Saturday, April 18, 2009

Lessons in Raking and Over a Jump....

Danguy and Dr Wicked have been working tirelessly to fix this Blogger Picture Problem, but it is not yet there, so we are going sans pictures, except for this picture of trash bags that I was able to download during a freak INage last night. Go figure. And now for yesterdays Jumping Post....

(Edited to add: Pictures are BACK!!!!!!!!!!)

First off the cleaning party was a fine event. I had a great time, believe it or not. Worked really hard, as you can see from the Very Small percentage of bagged up leaves and pine needles and pine cones here. I am no longer as fond of pine trees as I was before today, but I have to admit, it really did look nice when it got done. And it was great to hang out with everyone.

It's kind of a full service workout program, this stable. Not only can you ride, you can get a wonderful upper body workout raking. I will get fit. And want to. This summer is about getting back my FIT. Today may have even inspired me to get my own personal rake out and do my own yard. There will so be before and after pics of that, it is a MESS. Kind of like my FIT at the moment.

I did find out from She Who Owns It All (Whom I call "Poetry in Motion on Horseback" for short) that Trainer Mel may be selling MY horse Tess, So I may be getting a new horse soon. At first I was somewhat indignant, but then I realized it may be time to move on and up, and I told Poetry that was fine, I could ride HER horse. Seems like the next step to me.

(To put this in context for you readers out there: Me and my horse just published our first short story. She and her horse are #1 on the Times list with a novel. Get it? My goal is to ride well, not go to the Olympics)

I was watching the kids jump today, which I love, and one of them was riding my Tess, so was excited to see her jump for the first time. I got even more excited when Trainer Mel said to come on in and jump her myself.

Ok, so excited was not QUITE the word. More like "You are SO &^*&! kidding me!!!!!!!!!" Well, no, she wasn't. So I got my hat, and my half chaps and thought, well, you wanted this. With a few high fives from the kids (Those are the BEST kids, really, truly supportive, everyone there is) I went to the ring, and leapt up on my steed. (Ok, walked to the three step mounting thing and got on with my usual grace.)

You start with poles on the ground, getting used to a position called "Two point" Which is sort of a jumping maneuver, where your heels are DOWN, you grab the mane with one hand, so hold ON with your knees. It is very important to look where you are going, and not at the jump, too. I learned you will go the direction your toes are pointing. If they are DOWN, that's where you will go. If they are up, and your heels are down, you will stay on the horse. This is a huge incentive to keep your heels down.

You start for your first real jump at a trot. This is scary enough, there is so much to remember, and first and foremost in your mind is that this horse is going to leap this thing and it is in your best interests to stay with her. I did it three times, and if it was not done WELL, I did stay ON, which is one point for me. It's a pretty amazing feeling.

Then Mel said to try it at a canter. DOH!!!!!!! It's kind of amazing how all of a sudden the canter part was no longer any sort of Big Deal, and I cantered like a Pro. I went for it, and she stopped, I didn't keep her going at it hard enough. I went at it again, and circled her out. Could't do it.

I don't think it was nerve failing me. I think it was wisdom prevailing. Wasn't ready for it. Remember it was just last week I felt ok about the cantering in the English saddle bit. I think I can ride most days next week, and I will. And put everything I have into it.

And next week. I will canter over that jump. Or the week after. However long it takes.

And I will be fit again. I will lose this "Been spending WAY too much time on the couch with pizza weight" and I will find my muscles again.

However long it takes.

Love and Goals,


At 09:23 Blogger Marjorie said...

Huge cheers for Jumping!!

At 09:27 Blogger Marjorie said...

Oh my, I'm first!

Seems to me you gained extra cantering confidence, even if you didn't jump at a canter straight away, so it's all good.

I have just built a flat-pack wardrobe, and am having a little sit down before cutting the grass and planting some seedlings - I cheated and bought some baby courgettes and totmato plants (Maybe next year I'll be organised enought to start from seed...)

At 09:32 Blogger spacedlaw said...

That is awesome, that would have scared the hell out of me.
Well done, you.

At 09:36 Blogger Phiala said...

That's impressive! Both the jumping and the goals.

Marjorie, I always buy my seedlings, since otherwise the cat eats them all and I have to buy them anyway.

At 09:51 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Marjorie, you built a wardrobe? Go girl!

My seedling are doing well, one in particular a giant pumpkin called "Big Max" I didn't name it, that's the name on the packet, and none of his friends I planted grew.

I may have pumpkins on this thing before I can plant it outside.

I do gain more confidence every time I ride. It's a beautiful feeling.

But MAN, between canters and raking, I am SORE today. Hope I can ride later. Seems to be raining.

At 09:58 Blogger ivenotime said...

yey! jumping! how cool is that! and if you would like more yardwork, pls, feel free to come on by! bit of a mess doesn't even start to describe what's going on in my yard- the one downside to no snow (but i'll take the mess anytime!!) and since i have to go to work, i don't have to look at it now - pleasant sunday all!

At 10:00 Blogger Ticia said...

Watching you move through challenges one step at a time is so good for me. It helps me be easier on myself. There is a learning curve and a natural rhythm to doing something new and uncomfortable.

For me, I have to remember it's a dance, forward and back. Forward and back. Progressly slowly across the floor, but progressing. Dancing through the fear.

And you've picking amazing animals to help you : Cabal, bees, Bengals, and horsies. Wow, just looking at that list is impressive. Which reminds me, how is the kitty who gets the shots?


At 10:09 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

British for Zucchini, Ticia. Like Aubergine for eggplant.

It is a process working thru fear. Sometimes working thru fears of things that may have nothing to do with what you really fear, can help build the strength to put the deep buried fears away.

You feel better at any rate. Forward and back.

And if your life is stressful, I think, at least for me, doing extreme things helps a LOT. I used to drink, some years ago, lol, which certainly WORKED, but not perhaps the best path.

Sue, no way! It will be huge if I manage to do my own yard. Which I can't do today, as it is raining.

Ah, darn it.

At 10:13 Blogger Siri said...

Psst - Ticia - they are the dreaded zucchini. Don't ask Marjorie about them, or she'll give you her surplus. No, I didn't know that - I looked it up.

Congrats, Q - good for you jumping. The twitter picture is funny. (No, I don't twitter - I just follow, lurk and spy.)

Na!!!!! Shiny Keys!!!!! More Exclamation Points, too!!!!!! You clean those cupboards, Girl, within an inch of their lives!!!!

Lys - good on you for gainful employment. So sorry I can't be in NoCal to play with the rest of you.

Why is it no one ever comes to Central Iowa on business? Why is that? Oh, right. We are dull here. I forgot.

I'm not - just the state is.

At 10:16 Blogger spacedlaw said...

Iowa can't be all that dull, Siri: afte all they did decree that gay marriages could not be declared illegal.

At 10:20 Blogger Siri said...

Well, there is that. It's been fun sitting back, watching the furor that created. Must admit, I was surprised (albeit greatly pleased), but what the Supreme Court said is true - nothing against civil marriage in the law. I think the official day is Friday Next. The news will be interesting that day.

At 10:29 Anonymous Steph said...

Hurrah for jumping!

At 10:30 Blogger dabbler said...

Morning/evening all!

Wonderful job, apartment, jumping news...makes me smile.

I spent much of yesterday orbiting my daughter''s class gourmet dinner fundraiser, before getting to sit down and eat the delicious result. What a great experience to watch these kids, take on a five course meal for 28 people, without a lick of panic or conflict. I was there as support, and spent the day setting up tables and having chairs fall on me, consulting on flowers, and making one last minute grocery store dash for forgotten feta. A good day.

And DH managed to take a HUGE mound of honeysuckle off our enormous old pink rosebush. (For those who don't live in NE PA, honeysuckle here is an enormous pest, eating everything in sight.)

Off to putter a bit more in the yard before the rain comes.

At 10:31 Blogger Dan Guy said...

It's almost mostly there. I'm still slaying the last few wasps. (Because no one wants to hurt the cute little dragons.)

At 10:31 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Oh, I did forget, Way to go Lys!!!! Postmistress, eh? Love a girl in uniform, lol.

Ticia, can't wait to hear more adventures in new home!

I will never understand WHY the idea of gay marriage gets people so upset, or why it could possibly MATTER to anyone except the people involved.

Why would anyone want to stop someone from forming a committed, and legal alliance? Or why a group could possibly think they could deny a part of the population rights they enjoy based on thier sex.

It confuses me. No one is trying to STOP people from marrying someone of the opposite sex.

Why is it anyones business who someone marries as long as they are human and of legal age? Why would anyone else CARE?

Funny world.

At 10:33 Anonymous catnmouse77 said...

Hey I just wanted to add I think you're really doing great with the riding! Sounds like you have a good trainer. And I am alwyas interested to hear about the Bengals...I bet you and Magic will eventually have a great bond!

At 10:33 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Dabbler, fun dinner, but on the honeysuckle, think of our friends the BEES...

Hurrah for Dan Guy!!!!!!!!! Pictures SOON!!!!!!!!

(he has been working on this all last night and today, with Dr Wicked. I really really love these guys.)

At 10:35 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Hi Catmouse, and welcome!!!! Glad you like hearing about such things, as I sure do like writing about them.

And Magic and I will be friends. Already are. It can only grow.

At 10:38 Blogger Marjorie said...

Ticia, don't worry, you are in no danger of being given my surplus courgettes/zucchini - the resident slugs and snails see to it that there is no surplus. Last year I had 3 plants and the grand total of 1 courgette - it was all of 3" long.

My planting them at all is an act of faith that sooner or later I may acheive actual vegetables.

Gay Marriage - I agree, have never been able to understand why anyone objects so strongly - iy isn't as if there is finite supply of marriage, and if teh gay people use it up there won't be enough left to go round...

I found it interested that although theyvfidged the issue a little here, by calling it 'civil partnership' NO-ONE (except in legal documents) ever calls it anything but marrige, to the extent that mosgt people think 'civil partnership' means co-habitation (I know this, because the forms I use with my matrimonial client's refer to 'intention to (re) marry or form a civil partnership, and striaghts who are moving in with their new partners always tick the civil partnership box, and I have tpo explain to them that isn't what it means...)

At 10:40 Blogger Jane said...

Cngratulations on your jumping. And on being wise about the next step of cantering towards the jump.

You sound like an amazing woman :-)

At 11:01 Blogger Dan Guy said...

The blog is transitioned, so now shows up at The only thing that isn't working yet is redirecting the old URLs to their new location.

Quiche, you can post pics with impunity.

At 11:06 Blogger Ticia said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

At 11:06 Blogger Ticia said...

"It is a process working thru fear. Sometimes working thru fears of things that may have nothing to do with what you really fear, can help build the strength to put the deep buried fears away."


And I think Na is the winner of the
"golden ticket" from hell, not me :-D We need more stories about the flower filled fairyland she is moving into.

At 11:07 Blogger Ticia said...

Oopsie! I felt it so strongly, I posted it twice. :-D

At 11:33 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Right, Na. Your names are so alike, I get you mixed up. Right.

And the pics are up!!!!!!!!! Thank you Dan Guy!!!!!! Dr Wicked and Danguy are Heroes!!!!!!!!

The pictures aren't GREAT , mind you, but I don't believe they can help with our lack of camera skills. We need Kitty out here!!!!!!

At 11:42 Blogger Phiala said...

Yay pics!

Going to now tries but fails to send me to - there's an extra / in the redirect URL.

At 11:50 Blogger Ticia said...

Yay! We love you Dan and Dr. Wicked....

I'm having trouble posting right now... going up a hill on stationary bike..


At 11:50 Blogger Marjorie said...

Just found this - the world's first walk-in cocktail! Apparently, breathing normally for 40 minutes is equivalent to drinking one G'n'T!

At 11:52 Blogger Ticia said...

Wow! I hope the servers have gas masks!

At 11:56 Blogger Marjorie said...

Yep, apparently they do...

At 11:58 Blogger One Sock Short said...

Excellent goals, and you can achieve them. (I hope that's more convincing than when I tell it to myself. 'Cause in your case it's totally true.)

Now that I'm finally back online at home, I'm exploring the music on your page. Lovely. Don't suppose you ever get as far as Chicago to play?

At 12:04 Anonymous Kate said...

Huge cheers for jumping, raking and posting photos! Major hurdles, both real and psychic.

I too spent hours on the yard (after another ridiculous yoga class where I spent 15 minutes upside down) and ache today. In a good way, right?

"the rain is raining all around" today and glad am I that seeds went into the ground yesterday as did the enormous (I had underestimated) stand of day lilies that now have a new home alongside the house in the space that I have lovingly referred to as the "scorched earth recovery area"(as it gets plenty of sun - only the strong survive) which is often in competition with the "prairie restoration project" (ahem- weed patch) between the garages for most disreputable looking spot in the yard.

Oh, well. Looking forward to more pics! Happy weekending.

At 12:04 Blogger spacedlaw said...

Interesting concept but I am not sure what it might do to the customers lungs (although it might spare their liver).

At 12:09 Blogger Kitty Cat said...

one sock short! love that.
and yes FabLo SHOULD think about a round of Chicago dates, we can go stay with Maure again, haha.

i think horses are scary as heck. your nerve is extra inspiring. i can jump out of an airplane no problem, but to even feed a horse from my hand made me want to run away. Musta been killed by a horse in the olden days...

yes to coming out but i am stumped as to schedule.
i want some Caribou coffee!

At 12:10 Blogger Chantrelle said...

WOW Q!!! Jumping without any sort of seatbelt! ;-) That's amazing. I've only ever ridden western and never considered leaving the ground. And now it's been over 20 yrs since i've been on a horse.

Dan/Dr. - How did you fix the image upload problem?? I'm not able to upload on my blog either, it's craps out at uploading to FTP server...did blogger change something?

Off to shower and grocery shop. I have upwards of 30 people coming over for soup night tonight! Crazy! I don't have that many bowls!

At 12:22 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Hard to get to Chicago, my current band isn't set up for touring real well. But I am coming there for my Tattoo!

And we will be live streaming on the Fiend Weekend shows, in Late June.

And if anyone ever want cd's from my old bands, Flash Girls, Folk Underground or Lorraine a Malena, off still stands. Any amount to and I'll send 'em. Some went out last week, if you are waiting...

Kitty, if I am ever killed in a skydiving accident, you will KNOW it was murder. Nuff said.

Chantrelle, don't know how they fixed it. Dr Wicked sent Dan things that made no sense to me, Dan talked back in a language I did not understand, and all of a sudden, it seemed to work.

At 12:38 Blogger Adri said...

YAy for jumping! Boooooo for two point. I /lived/ in two point position for months, I feel like. My trainer was not happy with my heel position and figured doing /my entire practice/ in two point would help.

He was right, but oooooowie.

Riding a horse is like driving a car-- look where you want to go, in the middle distance. The horse can /tell/ somehow. (they're a little freaky like that)

At 12:43 Blogger One Sock Short said...

Are tattoo place better here? I keep saying I will do something "not like me" when I turn 40 later this year. But I'm probably too indecisive to make it a tattoo...

At 13:04 Blogger DataGoddess said...

Wow, from cantering to jumping in a week! And even if you didn't get a cantering jump in this week, there is always next week :-)

Lys, congrats on the new job!!

It's all rainy here, perfect weather for movies and knitting.

At 13:22 Blogger Erin Underwood said...

Jumping! OMG! That's awesome. You make it sound like so much fun. :-)

At 13:30 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Fine line between fun and terror, Erin, but I did like it.

I'd cantered both last week, but nt without fear of doing it.

Onesock, The artist I want to do my tattoo just moved from LA to Chicago, so I am following her. She is Hannah, formally of Kat Von D's shop, and a friend of Kitty's. I love her work, and her attitude, and I want her to do my first one.

She is, as we say, Really Really Good.

At 13:42 Blogger Ani said...

Yay for jumping, Q! Tell, you what, I will try to find my FIT, too, as I've misplaced it in the past 4 years. It may have slipped under the couch cushions. Or perhaps it left with the takeout containers. I'm thinking it would be nice to have it back. :)

At 13:44 Blogger EmilyLady said...

People talk about New Year's Resolutions. I think springtime is really the time to get going with these things. Motivation comes much more easily. Springtime rocks so hard.

At 13:45 Blogger Ani said...

Siri--central Iowa, much like central Illinois. Lot of corn, quite a few cornballs. :)

At 13:48 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Yr on Andrea! We are to Find Our Fit.

Fod knows where mine went..

At 13:58 Blogger Ani said...

Fabu, Fab Lo! The Fit Will Be Found!

It'll help me a LOT to not be doing it alone. OK--off to figure out the best way for me to search!

At 14:17 Blogger Lyndyn said...

This blog post made me very happy! I need to get my own Fit, too. And...somewhere..gathering dust...I have some fitness videos geared towards riding - sort of ground work for the rider...hmmm...where did I put those things...must rummage...

You are right, too - all the riding and work that goes with it (raking, etc) is great for fitness - functional fitness, I think they call it?

re: Chicago - come to ALA Annual! I have tix for the Newbery Banquet - tra la!

At 14:40 Blogger Chantrelle said...

jump for joy, my images are uploading to blogger!

At 14:49 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Ah, Janet says:

Might want to correct the

At 14:54 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Lyndyn, ALA? What's that about? Is there , like anything cool happening there?

I think to find FIT, the most important thing is to get up and look for it. The very act of getting up off ones BUTT and looking is bound to be a step nearer.

Extreme things don't work. You can't say "I WILL EAT NOTHING BUT RADISH AND RUN 10 MILES A DAY"

You might make it one. Just eating right and getting off yr butt is the only thing in the long term that will work.

Eat sane. And walk, rake, dance, ride, bike, lift hand weights from your chair, Wii fit, whatever.

If you look for it, and are off yr butt, you will find it.

I am so wise, eh?

At 14:56 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Speaking of which, I'm off to hang with Annamontana. Tess is apparently riding with the women who may be her new friend. Hmmph. SO me and Anna will be cantering fools together.

And now that we can post pics, I will try and get some good ones. And do a new post tonight since you have been cheated these past couple of days.

At 15:01 Blogger Lyndyn said...

Lo - you are pretttty wise! :)

I've come a longggg way re: losing fat in the last two years - was diagnosed with hypothyroidism after maybe 20 years of the docs telling me I was fine, just eat less, etc. I started out a size 30/32 and am down to an 18. :D But...losing fat and getting fit are NOT the same thing and now that I'm getting my energy back I need to get movin'!

re: ALA Annual - nah...nothing too much fun...just a bunch of us librarians wandering around in sensible shoes! :D

At 15:02 Blogger Lyndyn said...

Oh, I told my little niece that there was a horse named Anna Montana and she thought that was heee-larious. (Her name is Anna and she will be 5 next month.)

At 15:08 Blogger Adri said...

My partner claims he's going to write a diet book:

Lay off the booze, drunko: losing weight in 12 easy stepsSeems to be working for him. :D

(though, reports from Cochella indicate he's fallen off the less-booze wagon. Oh music festivals)

At 15:08 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

You go Lyndon!!! Congrads on all you have done, with such obstacles. I think FIT is the most important. I feel better at any rate when I am moving, and I can sleep, rather than wake all night worry'ing.

It IS a pretty silly name for a horse, she is wonderful tho. She really GOES....No being lazy on her.

At 15:08 Blogger One Sock Short said...

ALA=American Library Association. About 20,000 librarians running around Chicago. What could be cooler? Especially with the Newbery event to look forward to.

I can point you to the best Ethiopian restaurant (not the one most people say is best) and some great yarn shops.

Actually, "Fit by Forty" is this year's mantra for me. Once I'm finally over the cold-from-hell, I mean to start walking home from work an increasing number of times per week. It's, 2-3 miles, and a good start, I think.

At 15:09 Blogger Lyndyn said...

LOL...Adri...I bet that would sell a lot of copies!

Ugh...this migraine is kicking my @SS. I'm going to take to my bed.

At 15:10 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Adri, Snicker....That made me laugh.

OK NOW I AM GOING!!!!!!!!!!!

At 15:15 Blogger Adri said...

One Sock Short (OSS!),

why did you have to mention Ethiopian food? There is none where I live and now I am craving it.

I wonder what types of lentils I have available.

At 15:18 Blogger Lyndyn said...

As it happens, I AM a fan of yarn shops!

At 15:20 Blogger Lyndyn said...

LO - Ya! When the doc called and told me I was sick - I was sooooo happy, I cheered. She was rather taken aback and said "People aren't usually happy to hear this." And I said - "Hah! I'm just glad to know what is wrong - now let's FIX it!"

Still working on getting the meds right - but I'm sooooo much better.

Sadly, it isn't a get out of fat jail free card - the meds just sort of lower the playing field. STILL have to watch the damn carbs, dammit. :)

At 15:21 Blogger Lyndyn said...

Not LOWER...Level...the playing field. durrrr

At 17:41 Blogger Dan Guy said...

Ticia :: That issue only happens when you leave off the trailing slash, i.e. try to go to rather than I hadn't thought to test for that. The issue appears to be in a part of the server that I can't access, so I'll ask Dr. W to take care of it.

Chantrelle :: I switched the blog over to "custom domain" publishing rather than FTP, so that everything is served by Blogger's servers rather than FTPing to Dr. Wicked's. That way there's no FTP issue and posts show up instantaneously. Blogger didn't change anything, the FTP publishing just goes on the fritz every few months.

At 18:16 Blogger dabbler said...

It's true, the bees love the honeysuckle, but no worries. We have no shortage still. Probably several miles of it, were the vines stretched out.

Once they start blooming, the whole world smells sweet.

And I, too, fail to see why letting people who love each other have a right to legally commit to their relationship should be anyone's business but their own. But then I also fail to see why it's my business whom anyone sleeps with...unless I'm in a relationship with said sleeper. Or, for that matter, why some folks seem to believe that they know the one and only TRUTH about the world...

Tis a puzzlement!

At 18:19 Blogger Dragonsally said...

what an inspirational post and stream of comments to wake me up.

I've only ever jumped unintentionally (runaway horse) and that was a whole lot of terror and no fun.

You make me want to get back in the saddle Lorraine.

At 18:20 Blogger dabbler said...

Also looking for my Fit...but I will have to aim for svelte sixty :-) Now that they've finished rebuilding our road, i could start walking every morning... but it's uphill both ways...

DH is going to the gym every morning and today road fifteen miles on his bike. He is 'encouraging' me. My innate rebelliousness make that into discouragement very fast, so I've asked him to stop. I do need to do something, though, so hearing the rest of you talk about it is great!

At 19:20 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

It's all of you who inspire ME.

It's all about just doing something to find your own personal fit. It's not anything else. It's about feeling good, whatever weight or age you are, and challenging yourself to be the best you can.

Which did not happen so much for me today, darn.

May write a bit on it.

At 19:23 Blogger Lexocat said...

Q, is this a typical year for you or is this year just particularly rich with wonderful experiences?

I am amazed and inspired with nearly every new post. It's lovely!

At 19:34 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Well, thanks! I don't know that's it's so different, I'm just writing more about them, and pursuing things harder. Kind of started last year, with wanting to make a difference, and helping the Bengals.

I tend to do what I'm doing either full on, or not. No middle ground. I wanted to see how much more I could learn and do.

And I guess it's all of you too, wanting to make this place really fun, and a really good place to be, for everyone, no matter who they were, if their hearts were good.

We all have a lot of the same problems, and feelings, maybe I wanted to show people, and in turn show myself, that anything IS possible, and you can live what you dream.

If you want it, go get it.

Who can say?

My nerve failed today. Even my trainer Mel told me I was a fine rider, and it was my nerve that was failing me. Rode Anamontana, and she is a way more Go type horse. Took forever walking to relax enough to trot.

We cantered and were fine, then she stumbled, broke to a trot, and back to a canter, then cantered with her head down while sneezing.

Stayed on, but didn't do it again.

I will tho, be up at 7 tomorrow where I will do it again.

I have to believe I can do this.

Man, I do go on don't I????

At 19:59 Blogger Ticia said...

You're doing great Lorraine. And you go on in the best way....

I think I need a nap. I read awesome stuff from y'all today. I think I had congratulations and happiness for all. Now I can't remember.

Target, Whole Foods, and 85F/35C weather sucked the life out of me. My blood is still too thick for this torture! (I know, I know)

Reading The Light Princess and Other Fairy Stories by George MacDonald and napping, which is a shame. He's such a smart witty writer, I should give him more than 1/2 a brain cell.

At 20:50 Blogger Cecily said...

First, I don't know how you keep track of all those comments, it totally overwhelms me, so I have no idea if I am repeating or contradicting or whatever.

Second, Awesome on the riding.

Third, my hubby and I are constantly making up mock commercials in our heads to show the idiocy of the ones against it. I think ignorance and fear are the best two words to describe the stupidity of it all.

Next, I am loving my wiiFit to help with the spreading issue.

Lastly, OMG you really are fabulous, when the hell do you find time to breathe?

At 20:51 Blogger Dan Guy said...

I have added comment numbers. Sadly, they only show up on the individual post pages (-- for example, the one this comment thread is attached to is --) and not on the "Leave your comment" page that most of us spend the majority of our time upon. I have no control over how displays its own pages, alas.

At 21:04 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Hi Cecily, and welcome!

Keeping up with the comments is tricky, not sure anyone manages to completely, don't worry about it, just feel free to jump in with anything, at any time.

Would love to hear these commercials, it IS pretty weird isn't it?

TIme to breathe, not so much. I will be going to bed really early tonight tho, I can tell you that much!!!

Well, Dan! Thank you AGAIN for spending your weekend working on my site!!!!!!!!!! More horse pics, and hopefully a tale of some good riding.

At 21:42 Anonymous Lysandwr said...

Q--you will sleep he sleep of the just :) I am, back in the Bay area (happy happy joy joy!!) The rental guys upgraded me to a PT Cruiser. Bright Sparkly Blue. wOOt!! The thermometer readout inside the vehicle (supposedly telling you the temp outside)as I drove away from the lot? 90 degrees!! What is UP with that?? It's not even MAY!!

And we just had overnight freeze in NM, so don't blame it on me.

Thinking good thoughts for sushi tomorrow night..... :)

At 22:03 Blogger Fluffy said...

If you want to feed the bees (and hummingbirds) you can plant coral honeysuckle rather than the invasive Japanese type. That's what THEY (who the heck are they, anyway?) recommend here.

I lost 30 lbs in the past year, partly by eating less between meals, and mostly by walking 45 min to 1 hour about 5 days a week with my best buddy, iPod. I've been walking for 6 years but had to stop due to hip pain, and finally got it sorted out last April. My legs are killer, but I noticed in a photo that my arms look like sticks! So I told the spouse I'm going to sign up for personal training for upper body (which is actually starting to improve with yard work.)

I'm amazed at the whole jumping process, and I know you'll get into it when your brain finally gets used to the idea deep down. Sort of like Magic with The Petting Hand Of Possible Doom.

Apparently, a new week is looming (who knew?) so I should get me to my beddery so I can do the shove-offspring-onto-bus-at-7-am thing.

And good on yer, Marjorie, with the wardrobe construction! Can't think any more. I has the sleepy.

At 22:09 Blogger gaypet said...

Ah, my dear, you are the brave and fabulous Quiche! Good for you!!! Jumping? That IS something.

At 22:16 Blogger gaypet said...

I'm sorry, wait. Dan, you have no control over... what? My world is feeling less secure by the moment. Please tell me that your total control of all things interwebs is in tact.

You just don't WANT to do whatever-it-is. It's not that you CAN'T.

At 22:53 Blogger ariandalen said...

Way to go Ms. Fabulous!I think to get FIT, or even fit ;), you can start in small amounts of time and build. Twelve years ago I started riding a stationary bike. I could only do it for 10 minutes the first time I tried, so I did it for 10 minutes, recovered for an hour +/- then rode another 10 minutes throughout the workday. In 3-4 months I was riding 45 minutes twice a day, and got cranky when I couldn't get my riding in, but I think that was a bit of transference going on at the time. It helped that I could read a book while pedaling, which means I wasn't concentrating on how much time had/hadn't passed.

Unfortunately, I wasn't as motivated to ride the bike at home after I quit. That lovely mental tape of, "You should be doing this, or this, or that," kept playing. ::sigh:: Don't you just love mental tapes? Not. :P

Anyway. . .on to new Fiends!

Hi, catnmouse! Glad you decided to speak up and make your presence known! :)

I do believe I smell


At 22:54 Blogger Fluffy said...

I think he's lulling the interwebs into a sense of false security, then, BAM! It won't even know what happened. Very fiendish.

At 23:20 Blogger gaypet said...

Thanks Fluffy. I feel better!

At 00:58 Blogger Na said...

Go Fablo! Go Fablo! You're horsie skills are growing by leaps and bounds.

And go fiends finding FIT! Awesomeness. You know your cardio-vascular system will thank you for it.

Yes shiny keys, to new place now with shiny bathroom, kitchen, basement steps, and entry doors. Because G-R-I-M-E, folks, honest to fod grime. Yech. Every surface, including the undersides of things, scrubbed with soapy hot water then (non-toxic lavender-smelling) cleaning stuff. Started taking carloads of stuff each trip. Got the utilities' billing/hook-up arranged to happen this week. I promised some folks pics of new place as well as the trashcan from hELL--er, maybe tomorrow. It's supposed to be +20 C! And Ticia, flower-filled, not yet; fairyland mayhap--milk by the back door? Or whiskey?

And is there anything traditional for first meal in a new place?

Armchair philosophical theory on why some people are anti-same-sex-marriage; their sense of being in the world is not secure, and their balm for this is to work toward a world in which their own beliefs are reflected by every other human on the planet. I.e. fear. "Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering."

At 01:06 Blogger Na said...

Dang. Would you know I'm an editor? Your not You're horse skills. Meh.

To sleep I (may) go. Finding it hard to go to or stay asleep these days. BTW, I suspect lack of sufficient sleep can also lead to non-fitness. I notice when I don't sleep enough, I am hungry more, as though I need more calories to get through the day. And then I crave higher-calorie things I don't need to prepare (snacks, boxed, frozen foods, etc.), because I feel "too tired" to prepare anything, and I feel "too tired" to exercise. Not enough exercise and I don't sleep well. Circle down.

Right. To sleep for me. Ciao, all!

At 01:07 Blogger Ticia said...

Keys and lavender. Welcome to your new home Na.

Milk, honey, and bread. At least that's my take on it... (The honey's not always mentioned, but we have an in with The Alliance).

Nighty-nighty fiends...

At 05:27 Blogger Dan Guy said...

Google's kung-fu is strong, gaypet. They act all sweet and innocent but under the veneer it's all knives and throwing stars. I'm not going to do anything to attract the attention of *that* dragon.

At 05:55 Blogger dabbler said...

Well...78 degrees F on Saturday, 65 yesterday...and 48 today?? What! Mild Brrr.

Good morning to all. May your Mondays feel like Saturday.

At 06:01 Blogger Phiala said...

Dabbler, I agreeo on the weather. Must be spring in the Northeast. But then, I'd rather have sunny and 70s on Saturday and raining and 40s on Monday than the other way around.

At 07:40 Blogger Jane said...

Na, I've read that inadequate sleep can lead to weight gain. So it's not just you.

At 07:52 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...


Honey with the bread and milk. It would be best.

Dan, walk softly near that drangon, we are not yet ready, the time is not now.

Ack. DEAD asleep before 10"30 last night, and SLEAPT pure sleep calories until 5:30, woke, and slept till 7:30. Might be something to this search for FIT.. I am off in a few minutes to ride, then to work.

After tea. Oh my yes. Benagls all fed, watered and littered. More tea, may have had enough sleep but it's still bloody early.

At 08:02 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Hmmm..Rise and Shine, Fiend Things! Have you been fronlicking all night, as well you should?

Just found my self talking to the tea kettle. Saying things like "Boil Dammit"

At 08:13 Blogger Jane said...

What kind of kettle do you have? Mine doesn't generally respond to that type of comment.

At 08:16 Blogger EmilyLady said...

YAAAWWWN, good morning ...

Quiche, it's wonderful what you have to say about being fit and not going to extremes; I have had many a time where I did go to extremes. As I told you, that's why I was in the hospital, and I'm no longer embarrassed to have the Fiends know about it.

I am a walker. I walk about two miles a day because walking rocks. When the weather gets a bit warmer and now that I have a decent pair of shoes, maybe I will walk even more.

At 08:19 Blogger Cecily said...

I'll wait until I know you guys a little better before I start sharing my level of snark. Especially on the subject of gay marriage. Kinda a hot button for me. :-)

At 08:30 Blogger Marjorie said...

Good Morning all.

My kettle doesn't respond to commands to boil, either. Although a voice/sound -activated one which came on when the alarm went off would be handy, don't you think?

I am happy this morning. I have my secretary back. I suppose that decreeing that she must never ever have any time off ever again would make me a Bad Boss....

At 08:39 Blogger spacedlaw said...

I don't sleep enough but right now I am stuck in a meeting. I came back to work today after two weeks away and they already managed to stress me beyond any reasonable level before 09:00 this morning...

At 08:41 Blogger Phiala said...

Spacedlaw - ick! That's what you get for going back to work... Though presumably you also get a paycheck for same.

We seem to have been Jessless for ages - hey Jess! You there? Is all well?

Today is rainy, and I am very wet after my 2-mile walk to work. But Good News awaited: a manuscript on which I labored mightily has been accepted for publication! Yay! (Peer-reviewed sciency stuff.)

At 08:47 Blogger spacedlaw said...

Indeed. Jess-less. Who will provide weeble earworm links if she isn't around?

At 08:57 Blogger Phiala said...

See, and I even got Flash functioning on my work computer, so I'm now susceptible to earworms.

At 09:52 Blogger gaypet said...

Yelling at the kettle. Yep it's that kind of morning here too. :)

OK, Dan, I can understand letting sleeping dragons lie.

More coffee now.

At 09:52 Blogger One Sock Short said...

Almost wish I were still sick enough to stay home, now that I have my copy of Pride & Prejudice & Zombies.

Lyndyn-hope you're feeling better, post-migraine. Subscribed to your blog. We need to correspond!

Lorraine-kudos for rising, shining, and riding!

At 09:57 Blogger Marjorie said...

Phiala - when I saw your Tweet re: manuscript I was thinking fiction!

I would imagine getting anything published with your professional hat on is a very long process - you must get all the fiercest critics before it even gets to the acceptance stage, rather than after it is published. How long will you now have to wait to see it in print? (And will you be celebrating tonight?)

Lovely news ofr a Monday moring!

At 10:05 Blogger dabbler said...

Jessless indeed. I've been missing her. Last I remember was a comment that she didn't want to go to work on Saturday...maybe a week ago?

Jess, where are you?

At 10:05 Blogger Phiala said...

Marjorie - I wasn't clear in my tweet, that dratted 140-char limit!

Let me pull up my notes...

"Submitted to Sciency Journal 12/30/2008, reviewer comments received 2/3/2009, returned to journal 3/6/2009. Accepted 4/20/2009."

I have 28 days to make the final editorial revisions (should be done this week, though). I don't know what the lag for this journal is - maybe 6 months before it shows up in print?

And this is a fast one. I'm still waiting on this one:
"Submitted to Very Slow Journal 5/2/2008. Revisions returned 8/28/2008."

I may well celebrate tonight - I'm doing interdisciplinary work, and have had a hellish time getting things published for the last couple of years.

At 10:16 Blogger spacedlaw said...

Jess was still commenting (at least on her blog) on the 14th (and on the 16th on Facebook). As I was away and had intermittent Internet, I did not follow closely...

At 10:21 Blogger vampi said...

*twirl* apparently i didn't tick, so i thought fiends had abandoned me. last week i had 10 coworkers form my regino in for some training, and spent the nights entertaining them. i was so exhausted. i did more driving in 4 days than i had in a month. out to santa monica 3 times, all the way across the valley, over mountains. i'm turning into a fiar tour guide for la.

congrats lys :)

is any fiend going to hear the dalai lama talk on friday in santa barbara? if any SB area fiends want to meet up thursday, give me a shout email vampiress at gmail or on facebook.

At 10:36 Blogger Na said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

At 10:37 Blogger Lyndyn said...

OH...I love Santa Barbara - wish I could go!

At 10:37 Blogger Na said...

I've been wondering about Jess too. Oh Je-eesss! Come out, come out, wherever you are...

w00t! Phiala.

Milk, check. Honey, check. Will bake some bread fresh in the new place. I even have a new mat on which to knead it.

Was chuckling over kettle comments, then realized I'd just left tea steeping and forgotten it. Poor tea. It is repaying me with lukewarmth.

Weather fods messing with us too. 60s today and tomorrow, then 40 on Weds. :P But sun predicted for Moving Day.

But life is not so plain, is it? Last week our 8-year-old learned some rather pertinent Facts of Life. He was very ready for this, asked loads of good questions. Today we have to tell him a friend of ours died last night. Though it was a while coming, still, the world looks funny when you stare out at it again after learning such things, don't it.

At 10:38 Blogger Lyndyn said...

Na - 8 year olds are tricky...I've had some of the deepest philosophical conversations of my life with 8 year olds.

Oh, and I do that to tea all the time...make it, wander off and forget it till its cold.

At 10:40 Blogger spacedlaw said...

Talking about tea mishaps, this morning I got so badly stressed that I sent my cup of tea flying and drowned the electrical sockets for my computer and nearly drowned my laptop too, which was on its docking station...
I think chamomile tea is called for.

At 10:46 Blogger spacedlaw said...

All is well: Jess is taking a few weeks internet break, so she can concentrate on her workshop.
She says hi and stuff.

At 11:02 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Jess, mine didn't either. Said nothing and boiled in its own time.

Cecily, Nope. You know us plenty.We like snarky, well, directed at idiots anyway.

Well, Hi and Stuff for to Jess too!

Nathilie, Yup. Should have stayed in France. Coming back form Holiday no good.

Being quick here. Ride is done and work is calling. Loudly.

At 11:24 Blogger DataGoddess said...

How was your ride this morning, Q?

I'm dealing with hives - nurse at doctor's office seemed incredulous that I didn't get them until the last day of my antibiotics, but I'm finding it's not that unusual. I'm doped out on Benedryl, so I'm watching all the pretty lights and still trying not to scratch.

At 11:28 Blogger EmilyLady said...

This is a good place to be when you're doped out. It's okay to say something stupid.

At 11:40 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Oh, the ride was lovely. No fear!!!! Loved it.

Of course, I was riding with Poetry, and how could one NOT be confident riding with someone who rides like that???

Her horse can trot sideways, which I am sure has a name, I just dont' know it.

Sorry about the hives Data, I got excited when you said you'd gotten hives...BEES, I thought...

At 11:57 Blogger Chantrelle said...

many glasses of wine last night...ugh.

At 12:40 Blogger Chantrelle said...

slowly pulling out of my wine-induced stupor.

Soup night rocked. I made darn near close to 5 gallons of soup. I have about a gallon or so as leftovers. Tuscan Bean Soup (i twittered the sorta-recipe...for a single batch, divide everythign by 6.) Lots of friends we hadn't seen in ages showed up...LOTS of kids. 7 of them under 8! One who's almost 13 but she's more of a babysitter for the others at this point which rocks.

Now our power is out while PG&E upgrades our service (upgrade:good, power out, not so bad since we have solar backup so i still have a computer...yay sun!)

I know i read all the comments, but my brain is smooshed by hangover so i don't recall what i saw.

Just watched AFPs videos from coachella, that woman is a goddess of all that is rock.

At 13:01 Blogger spacedlaw said...

Finally home, making soup, contemplating wine. Cats refuse to cuddle though, they want FOOD (damnit).
Got poppets in the mail today and two books, one being "Breakthrough" a collective thing celebrating the fall of the Berlin wall, including a piece by a certain Neil Gaiman, not sure if you guys have ever heard of him.
I really bought the book for the illustrations, though (Dave McKean, Milo Manara, Enki Bilal and Moebius amongst others).

At 14:02 Blogger Jane said...

One Sock Short (can I say OSS for short?) - my copy of P&P&Zombies is on the way - can't wait!

At 14:20 Blogger One Sock Short said...

OSS works for me. Being associated with "free as in kittens" software sounds good. Being associated with "if I told you, I'd have to kill you" maybe not so much. Though it may depend on the day ;-)

I swear, P&P&Z is sending out stop-everything-and-read-me messages from the desk drawer. Is it 4:00 yet?

At 14:32 Blogger ariandalen said...

Yay for good, morning rides!

Na, cream is better than milk for the Fair Folk. You're on the mark with the fresh bread baked by you in the new home. I would add butter, the real stuff, to the honey on the bread. You could also add honey to the cream, if you felt so inclined. :)

Toni. . .::sigh:: you people who can't handle your antihistamines. Tsk tsk tsk

Nathalie, hope the kitties have decided that you need cuddles now.

At 14:40 Blogger ariandalen said...

Hmmm. . .Gaiman. Gaiman. I don't think I've heard of this guy, Nathalie. Is he any good? And who's this Dave McKean? Enki Bilal and Moebius I've heard of, but Dave McKean?

At 15:14 Blogger Jane said...

open source software - v good. We won't go with the other. But I'd really like to know the origin of one sock short - or is it clear to everyone except me?

At 15:19 Blogger Adri said...

I rode a horse once called I Lost My Sock. He was chestnut with three white socks, and very small for a thoroughbred because he was a twin.

At 15:20 Blogger Kitty Cat said...

Q and all her Fiends:
please please please help us by voting in the NEVERWEAR contest:


At 17:14 Blogger bengalgirl said...

Jane, it has been killing me not to know what kind of cat you have pictured. Is it an aby or a chausie? Sorry for the interruption, now back to the blog.....

At 17:28 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Janet! There IS no interruptions here, any subject any time she says with a fine disregard for grammar...

I wan to know too..

(See what we can get away with while Jess sis gone?)

And yes, I forget who said it, but AFP did indeed rock Chochella most nicely...That girl IS rock.

At 17:39 Blogger One Sock Short said...

Jane (and anyone else interested) -- Oooo! I'm mysterious now. How exciting! I've never been mysterious before.

One Sock Short is just my usual online name. I use the name for a much-neglected blog, Twitter, and Ravelry (online fiber arts community, think LibraryThing for fiber folks). Since I like to knit socks, and often feel like I'm running behind in all things, it seemed like a pretty good name. One can even interpret it along the lines of "a few plates short of a picnic" if one likes. I won't mind ;-)

Adri, What a great name for the horse.

At 17:51 Blogger EmilyLady said...

I have voted, Cat ...

At 17:57 Blogger Rubius said...

Well done Lorraine.

I realize I am putting my toe in the water after the 128th comment .... a little late perhaps... but still, Good Job Q.

You make me want to ride sooooooooo much.

At 18:07 Blogger Phiala said...

I understood "One Sock Short", and I bet DataGoddess did too! And both of us are on Ravelry as well, under the same names.

At 18:14 Blogger Rubius said...

oooh DataGoddess... I FEEL your pain. Much love and wishes for your quick return to non-hivedness.

Must be allergy season... I am starting to get them unlovely hives too.

Spent Saturday putting a garden in our (ever so boring) front lawn. MAN!!! the Effort that that took. Two grown women... 4 hours... one non-spade... one grave worth of ground... and a shallow grave at that. We were a little non-plussed when our roomie said 'it looks like a grave' after we had lined it with rocks and put in driftwood. It wasn't MEANT to look like a grave. That said... I kinda like the idea of it being a grave-garden.

... but we are hoping it will SAVE the life of the poor abused rhodo we found on the property. We have higher hopes for the lilies, irises, marigolds, snap-dragons and the replacement yew. I had to leave my found yew at the last apartment. I knew I would have to leave it when it took 4 trips just to get the soil and pot onto the roof... there was no way it was coming back down that stairway... it is a roof tree now.

At 18:17 Blogger Phiala said...

Rubius, I dug the world's smallest pea patch on Saturday - I know just how you feel. Fortunately the previous owner of the house took care of planting rhodies, lilies, and all those other wonderful perennials, just no veggies.

At 18:23 Blogger Rubius said...

Worlds smallest pea garden... I love i, Phiala. A pea-sized pea patch.

We were delighted to see the clematis, yellow rose, bluebells and daffodils come up. The rose will be spectacular. We almost had a Japanese Maple (I REALLY wanted the maple) but the poor thing was dead.... therefore I now have a lovely new branch to display dragons on.

At 18:32 Blogger Phiala said...

I adore Japanese maples, but don't have anywhere to put one (maybe an ultra-dwarf). Really, I like funny-colored trees (except the yellow conifers, since they look chlorotic), but especially copper beeches.

But if I don't have a place for a Japanese maple, I'd NEVER fit a beech.

At 18:46 Blogger Rubius said...

You know... you could bonsai a Japanese Maple... don't think you can do that with a birch... but maybe.

sigh.. I like bonsai.

At 18:49 Blogger Na said...

We do have a couple volunteer flowers at the new place. I thought the leaves poking up were irises, but a neighbor thinks they're tulips. The dead hollyhock stalks are gone now. I was quite amused to see a tag for a hot pepper plant down in the invading grass; such the wrong climate! Our sad wee patches apparently have not been tended for ever so long. Project! Stage one, dig up grass but not the flowers.

The kids already made a friend from the building across way. Yay!

I once lived where there was a Japanese maple. I'm under the impression they are fragile things.

Rubius, have you seen Air Canada's site? They are/were having a big fare sale, ending tomorrow I think. I saw $310 rt Edmonton to MSP, imagine something similar would be there for you. Just a thought. :)

At 18:51 Blogger Phiala said...

Na, look at the base of the plant. If it's flat then iris, if the leaves are rolled then tulip.

Phiala, professional botanist (but really I'm better at weeds than ornamentals)

At 18:51 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Rubious, nothing wrong with a garden that loooks like a grave, I say....

Going to do new post as soon as I eat..

At 19:34 Blogger Chantrelle said...

Off to meet Lys and Ticia for sushi!
Fiends Unite!

At 19:50 Blogger EmilyLady said...

June is coming, Chantrelle. I forget - are you going to be there?

Springtime gardens are marvelous things - and trees are always marvelous things. Will has been fascinated with the flowers, goes out every day (save for today, since he was ill in bed) to check the hyacinths and daffodils and violets. And he likes the dandelions, as kids tend to. Soon shall come the tulips and buttercups. I adore flowers. THANK FOD FOR SPRINGTIME. It's finally here ...

At 20:05 Blogger Dragonsally said...

Thank Fods for whoever mentioned AFP this morning (Chantrelle?) Reminded me to go and put in my preorder for WKAP. Yah.

At 20:06 Blogger Ticia said...

Hi Fiends! I won't be commenting much until Saturday, but I'll try to keep up with the comments.

I have Inventory on Friday which really means a 15 hour work day on Thursday and any spare time Ican squeeze on beforehand. Stressful!

But, like Scarlett O'Hara, I'll worry about that tomorrow. I'm meeting Lys and Chantrelle for sushi. I'm sitting in a cafe right now because I'm way early. Yay for no traffic. And yay for fiends.

And, before I forget, I need to send out a GIANT thank you to a certain fabulous one who reunited me with a certain AFP CD!!! Yay!! You rock! :-D

At 20:08 Blogger Siri said...

Ticia - I'll miss you, and I envy you your evening. You Crazy Kids have fun!!!

At 20:39 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

You are most welcome Ticia, very glad to have helped! Figured insurance companies weren't going to cough up for new AFP...

New post is up, sort of Deep Thoughts tonight...

At 20:45 Blogger dabbler said...

We have too largish Japanese maples...most gorgeous crimson leaves in Late October....

I also have lots of tiny seedlings that want to be maples, but don;t necessarily breed true. probably no way to mail them around, though.

And I used to babysit, many many years ago at a house with the truly magnificent, century old copper beech. A tree of dreams, that one. Took up the entire front yard of a Queen Anne Victorian. I miss it!

At 06:10 Blogger Phiala said...

Dabbler, that's exactly the copper beech I want. The only way to get one is buy a house with pre-existing beechness, and they don't seem to grow well around here.

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