Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Princess the Cat (By Mr Cassidy) and The New Hair! (By Me)

I read on the Boss Blog that he would have posted photos of Princess the White Cat, but that he didn't have any, and then Mr Kyle Cassidy was kind enough to send them, and since who knows when the Boss will have time, I've put them up here for him, for you all to enjoy.

It should be stated most clearly that the first three photos of Princess the CAT are by Mr Kyle Cassidy. The last four of me, with my somewhat dubious new hair, were NOT. I did those myself on PhotoBooth, having no better options, and you lot all clamoring for the New Hair. There is a SMALL difference in quality going on, you MAY notice, and I thought I should be clear.

I don't think it's BAD hair, I just am not sure it is ME, and I can't seem to make it work exactly. Mostly people (chiefly women, the men say, when asked, GREAT HAIR. Good answer, guys.) but the women say: "You just need some "Product"

Product? As in What?????? "Hair-be-great!" "Bad-hair-remover" "Fix-it-UP!"

I have shampoo. And conditioner. Yesterday I borrowed some "Hair-be-Shiny-And-Smooth" and got "Hair-be-oil-slick". I know about hair spray, but I don't THINK that is what is needed here, and anyway, all I get when I use it is "Hair-be-rats-nest"

I think I may go for two high up pony tails. I look about 12, but hey, until I find out about "Product, it's the best I can think of.

Love, White Cats and Odd Hair,


At 18:25 Blogger One Sock Short said...

I'm definitely not one to recommend "product". I'm a wash-and-wear woman myself. Hard to see exactly how the colors are working together on my screen. But I think I like it. I'm partial to the two ponytails shot.

Oh, and it's also very clear that your clothes are getting smaller from these shots. Way to go on the FIT!

At 18:26 Blogger Siri said...

I love the pony tails. I do pony tails, but only in private. I did them in public, once, and BFF's 21 year old daughter said to her, later, "Pony Tails, Mom? REALLY?"

I will do pony tails for fiends, I promise. In public. I like 'em.

Pretty White Kitty.

At 18:27 Blogger Siri said...

In fact, I'm gonna go put mine up now - that'll show 'em.

At 18:29 Blogger Siri said...

Oh, and from the other post - this June will be horrific for me, too. There will be three puddles the first day we gather - 2 in one room, one in another. We can high five and fist bump for surviving!

At 18:32 Blogger Ticia said...

I love the pony-tails.

At 18:33 Blogger DataGoddess said...

Hmmm, I see what you mean about not being sure it's you. The 2 pony tail look does suit you, but the first picture, while it's nice hair, doesn't scream Quiche to me.

And screw 'product'. If a hair style takes more than a brush, shampoo, conditioner, and maybe a blow dryer, it's too fussy, IMO.

The photos of Princess are lovely. She really looks like a princess :-)

At 18:39 Blogger mistressmousey said...

Aww, it's Princess and the Princess of No all in one post! :)

I love the pig-tails. And I, too, see what you mean about good hair, but not necessarily you. I think it suits you just fine, but you'll have to become more comfortable with it to really have fun with it... like with the pigtails. :D I bet it would fan out all fun and fluffy if you also had it in really high up pigtails. Or with just the front tied up (again, in pigtails - do you sense a theme here?). It would probably also look awesome pulled back, under-bun, with one of those big butterfly clippy thingummies.

No clue what people are suggesting product, or how it would benefit new hair. I'm sure it could, but as my general use of product consists of shampoo, conditioner, and the occasional 'fun with hair glue for costume events once or twice a year', I'm not sure what one does with product.

Quality difference? Maybe in the lighting... a little. ;)

At 18:56 Blogger Fai Fai said...

I Can see where people might say you need product, although it is quite rude for them to say so. Anywho Since I have random wtf am i gonna with my hair everyday I'll share some of the best low effort product info I know.

John frieda leave in conditional spray spray it in your hair when its soaking wet....done.

Honestly I think all you need is a bit of leave in conditioner. it'll smooth it out and shine it up. aside from john frieda sunsilk makes an amazing one as well as herbal essences.

you don't use a lot rub it into your hands then run it thru your hair. If your gonna do it in dry hair same process just use a lil less and don't rub it in so much as smooth it over your hair.

At 18:58 Blogger Jess said...

Princess wants a nose-beepin'. BEEP. That is all.

The new hair is great! Love it. A bit early Grace Slick, and a bit Gwen Cooper. And I dig the ponytails. Very Manga. :)

At 19:06 Blogger vampi said...

that's stil fairly long hair. because of the length, i feel product would be wasted as the length and weight of hte hair will pull it down.

that said, i think it's a fine length on you. when i had my hair long (2 weeks ago) i used a lot of ribbons as headbands. just a little somethign to wrangle it back away from my face so i didn't have urges to self cut. also some cute clips can be your frind for pinning it away from face.

leave in conditioner is nice, i'll have to try the bands mentioned. i haven't been able to find one i liked that dind't smell odd.

and i LOVE pigtails. i used to wear them all the time. i will again once my hair gorws a bit. right now i can still pigtail, but they stick straight out.

At 19:06 Blogger vampi said...

oh, and the pics of princess looking out between the stair rail are adorable.

(box of tickles)

At 19:16 Blogger Jess said...

Empty box demands
a tick within, to appease
the comment thread gods.

At 19:18 Blogger Jane said...

I think your hair looks quite nice - seems smooth and shiny and pretty color in the pictures. As for product...I'm the queen of hair product but only know about those things that work (or say they work) for curly frizzzy course hair. Living Proof is my newest friend.

But your hair does not look like it needs those products :-) so who knows.

Princess is adorable.

At 19:28 Blogger Chocoholic said...

Looks cool. If you have the time, flat-ironing it may help, you could also try some light hair wax after that to make it a bit piecy. I used to do that when I had long hair in a similar cut. It looks just fine the way it is right now.

At 19:28 Blogger AletaMay said...

I think Princess has an interesting hair style! She is very princess looking.

I like the hair. I like be bangs. I also totally get the whole "not sure it is me" feeling. I think change always feels that way.

At 19:34 Blogger Unknown said...

I actually like the hair, and think the dual ponytails are pretty cute. But I can see where they might be problematic -- when I had long hair (it' pixie-short now), I needed to put a little something extra in there, or else it went a little mad. You might find luck with lightweight texturizing creams, or similar. Nothing too heavy, or it'll just make your hair all gloopy.

My personal favorite from the halcyon days of Long Hair was Paul Brown's "Stay Straight Anti Frizz Molding Creme." It was really lightweight, and I could either blow-dry my hair mostly straight, or let it air dry in nifty waves and curls. Smells nice, too. :)

At 19:37 Blogger Lindsey Joyce said...

Minus the colors I have almost Identical hair and have many a simple style to suggest that require two products only: frizz-ease and pomade. If you'd like a picture tutorial of options I am happy to oblige!

At 19:56 Blogger Dragonsally said...

I like the new hair -and OMG Lorraine you are so damned cute in the ponytails.

I'm a no product gal, if I can't wash and wear, its not going to work for me.
I do ponytails a lot when my hair is longer-its so thick and hot I have to get it off my neck.

Oh, and Princess is gorgeous.

At 19:59 Blogger Siri said...

Waves Madly At Sally!!!

I never seem to be here when you are - I miss reading you.

At 20:01 Blogger Dragonsally said...

*waves back to another pony tail gal*

At 20:03 Blogger Kitty Cat said...

your hair is great! (am i a guy)
you just need to let the shock wear off, in 2 weeks, you will really love it. it is just shorter than you are used to. it will swing and style easily, once you are used to looking at it...
the last shot is adorable, babe.
i love the ponytails..on tour, i would wear that style on especially hard days, and everyone would call me "happy hair" and know that i was fighting uphill.
sorry to miss your call-- was in acupuncture appt.

At 20:07 Blogger One Sock Short said...

Didn't think about it, but I'm doing the two ponytail thing myself today. No surprise, since that's my "I don't want to think about my hair" style. Like Siri's, it's an at-home-only thing.

Kitty - OMF, talk about hair I covet!

At 20:10 Blogger Phiala said...

Ditto on the wash and wear. Product? No clue. I'm starting to think I need New Hair too, but not even sure how to go about it! And it still must be wash and wear.

Had unexpected dinner guests. Fun, but at this rate I am NEVER EVER going to meet the Big Scary Deadline. The plan called for 3ish hours of work tonight, and for those hours to have started, well, 3 hours ago so I could be done by now. 30 minutes may be possible...

At 20:12 Blogger Dan Guy said...

Oh my gosh, I love it! Awesome hair.

At 20:12 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Hi Fai-fai, welcome and thanks you!!!!!!

I had those same thoughs M Mousie, it's funny tho, I CUT it as all I ever did with it was stick it in a pony tale, now I stick it in TWO!

I think bits of pony tales, or barretts.

Hi Coco, can't flatiron it, have not that skill, and it's synthetic, half of it. I would MELT it. Kitty bought me a blow dryer, but I think it was just so SHE could use it when she came.

(Actually, I am sure of that)

Lindsay (or anyone), HAPPY for advice.

Happy Hair! I like that! (And like, not-a-guy you can call me BACK I miss you!)

At 20:14 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Dan, snicker....

I am going to get the Queen of Hair, Maddy to help me too SHE knows hair, that girl.

Princess is lovely isn't she. Same age as the mad old ladies in the basement, but she gets around, and does not creak...

At 20:17 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Oh, Mistress, I do know about being overwhelmed , you have my sympathy. Trust me. I am so busy. These e-mails won't stop....

At 20:17 Blogger Siri said...

OK, duh. All this talk of hair. When I decided to put mine in p-tails 3 hours ago, I noticed it was damp in the thick part, and thought, hmmmm - I don't remember sweating.

I just remembered I washed it this morning, and pulled it back immediately in a banana clip and it never dries when I do that.

I can't remember what I did 12 hours ago.....I need this month to be over.....

At 20:27 Blogger Phiala said...

Oh, I make no claim for uniqueness! I know that many Fiends are overly busy, and it seems this month is particularly bad.

At 20:31 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Maddy just texted me that I should try some Product. Kids these days.

At 20:32 Blogger Chantrelle said...

I love the 2-ponytail do! You're expression helps because you look sooo darn adorable :)

I have to use product in my hair or it's flat and in my face all day. I just put it in when it's still damp out of the shower and that's it. It falls where it wants after that. i just got this stuff called "Sticky business" and it's super thick stiff goop but works well to give this fine, straight hair some texture.

Must get ben off his computer now.

later dudes.

At 20:57 Blogger chosha said...

As you found out from the oil slick, the secret to product is 'less is more'. :)

For smooth non-frizzy hair I highly recommend Fructis mousse. This is the one I use: but there are others in their range. I love this stuff too because it's non-oily and non-sticky once brushed. I put it through my hair, brush it straight and flat and then about 10-15min later after it's dry, brush it again. The stiff, flat hair suddenly becomes soft and silky smooth. Good, good stuff.

At 20:58 Blogger chosha said...

Oh, and I love that first pic of Princess on the stairs.

At 21:04 Blogger One Sock Short said...

Hmm, not very specific of Miss Maddy. Or did she follow up with the offer of a makover? Not around that age group much myself, but I've heard that make-overs are a popular topic among the 14yo set ;-)

At 21:29 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Hi Chosa and welcome!!! THAT is what I need, will be trying it out. SImple. Easy. Perfect.

Well, after she said that, I told her me, her and her friends were going to go to see Jonas Bros. That sort of killed the hair talk.

-I- will be backstage with Miss Kitty.

At 21:32 Blogger Chantrelle said...

Aww, you sooo won some serious teen-cool points there! They aren't my cup-o-tea but they seem like genuinely nice guys.

T-23 days until fiends descend on MN!!...teehee.

At 21:35 Blogger Siri said...

(21 days for some of us, but don't tell those who can't be there.)

CRIPES!!! That's only 3 weeks!! I'd better start packing.

There will be skulls.

At 21:39 Blogger Chantrelle said...

OK, it's 21 for me too...i was just picking the "official" start time to be fair. ;)

At 21:48 Blogger Beez said...

Maddy's being a funny girl again. Product. hee

I like it, but you are still in the awkward first date stage. I also think having some clips or bands will let you wear it down. Those pigtails are adorable, but maybe not every day?

Princess is gorgeous on her stairway throne. It's hard to believe she's the same age as Pod and Hermoinie. She make me want to just pick her up and give her nuzzles.

It was an inadvertent Date Night tonight. The fella and I were just going to out local Mexican place to get him some food, but it was closed so we walked a few blocks to the next one....ordered food, sat on the deck and afterward realized- we just had a date! Woo hoo!

At 21:49 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Kitty gets the teen cool points, I'm just going to see her. I'd go see her even without Mads. I've seen some strange bands because of that women.

23 days? Ye gads. Hope I can do my hair by then. I know I can rock, at least. Are you all coming to my shows? I think we can webcast them too....

At 21:52 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Beez, you DO NOT want to pick up and cuddle that Cat! She still can draw blood, after she lulls you into a false sense of calm...

Congrads on the date!

At 22:01 Anonymous Jes said...

I do like the pigtails :)
Have you tried braiding it? I have a friend who colored her hair in a sort-of similar way, and it looked wicked cool when she braided it in one long braid down the back. Kind-of swirly-ish. You might also try two side pigtail braids, though they might look too Pippi-ish. It's worth a shot though!

At 22:02 Blogger Na said...

Beep! Cute kitty, cute kitty nose. She does have that scruffy eldery kitty coat.

Love the two pony tails. Beep!

With hair I am totally a wash-it-and-go person, and I don't even brush it half the time. I was greatly impressed the first time I sat in a salon chair and the person asked me, "What do you really do with your hair?" I miss her.

Still thinking I oughtta just shave it. Must mean I need an appointment somewhere.

Finished first edit of a big honkin' manuscript today. Why do I not feel relieved and accomplished? Maybe that'll come tomorrow. The author seems to be reasonably pleased with things thus far. Told me last we met, that she found working with me/an editor not nearly so dreadful as she'd anticipated. Um... thanks?

At 22:02 Blogger Beez said...

Thank you!

Ah well, Princess sounds like my last cat. He was fondly referred to as "Demon Kitty From Hell". I have one friend who still has a scar on his leg from long ago but he never ever went after me or any children- they could drag him around any way they wanted an he wouldn't retaliate. He lived to be 24 too.

At 22:08 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Thanks Jes!

Princess once sent me to the hospital when Maddy was 2, kid you not!

At 22:09 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

I am playing Toss the Mousie and watching COPS.

Is my life wild or WHAT??????

Kind of entertaining tho, on both counts.

At 22:20 Blogger AletaMay said...

My Ginger Snap is kinda the Beez describes her former cat. She is good with me and with Maddie but she will be kinda violent with other people. She does this thing where she looks like she is asking to have her tummy rubbed but she IS NOT! It is a trick to get people close enough to attach them!

Right now she is watching BBC World News with me and you'd never know she was anything but gentle.

At 00:15 Blogger spacedlaw said...

It looks nice. But the fringe affects the shape of your face so, yes, it will take time for you to get used to it. The last pigtail picture is cute.

And so is Miss Princess, peeking at the world from the shelter of her staircase.

At 00:30 Blogger ariandalen said...

Your hair isn't that bad, Ms. Fabulous. My mother always called two high ponytails "dog ears." ;)

Hi, Fai Fai, Kara, Chosha, and Jes! Welcome to the Fallible Order of Fiends! Each member receives a nice white jacket with lots of buckles and materials to personalize said jacket. Have fun!




At 00:37 Blogger vampi said...

oh my, we are an order now?

At 00:57 Blogger Fai Fai said...

Any time, I'm a minimilist when it comesot hair we have an agreement I leave it pretty much alone it doesn't get too crazy, Also alter your shampoo and conditionar once a month you hair adjusts to the ph of the shampoo and stuff so it stops working as well, if you rotate between 2 or 3 brands or formulas it works alot better.

Also cats who can maim are the best sort, I taught my cat to attack my mother every time she walked past my bedroom back when i was a teenager. That cat had claws like razor blades i still have a scar from when he jumped on the bed missed and sliced my foot.

At 01:21 Blogger Marjorie said...

morning! I like the hair. And love that last pic with the pigtails and the grin!

I am a wash-it-and-leave it gal, too. Especially as using a hairdryer is v. uncomfortable for me (not from recent accident - from long term problem). From time to time I end up with some product (usually when I have it cut) which I use for 3 days then forget about it.

Princess pics are lovely. Thanks again to you and to Kyle Freakin' Cassidy for sharing.

At 01:36 Anonymous Anonymous said...

i dig the pigtails!

princess ... what to say? i slept with a princess for a week.

her name is so perfect. every time you stop petting her, she bites you.

At 01:38 Blogger spacedlaw said...

Well, obviously it is not up to minions to decide when they should stop petting...

At 01:57 Anonymous Anonymous said...

sad day for me fiends....
On Mem. day i got tattoos.
Evidently they were not done deep enough.
and now they are gone with the proverbial wind.

Na-thanks for the blathering kudos. i needed that.
Hope- i live 1/2 between Seattle and Vancouver BC. Heatwave=not very often but i love it.-gets the mold off of me.

Q- Happy for your loose clothing. it was here that someone was talking about drinking your calories.
my friends and i say, "Would you rather be
Skinny and sober
Fat and happy?"
--i'm still up in the air.

less than three,

At 02:03 Blogger spacedlaw said...

Disappearing tattoos?
They told of a secret message and chose to self destruct.
The memory still smarts but evidence is gone.
Void smiles in mirth.

At 02:20 Anonymous Anonymous said...

Spacedlaw--wow, thats nearly a haiku.....

By the way Lorraine, how did you get white in your hair? i was told by professionals that "It can't be done". I sometimes want streaks like Rogue.

At 02:25 Blogger spacedlaw said...

Actually the whole idea of the disappearing tattoo feels like a poem (not just an haiku).
Although I realize it must be so frustrating for you.

At 03:58 Blogger Dragonsally said...

amazing 15 year olds

At 03:59 Blogger Lexocat said...

new post.

new ticky box.

it's good.

At 04:00 Blogger Marjorie said...

Just had a chance to llok at the photos on a bigger screen - I still like the hair but can see that you might want some 'smooth & sleek' type conditioner (it's what my hair always needs, but I have yet to find one which really works...) I'm sure getting advice from Ms Maddy would work. From prevous pictures of her, she clearly has the whole hair thing down pat. If you find a sleekness conditioner/product which works, let me in on the secret, wontcha?

Bobina - sorry to hear your tattoos disappeared - (althoug it caused a lovely poem from Nat-Law!) - will they re-do them for you? (and wil you trust them to get it right this time?)

At 07:04 Anonymous Anonymous said...

The pony tails are great!!!!

It's a good new length. I don't "do" product, hair care passes me by with a wide margin. However, decent conditioner from time to time controls the nest-like appearance and if you don't want Prodcut then olive oil is pretty good!

At 09:13 Blogger ariandalen said...

Vampi, I gotta keep it fresh, ya know? ;)
BTW, DH and I lived together for 11 years before getting married.

Sally, those boys are amazing! Only the boy with glasses is 15 though. The other two are 14! Unless something really bad happens, they should each have long careers in opera. Makes you wonder what they sounded like before their voices changed, which couldn't have been that long ago.

At 09:33 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Morning all!

Disappearing tattoos? I'd have a new artist. As I understand it, that can't HAPPEN..Loved the poem tho.

The white/blonde hair is extensions. Easy to get. Lots of upkeep tho, and pricey. I am going to get some Product today, and see what happens. Adventures in Hair!

I'm lining up Guests for the shows on Fiend weekend. SO you had all BETTER come to my show! It is, going to rock.

At 09:38 Blogger Marjorie said...

Yay for guests!! (Is your show on the Saturday night, BTW?)

At 09:40 Blogger One Sock Short said...

But of course we're coming! Seeing you perform is a huge percentage of the draw. I chose my flight time to be certain of making it to Friday's show.

Long day in store today, after mostly sleepless night. Sigh.

At 09:53 Blogger vampi said...

the boys were great. i'm concerned about the lady in red. she seems to have butt boob syndrome. i'm all for having the girls up and at attention, but that was a bit extreme.

At 09:59 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Shows are Friday AND Saturday.

Vampi, I am SURE I missed something...Butt Boob syndrome? Is that like where fat girls think if they cinch a corset tight enough they look thin and the boobs kind of make a , uh shelf?

(not dissing fat girls, I AM one, but wearing clothes two sizes too small does not make the problem go away.)

At 10:02 Blogger vampi said...

she was the announcer in the video of the 3 boys singing opera.

and yes, that is what i mean, although in her case, the way the dress it, the cleavage is more...vertical

At 10:04 Blogger DataGoddess said...

*nod* One thing a fat girl should always remember is that clothes that fit are much more flattering than clothes that are too tight, including corsets!

Speaking as a way fat girl :-)

Oh, and apparently I'm bordering on pneumonia now. Wheee.

At 10:13 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Ah, I didn't watch that one yet, still catching up.

I remember Jennifer Saunders talking about her character Eddi on AbFab, as she is by no means fat, but they pulled it off by shopping for clothes that were a size or two too small.

Surprise Mangoes came for me yesterday! And today, an entire case comes from our monthly organic fruit shipment thingie!!!!!!


At 10:14 Blogger Tesla said...

I love the new hair. It's adorable, especially in side ponytails.

As to "product" - Aveda's "Smooth Infusion" may be right for you.

I miss playing in the woods with you!

At 10:24 Blogger ariandalen said...

But...but...breasts are supposed to mimic buttocks. At least, that's according to the shows on human sexuality on TLC and Discovery all say. Really.

Clothes that fit properly make anyone look better, not just us fat girls. I look better if I don't wear shirts to fit my hips but do fit my shoulders. The clothes makers seem to think that if you're fat and female it automatically means you wear a C cup or larger. I prove that that is not so. That, and of course tall women are never fat. Uh-huh. Tell me another one. :P

At 10:33 Blogger One Sock Short said...

ariandalen - Oh how I know that problem. I used to get skirts sometimes at Lane Bryant, but got tired of never finding tops to fit there. And the new knit books for "plus sizes" seem to all make the same assumption. Come on fashion folks! There are as many ways to be fat as there are ways to be any other size. Oh wait, people only come in model sizes. Silly me for forgetting :-/

DG - I really hope you beat this thing soon.

I didn't know about the Saturday show. Woot!

At 10:44 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Hi Tesla! It has been a long time! Glad to hear from you again!

I am off to check on the Italian Bees. Hopefully the Stoner Hive (I call it that because it's like a heavy pot smoker, nothing ever really gets done, pretty darn laid back) needs a new box. It's STILL on it's first!

Trying to remember everything....Oh, my fellow beeekeepers! REALLY missing Boss and Birdchick!

At 10:50 Blogger Dan Guy said...

You can do it!

At 11:41 Blogger ariandalen said...

Bobina, I was laughing at your comment about a heatwave in northwestern Washington state, or what passes for one. ;) For reference, I live in Texas, where 80 F is a nice day.

BTW, I'll be in Snohomish after Fiendom Come. Mayhaps we could get together?

At 12:01 Blogger Chantrelle said...

Great writeup about Boss and AFP's SPIN event (and I will say no more..teehee)

Friends of mine are waiting for a queen bee to be delivered. They captured bees but no queen so the queen will arrive in a little sugar cage.

Today ben graduates from preschool. Ceremony and all w/ 3 i'm-sure-too-cute-for-words songs performed by the whole school. Can't wait.

At 12:04 Blogger Dan Guy said...

Ha! The cat's out of the bag.

At 12:10 Blogger spacedlaw said...

About time too!
(Poor kitty)

At 12:13 Blogger AletaMay said...

Cats are meant to be out of bags, for sure.

At 12:13 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Not sure people are very surprised. For the record, I am way for this, and very happy for them both. It was kind of meant to be.

(tho they do tend to get disgustingly cute g )

At 12:18 Blogger Phiala said...

Surprised? Um, no.

Pleased? Absolutely.

At 12:19 Blogger Marjorie said...

Yeah, Pleased but unsurprised sums it up :-)

At 12:21 Blogger AletaMay said...

Q, did you see Kyle's photos of your boss with purple looking hair?

I have so much to do and places I should be other than where I am, but I don't seem to be moving. Arggg.

At 12:27 Blogger hope said...

Princess is a very royal-looking girl, and so demure. (I'm sure that's all part of her Evil Plan. :)

New hair is difficult, I hope your Product Adventures go well, Lorraine.

Bobina, so sorry about your tattoos! That must be disappointing. And mold--hee!

datagoddess, eeek! Pneumonia is no fun.

ariandalen, Snohomish is a nice little town, my sinister used to board her horses close by. There's also a tavern that has a marvelous trio who play excellent swing music, of all things. I used to lindy hop there on Saturdays.

After work I'm packing in the 90-degree heat and trying to figure out what to do with my cats in the four-day gap between leaving my apartment and being in my new house, yikes.

At 12:28 Blogger Chantrelle said...

Well, they're both disgustingly cute on their own, put that together and good lord, cute overload! Of course, my idea of cute isn't the rest of the worlds, but i think it's the rest of the fiend-world's!

Yes, not surprised, just talking w/ hubby about it the other night actually...had to voice my suspicions to someone! else are people talking about today.

Oh, David Carradine :( Bummer.

At 12:44 Blogger vampi said...

OH WOW. i am so behind on da gossip.

relationships in bags don't usually do well either, in my experience. hopefully the obsessive fans both attract will be respectable.

*squee* for other people being happy, it's always nice to see.

At 12:51 Blogger hope said...

Oh! I just looked at Dan Guy's link! YAAAAAY! Although that photo where A. is looking down at Boss from horseback kind of gave me a clue, also. :)

At 12:51 Blogger Dan Guy said...

I am a big fan of people being happy.

Being trapped in a bag with someone whom I fancied sounds kind of fun, actually. So long as it wasn't airtight, mind you.

At 12:53 Blogger hope said...

Er, Chantrelle's link, my bad.

At 13:19 Blogger One Sock Short said...

Well, since I'm unlikely to have the "disgustingly cute" inflicted on me in person, I'll join in the happy thoughts ;-)

(Should that change somehow, I'd have to come over all spinsterish though.)

Heck, Lorraine's evasiveness about Lady Z gave the game away ages ago. The giddy photos were just confirmation :-)

At 13:25 Blogger Jane said...

Well, I had wondered about Boss and Ms Palmer in the past year or so, and then saw the photos with her on horseback, him walking alongside. Those pictures said it all, no additional words needed, IMO.

At 13:26 Blogger Jane said...

Aveda smooth infusion - thumbs up from me, too.

At 13:33 Blogger Beez said...

Jane- yeah, the glowy/beaming bit was a giveaway.

I am glad that you approve Q, it would be difficult all around if you didn't. This way everyone is happy.

Now, the bees- you can do it! Have faith in what you've learned and remember- these are the STONERS, so go smoke 'em!

At 13:37 Blogger Beez said...

....well, not literally smoke 'em. That would be unpleasant.

nevermind :P

At 13:45 Blogger spacedlaw said...

And the bees might object.

At 13:47 Blogger Phiala said...

Smoking bees... licking toads... whatever.


At 13:49 Blogger spacedlaw said...

Inhaling bananas...

At 13:50 Blogger Marjorie said...

I thought one did smoke bees, to keep them calm and quiescent?

At 13:54 Blogger Beez said...

corn silk

At 13:55 Blogger Beez said...

Marjorie- Yeah, but not rolled in papers or in a bong.

At 14:01 Blogger Na said...

Bobina, I'm happy I could give you a lift!

Coincidentally I got one from a client this morning, who made some very nice comments/recommendations about me, personal and professional, to a writer with whom I'll be working. Made my week.

Um, if the bees are stoners, surely they don't need additional smoke?

And for cats outta bags, the hand tousling the crazy hair did seem like Something. Yay for people being happy. The world can always use a bit more of that.

*speaking to inner cynic* Take that!

At 14:02 Blogger Na said...

corn silk?

At 14:07 Blogger Marjorie said...

Beez, if they were rolled into an actual bong and smoked they might get pretty calm right before they burned..

Corn Silk??

At 14:09 Blogger Adri said...

Love the new hair, Q! I'm not sure it needs much of anything; I'd leave it shaggy and down and rocker-glam if it were me :D (and just scrape it back into a high pony tail if I wanted it out of my face)

It's looking more and more like I won't be able to make it to Fiendmeet because of moving schedule, but nothing is 100% for sure yet. I will be with you all in spirit regardless!

At 14:12 Blogger spacedlaw said...

Corn silk left in alcohol for at least two weeks will turn it into a medicine against infections of the urinary tract.
You could try to smoke it as well. If you're desperate.

At 14:17 Blogger Beez said...

I am giving away my (very long ago) sort-of rural youth, aren't I?

They - you know, them- used to say you could get high smoking corn silk. Of course, they used to say you could get high from aspirin in Coke too.

At 14:19 Blogger spacedlaw said...

Or from smoking dried banana peel (or is that just a French thing? Anyway: another urban myth apparently).

At 14:56 Blogger ariandalen said...

Smoking corn silk I've heard of, from my mother. This is the first I've heard of smoking dried banana peels.

At 15:00 Blogger Arwenn said...

Smokin' banana peels, see how it feels
Living is easy with ice cubes
The world is swimmin' with electric eels
Talk seriously to me brother
Smokin' banana peels, savin' the seals

-Dead Milkmen

At 15:19 Blogger Ticia said...

Reading the Spin article made me smile.

Happiness for everyone!

And I'm with Dan, some time in a bag with someone you fancy could be fun.

Back to the grindstone.

((hugs)) to all my fiends.

At 15:19 Blogger Beez said...

Title company says still no deed package from seller. May not be able to close on the 9th.


At 16:09 Blogger AletaMay said...

Fiends are delightful today!

At 18:26 Blogger Siri said...

Where'd everybody go?

At 18:44 Blogger vampi said...

i'm here, working away. my boss took a day off, so i'm running the fort alone.

still buzzzing about the sickening cute news from today. haha buzzing.

can't wait for rusian beee pics. i wonder what makes them different from regular bees. i can't wait to beee schooled.

At 18:47 Blogger Dragonsally said...

smoking bees would certainly give you a bit of a buzz!

Happy news day, makes me smile.

And yeah, bummer about David Carradine. Saw in the paper that Danny La Rue died a few days ago too -that makes me sad.

At 18:49 Blogger Siri said...

Whadda ya mean, working away? Day is done...gone the sun... well, not for another 2 hours probably, but I was just pondering how long before I can go to bed.

Getting up at 0'Dark:30 in the AM - 7 hours of training. I'm one of the trainers. 1st of 7 sessions between now and July 10 - 3 7 hour sessions, 4 4 hour sessions. And the fiends kinda in the middle.

7 blessed hours. I am so glad it is Friday, and not Monday.

At 18:54 Blogger Precision Grace said...

Love Princess the cat.

Would love the hair too if you weren't trying to make it look weird on purpose

you'd look really good with really short hair. ever had really short hair?

At 19:00 Blogger Siri said...

Oh, and Quiche, my dear, ummmm, yes, we know there's a show. There will be 2 shows and they will rock like never before, or you'll know the reason why.

We will rock you rock you.

Or you us.

One of the 2.

At 19:08 Blogger vampi said...

yes still at work. *sigh* i'm onthe west coast.

i am so ready to rock out when i visit. wheee:)(unicorn song)

At 19:17 Blogger Siri said...

Even so, Vampi - it's almost 5:30 there (I work 7 - 3:30, so I'm always out of there long before it's now where you are.)

(or something.....)

At 19:20 Blogger vampi said...

I don't even wake up until it's 7:30am. being at work at 7 would kill me. lol.

i am soooooooo not a morning person.

At 19:33 Blogger AletaMay said...

We'll all rock each other. Yup!


At 19:56 Blogger Beez said...

Met the neighbors on both sides of the new place.

In a word, fabulous. They are also so very VERY happy that it's going to be owner-occupied.

Also, there's a handyman on one side and a floor refinisher on another.

At 20:26 Blogger EmilyLady said...

I'm late I'm late I'm very very late ...


Okay. I admit it. I love the pigtails. I really do.

At 20:42 Blogger One Sock Short said...

An exciting evening of laundry here. Ummm, and that's pretty much it.

At 20:44 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...


Not to say done, but home anyway.

Now, a new post. No, it's not UP, I have to write it, greedy Fiends.

And ah my yes, I will rock for you.

At 20:53 Blogger One Sock Short said...

Oooo, beeezzz? Or at least bees?

Why I'm excited about bees, I don't know. I'd be way too scared. Hmm, maybe just answered own question. Bring on the vicarious life!

At 21:01 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Bees. But Blogger is thwarting me.

At 21:10 Blogger Fluffy said...

Fluffy here to warn Blogger to bee-have. Or else.

I was going to recommend Maddy as hair consultant, and predicted she would recommend a 'chi' straightener and some Aussie Sydney Smooth spray-in stuff (or similar.) At least that's what my 14-yr-old would say.

I never used hair product (except for Neutrogena shampoo) until a year or two ago when I cut my hair short in a fit of... something-or-other. Now I use mousse all over or a little hairspray on the bangs to keep it out of my eyes. And I actually blow-dry it once a week or so.

I loved the teenage tenors. Wow. What voices!

At 21:13 Blogger Fluffy said...

And my main requirement for 'product' is "unscented." Yeech to all that perfume on my head.

At 21:17 Blogger Fluffy said...

Oh, and the way to get those nice streaks of pure white - just don't die too early and you get them as your bonus. I've got them all over the place.

And Q., I think you can use a straightener as long as you avoid the white bits.

At 21:36 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Un-thwarted. New post it UP!

At 16:45 Blogger Cecily said...

Just to put in my 2-cents, I love the last of both sets. The pony tails are awesome!

At 14:32 Blogger Tammy Kirk said...

I don't know about "product" but a hair straightener can work miracles even on straight hair. Makes everything smooth & sleek. That said, pony-tails are much easier!

At 10:24 Blogger Xjaeva said...

The cat is cute but I think you're cuter.

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