Thursday, February 19, 2009

Look! It's Me!

Hello All!

Back and feeling fine, not so fun tho! Spent the day catching up with things and drinking lot of mint tea.

Proper post tomorrow, what's the point of having a shiny new website and not having new posts?

I am for a bath and then to explain to a grumpy dog that it really won't be very long before he gets to go out again.

Love and better,


At 19:01 Blogger Rubius said...


now... off to read the post

At 19:02 Blogger Rubius said...

Glad you are feeling better. Hope you have a lovely chat with the canine.

At 19:03 Blogger Rubius said...

You know, this is the only place I consider it to be worthwhile to post 'FIRST!!!!'... haha.

Now, I get to go home.

At 20:20 Blogger Jess said...

First, second, and third, no less!

If I'm very lucky, I'm FOURTH!!

Glad you're better! Go forth (heh) and Bath into Wellness.

At 20:20 Blogger Beez said...

*eyes Quichie*

You aren't actually turning into Zombie Quichie are you?

You know how bits will keep falling off....

At 20:24 Blogger AletaMay said...

Glad you are feeling better! Dog goes to dog-doc tomorrow, right?

Bath sounds good.

I am sorta brain dead today.

Ticky BoX!

At 21:49 Blogger Siri said...

We are a weary group of fiends, are we not?

Neck is better - I am not yet whole, but soon. Bed.

Night Fiendom

At 22:24 Blogger ariandalen said...

Glad your back up and about, Ms. Fabulous. Surely Cabal can wait until the vet says it's okay to run and play. Just explain that the whole leash only thing will last longer if he isn't good.

Okay. So that won't work really well. Here's to a good report from the vet! c\_/

Antihistamine time here. :P

At 22:44 Blogger ariandalen said...

It's just occurred to me what is missing from here. You don't have a "Links" page. Granted, you might not want a page full of links to other websites.

It's your site, Ms. Fabulous. It's all up to you!


At 01:37 Blogger Na said...

Hmmm. I believe the blogger gremlins just absconded with my comment as a midnight snack. Tricksie thingssss.

Ah well. Off to sleep. Glad you're getting back to betterness, Q! Ariandalen, take care of you.

At 02:22 Blogger Marjorie said...

Good morning, Quiche and fiends. Glad you're feeling better. It's a shame that you can't explain to Cabal that he will be able to play again soon, and that his Pack Alpha will be home soon.

Enjoy the bath.

(Ticky Box)

At 05:11 Blogger louisa said...

Morning fiends, it's a glorious sunny day and I want to be out playing ::pout:: Spring is springing, daffodils and crocus are beginning to open, love this time of year.

Hope the pup gets the all-clear today and can enjoy a good romp leash-free.

Jess, loved the poem yesterday, and the tiny art critic. Haven't got to check out the haiku's yet, stoopid work.

Right. Tea.

At 07:42 Blogger Dan Guy said...

This morning, on day five of a bootcamp spanning six twelve-hour days preparing for this certification exam, I finally figured out how it could possibly benefit me.

Dagnabit. I wish I'd known this from the start; I might have been working harder.

At 07:50 Blogger Jess said...

Goooooooooood morning. So who else is on Goodreads? Anyone? I have a feeling I missed some people.

So what's everyone up to for Friday? So far I've paid bills and sent the contract back to the gutter guy. Woohoo.

Louisa - heh! I love Tiny Art Director. I think it's my new favourite thing. :D

At 07:51 Blogger EmilyLady said...

Happy to know you are feeling better. Though the plague has now come my way and it is my turn to drink mint tea. Will Cabal be ready to roll in time for the spring days?

At 07:54 Blogger louisa said...

Jess, I'll see your bill paying and I'll raise you a conversation with my accountant.

At 07:56 Blogger Jess said...

What is it with this plague? Poor everybody. :(

Frankly, Dan, I think it says something about the quality of instruction (read: lack of) you're getting if they've left the useful information out till now. Hang in there! You'll do fine.

At 08:04 Blogger EmilyLady said...

It's the WINTER. With the winter tends to come the plague. I think spring really is coming my way, though.

At 08:59 Blogger Marjorie said...

Jess, Louisa, I'll see your bill paying & accountant meting and raise you a meeting about potential staff lay-offs...

At 09:08 Blogger louisa said...

For those of you who liked Jane Austen vs. Zombies, Pride & Predator

At 09:14 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

I found out yesterday something I thought has on auto pay was not, and they take you off the budget thing if you miss a payment, but do not TELL you this, so you find you have missed four payments, which are now HUGE..........Very irritating.

Especially when one is emotional already.

I cried. But the lady was really nice about it.

At 09:29 Blogger Jess said...

Oh, how sucky, Q. :( Glad everything got straightened out in the end.

I still make myself write checks for everything, and I stay away from the budget plans. It's a massive pain in the butt doing things that way, but the utility goons can't stick me with any nasty surprises. Can't count on them to tell you anything, except in really, really tiny print which no normal person reads. I hate that. You'd think they'd be up front about the important stuff.

At 09:37 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Yeah, they can nail you. I had a credit card jack the interest too, and had that on auto pay, but do they tell you this?

Silly fine print.

At 09:48 Blogger Erin Underwood said...

Q, they'll lower the interest % if you ask. I had to do that last month. Mine cc interest went up 8% because of one silly late payment due to my bank's automatic payment schedule not syncing up with Citibank. Argh!

Jess, I'm on Goodreads. I'm finding that I like it a lot.

Spring is coming........ I can feel it! I know it snowed today, but I know spring is coming. If I can just close my eyes long and hard enough, the next time I open them the trees will have bright, shiny green leaves.

At 10:04 Blogger EmilyLady said...

Sorry to hear about that, Lorraine.

Sometimes I just don't look forward to being an adult.

At 10:08 Blogger Na said...

I fold to Marjorie. Or maybe Q and bill pay hassle. That might be a draw. I only have a suited pair of crazy cleaning before realtors start showing the house this evening and an idiot property manager.

On the bright side, a I got homemade apple butter in the post yesterday, from a dear friend.

At 10:15 Blogger Jess said...

Found you, Erin! At least, I'm pretty sure it's you. I like Goodreads-- it's fun to look back over what I've read in the last year.

(And what has Jess learned? That her reading list has been rather limited. :D )

Credit cards are the worst-- our interest rate is something ridiculous right now, like 27 percent. But we always pay it off, so the rate doesn't matter. Ouchy in the short term, but better in the long run. Soapbox declaration: man, pay off that balance whenever you can, as soon as you can, or you'll be paying them cumulative interest the rest of your life.

At 10:15 Blogger Erin Underwood said...

Na! Apple butter is delish!

At 10:23 Blogger Erin Underwood said...

Jess, you have a nice reading list!

As for credit card craziness, it's killing me. We had to move my mom out to Boston when her house went into foreclosure in August. She didn't really understand that she should pack only what she absolutely needed and we would set her up with the rest. Well, she packed a ton of stuff, the moving company took it, and then called me with the bill. $7500. It's still on my cc. I can't pay it off and it's killing me every month.

Credit is dangerous stuff!

At 10:29 Blogger Na said...

27% Jess!?!?! That ought to be illegal.

Erin - yes! I am excited about the apple butter. But I want to make sure I have an appropriate bread to eat it with. My friend (whose name happens to be Aleta, but not Fiend Aleta) recommended oat bread.

Seems everyone is convinced that spring is on the way. But I was mentally prepared for winter-until-May, so am discomfited.

At 10:31 Blogger Jess said...

Thanks! And I've still got a ton of books sitting here which I haven't yet read.

Oh, Erin-- yikes. That's hard. :( $7500 seems really high, too-- holy crap. When we moved back here from overseas, it came to about $3000, and I thought that was a lot. Phew.

At 10:33 Blogger Na said...

Oh man, Erin. That's rotten. I know about credit card debt. I recently made an 8-year plan to pay off all our credit cards and student loans. Even though the credit debt is small relative to the student loans, I discovered that we're way better off focusing on the credit cards first - the interest rates make an insane difference.

At 10:41 Blogger Marjorie said...

I'll join you on your soapbox Jess - pay it off every month. Of course the problem is when you have one of those damn emergencies and have no options. I spend a good deal of my (professional) time digging through other people's personal finanaces and it scares me to death to see how much debt people have, and how litle they understand it.

I agree that it's worht contactign the CC company to see if they will reduce the charge/interest, Q - I only got hit with charges once (I got a balance over the phone, becaue I knew I was going to be away when the bill came, and it turned out the actual bill was slightly dffenrent, so I uderpaid by about £10, but of course they cahrge interest on the whole balance - they remved the interest charge when I phoned the, so it is well worth calling)

Erin - for $7,500 is it worth looking at getting it aas a loan instead of leaving it on the crdit card? I don't know whether it's the same over there but here interest rates on Credit Cards aer usually much higher than for loans, so if you know it's going to take a long time to pay of that may make better sense. But you probably already thought of that...

At 10:49 Blogger spacedlaw said...

And there I was wondering why there was no email...

At 10:50 Blogger AletaMay said...


I "understand" my debt -- but am at the same time in deep denial about it. It would frighten anyone looking into it. Me included.


At 10:52 Blogger spacedlaw said...

Glad you are back in shape, though.

At 10:53 Blogger Erin Underwood said...

Marjorie, I think it's time that I look into a loan. We're also paying $500 a month on my mom's rent plus paying for much of her food. So, the extra money to pay it off quickly doesn't exist.

Sadly, when she arrived she ended up throwing away boxes and boxes of paper, old dishware, and misc items. My mom really doesn't understand weight/shipping/cost formulas. Plus, she's got bone cancer and couldn't get up the energy to do more fine tuning during the packing. Don't ask me where my sister was during the packing... Grrrr...

I think we literally threw away $2500 in shipped goods that didn't need to be shipped.

At 10:58 Blogger Na said...

just saw this on boingboing.

At 11:20 Blogger Dan Guy said...

Lori and I were living right at our means for the first few years of our marriage, because my job paid so poorly. She'd had a little bit of credit card debt plus school loans when we got married and then every emergency caused it to balloon a bit. It was a constant black cloud hanging over my head.

Trying to stick to a budget didn't work, because my budget was always an ideal case and real world expenses were always higher.

Eventually I (1) started moving everything between 0% interest credit cards and (2) took away the credit cards and replaced them with a debit card to which a certain amount of money would transfer each week, matching our budget. And slowly we started paying down the debt. After a few years it was manageable, then I finally got a decent paying job and the signing bonus knocked out the remainder.

Which is just to say: I know how much it sucks. Just remembering it is making me feel sick to my stomach. It is possible to claw your way out of debt, and it can be a whole lot of work and really suck too.

At 13:36 Blogger Erin Underwood said...

Hey, I'm curious if anyone else caught Joss Whedon's Dollhouse last week. What did you think? It really didn't feel very "Jossy" to me.

At 13:40 Blogger Dan Guy said...

I did! I liked it well enough, and I'm looking forward to tonight's.

Keep in mind that last week's episode was one that Joss wrote at Fox's behest because they didn't like his original pilot. So I'm cutting him a little slack.

At 13:43 Blogger DataGoddess said...

I totally missed the new post, dang it *kicks email* I'm glad you're feeling better, Q!

Jess, I'm on Goodreads as Datagoddess (I know, what a shock). As far as I know, the only place where DataGoddess isn't me is YouTube (I'm datagoddess1 or somesuch) and MySpace (don't have an account). If anyone finds me anywhere, feel free to friend or otherwise say hi :-) I think I just found a bunch of you as it is, if you're friended by a strange Toni, that's me!

Oh, geeze, Q, sounds like a mess. And how stupid of them to not tell you until 4 payments were missed, sheesh! You'd think they'd realize that they get more money in late fees if they forget to tell you. Oh, wait...

Na, getting a house ready to be shown is *not* fun. We did it with a house we'd lived in for 13 years, I hope your stuff was a lot easier to sort through and get ready than ours was. And mmmm, apple butter.

Oh, Erin, ouch! That's an insane amount for moving! And stuff like that is why I'm already planning on what's not moving with us once Dan graduates - we need to replace the mattress as it is, stuff like that. Even if he has an employer pay, I'd rather get new once we're wherever it is we're going.

We used to pay off everything as the bills came in, until Dan was laid off and we didn't cut back on our spending. And had a housemate/girlfriend who took us for a ride (long painful story) added to the load. I was hoping when we sold the house we'd be able to pay the debt off, but we didn't make nearly enough on the house. Now we're just chugging through, cutting back as we can, and I'm hoping by the time Dan graduates we'll be out of debt. Other than his student loans *sigh*.

At 13:44 Blogger TommyB said...

Dollhouse just seemed a bit off. I'm with Danguy on giving it another chance, but much of the stuff seemed contrived (wouldn't you have locks on the door to the lab, so people can't just wander in?)

Hoping for more- we'll hang with it for a while and see what develops, but at this point I can't see what he's after. Hoping for more "La Femme Nikita" than "Bionic Woman", but we'll see.

At 14:05 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

I think I forgot to mention there WAS a new post.

Ever have weeks like this?

At 14:08 Blogger spacedlaw said...

Have them all the time.

At 16:37 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

I invented a new game!

New post is up!

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