Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Riding Dim!!!!!!!!

I did get new hair today, and yes, the purple is back. Feels like me again. The truly exciting news tho is I started riding Dim tonight!

He's so lovely. Such a sweet horse. He's fast too. Only did me some walk/trotting tonight, after ground work, but that was well worth it, and we got to know each other better. He's like riding wind. He's so smooth. Every move I make, he responds to. Slightest leg pressure, smallest twitch of the rein, he's right there with me.

I'm going to ride him every other day for a while. We'll learn together.

I didn't get any pictures today, not of the hair, or this momentous ride. It was a busy day, fitting in works with hair and ride, and camera didn't make the cut. We'll do more soon.

Home now, after a rather harrowing Fog Drive from the stable. Back country road, no lights and yes, the fog WAS most definitely as thick as pea soup.

I wish I had words to tell you how it feels to be riding my very own horse, and loving it so. It's like music tho. You can't write about how music feels when you play it. Or how flowers smell. Or rain feels. (Ok, maybe that one, feels wet. Been out in it enough today, know that one)

Or I can't at the moment, I'll have to work on it. Then write it.

I've wanted my own horse since I was five. I've known I should ride since then. It's a lot like coming home.

Speaking of music, gigs at Charlie's this weekend. Pre-St-Pats and trust me when I tell you Paul and I are ready, and anyone who comes is going to be ready. If you are in town, you might want to celebrate early.

There will be rock.

Love, Rock and Riding,


At 22:10 Blogger DataGoddess said...

*grin* Sounds like you and he are one brain while riding, which is way cool.

Can't wait to see the new hair!

At 22:13 Blogger One Sock Short said...

Now I'm getting a bit teary-eyed.

But must get back to work. So. Tick.

At 22:30 Blogger Uisge said...

What a wonderful experience. Congrats!

At 22:31 Blogger AletaMay said...

Lovely bedtime story Q. I shall now sleep and dream of you with purple hair ridding Dim through the fog wearing your Stardust gown.

Good night!

At 22:33 Blogger Chantrelle said...

That is so incredibly sweetly awesome.

At 22:44 Blogger Na said...

What Aleta said - a lovely bedtime story.


At 23:24 Blogger Ticia said...

Sounds like a magical day. I wish I could be at Charlie's.... The virtual party on St. Pat's will be awesome, but being there would be better. :)

Purple hair again. Yay.

I'm going to bed early tonight, so I wish you all the magic you seek in dreams and life, in art and craft, in books and friends. Good night.

At 23:37 Blogger vampi said...

oh! riding dim sounds magical. it makes my heart burst with joy to see how happy riding makes you.

i'll go hum "if i had a boat" reading your riding posts reminds me of that song, which makes me happy.

At 00:21 Blogger spacedlaw said...

Yeah for riding the wind!

At 00:46 Blogger Marjorie said...

Sounds wonderful!

At 00:50 Blogger One Sock Short said...

Good morning Nat and Marjorie!

At 00:51 Blogger spacedlaw said...

Good morning. Or good moaning. I feel a little groggy this morning (lack of sleep).

At 01:02 Blogger One Sock Short said...

I'll be in the same boat in a few hours. Assuming I get to go to bed at all. Moooaaannn.

At 01:41 Blogger Marjorie said...

Good Morning, Nathalie,Good Morning ( or Good Night) Linda :-)

At 01:48 Blogger Dragonsally said...

I'm so happy for you Lorraine - and for Dim!
I had the best day today, and the world shrank a little but I'm too tired to type about it. Tomorrow I shall share the story.

At 05:05 Blogger Beez said...

He is so very very beautiful.

I'm so glad you have found your horse-that-was-meant-to-be.

At 07:43 Blogger dabbler said...

Ticky tacky boxty. Lovely Dim!

At 08:05 Blogger Siri said...


At 08:11 Anonymous Anonymous said...

Riding Dim sounds very musical: the rhythms, guiding, and becoming one with the instrument.

Does your violin get jealous?

At 08:16 Blogger Fluffy said...

Riding him every other day! Looks like it will be a great spring. Especially if Beez works her fifth job in a garden center and gets a special employee discount on purple flowers.

At 08:17 Blogger Phiala said...


At 08:18 Blogger Fluffy said...

Speaking of which, I had better get outside and get mine planted. 'Firewitch' and 'Bath's Pink' Cheddar pinks, 'Emerald Blue' creeping phlox, and a gorgeous true blue creeping veronica. A creepy morning awaits in the garden.

At 08:39 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

It will be months before we can garden...Alas.

It's raining and raining here, melting all the snow. Hate to think if it had BEEN snow....

Sleepy stay in bed morning, not a go to work morning! AH well...

At 08:54 Blogger spacedlaw said...

A lay in? I am most jealous.

At 09:12 Blogger Jess said...

Yay Dim!

Hang on-- I thought you had purple hair back already. When did it disappear? What rock have I been living under?

I would like a lie in. I was up all night reading this book, which I haven't read since I was nine or ten. It was my favorite book back then-- read it over and over and over. Made me happy to revisit it-- I forgot how good it actually is. Nice to discover that it stands up to an adult me.

At 09:46 Blogger Jane said...

Q - sounds like a magical day!

Jess, went to local library site to reserve The Ghost Who Belonged to Me. Sounds intriguing.

Overcast here and not too cold 56F at 10:45a. Spring indeed! Sorry Linda :-( Maybe yours will hold off for a while.

Going to see Alice tonight.

At 09:52 Anonymous Pristimantis said...

This may very well be the one occasion where multiple exclamation marks are not only justified but needed :-). I think i even felt a little bit of your happiness as i read through the story. Wishing you sunny spring weather and lots of riding time :).

(and quickly lurks back under cover, because forgot the lovely green buckled piece of clothing at home ;))

At 09:55 Blogger Phiala said...

But Pristimantis, we've spotted you now! *grin* And no worries, we have spares.

At 10:13 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Oh, no the sleepy stay in bed feeling was a WISH, not a possibility, sadly..

HA! Got you now Pristimantis, your de-lurked now!

The purple hair went last time, and it was just long and dark. Felt weird tho. Like having purple again, WITH the long and dark.

At 10:31 Blogger Jess said...

SEIZE that delurked Fiend! We have you now. Muhahaha.

Sharon, that one's next on my list. Can't remember if it's a sequel or a prequel. Don't think it matters, actually-- I dimly recall that there were three Blossom Culp novels, and they all were sort of stand-alone type stories.

The more I think about this book, the more happy I get. Kind of like riding Dim, I think: feels like coming home. Blossom's one of those characters who's always been with me, though I haven't really thought about her in years; she came along at the right time and sort of made me who I am. (Minus the psychic stuff, of course. I am not psychic.) And the book is so much a part of where I come from as a writer, I realize now. It's fun to find roots in places you never really thought about before. :)

At 10:39 Blogger Jess said...

That's twice now I've committed tickyfail. Not this time!

*ticks that sucker HARD*

At 12:02 Blogger gaypet said...

Hooray for riding. I bet he is happy too. :)

And for purple hair. I need a change in hair color but can't seem to decide what. Platinum with blue?

I don't think I will be at Charlie's this weekend. I want to go on St Pat's and I can't do both. Good gigging to you.

At 15:31 Blogger Dragonsally said...

Drat, our library only has one Richard Peck book and its not that one. You know what that means....I'll just have to buy the books and I am seriously running out of room here.

At 16:04 Blogger Jane said...

Jess, I think the one I put on hold is a pre to the one you were reading. A bit anal of me, wanting to read the first one first...Looking forward to reading it.

I read the 2nd Harry Potter book first, didn't realize it until a little way into what I thought was the 2nd. Didn't really matter.

Sally, I know what you mean about no book room. But I still buy...

Pouring rain here - hope it stops before I have to go out..

At 16:07 Blogger Chantrelle said...

I tend to buy books too. I need a library like boss's!

Taking ben to the snow this weekend. He'll take ski lessons cute. It's amazing how much crap you need just to go to snow though. I don't know how you snow-livin'-folk do it. I'm such a wimp.

Can't wait to see the purple hair!!

At 17:56 Blogger Dragonsally said...

Yup, I need libraries like Boss's libraries too, and a Quiche to organise them all for me.

Actually, I need a house like Boss's house, not just the libraries.


At 18:11 Blogger LihuaEmilyP said...

Congratulations on Dim. It really must be a wonderful feeling.

At 18:22 Blogger Phiala said...

Aiiiiyyy!!! I just discovered that really big nonfiction deadline is a month earlier than I thought. Which makes it APRIL 2.

Oh my fods.... I'm screwed.

I guess it's good that the woman who asked if we could have a workshop tonight at my house, organized said workshop, asked people to come called 5 minutes before it was supposed to start and cancelled. She's the only one who knows how to do the public-service activity we're supposed to be doing.

That means I have a whole extra evening to panic I mean work.

At 18:28 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

New Zealand is very awake just now in tomorrow land. Just saying.

I am the period women tonight. Bath, couch, tea, ice cream. I am so there. Rode early even.

Got my taxes done!!!!!! HOW the 1040EZ can traumatize me so when the accountant does it all I do not know. The entire office gets in on my return. They did not get me cake tho, despite my pleading.

At 18:48 Blogger Ms T said...

New Zealand has even had its lunch, and persuaded (bullied, harangued, badgered, cajoled) a colleague to go to AFP's gig tonight. Well, this part of NZ anyway. :)

I have to say, Ms Lorraine, that even with the general monthly blahs you're sounding very comfortable in your skin. And that is a truly wonderful thing.

At 19:31 Blogger LihuaEmilyP said...

Well now, Phiala ... much good luck to you.

At 19:54 Blogger ariandalen said...

Riding Dim every other day! YAY!
Exercise is often good at relieving cramps, too. Just saying...'cause tomorrow you get to ride Dim again. :)

We've all seen you now, Pristimantis. No point in lurking any more. ;) Besides, we have a couple of piles of buckled jackets laying around, and they're pretty much one size fits almost all. Yeppie doodle.

At 21:55 Anonymous kali_licious said...

Yay for riding Dim! There's nothing like riding a sensitive horse, except maybe flying.

Jess, now I gotta go find that book;)

Phiala, yikes! Deep breath. Like Anne Lamott says, just go bird by bird.

At 22:51 Blogger ariandalen said...

It's been a long day. Tangwyn, my 13 year old cat, had a seizure this morning a little after 10. As in half falling off table where he had been sunning, thrashing around, low pitched yowling, and involuntary elimination seizure. At least Ariane and Seren got dressed quickly so I could call the vet to let her know we were on the way, and leave. I actually had to tell the receptionist that I considered it an emergency. At least I did it without yelling.

Had to wait a while once we got to the vet's office, which I knew would be the case. Tangwyn hadn't had another seizure and was content to let me hold him. He was dazed/out of it the entire exam, except when they drew blood. He didn't even object to having his temperature taken. It was low; 95.4 F when cats normally run around 102 F. The blood work showed kidney problems and the vet wanted to keep him overnight for observation and to get fluids with him.

I called at 6 to see how he was doing, but there wasn't any new info in his file yet so a message was left for the vet. Vet calls at 20 'til 9 to tell me that Tangwyn is doing a lot better. He's up and moving around his cubicle and no longer dazed now that he's had some antibiotics and fluids. He has a massive kidney infection and that's what caused the seizure. I'm to call between 8 and 9 in the morning.

At 23:00 Blogger One Sock Short said...

Poor kitty! I hope the news is good tomorrow.

At 23:06 Blogger vampi said...

sending good thoughts for tangwyn

At 23:11 Blogger Dragonsally said...

Poor Tangwyn, and what a worry for you Ariandalen. I hope the news on him is good.

At 00:08 Blogger spacedlaw said...

Sorry about Tangwyn. At least it looks like he's doing better.

At 09:18 Blogger Fluffy said...

Aw, Katie, I hope he's better soon.

And when I read Q's "lie abed" sentence, I thought, "Well, that's a first!" At least, when she's not deathly ill.

And Jess, I LOVE Richard Peck. "A Year Down Yonder" and it's sequel... **uh, blank** made me laugh out loud, and his characters are such real people. The artist's model running naked down the road with grandma standing there with her gun... good times.

I did not plant yesterday as I was assailed by "Untidy Spouse Guilt" and felt the need to finish putting fabric in my sewing room closet. Got a LOT stowed away even though I ended up spending most of the afternoon with a friend who's having surgery soon.

We ALL need big libraries ("All my books which I have gotten rid of, I mourns them!") I'm putting in a request with the proper authorities. Also for some extra weeks for Phee and Ticia (and Q, of course, goes without saying) and the rest of us who have too little.

Looks like I have some sternly-worded memos to send.

At 09:21 Blogger Fluffy said...

That last sentence reminds me of something one of D's coworkers used to do. When someone sent him something that pissed him off, he'd send it back with "F*ck you. Strong memo to follow." written on it.

At 09:52 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...


Alas, no riding today. It's a gig day, I don't ride if I have gigs. Gets too tired and the gigs and drive home are late.

Ride some more Dim on Sunday tho.

Today, all about work.

And rain.

Hope there is Sun somewhere.

At 10:03 Blogger Hellie said...

Good Morning/Afternoon (work hometime for me, yippee the weekend is here!) We have Sun here! It's filtering through the clouds like heavenly rays, all rather pretty!

Hope the gig ROCKS this weekend, looking forward to virtual ROCK on St Pats Day :o)

At 10:07 Blogger Jess said...

Hello. There is sun here, but they say it's going to rain later. But I will think vicarious-sunshine-mind-rays at you while it lasts.

ariandalen, poor kitty! :( Glad he's responding to treatment. Hope he feels better soon.

At 10:21 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Two deer just ran up the street. I am at my house. In Town. Wonder where they came from, and where they are going?

ST Pats has some oddness to it. I am hearing rumors of a cover charge, which is fine, but a way too big cover charge.

I will post info tomorrow, as I will speak to the owner about this tonight. If he does this, it will kill the night. And the day.

The person who talked sense, our booking agent Fitz, died a week ago, sadly, so we are on our own.

I am a little worried as we are in the big room for the evening, and we cannot fill at for what he is asking. We're great, but $10 is WAY too high. No one is going to pay that to see us. And this pub is not cheap to begin with.

Keep your fingers crossed I can change his mind.

At 10:56 Blogger Ticia said...

Your powers of persuasion are legion, Quiche. You smite airlines for Fods sake! I bet he's putty in your hands. :)

ariandalen- I hope your kitty is doing well...

Break a leg tonight, Quiche!

Will there be fiends there to post pictures and updates here and on Twitter?

PS Thanks Fluffy! I hope it works!

At 12:08 Blogger Na said...

We've got sunshine! Amazing. And, as a result, mud during the day and icy mud at night. But I'll take it. No gardening here, truly, for some months yet, but I can now clear out the dead plants I didn't take care of before it started snowing in October.

Sorry to hear about your booking agent, Lorraine. :(

And best wishes for Tangwyn, Katie.

We have something to celebrate - my sister-in-law gave birth yesterday to her second little monster. All are doing well! No one is quite sure what the 3-yo brother means by it, but his response has been to look at the baby and repeatedly say, "What happened?!"

Meanwhile, I have cleared away a mountain of work, and while I do have some stuff in, none of it pressing. I don't quite know what to do with myself.

At 12:23 Blogger Jess said...

Hahaha! I like that, Na. That's a question I've been asking myself for years.

At 14:10 Blogger Jane said...

Hope Tangwyn is OK, Katie. It seems to me a little reassuring when there is a definite reason for a seizure like that. Now just get rid of the kidney infection! So scary, I know.

At 14:19 Blogger Marjorie said...

Oh yes, more shelves & bigger libraries. We have an election coming up here. Any party that can promise me more shelves & better libraries (public & private) get my vote.

Ariandalen - hope Tamblyn feel better soon. Sounds scary for you and him.

I just heard that the friend I was hoping to meet up with at EasterCon isn't now going, which is a shame. I'm sure it'll still be fun, but it'd be fun-er if he were there.

At 14:20 Blogger Marjorie said...

Oops. Tangwyn. My bad.

At 15:42 Blogger Laura B said...

Here for the ticky box, trying to catch up. Still sore from last week's surgery.

At 15:57 Blogger ariandalen said...

I can see how riding and gigs don't go well one after the other. Sunday it is!

Tangwyn did really well overnight. Turned his nose up at the canned food this morning, but went to town on the dry. The vet still wants to keep an eye on him though, so it's another night at the clinic for him. At least someone is always at the clinic. The vet even lives there.

At 16:16 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

New post is up!

At 16:18 Blogger Cecily said...

That is so lovely. And I think you put it pretty well to words how it feels. :-)

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