Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Groove, Slam, Work it back, Filter that, Baby bump that track...(Lady Gaga, Starstruck)

Yesterday I showed you a picture of my Headless Horse. Look, today I have one of my Headless Bengal Freaky Venus! That's Madame Mim there, doing the beheading. This could become a regular feature, Headless Pets!

Can anyone tell exactly just how long a day this has been for me? I am loving my early morning riding, it's perfect, but there is sort of a perfect storm going on of me deciding to Get Fit and be up early to do it, and some extremely hectic work days. Not that we ever lay around eating Bon-Bons on the slowest of weeks, but these past few days, I'm not sure I've had two seconds to breathe.

I did some math yesterday, yes, I know, but I can do it if I think really hard, and figured out for the time at the office, I got an e-mail every 30 seconds. Don't get me wrong, I am certainly not complaining, just sort of in shell shock after the day. Boss is off shortly to the PEN Festival, as you might know, and the PEN people, I have to shout out, are the truly best people I have ever worked with. E-mails to them are answered in minutes, and their single goal seems to be "How can we make this go really well for your Boss" I love them. They rock.

It's the rest of the time that is getting filled up hour by hour. Persnickety trip, this one.

Oh, Fods, I must be tired, when do I ever come home to Fiends and talk about My Day At Work???? I talk to the Bengals, who tell me "It's your own Bloody fault, don't come to US, we never approved of this LEAVING every day, now, where IS the Featherstick.

I would talk to the fish, but, there, uh, aren't so many of them, another two seem to be "Doing the Float" What is UP with these dead fish??? If they were simply GONE, I would have my suspicions.....

I like this Path. It's a good one. (Not the dead fish part) I cantered today WITH people, and it went well. No fear. I sent Nathilie a Tweet in French. I believe it was an ungrammatical "We can Skype from my Grave if they don't dig me out" but still, progress on all fronts.

I met the Nice Lady who gave me the Bagpipes, on my way home tonight, and she did NOT ask what sort of progress I was making. (None, let's call it CONgress.)

I took the Dog for a lovely walk and listened to Lady Gaga. (Starstruck, on repeat, that song has GOT me.)

Mim didn't pee on the counter as I got her food ready. (Yes, she has been. No idea WHY, mind you, but there you have it)

Magic licked me. Hissed. And licked again.

My muscles are screaming in agony somewhat less than yesterday.

And I am home. It's all good.

Groove, Slam, Work it back, filter that, baby bump that track....

Mantra to live by.

Love, Work and New Paths,


At 20:44 Blogger Kitty Cat said...

Lady GAGA was on J. ROss' show!

At 20:47 Blogger Kitty Cat said...

Rubius, I left you a note on last post, but we all know Quiche doesn't let her blog posts get stale (like i do, har har--one a week is an achievement)
so if you have a mini-minute, go check it out.

and Q, what the heck is that little bird on the front page? can i paste a skull over it?
*runs away

At 20:53 Blogger Beez said...

Groove, Slam, Work it back, filter that, baby bump that track....

Mantra to live by.

Do I have to?

*does the "I'm too old for this s***" shuffle*

You just rock on with your own bad self.

Kitty- I think you can put skulls on -everything-.

At 21:05 Blogger Dragonsally said...

Kitty -put a skull on the wee birdie, its crying out for skullification.

Holy Fods Q...you still manage to blog and twitter when you get emails every 30 seconds at work. You are so generous with your time.

At 21:29 Blogger Fluffy said...

My head would asplode if I had all that going on. Oh, and speaking of asploding heads:

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. It's pretty damn funny. Wasn't impressed at first, but the mayhem at Netherfield ("Girls - Pentagram of Death!") was kind of ninja. And I think there are ninjas later.

And I DID figure out, even as a relative noob here, that Kitty wasn't going on about the Boss in the second part of that post. Which seems like an accomplishment since I'm quite sleepy. So it's offski to bed time.

At 21:30 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

WHAT little bird on which page???????? My brain is dead. I like skulls tho.

Beez, it's sort of a metaphor , using the recording studio and mixing down a song, and all the single tracks that each get every single thing tweaked and perfected, until it work perfectly as a whole...

Well, Sally, this is my relaxing time, and I like hanging out with you all, more or less, it kind of de-compresses things and keeps all the ME's separate.

At 21:31 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Asploding heads?? Fods, that made me laugh!

At 21:31 Blogger Fluffy said...

You know, I believe that it should have been "offski-to-bed time" grammatically speaking-wise.

At 21:37 Blogger One Sock Short said...

Having a hard time putting down P&P&Z myself, but must really get to bed if I'm to make it to a record-breaking third day of work in a row (still recovering from 2-wk cold-from-hell). Annoyed by the anachronisms in the illustrations though. Glad I'm not trying to read it on the L. Sudden cackles of laughter tend to get strange looks. G'night all.

At 21:40 Blogger Fluffy said...

Oooh, the dresses bothered me, too. It shouldn't BE Victorian! Although it might be hard to execute a perfect roundhouse kick in those wispy Empire styles, so points for practicality, maybe.

At 21:46 Blogger Fluffy said...

Oh, I see the bird Kitty mentioned - it's a cute titchy TwitterBird with a cup of latte (?)

And I've just been leaving sunflower seeds for the little guys.

At 21:48 Blogger Siri said...

Kitty - ditto that on the little twitter bird - really.....

Grace - if you followed us here from the last post - hugs back to you. Sometimes no words are fine. I miss hearing from you, though.

In my world, I'm getting a like number of emails a day, if you compare me to Lorraine like a sapling to a Giant Sequoia. More than I want at any one time. Frustrates me that I can't get to them all. Working on getting over that, letting things go and doing what I can do. I continue to support co-workers emotionally, which is a thing I do well, so that's all good.

I'm cold. Sorry Chantrell, but I'm cold. I'm going back to my blanket!

At 21:50 Anonymous Kate said...

Fluffy and One Sock Short - so glad to hear that P&P&Z has a good laugh or two in it and that you are enjoying it. It's in the pile - after the Work-That-Must-Be-Read from students.

Miss Lorraine, you are righteously tired. I have not updated my blog in two weeks and it's beyond stale. I'm feeling blog bankrupt. So you inspire me.

Must to bed. How grows the garden?

At 22:34 Blogger Chantrelle said...

Wii fit-ed tonight. I'm now 36 instead of 52 by it's calculations...yay! Just yoga and some fun little games but inspired by you all here :)

Go you on the cantering! That rocks! And the rapid-fire emails are tough. I always had an easier time dealing w/ the emails than phones though. I don't like phones.

ben's in bed, i have a homebrew waiting for me. Must go veg.

At 22:43 Blogger Lyndyn said...

Hmmm...P&P&Z sounds good...but...I wonder if it would make my recurring zombie dreams better or worse...I shall ponder. ;)

At 22:46 Blogger Rubius said...

Kitty, thank you. Your post was very thoughtful. I knew you meant Drew too... and I appreciate your advice a great deal. Those are good works to live by.

Lorraine, Yikes, that is a LOT of e-mails. I am pretty damn impressed. I often have to back up our e-mails and burn CDs and I know how bloody long it takes (confirming everything, etc) with the system we use... tell me you don't have to back all those up too?

and have you been testing the PH level of your fish tank water? If not you may have water that is too acidic or basic for your fish. (I wonder, is the word basic used like that?)

At 22:52 Blogger ariandalen said...

You have talked about your work day before, Ms. Fabulous. Well, as much as you could, especially wrangling airlines and the ins and curlicues of acquiring travel visas in difficult nations. You just don't tell us the delicate stuff, which is as it should be. :)

Paths. ::heavy sigh:: Sometimes you work toward getting on a path, you get on it, then you find that the help you thought you would have isn't there. At least, not to the extent you expected. :P

Jess asked a few weeks ago about the Night Garden project stuff that hasn't shown up on the site yet. Some of it is stuff that only Jess, as back up/coordinator, and Ms. Fabulous have see, but the rest of us haven't. I'm assuming they're just waiting until Dr. Wicked can get them up. :)

At 23:38 Anonymous kali_licious said...

"..every thirty seconds..'
Oy vey. It's a wonder you don't face plant on the couch as soon as you get home!

Being kind of lurky lately, but your (and Kitty's) deep thoughts were timely and appreciated on the last post.

At 23:52 Blogger Lexocat said...

Asplode? Another bit of the Fiendish lexicon revealed? Does it only apply to heads or can other bits asplode, too? Can I stop asking questions?

At 23:53 Blogger Ticia said...


::waves an exhausted hand at fiends::

How does your whole body get tired when your brain is doing the heavy lifting?

Came for the ticky box, stayed for the chatter.

At 00:09 Blogger Dragonsally said...

Came for the ticky box, stayed for the chatter.another brilliant Fiend-shirt idea.

Uh, head leads body Ticia.

At 00:22 Anonymous kali_licious said...

Lexa the term I use all the time is "'splodey." As in "My head went 'splodey." But asplode is just as good. I think that it might be a particularly good term for the "power surges" that come with menopause.;)

*waves back at Ticia* Body has to carry brain around, gets final word on when you've done too much.;)

At 00:30 Blogger spacedlaw said...

AM I expected to say something witty here? I've not had tea yet.
Oh yes: Good French, Lorraine. Perfect. Hopefully you won't need to skype from the grave...

At 01:43 Blogger Marjorie said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

At 01:44 Blogger Marjorie said...

ticky box.

Maybe the fish were poorly when they came?

Like the headless cat picture ;-)

At 02:00 Blogger spacedlaw said...

For once it is Mim on top: Usually it is Venus sitting on her head instead...

At 05:38 Blogger Dan Guy said...

At work, several months ago, they moved my small group to a new location, away from everyone else. The building is hot, so we keep all of the windows open, even in the winter. The network goes out when it rains. It's quiet and I'm getting so much accomplished. And we have a TV, and cable, so I watch Angel re-runs from 6-8am, then The Daily Show and The Colbert Report from 10-11am. Bliss.

At 06:36 Blogger Phiala said...

Dan, thats um, interesting. Glad you seem to like it.

Ticia, brainwork uses lots of energy. Really. Your brain cells need two times more energy than the other cells in your body. (Or, why you do need to eat carbs: brains run on glucose.)

At 06:41 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Hi Kali, nice to see you again!

Nathillie, I wil creep from my grave and Skype with you today!

Dan, Great work place! Tho, isn't it awkward for the net work ot be out when it rains, being a computer genius and all?

What else?

First cup of tea. Bliss.

At 06:43 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

We are missing Night Garden things? I was not aware of this???!!!!! If your night garden piece isn't up there, let me know and I will certainly six that now!

Fix that now. Not six it.

At 06:50 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

I have never felt any sense to a diet that is based on excluding some food group, or any "Diet" if your body doesn't have any conditions that would prevent it, losing weight isn't rocket science. Eat less move more.

Be sensible.Eat what you want, just less.

And the most important thing, take the focas off food. Food can't be your means of comfort, or stress relief, or socialness, (Or covering up fear, eh-hehe) Substutue a walk and I tell you, you'll get yr 2 pounds a week, which sounds like nothing, but it will add up.

I hope.

Wjy am I talking about this? Oh, carbs, I knew there was a connection....

It has to be something you do because you need to

At 06:52 Blogger Phiala said...

And don't forget maintaining a spicy brain! That takes LOTS of energy, and a balanced diet. :) Plus chocolate, of course.

At 07:14 Blogger spacedlaw said...

I could do with some today.
I can't see to wake up today (and it's past 14:00, so I would say it's a desperate cause) despite tea, food and a nice post lunch walk around the site.
But I'll be there to skype later on, filling your ears with "je suis très fatiguée" and all that jazz.

At 07:52 Blogger One Sock Short said...

Thanks, Lorraine!

I carry the following quotation from Crazy Aunt Purl (a knit blogger) around with me:
"But since I am no longer on a diet, no longer 'about to start a new program... tomorrow' and no longer waiting for an unspecified time in the future before I start to treat myself with dignity, every day I just have to make the best decision I can."

At 07:55 Blogger One Sock Short said...

Oh and uh, "ticky box"?

Mind you, it took some time for my brain to process "Quiche." In my defense, I have been sick for most of the past month. I eventually got it.

At 08:02 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Crazy Aunt Pearl has it DOWN!

Oddly enough, I can do without chocolate. Weird eh?

Yes, Quiche. Takes people a bit sometimes. I feel more like Quiche, than Lorraine. Boss calls me some form of Quiche and not sure Mads knows I HAVE another name. Quiche, (Or Q, Quichealala, Qwitchie, Quichie, Rainy, Fablo, Rani, Lorrainea...I have LOTS of names)

Don't call me Fabu or Lori tho. Ever.

At 08:02 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Very slow. Was I boring again? I so was . I knew it. Once you get to writing Deep Thought, they just don't want to hear about dead fish and cats peeing on the counter.


At 08:08 Blogger spacedlaw said...

Back when I used to have fish, normal goldfish rarely lasted more than a week. In the end, my parents got me a fancy Chinese golden (really golden in colour) fish and he lasted 12 years. It was more expensive but well worth it in the end.

At 08:56 Blogger DataGoddess said...

Must find some Lady Gaga, I think.

Hives are much better today, just a little itching and they're not raised anymore. Yay. Hopefully be gone before I see my sweetie on Sunday.

OSS, I found you on Ravelry!

We did catch the mouse - we'd bought some expensive traps that zap the poor things, since I'm always worried that the snap traps will make them suffer. The expensive ones didn't work, we went back to snap traps and got the poor thing.

Need to get back on the Wii fit - having wonky knees makes that more of a challenge than it should be.

At 09:28 Blogger Ani said...

I'm evidently REALLY missing out with Pride & Prejudice & Zombies. Have to admit it's the zombie part catching my eye...

At 09:34 Blogger Ani said...

Did not manage to look for my Fit the last 2 days. Working on the road 6am to 6pm then home with the kid makes it hard to be inspired (aspired?) to get back out & walk. Think I'll try over lunch today!

At 09:36 Blogger One Sock Short said...

DG, found you back! I see you've made a few Clapotis (very lovely ones). Been thinking about making one with some yarn I don't quite have enough of for a sweater, but I still want something large-ish. Also, glad you're feeling better.

Having a hard time getting my brain into work-mode today. Will have to take an early coffee break, I think. Still really miss having coffee at the desk. Sigh.

Lorraine, is it possible for you to be boring? I'm just not convinced.

At 09:41 Blogger Ticia said...

I love you fiends.

Phiala - That brain site is wonderful. I sent it to my fellow zombies here at work. And I made an egg and wheat toast for myself (and my daughter) this morning. 3 more days!!!

Quiche - Your post was beautiful and just what I needed to hear yesterday. Don't let the doubts get you. Keep doing what you're doing (I'm selfish).

Okay, enough distraction. Have a great day fiends.

At 09:41 Blogger Lyndyn said...

Oh, I'm on Ravelry...so fun...same name...Lyndyn...in fact, I have knitting circle tonight. Working on my red scarf (cashmerino in a gorgeous claret.) I've been working on it for...hmmm...8 years? I only do a few inches a month at my knitting circles. It is driving the other ladies in it CRAZY that I haven't finished it.

It's about the journey, I tell them. And they scoff. They are scoffsters. Scoffsters, I say!

Yes...I'm one of those rare middle aged librarians who wears sensible shoes, knits and feeds stray cats... :D

At 09:46 Blogger Phiala said...

I can see I will have to actually log onto Ravelry. Today at lunch, I promise!

At 10:09 Blogger Ticia said...

I wasn't going to come back, but this was too interesting not to share.

I sent the Phiala's Brain Link to my beloved boss. Who promptly wanted to discuss each point (did I mention brain dead, lack of time, general malaise?) and sub-point.

Anyway, all of this discussion and scientific research led us to this horrifying discovery:

Snickers are better for you than white bread. That is how BAD white bread is for you.

Back to the saltmines.

At 10:12 Blogger Hellie said...

I started to knit a scarf for myself last summer, my granny half-taught me how to knot when I was small but I can't really remember, so I'm teaching myself at the same time. Have managed about 4 inches of very wobbly 'Scarf' so far. But I'm proud anyway. Like you say, Lyndyn, it's about the journey....even if the journey is a little rough and potholed!

At 10:17 Blogger DataGoddess said...

For some knitters it's all about the finished product, for some it's the process of knitting. And then there's the pre-process knitters, who collect books, yarn, needles, etc and knit occasionally :-D

I'm a pre-process knitter. My collection of books and my stash are a bit scary (and no, my entire stash is *not* on Ravelry yet)

At 10:27 Blogger Jane said...

You all are so fun - I'm going to have to learn to knit - or should say relearn as Mom taught me when I was 10...knitted a headband.

Brain tired is harder to recover from, IMO. If I spend a whole day with my Mom (another whole story) I am brain dead afterwards and it's from the constant interaction - there are no restful moments and I go home and collapse, mentally.

At 10:32 Blogger vampi said...

i'm half a knitter, i seem to start projects and buy cool needle thingies and then forget abou my project, come upon it several months later and it is a mess of knots.

mom bought me an origami flower book. i shall try to make some this weekend to share with crafty fiends, i'm better at papercrafts that needle crafts.

i recieved my first ever comic book yesterday i've had a few trade paperbacks, but never the comics themselves. i'm kind of scared to take them out of the plastic, because they look so pretty and fragile.

and kitty, you mentioned baller hardware is where you get your glass, i totally drive past that most nights on my way home :) i always giggle at the name.

At 10:47 Blogger Na said...

Rubius, if you're coming across Canada, I hope you'll stop by, even if it's just for coffee/tea.

Kitty, I cherish your post from the last blog entry. I'm going to break out the calligraphy pen and put that quote up somewhere prominent in the new home. When I can find and unpack said pen.

This week, my brain cells are almost entirely devoted to this moving thing. The week seems to go on forever.

Are there pics of Rubius spiders yet? :D I went to a yoga class last night for the first time in weeks. Typical studio; long, straight, bare walls and floor. At the very end of class, I picked up my strap to put it away, and a spider scurried out from it. I watched it trying to hide over by the wall, wondering where it could have come from. Then I gathered my things, and when I looked back a moment later it was gone, in a room where there's no apparent place for it to have gone. (Yes, scientist brain came up with a rational explanation, but it was still a bit spooky-cool.)

At 10:54 Blogger hope said...

Oh, now I am listening to Lady GaGa and dancing around my office. Yay for new (to me) music!
And it's so wonderful that Magic continues to make progress, and the beauty of Venus and Mim continues to make me gasp a little, with or without heads.
The seller accepted my offer on a house yesterday, so SOON I will be a homeowner. Maybe a rescue kitty is in my near-future!

At 11:02 Blogger Na said...

Oh Jane, I feel for you, same thing for me with my mother.

All this crafty talk. Will celebrate new unpacked home with baking bread and crafting something, anything. And going for walks on the green belt nearby.

At 11:34 Blogger Adri said...

I haven't ticky-boxed in two days... not having fiends chattering away in my inbox is detrimental to my mood. I shall correct that immediately.

Today someone emailed asking for pics of my Rocky cat, as an example of good bengal 'type.' I'm glowing.

re: the fish (sorry, I haven't read the rest of the comments yet), the tank could just be in a nitrogen cycle. You could get some snails, maybe, to help eat up the fishy waste and balance it out. It might also just be a size of tank thing. Fish need more space than we expect!

At 11:58 Blogger Chantrelle said...

OK, i've been listening to lada gaga clips on itunes. I see the appeal but it's to poppy-techno-elecronic-dancey for me. I don't even really like Tori's electronic-leaning tracks and I practically worship that woman. Not my thing.

It's supposed to be much cooler here today thank Fod. I don't do heat...or cold...see, that's why I live *here*...we aren't supposed to have extreme weather and never used to! Ugh!

Dan - I used to love losing our network connection at work. I was an HTML programmer. Can't do that offline. I'd act all stressed about the workload but it was such a nice break! :)

It's wednesday...acupuncture and farmer's market day. yay!

At 12:25 Blogger Rubius said...

OSS - Ticky box: When you are logged into blogger to make a comment there is a little box under the comment box that says 'Email follow-up comments to [your email address]' This also pops up when you hit 'preview' since you need to enter your login info to preview a comment. Many fiends use the 'ticky box' to keep up to date on the fiendish chatter here since they can just check their email on their mobile devices, etc., and thereby be on top of the comment thread.

I'm still old-fashioned (meaning I visit the website, and read and make comments on the actual blog) and I already receive too many e-mails so I don't use the ticky box.

I am a non-knitter. I was shown how once or twice and never really got into it. My roomie started a project a while ago to make scarves and give them to homeless people at xmas time around here.

Na, I would certainly love to drop in but I am not sure if that is feasible if I am travelling with a bundle others in a van across Canada.

Is anyone else here a fan of Peter Beagle (author of the Last Unicorn?) He just started what I think is a FANTASTIC project in which he will write a song/story/or poem each week for the next year. Check out the webpage about this. What a great idea. here's the link

At 12:42 Blogger Marjorie said...

Knitting... I'm a non knitter, too. I was taught to knit once, but it didn't really take. I knitted a cardigan for my cousin when he was a baby - it took me longer to knit than it took for him to gestate, and it ended up with one arm longer than the other... (My aunt dressed him in it anyway ;-))
I have not tried any since. I am also v. bad at anything sewing related. But I can cook.

Hope, good to hear about the house.

At 12:43 Blogger Adri said...

I learned a little crochet when I was a kid, but it never took. Now I can't knit because of my hands/RSI issues. (I have to save them for important things, like typing and video games)

At 13:56 Blogger Kitty Cat said...

NA, you are a doll.

so i just challenged QUICHE/RAINY to a doodle-off.
there is a charity spearheaded by Gillian Anderson (X Files Skully) and they take doodles.

come on, please o please. we had quite a morning bouncing emails back and forth concerning this & Q gave me a right schooling on HOW TO DO IT RIGHT--
my doodle raised $$ last year and this year I got them a signed Jonas Bros poster.

good cause. you can see the sketches by people (such as Boss);
HEREplease Rainy? (i never called you that before, i love it)

At 14:03 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

This day MIGHT be hectic enough with out my co-assistant thinking I am some sort of ARTIST!


I didn't really set her straight, just sort of told her how to make things Very Clear and Simple for a Boss who is writing.

He can use as many words as he likes. WE use as few as will work, lol

Waiting for Broken Leg man to get done at the Dr then Skypeing come what may with some French!!!!!!

At 15:37 Blogger vampi said...

oh i was just thinking about broken leg man yesterday. best wishes for speedy bone mending coming his way. my leg breaking experience was less traumatic, but it was a long recovery, so i feel especially compassionate for people who break legs.

At 15:46 Blogger One Sock Short said...

Re: ticky box: OIC. I've been taking advantage of that, just hadn't given it a name.

High on my list of Things That Fascinate Me: The way groups come up with names or phrases together, with some being adopted into the language of the group, while others don't. But I'm geeky like that.

At 15:52 Blogger Arwenn said...

OSS - you aren't alone...I do the same thing!

I think it has something to do with the way the conversation evolves. If there's a great term and then people continue to talk about the subject using the term it is adopted, but an equally clever term will be forgotten if the conversation shifts.

At 15:53 Blogger Adri said...

OSS- I really wanted to write a socio-linguistics paper on language/slang differences from internet community to internet community and map them, like you can with geographic slang. I ended up doing a much smaller paper on instant messaging as a written vernacular instead, b/c it was just a one semester course.

What I mean to say is, you are not alone!

At 16:03 Blogger Ani said...

Had to work through the last few days' comments & make it up to now. And having done so & by doing so having seen a lot of wisdom flow through the internets, I just wanted to put my own offering of a quote in.

I went through some bad stuff a few years back with an abusive (now ex-) partner, and after too many years called it done. I just about tattooed this quote on my forehead as I finally made the right decision for me & my son:

We must walk consciously only part way toward our goal, and then leap in the dark to our success.
–Henry Thoreau

Still walking! Still trying to remember to leap when necessary!

At 16:32 Blogger Rubius said...

There is such a wealth of good advice here.

oh no, Klatchian coffee overdose!!! I think I need a drink to get back to sober.

At 16:50 Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have been terribly remiss in commenting. I blame sleep deprivation and Frenchlings. On to better things. Andrea - love that quote, I shall be using it in the future if you don't mind.
Madam - Fantastic musings, I have been feeling similar things myself. Way to go!
Much love all!

At 16:53 Anonymous Anonymous said...

And yes, skulls may be put an everything!

At 17:08 Blogger Fluffy said...

Asplode: This is LOLspeak for "explode" - usually used in conjunction with "head," as in a tiny kitten who looks puzzled and says, "Why your hed asplode? Was my kyootness?"

Snickers: I was EATING one when I found out it was health food! And I don't usually eat them cause of the peanuts, but I needed something to cut the Godiva extra dark ganaches.

Earth Day: I had a thought - We were green when I was growing up because we couldn't afford the other colors.

Hilarious Family: Which leads to mother. Not stressful to be with, as she is charming and hilarious. Just stressful to bail out since she's also a bit feckless.

Klatchian coffee! Ha! I wandered into the kitchen twice while reading this and forgot each time I went for caffeine.

I lurve you guys.

And to BrokeLegMan - it really suxxors but it gets better. I broke my ankle trying to stop someone from hitting my Honda head-on in 1990. Strangely enough, it did not slow them down. The front of my car did, tho. It took some regular walking after the two surgeries, but it doesn't hurt anymore. The really horrible thing about these kind of accidents is dealing with the insurance companies.

RIP Honda Accord...

At 17:11 Blogger Fluffy said...

Clarify - the ankle broke because I was pressing the brake with all my might.

And I got 69, hur, hur.

At 17:27 Blogger Jane said...

Wow, Fluffy, you broke your ankle pressing on a brake? That is one hard press!

Na, I love being with Mom, but she has macular degeneration and cannot see well, so I am her eyes; has bad arthritis and walking is hard, wheelchair is harder, so that takes some thinking, too. I'm glad I have time to spend with her, though, even though it's wearing.

Love the quote, Andrea, that leap in the dark can feel quite scary and I get stopped - but think it probably is necessary.

At 17:38 Blogger Fluffy said...

Well, it was okay until the other car hit me and the ankle absorbed the impact. We were both going 45mph.

Not an experience I'd recommend.

Dinner, on the other hand, is. Two thumbs up for dinner!

At 17:52 Blogger One Sock Short said...

Perfect quotation, Andrea.

I've often called my few (far too few) unexpected decisions in life as jummping off a cliff to see where it goes. Generally the best decisions I've made.

At 18:38 Blogger Jane said...

Now I understand about the ankle. Must have *really* hurt :-(

At 19:00 Blogger vampi said...

i said my ankle breaking was less dramatic. i was standing still.

i was actually on some black ice. i stopped to look back and see if i locked my door and next thing i know i'm on my ass crying.

please do have a laugh at my expense, it was quite funny. i'm sure whatever you picture is right, because i honestly don't remember falling just sitting on ice crying as some neighbor walking a dog came over to see if i was ok. i always picture one of those slow motion arms flailing scenarios. i still have som lingering pain form my knee and hip, but ankle is pretty well healed.

:) again, nice mendy thoughts toward broken leg man.

At 19:14 Blogger EmilyLady said...

You mean you usually get two seconds to breathe?

I forgot to tell you - I was strolling the town a couple of weeks ago and happened upon a bagpipe-playing street performer ... made me think of you.

At 19:19 Blogger Adri said...

vampi-- no one will laugh at you when they find out I broke my ankle running to get the telephone. I fell over on carpet and somehow rolled my ankle.

(I got the phone, though. I was a teenager, it was my dad calling to ask if my mom was home. I squeaked "No. I think I just broke my ankle." and he said, "I'll call her cell phone," paused for a moment and then suggested, "get some ice for your ankle." Ah, medical families.)

At 20:02 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Bagpipe street performer? Brave player!

Heck, I broke my arm a couple years ago getting out of bed....

Right. New post, my Fiends, from your very tired Leader....

At 02:43 Blogger Marjorie said...

Bone-breaky stories - I broke my leg falling of stage, when I was 11. It was dutring the performance - they had to have the interval early while we waited for the ambulance.
6 weeks in hsopital on traction=not a lot of fun.

But if you are going to break bones I receommend doing it on front of a paying audience. It pays off in chocolate and cards.

At 06:32 Anonymous Anonymous said...

The coats of those cats are just stunning. In all of your cat photos I am just desperate to touch those beautiful spots!

At 12:17 Blogger Ani said...

Wicked, Jane, & One Sock Short--Glad you liked the Thoreau quote. Use it like mad--I kept copies in my wallet and gave them out to friends for a long time.

I tend to want to be VERY SURE of what I'm doing, & so am much more willing to walk in the light than to take the final leap in the dark. But for so many things, you don't get there without that leap. You just have to jump, and damn that can be scary!

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