my soul.

I will be trying to catch the webcast tonight!

At 14:38 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

I loved Girl in the fireplace. And DO think Blink was great. I don't think I have been watching them in order.

Well, yes, for the past couple days, but I keep getting distracted, and they are kind of blurring into Saving the world! World under attack! All is well!

We do have them on DVD too, so I can go back, it's just kind of fun having permanent Dr WHo on the TV...

At 14:40 Blogger Fluffy said...

Speaking of songs, I woke up this morning with Billy Ocean's "Caribbean Queen" in my head. Never liked it, haven't heard it in years. WTF?

At 15:32 Blogger louisa said...

hhmmm 7.30 is [counts time zones on fingers] late over here, not sure I'm gonna be able to stay up past the witching hour but I'm be around for pre-gig chat. We're on ustream as usual?

Loved that "wrap a cat" vid, Sal, can't believe how docile his kitty was!

At 15:50 Blogger Siri said...

We haven't even hit zero down here, Q, and we are past the warmest time of the day - can't imagine how nippy you'll be. Hope to see y'all later.

At 17:10 Anonymous Lysandwr said...

Wrap a cat. snicker.....don't think attempting same with any feline in this household would be nearly so successful, but that cat seemed happy enough for the attention. And Angus *does* like being swaddled with cloth when he's sleeping (cause of the cold, n all.)

My sympathies for those of you with real has been warming up here, and got well above freezing today.

As for webcast tonight--Oh the Horror! Oh the Conflict!!!

Dr. Who FINAL David Tennant episode is on here from 7:30 to 9:00 central time. Soooo....I will join y'all in time for the U2 tune, methinks.....and all of second set and beyond.....perhaps to end in Scottish singalong?

Grand way to spend the 1st Saturday of the last year of this decade.

At 17:29 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Are you crazy? GO for the Dr Who!!!!!

I would be. First set is boring anyway, except for that last song.

Watch the Dr Who, and come back at 9:30 for 2nd set, which will be much better, promise.

Tho God did us Tivo for a reason, I say.

I am ready to go. Half an hour before I have to leave. How that happened, I do not know. Even with frozen mascara. Can't leave that stuff int he car apparently.

One word for tonight: Mink. People wear fur if they have it here because it is WARM.

At 19:01 Blogger ariandalen said...

Will be seeing y'all soon!
Search for Paul and Lorraine.
Am TiVoing Dr. Who and "Demons."

Hi, rileysaplank! Thou art now a Fiend! Grab your white jacket and any supplies you need to personalize it. :)

At 19:25 Blogger Chantrelle said...

I think it's be here. But i might be corrected later!

Until then I'm listening to Lorraine a' Malena. Our friends cancelled plans so I'm home for the webcast...yeah!

At 19:54 Blogger One Sock Short said...

Getting ready for the webcast. To paraphrase the Mistress - Cat, Wine, Laptop.

At 20:31 Blogger Dragonsally said...

Not doing any spoilers here, but the end of Doctor 10 and start of Doctor 11 was pure awesomeness. *sigh* I am so going to miss David Tennant, but I think the new Doc is going to be just as fabulous.

Now I must watch the Coupling eps to get the geronimo thing.

Looking forward to seeing/chatting with you all soon.

At 21:30 Blogger LihuaEmilyP said...

This is Emily, with no time to log out of Chinese-name Google account: I don't know if my chatting is going to happen tonight but I will try ... consider me there in spirit; I know I say that all the time but I MEAN IT!

At 23:18 Anonymous Anonymous said...

Looked in, but the sound on my laptop was painful. Hope you had fun!

At 23:49 Anonymous Lysandwr said... is space for my apology


Did some research, quick FB message to She Who Knows of my old dance team....

Seems we for YEARS danced a Mashup of Spanish Lady (Also known as Dublin City) which segued after the first verse and chorus into In the Town of Ballybay.

Go figure. So when I'm somewhere in person, I usually hum the tune and perhaps sing a lyric or three. And after they look at me funny, they play the tune. And I'm happy whichever one they play :)

But never learned that Spanish Lady wasn't actually the name I should be asking for it by.

So...once again (and for the LAST TIME!) I apologize. I Do get fixated sometimes.

At 23:50 Blogger Phiala said...

Lys, excuses excuses. *grin*

Next time you'll know, and they might even play it!

At 23:51 Blogger Phiala said...

Oh, and much fun everyone. Thank you Dr Wicked, and Paul, and Lorraine, and Charlie's!

And, um, Lorraine... I live in Pennsylvania but not Pittsburgh. Just so you know. *grin*

At 23:59 Blogger spacedlaw said...

Safe trip back home, you all!

At 00:00 Blogger vampi said...

that was fun:) much thanks to all:)

i hope everyone is having an amazing twenty ten

At 00:01 Blogger ariandalen said...

I don't think you owe anyone an apology, Lys. It happens. I was in the S.C.A. too long not to have done the same thing, and heard others do it. :)

At 01:05 Anonymous Lysandwr said...

Enjoy the lovely room, Q! You earned it. MUCH better than long unsafe drive home, too.

At 01:05 Anonymous Lysandwr said...

Thanks, ariandalen..:)

At 03:01 Anonymous Anonymous said...

Would love to go to the show, but on the wrong continent.... so guess I'll just watch some more Dr Who instead:)
Happy New Year

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