Saturday, July 18, 2009

Animial Heads, Bees, Assistanting and ROCK!

Since I have no cool new pics today for you, I am using some of Nathilie's (Spacedlawyer here, @spacedlawyer on Twitter)that she took while she was here a few weeks ago. A Series I like to call "Our Animal Heads" Lots of bits and pieces today, so....

If you are reading this on Saturday, I have a gig tonight in Stillwater, at Charlie's Pub, which I think is really going to rock. 7:30 to 11:30. There is a crazed Wedding in the Hotel tonight and they all came in last night and we fell in love. Total Irish Music Fans who seem to think we are the best thing ever. Clearly, they have taste. If you are around, come down, because it will be some fun. And I'd love to see you!

If you are reading this on Sunday, you missed a REALLY great gig.

I've been doing this Stupid Fiddle Player trick using two bows lately, which started the Fiend weekend, and which I thought would end badly when I tried it, but turned out to ROCK. Tonight, I will try THREE Bows! Can you say "Wall of Sound?"

Really fun Bee Blog up by the Birdchick. She talks about our Bee Interview with MPR the other day. It hasn't aired yet, and of course I will be mentioning it when it does, but you can read about the Adventure of it now on The Birdchick Blog, and see cool pics of Beth (AFP's Really Cool Assistant, who was out last week)

It was great to meet Beth last week. We've, as you can imagine, been working a lot together lately. We talked us some Assistanting we did, which is not something we get to do with many people. If you aren't doing the job, you can't know what it is like, and if you are doing it, you KNOW what it is like. (It's a lot of things and I wouldn't trade it for all the tea in China) We traded a lot of Secret Assistant Knowledge, back and forth, and I learned a lot. Like "How to set up and share a Google Calendar" If that isn't the coolest idea ever, I don't know what IS.

I was suspicious at first, as the first time I tried it a couple years ago, it did nothing but confuse the HECK out of me, but it seems to have been streamlined somewhat. Thanks Beth!

If you can't COME to the gig tonight, send me lots of messages to read on break, I like it when you are with me! Remember, due to my current tech set up, I can READ comments posted here on the blog, but can't post. I can post on Twitter, tho I can't READ replies I get there.

Love and Animal Heads,


At 12:37 Blogger spacedlaw said...

Sadly I can't come.

At 12:40 Blogger Jane said...

Can't come either. Will be thinking about you, though.

Beautiful photos - I could look at animals all day.

At 12:48 Blogger Unknown said...

Beautiful photos, just wondering how you wound up as an assistant. Sounds both fun, stressful and worth it.

Hope your gig goes well!

At 12:48 Blogger DataGoddess said...

The two bows was cool, let us know how three works out!

Will try to remember to send messages during the show - I'm not sure you can ever see any @ messages I send you on Twitter since my feed is protected :-(

One more day and Dan is home (not you, DanGuy ;-)

At 12:54 Blogger One Sock Short said...

Great pics! Glad you had a good crowd last night. With another good one in store tonight. I'm afraid I was so impressed by the no-left-hand playing that I missed the double bow. Now three?! Wow.

Can't seem to ticky-box from phone.

Tonight is an exciting line-up of study, vespers, and dinner with Mom. Will try to think of things to amuse you on breaks though.

At 13:12 Blogger Phiala said...

No gig for me either. :( TARDIS definitely required.

Organization is making me insane. Must do something else for a while, I think.

At 13:21 Blogger gaypet said...

Have a great show! I will catch you next time if I can. :)

At 13:45 Anonymous Anonymous said...

Awww, I wish I could come hear you rock THREE bows!. Kick ass and take names tonight!

At 14:01 Blogger One Sock Short said...

There, now I can ticky box.

Apparently, my way of keeping people entertained does not meet with universal approval ;-) Be ye warned.

At 14:06 Blogger EmilyLady said...

Wishing I could be there. But glad I was there at least once!

I probably won't be able to leave too many comments, either, unfortunately ... Jack and his rock band (like Green Day rock, not so much Paul-and-Lorraine rock; but I guess it'll do) are having a fundraiser for our local Food Pantry (!) and sooooo ... I have to be there. Have a great time at the gig, to all who shall be attending ...

At 14:09 Blogger Siri said...

Let's see - if I leave now - no, wait, I need to shower first - so if I leave at 3:30, I'll get there at 8:30, give or take, and then the gig is over at 11:30, and chatting, maybe for 30 minutes, and back on the road by midnight and home by 5, then 3 and a half hours of sleep till I have to get up and get ready for Sunday. Sure. It could happen.

I bet it won't, though.

At 14:25 Blogger Jane said...

OSS I was excessively diverted by your entertainment, as you could see when I jumped into the conversation (as Qitou). All things books are entertaining, IMO. Exciting, maybe not.

At 14:48 Blogger Beez said...

Won't be there, will be hanging out somewhat south of here.

Ticia, I wish I could be at the Crucible thing- it's exactly the stuff I want to learn.

Nice headshots of the beasties- I am so in love with Zoe the cat. Every time I see her my heartstrings get tugged HARD.

I blame Nat.

At 15:03 Blogger spacedlaw said...

he blame is all Zoe's for being such a heart throb. And she just made Caturday over at my Title blog too.

At 15:24 Anonymous Anonymous said...

Um, randomly sending a comment because I'm toooooo many miles and an ocean away to come to the gig but I'd LOVE to :(

Here it is wet, wet, wet and I have three cranky cats - also very wet ones. Also rescued either two birds once each or one very unlucky bird twice.

Have a fun night x

At 15:26 Blogger Dan Guy said...

I will be there astrally. ^_^

At 16:11 Anonymous Anonymous said...

"On break message"
I just had a dream that i went to a juggling/strip show with AFP. Our legs had afros! (yup, thats what i said!) We rode on a bus named Fabulouslorraine. We were told it was the best bus in the fleet. It was very nicely painted with black, olive green and purple stripes. AFP's ex boyfriend showed up and began pestering her. Found out his name was Danguy. Sat on green couches to watch the show. The kind you find abandoned on the side of the road. Then NFG showed up in disguise (Black and red striped silk pants, a long double breasted overcoat and a false chin) he saved the day.
-Urm.. i think i'll stop reading twitters and go get myself my own life.
Still, this dream was fun!

At 16:32 Blogger Lyndyn said...

Three bows!? What madness is this?! Don't you know that that is sure to punch a hole in the space time continuum, madam? I'm pretty sure I read that somewhere...should be interesting, though!

Save me an astral seat, Dan Guy!

At 16:36 Blogger vampi said...

i'm glad when gigs go well. now that i have experienced one, i do know how awesome that is.

i also attended something awesome last night, a tori amos concert. i'm still floating on cloud 9.


At 16:37 Blogger Amy said...

I think you and Beth should write a book about being fabulous assistants. ;) Have a good gig - happy gigging?

At 16:46 Blogger One Sock Short said...

Well, Jane/Qitou, I do hope to send updates when I'm at RBS. I also hope to get this pics-from-phone thing to work. So more unexciting entertainment still to come. Has your friend already been to his class? Which class?

I just woke up from a nap I didn't have time for but really needed. Nothing exciting to report from my dreamland, I'm afraid. Mine never do have much of interest.

Dan, I'm all for another round of astral projection. Maybe Cabal tonight?

At 17:47 Blogger Na said...

Lorraine, you and Paul outta be looking up in the corners of the room tonight, perhaps you'll catch a glimpse o' the assorted fiends joining via the astral plane.

i am working working working; agreed to more work, got more work. drought or deluge, is the nature of freelance. brains now oozing, eyes dangling, fingers dropping off, shamble shamble shamble.

Took time out for traditional viewing with my monster of a new Harry Potter movie. Most reviews seem to cast this one as the "worst of" or "best of" all the HP movies. I'm in the latter camp.

And yesterday I happened across a DVD at the library, of the Oysterband in concert, which caught my eye, having heard Q and folks here recommend them, so I have that to watch this week.

So, naught so fun as the Crucible, or rock shows, or playing music. But it is very, very, very nice to have a weekend of staying put.

Lovely pics, Nat. Paul & Lorraine, have a rockin' evening!

At 17:57 Blogger One Sock Short said...

Ah, yes. My astral self requests "Black Is the Color". I would be very glad to know that the lovely P&L rendition is out there in the ether, or wherever beautiful songs go.

At 18:06 Blogger Na said...

Oh, Sock, that reminds me, quite tangentially, of something I saw this morning that I thought many fiends might find interesting... outside the farmer's market, a small group of women standing vigil, all in black, with signs for Women in Black, an organization that protests around the world against violence. very impressive sight, dramatic, simple, artistic even; wished I'd a camera to hand.

At 19:16 Blogger Jane said...

OSS - Haven't spoken to friend yet but his Facebook entry said "A week at Rare Book School under my belt" I'll ask him which class. He lives in Blacksburg VA.

It wouldn't have caught my eye except for hearing about it from you :)

At 19:50 Blogger Karen B. said...

Cat heads, dog heads, roly poly horse heads . . ? Good photos all, though, and of such fuzzy subjects too.

Sure that the first set is rocking even as I type.

Also, are bees now a requirement for the Next Level of Assistanting or something? Because that would be kinda cool.

At 19:51 Blogger Karen B. said...

Still boggled by two bows, mainly if you get them to move separately (& in different directions). That would be one neat trick, though.

At 20:06 Blogger EmilyLady said...

Got lots and lots of food and fun at the fundraiser.

At 20:18 Blogger AletaMay said...

Sadly no Charlie's for me tonight. Really wish I was at the Fire Arts Festival. Sounds/looks amazing.

At 20:33 Blogger dabbler said...

"My car just broke down on the road to heaven,
My car just broke down ain't that a shame,
My car just broke down on the road to heaven,
And I can't get a ride on the Astral plane." (Three Weird Sisters)

Won't make the gig, rock on!

At 21:07 Blogger EmilyLady said...

Oh Aleta, I wish I lived close enough to go, "Well, tonight might not be a Charlie's night for me ..."

At 21:50 Blogger One Sock Short said...

Dinner and a disaster movie at Mom's tonight. The Day After Tomorrow. No, Mr. Fictional Character, you did not find a Gutenberg Bible just lying around in the rare book room!

At 21:55 Blogger One Sock Short said...

Why does Blogger sometimes remember my login from my phone and sometimes not? Grr.

I expect the second set has started. Rock on!

At 22:27 Blogger One Sock Short said...

Just read of your three-bow victory! You truly rock the fiddle! Wish I were there.

At 22:33 Blogger Na said...

What, Gutenberg Bibles weren't a dime a dozen back in the day? ;) Wasn't there one in every guest room in most villas and palaces?

Hee. Used to enjoy critiquing the Ross character's job on "Friends" -- they got loads of stuff wrong about paleontology, yes they did.

Rock rock rock!

At 23:03 Blogger Jess said...

Just saw the tweet about the three-bow thing. Whoa! Seriously impressed here. Go you! \o/

Pirates won. Who knew? Sorry to everyone in SF. Throw us a bone. This doesn't happen often.

Bed now. Happy night to all.

At 23:32 Blogger Na said...

I'm hiding in the basement with the monsters, squishing spiders. My guy is running around upstairs, opening windows and keeping a lookout on scary, wrong-coloured clouds. Funny to have my laptop with. Was checking storm updates, but one can only do that so many times per minute. So, Hi! Anyway, know the wifi's still working, though the lights keep flickering.

At 23:36 Blogger Na said...

And a shout out to Fiend Ani who's keeping me company on Twitter.

At 23:39 Blogger spacedlaw said...

Sounds like you are having a bout of werid and potential dangerous weather, Na. I hope all will be well with you guys.

At 23:44 Blogger Dragonsally said...

popping in to ticky boxy.

cold has me in its clutches today, and being upright is not so appealing.

Sounds like the gig is going well.

Um, Na -you have bad storms?

At 23:50 Blogger spacedlaw said...

Na is having epic bad ass storm.

At 23:51 Blogger ariandalen said...

Yay! for ROCKing gigs with Triple Bow Power! We bow before your Fabulosity, oh Queen Empress!
Have a safe drive home. :)

Hmmm...Secret Assistanting Knowledge...henceforth to be known as SAK? There are so many places to go with that. I think I'll just let it sit there. ;)

Hi, Martha W. and kate_kla! Welcome to the Contemporary and Contrary Order of Fiends! Pick up a lovely white buckled jacket from one of the piles, then personalize it with whatever supplies you can find. We've had a rush of new Fiends this week, so you may have to hunt around a bit. :)

At 23:55 Blogger vampi said...

for humor, i just want to say that i misread Nat's comment as "Na is having epic ass storms" and i thought that was awfully personal to share...

it's all how gmail made the words wrapp, i swear.

i think i resemble the skull from fiendom com more and more everyday, brainless.

At 00:00 Blogger spacedlaw said...

ROFL, Vampi!

At 00:17 Blogger ariandalen said...

::hands covering mouth::
I can't LOL. It would wake up Ariane and Seren.

Good thing I'm not eating/drinking anything. :)

At 00:30 Blogger spacedlaw said...

In the mean time, our mistress of the bows must be finished with the show (unless the wedding party financed an encore). Safe trip home!

At 00:34 Blogger Na said...


No. None of that. Scary storm in sky was enough, thankyouverymuch.

Seems to have passed. Normal rain patter, breeze, sturm und drang, but we can feel a difference in the air.

At 01:19 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Home now, show went late, they didn't want it to stop.

Very tired, but much rock was had.

Last set went all Muppets on us. Never channeled THEM before.

I wish we would get a Bigass storm. We haven't had one in AGES. No fun, no fun at all...

At 01:19 Blogger Lyndyn said...

Just got home from a party that contained friends (alas no fiends) chocolate martinis, really yummo Mexican food, a hot tub and starlight...wish you all could have been there!

At 01:32 Blogger spacedlaw said...


At 01:32 Blogger Na said...

Well, that storm may be headed your way, Q.

Muppets and unicorns. ...

I'm crashing. All adrenaline must be thoroughly outta my system. That or it's the quiet, cool night air luring me. As the monstress says, "happy dreams".

At 04:19 Blogger Ticia said...

2:00am. It's not my fault I am just going to bed! I blame Amanda F Palmer! God that woman rocks!

My reception sucked at the Fire Arts Festival, I couldn't twitter or emai very well. All my posts were dropped. I had nothing.

Luckily for all of us, Adri took the most incredible photos.

3 bows, Quiche? If anyone could pull of off, it would be you.

Alright, time to crash. Sally I hope you feel better soon. And Na, that was scary and I'm glad you're alright.

Fading.,,,, zzzzzz

At 04:40 Blogger Marjorie said...

Wow, it sounds as though there were all kinds of rock going on last night - Q, and Tori, and AFP - glad so much fun was had!

SAdly I am definitely not going to make it to Edinburgh for Boss & AFP events there but will be going to AFP's London gig, and have Tockets to see Tori in Manchester, so I shouldn't complain...

Hope the wierd weather doesn't spill over into dangerous and scary.

I have the parents visiting this weekend - went to Lacock Abbey and my dad has spent all weekend reading 'American Gods'...

At 06:13 Blogger dabbler said...

Can't wrap my head around three you hold them all with the same hand as a kind of block, so each hits each string at the same time. It must sound like a whole fiddle section! But I feel like that's not it at all. someone who saw the amazing two bows correct me, willya?

Still in Albany, at the (feeling endless) training, but today we get to actually treat stuff, and I will feel better soon. Sigh. Stirring things up to create change is HARD work. Even if it is all done sitting down! ;-)

have a lovely sunday, Q and all!

At 07:45 Blogger EmilyLady said...

Sounds like the Saturday night show the Fiends attended, Quiche. "One more song! One more song! One more song!"

And the Muppet hands ...

At 09:21 Blogger Na said...

Wow, the storm here was a trending topic on Twitter, says a local paper. Twitter as news. Sign o' the times.

Anyway, some serious damage to some buildings, lots of power outages and lines down and trees snapped. Not an injury. *whew* This, if the right picture shows up anyway, was the beginning of a cloud formation with a strange deep orange colour that was definitely not sun being reflected, that convinced us to go hide in the basement for a while.

Perfectly clear sunny skies today, the world's been swept clean.

At 09:23 Blogger Na said...

Oops, no, the picture I meant is #11. Anyway. Scary clouds, covering most of the sky, except we could see a separate set of normal-looking thunder clouds far out at the horizon.

At 09:40 Blogger Phiala said...

Na, far too exciting! I'm glad all is well this morning.

At 09:43 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Morning all!

Glad to hear everyone had such fun at concerts last night! I think there was just so much cool energy going on, it had to happen. Or something. First cup of tea here.

Mine was 2 sets of really great music, then 30 minutes of amazing comedy. Sometimes I get on a roll, it's easier too at the end of the night when it goes like that.

Today I am going to be audience at a horse show, my horise is going to be there.

But first, tea.

At 10:04 Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sunday. That is the day I'm reading about all this and wondering if it is possible for imaginary characters to go back in time. If I break the code on all that inter-time-dimensional stuff, my first stop will be Stillwater. Guaranteed.

Yay for Grover! But sorry to hear about the demise of the third bow.


At 10:34 Blogger Marjorie said...

Have lots of Horsey fun, Quiche!

At 10:54 Blogger EmilyLady said...

Happy to know things are better today, Na ...

Have fun at the horse show, Quiche.

At 10:56 Blogger One Sock Short said...

Yikes, Na! #11 is definitely head-into-the-basement cloud formation! Glad you and yours are okay; and that no one was hurt in all that damage. Maybe the alien in #7 was being helpful in keeping it that way.

Sounds like last night was wonderful in many corners of the Fiendom. Maybe I'll do this 40-thing after all. Where Fiends are, good things must happen.

At 14:13 Blogger Jess said...

I say. You there. All of you. Discworld cake!

At 14:39 Blogger Jess said...

aaaaaand tick

At 14:53 Blogger Na said...

Holy buckets of marzipan and fondant, that's amazing!

LOL, the "alien in #7".

Thanks ya'll, world seems fine this morning, and for the validation on those clouds. I didn't grow up in tornado country, but my instincts were hollering at me. Tho' my suspicions were quite affirmed when Chris, who did grow up in the midwest, upon my calling him to look outside immediately suggested we pick up the sleeping monsters and go down to the basement.

Quite a few downed trees and branches this morning. One particularly saddens me; a decades-old spruce snapped in half, the bottom part of the break a jagged flash of light-colored wood, high above my head, and the top half of the tree lying on the ground, with cones spilled out across the ground around it.

Have found bits of roofing tile and metal grating in the yard. Eek. Car looks okay. *relief*

At 14:54 Blogger Na said...

I meant, y'all. Or possibly all y'all.

At 15:07 Blogger louisa said...

Definitely the most unusual wedding cake I've ever seen.

Those clouds made me think of Ghostbusters. I found out this morning that there's a third one being made. (This may have been common knowledge for *months* but I'm a bit behind with whole popular culture thing). Sorry you lost a spruce, Na, they're beautiful trees, but glad you and family and house and car are OK.

Q, if you can successfully use three bows, you must be lethal with a pair of chopsticks

Are you feeling any better today, Sally? Hope the Evil Germs depart soonest.

At 16:25 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Ticia, if you are around can you call me now? Pone # in e-mail..

At 16:40 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Horse show was lots of fun. Tired and DIRTY now.

Jealous of this bigass storm, but very sad for the damage it did. I keep trying to find the link to the cloud and missing it? I got just a damage report when I clicked? Someone help a poor girl?

At 17:10 Blogger Siri said...

Good instincts, Na - those clouds were very much the wrong colour and shape.

Discworld cake - that mother loves her daughter very very much.

My right mouse click on the link, and open in different window takes me to the website where I clicked on -more images- to see all the damage and clouds. Any multiple bow handler will figure it out in a snap...maybe.

At 17:15 Blogger chosha said...

I didn't know you played fiddle in a band. That's cool. Sounds like the gig went off from your comments on Twitter.

At 17:35 Blogger Na said...

Yeah, what Siri was getting at -- unfortunately I can't like directly to the photos, it always goes to the article. Above the article are tabs; Story, Photos, Video. Click on the Photos tab. They've added some pics; the Alien with Laser Eyes is now #9. :)

Nat suggested looking to see where the storm was going from here, but I haven't figured that one out yet.

At 17:40 Blogger Na said...

But here are better pics (if the link works) of the clouds, and typical aftermath. The one of a huge tree with two ladies in for scale is in our neighborhood. So, um... eek! And didn't mean to imply we lost a tree - the spruce I saw this morning was in a park about a block away.

At 17:56 Blogger Dragonsally said...

That cloud looks like the sort that aliens come out of, serious Torchwood cloud.
So glad you are all okay Na!

And the cake! Wow, I want that just as a sculpture.

At 18:45 Blogger ariandalen said...

Glad no one was hurt in the storm, Na. They can be so unpredictable.

That is one heck of a cake! You said it Siri, that mother really loves her daughter. That, and a lot of practice with fondant and marzipan.

At 19:52 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

I'll figue out the photos, Weather Girl that I am..

Yes, Chosha, I do play, have for years, a girl has to do something, might as well be a minor rock god, hee-hee...

And oh, new post is UP!!!!!!!

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