Sunday, March 15, 2009

Freaky Venus And Madame Mim Go For A Walk...

I opened all the windows today, and the Bengals went into such serious Spring Fever, I thought I would take them out for the First Walk of the year. They have little harnesses and I wondered if they would remember them. Stupid, they are not. When I took them down, they both ran for the door in a cacophony of mews.

Venus wasn't real SURE this was ok, but that is sort of her take on most things that aren't lying on the floor with me or playing Featherstick. She has a suspicious mind, she does.

You may have heard that most cats do not take well to leashes and will not walk on them. No, really. Bengals seem fine with it tho. You can't exactly get your workout walk in, like with a dog, it's a little more rambling with lots of stops, they won't Heel. And if they decided they wish to go elsewhere, you go, or risk looking kind of silly dragging your now boneless Bengal along behind.

Adventure Kitty Mim climbs trees. Any tree. All trees. The shots I missed of Mim coming DOWN from her tree climbing would have made me a rich women. Going up, she is a graceful Leopard in the Wild. Down, not so much.

Venus got over her suspicions, and had a fine time, until my Neighbors 2 year old came by, and that was enough. Bolted for the door. She likes Mariska well, but anyone new could be Trouble, and she is gone! I let her in, and went back out. This was, judging by the HOWLS of Mew coming thru the open windows, far, far worse.

Thru the magic of my zoom lens (Am I a photographer or WHAT?) we get to see King Lear the Huge and Little Queen Mab, who also got in on some Window Action way at the top of the house. Sadly, tho Magic got a Window as well, he declined to be photographed for tonight's post.

Love and Leash Walking,


At 19:32 Blogger Stardustgirl said...


At 19:34 Blogger Stardustgirl said...

Whoo! And I read the entry too. :-D

Walking cats seems a lot like walking terriers: lots of stopping, they wander where they want, and in Jack's case tree-climbing is attempted (usually in pursuit of squirrel).

Obviously I need to work on my Alpha Dog Skills this summer.

At 19:38 Blogger Siri said...

Still see some snow, Quiche, but spring isn't far away!

At 19:42 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Hi Stardustgirl! I have learned Dog Skills myself this past year. Alpha is important. With Bengals, you are more of a Servant. Or Minion.

Siri, well, yes, the driveway is still drifted, but I am SO going to take my trash out tomorrow, feeling a little white trashy as it were, with the bags piling up. Neatly, but STILL.

Why does it say Lorraine Java Script Void after my name??? DANGUY!!! This is you, I know it!

At 19:43 Blogger EmilyLady said...

Splendid tales of the Bengals.

At 19:43 Blogger EmilyLady said...

Lorraine Java would make for a cool name.

At 19:44 Blogger AletaMay said...

So Lovely! I especially love Mim in the tree and the Royals in the window.

Spring is such a wonderful thing!

DG -- Welcome to MN! Enjoy the tub!

At 19:47 Blogger Siri said...

Early night for me, Fiends, although I'd love to chat. I'm resting up for Tuesday...

Night, Fiendom

At 19:51 Blogger EmilyLady said...

Goedenacht, Siri.

At 19:53 Blogger Phiala said...

Yay bengals! Not caught up yet but reading frantically.

This week's weaving class went very well: long drive, short class, but much talking shop with other weavers and string geeks.

Next week's weaving class: many hours of teaching, shorter drive. (Not prepared yet! Ack!)

Right now: sprawled on couch with dog, cat, beer, laptop. Silverlock for after I tire of the computer. I am rereading this most wonderful book. Unlike most, it only improves with rereadings.

At 19:53 Blogger DataGoddess said...

Did Mim manage to not tangle the leash behind her, or did you have to do some detangling when she deigned to come down?

Are you going to try King Lear and Queen Mab on leashes?

Did Magic at least come watch the outside antics of Mim and Venus?

At 20:01 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

I love that image of "Dog, cat, beer and laptop" !!!

Data, I hope you like the hotel! Make SURE you tell everyone you are there to see Paula and Lorraine for St Pats.

As far as hooking up with everyone and identifying Fiends, why don't you all, say, wear GREEN? Then you will know.

Yes, that will work.

At 20:01 Blogger Ticia said...

Night Siri!

The pictures are wonderful. King Lear and Mab remind me of the Royal Family at Buckingham Palace. I expect a regal wave any moment.

Enjoy the tub DG!

Welcome home Phiala.

At 20:02 Blogger gaypet said...

Great pictures! Love the royals in the window.

I saw a woman walking a cat in downtown St Paul yesterday and thought of you. Glad you got out today.

At 20:03 Blogger gaypet said...

Ha ha! That's funny. All wear green. You're killin' me. :)

Green skulls maybe? That would work.

At 20:13 Blogger Phiala said...

Dog, cat, beer, laptop. I know how to spend an exciting evening!

With warm feet, no less. I have Complete Canine Coverage, and my toes are so very toasty.

Actually, I'm so completely exhausted that I haven't even made it off the couch to pee (and you all so needed to know that). Eventually I suppose I'll have to.

It was a long but very good weekend, and a looong drive home by myself (fortunately in good weather and no traffic).

And I think I'm repeating myself...

At 20:20 Blogger Ticia said...

Alright... I'm breaking the electronic connection early tonight. I've got to scrounge up some clothes for work tomorrow and it's my week to drive. Bleck!

Wish me luck. My energy levels are still low. And I look like a vampire (according to my husband) all transclucent skin and violet rimmed eyes. Sexy.

Colbert is tomorrow and St.Pat's will follow. What a wonderful way to start the week!

At 20:24 Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love the Royals surveying the Little People. Classic!
And thank you so much for assisting in the return of the term "minion" I have been working on that for a couple of years now. It is really starting to catch on, lol!
Glad the leopards had a nice adventure! The Dogs and I have Cat coming for three weeks tomorrow. Should be quite exciting as Young Dog has never met Cat. Yikes!

At 20:27 Blogger Beez said...

It sounds to me as if you know how to have a -perfect- evening Phiala.

mmmmm....Wearing of the Green. You betcha, just the thing.

*goes off in a corner with Gayle and snickers*

The girls look like they are mostly having a great time, but Mab and Lear look mighty wistful.

Maybe that's just me.

I know exactly what you mean about "now boneless" cats. A friend and I used to walk her cat. It usually at some point turned into Taking Chuck For A Drag.

At 20:28 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Mistress, you so make me laugh...

I love that, "The Royals" and that they are. I am pretty darn attached to Lear, darn EG's. I could let him go to the right home, but it won't be easy, and I am in no hurry. They came right to the windows when I called them today!

I think you Fiends should wander the ballroon in search of eachother, saying a random phrase to every person you meet. If they know what you are talking about, you have found eachother. Like:

"Are you one with the Bengal-Bee Alliance?" or "Did you come for the Quiche"

Good luck Vampire Ticia!

At 20:28 Blogger Phiala said...

Have traded Beer for Bed due to immminent danger of falling asleep on couch.

The cat accompanied me, though he has stopped for a snack, but the dog was too soundly asleep to care.

I believe I must turn off the laptop and try to get slightly caught up on sleep rather than internets ... g'night all!

At 20:30 Blogger Phiala said...

The random phrase thing sounds like a WONDERFUL party game. To be played in a large room full of unsuspecting victims, of course.

At 20:34 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Minion is a great word, Wicked, I use it often. I saw your comment on the last post, and THANK YOU! I commented back, but we are so gone from there now.

Good luck with Dog and Cat. Cabal, he is not such a cat lover..

"Taking CHuck for a Drag" snort!

Lear and Mab are wistful kitties. I call Lear "King Lear the Worried" a lot, as he tends to worry so. I will take the worry from his eyes.

At 20:37 Blogger Phiala said...

If anyone can reassure Lear it is you.

The dog noticed he was abandoned, and came to bed. The cat is doing one last patrol and will be here shortly. Both routinely sleep on the bed, or rather the dog sleeps on the bed and the cat sleeps on me.

And this time, really, sleep. Pleasant dreams to all!

At 20:40 Blogger Na said...

I am now imagining your home with a bengal or two peeking out each window.

Maureen! Happy belated Firbday!

At 20:42 Blogger Na said...

Going to get monsters to bed. Again. Seems like I just did this last night. But first, we're watching some Dr. Who. Ha ha; elder monster reading over my shoulder claims, "We're not going to bed. Evar."

At 20:49 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

'Night Mistress, see? You are stood up and abandoned...

Na, tell your monster..MMmwwwwhahahahah!!!!!

I want Lear to be happy.

And there are often Bengals peeking out of all my windows. People talk.

At 20:51 Blogger KTHolt said...

Wow, so pretty... Makes me want to get a couple dozen hours worth of tattooing done on my back. ;)

At 20:56 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Hi KT, I am getting a Venus (the silver spotted kitty) tattoo, complete with her sea green eyes! Not sure when, but Kitty's friend Hannah is going to do it for me.

My first! I always knew I would get one when I finally knew what I wanted.

At 21:01 Blogger dabbler said...

Well, I'm gobsmacked! Having only had domestic shorthairs of the "Hi, I'm your cat now!" variety (well, except one massively in-bred Siamese) I have always considered walking cats to be, at best, a fantasy. Learn something new every day!

At 21:03 Blogger dabbler said...

The Siamese would leap five feet straight up to try a get a bird off the ledge of the feeder. Never saw him succeed...

And now to bed. Have to talk to lawyers tomorrow about a workman's comp case. Have I said I don't do this? I really don't. Sigh.

At 21:12 Blogger EmilyLady said...

This sounds truly awesome, Quiche! That is really marvelous!

At 21:24 Blogger Dragonsally said...

Tysie has occasional walks in her leash - thing is she knows how to dip this shoulder, and roll that leg and bingo she is out of harness. Smart cat, mine.

The Royals do look so wistful - they want to walk in the sunshine too.

Quiche, your prospective tattoo sounds gorgeous.

At 21:26 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Well, the like it, and we have fun.

I don't think The Royals will ever be able to go out. One never knows, but the EG Bengals are very timid.

At 21:28 Blogger AletaMay said...

Will there be links and instructions for the webcast on Tuesday posted here?

At 21:32 Blogger vampi said...

wow! i had no idea cats had leashes. how cute.

what kind of terriers stardust? my parents breed airedales, no doubt who is walking who..hint it isn't the human.

At 21:34 Blogger AletaMay said...

We used to have a neighbor who always walked their Siamese on a leash.

At 21:42 Blogger Kitty Cat said...

the "out the window" shot is truly wonderful.
those Chicago royals!

At 21:45 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

I am sure there will be details, Aleta, I have no idea what they ARE but Dr Wicked will...

Kitty! Lear misses you and thinks you should come back soon...

Kitty drove with me to Chicago to save Lear and Mab, a truly epic adventure it was...

At 21:55 Blogger AletaMay said...

Just trying to spread the word!

At 22:00 Blogger Jane said...

No time to catch up with the reading but love love the photos. DH does as well.

At 22:19 Blogger Jess said...

Hee hee! I love that out-the-window picture, too. Big head, little head. :D

This post makes me want to put harnesses on my cats and take them for walks. Not sure how well they'd like that, though. Something tells me we wouldn't get beyond chasing them around the house trying to get the harnesses on.

At 22:36 Blogger Fluffy said...

I had one cat who loved riding in the car, walking (a short way) on the leash, and babies. She was deaf, which I think partly explains her liking of babies and cars.

She was named Woofie and was white with green eyes. I would put her in my lap and tool her around the neighborhood for a treat, and she'd have her paws on the door, looking out my window, purring and shedding happy clouds of downy (pthah!) white fur. It stuck to the upholstery like glue.

She really liked going out on her leash, but a walk to her was strolling until she found a nice bush, flopping down, then lying happily under it in the shade.

She wor a funny little thing.

At 22:44 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Little leashes and car rides for all!

Or something.

Fods, I am tired. I could go to bed. Hmm...Such an idea...

At 23:50 Blogger ariandalen said...

So glad the last two days have been great, Ms. Fabulous! Love the pictures of Venus and Mim about to step out the door, and of Their Majesties looking down from their window. Thank you! :)

I believe there are four of us that have declared ourselves non-Twitterpated: Siri, Kali, Dabbler and myself. ::evil grin::
Ah, the plans we may make without the whole world knowing...or not. ;)

DD1 pointed out that "DD" could also stand for Dragon Daughter.

I've seen "The Watchmen!" I really liked it, too. :) I haven't read the graphic novel, though I remember when it came out. At the time, I was buying my comics with DH's pocket change from the previous week. Unfortunately, I couldn't afford to buy one more title at the time. Now...I have little enough time to read books, and have stacks of books I have yet to read. ::sigh::

Hope you are having fun at the Inn, Toni!

At 23:52 Blogger Na said...

Monsters sleeping. Hee hee. Decided evil laugh was prolly not best thing before sleep for them. ;) Instead, I shall greet them in the morning with one.

Mmmm. I know what tattoo I will get someday. A uroborus, version dragon.

Tried once to put a harness/leash on my kitty. Pointless endeavor that was. She pulled backwards out of it in two seconds, then ran and jumped into my truck. Did like car travels just fine, though. Cats.

Just stopped by to say goodnight, I guess. Night-morning all! Sweet dream or good morning, as it applies.

At 23:54 Blogger ariandalen said...

Hi, Dragonbec! Nice to see someone else in Texas! Lots Fiends can also be found on LJ, too. It shouldn't be too difficult to find a nice long-sleeved jacket with lots of buckles for you. Size isn't a problem.


Aaaaahhhhhh! Nice and spicy!


At 01:26 Blogger spacedlaw said...

Awwww, poor kitties locked in the attic who do not get to go walkies...
I tried to get my second cat on a leash but she absolutely refused it. Above her dignity, she said.

You do have to be careful when the cats climb trees of course. I know a cat that very nearly hanged himself going up and back down the wrong way...

At 01:28 Blogger Dragonsally said...

sexy kitty

At 01:45 Blogger Lexocat said...

I was just marveling over the color of Venus' eyes in that second photo when I read about you planning to include them in the future tattoo. That would be impressive if they can be captured!

Na, I'm clearly dragon-impaired. What kind of dragon is that? I'd google but it's late and I'm (still!) sick. So why am I not in bed? Good question. I have no answer. I am going now.

G'night Fiends!

At 02:16 Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Minion" lol
Yep, that's the right term. I say this as Hollie imperiously stares at my hands on the keyboard. "HelLO! Petting Up HERE."

So good to see the Bengals out and about. I never realized just how long-bodied they are. So sleek!
And Them Upstairs peeking out from upstairs are so cute.

Phiala - "Dog, cat, beer, laptop"
Sounds like the place to be to me (though I'd have to substitute the beer.;)

Ariandalen - Muahahahaha! The UnTwitterpated! Why tweet like birds when you can laugh evilly?;)

At 02:22 Blogger Marjorie said...

Good Morning! What gorgeous pictures - they do both look to be enjoying themselves, and the photo of the Royals in the window is cute, too.

Is the start of the St Pat's gig going to be streamed? If you're starting at 3 p.m. that's, so I should be able to be around for the first couple of hours even though it is a work-night :-) ( I don't think, somehow, that I shall be getting up at 5a.m. to see the end!)

right. Need to make some sandwiches and go to work. See y'all later.

At 02:44 Anonymous Anonymous said...

Phiala--Ooooooo!! Comfyness and Silverlock!! {severely green eyes} Time to reread that, definitely....

Ariandalen--sniff. I'm only MILDLY insulted, as I've spent too little time here recently. But my aversion to Twitterpating myself has been stated in a number of venues, including this one. Just sayin' :)

Walking the dog. Er, cat.

Angus gets walkies several times a day in the [fenced] backyard. He scurries after birds around the feeder (posted quite high)and dominates the dogs on either side (no, really...he sends them both right into submissive posture. Even when I'm reassuring them that everything is alright. It's a crackup, but I rather feel guilty)

HOWEVER, he only gets out the front door on infrequent "long" walks, harnessed. But there is NO such thing as dragging Angus. If he is given that much opportunity, he simply does the "inside out" removal trick described by others--which can only be prevented by tightening the harness to a point which chokes him.

As long as I psyop him into returning eventually to the house, we are good going pretty much where ever he desires. He's too much the elder statesman to climb the trees around here, but does leap up on the adobe walls in the neighborhood.

With his lovely tiggerish stripes...tendency to vocalize in mehs and the occasional chirp...I've begun to wonder if he has some proto-Bengal genes. As in, is distantly from one of the lines they cross w/the ALCs to get Bengals. Or more like it is just coincidence. But he is bonded, and we are a team. He 'locates' me constantly when we are outside....and somedays follows me everywhere I go inside. Don't think he has yet forgiven me for deserting him periodically over the last ten years.

Yup..rambling again. Just wanted to make certes there would be plenty to read with the morning cuppa :)

Off to a wee dose of antihistamines and then bed. Doing *much* better now, though...

OH!! And MOST HAPPY BLESSINGS on the BELATED occasion of her Firbday to Maureen. (um...sorry?)

At 02:45 Anonymous Anonymous said...


"Why tweet like birds when you can laugh evilly"

I smell a t shirt.......:)

At 03:34 Blogger louisa said...

Morning. Bengals in Spring sun, a good thing to wake to. My two are loving the warmer temps and fresh grass shoots to chomp on. And the birds are loving that they're shedding their winter coats, the nests 'round here must so cosy for the lil chicks.

Ticia, go nuts with the photo. Glendalough is where they filmed Reign of Fire (dragons, Christian Bale) and it can definitely look post-apocalyptic. But not always

At 03:36 Blogger Dragonsally said...

Louisa, sensational photos.

Fods, I'd love to be sitting there right now.

At 06:38 Blogger Dan Guy said...

New blog post is up!
Those are some beautiful cats.
Yet I fear their rule.

Want numbered comments?
"Javascript void()" was not me.
But it still could be.

At 06:42 Blogger Chantrelle said...

in the uk, just wanted to say hi. Have been offline all week and am on very briefly.

the new baby is soooo cute! She is a little cupie doll!

we're back on wednesday :)

At 06:57 Blogger louisa said...

Hi Chantrelle! You're so close! Hope you're having a wonderful visit.

Thanks Sal, I've *a ton* of pics from there, must have a nosey through the digital stacks and put another few up. Will post Paddy's Day pics tomorrow.

Java Dan? Sounds like a superhero. Oh no! I've run out of coffee! We need Java Dan! Quick, send out the bean signal

At 07:38 Blogger Marjorie said...

Gayle could have done with Jave Dan last week - and all the fiends who have so far been unsucessful in getting various cats to make cofee for them . . .

Chantrelle (Waves jumps up and down) you're practically next door! It's a pity you hadn't more time, we could have met up for coffee or something. But I do not have a new baby to tempt you with!

Hope you enjoy the next couple of days and have a smooth trip home on Wednesday

At 08:06 Blogger dabbler said...

Nope, no Twitter for me. Too much time distracted from my life already!

Good morning all!

At 08:15 Blogger One Sock Short said...

Nice pics! Great way to start a Monday, especially after a week of the cold from hell. Thanks!

My cat? Not so adventurous. She worked too hard to get into a house to ever want to go outside of one again. When it happens by accident, she's all "Where'd the ceiling go?!"

At 08:43 Blogger EmilyLady said...

Good day, Fiends; 'tis a cold morning, but a pretty one, here in Rhode Island.

At 09:29 Blogger Jess said...

Java Dan, Java Dan
Does what a developer can.
Javascript? Who can tell?
Look out!
Here comes the Java Dan.

Good morning, yous people. Chantrelle, you're Over There! Have a great time. Go see a castle! Eat a pasty!

Hi, Sock! I see you've kidnapped my cat. Or possibly Phiala's. ;)

At 09:36 Blogger Jess said...

I do know that SQL is rightly pronounced "sequel", by the way, and not ess-queue-ell. It just. Rhymed.

*skulks away*

At 09:44 Blogger Dan Guy said...

No worries, Jess, I defiantly pronounce it "ess cue ell" when it's anything other than MS SQL Server, which I will proclaim "em ess sequel server".

The irony is that I loathe Java. I guess "ECMA Dan" doesn't have the same ring, though.

At 09:47 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Morning all, not many thoughts yet. Only three in fact.

1. Tea.

2. I am so Freaking sore.

3. 29 hours and 13 minutes until the St Pats Show.

At 09:49 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

WHAT are Dan and Jess talking about???

More tea.

At 09:51 Blogger Erin Underwood said...

Purple cat leash!

Must love!!!!

At 09:54 Blogger Erin Underwood said...

Dan, you loathe java! :-( How's the possible.

At 09:54 Blogger spacedlaw said...

Are you panicking yet?

At 09:55 Blogger Stardustgirl said...

Vampi - terriers are toy fox terriers, similar to rat terriers or jack russels. Spazzy and much too clever :)

Short comment...testing Blogger on iPhone. I finally got contacts synced and can text, chat and email... as soon as my brain catches up.

At 09:57 Blogger Dan Guy said...

The language! I loathe the Java language.

Though I don't drink coffee either. I much prefer a nice cuppa.

At 10:07 Blogger spacedlaw said...

All together now: "I loathe Java, I love tea, I loathe the Java, Java and the Java loathes me..."

At 10:08 Blogger Jess said...

Dan, all superheroes eventually come face-to-face with some dark irony at the core of themselves. In that sense "Java Dan" is perfect. I say embrace it. :D

My hubby hates Java and SQL Server! You guys have things to talk about.

Ess-queue-ell, Quiche. Like eska vous vous, but in Geek. ;)

At 10:10 Blogger Phiala said...

*looks at cup of French press java made from fresh-ground beans purchased from local roaster*

Nope, can't sing that song.

And this weekend, as a special treat - the fresh-ground beans from local roaster with heavy cream from the local dairy. BIG hit with the post-weaving-workshop brunch crowd. That combo was my hostess gift.

But I do agree with Dan on the language (ick), and also pronounce it ess cue ell.

At 10:16 Blogger spacedlaw said...

It must be something to do with hubbies then. Mine hates Java too. A heathen thing I understand for Ubuntu developers.

At 10:17 Blogger Erin Underwood said...

My poor brain is hurting from all of this es cue ell talk, but I do like Java. Muahahaha!

Nathalie, you'll killing me. I almost spit Java all over my computer. :-)

I think you've been hanging out with Jess too much. Hehehe...

At 10:17 Blogger spacedlaw said...

And likewise, Erin. We found each other.

At 10:25 Blogger Jess said...

Ubuntu?! :O

My guy was on VB. Now it's C# all the way.

Look at me talking about this stuff, like I know what it means! :D

At 10:31 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

No, not panicking, I mean, it's my job, and i love it. It's just hard, playing that long, and being entertaining that long. A four hour full on gig is hard, and one can mostly ease into it, but this one will hit hard and go UP. The last three hours have to be as ON as the first six.

We will be reapeting songs, so if you miss one you like, no worries, it will be back around. We don't have nine hours of material.

I am not ignoring this Java talk, and feel free to carry on, but I am completely ignorant....About this anyway.

At 10:40 Blogger Jess said...

So am I, Quiche! The thing is to tackle the subject with confidence<.

You will be fabulous! And exhausted afterward, I imagine.

At 10:44 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

When does Colbert air tonight? Is it 10:30 central time? I want to have a party...

At 10:53 Blogger louisa said...

Yep, 10:30C. It'll be posted here after. Can't wait!

At 10:57 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Cool. Party starts around 9:30 US Central time. Very sorry Europe...

I am done with the morning work, e-mail, plans and such and am off for a ride.

I just added "Bathe and wash hair" to my To DO List for today.

At 10:58 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Oh, and Dr Wicked confirms 3-Midnight Central time for the St Pats Show Live!

NTE: If nothing is going on on the stage, we call this a Break....

At 11:01 Blogger Kitty Cat said...

i went straight back to that Lear/Mab photo, Quiche,
it really is a winner.
you are improving tremendously, you won't hear me crabbin' about your photo skills again.

ok, Monday means work day.

At 11:04 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Awww, thank Meoww....Sure does mean work day..

At 11:06 Blogger louisa said...

Did you get to see Watchmen Kitty?

At 11:07 Blogger Ani said...

The only time I tried to walk my cat on a leash, she threw herself on the ground, pretended her hind legs would not work and dragged herself crying across the floor using only her front paws. That day she earned the title "POW Kitty."


At 11:09 Blogger Ani said...

Phiala! Weaving! Yay!

At 11:15 Blogger Phiala said...

Andrea - yes, weaving, yay!

And more this weekend. :)

At 11:15 Blogger Craig Steffen said...

Interesting post about the Bengals.

Of our two (non-bengal) cats, two are quite happy to go on harness and leash and go exploring. Jasper, the older, who has been doing this for years, definitely recognises the harness and is eager to get into it.

But Jasper is very much an outgoing, explorative sort of cat. The one time we've moved with him, he had explored the house in a couple of hours.

At 11:18 Blogger Amy said...

Wheeee! I'll be at Charlie's tomorrow. Along with at least 3 of the guys from work with me! Yay! It'll be like having my very own harem! I'm going to try to get there a little before the party starts-but depending on how busy I am at work, I might not be able to.

I don't know if I'll be wearing green. Eeek! There might be much pinching of me going on tomorrow. (Right now the best I can do is a green necklace.)

At 11:27 Blogger EmilyLady said...

Not long ago, I would have been wistful knowing that there was another gig going on that I just couldn't attend. Now I figure, "Heck, June is close!" I am so excited ... I don't want to say it's positively going to happen, but ... who am I kidding? Yes I do. I just don't know for sure.

At 11:32 Blogger Fluffy said...

Dun like the java, me. Tea, tea, tea.

Have to ask Dr. Fluffy if he likes Java. He's a chemist-turned-IT-architect, so he probably has opinions about all sorts of mysterious arcana. I hear it all the time on conference yells, but it makes no sense.

Except for our daughter's favorite Dad quote, (at full, impressive volume) "But it WASN'T on the POWERPOINT!!" Apparently, Huge Customer gives the all the specs (supposedly) on the Powerpoints. Supposedly.

Spring break. Daughter still in bed. I may crawl back into mine...

At 11:43 Blogger Stardustgirl said...

SQL - why don't they just call it squeal? It seems most people look at it and go "Eeeeek!" so it would seem to fit.

Structured Query Language means if you don't ask for what you want in just the right way, odd and potentially undesirable things happen, not unlike fairy tales, right?

Java - something I'll probably never know and not same as Javascript which are those nifty little doohickies you can paste into web pages to make them perform magic tricks?

Java reminds me that everytime I did a book cover on the topic, a request was made to include an image of a cup of coffee. I kid not.I'm not sure if the idea was that java=coffee, or that "you will need vats of coffee to stay away for the days on end it will require you to learn all this stuff".

I'm still at the featherstick stage with CSS and PHP... definitely kiddie pool.

At 11:51 Blogger Marjorie said...

Wow, lots of comments this afternooon! (or is it just that I haven't been sneaking off to look as often?)

I don't understand the Geek talk, so I'm just going to nod wisely and agree. Yep.
I do like coffee. And tea. It depends on my mood. Cofee at home and tea at work, mostly. But I like the idea of being able to shine the Coffee Bean signal and have SuperDan, JavaMan, swoop down with emergency coffee & IT rescue. (and the lycra would just be happy bonus, y'know...)

For those who don't twitter, or who didn't happen to see it, an artist named Laurie Pink was doing carttons and posting them in return for donations to Comic Relief on Friday (that is, the donations were on Friday, some of the pictures took a little longer) my request can be seen here or on my blog

The other pics are well worth looking at as well.

At 11:52 Blogger Marjorie said...

sorry - the links are to the picture, not to my original request...

At 11:55 Blogger Marjorie said...

Oh, and forgot to say Hi to Craig [waves] Have you met Ariandalen yet?

At 12:39 Blogger Na said...

The air is different today - it's still snowing, but a mild, fluffy snow, with sunshine, and the accompanying breeze is refreshing rather than bitter. Now I allow myself to hope Spring is on the way.

Lexa - sorry, I was reading late, too, not typing clearly. The uroborus is a symbol for Time consuming itself cyclically, usually a serpent but sometimes a dragon consuming it's tail. Has occurred in several cultures/time. I think Jung described it, too. It was discussed in a mythology class I took a couple decades ago, but I'm not finding online entries. Hmmm. /wittering ;)

Green necklaces surely count for wearin' o green, yes? I hope so. Somehow no one in our home has much else that's green.

And hurray! Found where I can access Colbert Report later, thought probably not live.

Spring in the air, but I have loads of work today (which is good), and also a household to start packing (not good). Foo. Ee.

At 12:42 Blogger Na said...

Oh, how hard could I have been trying? Wiki has an ourboborus entry. In case anyone else enjoys these kinds of things.

At 12:43 Blogger Na said...

Oops. Not ourboborus. Ouroborus. Can I start the day over? No? Ah, well.

At 12:52 Blogger spacedlaw said...

Do not fret, Na, Wiki has even an Oroboros entry, which just shows how reliable it is...

At 13:09 Blogger Lexocat said...

Thanks Na and Nathalie!

I see now that I do know that symbol. I'm also liking that it's referred to as "the eternal return" which happens to be the name of one of my favorite Jules Shear albums.

And, Na, your typo has given me one more name to add to the list of "What to call the next pet": Our Boborus. Hee! G has been begging for a new pet and I've told him we may get a bearded dragon. Seems appropriate, no?

(and I say start the day over if you need/wish! You, me, anyone else...)

At 13:51 Blogger Na said...

{resets day} Dang. Still snowing. At least the breeze is still mild. *whew*

Bearded dragon's are so cool! And we saw some at the Calgary Zoo over the weekend. My favorite critter of the day was the African rock python, but I suspect they're not one to keep as a pet. ;) (For the record, not my pic - the one I saw was behind glass. For which I am truly thankful.)

At 14:25 Blogger DataGoddess said...

Trying to catch up with you lot - you've been chatty today!

FabLo, we've been telling everyone here that we came especially to see you and Paul. The desk clerk seemed amazed.

No java, tea. All you java lovers can have all mine forever. And since I'm not a programmer anymore, I just pretend the other meaning of Java doesn't exist ;-)

We went to Uncle Hugo's this morning, and a Borders so Husbeast could get some updated maps (I do call him MapMan, still working on the superhero outfit, though). Now resting with ice on my knee, probably headed out later.

And the Inn does have Comedy Central, so we can join the Colbert watching party!


At 14:30 Blogger Ani said...

"Bone" fans, anyone? The dragon queen Mim is another take on an Ouroborus. By encircling the world she keeps its balance of the physical world and the dreaming world.

At 15:12 Blogger ariandalen said...

Lys, I sit corrected; however, I shall point out that you succumbed to Facebook. ;) And you have been missed. :)

So. There are five non-Twitterpated Fiends. We are the ones who shall rule from the shadows!


At 15:31 Blogger ariandalen said...

I spy with my Fiendish eye...One Sock and Craig! Hi! Lots of jackets with buckles up the back laying around, one size fits all.

::sniff, sniff::



At 15:35 Blogger Amy said...

Oooo! And I forgot to mention it in my St. Paddy's day excitement.

I have a package from Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab waiting for me at home! Yippee! Six imps for me to try.

I'm a little nervous about them, because I don't really care for strongly scented stuff. We'll see! Yay!

Its too cold out yet to open the windows, so I don't hear the Twittering. I haven't kept any of the photocopies I've made of my face either, so I'm afraid I have no Facebook.

Toni-now I'm singing MapMan songs in my head. Mostly to the tune of the old Batman song and the Mighty Mouse theme song. It involves a lot of "Na na na na na na na's" and "Mapman"! Along with the occasional "There he goes to drive away! Mapman always knows the way!" (Kinda sad, but the best I can do on a Monday...and it makes me giggle at my desk.)

At 15:40 Blogger ariandalen said...


::evil grin::

At 16:00 Blogger Dragonsally said...

Fiends share a lot of knowledge.
I didn't know the serpent or dragon eating itself was called oroo, oro, whatever...I've always loved that symbol.

I have woken up to a momentous day...instead of Pete being dressed and ready to go to school he was asleep on the day bed and told me he'd been throwing up all night from stress and is going to defer his course.
*sigh* I have to stop spending money and live like the pension person I am again now. PTSD is a horrible thing for a person to try and live with.

At 16:00 Blogger Dragonsally said...

Oh, and hi to Socks and Craig - love both your blogs.

At 16:32 Blogger Marjorie said...

{{{{Sally}}}} Sorry to hear that. Sympathy to you & Pete.

At 16:50 Blogger Ticia said...

Still at work, but had to jump in to ((hug)) Sally. And ((hug)) Pete.

At 16:58 Blogger AletaMay said...

Oh Sally that is tough stuff. You are both in my thoughts.

At 17:02 Blogger Dragonsally said...

Thanks guys. Once everything settles down, life will be easier. Phew.

At 17:03 Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are most welcome! I would love to attend the Colbert Party! I even have my parents Tivoing it in Hawaii, LOL. Nice that they tolerate me :)

At 17:03 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

I know I am bursting in here, but I haven't time for comments yet, but I need some ideas....shirts for St Pats Day?

What do they say? No Artwork. At this point I have three stupid ideas and one good one (Cat, Dog, Beer, Laptop) but if someone out there has a brain that's working....They need to go up soon...

At 17:05 Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hang in there Sally. I know it's tough, but we are all thinkin about you!

At 17:23 Blogger ariandalen said...

T-shirt: Don't eat green snow

T-shirt: Green.
It's not just for St. Patrick's Day anymore.

T-shirt: By all that's Green
This Fiend's for you

t-shirt: How green is your valley?

Okay. tweek away my fellow Fiends!

At 17:26 Blogger ariandalen said...

::sigh:: Sally, I'm sorry. :(
Maybe Pete can take classes over the internet? Though those can be even more stressful, you just don't have to stress about getting to class or dealing with people face to face. You still have deadlines to meet, and it isn't really any cheaper. Just a thought. ::sigh::

At 17:52 Blogger Dragonsally said...

Have I ever said how much I love you guys?

How green is YOUR Quiche?

At 17:55 Blogger Siri said...

That's a winner, Sal - I'd buy that one.

Can it be other than grey or black though? Or is that heresy in Fiendom? Some of us don't look that good in black....

At 17:57 Blogger Siri said...

Louisa - I missed, if you said before, that the picture was at Glendalough - one of my favorite Irish places. Been there twice, and wandered both times, and never saw the town itself. Sigh - birds in bushes and scudding clouds and scattered rain and sheep.

I wanna go back. I wanna go back now.....

Guess I'll go get the mail, instead.

At 18:21 Blogger Dragonsally said...

How about purple Siri, considering that we are talking about our Quiche?

At 18:42 Blogger Siri said...

Well, purple's not really my color, either - I was thinking a royal blue, or forest green, but that's just me....

At 18:50 Blogger Na said...

{{{Sally and Pete}}}

Green t-shirts, perhaps? It being St Paddy's and all... Forest green, kelly green, any green but pastel - maybe swirly batik/tie-dyed style multiple colors of green.

At 19:04 Blogger Siri said...

Spoiler Alert - of sorts.

You have to love a guy who does a bit about Tom Bombadil, whether it makes it on the air, or not. Waiting for 10:30 central time....tap tap tap.

At 19:08 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

I think Lys can set it up so you can pick your colour....We just need a saying.

I saw a lot of people, 20-30 out on the ICE today on the lake. In Chairs, with blankets. Tried forever to figure it out. Did.

They are watching the Clunker out on the lake, the one that goes down into the water as the ice melts. You buy a chance, naming day and time, closest one wins.

They are ON the ice doing this.

Apparently, it could go any time.

Do we know how to PARTY in this town???

At 19:12 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

I know, it's going to be some fun! Our publicist has been Blackberry'ing me every few minutes with updates...

Took garbage out. DO not ask me when the last time this happened. Ugh. Can you say "White trash?????"

At 19:13 Blogger Siri said...

What's wrong with

"How Green is your Quiche?"

compliments of Sally - I'm not stealing her thunder...

At 19:32 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Right. New Post. Go there. Now.

At 19:39 Anonymous Anonymous said...

St. Pat's t shirt thoughts:

How about white shirt w/sparkly green letters? I think the letters are slick, which would mean you could then dye the shirt (tie or otherwise) whatever however you wanted.

But we can do options in green as well. Light green, dark purple? Only limitation--how well will ink colour show up (or glow) on t shirt colour.

My suggestion is that every shirt has basic info about the show (Paul and Lorraine, Date, Charlies) with a first line "pow"

Such as "How Green is your Quiche"....but she might be, well, turning a little...ahem...over that one. :)

This set up is tres flexible--I'll do anything Q approves of to sell shirts for the Bengals!!

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