Wednesday, November 11, 2009

CD's in the Mail.....

First of all, THANK YOU to everyone who donated in the Any Amount Any Cd's Bengal Rescue Effort a couple of weeks ago. We saved them, paid some vet bills and WE MADE A DIFFERENCE. The last of the cd's went off today, so if you haven't got yours yet, watch the mail!

If you get it, or have gotten it, and you open it and think "WHAT THE HECK IS THIS CD??? I DIDN'T WANT THIS ONE!!!". Don't panic, just drop me a note and say "Dear Overworked Assistant, you seem to have made a small error in my cd, I wanted a different one, or more of them, or less, or whatever your issue is, I am happy to listen and help. Truly. I want you to be happy. And help me again with rescuing Bengals.

Because it is the most important thing I do. And I can't do it alone.

We urgently need NOW in fact, a foster home or forever home in a NW suburb of Chicago, or Milwaukee, for a lovely, no problems or issues Bengal Boy who needs a home. Any takers out there? Come on, you know you want to!

The first picture at the top is Magic and Mim out on his porch. I seems to have accidentally taken something very like a proper arty picture there. Not sure it could happen again.

Here's Venus looking smug, which is something she does very well. I think it is important if we do a post like the last one which was ALL the Royals, to include some Venus and Mim. You DO NOT want Bengals mad at you for any reason, screen time being as important as anything.

FINALLY may be over my cold here. I called the Gigs this weekend DEATH ROCK, as that was what it felt like. Was really glad Danguy was house guesting with us and could do the drive back for me. Very certain I would not have enjoyed that either alone or doing the driving. Danguy rocks on a lot of levels, you know.

I did end up deciding to quit smoking, since I don't smoke sick, it seemed like a Why Not sort of moment. I am not sure I can take a lot of credit for it tho. I was sick the first few days, and I only smoked American Spirit, which is just tobacco, so I didn't have the addicted to the chemical thing most people have to go thru as well, and I was the sort of smoker who didn't NEED to have cigs all the time. Liked it, but if I couldn't it didn't bother me.

I also was a non-smoker for the 10 years until about 3-4 years ago when things got a little stressful, and I had a moment where I started again, so it hasn't been very long.

I banned smoking from home and car, and mornings, and work. If I really want one in the evening, fine, I can go out and have one outside, doing nothing else. I think the NEVER SMOKE AGAIN cold turkey method is setting yourself up for failure. Doesn't work, and you'd just panic. Now I don't mind it because if I need to, fine, have one.

Then stop. I like it. Getting more working out done too..

MIGHT get fit.

And that would be lovely.

Love, CD's and Health,


At 17:28 Blogger Siri said...

Here's to fit. And bengals. And not smoking. After all, you only have to not smoke this next cigarette. That's all. Just this next one. I haven't smoked this next one in 6 years. Good on me. Good on you.

Pretty Kitties!

At 17:33 Blogger Precision Grace said...

Love Bengal related posts!! And Magic! Yay! (love other posts too, but cat ones specially)

Well done for quitting smoking. I am going to attempt to give up for the second time (started up last year after 4 years of abstinence) .
going to Hawaii in a couple of weeks time to stay with a friend who doesn't smoke, so will use that as an excuse. If I manage to resist the temptation on the layover..

Good vibes to all the injured people, people needing heart ops and people needing to break a leg on stage as well as to everyone else.

Magic looks like a regular kitty to me now. For serious!

At 17:42 Blogger Beez said...

Lovely CatArt pic- nice to see Mim is still deigning to visit Magic's porch. is he still all "in lurve" with her (and does she still bully him they way she does so well?).

Venus, you look smugly lovely too my dear.

I think that's a really sane attitude for stopping the smoking. Using the idea that you can have one if you really want one would certainly ease the obsessing I would think.

You make continual progress Quichie. Sane, steady continual progress. May I someday approach that- hopefully I can learn a bit from you.

Cheers Siri! 6 years is solid!

I was lucky in that my smoking pretty much went away when I quit drinking. One doc said cigs may have been the one thing I was never truly addicted to.

I just have to avoid becoming a restaurant manager again. I start smoking again every time.

At 17:54 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Found the Bengal Boy a home!!! Thank you everyone!

I think you have a point Beez, I never felt exactly addicted to them either. Liked them, but it wasn't a big deal stopping. And the saying fine, have one, does take the obsessing away, and it's like, whatever, might, might not.

Not SURE I make continual progress, hee-hee, not sure of that at all, I just know I don't stop TRYING, which I think is important.

NEED to get fit for Disneyland! It's turning into an EVENT it is, this entire Holiday.

At 18:02 Blogger Phiala said...

And I hear the Chicago boy already has a foster home. Hooray for the Internet!

And go Q! Good for you on the not smoking thing. I find that the gradual approach is so much less stressful than any sort of OMG I'm going to change everythign right now.

At 18:04 Blogger Phiala said...

And hey, I could check the tickybox.

At 18:18 Blogger Chantrelle said...

Yay for no-more-ciggies. I didn't have that hard of a time quitting either, I only smoked through college though, quit not long after graduation. No more hanging out drinking coffee and reading all day after that so it wsan't that bad. It never felt like a physical addiction for me, more of a habit.

We have our Disneyland trip booked for February. Ben's soooo excited.

At 18:30 Blogger Dan Guy said...

DEATH ROCK was awesome. And the long drives to/from Stillwater are always one of my favorite parts of visiting you, as are the gigs themselves, of course.

Good luck with quitting smoking. You can do it.

At 18:35 Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yay for finding homes for Bengals!

Cold turkey method actually worked for the man who types up my stories. Once he made it past the first month, it kept getting easier and easier.


At 18:36 Blogger EmilyLady said...

I'm glad for you. And is it Dan Guy or Danguy?

At 18:44 Blogger Craig Steffen said...

So, wait a minute, since I'm fairly fuzzy on the whole Bengal thing and I didn't get a chance to buy a program so I'd know the players...

So I thought that Lear and Mab were a pair, and Venus and Mim were a pair, and Magic was separate and never they should mix? I thought their Bengal-ness and their wildness prevented them from ever being together? I guess maybe once you decided to hold on to Mab and Lear that they would mix with the other two, but I thought that Magic would be segregated forever.

I guess I must have missed something, because now Magic shares the porch with another kitty? Yay, this is all good I presume?

Yay for happy, mixing, Bengals on the porch!

At 18:48 Blogger Dragonsally said...

Its so lovely to see Magic and Mim together. I am in awe of his beauty every time you post a photo of him.
I'm listening to Tori Amos on our local radio right now...3 guests together with the host for an hour. Its hilarious. If anyone is interested I can provided a link to listen to it later.

OH - got my Eye of The Quiche t'shirt on Tuesday. Shall put a photo up on our flicker stream when its cooled down enough to put on a black t'shirt.

At 18:49 Blogger dabbler said...

I suspect this may have been posted before, but just in case it hasn't... a recent discovery:

Happy Veteran's Day and Thanks! to all veterans...

At 18:51 Blogger dabbler said...

And, Lorraine, I sent money, but can't recall if I emailed you, and would like a CD. Please, wonderful assistant lady, can you let me know if I blew it....

At 18:54 Blogger Dan Guy said...

Lorraine and Kitty pronounce it "Danguy". It's my first and middle name, though.

At 19:11 Blogger One Sock Short said...

Smug doesn't quite seem to fully cover Venus's expression in that photo. More like, "Yes, favored minion, you may present us with steak now."

Good on you for quitting smoking. I'm so glad it's not been too difficult for you. Hooray for all the no-longer-smoking fiends!

And Lorraine, the very fact that you don't ever stop trying counts as continual progress in my book. It's a book I need to take a leaf from.

Healing thoughts for all the fiends, and friendsandrelatives of fiends.

Very excited about the approaching music!

At 19:24 Blogger Martha W. said...

Thanks for all the good news tonight. I'm so happy the cat in Chicago found a home. I hope the decreased smoking will make singing more fun.

At 19:26 Blogger vampi said...

*squee* work exhausted, can't think.

*snugs* *ice cream* and *squees* around as appropriate.

At 19:52 Blogger DataGoddess said...

So are Magic and Mim courting again? And Venus looks entirely too pleased with herself in that photo.

Giving up smoking is hard, I wish you much success!!

At 19:57 Blogger EmilyLady said...

I always felt pretty sure that it was your first and middle names put together, Dan Guy, but I also tend to read it as "Danguy" - tend to think of you that way.

At 20:14 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Craig, you got it right, except that Mim is amenable to other cats, and likes going out with Magic on his porch. HE is in luv with her and trills and trills to her.

Seems to work.

Not sure the Royals will ever mix, Venus and Mab are pretty against the idea. And Magic can't com out. He pees all over which is fine in his room, but not the house at large.

I am getting a screen door for his bedroom tho, so he can look out into the Romance Room, I am sleeping there mostly now, so that will be nice for him.

Dabbler, what was your e-mail or real name? I can tell you if I sent you cd's. Janet sent me a sheet with everyone who donated on it.

Very tired but it is new Top Chef night, so I am going to try and stay up. TILL TEN!

At 20:15 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

And oh, I guess I just thought Danguy was Danguy, I didn't KNOW it was two names! Well, mad scientist evil geniuses always have two names, so Danguy it is to me. And Kitty.

At 20:31 Blogger Jess said...

Ahh, soothing cat post. (Soothing is good because it's apparently Cranky Night here at Chez Jess. Am having some cocoa and trying to stop squinting in an irritated fashion.) YES to good cat-rescue news and arty bengal pictures! That one of Venus being smug is cool, too. Good light and framing and stuff.

Hey, nice shed! Lookin' spiffy, there.

At 20:38 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Ah yes, I had forgot about Shed. Woodsman Hans made me a Door for it, now it is a nice little Place for, uh, stuff, since I have no garage yet.

At 20:39 Blogger Phiala said...

I'm hanging out in the kitchen, chained to a pair of pots of silk in dye (little jars in hot water baths). They must be stirred every 2-3 minutes for a long time.

I'm relying on the internet to entertain me, since I can't leave the kitchen.

They're almost to the point where I can abandon them, but really need about fifteen more minutes of simmering. The colors look pretty though: 3 different greens, 3 different oranges, 3 different purples.

And in an unrelated note, today is my grandfather's 91st birthday if you'd like to wish him many happy returns.

At 20:44 Blogger Jess said...

Or prisoners. You could keep bad houseguests in there. YOU! You there: that's the last dish you'll ever chip. Get in the shed!

Phiala, what a cool guy your grandpa is! I liked that.

At 20:50 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

I considered putting Danguy there, but decided to let him stay inside. (Tho he was so allergic to the Bengals it wasn't my BEST idea, shed might have worked better)

I have a thing I call my oubliette in the basement. My place of forgetting. That is where THOSE people are put.

At 20:51 Blogger EmilyLady said...

It must be so cool to have your own brilliantly creative and comfortable space like you do, Quiche; so amazingly Yourself ... someday I'll do that, when I'm all grown up.

At 21:02 Blogger Jess said...

True fact: I have a Scary Cave in my basement. Just a rough crawlspace for plumbing access to the kitchen. It mainly has rocks and dirt in it, though dad once found an Ancient Pickaxe in there, and an empty whiskey bottle. There wasn't a skeleton alongside those items, so we assume that the drunken pickaxe guy simply stopped excavating the space when the bottle was empty, and crawled out.

This is the place I'm secretly terrified I'll be found if ever a Murderer gets in, and murders me with the pickaxe.

At 21:03 Blogger AletaMay said...

Oh the lovely Bengal photos. So nice to see Magic and Mim out on a date. And Venus looks every bit the goddess.

Siri good job on the 6 years smoke free.

Sounds like a good way to beat the cigs Q! Well done.

At 21:20 Blogger Shantra said...

Your cats are utterly gorgeous Lorraine, especially Magic.

Dabbler, my husband is a disabled veteran, so thank you on his behalf.

Well done on the smoking Lorraine. I was a heavy smoker and quit right before major surgery 2 years ago, my second quit, the first quit was for ten years! But like you, tense time. Now I tell myself, you are just one cigarette away from 50 a day and that works!

At 21:24 Blogger gaypet said...

Very nice pix.

Congrats on giving up the smokes!

At 21:25 Blogger Siri said...

Li Hua - don't ever grow up. You can get older, but don't ever be all grown up.

You are far too delightful to be other than what you are!

At 21:28 Blogger El said...

Congrats on the smoking decision. That's a big one to make. has anyone been messing with time/space lately? I feel like I've tucked five days into three and then somehow lost those three. But I did find a roll of quarters in a purse pocket I forgot existed. It might be a fair trade, depends on how much I need to do laundry.

At 21:46 Anonymous Scott Gordon said...

Quitting smoking is good. I did it too many years ago, and I did it cold turkey. It does work, but you must work at it.

We are all with you on this Quiche and will send all "clean the lungs" energy we can!

At 22:06 Blogger Cecily said...

I adore the pic of Venus being smug. Also, good for you for the lessening of the smoking. Sick or not, it's still a decision to be made to lessen or stop altogether. And I say Huzzah to you. I stopped smoking almost 3 years ago, after on again/off again smoking since I was 14, and I haven't actually wanted to smoke since. My body finally said, I'm done. Hopefully yours will do that for you too and the transition will be easy.

At 22:09 Blogger Precision Grace said...

Can't sleep. Thank goodness for everyone's comments, gives me something fun to read.

Bit concerned about Jess - what could be causing the rapid squinting? (or is it the case, do not ask, you don't want to know?)

Oh and brilliant news on the Chicago Bengal Boy finding a new home. Well done, yet again. Quiche, the Cat Rescuer Extraordinaire (there IS a comic about this, yes?)

I understand a certain Boss may have had a birthday recently. I'm given to wondering what interesting presents said Boss may have received. Unless it's a secret. In which case, You didn't see me, I wasn't here and I certainly never said a thing.

At 22:11 Blogger Precision Grace said...

Oh, and in case anyone finds it amusing, I posted a story on my blog which was inspired by my boss at the time. A direct opposite of The Boss. A stuff of nightmares. (well, mine, at any rate)

At 22:44 Blogger ariandalen said...

Pictures of happy Bengals are made of WIN!

While I'm sure that Magic would appreciate seeing into the Romance Room, and watching you and Venus and Mim sleep, it also means that he could pee through the screen. Around 25 years ago I watched a tiger send a stream of urine a good 10' or more onto the concrete in front of his cage. I don't think he liked the perfume the older women who were standing in front of his cage were wearing, as the stream narrowly missed them. Just something you might want to take into consideration before installation of a screen door.

To those of you who have given up cigarettes/cigars/pipes, I salute you. I watched my mother die from Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), caused primarily by cigarette smoking. It is a long and painful struggle that I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy, much less someone I care about.

At 22:57 Blogger gaypet said...

I have quit smoking MANY times but still struggle with it. I started when I was 8. M has never and will never see me smoke. So I will have to give it up someday when, "I just need a sec outside," stops working. But for me, it is very difficult. Good for all of you who have succeeded!! Hope abounds.

At 00:50 Blogger spacedlaw said...

Nice plan to stop smoking. You never seemed a heavy smoker anyway. Ideally, you should not smoke for stress or because you have to but just every now and then because you enjoy it. I hope you can reach that stage.

Nice picture of Magic peeking out and Mim plotting an attack on his tail (with that little white tip, it certainly looks like a bait).

At 01:58 Blogger Marjorie said...

fly-by ticky box

At 02:29 Anonymous Lysandwr said...

As a veteran, I just want to thank you for the kind thoughts. We are fortunate; some veterans before us have not been so respected or treated so well.

Plus.... thank you again for your tax dollars!! Mid-term grades are not half bad (3.36 GPA at a very difficult school...)

YAY NO SMOKING Q!!! I was surprised, because the last time we spent anytime together you weren't smoking....glad to hear you are in that place again; more power to you!

At 06:42 Blogger dabbler said...

Q, I'm, if that helps....
Off for long day. May get to peek later...

At 07:38 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...


I think time and space are strange these days. For me anyway, the days are going SO fast. Might be this getting up early thing, and being asleep by 10, which is really weird.

Made it thru Top Chef last night but that was IT. I can pick the Top Chef blindfolded at 20 paces, you know, but Project Runway? If I like the thing, it is in the bottom three, trust me. And if I hate it, THERE is the winner..

I do love this getting up early and riding tho, really lovely way to start the day.

Magic sang again this morning. NEED to get this on tape.

At 07:41 Blogger Jane said...

Good news on the quitting smoking. A good friend just did the same - had a bad bout of pneumonia and didn't feel the need to pick them up again after she recovered. Good luck.

Love the cat photos!

At 08:18 Blogger One Sock Short said...

Lys - Now that's how I like to see my tax dollars spent! Glad the semester is going well for you.

Phiala - A belated Happy Birthday to your grandpa. He sounds like a good man to know. I only met one g'pa once and never met the other one. Oh, and I look forward to pics of the dyed silk.

Wishing all the fiends good days, evenings, what-have-you.

At 08:52 Blogger anna j said...

I would love to hear Magic singing. Yay for not smoking, and for riding, and for sleeeeeeep. The days have been going awfully fast for the last year or more, unfortunately (or not). I theorize that time has sped up.

At 09:21 Blogger Phiala said...

OSS, I will be photographing the silk tonight, after it's dry. But it's pretty. :)

If you leave a birthday comment on the blog, my grandfather will see it.

At 10:03 Blogger Fluffy said...

Lys and other vets - I flew my flag for you all yesterday and had you in my thoughts.

It was a crazy day, but I got a lot done. I know!

Love the kitty pics - Magic is a streeetchy boy, is he not? Has he lost a little of his weight? He looks gorgeous.

Revelle had a DATE last night with one of her best buds. She asked him to go to her team banquet and dance. They both cleaned up very nicely and I posted a pic on FB before I went to pick them up. I love technology. And Phiala, my MIL just arrived yesterday and she's 91, too, and still traveling all over the place.

Got to go exercise - brb.

At 10:06 Blogger Phiala said...

Fluffy, my grandfather is building an addition onto his patio. Cantilevered out over a 20-foot drop.

At 10:09 Blogger Fluffy said...

What a guy! Good genes to have, I think!

At 10:10 Blogger Fluffy said...

Still have to exercise. Still have a bad attitude about the whole thing!

At 11:39 Blogger Cecily said...

I have the same issue with Project Runway. *comment redacted for spoilery sake* I often am very glad I have never tried very hard to be 'in fashion' cause ..ew.

At 15:39 Blogger EmilyLady said...

Come on Fluffy. You can do it. You KNOW you'll feel fantastic.

At 15:53 Blogger Fluffy said...

Well, I did it and I feel... um, a bit sore. But okay otherwise.

Calling the orthopedist now. Too much hip pain.

At 15:53 Blogger Fluffy said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

At 16:07 Blogger EmilyLady said...

I'm sorry! I shouldn't have encouraged you!

At 17:08 Blogger Fluffy said...

Encourage away, ma cherie! I just need to get the hip injection and I'll be good to go. I have learned in the past two months what NOT to do!

It can be happy hour tiem?

At 17:48 Blogger Dragonsally said...

Morning all...we had a bit of a break yesterday from extreme weather and a cooler night so sleep was wonderful...until Tysie started throwing up at 5am. But we love our cats, right? Funny thing though, she was throwing up right next to Pete's head and he didn't wake up!

At 18:01 Blogger EmilyLady said...

I think it's the same way with kids, Sally: we love our kids even when they puke. Not that I have kids but William puked next to me a couple weeks ago - and I was trapped beside him in the back of the car. And it was okay, because he's my baby and needed me, so ...

Okay, Bobbee, right, NOW I feel better for having encouraged you: "I just need to get the HIP INJECTION ..."

At 21:16 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

New post is UP!

You will need to read this if you ever find yourself in a Horror Movie, it could SAVE YOU!!!!!!!!!

At 12:17 Blogger Laura B said...

Hurray for helping kitties! I received my CD in the mail yesterday, already listened to it, and I LOVE it! Thank you so much! Your blog is one of my favorites out there.


At 22:14 Anonymous Anne in Seattle said...

We love the CD -- thank you so much!! Now we need to buy lots more for holiday stockings that need Buried Things... :)

At 08:30 Blogger Lioness said...

I'm so busy I have gotten hopelessly behind in reading. Did you send any return emails to those of us who donated or did you just send out the CDs?
I know mine would take longer as I am in another country but I don't know if I should be looking or not!

At 10:58 Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hurray! I got my cd yesterday, thank you, thank you, thank you... i haven't managed to make time to listen to it yet, but it LOOKS wonderful. ^_^

mayhap i'll play it tonight while i gut my computer and attempt to install a USB 2.0 port, so that my new 1TB external harddrive will capitulate and talk to the Mac. @_@ Wish me luck!

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