Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A Little St Pats But REALLY: Maddy Gets Her Braces Off!!!

Well, I have don't exactly have much time and I sure don't have much brain, but it seems to be taking the last post a long time to load, with the vid in there, which has got to be irritating to the Fiends who HAVE time and brain for such things, SO..

I thought I might hop on and wave and say THANK YOU so much for being there yesterday! I did indeed have a LOT of fun, last hour not withstanding. (we did end with Elvis, it is all coming back to me)

Today is sleepy, and sore, but a happy one.

You will have to fill me on on the fun that I didn't get to see and be part of, being busy on stage ad all. I know Hera was there for a while and Lojo, and that the Birdchick and El started a paper airplane message network, in lieu of the Twitter everyone else was doing...

I am not going to name the Fiends who where there, as I will forget someone, this I know, but it made me happy that you were there. Sorry if I did any damage with the Bling Flinging (something that works better in a smaller venue)

More tonight after I get back. ("back" being both home, and my brain)

Oh, EXCUSE ME, one more thing I have JUST been reminded of, as if I could forget! Maddy, who happens to be the Coolest most Awesome person ever, and inspires me to all the greatness I achieve every day, has got her braces off, and sent me a picture. When asked should I post this, I received the reply "WELL DUH!!!!!!!!!!"

So here you are! You heard it here (well nearly!) first! An exclusive photo of Maddy sans braces!

Love and St Pats,


At 11:24 Blogger Beez said...

Beeyootiful Maddy!

Glad you survived last night Lo

At 11:28 Blogger Rubius said...

Ah Maddy, you look lovely. What a great smile.

Oh Lorraine, great show. I TOTALLY didn't know that last song was from Elvis... I loved that song as a kid and it even inspired me to try my hand at music, just once, when I was small. I plinked and plunked at an electric keyboard until I had the tune for 'I can't help falling in love with you' worked out (or at least the main verse). Then I played it over and over and over again... and NEVER knew it was Elvis. It is my one serious foray into music. Hahaha And just from that I could tell that music is NOT easy (it took a lot of testing to figure out that tune).

At 11:32 Blogger Na said...

What Beez said. :)

Congrats to Maddy, for the wonderful event of Braces Off.

Congrats to Paul and Lorraine for getting through the marathon! Thank you for the music, the songs I'm singing. Thanks for all the joy they're bringing. ('though that's from a different music tradition...).

At 11:36 Blogger Jess said...

Lovely! Now give her a toffee apple! (First thing I wanted when I had my braces off.) :)

Dan, you're mean. I want hover boots.

At 11:36 Blogger Phiala said...

Nothing to say... watching a web seminar on manure (no really), but wanted to say thanks again!

And congrats to Maddy. :)

At 11:42 Blogger EmilyLady said...

Congratulations to Maddy on her freedom and beautiful smile!

Last night was so fun (I had never been able to get the sound working before but last night it happened and I could hear the music and everything)!

At 11:43 Blogger EmilyLady said...

Also, Lorraine, congratulations on making it through the nine whole hours.

At 11:52 Blogger Bulfinch's Aglaia said...

Maddy was already lovely; now she is world-stopping sweetly lovely with an absolutely beautiful smile. Go Maddy! Time to take over the world!

With the Fabulous Lorraine providing running commentary and the soundtrack, of course. Last night was so much fun!

At 11:56 Blogger Marjorie said...

Congrats to Quiche for being conscious after last night, and Congrats to the Always Awesome Maddy for tooth-liberation! Maddy, you look great ;-)

At 11:56 Blogger Dan Guy said...

Freeeeeeedom! (from braces)

Make sure she wears that retainer until she's 23. I didn't believe my dentist when he said I had to and now I'm paying for it.

At 11:58 Blogger Dr. Wicked said...

Some links from last night:

There are 3 videos I recorded from the feed last night up here. Scroll down to where it says DrWicked's video clips.

Pictures of fiends, etc up on my flickr over here

It was all great fun! Thanks everyone, and congratulations Maddy!

At 12:08 Blogger Na said...

One might even consider keeping retainers on hand forever! ever! ever! 'Cause teeth often "pool" (move) after 35. Just sayin'.

At 12:08 Anonymous Anonymous said...


Wear the FREAKIN' retainer!!!

I cry, sometimes, that I didn't....

All that pain, not wasted...but diminished...

At 12:09 Blogger EmilyLady said...

Aaaaaaaagh, Dan Guy, SERIOUSLY? I thought maybe, just maybe, I could be all done with mine. Sigh. I guess I'll be washing it today and wearing it tonight. I thought I was in safe territory now. Groooaaan ...

At 12:09 Blogger EmilyLady said...


At 12:10 Blogger EmilyLady said...

Well, okay, maybe you are. But I'd like to THINK what you said is not true!

At 12:10 Blogger EmilyLady said...


At 12:20 Blogger Na said...

Emily! Don't be sad. After the first ?months or ?year I think they say only wear them at night, yes? And after a year or few years, one only need wear them once a week. It makes all the difference, way better than having to do it all again ten or twenty years later.

I actually have a permanent wire on the bottom incisors and my teeth still moved a little! But I had braces in the 70s, so maybe it's done better now. :)

At 12:29 Blogger Erin Underwood said...

Wow! Her smile is picture perfect!

At 12:58 Blogger EmilyLady said...

It's just that I've gone maybe a little too long without wearing them even at night - but with the reassurance that I'll only have to wear them once a week ... I think I feel a bit better. Thank you, Na (do you have a real name? Sometimes I feel a little awkward just calling you Na. I don't have to use your first name, since I'm a teen. Some people hate that, I know).

At 13:04 Blogger Ani said...

Congrats to Maddy on being braces-free. I too remember it well--but I wanted corn on the cob at that gleeful moment!

I managed about an hour of the show (had to come back in to work to access teh intertubes--the very small thin ones) before having to go elsewhere. It made me very happy to virtually be there. Thanks Quiche & Paul!

Thanks also to everyone who posted pics--nice to see.

At 13:13 Blogger Na said...

Hey Emily - I actually do go by Na mostly, with family and fiends. It's short for Renata, came of my younger brother not being able to say my name when he started talking. And Na became Na Bean, etc, so, it's 'real', but others will do. :)

At 13:14 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

We have one more tee shirt to go up the Erin go arrgghh, as soon as we get confirmation on how to spell it in Irish...

Just remembered that.

At 13:14 Blogger Na said...

Oh dear. You know you've been working and playing online too long when the young one hollers, "Mama, there's nothing in my tummy!"

At 13:15 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Oh, Maddy is reading ALL your comments out loud to me.

At 13:37 Blogger AletaMay said...

Congratulations Maddy!

It occurs to me that braces (which I never had) must be a great lesson in the benefits of delayed gratification (which I could use). :Sigh:

Q I am amazed that you are up and at it. I really had a great time with fiends and friends last night. Wish I had hung in there for that last hour so I could have heard Elvis.

It is very quiet and empty here! (Spring Break) which means I can play music in my office without bugging anyone. Wee!

At 13:44 Blogger Na said...

For the record (she hastens to add) the aforementioned offspring 1) has a decided flair for the dramatic and 2) upon my ascending the stairs to provide her with victuals, scarpered, gleefully pronouncing that she had left the lights on upstairs just to bug me.

At 13:46 Blogger Na said...

Hi Maddy!

Happy work day, Q, Aleta, all.

At 13:47 Blogger TommyB said...

Yay for the End Of Braces! I played Baritone Horn, and after 3 years of having my lips shredded I was so incredibly happy to get them off I couldn't stand it! Most wonderful day ever.

Of course, dear- except for our wedding day. You're right.

Big Third (fourth, fifth?) on the retainer. Mine broke and I didn't tell anyone for a year. Big mistake that is still affecting my teeth.

At 13:49 Blogger Na said...

Tommy, did you not have the dreaded Wax to stick all in your braces, for playing instruments?

At 13:53 Blogger Bulfinch's Aglaia said...

I also abandonded my retainer, sob. So stooopid. And I had no excuse: I was 20 when I had my braces (was actually for a jaw alignment problem, only had them for a year). And, I had a baby before I got them off. Did I look like a poor, sad, 13-year-old, unwed mother with those #@$*# braces, short hair, and a snub nose?? Uh, why, yes. Yes I did. Ah, memories! :-)

At 13:53 Blogger TommyB said...

Yes- I tried that. We found that Florists tape worked better (the green, non-sticky stuff they wrap flower stems in), but eventually we all just decided it was a)gross to have green teeth, and b) just a pain to keep stocked up, so pretty much everyone just suffered through. Oh yeah- then there was the peer pressure ("you wimp", that kind of thing).

At 13:56 Blogger EmilyLady said...

Okay, Na - I knew I could remember reading your name somewhere but couldn't recall what it was. Na it is then, unless you prefer otherwise.

At 13:59 Blogger Na said...


{{Tommy}} Eeek. I think I would have changed instruments!

Well, back to work for me.

At 13:59 Blogger EmilyLady said...

Maddy, you look truly marvelous and lovely and I am so happy for you.

At 13:59 Blogger Na said...

All good, Emily Lady. :)

At 14:01 Blogger Kitty Cat said...

MADDY! your teeth have shed their tiny correctional metal sweaters. shine on, you little diamond.
I miss them already, she used to have different brace colors depending on wardrobe, or mood.

and Quiche, time for your rest-up.
one lady can only do so much.
love love.

At 14:09 Blogger gaypet said...

I am up to my neck in critical articles about Flannery O'Connor but I had to stop in to say thank you for a GREAT show! Good luck with the rest of this day!

At 5:30 this AM Micah picked up the shiny shamrock necklace from last night and asked, "Is this my Bling?" :)

At 14:13 Blogger gaypet said...

And Maddy, you look great! Lovely teeth. :D

At 14:54 Blogger Erin Underwood said...

Top 5 Things to do Without Braces:

5 Chew Gum
4 Eat Apples
3 Kiss Boys, or Girls, or Whoever
2 Smile
1 Get a New Outfit to go with the New Teeth

At 15:09 Blogger ariandalen said...

That was fun! To watch and hear, anyway. ;) Thank you Dr. Paul and Ms. Fabulous, and Herr Doktor for making it possible!

Yay! No more wires in mouth for Maddy! You can now eat whatever you want without too much worry!

I guess I'm one of the lucky few. I never had to wear braces. I have noticed though that my top front incisors do not overlap as much since I had my wisdom teeth removed six years ago, and I'm 47. My mother had a gap between her top front incisors that widened as she got older, like after 50, and she had her wisdom teeth removed in her 20s or 30s. The moral of this story is take care of your teeth so you'll have them a lifetime. :)

At 15:54 Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amen DanGuy! I am now redoing the whole braces trial again, no fun! Congratulations Maddy and just wear the retainer. You will thank all of the Fiends in the future, trust us!
Great show last night! Loved it :)

At 16:18 Blogger Stardustgirl said...

Congrats on the new smile, Maddy!

Gee... I wish I'd had colored braces when I had mine. That could've been fun.

Last night was a lot of fun; thanks Dr. Wicked for performing tech magic.

At 16:54 Blogger Dragonsally said...

Our Maddy is just gorgeous (does Maddy mind being co-opted like that?)
And yes, Dan, share. I want hover boots too, and a personal transporter so I can be there in June, and a holiday home on the moon, and....EVERYTHING. I'm not greedy, nosireee.

Lorraine, I cannot believe you are up, awake and able to work. What a woman.
Right, off to finish comments.

At 17:11 Blogger Siri said...

Da show was great. Up way too late, and dragged today, and it's not over yet, so just a dash through and a ticky box. Later, dudes.

At 17:15 Blogger Siri said...

Grace - cool new pic, too. Now, really leaving....

At 18:04 Blogger vampi said...

check out maddy rockin the non-braces. sweet!

last night was very nice. i'm glad i got to participate.

what's this about another shirt eith eiren go arrgh, was hte one i ordered last nigth spelled wrong? *cries*

not that i know how to properly spel eiren erin, aren anyways.

and seriously, i was thinking of getting braces now thta i can afford them for myself, and i'm scared. they never mention all this about wearing a retainer forever business. i thinkt he ortodontiusts are a conspiracy...

At 18:46 Blogger Hellie said...

Wish I could've stayed up for the whole 9 hours of the show, but the first 4 hours I tuned in for were great, loved hearing & seeing you play Quiche & Paul! Just what I needed to help put a smile on my face after a kind of awful week - great music, chatter with lovely fiends & a big glass of whisky - thanks so much :o)

Maddy that's a bee-oo-teeful smile. Wish I had straighter teeth, curse of being English & terrified of dentists I suppose.

At 19:08 Blogger Chantrelle said...

Still no brain but home. I don't think i've had 8 consecutive days with ben, with no breaks outside of showering, since he was an infant. I'm spent! 8 days plus the 10 hour flight home and i shipped him to the neighbors for a few. Sigh.

Maddy looks gorgeous! That's all i've gotten from the post. I had so much email to wade through!

Sorry I couldn't meet up with UK fiends, we didn't really leave the house in Brighton much. I saw about a 5 block radius of the town. We were there to be new-baby-helpers...and ben was there to add extra chaos to the house! woops! Oh well, it was still a good thing to be there, i think we helped a lot.

Must stay awake and get food soon as well.

Miss you all! :)

At 19:23 Anonymous Anonymous said...

Vampi (and others) .... Worry Not!!

Éireann Go AAARGH! shirts went up yesterday AFTER Lorraine was already deep in the pre-show business, so she actually didn't know.

Um, say, Lorraine....uh, we DID get those corrected shirts up and on sale in time. A few Erin Go AAARGH! shirts WERE also left up for the option at Fiend request.

Shirts are, of course, STILL AVAILABLE at Fabulous Lorraine's Great Lakes Bengal Rescue tee shirt Shop! , including the Birthday Show commemorative shirts.

We have a WIDE selection.


Love to the Bengals...

At 19:33 Blogger Dragonsally said...

Well, one room is clean and ready for Real Estate Agent inspection tomorrow. Another 6 to go. *sigh*

At 19:49 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Oh really Lys? You think so? Well why didn't you tell me or send me a link??? Hmmm???

Oh. I see. You did.

Never mind.

Want be home now. Want sleep. Need sleep. Done soon? On hold with airlines, who appear more confused by what I am attempting than recalcitrant..

At 20:01 Blogger Bulfinch's Aglaia said...

Of all foolish things, I have been in tears for hours now, reading about Natasha Richardson's death. Because this is now my best friend Mary died a couple of years ago -- fell, hit her head, seemed a very minor concussion, then within a very short time non-responsive and then gone. I miss her.

Sorry to be a buzzkill, y'all. I'll get it back together very very soon, promise.

At 20:04 Blogger Siri said...

This is the right place to be, Grace. I heard about Natasha's fall and subsequent hospitalization, but hadn't heard any news tonight. It's very hard to go through the same kind of death after you've lost someone you love. I know from experience you never get over the grief - you just learn how to live with it.

Hugs and more hugs.

At 20:08 Blogger Phiala said...

Grace, that must be terribly hard.


At 20:10 Blogger Dragonsally said...


I hope you find some comfort, somehow.

At 20:24 Blogger Bulfinch's Aglaia said...

Mary was a wonderful, brilliant and I mean amazingly brilliant like almost no one I know brilliant, hilariously funny, generous friend (who sometimes drove me nuts, but then, isn't that what best friends do??) who introduced me to many things, like the Mythopoeic Society which lead me to read "Neverwhere" in 1996, who saw me through both sad and wonderful times, who knew my family, loved my children, who traveled with me to Michigan and Illinois and England (3 times!), and we had plans to do more. We worked together, we sang in the choir together, she was my biggest fan regarding my return to college and grad school and such. I held her hand in the ICU, I was there when the medical personel said she wouldn't survive, I picked out the clothes for her burial, I helped pick out her coffin and negotiate with the (very nice) funeral home, I sang in the funeral liturgy choir. And sometimes I dream about her, that she didn't die, and I think, "Wow, I have so much to tell her!" She was a rare and great person, the like of whom this world sees too little, and I miss her.

Thank you all for letting me write this. I really appreciate it, more than I can properly express.

At 20:26 Blogger Siri said...

/me hugs grace

At 20:28 Blogger Siri said...

OK so that didn't work the way it did last night, but the meaning is there. Big hugs Grace. You were blessed to have a friend like that, and now you've shared her with the rest of us, and therefore, Mary lives on, a little bit, in all of us.

At 20:29 Blogger Erin Underwood said...

Love to you, Grace.


At 20:43 Blogger DataGoddess said...

Maddy looks great!! Such a lovely smile. Is there a shotgun for Boss to use once she starts dating? She's going to be a knockout.

The show last night was wonderful! Dan and I both had a good time, and meeting the Fiends who were there was a blast, as was waving to all watching us on the web.

We have made it home, but I am exhausted from book shopping (what, you mean everyone doesn't buy several bags worth of books at both Dreamhaven and Uncle Hugo's?) and assorted running around we did.

Dan should have the photos processed sometime tomorrow, I'll post a link when they're done. He was shooting in RAW, so he has to do some stuff to them (ok, photo stuff is Greek to me. Computers, I can do. Photo, not so much).

Lorraine, I'm amazed you're functional today :-)

At 20:46 Blogger DataGoddess said...

Oh, Grace, I didn't see your comment before I posted mine. *hugs* to you.

She sounds like a true friend, as you were to her, especially in doing the final things for her.

At 20:51 Anonymous Anonymous said...

You honour Mary, her life and soul, every day. And when you share her with us, as you did in that post, you are keeping her light shining.

Thank you for letting us see a little of Mary; I would have loved her, surely. But more, it is obvious that you did and still do.

When, as must happen, I leave this earth....nothing would bring me more peace and happiness than to know that there is someone who will remember me with half as much love as you remember her.

hugs and heart, Grace....

At 20:54 Anonymous Anonymous said...

Quiche--next time I'll ask a Twitterpated Fiend to Tweet you such critical information. :)

At 21:04 Blogger AletaMay said...

Very well said Lys and everyone.

Grace, thanks for sharing your friend with us.

At 21:44 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Home. This is good. Bit of a day.

I am really, really beat.

As soon as I relax I plan to do some sleeping. I will work very hard at this and do it as long as is possible.

Grace, than you for sharing. Nothing is ever forgotten.

At 21:51 Blogger Beez said...

Ah Grace


At 22:21 Blogger Fluffy said...

Fodzez!!! Is it after 10? Aaargh.

Maddy: Killer smile - high-wattage.

Grace: Wonderful friend; It was touching to hear about your love, and makes me think I should better express to my friends how much they mean to me even though I never remember to call!

Last night was both a hoot and eighteen types of great music. Some of the tunes are getting familiar now. Maybe I'll go back and read that Charles De Lint book about the Irish musicians...what was it? Then I can hear the tunes while I read.

Hee, hee. I ordered three shirts. They shipped TODAY!!

Hope Quichie gets some good sleep tonight. I think I will go for that right now.

At 22:27 Blogger Fluffy said...

From Coldplay/Viva La Vida CD: Those who are dead are not dead, they're just living in my head.

I sometimes dream of my best friend Katina who was killed by a drunk driver when we were 23. I remember telling her how much I loved her in the first dream and she hugged me and told me she did, too.

When I read Diane Duane's wizard series, I recognized Timeheart, where you travel when you sleep, and you can be with the dead. I felt like I had been there and just didn't know it had a name.

Night, all. It's good to remember.

At 22:54 Blogger Bulfinch's Aglaia said...

Thank you, each and every one of you. Y'all are wonderful and you wrote such lovely things. I don't even know what to say... me and my swollen eyes are going to bed now, and I look forward to tomorrow and reading all about how all the fiends are conquering the world, in a good way of course, with Quiche leading the way! **big hugs**

At 22:55 Blogger ivenotime said...

so maddy, did your mouth feel empty initially? my daughter's did - and we did a ritual burning of her headgear (poor kid) and the bands and braces. good times, good times...your smile looks absolutely lovely!

Lorraine, such fun last night - i had it on while working, and when hands were clean enough got to comment a bit. kudos to dr. w. and great to see everyone there!

At 22:56 Blogger ivenotime said...

haha beez, abba was a great reference...

At 22:56 Blogger ivenotime said...

oh bah, commented too quick: na had the fun abba reference....reading too quickly and its midnight to boot

At 23:10 Blogger ivenotime said...

ok you can tell i comment as i read - i have so little time to post lately.

Grace I remember reading about your friend on the boss' msg board - all my hugs, dear, it is difficult to be reminded of a devastating loss, and your written tribute was lovely. I lost my amazing sister-in-law/best friend 10 yrs ago, and every april still mourn her passing. more hugs, pls take care!

At 23:17 Blogger El said...

Hullo fiends! This is an IOU. Sometime tomorrow I will explain all about The Love Plane at the gig last night, just why it was headed at Q's head, and many other mysteries.

But for now? I am climbing into bed. Hugs to you all, especially Grace and Fluffy and anyone who's missing anyone.

At 23:35 Blogger ariandalen said...


At 00:39 Blogger Na said...


At 04:14 Blogger Marjorie said...

{{{Grace}}} It must be so hard, having it brougt back like this, but your description of MAry was so vivid - I think someone already said, No one is truly dead while they are still remembered.

Quiche, glad to see you have successfully conquered more airlines. How are you with Internet providers? Mine has just left me in the lurch. Of to phone them up to find out if they have any particular reason for cutting me off after specifically assuring me that they weren't going to...

At 05:25 Blogger spacedlaw said...

Lovely. I quite like her "I just bit a piece of the sky" smile but the results of all that restrain look wonderful.

At 05:25 Blogger spacedlaw said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

At 09:43 Blogger vampi said...

*snugs* grace, your memories of mary are beautiful. thanks so much for sharing them.i feel special for knowing about her.

At 09:43 Blogger vampi said...

*snugs* grace, your memories of mary are beautiful. thanks so much for sharing them.i feel special for knowing about her.

At 10:27 Blogger TommyB said...

Grace- so sad to hear about Mary. This story has really hit home for so many people: my father narrowly escaped the same fate a couple years ago- he hit his head skiing (with a helmet on!) and suffered headaches leading to seizures. Fortunately the helmet must have reduced the damage enough that he has fully recovered, but it was a very frightening time.

Please everyone- wear a helmet when skiing, biking or skating! We want you around for a while yet!

At 10:50 Blogger Hellie said...

Grace, thank you so much for telling us about your friend, your love for her shines from every word, and you obviously have wonderful memories of her to cherish.

I think I can say I know how you feel, a friend of mine died suddenly last weekend, he was fine one day and gone the next. He was the dad of my best friend back home, but Des was a friend to me as well. At the moment I don’t want to think about how I feel, its more important for me to focus on my friend and do my best to be there for her. It's like I will have time to reflect and miss him later, but I will tell you a little about him. I'd known Des all my life, he was warm and gruff and funny. I'd always tell him he was my 'second dad'. He made up stories for us when we were kids, and instilled in me a love of the countryside as a child, and a love of vodka as an adult! He was a little part of home.

I hope you don't mind me sharing too.

At 11:02 Blogger Marjorie said...

Sharing is what we do here:-)

So sorry to hear about Des, much sympathy for you and your friend. I think it's always very hard when somone goes suddenly. I hope you and your friend can take some comfort from sharing good memories about Des.

At 11:03 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Morning Fiends!

Had a lot of thoughts this morning, and I'm not sure when I will get home tonight, so I drank two cups of tea, and did a Morning Post!

And it is up..

I need advice on a dilemma...

At 11:11 Blogger Rubius said...

Sharing is good medicine. Grace, Hellie, and all the rest out there who may be hurting, lots of love. I wasn't around to comment on Boss's family's loss but I send my sympathies too.

Hugs all around.

At 12:13 Blogger LauraJ said...

Hellie and Grace, I am sorry for your losses. It isn't much comfort, but when I miss someone who's dead I think at least the sorrow reminds me I loved them. And that must be worth something, to have loved and been loved.

One problem with caring about people one does not actually know -- it seems so presumptuous to offer sympathy to NG or Liam Neeson (who does not, as far as I know, even have a blog/multipartite community, though if he does I hope they are doing well by him). But our distant and sometimes fannish love means a lot to us, so we hope our affection is worth something to them.

Eh. The human condition. It's nice not to be alone. I started to read Lorranine's and her boss's blog when Terry Pratchett was diagnosed with his embuggerance; it was great not to feel alone. And we get to share happy occasions, like the recoveries (physical and psychic) of cats and dogs we do not actually know either, and the remarkable, lovely teeth.

I send you all hugs. Please take care.

At 16:26 Blogger Dragonsally said...

Oh Hellie, I am so sorry to hear that.

Hugs and support for you, and your friend her family and all your other friends

At 16:48 Blogger Lindsey Joyce said...

Maddy looks radiant!!

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