Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Sometimes You Got To Swarm....

First up here: Cue Thea Gilmore's "Juliet" from the cd Avalanche. That is our Bee theme song for tonight.

(If for some unknown reason you do NOT own this cd, perhaps you have been on an Island somewhere shipwrecked, or stranded on a mountain with no music, or indeed managed to MISS this possibly best living songwriter on the face of the planet, go and download it. NOW. Do not wait. I have spoken.)

(You will then want the rest of her cd's. May as well get them all at once. Trust me here.)

Anyway, now that you are comfortably listening to some great music, here's the Bee News: The Juliet hive (The red one) has Swarmed!

Swarms in a beehive mean that the Queen, or the hive is tired of their home, or there isn't enough room and the Queen takes OFF, taking half the hive with her, looking for something better. They can also swarm for absolutely no reason.

Like Juliet.

The Bee Gods alone know why, there was plenty of room, everyone was happy, the hives are like a Bee Mansion compared to what they get in the wild, they had enough honey stored for winter, which is coming soon, HOW they thought they could make enough new honey I do not know.

When we went up to Juliet, it was quiet. TOO quiet. And the hive quickly became Covered In Bees. The Birdchick looked me, and I her. She said: "Swarm. We're going in." You can see this hive is a very good example of something that is COVERED IN BEES. (Yes, points for any Eddi Izzard fans out there)

Sometimes you just got to go.

Here's a photo The Birdchick took, where you can see New Queen Cells. You must check her blog out tomorrow or so for the full tech details, but basically the situation is this: When the Old Queen takes off, the rest of the workers think to themselves that it might not be the BEST idea to be Queenless, so they go to make a New Queen. Which they do by feeding some lucky worker Royal Jelly (no idea, look it up) and building her a bigger cell when she gets too big for worker quarters.

They make a bunch of New Queens. First to hatch gets taken on a tour of the hive, killing off the other Queen Cells that she finds,or other hatched Queens, if any. We found these two, there may be more. It's likely a Queen has already hatched, as these are not fully formed. If she has, she has taken off on her mating flight, meaning she mates with 5 or 6 drones (Boy Bees) killing them afterwards, then comes back to the hive, her Bloody Killing Spree done, and spends the rest of her life making baby bees, and being tended by the workers.

At least, that's what we are hoping for. You never can tell with Bees. (Points for AA Milne fans.)

Leaving you with Cabel, just because he looks so happy, and with some Thea lyrics, just because they seemed appropriate to Juliet's Swarming.

Sometimes you just got to go...

Love and Bees,

Juliet Words and Music by Thea Gilmore (Used with completely no permission, but I don't think she will mind.)

They found sixth-form poetry scrawled on the walls
on your old bedroom
And Friday night is going to free-fall,
through Club Rust, angel dust and sweet perfume
And you remind me of some art-house black and white I saw
they'd coloured it with chalk
And are you wise? Wise beyond your years or,
or are you all talk?

Now, don't you think something's gonna happen soon?
It's been so long now since they changed that tune.
Oh, Juliet keep that in mind

Well there is something so beautifully chic
about burning out so young
When you accessories with bruises on your cheek
and cool tricks of the tongue
You're spending Saturday alone drowning heartache out
with cheap red wine
I know you want to make the news but lately all you do
is memorize the headlines

Now, don't you think something's gonna happen soon?
It's been so long now since they changed that tune.
Oh, Juliet keep that in mind

Sometimes you'll count the days
And sometimes you'll just slip away
There are watches to unwind
And ladders still to climb

Now, don't you think something's gonna happen soon?
It's been so long now since they changed that tune.
Oh, Juliet keep that in mind
Don't you think something's gonna happen soon?
It's been so long now since they changed that tune.
Oh, Juliet keep that in mind
Keep that in mind
Keep that in mind


At 20:09 Blogger Dragonsally said...

Hmmm. Have to say the photos of bees swarming give me the shivers...

At 20:10 Blogger Phiala said...

I'm confused. So the hive isn't going to be abandoned, right? The first queen took off with her entourage, leaving behind a bunch of bees, who are now busily raising a new queen?

Maybe the cuteness of the Cabal distracted me from the beesplanation!

At 20:13 Blogger DataGoddess said...

Yeah, I'm confused, too, in the same way Phiala is, but I was writing it off to my lack of brains at the moment.

At 20:16 Blogger One Sock Short said...

Do I remember you or Birdchick saying you have an empty hive on hand for such an occasion? For the former queen to take her half of the hive to? Or maybe that was just from the book. Can't remember now. Looking forward to hearing more...

At 20:28 Blogger Chantrelle said...

Love me the Thea music, I do! Just about made me forget about the HUGE SWARM OF BEES featured earlier in the post! eekeeeekkk!!!

Hope they stick around though. I am much less fearful of bees since I've been following your adventures in beekeeping. But just one bee at a time for me, I won't freak out over one...swarm is still freaky.

Making dinner...a large plate of tomato...just the one filled the plate! w/ some basil, olive oil and balsamic. And it's wednesday so it's ahi tartare night. :)

At 20:32 Blogger Ali Trotta said...

Well, as long as the hive's not sticky and covered in JAM, I think it'll be alright. *grin* This was interesting to read; I know virtually nothing about bees, but I feel like I'm learning something from your blogs. Also, I just downloaded some Thea Gilmore music on your rec--thank you!! Check out Allison Crowe, specificially her Live at Wood Hall CD. She does an amazing cover of A Murder of One by The Counting Crows.

At 20:38 Blogger Erin Underwood said...

Bee Craziness! The beeeez are having some fun with you. :-)

So, Juliet swarmed for no reason. Right? Does this mean you lost half of the beeeez?

At 20:46 Blogger Siri said...

I learn so much here. I've heard of Royal Jelly, but who knew...

At 21:03 Blogger EmilyLady said...

I haven't yet listened to Thea Gilmore, but I did start Following her on Twitter and will definitely get around to listening, because you've got me interested.

I can't really think of anything else to say tonight. This house is kind of a stress mess right now.

At 21:05 Blogger ariandalen said...

Phiala, sounds about right to me. Juliet is not dead.
A new queen will hatch.
More honey will be made to last through the winter.
Nobody knows where the old queen and workers went.

That's all the bee news I could see. :)

At 21:07 Blogger Dan Guy said...

"Then let lips do as bees do,
mind you, they swarm."

"What, swarm from my hive?
Oh trespass sweetly urged,
give me my bees again!"

At 21:14 Blogger ariandalen said...

And now for something completely different.

Well. . . Ms. Fabulous did mention bats in her comment in the previous post regarding the swarm today. Turns out male Mexican free-tail bats sing love songs to female bats.

Even more astounding, Texas A&M University and the University of Texas working together on something other than a Thanksgiving football game.

At 21:16 Blogger dabbler said...

Is there a ball of bees hanging somewhere in Boss's woods? the one time I've seen a swarm I was fascinated. the bees all kind of hang together in a buzzing ovoid, surrounding the queen, at least until they find a place to begin building a hive. Very cool.

At 21:31 Blogger AletaMay said...

So swarming is not necessarily a bad thing? Cool!

At 21:56 Blogger Siri said...

Sorry for the stress mess, Emily. Hope things calm soon.

At 22:50 Blogger Mary said...

"Well, you know, I'm a beekeeper, like my father before me, and his father before him. And we sound something like this: "AAAAAAAAAH! I'M COVERED IN BEEEEES! COVERED IN BEEEEES! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!"

Ok, done with Eddie Izzard. First time replying to your blog instead of twitter. Getting used to more than 140 characters.

Forgot to ask beforehand, maybe it's in the archives of archives, but how did beekeeping start way back when?

And awww! Cabal, you are far too cute and happy for your own good. Happiness like that just attracts bad stuff. Like bees to flowers I would think.

At 23:04 Blogger Amy said...

Bees and Eddie Izzard references.

Your blog rocks. :D

At 23:23 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Well, yes, there is a ball of bees somewhere in the woods looking for a home. Apparently they didn't LIKE the nice empty hive we had left lying around for them.

There were a bunch of bees left, and they will, or have, made a new Queen, and will keep on with the full of honey hive.

Mary, welcome, nice to her from a Beekeeper! Maybe someone can find the Birdchicks first couple entries on our beekeeping adventure, a few years ago.

We knew nothing! (Know less now. No one can learn everything about bees)

Ali, AmyR welcome to you too!

Dan, I snorted tea. You slay me....

At 23:32 Blogger Ticia said...

I am here at a decent hour. There were fewer than 50 comments to read.

Beeing adventures and Cabel. Thea and Milne.

Goodness all around.

Hi Fiends!

Dan, what's up with Japan? I keep wondering and forgetting to ask.

At 23:56 Blogger Unknown said...

Oooooo those lyrics <333333333 wonderful lyrics.

At 23:56 Blogger spacedlaw said...

I was more going "Booorn to be wiiild" in my head but, hey, Thea Gilmore is nice too.

Swarming? But it's not mating season or anything! Come back! All is forgiven...
Maybe the queen just hopped it after she realised her hive had not got the blue ribbon. Or she just did not like red "it gives me headaches, honey, headache, it feels like being captive in a tiny cell..."

At 23:58 Blogger Unknown said...

We got the Miln points. And we've always found the way bee society works to be very fascinating.

At 00:06 Blogger Christopher said...

I would love to have a bee hive in my back yard. I am not sure my wife would.

At 00:09 Anonymous Wendy Withers said...

Oh no! I need to know how Green Wendy Hive is!

At 00:10 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Welcome Rhymerhouse and Christopher!

Christopher, you could not have DRAGGED me to the bees before I found myself involved in them. But it's really very calming.

I feel better today than I have in a week, kind of alive again.

Nathilie, it wasn't the Bell Jar Hive! (If I am getting points for that one..)

We had to take the Bell Jar off, I forgot that bit.

AND we found a Hen of the Woods Mushroom as big as your HEAD!

And Firefly!

Good day all around.

At 00:24 Blogger spacedlaw said...

No more fancy architecture in the bell jar? What will the little artist colony do? Swarm and find some atelier somewhere else?

At 00:25 Blogger vampi said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

At 00:25 Blogger spacedlaw said...

Also: Shouldn't you go to bed young lady? Mmm?
Good night.

At 00:28 Blogger vampi said...

izzard and milne, i <3 quiche.
my theorys on the swarm... went to the beach


ask cabal, he looks suspicious

At 00:30 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

The green Wendy Hive is the Star Hive, it just got a new super today, no one else did.

Alas, the Bell Jar hive needs to be started earlier, the bees just went back in the hive, they hadn't built anything yet, and we didn't want to mess up the hive.

And yes, I do need to be in bed. Sleeping.

'Night darlings...

At 01:00 Blogger Dragonsally said...

The bee adventure started here

While hunting for the entry, I realized I've been reading Birdchick's blog for a while!

At 01:25 Blogger Marjorie said...

Oh Wow. Swarm = exciting. Sad to hear they spurned the nice empty hive you'd left for them. (also sad that the Bell Jar isn't happening - I do hope you try again next year, as it would be fascinating.)

Love the Milne & Izzard & Thea Gilmore...

If I ever get my House in the Country I am so going to raise bees.

At 01:26 Blogger Marjorie said...

I feel, in the cisrcumstances, this should be a box of bees, not a box of ticks...

At 01:56 Blogger Adri said...

Hooray for bee posts! It's good that the swarm is not a Bad Thing, and certainly very interesting!

I saw on twitter, though, that FIREFLY is being discovered. BEST SHOW EVER. I was just looking at my Firefly RPG guidebook yesterday and enjoying the nostalgia and awesome world-building. Some important geek phrases now part of standard vocabulary come from Firefly:

gorram - a curse
"I'll be in my bunk" - 'that's hot'

Also I'm now buying a Thea Gilmore cd.

At 03:55 Blogger louisa said...

Morning fiendlings! I am way behind here, been a bit snowed under, but BEEEEES!!! We had the neighbour's bees swarm a couple of times in our garden when I was little, I remember it being very exciting. I have bee questions but they may be in the comments, will catch up at lunch time.

And Firefly! Best. Show. Ever. EVER!

At 06:19 Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wonder if bees went off grid to look for your boss.

At 07:06 Blogger dabbler said...

Firefly is high on the best of bests list around here... and has added SHINY to our vocabulary. Hooray for well written shows!

Currently we are slowly watching our way through Babylon 5, which arrived on DVD last Christmas. Slow because everyone wants to see it, so those with time refrain until the busiest are also available. Which is rarely. My costuming soul drools....

And DD has gotten me hooked on Leverage, and Supernatural, once she made me get as far as the over arching plot bits.

At 07:09 Blogger dabbler said...

Biggest news around here is that DS has made it back to school (six hours away) in time for his first class today at 11 am. Drove all night as usual. No troubles.

And DD is off to Woodstock till Saturday, so Mark and I actually have two days with nobody else home....and of course, lots of work!

At 07:12 Blogger dabbler said...

Come to think of it, this is the time of year for young adults to swarm, isn't it? All those dorms filling up with drones, queens and workers foraging to produce the honey of knowledge.
And empty pizza boxes.

At 07:15 Blogger Beez said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

At 07:17 Blogger Beez said...

I AM sorry they spurned the nice empty hive, but bees have reasons we know not where of (I hope they remember that when winter comes...hmph. Silly things.)

I love Firefly, but I didn't discover it until it was off the air, so it got purchased on DVD along withe Serenity.

The -best- and smartest shows do seem to go by the by courtesy of Corporate Overlords (also evidenced by Farscape).

I had Thea's Avalanche and listened to it sooooo much, but the ex absconded with it along with all my Tori! Then he listed them as "Favorite music" on his personals ad- even though he never listened to them he knew my good music would be attractive to smart women :P


At 08:30 Blogger EmilyLady said...

Okaaaaay, still a stress mess here, hoping it clears up soon. And it's actually very very autumnal this morning; maybe the chill seeped into our veins and made things difficult.

BUT I hope the other Fiends are very well this morning. Today I find out whether I've made Pippin. No wishing me luck, except for Marjorie; she is allowed to ...

At 08:47 Blogger Marjorie said...

I shall keep my fingers crossed for you, Emily.

I shall be meeting up with Jess & the Fiend-in-Law tomorrow, and with any luck will be seeing my brother and his new home on Saturday :-)

At 09:13 Blogger ariandalen said...

Ms. Fabulous, and anyone else interested, there will be a "Being Human" marathon on BBCAmerica this Saturday from at least 4:00 PM until 9:15 PM. It may actually start at 3:00 PM as the 4:00 PM episode is the second episode, and the program guide I'm looking at lists the 3:00 PM program as "To Be Announced." Since the first season is only six episodes, you can get the whole season on one day. DVRs are your friend. ;)

Also, "Calendar Girls" is on BBCAmerica at 2:00 PM Sunday. If you haven't seen it, do so.

I guess I should note that all times I've listed are US Central Daylight Time. :)

At 09:22 Blogger Jess said...

Hey, we nearly ended up in Vegas! That could have been exciting. It's a fine thing, though, that they have a system for preventing people from boarding the wrong plane.

Be nice if they had a system for letting you know the gate had changed, but, well, there you go.

So apparently the band lineup at the beer fest tomorrow night, Marjorie, is The League of Mentalmen, whoever they are (we're guessing they play an extended cover version of The League of Gentlemen theme, for, like, the entire set), and another group called Convulsions.

Convulsions. Just think about that for a moment. They're called Convulsions. W, as they say in internets parlance, TF? Though I suppose with enough beer, it won;t matter.

At 09:29 Blogger EmilyLady said...

Yay for meeting with Fiends!

At 09:41 Blogger ariandalen said...

Hi, Mary and Rhymershouse! Thou art now Fiends! Here is your white buckled jacket, and over there are all sorts of supplies so that you may personalize your jacket. It need not stay white; however, the buckles need to stay. ;) first I was disappointed when Boss posted on his blog yesterday:

"Be good. Do not riot, or break either the internet or human civilisation while I am gone."

I mean, what's a Fiend to do?
Then I realized that he started with, "Be good." good Fiends! ::Fiendish grin::


At 09:49 Blogger Jane said...

Lots of fun chat first thing in the morning. Or my idea of first thing, which is later than most.

Mysterious bee swarms; at least some stayed behind.

Firefly is one of those shows that had something for everyone, IMO. Witty dialogue, multiple well rounded characters, fights, sex, spaceships, villains, heroes, suspense, tears, pathos, humor...I could go on but if you've seen it, you know. And if you haven't, what a treat is waiting.

Saw the Time Traveler's Wife last night. I think the reviews have not been great, but I liked it - I've read the book and think the movie-makers did well.

At 09:53 Anonymous Kate said...

You never CAN tell with Bees. (My favorite Milne quote). Started my day smiling.

Hen in the Woods - so cool. We are watching the sulfur mushroom tree nearby - waiting, waiting...

Firefly - a house favorite. We aim to misbehave.

Suddenly it is almost September. Wow. How did that happen.
Have a Fabulous Day!

At 09:59 Blogger One Sock Short said...

Oh, Jess, just thinking about listening to a band called Convulsions makes my headache worse. I hope the beer is really, really good. At least you know the company will be. Raise a extra pint for me.

At 09:59 Blogger gaypet said...

Morning. Love the bees! More coffee...

Have been missing you all.

At 10:03 Blogger ariandalen said...

Well, Jane, if I had my druthers, this would be early. Unfortunately, I got out of bed at 5:45 AM to get DDs out of bed at 6:00 AM so that they are ready to be taken to school by DH at 7:20 AM. After they leave, I walk a mile. Then I walk another 2/3 mile round trip at 4:00 PM to meet DDs at the bus stop. Unless it's raining. Which we really need.

I think I'll go sign up for one of the JRR Tolkien challenge that Phiala posted awhile back. :)

At 10:08 Blogger ariandalen said...

{{{Gayle}}} You've been missed, too.

Along with several other Fiends. ::sigh::

I get to have lunch with my husband, and NO KIDS! This hasn't happened since Seren was born, so it's been at least six years. :)

At 10:40 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Morning all!

Very busy this morning. The Princess of NO is in the house. And late. Nearly 11 and I am not done with e-mail or cat boxes.

I get the new satillite today and of two minds, CHarter cable has written to say they will match that off or nearly, but I just don't trust them. And now the new is all set up.

Cancel or see if they do?

I don't know.

At 11:28 Blogger Hellie said...

One of my favourite Thea songs! Have you joined up to Angels in the Abatoir yet?

Going home to compose a very angry complaint to Ticketmaster because my front row tickets for Tori 'are not available due to production issues' and I've been shunted back to Row E. I'd be happy with row E if these were the ones I'd originally bought, but to have front row ones taken away, I'm a little bit heart broken actually!

At 11:57 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Hellie, send me an e-mail with complete details, show date, everything and I'll forward it on and see if anything can be done....No promises of course, but I can send it.

At 12:10 Blogger vampi said...


i can say that it's not ticketmaster's fault. ticketmaster is an online marketplace. the available inventory is controlled by the venue, and it sounds like something about the stage setup changed between onsale and now. it's a very common thing in the industry, that as they prepare the stage, they discover the sight lines have changed and have to move people in the affected seats. the better selling the event, the higher probability that there will be sightline issues.

i hope you are able to get some satisfaction, but i think it will be from the venue and not from ticketmaster.

At 12:24 Blogger Kate said...

Earned both Izzard and Milne points, and am slightly disturbed that both of them are running around my head together. I think when my childhood thoughts encounter my college thoughts, bits of my brain cower in fear.

I do love hearing about the bees, and give another vote for trying the bell jar again next year. My local fair used to have a hollow log hive with a plexiglass side so you could see the building going on as nature intended. Fascinating.

At 12:55 Blogger Marjorie said...

Hellie, sorry to hear that. We're way back in Row U, but at least we knew theat when we bought the tickets..

At 12:59 Blogger Marjorie said...

Q - was it just cost that made you leave Charter to start with? If yes, and they're prepared to pricematch, I'd stick with them (If you can cancel the new contract without any penelties) But if you had any other problems with them or their customer service, I'd go with the original plan and change.

that's my 2 penn'orth, anyway.

At 13:25 Blogger Na said...

I have 'Avalanche' on my iPod at the moment. :D

Juliet. Maybe Romeo came and sang to her under her window, and she just had to make a break for it.

Should like to stay and read more comments and comment better, but my brain is crispy at the mo'. And t'monsters require feeding pronto, just realized.

At 14:42 Blogger Erin Underwood said...

I'm totally outting myself! I have never listened to Thea Gilmore before. I guess we know who is hitting iTunes today. ME!

Does anyone have any favorites to recommend?

At 15:04 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Erin: All of them, except the first, I think it's Remember Dorothy or something, she was very young, and it's not her, so says she...

Here's today on the ongoing bathroom:

ME: Wait! Great idea! Take that octagon and flip it!

GUY: Uh, that would be weird, it would look really different, not normal...

ME: Uh, look at my house. I like different...

GUY: Point. Wow. Cool. Let's do it. Never tried anything like it...

At 15:27 Blogger ariandalen said...

That's okay, Erin. The only Thea Gilmore song I own is "Even Gods Do" from this compilation album of songs inspired by the the stories of some guy named Neil. Love the song. The rest of the album is pretty good, too.


Such simple things give me pleasure. After lunch, DH and I went to Home Depot to look at kitchen faucets. We could actually look and compare faucets without interrupting ourselves. :)

At 15:49 Blogger AletaMay said...

Hurray for spreading the joy of rejection of the way it is always done. I bet the bathroom guy will remember this day and this project fondly for years to come!

I am getting used to this new work space and new people to support. I do well when things are new but it is also a lot of work!

At 15:51 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Oddly enough my cable/internet bill has gone from $160 a month to $85. It seems I really don't HAVE to have the phone (According to customer service every time I called) to get my bill lower.

The nice rep who answered my Tweet when I said "WOW look how much cheaper I can get service" has taken care of it.


At 16:55 Blogger ariandalen said...

So...this means you aren't changing television programing providers?

At 18:17 Blogger EmilyLady said...

Yay, less of a stress mess at home. Of course, visiting the library helps calm things down. And spending time with a friend (who's heading to college tomorrow. Bah). And reading nerd things. Yeah, it all helps.

At 18:36 Blogger ariandalen said...

Yay! Less stress mess for Emily, and hopefully the rest of her family. :)

At 21:23 Blogger Fluffy said...

Just peeking in to say "hi!" I've been busy - I know! - making costumes, banners for the Ankh-Morpork Seamstress Guild, garden club newsletter, and transport for the temple youth group. And I got contact lenses, and have actually been cooking. And cat-sitting.

Next Thursday we'll be in Phoenix and I'll be in a purple corset (and other garments!) greeting Terry Pratchett. Ahahaha!!!!! I'm hoping to catch up on the last two days of comments tomorrow.

Love the bengal pics and the beehive - those queen cells are totally cool!

At 21:27 Blogger Adri said...

Fluffy-- I'm still SO JEALOUS! I know moving to California was totally worth missing Discworldcon but right now it doesn't quite feel like it!

**stomps foot petulantly**

At 21:30 Blogger Siri said...

FLUFFY!!!! Long time, no read. I'm having a Pratchett reading orgy right now, in honor of your trip.

I got very sad yesterday at the thought of no more Tiffany Aching. Give Sir PTerry a squgh for me.

At 22:08 Blogger EmilyLady said...

Aaaaaaaaaand stress mess has returned. Sigh.

At 22:43 Blogger Na said...

No more Tiffany Aching?

I happen to be reading "A Hat Full of Sky" (again) to the older monster these days.

At 23:20 Anonymous Wendy Withers said...

I've decided to sell a bunch of my stuff, and I cleared off a purple stuffed ottoman to take pictures of to sell. Kitty would have none of that. Now I have cute pics and a cute video of her just saying no to me selling the ottoman up on my LiveJournal.

At 00:16 Blogger Ms T said...

Yay for bees and Bengals and a very happy Cabal.

I was just thinking the other day, that after all Cabal, Magic, Mab and Lear went through in their lives before they met you (and the Boss), of course they're happy. They know they're with wonderful people now, and they can't believe how much their luck has changed.

Of course Mim and Venus were blessed from the get-go - but try telling them that sometimes, huh? :)

Meanwhile my wee beastie disproves all those theories about animals predicting earthquakes - all I got from him last night was "Huh? What dares disturb my slumber?" at the end of it all.

Mercifully it was just a tremor, but still. Guess that's what you get for living somewhere that's seismically challenged!

At 02:29 Blogger Marjorie said...

Fluffy, sounds like lots of fun - I love Sir PTerry & am really looking forward to 'Unseen Acedemicals' when it comes out in October. Have a wonderful time.

I'm just about to go offline for a while - leaving in about 20 minutes to go to Cambridge to meet Jess (Happy Bounce!)

And seeing my (no-longer-quite-so-little) brother on Saturday morning as he has recently moved to Cambridge, too.

And Bill Bailey show tomorrow night.

It's shaping up to be a good weekend.

Oh, and Happy Firbday to Miss Maddy...

At 04:07 Blogger Erin Underwood said...

Wow! Thea Gilmore is awesome. I just bought the album "Loft Music" from iTunes. What a great voice. Thanks for the recommendation.

I was just talking to my husband a couple of days ago about the steep decline in new "good" music on the radio. I'm so tired of these cookie cutter tunes that keep getting released, which sound like everything else that's been published in the last couple years. urgh...

So, THANKS for Thea! :-)

At 05:04 Blogger Jess said...

Isn't that funny? What a coincidence! I'm leaving in about 20 minutes to go meet Marjorie! \o/

(Bill Bailey?! I'm jealous.)

Okay, Q, back up. Octagon? Where octagon? (In the bathroom, I know.) Tub space or something?

At 06:31 Blogger Hellie said...

Have fun meeting up Marjorie & Jess! Enjoy Bill Bailey, he is great! (although I once had quite a disturbing dream in which he was a crazy art dealer but I really fancied him. It still haunts me).

Lorraine, thanks for your kind offer - I have just emailed you (

And Vampi, thanks for your advice! I called the venue & they told me that these seats are reserved for other people and shouldn't have been on sale!!

At 08:02 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Rainning. Rats. Wet horse. Not much fun. Re-thinking my morning.

I want this kind of corner tub, it won't exactly have a shower, but a hand held thing, the tub is sort of clover shaped. Still thinking this thru.

Thea is pretty amazing. It's her voice. Can't forget it.

I am really thinking about tattoos these last couple days, could Miss Kitty be coming home soon? I sure do miss that girl!

At 08:35 Blogger Hellie said...

It's another weird weather day here. Dark & pouring a couple of hours ago, now it's bright and sunny. Going to give up on work for now and go for a walk instead!

At 09:12 Blogger Na said...

Erin - the other stuff I recently put on my wee music player includes Rodrigo and Gabriel (who have a new album coming out!), Norah Jones, Amy Winehouse, and Kirsten Hersch. I'd highly recommend any of those to anyone, especially if you're looking for something new and refreshing.

happy firday/weekend, all!!

At 09:30 Blogger Hellie said...

I second all those Na! I have to recommend Anais Mitchell too, she is just amazing! She has a really distinctive voice and tells great stories in her songs.

And it's raining and dreary again. How did that song go, "26 seasons in one day...."?

At 09:55 Blogger Na said...

Hellie - is it wrong I think that Winehouse's "Rehab" is funny? Haven't heard of Ms. Mitchell before... shall look around.

I'm grateful to report that, for a change, we're having (IMO) blissfully perfect weather - cool nights, breezy sunny warm days with scudding clouds, and the occasional rainfall. Trying to be present in the moment, really enjoy this weather, 'cause I know know know it's fleeting.

At 10:44 Blogger Hellie said...

Nothing wrong with that Na! Poor girl is tragic but comical too!!

Glad someone is getting good weather, apparently I need full wet weather gear to walk 10mins to post office - just got drenched!! Feel v refreshed now anyway!

Anais Mitchell has a My Space

At 11:45 Blogger EmilyLady said...

Happy birthday to Maddy!

William is all chirpy and chatty today because tomorrow is HIS birthday ... eight. Like whoa.

Still haven't found out whether I'm in Pippin. They were supposed to get back to me by now, and there's no cast list on their website as of yet ...

At 12:22 Blogger Erin Underwood said...

Na and Hellie, thanks for the music recs! I have a feeling iTunes is going to get a larger than usual portion of my paycheck today. ;-)

EmilyLady - Good luck!!! I hope you get in.

Vampire Diaries... So, I was watching Supernatural reruns and the ads for Vampire Diaries came on... again... and again... and again. Is it just that the series is bad or is it that "they" don't know how to make interesting trailers any longer? Can the story really be all about a vampire guy, a girl, and the love-trouble their romance inspires?

Did I miss something? I might have... I dunno. It just looks so done and done again.

At 12:45 Blogger vampi said...

Emily, i keep smirking every time you mention pippin. i assume you aren't trying to be a hobbit.


lots of new music to check out, omg. having some work stress. being a manager sucks. it's only because this is all new to me, although i expect to never find certain aspects of managing pleasurable even once i have experience.

At 13:11 Blogger One Sock Short said...

Yes, a lot of the work of being a manager does suck. Some doesn't though. I like doing training. I like seeing my staff members grow. But the red tape aspects get in the way most annoyingly. So does just finding out that I can't fill a position going vacant that I rather need. Sigh.

Good luck getting through your worst bits, Vampi!

At 13:16 Blogger Ani said...

Sorry fiends--gonna crank for a moment here! As I've complained before, I've been twittering (via sms texting) from my phone since March. For two weeks now, my texts have been refused by my phone service, the incompetent TMobile. So I've been watching fiendish conversations go by and missing chatting with my Twitter fiends. But you've been there, so I've been hopeful that it can be fixed.

Now I don't *receive* texted tweets any more either. Phone's inbox is tweet-free and has been for a couple of days. Texts to live phones go thru, and are received. Twitter, no. No fiends. AAAARRRRRGH.

And now I'm leaving work & my interwebs connection until Monday.

Going off the grid to be with friends is a fine and wonderful thing. Being forced off the grid and away from fiends is not.

At 13:18 Blogger EmilyLady said...

Noooooooooooooooooooooo! (reaches out for Ani)

At 13:37 Blogger vampi said...

that's weird ani, i'm sorry you are having issues.

i post to twitter from tmonile using and it works great. sometimes it misses a pictute i have attached, but generally great. i can't read tweets from ping on my phone. i haven't tried using twitterberry yet, i couldn't get it to dl onto my phone:(

At 15:26 Blogger vampi said...

ani, have you tried tiny twitter? i just put it on my blackberry and it seems to be working fine, sending and receiving on tmobile. it should work on more phones than just blackberry. is link for mobile dl.

also, it is blast furnace hot and smokey outside. now i know what ribs feel like.

At 15:33 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Maddy's Birthday Blog is UP!!!!!!

At 23:50 Blogger HellZiggy said...

Bees! I got to see my first actual beehive just over a week ago and it was so neat!
I blogged about it here:
And there are pictures here:

That was some of the best honey I'd ever tasted!

Hooray for gratuitous Cabel pictures!

At 15:31 Blogger Anne said...

I met a very nice, well-behaved dog, big, white dog on Saturday - Was Cabal hanging out at Nina's? Whoever it was, it was a very good dog, waiting patiently at the tables.

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