Thursday, June 11, 2009

The New Scream Porches.....

This has been one of those really long days, but I did want to get pictures of the New Scream Porch up for you. I did have a really lovely ride early this morning, which gave me some things to think about.

Why is it, that when things get hectic and stressed, that the one thing, the best thing, that could help with this, is the first thing to go?

It kind of got me thinking. I am really busy, which is the understatement of the year. I have a job that is, as you know, pretty intense, and I gig weekends. And then there are all those Bengals.

The one thing I need, is some time away from it, where I work really hard physically, and where I have one thing to think about, and it ain't me or my work.

Gave me some thought, and made me think that my morning rides are not something I am going to blow off because I am way too busy to take them.

Here's Magic's Scream Porch. Magic, for those new here, is my F1 (meaning Daddy was an ALC, Asian Leopard Cat) He's had a pretty hard life being bounced around, with people who didn't understand him, or his needs. Now tho, he is learning that there is love and trust in this world. AFter many months here in the Spooky House. Nine I believe.

Here's the view from the other side, which belongs to Venus and Mim, my own Bengals. When I tell you they love it, trust me here. They can't go outside here off leash (Yes, many Bengals are fine with leash walks, they love that too) and this is the coolest thing for them.

I can't figure out how to make Scream Porches for the Royal Fosters, King Lear and Queen Mab. I am REALLY hoping that their forever home comes along soon. If you are a single women, or women-women couple (Lear does not like men.) who might be interested in sharing your home with two of the sweetest Bengals going, drop me a line. They do need to stay together, Lear worries so about Mab. I need a home for them. And they will love you forever.

I have fountains on both Scream Porches now, Magic can't be with the other Bengals, the later Gen's don't much like the early Gen's, but here we are, all living together.

Seems to work.

Love and Screams, Lorraine


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At 20:37 Blogger Laura said...

love the kitty towers! are they custom?

At 20:37 Blogger Aline Martins said...

what a great work! well done!

Love and Light,

At 20:37 Blogger Siri said...

You are wise.

Are you going to have time to hang with the fiends, outside of the gigging, which will rock as rock has never rocked before?

I believe I've heard sitting on the deck at Water Street Inn mentioned.....

I love the screamed porches.

At 20:38 Blogger Kitty Cat said...

i love the look of Spooky House, and the screams...!!!
only nine months!?
and how i wish i could take that ROyal couple.
King Lear owns my furry heart.
ps not to be a bummer, but might i remind you of the Kylie-Head-Hole, so keep an eye on the escape hatches that turn up here and there in the screens...

At 20:38 Blogger DataGoddess said...

Sounds like the rides really help to clear your head and refresh you! You're right, a lot of times the things we do to take care of ourselves are the things that fall off the schedule when we get busy or stressed.

Love the Scream porches! I know Magic has constant access through his window, do Venus and Mim have a similar setup?

At 20:38 Blogger Ticia said...

Screams for the ticky box.

::waves:: and ((hugs)) to all.

At 20:41 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

The best part of the Scream Porches is that they are made of pet proof Bengal proof screaming. Mim climbs them, and they don't move. Very safe indeed.

The trees are off the internet, ebay, look for the ones that say Free Shippping, not the ones for .99 cents.

Magic is going to get a Huge Branch for climbing, as soon as Hans can build it.

At 20:42 Blogger Phiala said...

Q, it's like the thing on the airplanes: put your own oxygen mask on before helping those around you. It's not wrong to take care of yourself, so that you can better take care of others.

And the Screams!!!!

At 20:47 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

You are so way right, Mistress. I've been waking in the night and sending e-mail on my Blackberry. Need a bit of STOP, me time, and I am going to take it.

Granted, the past few weeks have been a bit of a lot, even for me, loving it, but do need to remember balance.

Siri, not sure, it will depend on work, and Dog, an all sorts of things. I have so blocked the gig time tho, so there will be rock! I do hope for hang time.

At 20:49 Anonymous Wendy Withers said...

I just wanted to say "thank you" for taking care of kitties who need some extra love and care. I've been keeping up with your blog for a while now, and it's refreshing to see someone show so much caring.

I live in a studio, so I definitely couldn't handle bengals. But, my last kitty was a shelter cat, and he has some nerve damage and hind leg issues as well as some emotional issues to work through. His previous owners decided the best way to deal with unwanted kittens was to kill them, and fortunately he was one of the few that was rescued in time.

I'm glad that you are one of the people who brings about the changes they would like to see in the world.

At 20:50 Blogger Siri said...




At 20:52 Blogger Siri said...

Q, perhaps you can do an occasional drive by, and wave to your adoring fans.....

At 20:53 Blogger bengalgirl said...

I had to hide the screen so my bengals and fosters can't see those wonderful screamed porches in the pictures. I can't have a bengal uprising here, there already more of them here than us humans.

At 20:59 Blogger ariandalen said...

And you can even just see Magic in the corner of his Scream Porch. :) It is no surprise that Magic, as well as Venus and Mim, are happier now that they can breathe in all the fresher air and see more of the outside world.

Thank you for the pictures Ms. Fabulous. :)

At 21:08 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Hi Wendy, and thank you, I can't save them all, but I really do want to make a difference for a few. As do we all, And we do.

Screamed Porches are the best! Hope I don't cause an uprising, Bengals Girl Janet! Now find me a home for these fosters, so they can have Screamed Porches!

Yup, that's Magic there, he comes out now for anyone, if they aren't in his room or the porch. Such a difference in a being who never knew love...

At 21:10 Blogger Dragonsally said...

I spied Magic in his Screamed Porch. Its wonderful the progess that splendid boy has made.

Pokes Ticia and Siri, just for the halibut.

Janet, I can't let Tysie see the photos either, she would complain very loudly.

At 21:12 Blogger One Sock Short said...

Thanks for the guided tour of bengal paradise. They look so happy.

Take care of you!

At 21:13 Blogger ariandalen said...

Hi, Aline Martins! Now that you are officially a Fiend, you will want a nice white jacket loaded with buckles to personalize and wear with pride. :)

::sniff sniff::
Aaahh. Spicy!


At 21:14 Blogger Siri said...


(waves madly)


And now, dear fiends, to bed. LONG week is nearly over, and then I can work this weekend.

Night, Fiendom

At 21:15 Blogger AletaMay said...

I love the scream porches! They are sort of old fashioned and fit so perfectly on the Spooky House!

I can't agree more that time away from regular life -- doing something that takes you outside of yourself is Good and Important and Sacred. So glad you have found a way for this Q! You are making me think too.

At 21:23 Blogger ariandalen said...

Ms. Fabulous, did the box I sent you get there? I'm sorry to be a pest, especially as it was nothing serious. I sent it to the address you sent me several months ago.

At 21:25 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

OH! I am sorry, yes I did and loved it! You seem to know me well, bees, skulls, MANY thanks to you!!!!!!!!!

At 21:31 Blogger Beez said...

They are beautiful porches, and even better now that the ficus and fountain moved out of the kitchen (though I thought they were pretty cool in there).

Happy Magic. He deserves the happiness.

Max the Cat just looked and went back to sleep. I think he knows he will own the sun porches when we move.

At 21:31 Blogger ariandalen said...

You are very welcome!

The bee will buzz, too. You will need to take the covers off the batteries before it will work. Believe it or not, I found it at the local Family Dollar. And if I didn't know by now that you like skulls and skeletons I would be a very poor Fiend indeed. ;)

At 21:34 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

It may be a little TMI, but I did think the Bees would Buzz, and wondered just exactly it's intended or not purpose...

At 21:37 Blogger Dragonsally said...

Okay, I'm sure I'm not the only curious Fiend now to of Bee?

At 21:39 Blogger Jess said...

Vibro-bee?? I#m not touchin' that one. :D

Scream porches! Aieeee! They look fantastic. And kitties look well pleased. Has it really been nine months for Magic? Wow.

Yes: listen to Phiala, for she is a Woman of Science. Do the you time. Be good to Quiche.

At 21:40 Blogger Tamidon said...

I wish I could adopt, but the 3 cats and the husband would cause problems...and I really want a job. Add the 2 kids and 8 chickens and it's full house.
Thanks for the pointer to the cat trees. I found the supplier on ebay. Are they hard to assemble?
If you ever need Bengal transport in New England let me know, I have a large station wagon and mroe free time than I like

At 21:41 Blogger Tamidon said...

Crap, that was a slip, I meant to say "I really want a dog too"

At 21:46 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Thank you Tamidon, and I will call on you if need be. No, doesn't sound like you need Bengals LOL, that's quite enough. I've always wanted some really strange chickens, fortunately wisdom has prevailed.

No pics. It's my own personal Bee. For what ever use I put it to.

I have a duck too. Or am I oversharing?

At 21:49 Blogger Beez said...

We went over to the new place today and the neighbor was having a birthday party- all her friends and their dogs.

So funny, 9 dogs having a big puppy party.

One was a new rescue from a high-kill shelter in Kentucky. All the hubbub was too much for her so she climbed into mom's lap and hid her head under mom's arm.

I will be getting another dog and maybe another cat. I see it coming.

At 21:49 Blogger Tamidon said...

Chickens are awesome. Next month is the 1 year anniversary of getting chicks in the mail and now we get 6-7 eggs a day from 8 chickens, they're easy to take care, and rather companionable.

At 21:57 Blogger vampi said...

hahaha personal bee. lol.

screamed porches make the spooky house look all the more normal, i'd insert something about unsuspecting neighbors, but i think they suspect at this point.

very cool.

At 21:59 Blogger Uisge said...

Tamidon-Cool chicken photos.

At 22:15 Blogger ariandalen said...

Why. . .the bee is to keep the Bengals in line. Or at least amused. Well, maybe you're the one that would be amused by Venus' and Mim's reactions, especially if they managed to turn it on.

::batting eyes:: For whatever other use would you use it?


At 22:31 Blogger Aline Martins said...

Hi ariandalen and people,

thanks for the wark welcome!
I am still getting acquainted with you all...although I´ve been following the blog for a while (and I have to say....all subjects really speak to me)

love and light from Brazil
Aline, Dana (my siamese) and Trinty (my black cat) ;)

At 22:35 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Vampi? Normal? Of course it is normal, it is the sanest place that I know. I am comfortable here. It's kind of me. And I'm just me.

Aline, welcome, nice to have you here and glad you have been liking the blog. We have a lot of fun, and I do like doing it.

At 22:59 Blogger Beez said...

Does anyone know how to avoid Me + Laptop = Inevitable Cat Butt in face?

I nudge, I push, I argue and all he does then is settle down for a nap between me and my screen, purring
his fuzzy little head off.


pwnd, aren't I?

At 22:59 Blogger Fluffy said...

Scream porches = Win! -- Now for questions:

1. Is that a Poo Wheel little kitty (sry - can't remember which) is gazing at?

2. Tamidon - what kind of chickens are they? Do they always read Christopher Moore or was that just when they were chicks?

And a big "Yes" vote for Ms. OSS's new glasses. They really do suit your face beautifully. And I would have probably chosen the old ones, since they are closer to what I wear. Just goes to show what I know...

Well, we got our 8 & 1/4 inches of rain this morning - aaargh - and I'm checking to see if those storms in Abilene are headed this way.. Hurrah! They seem to have fizzled out. I say more than eight inches should be enough for anyone, right? Certainly a first for me.

Okay, that's it. I'm going into time out. See you all tomorrow!

At 23:03 Blogger Aline Martins said...


Dana does the exact same thing. sometimes she even hold my arm to make sure I don´t move much.

there is a sad option. Get a desktop, without LCD, they love sleeping over it :)

At 23:05 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Beez, you clearly need help, and I strongly suggest that you get it. this.

If your kitty wishes to be on the laptop, butt in face or not, Kitty clearly has a need, and you need to accommodate that. We serve them, keep that in mind.

That is the Poop Wheel in the background, it will be coming back to the porch as soon as I can figure out how o slow it down. Mim runs so fat poop comes out of her, you see...

At 23:16 Anonymous Wendy Withers said...


Do you have the problem more when you're listening to music or watching movies? One of my cats loves music and will jump between me and my computer screen every time I put on iTunes or she hears certain actors and actresses she likes (lately it's Eddie Izzard).

Other than that, my best defense against her cat-butt-computer-time is giving her lots of hugs, kisses, and cuddles. That usually elicits a disgusted look, and she settles next to my pillow to sleep.

At 23:16 Blogger Fluffy said...

Poor Mim. Too much excitement!

I solve the laptop/HugeFatBinky problem by sitting in an armchair and balancing the pretty darn expensive machine on the arm and type one-handed while I keep hold of it with the other hand.

Of course I must always stop typing when she squeaks at me. We all know what that means: "Not enough petting going on here - what kind of place is this, anyway?"

Now I'm REALLY going to bed. Goodnight!

At 23:17 Blogger ariandalen said...

The new Fiendocracy begins in T minus 14 days.

Are you prepared?

Dreet sweams fellow Fiends!

At 23:28 Blogger Lexocat said...

Scream porches are fab. I want one of my own. Will pass on the poo wheel, though.

Lucky, lucky Bengals!

At 00:15 Blogger Amy said...

Oh I miss my Bengal. He was an F4 and leash trained.

The scream porches look like perfect kitty places to hang out.

At 00:30 Blogger spacedlaw said...

Wonderful porches. Great Job Hans did there. Mim looks like she's having SO much fun.

A bee AND a duck having strange behaviour? You certainly know how to put a twist on the famous "birds and bees" things...

At 00:47 Blogger Na said...


"love and screams", haha!

More new fiends, whoo hoo, hello!

Fluffeeeeee, you slay me.

And Beez, most certainly pwned, but it's good to be pwned by a kitteh. Er. Minus the ICB, I suppose. And... I think having a kitteh is to be pwned, isn't it?

And liking the metaphor, Phiala, yes indeedy.

Today felt endless to me, but oh, look! In fact there are only 11 minutes left in it, thank fod. Oh, now ten. Then it's "t" minus 13 days... And my attention wandered and now it's 8 minutes until tomorrow... need sleep. yessszzz...

At 00:52 Blogger Chantrelle said...

Love the screens. And all else.


Just watched ep. 1 of the new season of weeds. I love that show. Glad it's back!

Night all.

At 01:22 Blogger Marjorie said...

Love the screams, and happy kitties.
I shall go back and read eveyone's links shortly.
and see losts of you in just 2 weeks time (jumps up and down with excitement!)

At 02:54 Anonymous kali_licious said...

It's starting to sound like the assistant needs an assistant, Q.
Riding is really good that way..clears the mind wonderfully.

The Scream Porches are lovely, and the girls look happy. Do I spy a Bengal wheel in the garden? (Hopefully it's not outside for Reasons of Ick..)

OSS: A big YES on the glasses, they suit you nicely.:)

PG: I'm taking a range of clothes..I was told it cools off in the evening so I'm taking things to layer. (Plus I'm staying with friends so I'll have the luxury of laundry and I can pack less:)

Beez, I know the feeling..Hollie's new fave thing is to lay over my wrists while I'm trying to type. Pwned, indeed.;)

Fluffy that was A LOT of rain..I think the storm you had just drenched us today.

At 04:26 Blogger louisa said...

Morning. Glad to hear you're gonna prioritise Me Time, Q, I was saying yesterday that if we treated ourselves with the care and respect that we treat those we love, we'd all be a lot better off.

Happy Bengals! Must be especially exciting in the evening when the lights are on to attract fluttery bugs to the screens, a good test of their Bengal-proofness.

Helen is off the ventilator and out of intensive care! Yay! Her mom writes "Saw the x-rays of the rods in Helen's back. Looks like the Eiffel Tower." So happy the surgery was successful, should improve her quality of life, and her parents too. It'll be a while before she's back horseriding but I'll see if I can get them to send pictures. Thanks all so much for your support.

Tea now.

At 04:28 Blogger Precision Grace said...

the porches rock. Yay for woodsman hans. F1 must be delighted, I should think it's more natural for him to be treated as a wild animal than a pet, so now he can pretend he is on a nature reserve and the scary world is at least few feat away at all times.
Cats are curious. I mean, mine are allowed to go in and out as they please but they still sometimes come in the house and sit on the windowsill and bark at the birds up in the roof.

But hair?! Why no new hair pics? And rescue shoes? Oh ok, You are very busy, I can understand.

Since we are on the subject of working hard and brain overload, please make sure you get you-time and you get to de-stress because working like a workhorse has totally ruined my health and now I can't do much and I'd hate for something like this to happen to anyone else. And if you are in a real pickle and can't decide which urgent thing needs doing first, just ask yourself (and anyone who might be breathing down your neck) "Are lives at stake?" because if they are not, it can probably wait another little while. Yours is.
Here endeth the sermon of StAdministrator

kali, thanks for the tips. I think you are right, it's probably sensible to take a range of different clothes. I'm staying with Mom so laundry shouldn't be an issue. Besides, I love an excuse to use her clothes drier, I almost never use mine and it's not very good anyway, but she has the american one which always leaves everything feeling soft and warm and huggable. Sometimes I have to wash perfectly clean clothes just so I'd have an excuse to tumble dry something. (weird, I know)

Oh, by the way, I always wondered if my tabbies had some Bengal ancestry in them. Tonks in particular exhibits behavioural characteristics (mommies boy) and has a very distinctive marbling. Is there a way I could find out?
Tonks sitting on Mario - shows the fur and stripey tail
I'm so worried about leaving them for two weeks, I've never left the kittens (2 now) for that long before. Is leaving Bengals a problem?

At 04:31 Blogger Precision Grace said...

here's the link again, hope it works this time


At 04:50 Blogger Dragonsally said...

You have gorgeous kitties PG. I love Tonks markings.

BTW, I've just followed you on Twitter.

At 04:58 Blogger Marjorie said...

Louisa, so glad to hear Helen is off the ventilator and making progess ;-)

P-Grace, you have beautiful cats. How are they being left? Cattery or CatSitter? I know Tybalt is not going to be pleased with me leaving him for Fienddom Come but at least he is goingtobe at home, rather than having to to into a boarding cattery, which he hates. ..

Feeling a little stabby today. must have selpt awkwardly as back & neck are achy, and having arrived at work I havea whole heap of mail from people Being Stupid and Winding Me Up.Grrr.

At 05:16 Blogger Precision Grace said...

Oh, I missed the update about Helen somehow! I'm so glad she is better!

Marjorie, the cats will be looked after at home by relatives who they know. I have never put my cats in a cattery, I have 4 of them (3 now, with Mario disappeared) and it would be too costly but more importantly, I don't think Louie could cope at all because he and Mario are rescues and he, in particular, hates being unable to go outside, he'd never forgive me.

I just worry about Tonks in particular because he is so strongly bonded with me and gets upset if I go out even for an evening. I've been trying to 'prepare' him for the separation by having lots of conversations but all that did was to make him even more sad and worried.
I feel a bit foolish being this worried about cats, after all, they are *cats*, independent, free spirited creatures that know how to look after themselves..Gah

At 05:17 Blogger Precision Grace said...

oh btw, thank you for lovely compliments, and Dragonfly for following me on Twitter - new Twitter friend - yay! Will go and add you too.

At 05:57 Blogger spacedlaw said...

Nice to know Helen is doing fine (well, fine given the conditions).

At 06:22 Blogger Phiala said...

Aline, Brazil?? *just checked Fiend map* You found it already. Yay! Fiends, Aline is our very first South American Fiend. :)

For any of the rest of you new people who plan to stick around (I'm sure a bunch of commenters were from Boss's mention and won't be back much), the Fiend map is fun and you should get yourself a skull. And also, I'm Mistress of Skulls and can fix your skull if you screw it up. I am not, however, any good at phrenology, so you're on your own there. :)

I am work at ridiculous-early, trying to beat some truly horrible data into submission. Or into a bloody pulp, whichever comes first.

At 06:51 Blogger Dan Guy said...

That looks amazing! I love what you've done with the place.

At 06:52 Blogger Beez said...

Oh, good news on Helen!

'Lo said:
If your kitty wishes to be on the laptop, butt in face or not, Kitty clearly has a need, and you need to accommodate that. We serve them, keep that in mind.

He said you'd say that.

Then he put his little white mittens around my neck and made me turn off the computer.

At 07:17 Blogger complete with cuteness said...

I'm so jealous - I love the porches!! Beautiful... my big dream is to have a house with screened porch - or Screamed porch...i'll take either.


At 08:05 Blogger Tamidon said...

the chickens are Australorps. Fully grown they are a beautiful deep black with green highlights. I'm just pleased at how fun,easy, and surprisingly nonsmelly or messy the whole thing has been. And wonderful eggs, we eat quiche once a week and I've turned into the egg fairy,dropping a dozen here and there on my friends

At 08:24 Blogger Aline Martins said...

Precision Grace,
your cats are cute! congrats!
btw, I'm also following you on twitter...just love new friends :D

thanks for the welcome....yes, I went there to check again, I am the only one lost down here LOL. (makes me feel a bit distant)... so, that´s why I LOVE internet :)

PS: all these posts are inspiring me to create a blog too...(good, finally inspiration coming out to the world!) thanks people! (twitter @AYSLIN1 )

At 08:41 Blogger Precision Grace said...

Thanks Alina, I'm following you on Twitter too! Love new friends (or fiends, as the case may be)

Your cat is gorgeous! Very fluffy?

At 08:47 Blogger Aline Martins said...

thanks for the following \O/

the cat in the profile pic (Madame Norah) I rescued from the street, it´s was adopted by a friend :D

there are some pics of mine here


At 09:14 Anonymous Wendy Withers said...


I found this blog because I was looking up info on Dr. Wicked. After a LOONGGG time, I figured out who Lorraine worked for. Then, I figured out that he had a blog.

I do things backwards. And, I think I'm Oblivious x 3.

I'm also a professional lurker.

At 09:18 Blogger One Sock Short said...

At workshop so will be offline most of day. Just a quick yay on Helen's progress.

At 09:20 Blogger Phiala said...

Hi Wendy! I didn't mean *everyone*, but when Boss mentions this blog on his or Twitter, the number of comments most definitely spikes.

The true Fiends will stick around! :)

At 10:13 Anonymous Wendy Withers said...


It's good to meet you and all of the fiends. Yesterday and today have been good days!

At 10:17 Blogger ariandalen said...

Hi, AmyR and haikukitty(complete with cuteness)! Glad you decided to make your presence known! Look around and find a nice white jacket for yourself, then personalize it with any other materials you find. :)



At 10:51 Blogger ariandalen said...

Some of us have been around for four years, some of us haven't. What matters is that we're all here now. :) It amazes me that there are skulls on the map that are still lurking, but that's okay!

At 10:58 Blogger spacedlaw said...

Today is Vampi's Firbday.
Happy Firbday!

At 11:05 Blogger Precision Grace said...

Lovely cat Aline! and yay for rescuing the fluffy kitty.

And happy birthday vampi!

goshness, so many yays today, I'm all yayed out

At 11:21 Blogger Jess said...

Quiche: as long as the duck doesn't vibrate, too.

Happy birthday Vampi! \o/

And look at all the lovely new peeps. Hello, Newpeeps! And many lovely kittens.

Today is a dark day. By which I mean it's very, very cloudy. "Friday: clouds yielding to sun," claims Forecastfox. Well, they'd better. Come on, sun!

At 12:12 Blogger ariandalen said...

Happy Firbday, Vampi!

May many bats be in your belfry. ;)

At 12:27 Blogger AletaMay said...

Happy Firbday Vampi!

I raise my mug to you and drink to your health and happiness!

At 13:08 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

I really like all the new people coming here. Makes me happy.

Not sure that they exactly get the whole Spicy Sniffing Brains bit tho, (Not sure -I- do exactly) maybe we should just welcome them nicely? Might work...

Happy Birthday Vampi!

Jess, OF COURSE it vibrates. What good would it be otherwise?

Morning work is DONE! SO, ok, it took until afternoon, but hey. The Boss plane is a late one, so lots of time.

At 13:37 Blogger Jess said...

Vibroduck! Oh my gawd. :D

At 13:40 Blogger Ani said...

Hurray for Screamy Bengal Love!

Pokes Ticia and Siri and Dragonsally because we all need more halibut.

Louisa--so glad to hear about Helen!

Happy birthday, Vampi!

And for reasons unknown to me my twitter name has never made it to the fiend wall, but if you're a fiend feel free: @andrearundell

Have a great weekend, everyone!

At 13:49 Blogger AletaMay said...

Speaking of spicy brains though... what is the verdict on the Spicy Brains scent from BPAL?? Was there also a Night Garden?

At 13:55 Blogger Beez said...

Happy Happy Firbday Vampi!

At 14:03 Blogger Chantrelle said...

Carrying of our conversation from the previous comment thread, can someone please protect me from Ani? eek!

And I don't knit either. My hands won't allow me even if I knew how!

Ben's not allowing me time to stay on the computer, just had to pop in and say happy birthday Vampi!!

now back to my previously scheduled 4yr old

At 14:10 Blogger Na said...

happy, happy firbday, dear vampi!!!

At 14:10 Anonymous kali_licious said...

Phiala, your phrenology joke is still making me giggle.

And great news about Helen!:)

Tonks and Mario are quite adorable, PG:)

And of course, Happy Firbday to Vampiress.:)

At 14:14 Blogger Marjorie said...

Happy Firbday Vampi ;-))

have a lovely day.

At 14:22 Blogger Ani said...

Spicy Brains scent? they bottled us? I assume our spicy brains smell spicily wonderful...?

At 14:50 Blogger Fluffy said...

We have an Egg Fairy! Woohoo!! None of the other blogs have their own Egg Fairy.* Ha! And I'm not EVEN going to make a quiche-eating joke. See? I resisted.

Happy Firbday to Our Vampi!

And hope the day gets less stabby and more unwinding for Marjorie. Two weeks! Two weeks!

And best for Helen. She's well on the road to recovery. Phew.

*The Terry Pratchett Message Board has it's own Tooth Fairy (who is lovely) but has NO egg fairy.

I'm pretty sure there's something I'm supposed to be doing now but am subconsciously ignoring. Hmm. Maybe I need to order that corset. Otherwise I'll be letting down the Seamstress' Guild at NADWCON. GTG.

At 15:08 Blogger Marjorie said...

Less than 2 weeks, Fluffy, I'm travelling on the Wednesday (happy bounce)

I completely missed the Egg-Fairy. Every blog (and 'specially Quiche-blog) should have an egg-fairy.

At 15:14 Blogger spacedlaw said...

An egg fairy... Riiight. Let me figure this one out.
So a tooth fairy is someone who will swap your teeth for bits and pieces when they've fallen off.
So an egg fairy would be... Someone who gives you dimes for making omelets?

At 15:43 Blogger Fluffy said...

Tamidon says she's the egg fairy since her chickens produce well. \o/

Egg Fairy! Now I want a quiche and I only have two eggs... BRB.

At 15:51 Blogger dabbler said...

OH much since I last spoke.

So glad to hear Helen is on the mend, albeit a long, slow road.

Love the screamed porches...great for people, too, if you ever get to sit down, Q.

Feeling glum about missing fiendomcome, and the advent of the fiendocracy, and am unlikely to even be virtually attending, sine we will be camping at a folk festival in central NY state.

More and more convinced that some tricksy deity arranges schedules so things all happen at the same time.

At 15:53 Blogger Fluffy said...

Got distracted.

Marjorie, you're right! We get there Thursday afternoon, so it is less than two weeks!!!!! Ahahaha

At 16:01 Blogger dabbler said...

And now that I have really caught up...

To Vampi

Happy Firbday! We wish you many more,
Health and wealth and fiends by the score,
Cut the cake and let's eat some more
Happy Firbday to you!

(Ahem. with apologies to John McCutcheon) (And additional apologies to any fiend whose birthday I have missed...)

At 16:09 Blogger One Sock Short said...

Happy Birthday, Vampi!

By coincidence, the workshop I was at was downtown, just a couple of blocks from my favorite yarn store. Got some loverly learning yarns and extra needles. So if anyone else gets the knit-itch, there should be enough to go around.

Otherwise a decent day. Workshop was useful. Day is sunny, for the first time in a long while. And it's a mere fortnight to Fiend Fest. Maybe this mood will hold for a bit. If not, I still have something to look forward to.

At 16:10 Blogger Marjorie said...

Dabbler, I think you are right. Maybe the fods designate one or two dates each year for awesome stuff, and everything has to get crammed in to those?

Getting late. Must go to bed. Tomorrow have to take car to have it's new, undented exhaust pipe and new, un-scratched rear panel fitted. Also MOT test done.(what thrills!) Means I have to get up and be conscious just as early as if it were a work day.

And on Sunday I have some friends coming over for dinner. I should probably get some food in before they arrive, shouldn't I? (also need to consider what stuf is non-toddler proof and needs to be moved out of the living room...)

Goodnight all.

At 18:43 Blogger Dragonsally said...

Aline - I've added you on Twitter.

Another birthday wish for Vampi, and a poke back to Ani.

Great news about Helen.

All you knitters, and tips on how peeps with problematic hands and arms might knit without days of pain?

At 18:53 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

A lovely day. Lady Gaga is totally gay. At least some of the time. That's enough for me. She's so cool.

Going to the airport soon to find me a Boss. Need caffine....

At 18:58 Blogger Phiala said...

Boss rescue! And will he have his luggage this time???

Sally, that's a tough one. Some people find one kind of needle or another (bamboo vs metal, for example) easier on their hands. Holding the yarn in your left hand or your right might also make a difference. But I'm afraid some people just can't knit comfortably and need different hobbies. :(

At 19:04 Blogger One Sock Short said...

What Phiala said. I have heard that some people really do find the new square needles easier on their hands, but I've never tried them myself. I have a little trouble with my hands, and have to alternate between projects using different size needles. I'll work on socks on tiny needles, then work on something larger. But not too large. Anything larger than a #11/8.00 mm makes my fingers complain.

At 19:44 Blogger Aline Martins said...

Hello Dragonsally,
thanks for the add
just saw the twitter thing. and asked to follow... :)

About knitting, needles and yarn...
I can´t knit for long, but sometime ago I found out that, looms were perfect for me. Since I could sit in a comfy position to arms and hands. And it´s much faster (after you learn how to use it)....the only problem is, you can´t carry it with you...but for me, totally worth it!


At 19:56 Blogger EmilyLady said...

Good evening from the ticky box; the scream porch is lovely ... must get back to tending to seven-year-old brother ...

At 19:57 Blogger Siri said...

Kitty, thanks for the lovely email. I'll miss you at fiendom come, but know you are working it with the JBros.

Jess - when you get half a mo, could you drop me an email with your flight info - time and flight number, and oh, I suppose airline too.

Poking all who deserve poked.

At 19:59 Blogger Siri said...

And in other news - got the word today that we can work OT for pay over the next week plus a little to finish the huge projects. It would have been nice to be told this a month ago when it would have helped destress people, but now those kids will get paid for the work they were going to do anyway. I'm gearing up for no fiend time in prep for leaving for a bunch of fiend time. It will all even out.

At 22:22 Blogger ariandalen said...

But. . . but. . .Ms. Fabulous, I wouldn't want anybody to feel left out. ::pout::


The BPAL scent, Spicy Brains, is a hit at my house. Whether or not they are setting up the scent for production anytime in the near future, I don't have a clue. Nothing else has been said, here, about a Night Garden scent either.

Aline, you can buy, or make, small enough looms to carry around. I have two "paperback looms." They are about the size of a paperback book, and are just the right size for a coaster or bookmark. I've even cut strips from cereal boxes, run a continuous warp around the length, and my local group gave them to kids at demos so the kids could weave their own bookmarks. Triaxial weaving doesn't need a loom at all, just a piece of foamcore board or cardboard and lots of straight pins. :)

At 22:27 Blogger Aline Martins said...


those are really really nice ideas!

But when I thought about the bigger looms, I was thinking about comfort to tired hands... since the smaller the needles and movements, bigger the pain (at least to me)..
but I loved your ideas. do you have pics of it, or a website you know about it?

At 22:32 Blogger Beez said...

I want Spicy Brains scent!


At 23:24 Blogger Chantrelle said...

Totoro watched (by the 4 yr olds), wine drunk (by the not-4-yr-olds).

Hubby reading story to ben for bed.

loverly night.

At 23:24 Blogger vampi said...

So sorry it has taken me all day to come back here and post. Thanks so much for the birthday wishes. i was grinning like a fool all day reading along. :)

At 23:25 Blogger vampi said...

did kids like totoro? <3 catbus. i need to get that on dvd, it is most excellent.

At 00:31 Blogger ariandalen said...

The paperback looms were made by Tornadowood, but they just lost everything due to wildfires on April 9th of this year. You will still find a contact email on the site. There is also a picture of one of their looms on that particular page.

Here are a lot of ideas for cardboard looms.

At 00:33 Blogger ariandalen said...

The new Fiendocracy begins in T minus 12 days.

Night. ;)

At 01:33 Anonymous kali_licious said...

Why do I imagine that spicy brains smell like cardamom and cinnamon and ginger? Just a stray thought..

At 08:06 Blogger Siri said...

Well, I'm the first to say Good Morning to Fiendom, after being up for 2 hours already. Thought by getting up, I'd get a good jump on the day's to do list. I've had breakfast, read the paper and started the dishwasher. Now I'm ready for a second breakfast, but I'll wait a while longer.

Is everyone else sleeping? Am I typing too loudly?

As Ma used to say, 'If Mario is up, the whole world should be up.'

No, I don't know who Mario was/is.

At 09:06 Blogger Marjorie said...

Did I not say Good Morning? I did tiptoe through, when I got up to tkae my car to have its MOT (which I have just realised, as I went to file the certificate away, they have dated wrong, and now I can't decide whether I have the energy to complain about it to them or not....)

At 09:15 Blogger Siri said...

Marjorie, what is MOT, for those of us on the wrong side o the atlantic?

At 09:23 Blogger Marjorie said...

oops. MOT stands for Ministry of Transport (it's an MOT test) all cars have to have an MOT test anually - checks stuff like tyre tread, exhaust emissions, lights etc. Bizarrely, haveing pssed the MOT does not certify that the car is actually roadworthy... but driving without one is ilegal and invalidates insurance etc.

The date thing is that you can have the test done up a month before the previous years certificate expires,without losing out - mine was due on 10th July, which means that they should have dated it to expire on 10th July next year, and they havene't, they have done it with todays date.

It was a little painful as it turned out I needed 2 new tyres I wasn't expecting. Oddly, tyres for Smart cars are just as expensivce as tyres for real cars, despite being so much smaller - surely they must have less rubber in them?

At 09:26 Blogger DataGoddess said...

I'm up, but not sure I want to be. The pneumonia seems to be making one last attempt to make me cough up a lung, so this will be a quiet weekend, rather than us heading to Indy for Pride today.

At 10:22 Blogger Marjorie said...

Sorry to hear that, DG. Hope you begin to feel better soon.

At 11:27 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Lovely day here, and I am just haveing the tea, doing the chores, and nipping off to work, shortly.

Beez is coming to garden tomorrow, and an entire box of plant things showed up today. She is a mad gardener, that Beez, perfect for the Spooky House.

At 11:57 Anonymous Wendy Withers said...

Hi fiends! Since I stopped lurking, I figured I'd continue to stay out of the shadows.

My Twitter is @wendylbolm, if anyone wants to follow.

As far as knitting goes, I'm happiest on bamboo needles. They don't break as often (imo) as other wooden needles and don't send my teeth to grinding like metal needles do. And, I like using cotton yarn the best, because it isn't slipper or fuzzy. Acrylic yarn on metal needles is torture.

And, I would have been posting probably all day yesterday in a comment deluge, but my boss put gotomyPC on my computer at work, so now he can log in whenever he wants and use my computer, which is very annoying and invasive. Unfortunately, I've been on around 40 job interviews since this time last year, and have had no bites. I apparently fail at interviewing.

Oh, and if you click on my linkie thing, I have pictures of my cats up on my livejournal, because I'm busy procrastinating today.

At 13:38 Blogger vampi said...

oh that sucks wendy. i hate those spy programs. us your boss particularly paranoid or something?
congrats on non-lurking.

it is a bit intimidating, as we have our own language, call most people by their real name not their posting name, and talk wildly off original post topic. as a new person, i was a bit slow to be chatty myself. then all of a sudden, i realized i was following the comments and really having fun. now in a few days i'm going to go meet a bunch of fiends.

all i can say is even if it is intimidating, the fiends are very accepting and supportive. i highly recommend delurking :)

At 14:18 Blogger Jane said...

Heading out to see Star Trek again. Nothing else out there(yet) that I want to see, but am looking forward to The Time Travelers Wife.

Lorraine, sounds like you're having a lovely day, even though working.

Hurray for scream porches. We have one and it was built totally for the cat, he *thinks* he's outside and is happy. Never actually been out except one small escape - feet touched grass and he was all WTF? And froze. Easily retrieved.

Ordered Billy Bones: Tales from the Secrets Closet today!

It seems like by the time I catch up on comments, the conversation has moved on to the next idea, which is one of the things I love about this site.

At 14:25 Anonymous Wendy Withers said...


I'm thinking that it's because he's a micromanager, but also because he wants to work on my computer whenever he feels like it. So, I'm guessing from now on sometimes he'll randomly log on and start doing whatever he wants on my computer, a lot like when I'm at work and he'll walk over, grab my mouse out of my hand, and say "I need to do something." The downside is my desk is one of those cubicles, so I end up pinned on the inside, unable to get out, for as long as he wants to do whatever.

There are lots of reasons why I want a new job. I guess I'll see how bad it gets and how it effects my overall morale; I freelance for a local newspaper and some blogs as well, but I really doubt that would pay the bills. However, at this point I think I would make as much money and be happier working at Starbucks or a bookstore.

At 15:08 Blogger Marjorie said...

Wendy, that sounds horrendous - does your boss not have a computer of his own? Although I guess that won't help if it is control thing!

Hello & welcome, BTW - I lurked for a long time before de-lurking, and I'm so glad I did. I did have moments of thinks 'everyone here seems so talented and creative, they are not going to want me here', but it's so friendly and welcoming .... and now getting v. exciting about meeting so many more of the fiends in person. Met Lousia already, which I feel worked out just fine, (unless you feel different, L!)

At 15:13 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

I am very happy when people de-lurk, and I hope all who do so feel welcome. ought to, it's a pretty friendly bunch, and the thing is, it doesn't matter how "creative" or whatever you are.

If your heart is kind, you belong here.

At 15:14 Blogger Marjorie said...

I think that's why we all stay, Q ;-)

At 15:20 Blogger Siri said...

Marjorie - what did you cook for dessert? Have they come and gone?

At 15:23 Blogger Siri said...

On a new topic - do any of you fiends use Merry Maids or Molly Maid? I need a new housecleaner, and don't really want to try one of those without input.

I want a local person, but haven't found one yet.

I really want Merry Housekeeper and family, but know better than to try to steal her!

(As if she could be stolen!)

At 15:37 Blogger gaypet said...

The porches look really great!!!

Hooray for porches and fountains. :)

At 15:40 Anonymous Wendy Withers said...


If you ask him, all of the computers are his. If you asked him, he'd also tell you that he runs a huge corporation full of "departments" instead of an office with two employees. We are constantly forwarding people directly to him, telling them that it's the "rights department" or the "legal department" or the "tech department." I think I've definitely done enough ranting on here about it, though. :P

I think I lurked for a long time because everyone seemed like such good friends, and I was some sort of ogre interloper watching the fun festivities from the edge of the firelight.


I haven't tried the maid services for either, but I know with Merry Maid, you pretty much have to have a clean house. Then, they come clean your clean house again for you. I talked to a representative when I was still in school and explained that I worked full time and went to school full time and things got away from me and I needed a total declutter, and they told me I'd have to declutter before they came in. (Although, that was someone in the Tampa branch, I think.)

At 15:40 Blogger Marjorie said...

Siri, they are coming tomorrow. I haven't made dessert yet - I got sidetracked- but I bought a nice bit of beef to cook, and have marinaded some mushrooms as a starter. And I cut the grass and hoovered the living room, so I feel I have made an effort ;-)

At 16:04 Blogger Siri said...

All right, Margo - you're allowed a break now!

At 16:52 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Siri, BAD idea. Places like Merry Maids are not good.Very $$ yet the people doing the work make barely over minimum, and work really long hours. And you get different people every time, as no one stays if they don't have to.

Also, they are not set up to make your house clean, but rather to give it the appearance of being cleaned, including spray a spray of cleaning scent in each doorway, so it smells like it has been cleaned.

Read the full story in "Nickle and Dimed to death in America, Barbara Ehrenriech.

Get a local person who works for you and wants the job.

At 18:14 Blogger Dragonsally said...

Welcome Wendy...I will go and add you on twitter soon - and LJ?
I just had a near disaster. Busily eating my toast and reading comments when the laptop table collapsed. Luckily I caught the laptop before it went flying. Sheesh. Think the bolt that the roller thingie is on might have sheered off.

Off now to instigate repairs

At 18:21 Blogger Dragonsally said...

Repairs effected.

Luckily, the wheels had somehow just worked themselves loose.
(I suspect the Bee-Bengal Alliance)
With the aid of pointy nose pliers all wheels have now been safely screwed in as far and tight as they can be.

At 18:57 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Was going to do a new post but it's just too darn nice and here I am home for a night at home in the Spooky House, getting some things DONE.

Way to go Saturday night, is this wild or what?

It may end up an Underworld marathon on my DVD player.

At 19:37 Blogger One Sock Short said...

Sounds like a good Saturday night to me, Lorraine.

Finally got an air mattress for guests. One of those extra tall ones, in queen size. So guests will have even more space than I have. My usual ALA roomie is staying with me for this conference, so it was getting to the point that I really had to get this thing bought.

That's about it for excitement here.

At 20:38 Blogger dabbler said...

I too need a local clone of Merry Housekeeper. I've seen people advertising on our local Cheapcycle list (an off shoot of freecycle) but haven't had the courage to call anyone...last time I had someone come look to my house the almost ran away!

I would certainly have to unclutter before it could be cleaned. If I manage to unclutter, I can clean it myself. Hmm. I need the unclutter fairy! Or the Death of Clutter....

At 20:42 Blogger One Sock Short said...

I think some fiends have mentioned reading and enjoying The Time Traveler's Wife. Here is an FAQ from MPOW.

Shameless self-promotion: Those 20 languages TTTW has been translated into? Cataloged by yours truly.

Maybe I should actually read it someday...

At 22:22 Blogger Fluffy said...

The Time Traveler's Wife is wonderful and completely unlike anything else. It's right near the top of my favorite list, which is hypothetical as I'll never be able to narrow it down to a manageable number.

Is it Stacy's firbday too? I saw something on FB. Speaking of which, my Totally Useless Flair downloads are over 200,000. Okay - maybe not totally useless - they are getting me better at using Pages on the Mac.

Well, now that I've contributed today's Comment of Heartbreaking Beauty or Genius, or Whatever, I will leave you all in peace.

At 22:24 Blogger Beez said...


Another Underworld marathon? You go girl! Wild Saturday nights for all of us.

I was the Craigslist queen and got pretty much a car full (the Forester) of perennials- this is going to put my garden at the new house about two years ahead of where it would normally be. WooHoo!!

At 22:37 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Hey, I LIKE Underworld. They are the BEST, and when I get something good, I stick with it.

And what's not to love? Hello? Kate Beckensale in leather? Vampires? It ever has horses, Frisian to boot. What more does a movie need, I ask you?

See you tomorrow Beez! I have to work early, but will leave the door open and be back a little after 11, until Bee time.

At 22:39 Blogger Beez said...

See you tomorrow! Are the Russians still coming or did they arrive?

At 22:47 Anonymous Wendy Withers said...


I once watched a local funk band accidentally drop a laptop they were working with for their show on the ground. It survived.

My PC laptop had a problem with the piece that holds the power cord into the actual laptop, and I bought a replacement laptop (long story) and ended up dropping it on accident after it'd pretty much become a paper weight. I think it's done for.

I saw the first Underworld, but that's it. I've been having a The Riches marathon at my apartment lately.

-Actually, I'm going to have to scratch that. I just found out Dexter Season 2 is on Netflix Instant Play. Looks like it's going to be a Dexter marathon for tonight.-

At 22:47 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

The Russians ship Monday or Tuesday, this is a Bee Check with the Birdchick. We will see if the Yellow Hive Hannah is really Queenless, we think so, but still, they make honey.

At 22:48 Anonymous Wendy Withers said...

I hope the Green Wendy hive is doing well!

At 22:48 Blogger One Sock Short said...

I enjoyed the first Underworld. The second not so much, so didn't see the third. Should I give it another try?

At 22:52 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Well, that Green Wendy Hive is THE going places don't mess with me hive s far. I won't go near without a bee suit. Boss leveled a hive today tho, sans bee suit. Asked for my help.

Said NO. Sorry. Ain't happening.

Give Underworld another try OSS. Took me a few to get it, but I knew there was a whole lot more going on than I was getting. The story is lovely, and cool.

The third I still have issues, tho I have seen it several times, parts are lovely, but I wish they had let the story tell itself, it was there...

At 22:58 Blogger One Sock Short said...

Hive leveling? What, pray tell, is that? Also, what happens to the Hannah workers if there is no queen? Thought something had been mentioned about them joining the others? Do bees allow that?

At 23:03 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Well, the railroad tie the hive was on rotted, and it sort of tipped, bees don't like that, they like level.

And they may join another hive, if the bees will let them. Not sure, will know more tomorrow.

At 23:06 Blogger Ticia said...

Hi Lorraine & Fluffy! Just here for a second, but wanted to say hi.

At 23:07 Blogger One Sock Short said...

Oh. Gotcha. I was thinking about the "destroying" meaning of "leveling" but didn't think it could mean that. Brain not literal enough tonight. Should probably go to bed.

At 23:07 Blogger Ticia said...

D'oh Sorry OSS, I'm a bit distracted... Hi!

At 23:09 Blogger Ticia said...

I thought you meant "taking it out" too in a destroyed way too Lorraine. Glad you clarified. :-D

At 23:12 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

AH. No. It was tippy. Now it's not.

At 23:13 Blogger Ticia said...


At 23:15 Blogger ariandalen said...

Wendy, lots of Fiends are on LJ. Just sayin'. :)

Ms. Fabulous, it's your blog; you don't have to write a new entry if you don't want to. :)

I spent the day uncluttering areas of the kitchen/dining room. Tomorrow, more uncluttering and cleaning. The high temperature reached 101 F in Waco today and 99 F in Temple. I live roughly halfway between, though without all the aspalt and concrete. Please tell me it will be cooler in Stillwater, MN two weeks from now.

At 23:18 Blogger Ticia said...

EEK! This is why I live near the coast in California. Please tell me it won't be that hot in MN...

At 23:20 Blogger ariandalen said...

I understood which definition of "leveling" you meant, Ms. Fabulous. If you leveled/razed a hive, the bees would be angry and attack. At least, that's what I would do in their place.

At 23:24 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

It won't be so hot. I mean, I think so. Maybe. Who can say?

I thought they would be pissed at the leveling, but apparently not, man's a Bee Charmer.

At 23:25 Blogger ariandalen said...

For the record, Ticia, it doesn't usually hit 100 F in Central Texas before July. We didn't get any of that lovely rain that Fluffy got.

At 23:30 Anonymous Wendy Withers said...


I added you on LJ.

I should declutter my kitchen/ dining room. I think I need a cleaning support group. Or, tell my cats they can start pitching in or else!

At 23:31 Blogger Ticia said...

Well, I'll deal with it whatever it is, fiends are worth it. I'm just kind of worthless in the heat. No worries though...

I don't know how you Texans deal with it Ariandalen! And I'm sorry you didn't get any of that rain. It sounded incredible when Fluffy described the shear amount.

At 23:54 Blogger ariandalen said...

Ticia, 1) I was born here and have never lived anywhere else, and 2) we have A/C, even if it is set at 79 or 80 F during the day. Since our A/C is over 20 years old, we're hoping it holds out through the summer. We'll be north of Seattle for a week after Fiendom Come, where it will definitely be cooler than Texas. I expect to get slammed by the heat when we land at DFW. I'm used to the heat. I couldn't take the cold in winter in Minnesota, nor could I deal with the lack of sunlight in the winter without help.

At 00:00 Blogger Ticia said...

Ahh.. That makes perfect sense. A/C. I don't have that here, so for the 12 days a years when it is unbearable, I die. And I'd be rubbish in the MN winters too. Really, I'm a delicate hothouse flower... ROFL

At 00:47 Anonymous kali_licious said...

Nice to hear the bees are no longer crooked.:) Boss is becoming a pro at this no-bee-suit thing. Is Hannah that hive that was bonking you and Hans so bad?

Ariandalen: Holy cow it's not even mid-June..and Texas is humid. I'd wilt instantly. I can do 100 degrees if it's dry, but if it's humid I just can't take it. Minnesota will probably feel nice and comfortable. Beware the huge mosquitoes though.;)

At 01:30 Blogger vampi said...

huge mosquitoes? nobody said anything about mosquitoes :( i get huge horrible welts form mosquitoes that hurt and itch. i guess my first stop will be to get some bug spray.

i'm still adjusting to cali weather, the lack of humidity here really causes me to dry out, even if i am drinking my weight in water. going from florida which is humid 9 months of the year to lala land where it's humid 9 days a year was a shock to the system.

At 03:29 Blogger Marjorie said...

Good Morning everyone! It's another sunny day hree, which is nice, as Visiting Toddler will be able to roam outside a little if he wants.

Decluttering & cleaning - *sigh* always tricky. I did a good but before Housemate moved in, as the spare room had become a bot of a glory hole full of Stuff. it was tough doing it but I think having a deadline helped. A lot of it was sorting; some stuff got thrown away but more got sorted and packed tidily into boxes, which meant it took up less space and is easier to find. But I still have a way to go.

I would love a cleaner, but again, it's finding someone who you feel comfortable with having in your home. (and being able to afford to pay a decent wage to!)

Speaking of which, I have to move the large heap of books off the table so we can use it to eat lunch off, and weigh the beef for cooking.


OOh - Ticia was here! (waves at Ticia)

At 10:01 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

You would think living alone would be easy not to mess the place up. I kind of have it down to an art form tho, and that is to get it cleaned up and KEEP it that way, and be really serious about it.

I don't like it when it is chaotic. Everything else is. Spooky House needs to be in ORDER.

I got carpet for Venus and Mim's Scream Porch yesterday. EVen Venus doesn't think it sucks, which is her opinion on most things.

Beez, all those Plant Things you bought are in the sink. Uh, sinking or something. Door's open.

(If you are a robber reading this, the Bengals ARE trained to attack anyone EXCEPT Beez. They have their orders.)

At 10:03 Blogger Marjorie said...

a sign for the door, maybe " Protected bt Attack Bengals - Trespassers Will be Eaten" . .

At 10:15 Blogger Beez said...

mmmmmm trespassers. Tasty tasty trespassers.

At 10:26 Anonymous Wendy Withers said...

Ms. Fabulous-

My previous roomie did a good job of messing up my apartment, and in the month he's been gone, I have not done a good job in setting it back to order.

He had a mini beer can and trash mountain set up next to his couch/ bed, that I only discovered after he moved it out. (Which is gone. Now I'm just dealing with being overwhelmed.)

At 10:42 Blogger Jess said...

It's a well-known fact that burglars taste like tuna. That's why I keep extra lemons around. And breadcrumbs.

At 10:52 Blogger One Sock Short said...

Just had one of those strange moments in which I am surprised to realize there's a cat in my home. I guess I mostly think of her as Phoebe.

At 10:53 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

It's GETTING it perfect. Then it can be kept perfect. Just requires diligence. Also, I have an edge in that I have Spooky Teen who comes every other week and does the hard bits I am simply no good at.

Floor, bathrooms, vacuum, dust. I have NO skills there at ALL.

The worst part living alone is if there is a mess your firs thogutht is WHO THE HECK! What's weird is a lose laundry.

And when I take it off it goes downstairs, and when it is clean, it stays in it's basket down there. I mean it's ON me or there. Where does it GO?????

One eats tuna with lemon and breadcrumbs? Clearly I do not know these things...

At 10:56 Blogger Marjorie said...

I'd actually imagined it would be the bengals eating the bulglars - do the bengals like their tuna with lemon & breadcrumbs?

At 11:21 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

They like tuna with tuna. No salt, no broth, no oil. TUNA.

If we had sushi grade tuna here, THEN they would go to TOWN.

At 11:29 Blogger AletaMay said...

What a great day for gardening! Have fun Beez!

As to weather up here in the northland... it is highly unpredictable. It can be hot and humid, cold and rainy, dry and sunny with a cool breeze all before breakfast!

At 11:29 Blogger Precision Grace said...

when we first moved to the village, the other half left the front door wide open while we went out on an errand. I don't think anyone even came in, certainly nothing was missing. That was weird after living in the most crime riddled part of London.

Tuna will raise a dead cat from it's grave (is that too macabre a thought?)

At 12:30 Blogger Fluffy said...

I have two Texas cats who do not like fish. One of them likes green beans, though.

At 12:46 Blogger Marjorie said...

Tigger (last family cat) had a passion for cucumber. He would steal them out of bags of shopping in preference to raw meat.

He also ate raw rice once, but I think he regretted that later, and did not repeat his actions.

Tybalt likes spaghetti, and will eat the spaghetti in preference to the beef, if offered left over spaghetti bolognese.

I think they do it just to keep us guessing...

At 13:31 Blogger One Sock Short said...

Today's excitement will be setting up the new planner. Even though I'm not in an academic library anymore, I still like an academic year planner. And a new planner always makes me ridiculously excited. Till I "mess it up". I know, but I'm deeply programmed that way. Sigh.

Well, we know what our fearless leader is doing right now. Though the pics do not show enough detail of the newly repurpled hair. Harrumph.

At 13:35 Blogger Na said...

welcome, Wendy!

vampi, it's amusing for me to think of So Cal as dry! i left Cali for Arizona, and going back always felt that So Cal was sooooo humid. :P then lived in central Texas for 8 years, and i now think of So Cal as a happy medium.

very sunny and warm here today, with scudding clouds. i too am gardening. went and got me a spring rake this morning. i loves me a good spring rake! garden almost cleaned up! only have a few plants to put in it though, so headed to the library tomorrow to look up what native plants i could have.

i crave order at home, or at least the potential for it, meaning there's a place for everything, even if not everything is in its place. do not have either yet. *eye twitches*

but getting in the garden is a priority just now. i'll have all the blasted horrid winter to finish ordering the house, if it takes that long.

wheee! we can now say Fiendom Come is next week.

At 14:46 Blogger AletaMay said...

Hello lovely fiends!

I just sent out a Fiendom Come related email. If you are attending the gathering of fiends and did not get this email please drop me a note at aletamay01 at yahoo dot com.

Order. I crave it. I have it from time to time. I am striving toward it now.

At 15:06 Blogger Marjorie said...

Oooh - orderly maps! Excting. (Interesting to see where stuff is in relation to other stuff...)

At 15:42 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Queen Hannah Lives! Nearly naked beekeeping women! Beez and friend in my garden!

Won't we JUST have something to talk about tonight?????

At 15:48 Blogger One Sock Short said...

Including newly re-purpled hair? I broke a long-long-standing taboo for a pic of that hair ya know ;-)

At 16:52 Blogger Jess said...

Lemon in case we feel like steaks. Breadcrumbs for a casserole. Really depends on the size of the intruder.

Oh, wait, you mean for cats. Right.

*hides butcher knife*

Hello everyone. Today was the day of annual Rhubarb-Based Failure. I screw up the first crumble every year by not bothering to look at directions. This year was even worse, as I tried to make a pie with a crumble topping instead of regular crumble. Tastes okay. But that doesn't change the fact that it's basically rhubarb mush topped with cinnamon-scented sand. And the crust has either become one with the mush, or escaped into another dimension.

I can honestly bake better than this. So long as I have clear instructions.

Hurrah for Queenie H! Is she laying eggs?

At 17:21 Blogger vampi said...

aleta, the map is lovely! so because maps are deceiving, are we going to be far away from most of that stuff?

At 17:37 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

What Taboo, OSS? And didn't you get pics from Boss via Twitter today?

I should so do a new post before this one gets to 200. But I forgot to get some pics from the Birdchick, who had her cool camera.

I'll see if I can find some old pics you haven't seen.

At 17:52 Blogger Siri said...

Remember, Lo, we don't all tweet!

At 18:00 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Well, I gots way cooler photos now than me OR the bees....

At 18:37 Blogger Uisge said...

Beez - you are totally pwned. I have the same problem. I swear I'm more attractive with a computer in front of me and nothing budges them.

At 18:46 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

New post with pics up NOW!

At 19:09 Blogger One Sock Short said...

Why, the taboo against voluntarily taking a picture of myself and posting it of course. I endangered both my mac and the intertubes, ya know.

Lovely pics from Boss, yes. But the hair. Couldn't really see the hair. Other than that you wore in those oh so cute ponytails.

Off to look at new post...

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