Wednesday, June 17, 2009

We Have Hope!

In a typical moment of small town serendipity, I found Hope tonight! And her kittens! Three of them there are. It went like this...

I was sitting with Mariska, talking about Hope as we had heard someone nearby had found her and her kittens and taken them in, and didn't my friend Susan walk by with HER friend, who I knew some, and Mariska knew as SHE was playing for Susan's friends daughters wedding this summer, and I called out hello to Susan and chatted and her friend asked did I need a kitten as she had three in her garage, and darned if I didn't put it all together and , yes, we found Hope.

With me?

(For people new to this blog, here's the story.

They can't keep her, but Gayle has a friend who we think wants her, but can't take the kittens. We have to work this all out, but it looks as tho the story will have a happy ending after all, for our Hope. I am going to visit soon, and see the babies, and I will post pics. They look like Hope, I hear!

We will need to get Hope spayed, something I will need to take on, I believe, and don't think for a moment I am going to be shy about asking for help. (Say, if every Fiend coming to the gathering drops $5 into a hat, I think we'll be there. Call it a tax for Hope.)

If they cross my path, I will save them. Made that promise a year and a half ago. Kept it.

The Bees come tomorrow. Maybe. I think. They could at any rate. Woodsman Hans has built us a canopy as it is meant to seriously rain. Four more hives of Russian Bees, in four new hives.

I will wake early, with either a call from the post office, or to go for a ride.

Either way works for me. I have me some Hope again.

Edited to add: Just got this photo of the babies from their current "Mom"

Love and Hope and Millions of Bees,


At 21:15 Anonymous Anonymous said...


At 21:17 Blogger One Sock Short said...

Sounds like a plan. Only I want to call mine a downpayment on Hope, rather than a tax. That suggests hope is on the way. Or something.

At 21:17 Blogger Aline Martins said...

What a story, history, or as a friend would say HERstory ...
I wish I could do something to help Hope. but I am here sending all my good thoughts...

If there is anything I can do, from spreading the word, to help with positive thoughts, let me know!(can´t wait to see pics!)

as for the bees, and the will see, if it rains. it will be a laugh days
(hours, we are positive)later.
If it does not rain...consider all fiends are wishing the best!

good night and
nice surprises tomorrow!

At 21:19 Blogger Lyndyn said...

Cool...I was actually thinking about her a couple of days ago and wondering what had become of her...the two feral kittens that I was just about to nab have disappeared...I HOPE that someone like me beat me to to catch the mom and spay and release...there is a program here in Akron for that which is cool...

I can't attend Fiendom Come - but I'll chip in a fiver for the cause. :)

At 21:23 Blogger Dragonsally said...

Oh, I'm glad she and her kittens are safe and well.
They look adorable enough to find homes quickly.

At 21:23 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Added pics of the kittens I just got from the nice lady who is helping them currently...

Chantrelle, there is something you can do, give me $5 when you come for her spaying and the kittens vet bills.

And yes, even if you aren't comeing, I will take a fiver from you.

e-mail me. I'll send an address.

Thank you.

At 21:29 Blogger One Sock Short said...

Squee! Wish Phoebe didn't hate (I mean really hate) other cats.

At 21:29 Blogger AletaMay said...

Oh such good news! And such sweet cute babies!

I love that Hans made a canopy for the bees. You all seem to always find a way.

At 21:35 Blogger ariandalen said...

::sigh:: I took too long on my comment on the previous post.

Yay! The world looks rosy for Hope and her kittens. :)

Speaking of feral cats, I need to go feed ours.

At 21:37 Blogger Lyndyn said...

Kittens in a bucket! TOO CUTE!!

At 21:38 Blogger Beez said...

I want canopy pics! With beekeepers!

Of course I will chip in on the spay, and thank you for taking on the task. I am so pleased that the story ended up so well- the kittens are adorable, but no more babies is even more adorable.

At 21:39 Blogger Dan Guy said...

I know I say it often*, but BLESS YOU, QUICHE! Way to make a difference, and not give up.

* And not just when you sneeze.**
** Not that I'm remotely listening to you sneeze from across the continent with my spy satellite. Not remotely.

At 21:40 Blogger Dan Guy said...

Yes, canopy pics are needed!

At 21:42 Blogger Lyndyn said...

LOL @ Dan Guy...

At 21:45 Blogger Jess said...

Woot! \o/ What good good news. Ohmygod look at those little fluffballs. Sorely tempted. Really don't think I can, but-- oh-- just look at 'em.


No. Really can't. Current girls would freak. And there's not enough space for three anyway. Shall have to remit my Hope Tax and leave it at that. Sigh.

Enjoy the canopied rainbeeing tomorrow!

At 21:52 Blogger Jess said...

Gah friggin box of foddamn tick

At 21:58 Blogger EmilyLady said...

This is wonderful!

I will have my five dollars ready.

At 22:04 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

I always kind of assume Danguy is watching. All the time. If I wasn't so very crafty, this would be a problem....He sees what I wish him to. Oh yes.

THANK YOU all of you for the $5.

Anything I get over what Hope and her Kittens needs goes into a Jar labeled Hope.

For the next one.

You are all so generous to my Rescue Bengals, and my strays, I can't tell you how much it means to me.

At 22:04 Blogger ariandalen said...

Fiends are like a box of chocolates. You never know just which mix of spices you'll find in our brains.


At 22:11 Blogger Lyndyn said...

Fiends of a feather flock together. :)

At 22:11 Blogger Lyndyn said...

Oh...sent an email to your blog email, Lo.

At 22:31 Blogger Beez said...

For tomorrow:

I'm bee-ing in the rain, just bee-ing in the rain.
What a glorious feeling....

All together now! Chorus!

At 22:33 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

That was YOU on Twitter, Beez???? Snorted tea I did...

At 22:34 Blogger ariandalen said...

I'm bee-ing again!
We'll waltz down the lane
With a bee, bee, bee-ing refrain.
Just bee-ing in the rain!

At 22:44 Blogger Fluffy said...

Good thing you have a canopy. Now you don't have to ponder that eternal question: "To bee or not to bee, that is the question. Whether tis nobler to endure the slings and arrows of outrageous weather orsomethingsomething..."

Sorry. I have three teenagers here now. I haz an excuse. finally.

At 22:45 Blogger AletaMay said...

I think that should be "stings and arrows"...

At 23:03 Blogger ariandalen said...

Fluffy, three teenagers is a reason, not an excuse. ;)

Fiends don't need no steenkin' excuses.

At 23:06 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Such mangled Shakespeare! I do approve..

And now to sleep, perchance to dream, says the purist..

At 23:12 Blogger Beez said...

I think of the canopy and all my little mind can see is some bee-related chuppah.

Mazel tov!

At 23:29 Blogger ariandalen said...

Aye, Ms. Fabulous. There's the rub.


At 23:44 Blogger Na said...


go Q and neighbors! wonderful news. and a bucket of super adorable, healthy Hope kittehs is awesomeness. i'll be happy to contribute to Hope.

lovely way to end the day, reading all this. happy Hope and kits, and funny, funny fiends.

At 00:16 Blogger gaypet said...

A canopy? Mazal Tov!

Ah, Beez. Ya beat me to it. :D

At 00:20 Blogger Dragonsally said...

Ah Beez. If I could draw, that's a picture I'd do!

At 00:34 Blogger spacedlaw said...

A bucketful of kittens (or of mischief int he making)!
How cute.
I hope they all can find good homes.

I'll bring some $ for the spay and vet bills. Just remind me...

At 00:34 Blogger Karen B. said...

Yay for safe Hope & her kittens.

Will have to send email, as cleverly going to Mpls. this coming weekend and not the one after.

At 01:02 Blogger Fai Fai said...

I would take all of them if i could but I'm joining the army this fall and no pets in the singles barrecks :(.

At 01:05 Blogger Marjorie said...

Huarrah for Hope!! What lovely news to wake up to! (Good Morning, everyone)

I had been wondering how she was, and whether you had seen her again. And I shall be happy to add to the Jar-of-Hope, when I get there!

Soooo, Dan - if you are not listening remotely, you are doing it directly - you *did* perfect that matter tansporter after all, didn't you?

At 01:31 Blogger Ms T said...

Kia ora (yes, that would be one of the NZers de-lurking)

Loved the picture of the kittens - reminded me of when I went to visit (note: that's visit, not pick out) what turned out to be my kitty. All the way there I kept repeating "All kittens are cute. You don't have to take one home. All kittens are cute." Yeah, that worked. :)

Harking back to the previous post: if you want to buy an island, you might want to take the climate into consideration. Phillipines - closer to the Equator; New Zealand - closer to Antartica. Just saying.

Time to run for the bus...

Ka kite (See you later)

At 03:27 Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would name them Pandora....

I'm currently on a mission to save a 9mth old kitty
The keeper is moving and discovered
no cats
said kitty has F.L.......
trying to keep him from shelters....
owner questions disclosure.
I say, honesty = good.
but i worry for beloved 'Davis'.
keep us close please.

At 05:09 Blogger Dan Guy said...

Good morning, fiends.

I am looking forward to bee updates today.

At 07:35 Blogger Phiala said...

No time, no time. But ticky box nonetheless.

Q, there is a Very Important package on its way to you, and you are under No Circumstances to open it before next Friday evening. I promise there is nothing alive in it that will be harmed by delay.

Repeat: No opening! *grin*

At 08:38 Blogger louisa said...

Those kittens are too cute!!! So very glad they are FAR away or I'd be tempted to take all three and never ever ever stop cuddling them.

Way behind on comments so for now just a quick ::wave:: as I grab a bite of lunch. I've heard rumours that next week will be back to normality.

At 08:52 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...


HUGE rain came thru at 6 and woke me, took forever to fall asleep then I slept too long. No riding this morning, sadly.

Still waiting on Bees, last time I didn't get a call, they were just THERE when Merry Housekeeper went for the mail. ABout 15 minutes and we will know...

Here's a Bee Blog by the Birdchick:

At 09:08 Blogger Ani said...

As if I could say anything in response to a picture like that but "Awwwwwww! So cute!" I wish I could take some kittens in, but for now I am just going to pitch in to get Hope spayed. So glad she's in good hands!

At 09:12 Blogger Ani said...

::pretends to stamp puddles and generally dance around her office like Gene Kelly, but with bees::

At 09:15 Anonymous Marla said...

Michigan cat-loving follower would be happy to contribut $5 too - should I email you? Pay Pal you?

At 09:29 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Many thanks! I am not doing pay pal as I don't want any monies getting mixed up with my monies, so post a fiver to:

3208 W Lake St #419 Minneapolis MN 55416

I think I am taking Hope and her babies tonight. She needs an indoor space to recover from her spay.

At 09:36 Blogger Hellie said...

I wonder if the post person will be perturbed that they are carrying a parcel that bzzzzzzzzzes?!

Are you going to give the baby kitties names?

At 10:17 Anonymous Wendy Withers said...

I'm so glad that things worked out well in the end with Hope.

I think that a small miracle occurs every time a needy kitty crosses your path!

At 10:44 Blogger hope said...

Oh the cuteness of the bukkit kittens, swoon. And how wonderful that Hope and family got rescued!

I send a fiver for The Other Hope. :)

yerseester, I am beaming you BEST BEST BEST adoption vibes for your FL+ kitty. I've had several FL+ cats adopted out, and they are all still going strong, with no symptoms. Two are together and 9 years old, one is the very loved and much petted resident cat at a hospice for HIV+ peeps, where MY seester volunteers.

So wonderful to have good news first thing in the morning, and I am confident that the Russian bee-ing will go well.

At 11:03 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

I am taking Hope tonight, and her babies...Blog with pics after 8.

At 11:09 Blogger DataGoddess said...

Gorgeous kitties!!

Husbeast and I will pony up $5 each next week - yes, he is coming with me. And at some point I'm sneaking off to meet my sweetie and one of his other sweeties (who lives in Minneapolis) and introduce him to Husbeast. Only time I'll get to see him before September, so I'm taking advantage of him visiting while I'm there for Fiendom Come :-)

At 11:33 Blogger hope said...

Hey, should the envelope be addressed to "Hope Fund?" or The Bee-Bengal Alliance? Or?

At 11:56 Blogger vampi said...

drive by tick boxing...

HOPE! <3

At 13:03 Blogger mistressmousey said...

I'm with AletaMay - "stings & arrows" all the way.

Also - one never truly loses Hope, just misplaces it for a while. Glad you've found her. And Kittens-In-A-Bucket! I love that you do a little for every one that comes into your life. Would that more people were like you in that regard!

Also, I'm stuck on the line "tee hee. He said 'do it with the hive tool'"

At 14:51 Blogger Marjorie said...

Just got home after a really crappy day at work, and all these comments made me smile. I have decided not to dismember anyone today, after all. Is it really too much tp ask that a fellow professional, in a professional setting, should act, y'know, professionally??

At 14:58 Blogger One Sock Short said...

Marjorie - Well, good on you for coming to the professional conclusion that dismembering them would be a bad idea. But I will also "grrr" in sympathy with you. Hope your evening helps to make up for the day.

At 15:55 Blogger Fluffy said...

Marjorie - you can't dismember anyone; remember madam, you're British! I mean, really! It's just not done - terribly rude (not to mention pushy) to start hacking off limbs.

If **ahem** you do succumb to the temptation, however, remember to pour yourself a new concrete patio to conceal the evidence. I hear that's How It's Done in the U.K. According to my friend Gretta, anyway. She has stroppy cousins in Manchester, so she should know.

It's too hot outside. Summer in Texas. Who knew?

Was tortured by trainer again. Cute little blonde named Abby. She sounds like a sweetheart, right? What has she got against my poor quadriceps? I know for a fact they never did anything to her.

Aaargh. Also the right hand (I think I'm gripping one of those infernal machines too hard.) It's ice, ice, baby for me the rest of the afternoon.

And why has that 20 lbs. not begun it's disappearing act? Hmf. Where's my chocolate?

At 16:09 Anonymous Wendy Withers said...


Sorry you had such a crap day. Reading this blog has made many of my crap days a lot brighter; I'm glad you have the same experience.

When I get extremely mad at my coworkers, it helps to think of how they'd fare in the impending zombie doom. (You can substitute your own word for zombie. I.e., impending sentient robot doom, impending bunny doom, impending tribble doom, etc.)

Another thing I do when I'm down and out is get a haircut. My hair starts to oppress me when it gets too long. Last night, my sister cut a good five or six inches off. I'm very happy with the results. If I have enough time, I might post some pics after the gym on my LJ.

At 16:38 Blogger Marjorie said...

Fluffy, you're right. It would be most unseemly to dismember anyone to whom I had not been formally introduced.

I am feeling much less stabby now. It's amzing what a cat, some fiends and a nice cup of tea can do for you.

Wendy, I think this particular person may in fact already be a zombie.(they aren't that socially aware, are they?)

It's getting late. I think i sahll go to bed.

Tomorrow is Friday, isn't it? all day?

At 16:46 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Going home early tonight to get ready for Hope and her babies! Need to set them up some cuddly spots.

And let Venus and Mim know what's happening. I fear that.

Friday doesn't seem like such a cool thing for me, it means I have work all day, followed by gig, for two days in a row.

Now Sunday, I may well be OFF.

And yes, blog with Hope and Kittens pics tonight!


At 18:39 Blogger Chantrelle said...

OK, i'm home.

What'd I miss since Monday afternoon? :)

At 18:57 Blogger EmilyLady said...

How was it, Chantrelle?!

At 19:00 Blogger Chantrelle said...

It was great, ben is asleep on the floor just inside our back door :P

At 19:38 Blogger Chantrelle said...

these sum up the time at the cabin pretty well:
At the Creek

Eating Marshmallows

Climbing rocks

I mostly sat and read. Something I don't get to do very often these days!

At 19:41 Blogger EmilyLady said...

Oh my ... how very very cute he is! ...

At 19:43 Blogger One Sock Short said...

Sounds like the perfect vacation to me!

At 19:46 Blogger Chantrelle said...

It was lovely. Just hte recharging I needed before flying out to the in-laws and the fiends!!!
I was getting mad at ben for silly things that shouldn't get to me, I just needed a break and my dad and stepmom gave it to me. They must have pushed ben on the swing for a good few hours when you add it up over the 3 days!

I have no idea what has been happening in fiendland. Haven't gotten through posts or comments yet!

At 19:51 Blogger Dragonsally said...

Ben looks like he had a lot of fun Chantrelle!

Phiala, you do know that I'm going to be as curious as heck about what you sent Lorraine now, don't you!

At 19:51 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Hope is home! With babies!!!!!!!

Blog soon!

At 20:01 Blogger Beez said...

That looks like perfect vacation stuff for mom -and- son.

*waits for Hope-n-babies*

Watch out for storms tonight all of us in Twin Cities and Quichieland.
They're predicting (up to) 3" hail!.


At 20:02 Blogger One Sock Short said...

Well, Chantrelle, looking back it feels like it's been a really quiet week. But that's probably just my abysmal memory. Lots of countdowns to the FiendFest.

The big thing for me has been fiends encouraging me to write a bit, since I was bemoaning my lack of a productive (and outward looking) imagination. I probably bemoan too much here in general, so privately writing is a very good idea for me, I expect. Got a couple of the suggested books and wrote a couple of little things so far.

Now, of course, we're all just waiting for new-found Hope. And bees.

(A break from loved-ones can be a very good thing. I could go on and on about that one, but I won't for now. Glad you had a chance to refresh yourself.)

At 20:15 Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for yer good thoughts!

At 20:20 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Storms are coming!

And so is the new post...Shortly...

At 20:41 Blogger Siri said...

Having only read the post, and none of the comments, I say I'm always willing to chip in for a Hope Tax. Be sure you have a hat, Q.

At 20:46 Blogger Chantrelle said...

This would be a good hat ;)

At 20:50 Blogger Siri said...

OK, now that I finished the comments - not a hat, but a jar.

Chantrelle - welcome back.

Marjorie - don't you do anything that will keep you off a plane next week.

Today was into work at the usual time, but staying 2 hours late, after finding out I royally cobbled up part of the big assignment, because I was not born with the knowledge on how to build forms. All will be well. No one died at my work, either. My brain, on the other hand, is nearly fried.

Waiting for new post. Tap Tap tap.

At 20:56 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

And the new post is UP!

At 07:44 Anonymous Kneazle1 said...

Fantastic, same happened with my cat, we were sitting in the front room watching Doctor Who when we heard mewling and the tinkle of a cat bell (I hate bells on cats almost as much as people de-clawing them, how are they supposed to fend for themselves if anything happens, Kneazle could only eat out bins) and in walked this skinny little cat, three days in the trot she came round and on the third day decided to stay (in the wall of our kitchen). She was about a year old,and not spayed as we found out on a trip to the vets due to the small matter of her pregnancy. Unfortunately she lost the kittens but the vet said that this was probably a good thing as she was so undernourished and small that she probably wouldn't have been able to look after them. No-one ever claimed her and a year and a bit on she resides mainly on my lap or our bed.

At 12:42 Blogger spacedlaw said...

Tonight, in the honour of Lorraine, I am baking quiche!

At 13:10 Blogger Jess said...

Tonight, in honour of Lorraine, I am, erm, going to try out my new gutter when the thunderstorms arrive. They finished just in time.

Classy, eh? :D

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