Sunday, July 26, 2009

Ah, Sunday!

A mighty fine day all around, I would have to say. Still waiting for my Boss to get home, so it is turning out to be a might too long, but soon, I would say, it should be done.

The Birdchick came out today, and we went to check the hives. This is important just now, as the Bees are in full on "Let's Make Us Some HONEY" mode, and if they fill up all their boxes, they will begin to think they could use a bigger home, and instead of waiting patiently for new boxes, they will take off and find a new place to live.

I am happy to say, no one has swarmed, and they are filling up the supers nicely.

This means, if you haven't been following along, that they have made enough big boxes to last the winter (tho they do not KNOW this, we fool them) and we can add little boxes on top for stealing later on.

Cabal has a great time out with the bees. Mostly. Sadly, today, he got stung, which never hurts for very long, but it is upsetting when he does, as you can't DO much for him, and he very much wants you too.

After we got done with the Bees, The Birdchick went off to do some birding, and I went off for a ride.

The best thing driving out was that our Chantrelle called me from the Wanderlust Fest (At least that is the name I seem to remember) having read my wistful posts this morning about wanting to see AFP's show live. She did the next best thing and called me during Billie Jean, so I could listen at least to a song. Needless to say, it rocked! Thank you Chantrelle and Amanda!

Very exciting at the stable today as I got to ride not only my Anamontana (Most sadly named horse ever, I say) but Lady May, below, on the left. Now she is a pure Arab, and one amazing, electric, life force of a ride! Loved every minute of it.

It made me very happy, as I felt really confident on her, like I knew what I was doing, and could ride her and deal with her, and not just sit up there trying to stay on, or remember every little thing I had to do, that was coming on it's own, leaving me free to deal with the horse. I'm not afraid anymore.

I won't ride a new horse until Trainer Mel says the ok. I know this is a sport where you have to know what you are doing, and listen to the people that really DO know what they are doing. Or you are going to break something important. You may anyway, but still, I have a point.

But I sure did love riding Lady May. Now, how to talk her into that trip again?????

After the ride, and the birding I met the Birdchick at what MIGHT have been the place that served the worst food on the planet. It was much like the movie I saw last night, in that it was so very bad, it was funny.

Think I got my $6 worth each time.

Boss is Home! And the Mads!

Love and Sundays,


At 21:12 Blogger Phiala said...

Hooray for Boss and Maddy being home.
Boo for Cabal getting stung.
Hooray for bees and honey.

And hooray for new posts right before bedtime. G'night all!

At 21:14 Blogger DataGoddess said...

Did poor Cabal get stung on his muzzle?

Yay for bees and Birdchick and horses and Boss and Maddy!

Boo for bad movies and food!!

Yay for my chocolate-crantini!!

Boo for having worked 21 hours already this week.

At 21:16 Blogger Phiala said...

And yay for DG and I leaving essentially the same comment at the same time!

I have no chocolate-tini, though I did have Chinese food that made me queasy.

And my attempt to fix the textile disaster failed. May have to start over. And now I'm really going to bed.

At 21:20 Blogger Jess said...

Saw that pathetic excuse for a slice of pie Sharon tweeted. That's, like, pie crime. You don't victimise pie like that.

What movie did you see? Think I missed that bit.

Hurrah for non-swarming bees! And good horse rides. And for Cabal being basically okay. (Ouch.) And for quest achievements.

< set queststage bossmaddy captured 100 >


At 21:26 Blogger One Sock Short said...

Clever Lorraine, knowing that *now* was the perfect time for a distraction.

What a lovely day, in all its mixture of things. How wonderful to hear about the riding becoming more second nature.

Poor Cabal and his stung paw. At least it looks like that's what he's nursing.

Oh Phiala, I wish the fix had worked. After putting so much into that project, too. Don't suppose you could argue that the original sashes must have bled too, so this one's more authentic?

Another hour of study tonight, I think, then some ice cream, then bed.

At 21:28 Blogger Beez said...

That is one beautiful horse (but I am a total sucker for Arabians).

Poor Cabal-pup, having to lick his own paw pain away.

Sounds like a grand day, but yeah...that piece of pie was abysmal. Did they actually serve that?

Hurrah for Boss and Mads being home, and now NBB must realize that you haven't kidnapped his wife. haven't, have you?

At 21:49 Blogger Jane said...

I saw the pie photo - OMG, not even a spa sized slice - more like a lump! I had to laugh...

Maybe your error was having a pecan pie north of the Mason-Dixon line :-)

But it sounds like you had a great day, all around.

At 21:50 Blogger Jane said...

Phiala - sorry about the textile problem :-(

At 21:52 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Well. I think what they had done was make up a buffet of everything left over the weekend. Nothing in the salad or food bits WENT together. It was all so bad, we were laughing so hard and then this poor waitress came over to let us know there were plenty of desserts in the cooler.

We picked the three best.

Oops, forgot to add something else really cool, going to edit my blog...

At 21:57 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

There. Now that lovely moment is also in.

Lady May is a pure Arab, and SO fine a horse. Ana is lovely, but she hasn't the quality Lady May does. It feels REALLY good to be good enough to ride her, if you see what I mean.

At 21:59 Blogger vampi said...

well boss, madds, bees and horses sounds awesome.
that pie and movie sound "awesome"

At 22:01 Blogger One Sock Short said...

You bet. Like knitting alpaca, I imagine. I'm still working on getting good enough to knit the alpaca.

At 22:12 Blogger Siri said...

Bedtime tickybox

Hope Emilylady feels better.

At 22:18 Blogger AletaMay said...

What a great day you had Q! Poor Cabal.

Phiala so sorry the fix on your project did not work. Very discouraging I would imagine.

I spent some lovely time on the porch this evening. Wish the sun had stayed up just a wee bit longer.

The skill of northerners in the making of pecan pie should NOT be judged by that restaurant!

At 22:46 Anonymous Lysandwr said...

pecan pie from loser restaurant=nut road kill. Somewhere a squirrel is bawling its eyes out.

BeeYOOtiful Arabian. I am so jealous, er, politely envious m'dear. And good on you for sticking with this .... through the good days and the harder ones. Days like today are the rewards, right?

Phiala--extremely sympathetic noises. How frustrating it all sounds....last week was entirely a Friday the 13th in disguise, wasn't it. My best vibes for your better future fortune.

AletaMay.....someday I will visit that porch--it will be as a pilgrimage :)

At 22:52 Anonymous kali_licious said...

Poor Cabal..I hope it wasn't his nose.

Lady May is gorgeous! Of course, I have to admit I'm a sucker for Arabs..they're so fun to ride!:) Never a boring minute.

Sorry you had to see such a stinky movie..I just read a review the other day that suggested it should have been titled "When Horny Met Shrieky." LOL

At 22:57 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Just saw a shooting star from my hottub.

This day so rocks.

Now more Underworld.

At 22:59 Blogger Na said...

Sorry for Cabal gettin' stung, and for Phiala's textile mess. Booooo.

But yay for happy Sundays. Sounds like your having a perfect day, Q.

And agree, that was the most pathetic looking excuse for "pie" I've seen pictured. Jess, can we post your tweet about it here?

The days are shortening quickly! It is not quite ten p.m. and the sun is down! Beginning to panic about winter, when it's still quite warm out...

And feeling obliged to correct the quote from The Last Unicorn (I looked it up in the book); "You must never run from anything immortal. It attracts their attention."

At 23:01 Blogger Na said...

tick tickety tick CX

At 23:04 Blogger ariandalen said...

WOO HOO! Ms. Fabulous has no more fear of riding! \O/ :)

Yay for enough honey to start adding small boxes for honey stealing!

Boo for Cabal getting stung and bad food. :(

Yay for Boss and Maddy being home!

(Pssst, Jess! They saw "The Ugly Truth.")

At 23:22 Anonymous Scott Gordon said...

Oh, good, it was only "The Ugly Truth". It COULD have been "Brüno".

At 23:35 Blogger Ticia said...

I smiled out loud when I read you are over your fear Quiche.

You are an inspiration.

Lys, "pecan pie from loser restaurant=nut road kill. Somewhere a squirrel is bawling its eyes out." just about killed me.

Someone should tell Birdchick about that line...

Phiala - I'm so sorry.


Going to bed to read PP&Z.

Nighty night fiends!

At 23:40 Blogger Dragonsally said...

I have Arab riding envy. She certainly is a beautiful horse, and you look so happy.

Poor Cabal. So hard to explain a bee (or other flying critter) bite to a dog.

I must join everyone else on deriding that slice of pecan pie. Phht, doesn't even look like a mouthful.

Phiala, I think I must have missed the textile disaster not being fixed overnight (as in night Sally local time)

At 23:47 Blogger Dragonsally said...

Quiche, am just about to email you about dogs and surgery!

At 23:51 Anonymous Lysandwr said...

Scott Gorden--No, Bruno would have been "When Horny WAS Shrieky"


Tip your waitress; I'll be here all week :)

At 00:02 Anonymous Lysandwr said...

Watching show on USA (NBC based originally, I guess) called "The Wanted". Interesting.

Ah, if someone was kinda interested in *some* of the work I did overseas, you might watch this. There is a relation, we'll just say. But I'm still not sure how comfortable I am w/the idea of a journalist working a "reality" show with retired SF, Seals, and Lawyers who specialize in war crime tribunals.

And of course it is very much a specific view of things; they don't really seem to explain (in this case) the point of view of those in Norwegian Government who disagree with them.

/pedantic diatribe

Now back to our regularly scheduled programming...

At 00:23 Blogger spacedlaw said...

Poor Cabal! That dog needs cuddle you know? But luckily enough, his pack leader is home so everything must be alright now.
But for that mishap, it sounds like a great day. Actually, pretty much a perfect Sunday. Even with the bad food and ridiculously bad movie.

At 01:03 Blogger Ms T said...

You saw a shooting star from your hot tub? I bet that makes up for the sucky movie and food. :)

I'm just realising that speed knitting + cat that likes to climb on my shoulder = dropped stitches + (very sore shoulder the next day). Well, this should be fun when I have to bash out transcripts tomorrow.

Night, night fiends.

At 02:05 Blogger Marjorie said...

It sounds like a lovely day (except for poor Cabal's sting - hope he is over it now)

It's a grey and rainy Monday morning here, now. How did that happen?

At 02:25 Blogger Dragonsally said...

Its matching my Monday Afternoon Marjorie.

At 06:56 Blogger Jess said...

*fetches dark glasses, beret, bongos*

Take back this bad pie.
Substandard pie makes squirrel cry—
tears in my squirrel's eye.

Squirrely weeps for nuts.
He wails at pie injustice,
makes a little fist,

puts it in the air:
Nut justice—pie recompense—
Take it back, Pinky

(It helps if you also imagine there's a double bass riff going.)

At 07:04 Blogger Beez said...

*falls over laughing*

Okaaay Jess, now that's the way to move into my work week. Yeah man.

Phiala, I hope something works on the project.

Well, off to the salt mines heigh-ho heigh-ho.

At 07:06 Blogger Dan Guy said...

Glad to hear that the bees are doing well. The last thing we need is zomBEES.

At 07:27 Blogger dabbler said...

What ever happened with the Russian bees? DOA? Poisoned by enemy agents? A victim of worsening international relations? I must have missed the denouement.

And Jess, Far freaking out, man.

At 07:28 Blogger dabbler said...

Off to work... 9am to 8:30 today...Sounds like Quiche's usual schedule!

At 07:38 Blogger One Sock Short said...

Oh Jess, that just made my day!

At 07:45 Blogger EmilyLady said...

Ouch for the worst food ever. The Birdchick did introduce us to Burger Jones when she came out to lunch with us. They may have had only one vegetarian thing on the menu (not unlike most of America's restaurants, it seems), but it was more than worth it. So. Incredibly. Delicious.

For those who are wondering, last night's little bout of illness passed and I was fine.

At 07:50 Blogger Jess said...

I won't say how long I actually spent looking for a jazz double bass mp3 to link as accompaniment, without success. I need a life. :D

Glad you're feeling better, Emily! I wondered how the veggie burger was. It sounded good. (I went for the one with the jalapenos on. Not vegetarian, but pleasingly zingy.)

At 08:01 Blogger Beez said...

Hey Weather Woman Quichie- looks like T-storms (91% probable) covering your whole state later with BIG winds and lots o' rain and mebbee hail.

We look like we're going to get some of it, so I figure I'll have my whole "working outside" setup done and then have to tear it all down in the rain. It's Monday after all.

At 08:21 Blogger One Sock Short said...

September 22 falls on a Tuesday. I'm guessing that a weekend would be best for any kind of gathering. So the most likely choices would be the weekend of Sept 19-20 or the weekend of Sept 26-27. Interested Fiends can contact me to discuss preferences (rather than me continuing to hijack Q's blog):
linda dot ballinger at gmail dot com

Still can't believe I'm doing this.

At 08:49 Blogger Phiala said...

Go, OSS!

Unfortunately with all the travel I'm doing this spring/summer/fall, after I get home mid-September I can't go anywhere farther away than the grocery store for the rest of 2009.

At 08:54 Blogger Na said...

*snaps fingers for Jess*

Sock, you surprised yourself coming to Fiendom Come, too. So you're bound to have a splendid Firbday Celebrashun, I s'pect.

At 08:55 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

I think the storms will all be east of us, sadly. Rats.

Dabbler, the Russians did not come, why they could not have TOLD us this, I do not know. Getting money back.

Lear came up on the bed last night. This wold have been far more exciting has he not thrown up everywhere. Everywhere. Woke up in cat vomit. Everywhere.

Now just drinking tea and waiting for hot tub man to come clean, before I go for my ride, then to work.

Think I dreamt of Simon Cowell again. What's UP with that? I don't know him, I don't watch his show, don't think he is hot. Is it some sort of message?

At 08:56 Blogger Na said...

ooooo - I was comment 42. Prescient, that is.

At 08:58 Blogger Na said...

Holy buckets of... ick! Is Lear okay?

So, Q, what did Simon do this time?

At 09:37 Anonymous Lysandwr said...


"nut justice"


You sprout seeds into beanstalks (this way lies magic!), you do....

At 09:43 Blogger Jess said...

I just calls it like I sees it. Won't someone think of the walnuts?

At 09:53 Blogger gaypet said...

Ewwww! It's no fun to wake up to that kind of thing. At least yesterday was fabulous. Hopefully cat puke is the worst part of today.

Jess. Jess. Jess. You are brilliant! :)

At 09:55 Blogger vampi said...

wow, not a glamorous way to wake up. hope everything is ok with lear, any idea what caused the lake of sick?

At 11:29 Blogger WilliamMiles said...

Poor Lear! Any idea what's up with that?

At 13:45 Blogger Lexocat said...

Box. Tick.

Still not here but will return soon.

Oh, and Lys, that line about last week being Friday the 13th in disguise? So true.

Good wishes to all who are struggling with one thing or another. I return to my own struggle now.


At 16:09 Blogger louisa said...

Evening ladies 'n' gents

doffs cap

Everyone's getting though Monday OK, vomiting cats and all?

Jess, you make me laugh! Nut humour.

I know we have a few Shaun Tan fans here already (you know who you are!) but if anyone wants a taste of his beautiful drawings, the Guardian has one of his stories online here. It's only 12 slides, not much text, you won't regret it.

Despite the Pie of Woe tale & pic, I've now got a hankering for a slice of pecan yumminess, not so easy to find this far east of the Mason-Dixie, some things just don't seem to get trans-Atlantic. I've never made it myself, anyone got a good recipe?

At 17:28 Blogger Na said...

Hi Louisa. :)

Well all, I have good news to share, and it's another illustration of the value of going in person to take care of problems, being polite about it, and remembering that the people trying to help you are not responsible for silly decisions of other people.

I am required to have a business license from the city, in order to work as an editor/writer from home. I had to re-apply for it when were forced to move. Turns out there's a zoning issue. But I went in person, rather than call or email, to the city office. Spoke to a helpful clerk, who brought over her helpful supervisor, who thought about my situation all weekend, she said, and found a way to re-approve me so I can continue to work from home.

Cannot describe the relief I feel. But I'm going to send her the most hearfelt Thank You card I can create or find.

At 17:54 Blogger Dragonsally said...

A permit to work from home Na? Seems tough.

Lorraine, I hope you're over the vomit awakening...maybe that was why you were dreaming about Simon Cowell?

(with apologies to Mr C)

At 17:57 Blogger Adri said...

*pokes her head out of the California haze again*

Q, looks like you had a wonderful Sunday!

I miss all you fiends! <3

I am processing pics of the beautiful AFP performing at the Fire Arts Fest last week (last week?). She had some incredible dancers on stage with her, and I'm looking forward to reliving the experience through pics.

At 18:11 Blogger louisa said...

Hi Na! Hi Sal! Hi Adri in the California haze! And bye, off to bed with this tired girl, hopefully to a night free from vomit and Simon Cowell.

At 18:24 Blogger Na said...

Ridiculous is the word I'd use to describe the situation. When I'm being polite. :P

Look forward to pics, Adri! Are you fairly well settled in at your new digs?

At 19:42 Blogger Adri said...

Na- We're fairly well settled, thankfully! We're having a housewarming this weekend (Bay Area Fiends: email me if you want to come!). Just a few more pieces of furniture/storage to source and we'll be done, I think, until I decide to paint.

Here are Fire Festival pics with a couple of lovely AFP pics, lots of her guest dancers, and some fire.

At 20:21 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Home now. Very tired.

Sleep. Which used to be the end of the day. Who can say what will happen tonight tho, the way things are going.

My house, gets clean tomorrow tho. Hot tub got cleaned today.

Great Underworld thing on tho, sort of a behind the scenes commentary thing I never found on the dvd's. May stay awake another hour.

At 20:39 Blogger Fluffy said...

I wonder if Lear jumped on the bed because he felt poorly? My cats seem to want company when they have a stomach upset. Which is always lovely in the middle of the night... Why is it always on the Down Comforter?

I have just caught up on the last two weeks of Fiendishness. Wow. I have been travelling TOO MUCH. If it weren't for Terry Pratchett, I would not leave this house again for at least the next six months. But I am going to the Discworld Con in Phoenix Labor Day week. Just got my first corset (tried to put it on upside-down...) and can now start on a Victorian-style Seamstress dress.

So, I'm back. And then again, I may be off to bed as well. Noone here to keep me awake. Hurrah!

At 20:47 Blogger Adri said...

Fluffy, I am sad to say that one of the casualties (along with Fiendom Come) of my move was Discworld Con. Have a great time and take lots of pictures for me!

re: cats feeling poorly, they seem to either seek comfort (one of mine huddles up against me and wants to be in laps) or hide. Or, ideally, both (ie: hide under the covers while you're in bed!)

At 20:51 Blogger dabbler said...

Houseful of young'uns watching 'Supernatural' which I like but am too tired to watch. DDs best male friend will only watch curled up with her on sofa because he gets scared. Too cute! (they would be horrified to hear me say so, don't tell)

Hopes for no vomit tonight, Lorraine, and no Simon Cowell, either. Rather an attractive person of your choice, perhaps? Or dreamless sleep.

We are in the stickies here, everything is damp. Not a favorite thing.

At 21:03 Blogger Dragonsally said...

Will Pterry be at the con Fluffy? Fods, that would be awesome.

I really need to lose my con virginity. I am missing so much fun.

At 21:10 Blogger One Sock Short said...

At the risk of being a Johnny-One-Note, here's another great post from my favorite biblioporn blog. It features Celtic designs.

At 21:27 Blogger vampi said...

oss those are excellent, i can see many being tatoos

At 22:40 Blogger ariandalen said...

Hi, Scott Gordon and WilliamMiles! Welcome! We have now passed the first month in the New Fiendocracy. Hopefully you've found your lovely white buckled jacket to personalize. Look around and you will find all sorts of things to use to that end. :)

Tangwyn was vomiting all yesterday (Sunday) morning. We think it was because he ate some Jerusalem crickets that had come into the house due to the heat. That, and eating toilet paper, probably because he didn't get fed when he expected to get fed, even though he had plenty of food in his bowl. I found two more spots in the living room this afternoon, completely dried. It helps that we have laminate and vinyl flooring there. Fortunately, the vomiting ended yesterday by noon.

Lovely photos, Adri. :) Thank you for sharing.

Would somebody send rain south of Waco? We've been on water conservation for about a month and a half, or so, three weeks on mandatory conservation. We've only had 32 days at 100 F or higher this year so far. ::sigh::

At 22:59 Blogger Dragonsally said...

Oh, poor baby Ariandalen. Glad he has stopped the chucking.

At 01:09 Blogger Na said...

This world clock seems handy for fiends. Apparently it's customizable, but I haven't played with it yet.

Cheers, all.

At 06:24 Blogger Phiala said...

Grumble. I hate when my domain is used as the return address by spammers and I get 5000 failure messages in my inbox (and even more people get spam with on it!)

Should be taken out and shot. Or perhaps stuffed to the gills with advertising circulars.

At 07:09 Blogger One Sock Short said...

Today the answer to the ultimate question is... Na!

Happy Birthday, Na!

At 08:15 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Morning! Slept great. Lear and Mab and I played chase string on bed before I went to sleep, and no one vomited.

Of course, Simon Cowell made me pancakes, but this is clearly going in the right direction so I am ok with it.


At 08:27 Blogger Beez said...

Happy Birthday NoBean!

At 08:28 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

I don't really get spammers. DO people really respond to them? Like junk snail mail, I just throw it out. Who is that dumb?

I've been getting a card every few days in my snail box saying "Lorraine (filled in) I have been trying to contact you about an urgent matter, please call me"

Hello? You seem to have my address? Tell me what's up...

At 08:30 Blogger One Sock Short said...

Well, if Cowell becomes your own Jeeves, that can't be all bad.

At 08:31 Blogger Jane said...

Good morning!

Na - Happy 42! You get to be the answer all year.

Yea for no vomiting. Was awakened at 4am by the hak sound but still (at 9:30a) cannot find is not telling.

At 08:48 Blogger Arwenn said...

Woken by a hak
Which will likely lead to gak
Cat enjoys the search

At 08:48 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

I am off for an early morning ride before work, my Fiends. Chatter nicely for me to read, and we will see if there can't be a new post tonight!

At 08:59 Blogger louisa said...

Happy Birthday Na! May there be lots of cake.

Oddly quiet for a Tuesday, with that feeling like it's waiting to rain.

Have fun with the horses, Q

At 09:02 Blogger Marjorie said...

Happy Firbday Na!! Do you now have answers to all questions, or 'just' the Big One?

Enjoy your ride and lack of cat vomit, Q.
I don't think I want Simon Cowall in my dreams even if he does make me pancakes (although that is way better then some of the alternatives...)

I have been in a meeting mostly about Tax, all morning. and there were no chocolate biscuits. I am nearly sure that this constitutes a violation of my human rights.

At 09:03 Blogger Marjorie said...

Ther ewas coffee, though. This is good, becasue I am running out of places to hide the bodies.

At 09:12 Blogger Na said...

Thanks fiends, for firbday wishes. :) I am having a strange interior dialogue as The Day is Thursday and I am very grateful for the birthday wishes today!!!! but also feel weird if someone else notices this and I never said anything unless of course it's really Thursday today and I've missed two days which would not bode well for my therefor obviously aged mind and have I just transmogrified into a squirrel 'cause maybe this is what it's like to have a squirrel brain or maybe it's a Seinfeld episode *pop*

At 09:14 Blogger spacedlaw said...

Marjorie, now I have pictures of you looking around the meeting room before "innocently" inquiring who you have to screw around that place in order to have a chocolate biscuit...(with Hugh Grant's voice too, which is really weird).

Happy Firbday, Na!

At 09:15 Blogger One Sock Short said...

Oops, wrong day beginning with a "T" and oooo, look, nuts!

At 09:16 Blogger Jess said...

Bodies?! I am afraid to meet up with you now, Marjorie.

Good morning. Have a good ride, Q.

And happy birthday Na! \o/

I really want some coffee. This tea-instead-of thing just isn't working out. Blarg.

At 09:18 Blogger Jess said...

*retracts birthday wishes* ;)

At 09:29 Blogger Na said...

*blushes* I am so very grateful to you all for the Happy Firbday wishes!!!! May I please emphasize that? Thank you CX *goes to hide*

At 09:30 Blogger Jess said...

Too late! You don't get to be 42! ;D

At 09:31 Blogger Jane said...

Na, we're celebrating birthday week (instead of only one day) :-)

Arwenn, love the haiku - am searching for gak by walking around the house in bare feet, guaranteed to find anything nasty on the floor. Oriental rugs disguise many evils.

Still looking for the skink tale from yesterday which I know is somewhere here as the skink left without it.

Unfortunately the cat who caught the skink and threw up has been diagnosed with renal failure, kidneys operating at about 35%. We are administering SubQ fluids every other day and trying to feed him only renal food. We lost a cat in Dec to CRF, after heroic measures to save her didn't work. Here we go again, is how I feel. Not much fun.

But we caught it much earlier this time, so we may have him for a while. Monitoring his quality of life, which at the moment seems fine. Now if we just hadn't taken that skink away from him...

At 09:33 Blogger Jane said...

I mean skink tail, not tale, however...maybe the tale IS what I should be searching for...

At 09:38 Blogger Arwenn said...

Jane - yeah, but if that cat isn't talking about the gak he probably won't spill about the tail either. The tale I'd like to hear is that skink explaining to the missus what he was doing to have lost his tail :)

Sorry to hear he's ill though, those decisions are no fun!

At 09:45 Blogger Jane said...

Calvin the cat keeps his secrets well.

And thanks for the sympathy - I won't pass it on to Calvin as HE doesn't seem to know he's ill.

At 09:47 Blogger Na said...

Oh, Jane! My dear kitty had the same, and did very well on the sub-cutaneous fluids for a good while. Skink tale sounds like fun.

And yes, birthday week is a great idea. I shall find a tiara and wear it all week and give the neighbors something to talk about.

At 09:51 Blogger Jane said...

You go, birthday girl!

Those fluids do work wonders. I'm amazed at what we can do for them these days.

At 09:55 Blogger Marjorie said...

So sorry to hear about poorly kitty. Fingers crossed that treatment works.

Jess, unless you are planning to make me go to meetings about Tax, or alternatively to ignore my professional advice and then complain about me when things turn out um...exactly the way I advised you they would if you did that... then you are absolutely safe . And even in one of those two scenarios you'd survive if you had the forethough to offer me chocolate or beer ;-)

Also , will answer your e-mail once I have checked diaries etc.

Can we alter the Feind Lexography so that the word 'Firbday' means 'day, week or longer period of time in which anniversary of birth occurs' Imean, Paul & Lorraine got away with singing the Borthday Song for all of us having a Birthday in the next or past 12 months, IIRC, so there is precedent..

PS, going through all my photos, i do belive I have video footage of a certain Unicorn related song... (wanfers off, whistling innocently...)

At 10:04 Blogger Jess said...

Oh deary me.

Good thing I did actually offer you beer, then. And we won't have a Tax meeting unless it absolutely can't be avoided.

At 10:07 Blogger Arwenn said...

Firbday definition duly updated to pretty much encompass any time anyone even thinks about a fiend's birthday.

At 10:18 Blogger Jane said...

Oh hell yeah, I have a friend who celebrated birthday YEAR once. We all celebrated with her and it was great.

Re Calvin, fluids will work for a time, maybe even years, but hard to tell. And we feel sort of stuck not traveling, but that's OK.

At 10:41 Blogger Phiala said...

Happy Firbday Timespan, Na! (And yes, I read all the comments before saying that!)

Cat gak, yes. Reflexes for pushing cat off bed while sleeping are well-developed. Resulted in pushing cat off bed onto sleeping dog once, but I'm positive I've told that story here... Barefoot with the lights off is the best possible way to find it. And by "best", I mean most effective, not at all most appealing.

Lost a cat to kidney failure - remember the Chinese petfood with melamine in it? Yeah, that.

At 10:55 Blogger DataGoddess said...

{{{Jane}}} I hope Calvin continues to be Not Sick in his opinion and actions.

My sweetie's sweetie I met the Sunday of Fiendom Come was celebrating her birthday over a few weeks, as her husband planned out a gift for every letter of the alphabet (our mutual sweetie's visit with her was one of the gifts).

Firbdays encompass however long you and yours want to celebrate, IMO :-)

At 12:15 Blogger Chantrelle said...

Happy Brithday Na!

Jane, so sorry about kitty kitty :(

I feel like i haven't talked to you all on here in so long! Twitter, yes, but here is different!

Wanderlust was awesome, beautiful, hot, dusty, exhausting and wonderful. I'm so glad the call went through to you Q for Billie Jean! I was having really persnickety cell coverage up there at 9000 ft "on top of F#$*ing mountain!" (AFP quote). I got to give Amanda her "official" custom made hoop. Black, silver and glittery and being shipped to Q this week (hopefully) to share with the family back there. More room to hoop there than at her tiny place. I've never hooped so much in 2 days so i am sooooore! It's a good workout!

Now i have to prepare my house for the arrival of the inlaws this weekend.

Pictures from Wanderlust here

At 12:23 Blogger Adri said...

Great photos, Robyn!

I got a little interested in hooping by watching youtube videos a couple of months ago, and now I see it is a Thing here. :D I gave it a try when we were camping, but I was pathetic. Oops!

Hooping seems like a great way to pursue the Fit, though, in a way that's fun and artistic and takes up very little space.

At 12:25 Blogger Chantrelle said...

Adri - If you want to order one from my sis, she gives Friends and Family discounts :) They ship them or she could bring one here for you when she comes down at the end of this month and we could hook up for the hoop-hand-off! They're gorgeous, you can pick any colors, combos, etc. It's great.

At 12:42 Blogger vampi said...

oh i am lusting after one of those hoops, they are so purty and "oh shiny!"

no idea where i would hoop thought, 1 bedroom tiny apartment.

looks like you had so much fun. my lord you have been a busy lady traveling, concerting, and hooping. i'm exhausted just reading your tweets :)

happy un-firbay to na, and for that matter a happy unfirbay to all fiends :)

At 12:42 Blogger Hellie said...

Wanderlust looks like great fun! (and AFP's socks are amazing, I want some of them!)Wow I haven't hula hooped since I was a kid, was always rubbish at it!

Sympathise with kitties as I too was struck down with vomit-itis, have been feeling v sorry for myself!

Now I'm better I too have been lamenting the lack of biscuits in all of the FOUR meetings I had to day, grr!

At 13:11 Blogger Erin Underwood said...

Jess! You're awesome. Love you and your poetry, too! :-)

Q, is Lear OK? That doesn't sound good for either of you.

Fluffy, Discworld Con! That sounds like a ball. I bet you have a ball!

Yeah, Na! Happy B-day! *throwing confetti*

Trying to catch up with 100+ posts is so crazy-making! :-) You guys are great! It's nice being graduated, but I really have missed my daily fiend dose.

At 13:38 Blogger hope said...

Phiala, so sorry the textile disaster was un-save-able.

Louisa, GORGEOUS stuff from Shaun Tan, thank you for the link.

NA, yay for your bidness license and firbay week! I'd bake you a cake but it's too freaking hot here in the PNW. I did, however, make some salted caramel ice cream that is utterly demonic in its addictive deliciousity.

Adri, those are some compelling photos--fire is hypnotic.

Jane, so sorry about your kitty, glad he is feeling not sick.

My house is coming along; I get a washing machine Friday, I've replaced the doors the Visitor Dog chewed, and Very Soon Now I will have a sewing room.

If my brain doesn't melt out my ears, that is.

At 14:05 Blogger Fluffy said...

Adri not coming to see Terry Pratchett? But, but.. don't you have The Fabulous Leather Corset? Terry obviously appreciates ladies in corsets (from a distance, of course.) I NEED to have a Fiend there to introduce to my Pratchett friends (who include librarians, scientists who do top-secret things for the govment and technical computery types, among others with way too much education. Sound familiar?)

Worked out, am celebrating my Firbday (all the time since age 50) and Na's and anyone else's. Now have to go outside and celebrate some dead flowers off the shrubs and water the potted plants. Glad to be home.

At 14:06 Blogger EmilyLady said...

Happy happy birthday, Na.

Interesting trip to Dunkin Donuts this afternoon: having a pervalicious old man undress me with his eyes; then heading to the reference computers of the library and having another old man insist, with a perfectly straight face, that this side of the library is for MEN; the women have to go on THAT side of the library. I had opened my mouth to say, "Don't give me that," when he said he was kidding. But he seemed eight thousand percent serious to me. What is it with this day?

At 14:06 Blogger EmilyLady said...

(gasp) Happy birthday, Fluffy! I miss you!

At 14:26 Blogger dabbler said...

OSS, don't stop posting the links to BiblioOdyssey, please. I love them and never think to go there on my own.

Loving all the interesting things Fiends are doing, as I sit at home. Armchair travel, yea!

Lys, been meaning to say I hope your new position only mimics the Brin novel in title, not territory.

Jane, sympathies to Calvin (though he doesn't want them) and to you. the Tale of the tail made me smile.

Had more, have forgotten it. Must go dig weeds out of patio cracks before next Saturday's party.

At 15:42 Blogger Jane said...

Thanks for all the notes about Calvin. Trying not to feel sad, because if we're lucky, we're in for a long haul and I don't do long-term sad...

At 16:05 Blogger Fluffy said...

Ah. I feel better, having worked out (and that should have been in caps,) cleaned up in the yard for a couple of hours and lunched and washed. Frankly, I think I've done enough and it may be bedtime. Oh, I also brushed Peaches, who was apparently feeling a bit neglected.

We got another inch of rain last night. Enough is enough. I'm sending the next lot to Waco for Katie. If Revelle and the Israeli Ninjas have to stay indoors, so be it. They can play cards or paint each others' toenails.

Okay, I'm not going to bed yet. Laundry and more tidying.

At 16:30 Blogger Slightly Bent said...

Hello Lorraine and Fiendom folk. I've been reading for awhile and have to say you're an amazing group and I really enjoy following when I can.

Lorraine - I'm so very glad you kept the Royals. You had me in tears a number of times through your process and I can't tell you how wonderful and inspiring you are.

Happy Birthday Na.

I hail from Chicago, make hats whenever I can, and have an English Shepherd who attempts to keep me in line.

I've started following some of you on twitter and apologize for not introducing myself here first.

At 16:32 Blogger louisa said...

Welcome Slightly Bent, glad you've de-lurked to join in the fun. Who are you on Twitter?

At 16:39 Blogger Slightly Bent said...

Thank you Louisa.
I'm @SlightlyBent.

At 16:39 Blogger Na said...

Yes, do tell us your twitter handle, SB, I probably blocked you if I didn't recognize the name. :P And thanks!

At 16:46 Blogger Na said...

Oops. Got it.

I was delighted this afternoon to be sitting outside and have a neighbor's cat hop into my lap and allow me to pet her. >^..^<

At 17:01 Blogger Jane said...

SB - I'm Qitou on Twitter - when you see my follow request.

At 17:22 Blogger Dragonsally said...

Jane, sending scritches to Calvin and hugs to you.

Hannah, just send a twitter friend request to you.

Happy Firbday week Na

what else have I forgotten? I don't know why I am up, I'm sitting here like one of those head-nodding dolls with my eyes shutting. Oh right, have to wake up enough to go to hairdresser.

Next update on Shiraz in an hour or so, btw.

At 18:39 Blogger Adri said...

Many scritches and warm thoughts to Calvin-kitty.

Fluffy, you're making me really waver on my decision here.

Sally, how's your puppy?

For the new fiends (welcome!) and anyone I've missed, I'm Adri on twitter!

At 20:01 Blogger EmilyLady said...

Yes, Slightly Bent, we'll follow you on Twitter (if you don't mind, of course)!

At 20:10 Blogger Fluffy said...

Adri, he REALLY likes to see the ladies in corsets! He doesn't flirt, though. Just admires. In fact, if a female gets a bit flirtatious with him he gets a deer-in-the-headlights look and mentions he's the Most Married Married Man In England.

I mean, he's not coming this way much now, so this is a great opportunity to see him. Oh, come on! We can find you a roommate...

At 21:00 Blogger Beez said...

Jane, may Calvin long continue to Not Know he's sick.

Oh Adri, I hope you can go. I think I may never get to meet pTerry, which would be sad- I came to Boss through his books (for the longest time Good Omens was written by pTerry and Some Guy to me).

At 21:06 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Me and Saron on MPR! We are the video bit...

At 21:21 Blogger One Sock Short said...

Lorraine and Sharon -- MPR Superstars! Great video. Loved the Cabal cameo too.

Slightly Bent, welcome! Glad you de-lurked. We've kinda been introduced, so I'm going to tattle and say "This woman makes gorgeous hats!"

At 21:46 Blogger ariandalen said...

Hi, Slightly Bent! Welcome! Look around and I'm sure you'll find a lovely white, buckled jacket to wear, and supplies for personalizing your jacket. I'm sure you have just the right hat to wear with it. :)

Looks like Wanderlust was lots fun, Robyn!

You know, Fiends, it's not too far in the future when I'll have been alive for 50 years. You are giving me ideas for celebrating my first half century.
Heh heh heh heh heh

At 22:03 Blogger ariandalen said...

Wonderful video of Sharon and Ms. Fabulous. I did have to chuckle at Sharon's comment about "...having a beekeeper allergy" when asked about safety concerns. ;) You can definitely tell that the female reporter was rather...nervous to be that close to thousands of bees.

At 22:54 Anonymous Wendy Withers said...

Beez: I have a similar problem!

I loved Good Omens. I'm pretty clear that Anasazi Boys, Mirrormask, The Sandman, and American Gods are all The Boss. Anything besides those titles though, and I'm flummoxed.

I'll sit staring at the wall thinking -Geez, some of those stories in Fragile Things were awesome. Now who wrote that again?-

At 00:33 Blogger Chantrelle said...

I love the bee video!

I'm off to bed now...nighty night. Tomorrow brings acupuncture, ben's swim class, and farmer's market...lovely wednesday.

At 09:18 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...




Love you . All of you.

At 09:53 Blogger Jess said...

Well thanks! We love you, too. Good morning.

Also, Ghostbusters (1954).

At 09:54 Blogger Jess said...

Try link again. Gah.

At 10:05 Blogger vampi said...

I am posting from my itouch in this icebox waiting room. Boy is getting a follow up scope. I think they are chilling us all like corpses

At 10:16 Blogger Ticia said...

Good Morning! I am swamped!

Must finish paperwork before heading to Las Vegas! Wouldn't it be funny if I saw Kitty there?

Then immediately off on dog vacation to Tahoe and Reno for a week. I will have wifi though. So, I can keep up with you all. :-D

Okay, back to work!

At 10:18 Blogger Jess said...

Eek, Vampi. Not fun. I think I missed what happened to Jon-- is he okay?

At 10:52 Blogger Ani said...

Hi Slightly Bent, I'll look for you on twitter. Welcome to Fiendom!

Hey all--just the update. Positive news! I am back from a surgery follow-up with my doc. Turns out that it was a Good Thing to have had the surgery as there was more going on in my uterus than had been guessed at, or was welcome. (Sly thing, holding out on me like that!)

And the news is all good--the surgery will have taken care of all immediately untoward things like polyps. A 3 month wait to see if the long-term outcomes are as good as expected, but all is...well... expected to be as good as expected?

All kinds of reason to believe all is fine. Thanks for all your good wishes, again!

At 10:55 Blogger Jane said...

Actually almost good afternoon - at least in NC. Love you, too. All of you.

Grey day here with the type of weather that gives me a sinus headache...

A - yea for good surgery news.

At 11:02 Blogger Na said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

At 11:05 Blogger Na said...


{{{Ani}}} Hurray! Yip yip! Great news.

Vampi, is it more of the same for your guy?

Did not find a tiara. Found a skull scarf instead, ftw.

At 11:20 Blogger Adri said...

Ani- Good news!

Vampi- if it's an outpatient surgery center or if they do any procedures there, sometimes they're kept cold because they don't have separate A/C units for the procedure rooms.

Ticia- I know you're going to have a great time!

Today I must accomplish many tasks, and my brother in law is coming to visit from West Virginia. There is much excitement about this in my house today! :D

At 12:25 Blogger Hellie said...

Great news Ani! And Vampi hope your boy is ok. Ticia, Vegas Baby! Have fun! Adri have fun with bro in law!

My brain is fried, I have been doing SUMS all afternoon. Well actually it has been more like GUESSWORK, my predecessor didn't keep great financial records so I'm trying to untangle the paper trail (can you untangle a paper trail?) to write an annual report. What joy.

Home now, bf is on fajita duty. Mmmmm ;ob

At 12:46 Blogger hope said...

Nice video, Lorraine! Cabal's cameo was great, and the sound of the bees was so soothing.

Yay, Ani. What was that coy uterus thinking, not sharing info?

Still way too hot in the PNW. Thinking about shaving my very furry girlcat's belly, she's so miserable.

Na, nice scarf! Skulls are always appropriate. :)

Sorry to have missed other fiend news, brain is melted. How did I manage to think and work and keep house when I lived in New Orleans without A/C??!!

Oh, that's right, I was 26.

At 17:30 Blogger vampi said...

thanks ya'll. i left the place shortly after posting that. jon had an outpatient scope follow up to see f the dr can figure out the unde lying issue with his swallowing. te current speculation is a condition similar to asthma, but affecting theesophagus instead of the windpipe. treatment is asthma meds and inhaler. you learn something every day...

afterwards i took dopey to get some soup, and he wanted to go exploring as he became more cognizant, so we journey across the valley. i saw the santa anita racetrack.

oh and it is brain melting hot.

ani, gglad your procedure went well, and fungers crossed for future good prognosises

At 17:32 Blogger vampi said...

see brain melted. fungers, lol

At 19:42 Blogger Dragonsally said...

Great news Ani, I'll bet you're mucho relieved.

Vampi - I was going to suggest, tongue in check that they keep you cold to reduce possible bleeding.

Not enough sleep.

About to go and do a Shiraz update

At 20:04 Blogger Dragonsally said...

For anyone not on twitter or Facebook and wants to follow Shiraz's recovery from TPLO surgery -or just see pics of her and her leg go here

At 20:47 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

New post is up..A very tired one, but it's there...

At 21:29 Blogger Missa Taylor said...

Hi Lorraine! I had to leave you a message! I have been reading your blgos for a while. Oh and this is Little Melissa from the barn just so you know! lol. So yeah Mazie is a fun horse to ride. she has this wildness to her dosent she. I love the pics of you, Anabear, and Mazie. So yeah. I made a friend thing on here to! So yeah. lol. I hope to see you soon~Little Melissa

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