Friday, October 2, 2009

Still Sick But Still Here...

Today was sort of a wild one. Lots of things I hadn't been expecting. Good thing I learned at some point how to jump a dead car. Very useful skill, and I should tell you, it is not half as scary as I had always thought. You really can't kill yourself. Well, maybe you can, but you would have to work at it.

Found my camera. Where I had left it, oddly enough. I can't take pics of the new bathroom tho as I had the Destroyers pull the evil old sconces out, and then the overhead burned out in a flicker of Doom. So now it's sort of, well, dark, it being night and all.

Lots of Twitter talk about Comfort Books, and being sick this week I am all over them. Betsy-Tacy, Laura, Spenser, Modesty Blaise. May go for some LOTR, Pern and Noel Streatfield soon. Where do you go?

My poor brain is failing me. Sill sick and today was a long one. Lots coming up this week, Miss Kitty is coming, hurrah! Honey Harvest on Thursday with Birdchick. Gigs next weekend, again hurrah!

I just heard Lady Gaga is going to tour solo. (more hurrahs)

It's Homecoming Weekend (threw that in for Miss Maddy, who is beyond excited about this, tho I am not personally involved beyond delivering shoes, socks, money and chocolate today, being the only one with a car for a while there)

It's cold here now, and last night, Little Queen Mab slept with me for the first time.

And I just went into the kitchen and found this:

Got to love the weekend.

Love and Life,


At 19:35 Blogger DataGoddess said...

Hope you feel better!

Yay for Queen Mab sleeping with you! Thats sweet :-)

At 19:38 Blogger LA Smith said...

Photo of cat in a pan is priceless. I hope you're feeling much better soon.

At 19:39 Blogger anna j said...

I like Venus in the tub with Skelly, "What are you looking at?"

Feel better.

At 19:47 Blogger Chantrelle said...

Eek! Pan fried Mim! (that is mim, yes?)

Time to start up Monsters vs. Aliens for the boys!

At 19:47 Blogger Chantrelle said...

Oh, and hope you're on the mend!!

At 19:48 Blogger Chantrelle said...

dammit, and ticky box. Geez...3 posts to say nothing much!

At 19:48 Blogger One Sock Short said...

Mim! Are you out of your furry little head?!

Yay for snuggly Mab! Kitty snuggles are good for a cold.

Can't ticky box on the phone, so it's harder to keep up right now. But you do have a very readable mobile devise style sheet for your blog.

Same old, same old here. Hoping to feel well enough to go see Richard III tomorrow.

At 19:49 Blogger Aisha said...

I feel like that last picture deserves a caption.

"ALL cats hang out in skilets. We just decided to clue you in. Shhh... it's a secret."

I don't do lol cat speak, really.

At 19:54 Blogger Ticia said...

Out of the frying pan...

Sorry, just couldn't resist, :)

OSS - Hit "preview" then "edit" then tick the ticky box. THEN hit "publish". :)

At 19:55 Anonymous Lisana said...

"Steak! I shall have it!" says the lovely Mim(?) in the skillet!

How could I forget Pern in the #comfortbooks? Shame on me!

I do hope you are feeling better soon!

Oh, and hello for the first time, as I delurk. I have been following you on Twitter for a few months now and reading the blog. I found you via your boss' Twitter, naturally!

At 19:57 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Welcome Aisha and Anna Banana and LA Smith! Loving new Fiends I am...

That is Mim in the frying pan. No idea what her thoughts were...Maybe cats DO hang out in skillets?

It just hangs on, not totally sick, but not well. Tired and coughing mostly. Long day tomorrow, but Sunday looks nice for Day Off.

At 19:59 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

And Lisana! Welcome to you too! The Fiends here are very welcoming and we love new people. Do not be afraid.

And I should say they GOT steak tonight, Never too sick to cook steak in the evening. Heads would roll, most likely mine.

Pern is always good for comfort. (love it that of course you all know it)

At 20:03 Blogger Chantrelle said...

One of my comfort books is coraline...not sure why it's comforting exactly! Don't want to overthink that one.

At 20:12 Blogger Dan Guy said...

So glad that Lady Gaga will be touring on her own.

I am so tired...

At 20:18 Anonymous Lysandwr said...

Someone say something about a party?

Party in a Pan!!! Yippee!!!!!!

(Pan-Fried Mim? Hotfoot Kitty Witty Shy shy....okay, now I clearly have been taken over by the fever again.... back to drugs.)


that would be "Friday Night Loser On The Computer With Vitamin C And Ibuprofen Also Watching Flash Forward"--can I get some Joseph Fiennes love here, Fellow Fiends?

At 20:21 Blogger One Sock Short said...

Gave Ticia's hint a couple of tries, but no joy. Ah well.

Comfort reads. Hmmm. Fairy tales of all kinds. The Maude Reed Tale, by Nora Lofts (I think I got the author right. Maybe Norah). Boss's Death books, lately. Pride and Prejudice.

At 20:23 Blogger Dragonsally said...

"Can I have some privacy with Skelly pls?"

Smiley photos, I loves them.
You have reminded me...I have a new Pern book here to read. I can't believe I haven't devoured it yet.

We are a very weary household here. Many loads of washing and much cleaning being done. Shiraz's poo drabbles continue, and we're not sure why. This didn't happen after the last operation.
I may google how to make a doggy nappy/diaper thingie I think.

At 20:34 Blogger Adri said...

Comfort books: Bridget Jones's Diary (and, of course, Pride and Prejudice) is a big one for me. I'll have to think of kids books, in particular, later.

Right now, party prep!

(well, first, shower)

At 20:43 Anonymous kali_licious said...

Skelly looks lovely in the tub. Love the picture of Venus and Skelly in the tub. Mim in the frying pan just makes me shake my head. LOL.

Sorry to hear so many of the Fiends are ill..I'm in that grey area myself, being not-quite-sick and not-altogether-well.

I have a lot of comfort books..Bosses' books, Charles de Lints', Steven Brusts' Taltos and Khaavren series, Borderland/Bordertown/Life on the Border, and Tom Robbins' Skinny Legs and All and Jitterbug Perfume.
Oh, and LOTR.

At 20:50 Blogger Siri said...

Jane Eyre for me. It takes me out of this world, totally.

Weary myself - 3 yr old and 15 mo old and 88 yr old who didn't wear his hearing aids - all together for 2 days, plus the mom who doesn't get to talk to adults often and the strong silent dad. It's hard on a hermit.

Still watching Ken Burns National Parks - recommend it highly for anyone who likes nature even a little bit.

At 21:01 Blogger dragonbec said...

The skeleton in the tub rules. I love the body position of the cat in the frying pan all arched up, combined with the expression on her face is priceless.

At 21:30 Anonymous Lysandwr said...

kali--you have EXCELLENT taste. Of course, Fiends in general do. IMHO.

But I hadn't thought about the Borderlands (and War for The Oaks, too, for that matter)in days. Probably because my copies are packed.... will have to see if the odd interestingly wee local bookstore has any of them.

And Pern, too, of course! We've been discussing just what defines genres in class recently, and Pern fits more definitions for Science Fiction than Fantasy.

of course, one could just not try to pigeonhole one's fiction so much :)

At 21:34 Blogger Chantrelle said...

My neighbor brought over these angel shaped cookies she made for her son's catholic school (we're great friends, she's an awesome catholic) And Ben says "Oh Cool! Ghost cookies!!" heh.

At 21:39 Blogger Beez said...

I NEED a new copy of War For The Oaks- best wait until the move is done though or it will be lost in the Bookpile of DOOM.

I think my comfort book are Pratchett- they are like a fuzzy warm comforter for my brain.

Feel better Quichie. The evil plague has struck at the fellas here @ home. Me? I got it over and done with early. I am the cooker of soup and bearer of medicines :P (and listener to the wails of the dying- I swear, one more and I will be composting them myself- without benefit of them dying first).

ahem. You don't hear the Women doing that. Usually.

At 21:43 Blogger Dragonsally said...

Seeing that I missed the chatter about comfort books on many other Pern fans watch flocks of birds reeling across the sky and wish they were dragons winking in and out?
my favorite daydream.

At 22:16 Blogger gaypet said...

Ha! I actually had a cat that would pee in the frying pan on the stove.

At 22:18 Anonymous Kate said...

Hello all - and so sorry for fiendish illness that is hovering.

Our favorite cold remedy is something called Mojo de Ajo - Saute a few cloves of crushed garlic in olive oil, add chicken broth (homemade and full of chicken schmaltz if you've got it but a box of stock will do), season with cayenne pepper, add in a julienne of whatever veggies you've got hanging around, bit of chicken if you made stock, and rice or pasta leftovers.

Garlic - chicken - cayenne - can you say "achoo'? Just great for what ails you and get your mojo working. Feel better, all!

Hilarious picture of Mim; love the kitty hanging with Skelly.

Confortbooks? I love Pern but I don't go there for comfort. Jane Austen (shocker) and a three children's books called Voyages to the Bunny Planet. "Far beyond the moon and stars, twenty light years south of Mars, spins the gentle Bunny Planet, and the Bunny Queen is Janet."

At 22:20 Blogger One Sock Short said...

Oh, now I'm tempted to unpack and reread my Pern books. Down girl! No time!

So, Lorraine, when does Lady G come to Chicago? :-)

At 22:22 Blogger gaypet said...

LOTR is the ultimate comfort reading for me.

At 22:22 Blogger Kate said...

Comfort books: The Secret Garden, Sherlock Holmes and James Herriot's books, lately. Sometimes I just read bits of books- the happy sections of LOTR, the Thornfield chapters of Jane Eyre, and the Hounds of God chapter in The Graveyard Book (No, I don't know why *that* should be comforting).

People have been suggesting the Pern books to me for a while. Someday I will read one.

Love skillet-Mim on tippy toes.

Tub-Skelly needs a name.

At 22:26 Blogger vampi said...

awesome pictures:D
anne rice (surprisingly the mayfair witch series)

At 22:31 Anonymous Kate said...

I echo OSS...

When DOES Lady Gaga come to Chicago?

At 22:59 Blogger Na said...

These pictures are so making me laugh! Was Mim licking the pan?

I'm so tickled so many love Pern, too! Some of the first speculative fiction I ever read. Two particularly are comfort reading for me: Dragonsong and Dragonsinger. And do you all know of the two CDs of Harper Hall songs? Ms McCaffrey worked directly with the musicians. Here's a linky link. I have Masterharper of Pern and love it, haven't heard the new one yet, but covet it. Hello, my name is Na, and I'm a nerd.

I have so many books I want to read, I don't need to reread anything for a long while. But tonight we started a family reading night, reading the Harry Potter books. Decided I need to do Voices.

Sally - best wishes with poor Shiraz. Maybe it's a delayed reaction to the anaesthesia?.

Healing thoughts to all you sickies. ;) I'm astoundingly lucky not to be sick this week. The week that lasted a year.


At 23:02 Blogger Na said...

Oh wheee! I was 33.

Meant to add... welcome, newly delurked fiends! watch for ariandalen...

At 23:22 Blogger AletaMay said...

Hmmmm... What's for dinner!

Hope everyone is feeling better. I seem to be.

It is writing weekend again. Not only was there some writing done but earrings were made and converation of lovely depth and meaning were had. Also fiends were explained. I go to sleep happy

At 23:27 Blogger dabbler said...

Oh how I love you, fiends. Not only did Lyndyn talk about 'Rain Makes Applesauce' on FB, and reassure me that we are not the only family in the world to have read and loved it, but now Kate mentions The Bunny Planet books, which are still on my 18-yr-old daughter's shelf....

Other comfort favorites: William Mayne's Hob books, a book called the Secret Castle about a castle that only appears every 100 years, Flumpdora the Fairy, a wonderful dragon, and Mica, who has been exiled to wait for the castle's return. Dorothy Heyer, Manning Coles... I could keep going, but enough. It's late.

Such joy to find other who love the books I love. Nerd here, too....

At 23:28 Blogger dabbler said...

Oops. And Lorraine, feel better. I'm there too, and looking forward to a long lazy day in the midst of unfinished projects tomorrow. Well, maybe not looking forward to the unfinished part...

At 23:32 Anonymous Lysandwr said...

Na, you crack me up! :)

But inspire me, too...Hello, my name is Lysandwr and I'm a nerd :)

Watched Star Wars today (in lovely Science Fiction Film class--I hate school) on a fairly good sized screen and realized what a difference such a viewing makes. Decent sound system, too. (Tho of course NOT remotely THX)
We have arguments over whether or not the dialogue is good or "merely" memorable, but everyone agrees--in our class, anyway--that Star Wars is comfort food for the soul. In a easy, microwave popcorn sort of way.

So what movies are your #comfortmovies?

I know Fiends aren't total Literate-ists; literacy required doesn't mean cinema aversion, right?

PS Fab-- Now, getting back to the ever so briefly mentioned dead car. Why do I think there's a story in this? Inquiring nosy Fiends Want to Know!

At 23:45 Blogger Dragonsally said...

Ohhhh, thanks for the linky linky goodness Na.
Anne McCaffrey was my first novelist addiction. Its how my username and dragon obsession came about after all.
I have everyone of her books - now looks like I have to get me some cd's too.

At 00:33 Blogger Chantrelle said...

g'night fiends!

At 00:38 Blogger Na said...

Ah, "Dragon Sally." *nods*

I do wish fire lizards were real.

Can't think of other comfort reads nor films at he moment. :( Lately my biggest comfort thing is listening to favorite women singer/songwriters, and singing along.

Lys, I'm tickled to have cracked you up!

Should put up the 'puter for the night. Seriously thinking of getting out Dragonsong now.

Happy weekending, all. Anyone looking at the full moon tonight? We saw it rise bright and clear, over the spruce trees to the east.

At 01:48 Blogger Uisge said...

Moon Festival moon. Lovely.

Missed the virus, but pulled my back instead. I think the kitties orchestrated it as a way to keep tabs on me.

At 02:49 Blogger spacedlaw said...

Looks like Mim want's a frittata...

Get better soon (Kitty should be used to taking care of you by now, but you girls could do so much more if you were your alive and kicking self).

At 03:11 Blogger Kate said...

Lysandwr- Star Wars are total comfort movies. The original trilogy are the only movies my husband and I own to which neither of us will say, "Nah, pick something else." We've watched them more than anything else, and neither of us are particularly big fans.

At 05:01 Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cat in skillet is too funny. Good luck with the harvest. Do you have labels for your honey? Do you need one? If so, that would be a fun design project.

At 08:06 Blogger EmilyLady said...

I KNOW! The weekend! WHOO!

Okay, I'm recovered. The weekend tends to make me the teensiest bit giddyish. Maybe. And comfort books are every bit as awesome.

At 08:28 Blogger Phiala said...

I think the Harper hall trilogy were the first books I bought myself, with my own money. (Spending money was rare; books came from the library. I worked, but bought my own clothes and such.) Haven't reread them in ages, but still have those battered and beloved paperbacks.

Right now I'm rereading some Discworld and some Miles Vorkosigan (but alas, the library doesn't have all of either, and most of our fiction is still in boxes 5 years after moving).

Q, sounds like you and I have the same lingering affliction: tired, coughing, but not actually sick sick. Will maybe try to rest up some this weekend and see if I can kick it. (Right now, ensconced with cat, dog, coffee, laptop!)

At 10:41 Blogger vampi said...

oh lys i like the comfort movie idea.
i agree the original trilogy of starwars is comfort movie quality. i don't think it is so much the quality of dialogue, as it is the skill of the actors delivering them that draw you in. you want to have these people as your friends. you want to be a part of the resistance.

and i can say with in arms reach of my bed i have: nightmare before christmas, empire records, trainspotting, and army of darkness. all of which i consider goto movies. i'm not sure what these movies say about me, i'm a bit scared.

At 10:43 Blogger Chantrelle said...

Looks like mim is trying to *be* a frittata!

I woke up in a bit of a panic, at 6:55am, realizing I hadn't set my alarm (supposed to go off at 6:55) and jumped up and got in the shower and not until 1/2 way through my shower did i realize it was saturday and I could go back to sleep!

At 10:46 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...


Little Queen Mab is sleeping with me now, third night in a row! And Magic has only peed once this week, since we cleaned last Sunday.

Taking my cough to work now.

At 13:13 Blogger dabbler said...

g my cough at home, good luck with that! My old lady cat has decided she's a snuggler over the last few days. Nice. Maybe it's the weather. Col here, and we are putting off turning on the heat as long as possible...

yesterday Adventure complained at me in the kitchen, I checked all the usual failings (food, water, door?) None of those were what she wanted.
"Well, what then?" She gave me a LOOK, lead me to the living room and sat down in front of the woodstove expectantly!

No, I didn't light it then. Not til last evening.

At 13:20 Blogger Unknown said...

Sort of into comfort books today myself, it being gray and cold outside and me a bit wobbly from flu shot - Holmes and the classic Phyllis Cerf Wagner Great Tales of Terror and the Supernatural work for me. Nothing like a little MR James and a warm cup of tea.

At 16:43 Blogger Bulfinch's Aglaia said...

Glad you found your camera, M. Fablo, as your pictures are always the best. Coughing down here in the south as well -- and it does seem to be hanging on for too long. Hope you are better soon! (Hi, everybody. You are in my thoughts...)

At 16:49 Blogger Ticia said...

Hi all!

I have a free day! Why do I always initially panic when I have a free day? I'm having so much fun!

(Too boring to share, but I'm relaxed and enjoying it) *grin*

I hope you're all enjoying your day as well.

At 18:04 Blogger Siri said...

Grace!!!! Feel Better, loveling!

At 20:36 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Tomorrow's day off took a left somewhere today. It's now be up at 4 for a really narley early airport run. Not excited about this, but emergency averted.

I am very proud of my airline skills.

At 20:40 Blogger Phiala said...

You do have incredible airline skills, but 4am? It's making me tired just thinking of it!

At 20:49 Blogger AletaMay said...

Sorry about the 4 am. Yicks.

At 21:58 Blogger EmilyLady said...

PAing must require a certain amount of Airline Skills. Am I right?

At 23:21 Blogger ariandalen said...

::snort:: Mim in the skillet...she is SO busted! ::chuckle::
Sorry you have to get up so no-effin' early in the morning, Ms. Fabulous; however, averted emergencies are excellent things.

Pern...I remember waiting impatiently for _The White Dragon_ to come out in paperback. I was in high school. How many other Fiends know that there is an international group which does Pern role-playing? I've never been a member, but I did meet a member around 18 years ago. Most of the role-playing was done online, but occasionally members would get together, dress up, and eat and drink Pernese food. Believe it or not, I met him due to his interest in the S.C.A., and I was the local seneschal at the time.

"Star Wars: A New Hope" was the first movie I saw more than once in the theatre. We own the original trilogy on VHS.

Even my daughters call me a nerd. :)

At 23:27 Blogger ariandalen said...

Hi, LASmith, anna banana, Lisana, and Aisha! Welcome to Fiendom! I'm sure that with very little effort you will each find a lovely white, buckled jacket, and that table over there is just loaded with supplies for personalizing your jacket. They are ever so stylish, and often come in handy. Have fun! :)

At 01:32 Blogger Chantrelle said...

Just sent this to Q on twitter but sharing it here too, Lady Gaga was on Sat. Night Live tonight i guess...saw it on youtube.

At 01:32 Blogger Chantrelle said...

Good night all. I will try to remember in the morning that it is the weekend and I don't have to wake up early.

At 02:47 Anonymous kali_licious said...

Q, hope you get to go home and sleep after your Crisis Averting Quest. That's a heck of a redeye.

Aww..thanks Lys. I have a copy of War for the Oaks right next to my Borderland books.:)

Comfort movies?? Well, the Star Wars trilogy is a good one, but I shockingly don't own it. Hmm..Much Ado About Nothing, Frida, Monsoon Wedding, and Margaret Cho's I'm the One That I Want.

At 04:17 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

4am is not morning. It is full on NIGHT. No way around it.

Can't say I am filled with JOY exactly this moment. But whenever I get back, SNL will be on my TV. Any time I wish it today.

I love my DVR. And my tea.

But not much else at 4 batshit in the middle of the night.

At 11:15 Blogger Martha W. said...

William Butler Yeats!

"To a friend whose work has come to nothing"
"When you are old"
"Who Goes With Fergus"

At 12:01 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

ONE Fiend since I woke at 4???? Hmmph. Must be Sunday.

At 12:03 Blogger vampi said...

confirmed, it is sunday. i am being a lazy lump watching topgear

At 12:15 Anonymous Lysandwr said...

Sunday. Sleeping in after exhausting Mythbusters mini-marathon last night. Including episode where they fuse two plates of metal. Right here in River City! er, that is, New Mexico Tech. I love this school....

Oh, sorry to rub it in w/the sleeping in part. Hope you were able to back to bed for a bit after the ungoddessly early airport run, Q!!

At 12:48 Blogger Na said...

Yar, Sunday, although I've been working for several hours (no complaint, Q! grateful I could sleep a normal sleep) and now taking a fun break on the computer. Monsters are watching their kin vs Aliens, and we're planning an outing to the comic shop.

And winter has begun to settle in - chance of "mixed precip", i.e. rain and/or snow, for today. Have happily discovered that the furnace still works just fine, knock-on-wood.

At 12:52 Blogger Kitty Cat said...

what exactly IS she doing in that pan?, asks Kylie.
i want King Lear to sleep with me, and hopes for no peeing on guests.

some of my comfort books? Lolita by Nabokov, Three Musketeers by Dumas, Valley of the Dolls by J. Susann and The Talisman by King/Straub...they each scratch a perfect itch...

At 12:53 Blogger Ticia said...

Na - "Their kin vs. Aliens" ROFL

Q- I'm sorry you you up before you could properly fall asleep.

Naps and tea and TV seem to be the order of the day.

At 12:57 Blogger Kitty Cat said...

yeah, i will be doing the dark-thirty o'clock manana, good thing BF Drew is a non-complaining champion of airline runs.
anything I can bring my Quiche?

At 13:00 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Kitty, I will arm you with Steak, and you will win Lear over. Maybe.

I don't know why Mim was in the frying pan. She is on the fireplace now. Go figure.

At 13:14 Anonymous Lysandwr said...

Wait, I have to say this!!

(am I first? am I first??)

Mim is: Out of the Frying Pan, and Into the Fire!!!

meandering off, childishly chuckling w/glee. Doesn't take much, these days......

At 13:17 Anonymous Lysandwr said...

Okay, so technically that would be *on* the fire, not in it... but picking at nits will only bring on scabs.....(little voice: "ewwwww!")

At 13:25 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Did you really says that Lys? I am very proud of you!

And hey, Dawn wants to talk to you, she misses you. Remember, the leather booth in Arizonia? Can you send me your e-mail again? My computers have been melting down...

I wish I had company for all the chores I need to do for my company tomorrow. I am failing to find excitement in them.

At 13:31 Anonymous Lysandwr said...

Awww, you are too kind blushes, humbly bows, accepts bouquet of roses from small child...NOT! :)

Seriously, about Dawn? That's really cool, as I've been thinking about her recently. Um, no, couldn't say why (psycho, I mean psychic link? things that make you go "hmmm...."

Anyway.... hope you enjoyed SNL, if you've had the chance to see it all yet. And I'll send you several email addresses to play with, pass on, whatEvah.

Have fun this week w/Kitty, btw! I have a ton of homework put off, plus we start the move, so won't be on much (it's always something) but I will be thinking of the two of you (seven of you?) and shading ever so mildly green....

At 13:31 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...


Spooky Cleaner just called and asked if I wanted her to come over and work and help get ready for my company!!!!!!!!!

Might be my karma from this 4:00am airport run?

At 13:32 Blogger spacedlaw said...

Crumbs. You beat me to it, Lys...

It's Sunday (nearly WAS) and tomorrow I am off to Paris (and hopefully going to see Jason Webley on Tuesday while I am there) so I got busy cooking food for Cesare for while I am away. (Sometimes during the day, we noticed it was our anniversary today. Fancy noticing something like this.)
Must prepare bag. Bleah.
Drink a litle vodka in hopes it will clear my headache too.

At 13:32 Blogger Phiala said...

Q, I would be happy to come help, but I'm afraid we wouldn't get anything done.

That, and I'm a thousand miles away.

At 14:09 Blogger Marjorie said...

Hello, just back after a weekend away for a family party. GReat fun, but now very tired.

Comfort books (coming late to the party)
Persausion,Georgette Heyer books, Lorna Hill's 'Sadler's Wells' series, American Gods,DWJ, the Earthsea books - Elizabeth Goudge (esp. A City of Bells)

I love the pern books but they aren't the ones I turn to when I am ill of miserable and want something familiar for comfort.

At 14:10 Blogger Marjorie said...

box of ticks...

At 15:36 Blogger EmilyLady said...

You and I can be partners in nerddom, Ariandalen. Only I've never actually seen Star Wars. Only Star Trek. You guys know me.

Blood glucose went down to thirty four today. I've been so absurdly low lately it's not even funny (seriously. Sometimes it is. Not now).

At 17:29 Blogger Siri said...

Ah, sweet Emily - all I can think to say is Have a Cookie.

Stay well

At 20:05 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Things are starting to get a little surreal, been up too long. This morning seems some days ago, and tomorrow is early.

Cabel goes to the U of M vet early, and then Kitty comes for a week.

All good. I wish I had my camera to take a pic of sleeping by the fire Bengals right now, total realax, but I think I left it at work. Why is it so anxious to get away from me?

At 20:07 Blogger Jess said...

I am so late to this party. Mr. Jess and I have been on a friend's air mattress all weekend, when we weren't in a car. We am brain dead. But:

1. Mim on a platter! Okay, a frying pan. Either way, heh!

2. Star Wars Marathon = Yes.

3. I like Miyazaki films for comfort viewing. But for a book I seem to like LOTR like everyone else. Spent an entire Christmas break in bed with that one, once. Very good for flu. Also Virginia Woolf's orlando. I don't know why. It's just beautiful, and unexpectedly funny.

4. Ariandalen, re: the Harridan song. Hee hee!

5. Q, I'm glad the Bag Game was a hit! Woot! \o/

6. Hello new peeps and happy weekend everybody.

The end. Bed now.

At 20:29 Blogger Dragonsally said...

*waves madly*

hi all.

Hope you get some decent rest Q.

Spoke to Shiraz's specialist -it seems her poop problem is a rare side effect from the epidural. Lucky us, we seem to have won the un-lottery.

At 20:50 Blogger Ticia said...

Poor Shiraz. Poor Sally :(

I haven't done this in a while, so this is for Lorraine and anyone out there who needs it.

I wish a restful night for all. Breathe out all of the stresses of the day and breathe in the deep relaxation of a slumbering baby. May the fairies dust you with magical sleep. Let your dreams fuel your imagination and recharge your body. Awake refreshed and revitalized to greet the day and the week.

Sleep well.

At 20:54 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

That was beautiful, Ticia, and I thank you....

At 20:55 Blogger Ticia said...

Why thank you, and you're welcome.

At 20:58 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Well, it's true. Sometimes someone says the perfect thing. I am so tired I almost want to cry and can't exactly sleep. Long long days.

We've all been there. And comfort is a good thing.

At 21:00 Blogger Chantrelle said...

Hugs to you tired girl. You did good :)

At 21:07 Blogger Ticia said...

Comfort is the best thing. ((hugs))

And just cry if you need to. Sometimes we just need to get that energy out.

You are an amazing woman. Amazing women get overwhelmed with life at times.

Long hours and lack of sleep can be wearing.

As you said, we've all been there.

One more ((hug)) for good measure.

At 21:12 Blogger AletaMay said...

Beautiful blessing Ticia.

Sleep well Q, and yes, crying can be a good good thing.

I am hoping for a better night sleep myself.

At 21:23 Blogger Ticia said...

Thank you Aleta!

Sleep well...

At 23:52 Blogger Chantrelle said...

Happy thoughts to Cabal tomorrow!

My friend Sarah had her surgery on friday and the growths they found were benign! She got to keep all her internal lady parts and no more chemo or radiation. Yayyyy!! Finally she got some good news!

Now to watch the last episode of season 3 of dexter so we can start season 4!!

At 00:35 Blogger Ticia said...

Chantrelle - I'm so happy Sarah has some good news at last. What fabulous news.

At 00:47 Blogger vampi said...

i am so happy to hear that! continued prayers for smooth recovery.

advance scritches for cabal, amd continuing scritches for calvin and shiraz and any other FLF in need of scritches.

At 01:12 Blogger Marjorie said...

Good Morning, all.

So good to hear that news about Sarah, Chantrelle - must be a huge relief for her & her family.

I hope Ticia's blessing worked and all who needed it have had a good night's sleep.

I have half a day at wrk today, then off to London this afternoon in order to go to Jason Webley's show this evening. Still very sleepy after a weekend of travel + family party, so hope I can stay awake for the music.

Good vibes for Cabal's trip to the vet, and for Shiraz's swift recovery.

At 07:29 Blogger Hellie said...

Oh Marjorie, look forward to hearing about Jason Webley - I didn't go to see him on Friday; only found out at lunchtime & felt I should socialise with work peeps as I'd already arranged. I tried to persuade them they all wanted to go see him but it didn't work. Boo.

Comfort books also LOTR & Earthsea. And The Snow Geese by William Feinnes, I must've read it 100 times. If I am having trouble sleeping, I read a little Rachel Carson. I find her style so soothing,can just drift away into her descriptions of nature, just lovely. Although I will be trying Ticia's blessing from now on, that's so sweet :)

At 08:08 Blogger EmilyLady said...

Goooooooooooooo Quiche.

Some evil deity trying to murder me. I cannot BELIEVE what's going down (literally) with by BG's. Fods.

At 08:48 Blogger ariandalen said...

Yay! for help showing up right when you need it, Ms. Fabulous. :)

That is wonderful news about/for Sarah, Chantrelle! Here's to her continued recovery without any more scares.

Emily, I think that you'll find "Star Trek" to be a doorway to nerddom. I remember when it was on the air during primetime, though I couldn't watch it because it was on after my bedtime. Granted, I also already had comic books and was reading Greek and Roman mythology. I even wore glasses. Okay, so the glasses were replaced by contact lens in junior high, and I now need reading glasses in addition to my contacts. :)

Safe journey, Ms. Kitty!

At 08:54 Blogger EmilyLady said...

I was a nerd before Trek, actually. Long before Trek.

At 10:05 Blogger Hellie said...

Apparently I am a geek. (Soundly beating my bf at LOTR trivial pursuit in just over half an hour apparently qualifies me for geekdom, according to my work friend!) Is this different to a nerd?

At 10:56 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Cabel did nto go to the vet today, took one look at my inbox and talked to Boss and realized there was no way I was going to the cities for a 10am appointment. He'll go next week after Boss goes to China.

I'll still have as much work, but the time zones will be pretty wonky.

What else? Hurrahs to everyone going to see Jason Webley, you are going to LOVE his show. Wish I was there.

Right, now I have to go into the office, and then to pick up Miss Kitty, who will be here for a week of love and fun and work!

At 13:37 Blogger ariandalen said...

Hellie, it is my understanding that there is a difference between nerds and geeks, though the definition of geek has changed over the decades. The current usage of "geek" has to do with technology and using said technology, usually electronic. My husband is a nerd and a geek, while I am not much of a geek. I can use a computer and access the Web, but he can set up networks and keep them running, program the six straight computers in the house to work on the network, as well as programming the TiVo and Wii to work with the network.

I'm sure other Fiends can comment, and do so more clearly. :)

At 14:07 Anonymous Anonymous said...

No more being tired this week. Forces of nature do not get tired.

At 14:58 Anonymous Wendy Withers said...

I feel half alive again!

I woke up this morning and grabbed a shirt and an exercise tank/ sports bra out of my "clean clothes" bin this morning. All day, I've had a vague cloud of cat-pee-scent around me, but I can't pin it down. And, I've changed clothes. I don't know if it's my sinuses acting up or if I actually do smell vaguely like cat pee.

It could also be must from the washer or dryer... :/

At 15:57 Blogger spacedlaw said...

I'll endeavour to take pictures of Jason (if they let me at The Klub), so you can enjoy the show vicariously.

At 19:00 Blogger EmilyLady said...

Ticky box. Not dead yet. Isn't that GREAT?

At 19:03 Blogger Chantrelle said...

I see kitty has arrived! Yay!!

And glad you're still with us Emily!

My house is covered in legos...well, the floor. And most not assembled. The house *actually* covered in legos would be way cooler.

Dinner...soup i everything-in-the-fridge type tonight i believe.

At 19:11 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Yup. Kitty is here and we are loving us some Spooky House, with fire, and Bengals....

At 19:11 Blogger ariandalen said...

Very glad you're still alive, Emily!
Not so great that your BG levels are wonky. :(

Yay! for Ms. Kitty arriving in Minnesota safely.

Chantrelle, we had much the same type of dinner.

At 20:01 Blogger Dragonsally said...

Emily, I am really glad you're still alive.

Chantrelle,I want a Leggo house now. How much easier would extensions and renovations be?

Kitty and Quiche -enjoy!

At 20:22 Blogger EmilyLady said...

Go Kitty, go Quiche. I love the whole Kitty-and-Quiche deal. Kitty-and-Quiche. Heehee, it's fun to say.

Think these nights up with the lows have made me the teensiest bit delirious? Mmmmmm. Maybe. Could be. Might be. Still alive, though ...

At 22:12 Blogger Fluffy said...

Comfort books: #1 is Pratchett, but when life is wound too tight and I'm really about to lose it I read PG Wodehouse. Bertie Wooster! The Jeeves and Wooster videos are great. I should record that theme song for when I'm completely frazzled and just play it and the Harry Potter movie music over and over until I chill out. Books, though: also Pern, Georgette Heyer, and Louise Rennison - her books are fuuunnny. It's nice to listen to the Pern and Pratchett books on audio, too. Hmmm. Miss Read and The Darling Buds of May (books or video.) Then there are at least a dozen writers from my childhood that I go to as needed. Take once per day before bedtime.

Movies? Disney feature cartoons, definitely. Oldies like The Philadelphia Story or Bringing Up Baby, and Groundhog Day, which is my favorite. It's nice to think of being able keep doing a day until you finally get it RIGHT.

It makes me feel all warm and cozy just thinking about these things.

At 22:20 Blogger Fluffy said...

Also - The White Horse by Elizabeth Goudge, Sunshine by Robin McKinley and three mystery writers: Tony Hillerman, Dick Francis and Donna Leon. And on reflection I think my number one comfort book of all time is going to be Nation by Pterry. It has such heart.

At 22:23 Blogger Chantrelle said...

Apparently I must check out these Pern books!

Made yummy broccoli rabe and great northern bean soup. Love cleaning out the fridge and getting something tasty from it.

Now to get ben to sleep (he and his dad are reading tin tin right now) and then watch last night's Bored To Death episode (FUNNY show!)

At 02:02 Anonymous kali_licious said...

Fluffy I forgot the Philadelphia Story! That's one of my comfort movies too, along with Auntie Mame.

At 07:20 Blogger Hellie said...

Thanks Ariandalen, that makes me a nerd then, I'm rubbish with technology!

Sally, there was a lego house going spare that you could have had but it's been demolished now :(

At 08:28 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Morning. Raining. Dark. Cozy here. Off to the airport soon.

Lear and Mab were curious about Kitty, steak helped.

At 09:02 Blogger EmilyLady said...

Gee Chantrelle, I don't think we've ever cleaned out the fridge and gotten something "tasty" from it.

At 09:12 Blogger Erin Underwood said...

I'm so good at disappearing when I get stressed! But I'm back. I hope everyone is doing well. :-)

I just found out that A. Palmer is going to be playing with the Boston Pops on New Years Eve. I think I must attend! Is anyone else thinking of checking out the Boston music scene for New Years Eve?

At 12:44 Blogger Marjorie said...

Jason said 'Hi' to you, Q.

I have photos and a couple of bits of video amnd will be blogging as soon as I have time. Absolutely loved the show. I want to go again, now.

At 15:31 Blogger EmilyLady said...

It's cool when the Fiends make the rounds and then share what they caught on camera.

Okay, do you know how often I get people spouting nonsense about how easy it must be to be home schooled and how lucky I am and how awesome it must be to slack off and laze around all day? I can't flipping believe how much I just got done. If that's not studying, I don't know what is. And if that's not studying, I am not going to university.

At 18:10 Blogger Dragonsally said...

Hellie! James May! he's my favorite. *fangirl gush*

I note he cheated in the house though, it had a wooden frame. But still - awesome.

At 18:10 Blogger Siri said...

Hip Hip Hurray!!!!! I just found my own Merry Housekeeper!!! WOOWOOWOOWOOWOO!!!

I hate housework. She's going to be WONDERFUL!!!!

Now I can eat dinner and smile all the while!!!

At 18:14 Blogger Dragonsally said...

That's excellent news Siri. Nothing like a clean house to lift the spirits - especially when someone else has done the work!

At 18:29 Blogger dabbler said...

Still looking here...but internal progress is happening, so perhaps external shall follow apace. Congrats, Siri, well done!

At 18:32 Blogger dabbler said...

Doing a great job of earth-motherness, though. Made delicious butter, have the elderberries for my own blend of virus/bacteria fighting elderberry elixir, and have two tinctures sitting and steeping in a deep dark cupboard. Fun.

Time to build a fire, and watch some Leverage with DD, methinks.

At 19:57 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...


Erin, nice to have you back!

Marjorie, thanks! Jason does some really good show, doesn't he? Amazing performer he is.

Siri, you will NEVER regret this.

Dabbler, you are WAY more together than I am.

Just home, really long busy day, going to be that way for the next week, I am thinking. LOTS of work going on.

Nice to have a Boss back and a Kitty here tho! I made the best salsa tonight for Mexican night, all from the garden.

Or what was the garden. It may not stop raining until Friday. When we get snow.

At 20:07 Blogger dabbler said...

Ummm. Nope, no way could I do what you do, oh fabulous one. I marvel at your skills, and honor your achievements.... and wish you much joy and fun mixed with your busy week!

At 20:12 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Well, not to sure about that, tho it is fairly chaotic some days.

Venus tried a leap from one counter to another and MISSED the thing, hot the dry food tin, took down the cuting board and exploding knife and scared five years off Mim!

She is still sulking under a chair. I had to bring her Fancy Feast and fresh steak. That she ate, but she won't come out.

Kitty is staying with the Boss tonight, so we are on our own here. Lear doesn't like this as Kitty was WAY into the hand feeding of chicken and steak.

I am so very tired.

At 20:19 Blogger EmilyLady said...

So my mother was thinking of the Fiends tonight as she watched the MN Twins on the baseball network. She wants to know if any of the Fiends are following. She's a baseball junkie, sooo ...

At 20:21 Blogger Chantrelle said...

That's the sport w/ the stick and ball right? The goal is just to go home? ;-)

At 20:40 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

I like baseball , Emily, haven;t the patience to watch on TV, and we have no outdoor stadium. Baseball should be outside.

Tho not perhaps tonight. Isn't this late for it? Thought it was a summer game...

At 20:42 Blogger AletaMay said...

I'm following the game on line Em. I only like them this time of year and this close.

At 20:44 Blogger AletaMay said...

I should also say I only started following this game about 30 min. ago when I heard it was in extra innings.

At 20:51 Blogger vampi said...

quiche, regular season ended and now we are in the post season. i don't like watching games on tv, i love being there

At 20:54 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Has the World Series happened yet? Who won?

At 21:18 Blogger Siri said...

No world series yet. Twins won a playoff game to win the division. Division play starts this week. World Series is at the end of the month.

Emily - tell your mother I understand.

I loves me some baseball!

At 21:24 Blogger Jess said...

Don't think the World Series has happened yet. That's the end of this month, or something like. (Are the Indians out? That's what I want to know. The Pirates being out is a given. They need more Willie Stargell, but he's gone.)

Yikes on the failed jump. She's unharmed?

True story: when my folks' cat was a kitten, he and I were having a game of Paper Shopping Bag in the basement. There's a big old steamer trunk down there. So at one point Cat began to run inside the bag. Cat and Bag shot across room, headed straight for the steamer trunk. Wham. Noise like a coconut falling out of a tree. Cat staggered out of bag with little cartoon stars and canaries wheeling around his head. Spent rest of that evening checking his little head for cracks. But he was fine. We laugh now.

At 22:11 Anonymous Lysandwr said...

Q--Baseball added a whole extra round of playoffs, essentially, when they threw in that wild card mess. So now the post season starts a minimum of one week later than it did, and sometimes more.


The game I love has changed so much. Still smarting over interleague play. Happens now multiple times a season; used to be called the World Series. :) Kinda makes you wonder what the point is.....

At 22:59 Blogger Na said...

Blessings on all who dwell here. ;)

Hey Erin!

Baseball I have totally lost sense of, except I know the World Series is in the fall.

Football on the other hand -- having married a dyed-in-the-wool Steelers fan, I have learned to appreciate NFL bouts. I root for the Packers, myself. Last night's game was exciting! /understatement

Today a rather important realization dawned on me regarding my new job: I am the person on whom all the messes and problems come to roost. It is my job to get it all sorted. And there's a backlog. Holy buckets! There are aspects of Fun and Empowerment to this, though Overwhelming is beginning to make an appearance. What I also learned today is that if you walk away from your computer for a moment or ten, you really can ignore all the fires long enough to breathe a few good long deep breaths. And I'm thinking that for all that, it is yet a sample of what PAs do.

All this talk of comfort movies and books; the monsters and I watched some of LotR tonight, up to when our heroes from the Shire meet up with Strider, and learn he has no use for second breakfast.

At 00:30 Blogger spacedlaw said...

Yaaadadiii, yaaadadaaa, yadadidadidadaaa... (this was brought to you by a major Jason intoxication).
You were right, Lorraine, the show was amazing. So much fun too. The two supporting acts were quite nice as well. Too bad that most of the people at The Klub chatted through them. Mind you, they shut up for Jason so that was good. My voice must still be sore from all the howling.

At 01:52 Blogger Marjorie said...

Did Jason have you all spinning around with your fingers in the air, and hugging each other, Nathalie?

I'm sensing from your comment that the Drinking Song may have been sung...

At 02:07 Blogger Ticia said...

Marjorie, he did that when Chantrelle and I saw him in San Francisco. He really is one of the best live pergormers I've ever seen.... And he engages the audience in such a personal way. Everyone who can should see him.

At 02:24 Blogger spacedlaw said...

Yup! Drinking song, finger in the air spinning, hugging, roaring and singing.

At 07:07 Blogger Dan Guy said...

Apropos of the title...

Nathan got us up Saturday morning at 12:30am vomiting, then repeated the feat at 2am, 4:30am, 6-9am, ...

So we quarantined the family all weekend and sat around in our pajamas reading and watching BSG. Nathan stopped vomiting after 24 hours, so it was kind of nice.

This morning, Xander got us up at 3am with the same thing...

Hopefully, this will not hit each member of the family with a three day latency/incubation.

At 07:14 Blogger EmilyLady said...

Oh no! I'm so sorry to hear that, Dan Guy! That's so yucky.

At 08:13 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...


Loving the Jason Webley stories! His shows are so fun. I love artists where when people ask you "What kind of music is it?" all you can answer is "Theirs" He's great, hoping he comes back this way soon.

Danguy, oh not so fun, at all.

No Bengals have done anything odd yet today, but there is mewing going on, and it is early.

At 08:14 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Am going to try for a new blog tonight too, if only one that says "Gosh darn sure is one of those weeks!" Maybe I can get Kitty to take some pics for us at least.

At 08:26 Blogger spacedlaw said...

Good morning, ô fabulous you!
Time for tea.
I am ready to go back home (perchance to sleep).

At 08:33 Blogger dabbler said...

Phillies fan here, though I sure do agree with Lys about the expansion, wildcard nonsense, and all that interleague play. Really noticed that this year.

Phils play the useful hour of 2:35 pm. Turns out we have the smallest viewing audience for national TV, thus get stuck with the weird start times...Hmmm. Once again, the corporations make the decisions. Why am I not surprised.

I like this year's team... hope we can keep our bats awake and our pitchers healthy.

At 08:41 Blogger dabbler said...

And sympathy, Dan. Been there. Flat coke/ginger ale may help..but sometimes nothing helps but time. Here's hoping the chain of transmission hits some already primed immune systems along the path. Good luck!

At 09:52 Anonymous Lysandwr said...

Forgot to say; Jess had me snorting my coffee w/visual of kitty with cartoon stars and canaries.... I can hear the soundtrack now!

Danth--here's health unto your family... (visualize Elizabethans in pub w/many tankards....)

At 10:41 Blogger Chantrelle said...

Oh Dan, much sympathy! Ben's been home 2 days w/ snot and coughs which is no big deal really, puke on the other hand....ugh. I give ben these Chinese herbs when he gets a puking illness. 3 times in his life, and all 3 times the puking stopped w/in 30 minutes of taking them (when it had been going on a few hours and i forgot i had the damn herbs!).

Jason is amazing on stage. Can't wait for him to come back around this way. You're right Lorraine, I can't describe half the music i love these days (AFP, Jason, Magnetic Fields)...Boss has sure introduced me to some amazing music!

We leave tomorrow afternoon for Portland for my friends wedding. So excited! Wedding, Powell's, friends, Pearl Bakery...woo!

At 11:09 Blogger Jane said...

Calvin at the vet for chemotherapy, first one. Missing him, knowing they're taking good care of him...

Thanks for the Chinese herbs tip. Have fun at the wedding!

Na - that is one of my favorite parts of LOTR - good comfort movie in many ways.

Sorry about Venus and her leapfail; always scary until you ascertain injury or not.

At 11:10 Blogger EmilyLady said...

WOW, thanks for the awesome puke tips, Chantrelle. With the coming season and two brothers particularly prone to the puke-bugs ...

At 11:56 Blogger spacedlaw said...

Good luck with fighting the lurgy, Dan. I hope you won't ALL come down with it.

At 17:03 Blogger Beez said...

Other people who read Georgette Heyer?! My people!

*hugs* and good health (((vibes))) for all who need 'em, human and other.

Kid and...uh..Bigger Kid have been down with the whole croupy cold/flu thing, but are both some better. I can't remember the last time I made so much soup. Chicken noodle heavy on garlic and ginger, squash soup, tomato...I am the Soup Mom this week.

Quichie- Pro baseball in Mn. goes back outside where it belongs -next- season. St. Paul Saints for me in the meantime.

Twins landed in NY @ 4 a.m. this morning (Wednesday) and then play tonight I guess. I have U. coaches keeping me up-to-date whether I want them to or not.

Na- too funny. The fella is from Pennsyltucky(his term)and is a long-time Steelers fan, and I of course am a Vikings fan. Monday night's game was some fun. He said it's weird rooting for a team that actually wins.

Okay, back to packing and moving.

At 19:08 Blogger Jess said...

Heh! Beez, I thought hubby and I were the only ones who said "Pennsyltucky". :D

/red state masquerading as blue state blog

At 20:50 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...


A new Blog for you, my darling, patient Fiends...Go, and feed on it...

At 05:55 Blogger Phiala said...

LOTS of people say Pennsyltucky.

My other favorite description of the state: civilization on both ends, with Alabama in the middle.

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