Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A Rather Long-ish Day with Lovely Things..

Ah home...Rather long-ish day, filled with many Assistant Things. One of the nicest was meeting Laurel K. Hamilton's assistant on the phone, and finding, as Anne of Green Gables would say a "Kindred Spirit". I like that women, she's another me, and we had a fine talk about, well, Assistant Things.

I also spent a lot of e-mail time with APF's Assistant who is coming to visit me for some Assistant Boot Camp. She's another Me too, but hasn't been doing it as long. I am going to impart to her the Secret Assistant Knowledge. It Is Time. Her life will never be the same, but she will be stronger for it. Yes. She will join us.

(One piece of Secret Knowledge I will impart to you is that Assistants really DO run the world. Remember that.)

Mostly calm night here in the Spooky House. Came home to Screaming Bengals who told me in no un-certain terms that they had been left alone all day with only horrible dry food, and coming home at nine and making them wait for dinner was NOT OK.

I stepped outside to talk to some passerby's BEFORE feeding them, and you might have thought the world was ending. The passerby's certainly did.

Venus was so pissed about this she escaped out the door, and ran up the street half a block, found a neighbor cat and chased her all over, until she realized she was out of her territory, and then RAN back to the house screaming all the way that this was all MY fault.

We drew quite a crowd. I was thinking of getting my violin and calling it a gig. My nightly homecoming is becoming a Neighborhood Event.

After dinner Mim had a game of I Am Under The Blanket And Will Get You. Need a thicker blanket. Not MUCH blood was lost, but more than is fun.

Judging from the noise on the porch, Magic is thinking of replacing Tommy Lee as lead singer of Motley Crew. That cat can SING. (Both of them, Magic and Tommy Lee)

Yes, all in all, a lovely, calm evening after a long hard day of work.

Lear ate chicken from my hand and was nearly social. Second thoughts? I keep reading my last post and thinking Hey, that's me they are looking for. I don't want five Bengals.

Do I?

Tomorrow, I take for teenagers to the Jonas Brothers. Cool, actually, I can't wait. And I get to see Kitty. We start, apparently, with the Sound Check Party. Did I mention the bit about seeing Kitty? Really miss our Kitty!

Love, Assistants and a Rather Long Day,


At 22:28 Blogger ivenotime said...

first? after so long none?

At 22:28 Blogger ivenotime said...

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At 22:31 Blogger ivenotime said...

Hi sweetie! Hope all is going well, tho I read that the royals have caused you to make some hard decisions - the pic Natalie took of lear was all too telling :( poor baby, and it's not easy on you either. Kitty plus jonas brothers plus teens should equal an extremely fun night - and i hope its more than that! hugs, and missing everyone.

At 22:34 Blogger Chantrelle said...

Funny, before i knew of kitty touring w/ the bros, i had never heard of them. Now I see them EVERYWHERE! You'll have a silly blast tomorrow.

Re: the cats...you are superwoman, yes, but go with your gut. Whatever you decide will be best for the bengals and for you.


At 22:35 Blogger DataGoddess said...

You are spreading the PA knowledge, creating an army of very organized people who tell their employers what to do.

What fun!!

And you were being serenaded by bengals!

At 22:47 Blogger Aline Martins said...

Keep spreading the PA's Power... after all, there are no employers without PAs :D

about the Royals, trust your heart... we'll be here to support you!

At 22:51 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Apparently I do not know the difference between For and Four. And am too tired to go and fix it. Don't tell anyone.

Hi Sue, nice to see you again!

I'll figure this one out. And it will be right for me and the Royals.

At 22:57 Blogger AletaMay said...

Perhaps you could bring Magic with you tomorrow and he could sing with the J Bros.

I love that you'll be having a PA Boot Camp. It will be lovely.

At 23:03 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Leopard at the Jonas Bros! Just the thing!

Mim has become weirdly obsessed with my Sunroom cabinets. They. Must. Be. Open.

Ok, Mim.

At 23:14 Blogger One Sock Short said...

Oh, do I know that cabinet obsession. It comes and goes with Phoebe.

And yes, you will arrive at the right decision in time. Sometimes just knowing more about other options helps clarify things, even if you don't end up going in that direction. At least it often works that way for me. Wish the whole thing didn't come with all the agonizing, but so it goes.

Another late night for me. Off to bed. G'night all.

At 23:24 Blogger Lyndyn said...

Pretty much the only reason that I want to become rich and famous is that it would then justify me having a PA. I could really, really use one. The dogs do try, of course. Pretty sure that the cats hide stuff just to be funny, though, cause that's how they roll.

At 23:25 Anonymous Wendy Withers said...

I think the right answer will come in time. Just know you have options and the universe will open up to you. Whatever you decide, I know it will be right for you and The Royals.

It has taken me a while to get in on this convo, because I read your previous post at work and didn't want my boss to find me crying at my desk trying to respond to the old post.

At 23:26 Blogger Lyndyn said...

Hmmm...The Royals...IF you DID decide to try the Sanctuary route for them, there is no rule that you can't go and get them back if you wanted to, I imagine...you know...if it turned out that why YES you DO in fact actually need 5 Bengals, after all...

At 23:32 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Oh, my dears, don't cry. We will work this out, and whatever we decide, it will be best for them.

(not sure when I became "we", but thanks..)

At 23:51 Blogger Kitty Cat said...

my dear Fabulous Lorraine, on behalf of Tommy Lee I must tell you that he is, in fact, the world's best DRUMMER and while he does do a great deal of grunting and hooting, he isn't really the lead singer.
that would be VInce Neil. But you are forgiven, he would want me to tell you. He might also wonder who is the better singer between him and Mim.
ps i have your laminate. you and ONLY you.
i will give the girls as much of a tour as i can, but one can only wrangle so many teenagers. Much like herding cats...xoxox

At 23:55 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

AH-hem. Just blew my Cred. Right. I knew that he was a drummer. LONG day.

You so rock! No sticky pass for me!!!!! Can't wait till tomorrow! SO much fun.

(Tho it amused the CBS producer to no end, that I wouldn't be around because of Jonas Bros.)

At 23:55 Blogger vampi said...

drive by box of tickles. i have contracted the plague and i am shamblig off to sleep.

hooray for kitty day:) i know you are excited.

At 23:56 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Oh, and I will wrangle the teens. Heck, after 5 Bengals it will be a walk in the park...

At 23:59 Blogger Dragonsally said...

Kitty, you have the perfect analogy there - wrangling teenagers and cats *nods*

Tysie also demands doors and drawers be opened for her - including the drawers in the freezer. She hasn't tried hopping in the freezer yet, she looks at us asking why those drawers are so cold instead.

At 23:59 Blogger Ms T said...

Ah...I think I understand why they are called "screamed porches" now. :)

And I think I'm hard done by when I come home to one small cat whingeing about the lateness of his dinner. (Never mind that there's plenty of dry food for him to eat!)

Good luck with the wrangling of the teens.

At 00:04 Blogger El said...

Heya, Q. I am so sorry to hear about you having to make Tough Choices. I wish there were a way to sort it all out in a snap.

I think that giving the Sanctuary a good once over might help you make up your mind. Let me know if you would like someone to ride along with you at all.

Have fun at the Whoever brothers concert. So many teenage screams... you are a braver woman than I.

At 00:07 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Hi Ms T, and welcome!

I am really looking forward to this concert. I need some rock, and they have a cool girl violen player, Kitty tells me.

El, would love the company, long drive..Nothing can happen tho till the Titer test comes back, which can take a month.

At 00:12 Blogger spacedlaw said...

So much fun to read about the Venus show (although it must have NOT been funny at the time).

Enjoy the show tonight and hug our Kitty for us.

At 00:19 Blogger Na said...

Enjoy the concert! And seeing your Kitty.

Like the idea of talking to Lear to Explain Things.

Oooh, vampi, shambling could be disastrous, you know...

Belated Congrats, Phiala!

Always hoping better things for libraries. I think it was Boss twittered a sign reading "Libraries will get you through times of no money better than money will get you through times of no libraries." Hear, hear! And, *sigh*

Saw Carhenge today. Quite entertaining.

Also entertaining, read Odd and the Frost Giants yesterday, loved it, and THANKS Marjorie, again and again! Still owe you something in exchange, I reckon. And today, (unintentionally) continued the Nordic theme by devouring Nancy Farmer's The Sea of Trolls. Also a moste excellente storye. One great quote, "Just say no to pillaging." :D

Learned today that I missed a work deadline. Never heard the slightest whisper of it whooshing past. Mortified by this. There is time to get the assignment done before seriously inconveniencing the client, and some miscommunication from their end happened too. Still: mortifying. *sigh*

Feels like the pumpkin hour for me, thought Clock does not quite agree. Cheers mateys.

At 00:26 Blogger Na said...

Oh! It is past pumpkin hour.

Q, Flogging Molly also has a terrific girl fiddler. And a song called "Another Bag of Bricks" which I think you and Paul would enjoy playing. I mentioned it to him during the fiend weekend, but may have had the name slightly wrong.

At 00:30 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Wasn't fun at the time, she took OFF, tho I did laugh afterwards..

Will check out that song, I like Flogging Molly, don't they have a revolving cast tho? It's one guy, or two, and they hire band?

At 00:43 Blogger Ms T said...

Well, kia ora (or hello) back!

Oh the screaming teens at the Jonas Brothers tomorrow - I forgot about that.*shudders* Ooh, it's bringing back memories of a My Chemical Romance gig I went to...
yep, there will be some fun times to be had. :D

At 01:03 Blogger Ticia said...

Hi all!

I love that I have voices and 3D faces for so many of you now.

Have fun rocking with Kitty tomorrow Q.

Nothing much to share. Just wanted to check in.

At 02:02 Blogger Precision Grace said...

great blog post!

Just woke up, had dreams with FabLo in them. She was mostly busy doing her job. Nothing unusual there except me having two automobile incidents - scraping the sides of two different cars. Nothing serious, insurance was about £50 and some form filling. Weird.

It always floors me that my cats can tell time. Like, every morning, Louie comes up screaming his head off to be fed (as he did 15 minutes ago) Since I intended to stay in bed until 8am even though I was awake, I gave him a cuddle and said he needs to wait 20min pls and maybe he can go dry himself in that time (he was sorta wet from rain). So he did. Not a peep. But in 10 minutes, If I haven't got up, he'll be back with a pointed look and a terse meow. How does he know?!

I'm glad Lear seems more comfortable and chilled out. He'll be ok with the sanctuary (slight worry about Lions for some reason) but I wonder if you are being too strict in your description of suitable adopters. I bet he wouldn't be afraid of all men, just most men, for example. He just needs his person, and that person could end up being totally different to what you've pictured but if it's Lear's person, it would be fine.

OK, I have discovered how Louie tells time. BFs alarm just went off and meow and meeow was heard. Best be up now to feed catuses.

+ ticky box

Oh, and yay for jonas brother and kitty fun.

Oh and being PA is such a hard job. Recently, I was a secretary to like 80 Cambridge academics, it was soooo much work. I'm used to jobs that have 3/4hr coffee breaks built in, but boy, this was full on.
Boss is a lucky man to have you.

At 02:08 Blogger martha said...

RE: Piece of PA Secret knowledge #1: Anyone who doesn't know and acknowledge this is NEVER going to accomplish anything in the real world.

At 02:14 Anonymous Lysandwr said...

Flogging Molly....great fun. And don't they show up in movies now and then...as you said, w/a few core fellows and assorted acquired additional musos as needed?

Well.... yes, you should check out Sanctuary. If it is right, it is right. Not so sure myself if I believe you could Take the Royals there, and then fetch them back again. Think that way lies only in pain for somecat. er. someone. But just my opinion.

Local news---working too much, have only Tweets (mostly Vampiress') to keep me up on ever so important MJ events--we have signed contract for house (oooh! scary cats!) and home inspections begin next week.
Fingers, paws, et cetera crossed.

Now for another bit o' Very Significant News (well, at least to some of us):
Books KEY to our shared roots.... Would I have ever met the Fabulous one without having been a bookseller and Dancer (Horn Dance, in the end) ever so long ago?

Any way, sorry to be such a hijacker...but here is a link for more info. Elsewise, feel free to googlecate yourself on those '80s urban fantasies.

And now back to regularly scheduled programming.
Thank y'all for your patience, it was just such exciting news I had to share.

ps--please come back from the Jonas Universe the same SpookFabulous person you are now, m'dear! Those boys are talented, but kinda scare me! :) <3

At 02:40 Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can't imagine how much fun and work it must be to be a PA. Wrangling kids is one thing, but wrangling adults? Not nearly as easy, methinks!

How does one go about getting a PA job anyhow? Have you posted about it somewhere else, and I just lack Goggle-Fu this late at night?

It must have been a Weird Cat Night tonight or something. My two, who are usually well-behaved, crawled up and over the cat netting to escape into the bushes before we could get onto the porch to stop them. Then they terrorized the local cats for awhile until the hummingbird police got on the scene. There are very few things as funny as a hummingbird dive-bombing a very confused Maine Coon. The boys high-tailed it inside as quickly as they could after that.

At 06:17 Blogger Phiala said...

Of course PAs run the world, in cahoots with department secretaries.

Good news on Bordertown, thanks Lys.

At 06:19 Blogger Precision Grace said...

I never want to be a department secretary again. It was hell.

didn't realise kitty was Touring with the Jonas bros!! I agree with whoever said that they scare me a little bit. :)

At 06:59 Blogger Morrica said...

Of course Assistans run the world. Who else could possibly manage such a task?

You ask if you really want five Bengals? It does seem five Bengals want you, you have been chosen by all five. It says a lot of good things about you as a person.

At 07:19 Blogger Siri said...

stealth tick

At 08:01 Blogger Lyndyn said...

Oh - that is good news - I LOVE Bordertown!! Sa-weeeet!

At 08:07 Blogger Dan Guy said...

My initial thought, last week, was, "but The Royals already have a home..." I understand the sacrifice that keeping them would entail, though.

Switching jobs has meant, counter-intuitively, that rather than working off-site (and out-of-mind) I am now working back in my old cubicle, surrounded by old co-workers who are no longer co-workers. (Their org leases the space from my new org.)

I just tried to help one of them with a computer issue, at the behest of a former co-worker, and neither she nor "the expert" (who had no idea what he was talking about) knew who I was and therefore thought I was some l33t haXX0r breaking into her system. W.T.F. I only worked for you for five years and build EVERYTHING that you use to do your job, no reason you should remember who I am two weeks later...

It's things like this that confirm what a good idea my leaving was.

At 08:12 Blogger Lyndyn said...

Ohhh...I worked in a cubicle once...not fun...weirdly, though, it was one of the most creative times of my life - I think that my brain started to make up stories out of self defense...

At 08:15 Blogger Phiala said...

Dan, I hope you are being paid oodles more to deal with these idiots!

Remember my journal difficulties last week? The paper was just accepted. Apparently someone finally decided no second review was needed, especially after such an unprofessional and ridiculous email. Whatever. It's a decent paper, and will appear in a fairly prestigious journal. And it's entirely math, and full of equations, and I'm not surprised nobody wanted to review it. The four other people who care will care deeply, and the rest of the world will ignore it.

Actually, that's not true. I expect it to be heavily cited by people who won't bother to work through the math but like the conclusions. And cited by two other people who did work through the math and hate the conclusions. Isn't science fun?

At 08:18 Blogger Erin Underwood said...

Oh! Fantabulous post. It cracked me up, especially the bit about Mim running around outside, chasing the neighbor cat. Cats are so funny!

Q, you could totally charge for Assistant Bootcamp. It would be like Clarion for Assistants. ;-)

Lysandwr, I'm having dinner with Ellen and Delia next Weds, they'll love hearing that you've hijacked Q's blog. Yay! Bordertown!

You know, Q could always bring the Bengals along to herd the teens. :-) That would be fun to see.

At 08:37 Blogger One Sock Short said...

Phiala - Yay! So glad that worked out the way it should.

At 08:50 Blogger Jane said...

Loved this post; laugh out loud first thing is the morning is always good. Have fun at the concert!

Phiala - glad the paper was accepted. Sometimes things *do* go well.

At 08:53 Blogger Masia said...

I deeply admire your work in all it's dimensions.
I am "a little" like you :)
I've worked as PA of and on for about 15 years and instead of Bengals I have a cat, black as night.

I hope to be ultimate PA one day, so I would truly appreciate including me in your army :) It's always useful to know more about this stuff.

In regards to the Royals - if you feel like the person you are looking for, than you should consider keeping them at least for some time more. I believe in the power of positive circumstances, maybe it's meant to be like that and the right woman will show up.


At 09:07 Blogger Na said...

w00t!!!! Saw the news about Bordertown, too, Lys. I am very excited. Love those stories. Was very happy to find Finder at Uncle Hugo's. :D

And no! Flogging Molly is the same seven people almost from their start, from the mid '90s to now (although I think the accordion player left for family stuff for a while then came back), and same indie label all the way. Pretty sure they haven't appeared in any movies, although I do recommend the DVD (and live CD) "Whiskey on a Sunday". And, if one is so inclined, perhaps some whiskey on a Sunday.

Fingers metaphorically crossed for you, Lys!

Dan! Not fun. Except, perhaps, for the validation for your having moved on.

Phiala! Not fun. Except, perhaps, for the validation of having your paper accepted.


At 09:22 Blogger Jess said...

Heh! Assistant Boot Camp, I like that. Hup hup hup answer that phone, private! Now file! File! And this is chamomile tea! It's supposed to be Darjeeling! Drop and give me fifty!

Yesterday Ally Cat and I had a similar game of I Am In the Bag and Will Claw Your Finger-Shadow. I'm afraid it all ended in tears and Bactine.

Good that Lear's feeling a little more comfortable again. Sigh. It is a hard decision. I'd be having second thoughts, too. Though I think it does sound like Lear really needs more space to roam, one way or another. He's a big boy in a small room.

I've always thought Terry Pratchett nailed it in The Unadulterated Cat: he said they get much more attached to places than they do to people. People come and go, but their places belong to them-- and they to their places.

Hooray, Phiala! Good news.

At 09:27 Blogger spacedlaw said...

Great news, Phiala!

At 09:28 Blogger Marjorie said...

Congrats Phiala and Lysandwr, and so glad yu found a new Kindred Spirit, Q. Have fun Kitty and the teens tonight.

I am now home, where Tybalt tells me he has been starved and abused fotr the past fortnight and it is All My Fault.

The dishes of catfood and the fact thet he seems to have put on weight suggest to me tht he may be prevaricating a little. . ..He was sick on the carpet to welcome me home.

I should probabbly stay awake for a few more hours to get back on UK time, so am catching up with the last 2 nights Torchwood

At 09:31 Blogger Jane said...

Jess - You are right about the Unadulterated Cat - he absolutely nailed cats, IMO.

And while being v funny about it.

Though cats (in my experience) have NO sense of humor. At all. None...

At 09:32 Blogger Precision Grace said...

agree with Jane RE: cats having no sense of humour

At 09:32 Blogger Precision Grace said...

Correction. They don't have any sense of humour about themselves. They have plenty when it comes to Humans.

At 09:34 Blogger Lyndyn said...

LOL...hmmm...cats def. aren't ones for laughing at themselves that is for sure (said smiling at the former feral Jack who just fell off the couch and is now glaring at me as if perhaps I had pushed him.)

At 09:40 Blogger Precision Grace said...


I swear I read somewhere that cats are former humans with excess of pride.

btw - Dan, that sounds so typical of any office arrangement. Meh

At 09:46 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Morning! So much to catch up on, and ack, this mornign is getting away from em. I so have to shower. REALLY.

One thing, I do need to say: If someone fostering a Bengal, especially an EG Bengal, tells you what that Kitty needs DO NOT think you are going to be the right home if you do not meet what they tell you that kitty needs.

People who don't know Bengals adopting EG Bengals are the reason I am in the situation I am in.

You can't change them.

I would far rather Lear go to Sanctuary rather than another home where it is not working out. The fact that after nine months with me, tells me all I need to know about him.

There. That's settled.

Jonas today! And CBS! And why am I not in the shower????

At 09:49 Blogger Marjorie said...

Um, because the computer/phone wold get wet?

At 09:54 Blogger Dan Guy said...

Also, because I missed it the first time, YAY FOR A NEW BORDERTOWN ANTHOLOGY!!!

I have a funny story about thinking that Emma Bull was a fictional character, until I saw Finder on the library shelf one day.

At 10:00 Blogger spacedlaw said...

Because you can't blog, twit or do email in the shower?

At 10:01 Blogger spacedlaw said...

Are you home, Marjorie?

At 10:04 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

There. SHowered. One quick much needed tea and I am gone like a wisp of a ghost.

Yea for Border Town! This is lovely news, I had heard that..

Dan, your work description mad eme laugh..

At 10:04 Blogger Precision Grace said...

reminds me of that Seinfeld episode with Kramer conducting his whole life in the shower.. tee hee

btw, read this http://www.bengalcathelpline.co.uk/bengalsaspets.htm

and now totally convinced that my tabbies are part Bengal.

At 10:10 Blogger Erin Underwood said...

Seems like the Evil Airline Consortium is behind the plot of keeping Q from blogging, emailing, and twitting while in the shower.

After all, they need some time to hide and plot their next devious scheme against the Boss and the Rock Stahr. :-) It's too bad that they fail to understand not to mess with the Q or they will be Admin'd into submission.

At 10:28 Blogger Erin Underwood said...

Phiala, that's awesome! Congrats. Yay!!!

Dan, I feel your pain. The more I think about it, the more I am sure Dilbert is in the real world and we are in the comic.

At 11:29 Blogger Marjorie said...

Oh, and yes, Nat, I am home. :-)

At 11:29 Blogger Marjorie said...

Oh, and yes, Nat, I am home. :-)

At 11:32 Blogger Jane said...

M - glad you made it safely and the cat forgives you - right?

At 13:16 Blogger Jane said...

OK. Did I kill it?

At 13:44 Blogger spacedlaw said...

I don't know about "it" but I am still alive.

At 13:48 Blogger Erin Underwood said...

I hope not. :-) I'm desperate for distraction as I'm having to work on our Year-End finances and risk falling asleep with my head burried in spreadsheets.

Working on accounts is not fun. Yawn...

At 14:45 Blogger Erin Underwood said...

Jane, nope. I think I killed the list. :-( Sorry list!

Have a nice couple of weeks everyone! I'm off to Maine to do my last Stonecoast residency and hopefully come home with an MFA - if I don't pass out from fear while trying to give my presentation on writing adaptations.

Love to you and all of the Kitties!

At 19:08 Blogger Adri said...

*peeks out from under a mountain of moving tasks and activities*

Hi, Fiends, I miss you! I'm coming back to at least start ticky-boxing every post again.

Life is good here; looking forward to Fiendchatter again!

At 19:10 Blogger Beez said...

Hurrah for Kitty time, and teenagers and Jonas Bros.

...and especially Kitty time.

Phiala, good that the paper debacle was well settled as it should have been.

*drive-by hugs Sue* Miss you sweetie.

At 22:24 Blogger Na said...

So quiet in here, I keep thinking it must be a Saturday night. :D

At 23:42 Blogger AletaMay said...

It is quiet -- but I think in fiendlandia it is often more active any given Saturday night. Not sure.

I am trusting that good times are being had by all the teens and their chaperon. I guess Magic did not get to be on stage tonight, huh?

I am off to bed soon. I have to spend some quality time in my office tomorrow. I have been working on a project in another space and not getting enough time with my sherbet green walls over the past couple of weeks!

(Hey Siri -- don't think no one noticed that sneaking in and ticking the box thing! Hope you are well!)

I say 'night Fiends because even if you are just getting up I am going to bed. Yup.

At 00:07 Blogger gaypet said...

A friend of mine on FaceBook has this as his status: Some people are like slinkys - not much good for anything, but they put a smile on your face when you push them down the stairs.

And for some reason I thought you lot might think it as funny as I do. Night all! :D

At 00:19 Blogger vampi said...

gayle, that made me lol up the stairs.


At 00:38 Blogger Chantrelle said...

I think i need that as a bumper sticker! :)

Good night fiendish friends.

At 02:52 Blogger Dragonsally said...

*waves around*
Haven't been around the interwebs much today - been reading the latest Charlaine Harris novel and catching up on Harry Potter again.
*ducks out to read again*

At 07:34 Blogger dabbler said...

Waving...off to work a long day. Hope all are having the wonderful weather we've been having here, seasonally adjusted, of course!

At 07:50 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...


Took most of yesterday off to rock with Mads, Friends and Jonas and wasn't paying attention to work, much.

Now CBS is coming to shoot again, outdoors and storms are on the way.

I had planned for 72 and sunny.

You turn your back for ONE second...Need to fix this. Quickly.

New blog later today...

At 08:05 Blogger gaypet said...

Good luck today, Q!

At 08:52 Blogger quasigeostrophy said...

72 and sunny? Did you get your order in before the deadline? I'll get right on that. ;-)

At 09:28 Blogger Jane said...

I know some slinkys (slinkies?). They ARE fun!

At 09:42 Blogger Marjorie said...

Oh Noes! So sorry the Weather Elves did not obey your commands - but I hope you & Maddy and Kitty all enjoyed yourselves last night.

I've just slept for 18 hours, and feel so much better. With a cup or two of coffee I shall be ready to face the world!

At 09:58 Blogger Jane said...

18 hours?? Are you back on local time yet?

At 10:09 Blogger Marjorie said...

Just very tired - I had an overnight flight and only got about 1 hours sleep. Catching up now.

At 10:38 Blogger Ani said...

"Assistants rule the world." Sweet! I feel much safer, now!

At 11:49 Blogger One Sock Short said...

Marjorie - I slept 17 hours the Friday after getting back home. So I know just how possible it is ;-)

Just got up after a late, late night being flash-card buddy for my friend taking bartending class. There sure are a lot of drinks out there. Some very strange sounding ones too. I don't envy her the task of memorizing them all.

Once I've showered and dressed, I'll be off to meet houseguest #2 at Midway and help her negotiate the El. Then a fun evening of catching up, since we really only talk twice a year at conferences. She's my usual roomie when we both travel to ALA.

Then the madness that is an ALA conference. 20,000 librarians running around downtown Chicago...

At 11:58 Blogger Marjorie said...

OSS - so Chicago is full if feral librarians? Sounds as though I got out just in time ;-D

At 12:00 Blogger spacedlaw said...

Fancy that! Mad mobs of librarians in the streets, pushing tomes at street corners, bashing people on the head with heavy volumes in dark alleys...

At 12:04 Blogger Marjorie said...

...breaking into homes and offices and forcibly cataloging people's books...

At 12:05 Blogger Marjorie said...

...not to mention the elite nija librarians, calling, with extreme prejudice, on those who failed to return their books on time or who scribbled in the margins...

At 12:06 Blogger spacedlaw said...

The cheek!
Although if they want to come to my office and do the filing, they can stroll right in. I'll make tea, even.
When I am back at the office, anyway.

At 12:36 Blogger One Sock Short said...

That's some great imagery there!

OTOH here's another perspective on us:

"You honor your reservations; you go to your meetings so we can clean the rooms; you're relatively quiet; and you drink more than the American Legion." -- Anonymous hotel official, on why he liked the ALA annual conference, Chicago Tribune article, June 1990

How are you feeling, Nathalie?

At 12:41 Blogger Chantrelle said...

Q - Can't you escalate with weather management folks until you get the weather you like? Or keep calling back until you get someone in a good mood?

Sorry I'm missing Chicago is being invaded by ferel, rabid, zombie librarians! that is what we're talking about right?

At 12:46 Blogger Adri said...

Any invasion of librarians is a good invasion, in my book!

Q, I could try to send some of the Oakland weather your way. Then maybe Peter and I could stop walking outside and EVERY TIME saying 'wow it's so beautiful!' I'm not sure when we're going to get used to it.

OSS, my partner is starting bartending school next week. We can compare flash cards!

At 12:55 Blogger spacedlaw said...

I am still in a lot of pain OSS but I think the shots are starting to kick in a little. My calf does not feel so tight anymore. There's hope I'll live.
Cesare is making fun of me (because of the needles - he calls me junkie - and because I think I can travel like a youngster and get away with it still) but he prepares lunch and tea.

At 12:57 Blogger Jane said...

Will the action librarian be there? Nancy Pearl?

SIL is a retired librarian and I have loved librarians since I got my first library card - 7 yrs old, I think? Guardians of all things wonderful - BOOKS! That was what I thought then and still think now.

OSS - hope you have a great time.

At 12:58 Blogger DataGoddess said...

i think I have another reason to go to Chicago next week, now - lots of cute librarians!!! I love eye/brain candy.

I might need to go to Chicago because a very close friend just lost her sister yesterday, and I might go up to hang with her, and help keep her kids occupied while she takes care of things. And if nothing else we can crack very black jokes and drink after the kids are in bed. At least her husband was on vacation this week, already.

At 12:59 Blogger Marjorie said...

Sorry you are still hurty, Nathalie. Perhaps you could get Cesare to give you the shots? He might then be more sympathetic, and you wouldn't have tp face down the needles so much...

At 13:07 Blogger Marjorie said...

And, Ooh, 100th!!

At 13:13 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

My Day With the Jonas Brothers...New Post is Up!

At 13:36 Anonymous Kristin said...

Think of it this way....it's like having one REALLY big animal with 5 personalities. ;) If it were only that easy, right?

Lear is obviously developing a slow bond to you, I know you already know this, but that in itself speaks mountains!!!

If I were him...and it were between a sanctuary with newness and change or the warm, welcoming, loving home that I'm currently in with a wonderful person who understands me and loves me regardless.....I'm going to vote for staying where I'm at ;)

Whatever your decision - isn't going to be a wrong one. You'll be fine darling, keep your head up!

At 20:12 Blogger Lioness said...

About ALA and librarians, when I was in Library School, I was told that hotels loved Librarian conventions because they drank like fish but didn't trash the place.
The perfect hotel guests!

At 21:48 Blogger vampi said...

having witnessed onesockshort on a bender, i can say she did not represent librarians as drunkies very well. lol. she was a ton of fun :)

At 19:27 Blogger Lioness said...

She trashed the place? I'm shocked! ;)

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