Wednesday, May 13, 2009

In Which She Finally Breaks Down....

I was going to talk about a lot of things tonight, the Get Fit Plan working (Down 18 pounds now, yes thank you) The Ant Nest House of Horror in the Router (Always a fun topic) How the Russians (Bees) are coming. How Magic finally is letting me pet him all down his neck, and how he runs up to the window when I come home, mewing me. Maybe even how I am getting to do Real Work on my house next week, but then something happened that makes it all seem small....

This Kitty showed up a few days ago. She's one of the sweetest, more beautiful kitties I have ever seen. Not a Bengal, but gorgeous , long haired, golden, with its of black, all tawny. Not a common kitty. Not one you find just "Happening" Not full grown, less than a year. Not a bit feral, she came running up, told me she was hungry and asked was I her Mommy???? And please, this was strange, outside, could she come in now????

Well, no, she can't. But of course I fed her, gave her a pet, and she kept coming back, each time more CERTAIN this was home. This picture doesn't even come close, couldn't get a great shot, but trust me, this is a Kitty for laps, for fires, for cuddling. Very like Kylie, who went to live in LA. The kind of kitty meant to eat from a china shell dish, and sleep on a pillow.

I looked for her home, but no one seems to have lost her, which I thought odd, but I thought I would ask you all, and some one would want her, and I thought I would take her to the vet and get her checked out, and shortly be sending her onto a life of love with one of you, and it would not be a difficult thing, she is hardly more than a kitten, and MADE for anyone who ever loved a purr. I'd have her in a heartbeat, but I am maxed out with the Bengals. Can't take any more.

Then I picked her up and turned her over in my arms to give her a cuddle. And broke down, utterly, totally and completely.

She's pregnant.

FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

FUCK YOU for taking a beautiful kitten, giving it a home and not spaying her, either letting her out or kicking her out, for dumping her in an area with woods and walking away. What did you think was going to happen to her? Who do you think would feed her? Who do you think was going to tell her that everything was ok and someone would care for her? Who did you think was going to foot the vet bill? What? Not your problem anymore?

I can take her to the humane society in the morning. (YOU could have.) There she will join over 80 other cats and kittens. She can have her babies in a cage, and maybe some one will want them. Maybe someone will see her and want her. Maybe. I could say not my problem and walk away.

FUCK YOU for making this my problem.

She's going to the vet in the morning. For a while when I was crying all I could think was I can't DO anymore. I'm not just cat maxed out. I'm ME maxed out. What am I supposed to DO?? I have, sadly, no idea. But I made a promise a year and a half ago. It was that I couldn't save them all, but that I would make a difference. If they crossed my path, I would make a difference to THAT one.

And there was, as I recall, was no caveat that it had to be easy.

I'm going to make a FUCKING difference.

Her name is Hope. It's all she has. That and me.

Just love,


At 23:24 Blogger Rubius said...

Oh Lorraine. I am sorry this landed with you... and yet I am glad for Hope. May you find her and her kittens a warm and welcoming new home. And thank you. Thank you from the cats.

Good luck girl. Congrats on the GFP. You can do this. You already do make a difference.

At 23:29 Blogger DataGoddess said...

Rubius said everything so well I can't add anything, other than Hope's story brought tears to my eyes. And I add my FUCK YOUs to the ASSHATS who treated her like that.

At 23:33 Blogger Dragonsally said...

Thank god Hope found your house, of all houses where she could be fed and cuddled and taken to the vets. With all the people reading here now surely someone will be able to give her the home she deserves.

If only you could find the arseholes who put her in this position, and throw them out of THEIR home, alone and young.

I hope this doesn't tear up your heart, you do so much for the unwanted already.

At 23:42 Anonymous kali_licious said...

Oh no..she's not even a year old and already pregnant! This is heartbreaking..I definitely would've had a good cry too. (Heck it's making me tear up now.)

You're right, FUCK those people who dumped her out like that. Fuck them with something hard and sandpapery.

At 23:43 Blogger AletaMay said...


Hugs for Q and cuddles for Hope.

Not sure what else to say.

The commitments you have made and your actions on those commitments are inspirational.

At 23:56 Blogger gaypet said...

Crying. I am going to send you an email. Your righteous anger is correct and heartily shared!!!

At 00:02 Blogger vampi said...

my thoughts have all been said. i came all happy about seeing star trek, and then to read this. i hate people.

my only thought about the owners is, in this economic times, it is possible she was displaced due to foreclosure and unemployment. that doesn't excuse the outcome, but pet care and vet bills are pricey.

At 00:09 Blogger Na said...

Puts me in favor of the existence of hell and heaven, or something like.

Special spot in hell would surely also welcome people who dump animals.

{{{hugs}}} to you Lorraine. For whom there must be a special spot in heaven.

At 00:13 Blogger gaypet said...

Well said. I often wish I believed in heaven. But I more often wish I believed in hell.

At 00:19 Blogger Ticia said...


Nothing I can add to so much sadness and anger. No wisdom. No advise.

Hope. Hope is all I can say.

At 00:31 Blogger gaypet said...

I am off to bed. I have written and deleted several things now. Some too depressing and some too obscure. So I will just say goodnight.

And here's to Hope.

At 00:34 Blogger spacedlaw said...

Awww, poor kitty. And poor you for having to deal with this heartache.
But she's found you. Just like Kyllie had.
I think you must be shining in the kitty world like a bright beacon of love and cats everywhere are passing over the word: "This one. She's one of us."

But F€@K indeed for the people who treated her that badly. And the pox on their ancestors.

At 00:54 Blogger Madeline Carol Matz said...

She came to your door because she knew there was a good soul there, I think.
I hate those animal dumping bastards. I live on 5 acres and my 2 dogs, Emily and Daisy and cat, Genivieve were all abandoned here. There was a third puppy with the 2 girls but he had both his legs run over and broken, he had internal injuries and there was nothing to be done. We named him Charlie while we had him (about 3 hours) and cuddled him and sent him off with me petting him into his final slumber.
This stuff gets me balling like baby every time.
I wish I could help you and Hope. It's horrible that she it faced with a litter so soon! Many {{{*hugs*}}} to you and Hope.
p.s. If you every find the irresponsible butthole, I'm in the posse...

At 00:55 Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lorraine, lovely dear lady, unless you take her to a no-kill shelter, because she is pregnant, she will be "put to sleep" before you're out of the parking lot. How can people treat animals like that? And how do cats know where they will find love? Three times now I have had tiny kittens show up in my yard! A couple of months ago a feral had kittens in my shed - I was lucky enough to get them all fixed via a low cost feral neuter program; now I have a house full of cats and a yard full of cats. I have become the crazy cat lady, but how could I just leave the furry darlings to starve or get run over? Thank you for also being a crazy cat lady. Someone has to.

At 01:24 Blogger losile said...

Oh, oh, oh :( I sniffled. But as many have said, I am glad for Hope, that she has warm food and warm arms and a warm heart that cares about what ultimately becomes of her and her kids.

I came to Japan (military move) all excited about making a new home with a new pretty Bengal kitty for company. Upon visiting the on-base animal shelter, however, I learned just how many pets are DUMPED here by their owners as soon as they move in. People find out how little room there is for a dog, find that kitty has become mean after the flight and don't want to wait for her to calm down, didn't check with housing and found that they can't have a pet at their particular housing unit, etc. I was crying.

Now I don't care what breed she is or if he needs time to calm down or how old or sex or whatever. I'm going to find my new friend at the shelter, after his owners brought him to a whole new country only to ditch him.

At 02:57 Anonymous Jamilah said...

Tears in my eyes. This is just so sad and makes me feel ashamed of mankind. It is a good thing that Hope found you.

You never know what such a crossing of the ways is good for!

I will move my home end of the month, because my two kitties (that I took in in December, because else they would have had to spent the winter outside and been frozen to death) are unwanted by my almost ex-landlords and not allowed out (although I live in the middle of pastures, meadows and fields.)

And this was good, because now I am moving to a lovely castle, with crazy artsy people that love cats and every other living thing!

At 04:43 Blogger Marjorie said...

I think Rubius said it better than I can.

I don't understand how anyone could od this. Even if the people who owned her couldn't keep her themselves any longer, they could have taken her to a shelter rather than abandoning her

Do you have a local no-kill shelter? Perhaps you could post a link so any feinds who feel able to could give a donation on Hope's behalf? ((((Quiche))))

Meanwhile, I can't decide whetehr to be freaked over the ants in the router, or impressed that it continued to work at all under those conditions (that was the origin of 'bugs' in the system, isn't it?)

At 04:47 Blogger louisa said...

I feel like I should be angry & upset with stupid humans but truth is, that's pretty much a given with this misanthrope. Seems to me that this isn't about stupid humans but about smart cats. It was eight months ago, almost to the day, that Miss Selena Kyle decided she needed to order you from the Universe, Q, and look how well that turned out. She knew what she was doing and I'm guessing Hope does too. We don't know her past, and supposition, however accurate it might be, is still supposition. What I am sure of is that every cat who has known your grace and love has ended up infusing that magic a hundred fold into the lives of the humans they've ended up with (happy Jungle Loves (scroll down a bit)). The birthing process, literally and metaphorically, is a painful one but there's no doubt in my mind that Hope and her kittens (kittens!!!) are going to fill their humans, once found, with joy and fun and cuddles and yes, pee and hairballs and "presents", and those humans will be happier, kinder, gentler humans for having been chosen by their feline companions. And it's all thanks to you. Yes, it's hard on you, very hard, but that's why we're here, to give you all the love and support we can to ease the burden. This is was just going to be a line or two, see what's happening already? The magic has begun.

At 04:52 Blogger spacedlaw said...

The ants in the router are a clear sign that the ants are attempting to take over the planet, bytes of information by bytes.

At 05:01 Blogger Marjorie said...

Also proof that PTerry knows what he is talking about... I wonder whether one can get 'anthill inside' stickers anywhere?

I have no difficulty in beliveing that Boss's home has a high enough ambient Magic level to make it work.

At 05:04 Blogger Marjorie said...

I chekced You can

At 05:33 Blogger spacedlaw said...

Oooh, they even have "crivens" stickers... Shiny.

At 05:43 Anonymous Ember said...

Oh sweetie. I'm crying, not a good start to a day, but I also know you can do this. You don't know how strong you are, how much you can do,until something pushes you to find that extra strength.


At 06:25 Blogger ivenotime said...

:( so sad, and so sorry. hope joins buster whose owner let this magnificent animal contract heartworm, and ignored a thyroid condition then dumped him on our street in the midst of the worst winter on record. assholes all. what goes around comes around, i firmly believe that - their lives will be negatively affected by the choice they made to abandon an animal.

While yours will be blessed, not easy, but blessed. hugs, lorraine, and congrats on besting the ants!

At 06:28 Anonymous Kate said...

Tears in Illinois this morning for a kitty in Minnesota - echoing Rubius and all with love and hope.

My darling daughter is maxed out, too (many tears last night again) - perhaps there is a seasonal component as well. Things should be getting easier it seems, but they are not.

Love and good thoughts for the kindness of strangers -

At 06:35 Blogger Phiala said...


At 06:37 Blogger dabbler said...

Dear Q,
Adding my tears to the rest shed in response to your post. (((Lorraine)))

And hello to many new Fiends brought out of lurkerdom by Hope.

Got nothing else right now...

At 06:38 Blogger Marjorie said...

Sue, how is Buster doing?

At 06:50 Blogger spacedlaw said...

Hem. (mmm... looks like blogger is going to screw up the formatting on that one)

There is a little beacon of light
- Above your porch -
Pulsating during the darkness nights
Sending a note,
A message for all to hear and see.
And it says: “meow”
“Here is love to be found aplenty
For those in need
Food and relief from your hard journey
Cuddles, cuddles,
Cuddles and feathersticks. A home too.”

So no wonder
If strays and vagrant should come your way
In search for love,
Care and attention (and tuna too)
For you’re the one,
Miss Liberty welcoming the crowds,
Shining her light
Upon the needy, the unlovéd
A warm heart’s glow
Keeping all safe from a cruel world.

At 06:50 Blogger ivenotime said...

Buster survived his heartworm treatment, but will never be "cured" of it. (I don't understand all the particulars of this disease, and my husband was doing the back and forth to the vet) It is an old fashioned method of dealing with heartworm, it kills everything in the bloodstream, and now we will be treating him to not allow the existing worms to reproduce. He doesn't show any clinical signs of advanced disease, and is beginning to run around alot more and show more energy, largely cuz he know has the thyroid pills he needs. we had him tested for that as he was not losing weight at all, and was on a pretty restricted diet. He is 92 pounds right now, and needs to lose about 15 for his size. Hmm, however, we are used to short dogs here, and buster found a pkg of hot dog buns and a loaf of wheat bread yesterday. what we found was the wrappers of each...He is a beautiful happy boy full of bread :)

At 06:50 Blogger ivenotime said...

Buster survived his heartworm treatment, but will never be "cured" of it. (I don't understand all the particulars of this disease, and my husband was doing the back and forth to the vet) It is an old fashioned method of dealing with heartworm, it kills everything in the bloodstream, and now we will be treating him to not allow the existing worms to reproduce. He doesn't show any clinical signs of advanced disease, and is beginning to run around alot more and show more energy, largely cuz he know has the thyroid pills he needs. we had him tested for that as he was not losing weight at all, and was on a pretty restricted diet. He is 92 pounds right now, and needs to lose about 15 for his size. Hmm, however, we are used to short dogs here, and buster found a pkg of hot dog buns and a loaf of wheat bread yesterday. what we found was the wrappers of each...He is a beautiful happy boy full of bread :)

At 06:53 Blogger dabbler said...

Oh...that's what else I wanted to say. Tears are GOOD. Pressure relief and cleansing. Allowing us to grieve and then pick up the burdens and continue.
And someone, somewhere, is waiting for that kitty.

And have I missed the ant story...must have been twitter, huh.

Signed me up for twitter ONLY as a way of following DS's Turkey adventure. Except it appears his cell phone doesn't work in Turkey, and so only two tweets, from web. I could say lots about suggestions we made before he went...but no point. "For he will do what he do do, and there's no doing anything about it." Cats and sons are much alike.

At 06:53 Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hope. I love that.

Underneath that tiara beats a truly nobel heart.

More than my best,

At 07:16 Blogger Marjorie said...

Good to hear about Buster. And let us hope that Hope and her kittens will find equally caring homes in due course.

At 07:48 Blogger Unknown said...

I just got back in from putting out food for my local stray girl -- who was pregnant when we trapped her to get her spayed.
Before Amelia was Tom, who tapped at the window to let me know he wanted in, and Lily, who loved children. I found homes for Tom and Lily but not for Murphy, who was tattered and had earmites and fleas. Unemployed, I couldn't afford to get him the vet care he needed so I took him to the shelter -- they told me that they only hold cats for three days. I don't ever want to do that again.
Before that was Kira, who showed up looking like a cantalope on twigs -- extremely pregnant and underfed (and maybe 8 months old). Kira lives with us now, and her six kittens found good homes.

I would take Hope through her kittening myself but I think Ohio is too far for her to travel. I think, though, that the "Cat Lover Here" signs for stray kitties are no joke. She knows you will do the best for her that you can, whatever that maybe.

At 07:50 Blogger louisa said...

That's beautiful Nat, love the image of our Q as Miss Liberty

...yearning to breathe free

At 08:11 Blogger One Sock Short said...


Hope's story is exactly like my Phoebe's, minus the pregnant. Another month or so, and she would have been that too. I wasn't the one who found her. That was a kind woman who lived in the countryside. Like Hope, Phoebe was so relieved to find someone to help her; and she was quite ready to move in. The woman who found her was too severely allergic though, and was getting desperate to find someone to take the cat in before winter. That's where I came in, just in time, having recently moved to the area and already planning on getting a cat. So I hope that Hope and you have an equally happy outcome for this very sad story. Meanwhile, I wish for you the added strength you need right now. No one could deserve it more.

At 08:39 Blogger Unknown said...

Hey Lorraine; long time lurker, first time poster, because this just made me start bawling at work. There's nothing that upsets me more than a lack of personal responsibility, especially when it super negatively impacts the lives of innocents [small children, sweet little mews and pups]. If there is anything I can do from the far away and deathly hot lands of Florida, let me/us know [I do check this daily]. I mean, other than continuing to tell people about how so not cool this is.

At 08:58 Blogger Jess said...

Oh, fuck. Just fuck. :(

You do much, much good, Q. You do make a difference. And I think you must be one of the strongest, toughest people I've ever encountered. I've no doubt that you will find a way for Hope. (There's one bad Hallmark movie title in that sentence.)

But I also hope you will find a helper if you think you need one-- if only just someone to check in and give her some attention when you can't. Set a kitty-care rota. Delegate. Kidnap if necessary. Find ways to give yourself a break when you can-- because even a very strong person can stretch herself only so far, and you're already stretching in many different directions. You sound pretty well worn out. So be good cats, but be good to to Quiche, too.

You're surrounded by good people. Stuff will work out. Hugs.

At 09:14 Anonymous LisaB-N said...

Hope is well named. And she is where she was meant to be- for now... being a mid wife to Hope...a hard job, but a blessing in the big Karmic, cosmicness of everything... Would your horse farm want nice barn cats?

At 09:24 Blogger Jane said...

Crying over breakfast, what a way to start the day :-( Lorraine, somehow Hope knew to make a beeline for your house. Maybe there are secret printed instructions with directions to your house for those cats in dire need?

Love your big open heart!!

At 10:04 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Thank you all.

Hope, of course, came in last night. I got up to shut the window it was so cold and looked to find her on the porch, so huddled, and lonely.

She got the bathroom, staires and landing, Bengals and I slept down in the floor room.

She also has Hope. I have a possible home for her, then placement in rescue, and a home will be found for her.

Our shelter, by the way, is free drop off no questions no kill, I don't want to ay anything bad about them, they are just very FULL.

I save my own.

At 10:08 Blogger Marjorie said...

so glad she has a possible home. And I hope you are OK - as Jess said, you've been taking on a hell of a lot recently, don't forget to look after yourself as well as all of the others.

At 10:16 Blogger Ani said...

Oh sweetie--my heart is breaking for you and your loves. Good thing Rubius posted first, as she said the important things.

I only want to add that I totally support your righteous anger at whatever assholes did this to Hope.


At 10:23 Blogger Ani said...

Vampi--you have a point about the economic stress on households taking a toll on pets. I work for a hunger relief organization, and we are seeing record numbers of people asking for help to feed their families. We get a lot of donated product, and sometimes that product includes pet food. I always encourage the programs we work with to take the pet food and give it to families with pets. I point out the expense of pet food, I point out that pets are family members to those families. I usually get shrugs, but sometimes they understand.

In the last month I have started getting calls for pet food from people associated with villages and townships. They are finding more strays & abandoned animals due to families being unable to care for them and are trying to find a way to help those families continue to house the pets rather than abandon them. Free pet food would be a start.

Something else rising on my to-do list. {sigh}

At 10:38 Blogger bengalgirl said...

Glad I waited a bit to comment. I'm so happy Hope has HOPE now. My grandmother told me in her day the bums would mark the houses of the homes that would give them food, I think the lost and deperate kitties have marked your home. My breakdown day was yesterday when I realized that 26 of the MI bengals were put down on Monday - 26, that is a lot of bengals. I was doing better today until I read your blog. But today's tears were a bit happier. Thank you for all you do for all of us lost souls, human and animal.

At 11:07 Blogger Unknown said...

Huh. Funny you should blog about this now, Lorraine; I'm dealing with a similar situation myself.

Unfortunately, this kitty is showing no signs at all of being amendable to being captured (completely feral) and has already had her kittens (under a bush in the back yard), so I'm at a loss of what to do for her besides keep setting food out for her.

While I'm willing arrange for them to be trapped and spayed, my local SPCA doesn't have a trap program. The independent program they've referred me to instead is staffed by volunteers and so overworked that I'm not having much luck in getting in touch with them.

I live in an apartment and I couldn't give them a home even if I could capture them, but I know just feeding them isn't going to fix the problem and I'm at a loss of what else I could do. Anyone have any suggestions?

At 11:14 Blogger CarolAnn said...

I'm glad Hope may have a placement.

I wish I wasn't halfway across the country - I'd come get her from you. My cockers spaniels always need something to happen to shake up their world. lol

At 11:29 Blogger hope said...


So sorry about gutless stupid cowards who waste oxygen that decent people could be using. As I am also far away, it would not be doable for me to take my namesake, but I WILL adopt a new kitty when my house happens, for you and Hope and general universe-balancing.

If it happens, I just found out a very large thing is wrong with my loan. aaargh.

At 11:34 Blogger Phiala said...

Oh, I hope the new home works out.

I was on a roll this morning, getting actual scientific research done, but had to stop for a meeting. Then lunch. Now trying to relocate that momentum. But listening to Jill Tracy, and that's awesome.

At 11:46 Blogger gaypet said...

-M, where are you? Can you tell how old the kittens are?

At 11:51 Blogger Unknown said...


In Pennsylvania, near Philadelphia; and the kittens are quite young. Not yet walking around, or even moving much. Eyes are probably still closed (I haven't gotten close enough to the next to confirm this). And there is at least one kitten (who is light colored and stands out well from the shadows under the bush) but probably two or three.


At 11:52 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Vet says Hope has already had her kittens and may bring them to me. She's back outside now in hopes that this happens.

At 11:53 Blogger Phiala said...

*waves* at --M from just down the road, in Fiend terms anway (in State College).

At 12:02 Anonymous Kate said...

Oh, Lorraine...Kittens - now. We will wait with you and hope she beings them in.

I have a few friends (mostly dog folks, but I just remembered another) in your area. Do you need me to help find a home for her or are you all set with rescue? My two dogs are non-cat compatible, but there are possibilities...

At 12:08 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

I do need a home for her. This possible home was not a forever one, only help....

SOMEONE really wants this girl. Neg fe-luk/hiv, good litter habite....


At 12:38 Blogger mistressmousey said...

(((Lorraine, Hope & Kittens)))

And I'm with Dan, *sigh*...

At 13:09 Blogger AletaMay said...

Did they say how long ago they think Hope may have given birth?

-M, these people may know of someone in your area that could help you out.

At 13:29 Blogger Unknown said...


Thanks; I'll try to reach them.

At 13:52 Blogger gaypet said...

-M, if the kittens are still not very mobile you may be able to just pick them up and put them in a cardboard box or cat kennel. If you get them now and get them to a rescue group who will bottle feed them they will be MUCH easier to place.

Here is a list of rescue groups. One of them may have someone who will take the kittens and raise them. Others may help you trap/neuter/release the Momma.

Good luck! :)

At 14:01 Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love you, Lorraine. You rock. You absolutely do.

Yes - F them and may Ceiling Cat bless you and keep you and all of your beasts forever for being a good person.

At 14:14 Blogger Lexocat said...

"I save my own."

I'm so moved by that simple statement.

Wondering how Hope is now and if kittens have materialized.

Best of luck with it all. I wish I could do something more concrete to help you.

At 14:39 Blogger Unknown said...


Oh, it had never occurred to me to attempt to separate the kittens from their mother at such a young age. Thanks! I'll contact some of those groups and see what I might be able to set up. (Most of them seem to be regionally based, but perhaps some will be willing to cross county lines.)

At 14:47 Blogger gaypet said...


Your instincts are correct and in general it is best to keep Momma and babies together. In the case of feral cats, however, the kittens should be bottle fed if possible just for the sake of taming them.

I am SO encouraged by all of the love and WORK going into caring for the suffering critters. People suck. Fiends do not!

At 14:55 Blogger Cecily said...

Wow. You have to wonder at the senses of cats and other animals. She had to know that you could help her. You are inspirational and amazing.

And, and the GFP, rock the fuck on! \m/

At 15:06 Blogger jeda21 said...

aww you're an awesome human being, an amazing animal lover role model. Thank you for sharing this story with all of us. Thank you for helping defenseless animals. I wish Hope all the best, and please take care of yourself (congrats on the weight loss!) dont' max yourself out so much. Peace and thank you.

At 15:43 Blogger Phiala said...

Hi Fiends. My brain is all oozy. May I be excused now please?

Guess not. Will look for an afternoon project suitable for brainlessness.

At 16:16 Blogger Na said...

-M, even if groups are regional and can't cross counties, they are likely to know give you contact info for groups in your local area. Stay encouraged if you have to make a few phone calls!

I wasn't really tearing up until I got to bengalgirl's news. And "I save my own."

At 17:16 Anonymous Kate said...

Okay, I have sent out smoke signals to the folks in your area re kitty adoption. Maybe someone will know someone who will know....

"Ripple in still water, When there is no pebble tossed, Or wind to blow."

At 17:19 Blogger Bulfinch's Aglaia said...

Quiche, you are an amazing inspiration to so many of us. Hope. What a beautiful name. You are wonderful!

At 17:54 Blogger Kitty Cat said...

hey! you! cool it with the F words! this is a rated G family site! (hahaha you made me laugh)
and Kylie says keep beaming down my street sisters,
you are the right homefinder.

At 18:39 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Kitty, when I drop the F Bomb..

At 19:25 Blogger Dragonsally said...

Oh, poor Hope has had the litter already. Fingers crossed that you find them and that all can be given homes.
Funny, I didn't tear up when I read this yesterday, but today going through comments I have.

Welcome to all delurkers - proof that there is much love for animals here.

And Hope - fingers crossed for your loan too.

At 21:31 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...


Lots of news, no kittens, in fact Hope is off somewhere.

Lots of pics tho, all downloaded, just waiting for words...

Did Bees today! Not new ones, but hey....

Ah, home. Done. Well, sort of. Bengals have been fed, but not played with as Magic is reminding me. LOUDLY. First words, then play.

At 22:09 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Happier post is up!

At 22:15 Blogger merryhousekeeper said...

Here here to the fuck you!! I was so close to calling you tonight. I came home after work and started planting canna lillies on my hill and spooky daughter spotted a cat in my lilac bushes, he mewed, I looked thought "WOW" what a huge head you have for a cat. He purred came up to me and OH MY GOD!!! His whole head is engulfed with infection from an oozing wound on his face just below his left ear! Ok, I said holy shit! I know this cat, neighborhood tom, I have fed him dewormed him and took him to the vet when he had a broken leg. I go to the owners door, no answer, some other people come, get response, I ask for audience & get told, oh he not really mine, I just saved him from a farm from being shot and have had for the last 5 years or more!! Does that not make him yours???!!!
"my pitbull had his whole head in his mouth!!!" My son claned it up and he likes to stay outside".
Are you all hearing this?? I stood there trying to get a grip on whatever she was tryng to dish up as a ROTTEN pet owner, so I offered to take him to humane society, I would be glad to do it, he needs help right now or he will die. reply "I will look at him again". Can I borrow the live trap? He needs to go in, yesterday.

At 22:21 Blogger merryhousekeeper said...

Kudos to you for being there for hope Quiche, I am sad, but very happy there are people who GIVE A SHIT!!! Like you.

At 00:32 Blogger Meg said...

that's horrible about the cat being abandoned. we had that happen to us and thankfully we were able to adopt the cat and kept two of the kittens. it does break your heart when you think how callous some people can be.

hi, i followed a link from your boss about the bees.

At 07:43 Blogger Erin Underwood said...

I am totally crying. Q, I'm sending lots of love your way.

You are making a difference and you are making the world a better place.

At 22:48 Anonymous Anonymous said...

> Her name is Hope. It's all she has. That and me.

Well, you count for a lot.

At 19:29 Blogger Chocoholic said...

:( A few days late on reading this but awwww, poor kitty. I hope everything ends up okay and someone takes care of her. I have a kitty that showed up on my patio and wouldn't leave. She had a collar and even still had short hair on her belly where she was spayed but she had no tags and no one answered the ad for her. She's now part of my kitty family.

If I lived nearer to you I would try and help you find a place for her.

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