Wednesday, June 2, 2010

When Amanda, Jason and Sxip Came To Town...

I got to play last night with Amanda, Jason Webley and Sxip Shirley. (Nice calm statement that, which hardly expresses the joy I felt doing it)

Here's a few picks from the show, and I am sure more will come in. These are from @teffan and many thanks!

Except for the last one, which was taken (And directed) by My Boss.

Pretty amazing experience, I have to say, playing with them. We jammed some the night before, around midnight, (when all the best jams happen), after a 16 hour day and very little sleep. I have such a huge respect for the three of them as artists, and I admit when Sxip said he wanted a fiddle fix and wanted it now and Jason pulled out his accordion, and Amanda sat down at the piano, and the three of them looked at me and said "Take it, we'll follow"(you wouldn't believe it but I'm pretty shy. Not on stage mind you, but in person. And these guys are GOOD) my brain did equal bits of "OH SHIT" and "HELL YES!"

Mostly HELL YES!

On the way to the show, the next day, my Boss called me, as I had not left yet, finishing up all the Assistant bits you know, and said two things: "Jason wants his red shirt and can you bring it and they want you to play a song with them tonight, can you bring your violin."

That would be a very HELL YES moment.

They play my kind of music, with my kind of heart. The song we played was Jason's Drinking Song, which is even more my kind of music, being Irish as well.

This was the encore, if you were there, you know how wonderful, amazing, rocking, jaw dropping cool the show was UP to that point. If you've seen them before, you know how it went. If you weren't there, and haven't seen them, you need to fix that. As soon as you can.

Very cool rock happened.

But I have to say, for the coolness factor of the evening, the people who came to the Evelyn Evelyn show were my kind of people. The same people who come to the pub to hear Paul and I, and they participate the same way people who come to see me, do. And they love Amanda, Jason and Sxip the same way people at my shows love Paul and I.

And I think they loved me too, last night.

As cool as playing was (And it was pretty damm cool) even cooler was getting to meet and talk to (And hug, as I recall) so many new, and really wonderful people afterwords. I love you! Adore you! (Yes, I am speaking to YOU!) THAT would be the best bit, and the entire reason for playing any show.

I think Amanda, Jason and Sxip would agree.

YOU are the show, at any gig, at anytime, and it happens because of you. You make the magic.

You did last night, for me. And I thank you.

Come see me again, I would hug you all anytime.

Love and Music,

PS Yeah. LOVE that last photo.


At 19:24 Blogger Phiala said...


I wish I lived closer. That sounds fabulous. Of course.

At 19:24 Blogger Ticia said...

I am first? Impossible.

Such a magnificent blog post. I wish I had been there to see you play.

I DID see Evelyn Evelyn on tour with Sxip, which was magical, but I would have loved to see you and your smoking violin in the mix too.


At 19:26 Blogger DataGoddess said...

Wow, that had to have been one rocking show!!

And you give excellent after-show hugs :-)

At 19:31 Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can I get a HELL YEAH!! Sounds awesome. I wish I'd seen it. Bet you won't come down for weeks.

At 19:31 Blogger Phiala said...

You are right, Ticia: impossible.

DG, you are so right too... I didn't want to say anything, but that last pic... mmm.

At 19:41 Blogger Ticia said...

No worries, Phiala. Fiends do 6 impossible things before breakfast... Today it was your turn. :)

At 19:43 Blogger Phiala said...

Either that or I spend waaay too much time in front of a computer.


No, wait - it must be the impossible things! I'm sure of it. Heh.

At 19:47 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Here in the semi private comments section, I can say HELL YEAH, those were my hands on AFP'S tits.

To be honest tho, her fiance was there, so nothing much else happened.

At 19:50 Blogger Phiala said...



At 19:51 Blogger fdhbstephanie said...

Glad you all had such a great time! I so wish I could have been there (only about three hours away but could not get away from my life) - and sooo jealous too!

At 19:52 Blogger Chantrelle said...

If God wanted us sober, he'd knock the glass over!! ....

Awesome beyond words.

At 20:13 Blogger Fluffy said...

I just caught up on the last three posts - whew! What a lot of amazing stuff! I had my sister visiting for the weekend, so didn't get online as much as usual.

I had forgotten how petrified Magic looked back then. Now he looks all cool and composed.

And I think Jess should get an award.

And watching Ziggy-What-Was in the videos linked earlier, I am congratulating myself on knowing I'm not woman enough to handle that level of kitty energy.

It's been hot this week - up to 100F. We also have thunderstorms to the west of us, just sitting there taunting the plants. And us. I'll be dragging some sprinklers around tomorrow.

Guess what I did today? Nope. Nope. No tiara was involved. No martinis. I had the first of a course of 4 laser hair removal treatments. Ha. I won a certificate at the garden club raffle! It was one of the newer lasers that doesn't hurt. If all goes as planned I will never have to do the bathing-suit-grooming-thing ever again. MwahahahahaHAHA. **koffkoff**

At 20:16 Blogger Fluffy said...

Oh, and I think the Magic Pratchett Word for horses, based on the Magic Pratchett Word for pigs,* would be "glue."

*from Hogfather: "Apple. Sauce"

At 20:34 Blogger Laura B said...

Much awesomeness! Wish I could have seen it in person, but the pictures are fun anyway.:)

We had a tornado siren go off here earlier. Never saw it, though. Boo.

At 20:42 Blogger vampi said...

woah. awesomesauce!
i'm glad rock happened:)

At 20:52 Blogger Siri said...

OSSAKALINDA - No Marian for me - school night - work is bad now. No energy. Visit a friend in hospital and home to recharge. No energy to spare on fun. Will last all June - glad this isn't last year. No fun. No fiends. Sad about Diana Wynn Jones.

And Jess? At least I used my outloud voice.....

At 21:06 Blogger Dragonsally said...

Oh man, that would have been an awesome night. Did anyone take some video?

Do you think you could persuade them to come down here for a tour Quiche - with you.

I had a thingie cut off my face before...started to feel a little queasy now I'm home. Thing the anesthetic is wearing off or something. Imagine I'll feel the 4 stitches soon.

At 21:09 Blogger Fluffy said...

Aw, Sally, I hope it feels better soon. Very soon.

At 21:10 Blogger HellZiggy said...

You guys were all FABULOUS last night! I now understand the cult of Sxip's hair.
I wish I would have stayed to say hi to y'all, but my friend & I were just too tired. I think I might be getting old or something...

~the Other Sharon

At 21:20 Blogger AletaMay said...

LOL HellZiggy, my friends and I realized we were getting old when we found there was NO WAY we could spin 12 times. I think we each got to 4 maybe!

Great photos. Great show. I was just so happy to be out with good friends and experiencing such a great show and then when Q got on stage it just made it all even better!

At 21:22 Blogger HellZiggy said...

There is hope for me still, Aleta! I did 10 or 11 spins & stopped because I misheard their count, not because I had too.

~the Other Sharon

At 21:34 Blogger Ms T said...

Where is that fricking teleporter? I want it...ooh like yesterday!

Love that last photo by the way. :)

At 21:34 Blogger Beez said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

At 21:36 Blogger Ms T said...

And just caught up with the rest of the comments - hope you feel better soon Sally!

At 21:36 Blogger Ticia said...

I was lucky. I had Robyn as a spotter when EE was in SF. She rocks!

At 21:38 Blogger Cecily said...

So awesome! I can't wait to see them soon. :-)

At 21:40 Blogger Dragonsally said...

Thanks Fiends
what is this with the spinning?

At 21:42 Blogger Ticia said...

Sally- I hate that you are in pain.

::Sending comforting thoughts and strong virtual drugs::


At 21:46 Blogger Beez said...

Sounds like it was a blast! I do wish I could have been there.

I was doing the traditional Sweating In An Un-Airconditioned School Auditorium.
Spawn got his top AP English award. He is becoming a -really- good writer.
....which is why he wants to go into microbiology.
(mine is just to give him wings and let him fly, mine is just to give him wings and let him fly....)

Q, nice to see nothing...or almost nothing....went tits up. *grin*

At 21:49 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Jason gets everyone drunk by having them spin around 12 times. Kid you not. He's an amazing performer and has the best audience skills of anyone I have ever seen.

I'm off to the airport soon to get Hans, who drove the old EE van back to Omaha.

EE broke down there, and we found a van, but not one way, and it couldn't go to Canada or NY (Weird van rental rules) so we got them a NEW one in Mpls they could use for rest of tour, which they drove off in.

But some poor soul had to take the old one BACK. I drafted Hans.

Been a wild couple days. Woke to a message of I NEED HELP! from EE Tour Mgr at 8:00am Tuesday and haven't stopped since.

Tour Mag'ing is like herding cats thru a war zone. I loved assistanting him. I should do a blog on it.

At 21:53 Blogger AletaMay said...

We noted that you were not spinning Q. We thought that your commitment to sobriety was commendable!

Sorry you are not feeling well Sally. Take care!

At 21:53 Blogger Beez said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

At 21:53 Blogger Beez said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

At 21:59 Blogger Chantrelle said...

I was Ticia's spotter because I have vertigo and one spin for me is about all i can do! 12 spins would keep me dizzy for days!!

At 22:03 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Amanda noted that I was not spinning too and leaned over and mentioned it to me. I said I couldn't figure out how to with my cord, without adding bondage to the mix.

At 22:06 Blogger Ms T said...

Ah, the spinning. I remember that from when Jason supported the Dresden Dolls on their last tour here. I also remember singing the chorus of Hey Ya! as though we were drunken pirates (OK, the memory might be a bit hazy on that one) and that I was standing next to a staunch goth dude who was not moving for anyone. Nuh uh. Nope. Not budging.

At 22:12 Blogger Jane said...

Sounds like a magical and totally unexpected event! Everyone having fun.

Sorry about the stitches, Sally :-(

Beez, congrats to son!

At 22:18 Blogger Fluffy said...

Heeeeeyyyy yaaaaa!

At 22:35 Blogger HellZiggy said...

Ooh, that sounds distinctly Not Fun, Sally. Feel better soon. *hug*

~other sharon

At 22:45 Blogger Na said...

Y'know Lorraine, no fair not participating, you make EVERYONE clap at your show...


Oh, to see some of these peeps in concert, and see Lorraine perform live again, too! I scour the tour stops on people's websites but no one coming up this way. I will trust AFP and JW and EE and SS and all will keep playing live 'til I move somewhere they go.

Had a nice thunderstorm move through this evening, and supposedly more coming tomorrow. First thunderstorms of the year! Love.

At 22:45 Blogger Na said...

oh, tick.


At 23:26 Blogger Beez said...

Someday I will have a -good- ISP, and no more double posts...triple...whatevs.

At 00:16 Blogger vampi said...

i forgot to share, on memorial day i went to a botanical garden and took some pictures. i saw this "black" flower and thought of fiends pretty flower

tons of other flowery goodness.

and as we were leaving we looked inthe gift shop and saw pretty by the way, where are the final resting places for the pretty tools from the holidays?

At 00:20 Blogger spacedlaw said...

I am also jealous. EvelynEvelyn show in Paris was great but it didn't have Sxip and more importantly it didn't have you (phone messages do not count quite as much as actual presence although they did help).

I am glad you had a great time and that you enjoyed posing for that last picture (it shows!)

At 00:33 Blogger Dragonsally said...

I've been sitting quietly watching season one of True Blood...couldn't look at the computer anymore without feeling decidedly ah,yuck.

My face is still numb...but I can feel the pulling from the stitches, at least that's what I think that's what it is.

Thanks for the spinning I get it all.

At 01:03 Blogger Marjorie said...

Wish I could've been there. It sounds like the perfect night

At 01:18 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Home from the airport, Hans is back safely from, well, where ever he got diverted to on his way back.

I think...I am going to sleep. Until I wake.

That's all I've got tonight.

At 01:47 Blogger Marjorie said...

Sleep well, m'dear, and dream dangerously ( in a house full of leopards that's probably standard...)

At 05:53 Blogger Hellie said...

Amazing pics, sounds like a rocking evening! Wish I could have been there too, not got to see Amanda & co live yet, only in dreams...!

My favourite singer got me onstage to sing with him once, probably the highlight of my life so far!

Leaving for Dorset now, arrrr! Hope you all have exciting weekend plans!

At 07:28 Blogger Beez said...

Vampi, I planted some of those at the Spooky House last year, and if they came back they should bloom this year (Merry Housekeeper said she has some too).
Black hollyhocks are what they are.

At 08:42 Blogger vampi said...

oooh awesome:)they were some of the first flowers i saw and i was drawn to them because of their unusual color.

At 08:46 Blogger Fluffy said...

Gorgeous hollyhocks. Do they come true from seed?

At 09:14 Blogger Beez said...

They do! Alcea rosea "Nigra" is actuall a very very dark blood-red/maroon that looks black in everything but bright sun.

Very old variety (Thomas Jefferson grew them @ Monticello), they self-seed like crazy.

They -are- a biennual though, so they won't bloom the first year from seed. I would do them from seed two years running, or else do plants AND from seed the first year- then they will take it from there. :D

At 09:27 Blogger Phiala said...

Those are pretty, though I'm not sure where I'd put hollyhocks. I found this one that I want too - it's a purple-leaved elderberry. Not sure which variety, as I haven't found one that has both lacy purple leaves and white flowers. Beez, do you know?

At 09:50 Blogger Beez said...

Wow Phiala, that's beautiful.

No I don't know, but I'm going to dig (ask the landcare peeps on campus- someone will know.

The two cut-leafed/purple leafed elderberries I'm familiar with have pink flowers, the standard one is Sambucus nigra 'Purpurea' and had white flowers, but not the lacy leaves...

Now I have Monty Python stuck in my head.

At 09:54 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Something ATE all their heads.

The Black Hollyhocks I mean. What do I do?

At 09:59 Blogger Beez said...

*bursts out laughing*

"Something ate all their heads..." of COURSE they did, it's the Spooky House!

I have some seeds I can send you, and I have seen some plants when I'm at the farmer's market.

Let them grow, a lot of times they'll put out side shoots that will bloom- and ask Merry Housekeeper, because she has some!

At 09:59 Blogger spacedlaw said...

Settle for zombie black hollyhocks? Seems fitting somehow.
And if they go after other plants' heads/brains, it will be fairly natural.

At 10:00 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

No, I think if something is eating heads you need to come out here and deal with it.

Than you.

At 10:01 Blogger Phiala said...

Hans with a machete?

To guard them, I mean. Not that I think he stole their little purple heads.

At 10:08 Blogger Beez said...

Oh. Okay. I'll bring my flamethrower.

I suspect you have...dumdumdummm....BUNNIES! auuuugghh!

At 10:11 Blogger DataGoddess said...

"With big sharp pointy teeth!!!

I warned you!!!"

At 10:18 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Really stupid bunnies with pointy teeth who hop STRAIGHT up the driveway, refusing to go to one side or the other when I come home at night.

My garden is SO close Beez, if you come, I will help you. (Or not if that is easier...My cleaning people never like it when I help)

At 10:19 Blogger Beez said...

"...and your Father smelled of elderberries".

It IS a Python Day!

At 10:19 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

And I need you. It's weird. My garden I mean. And people want to give me MORE plants.

Not good weird. Just weird weird. And People Are Going To Talk even tho I invite them over and TELL them I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I AM DOING!!!!!

At 10:23 Blogger Beez said...

Okay. I will come out next week.

My landscaping job is having a birthday party this Sunday, so I'm committed to whipping it into shape as much as I can- which reminds me.. *looks at the clock*

The U job starts back up the 14th. Boo! I'm ready to just keep working outside for the Summer. I like it!

At 10:27 Blogger Arwenn said...

Haven't you guys seen "Curse of the Were-Rabbit" and "Night of the Lepus" and since Monty Python was already mentioned....bunnies is SCARY!!

At 10:31 Blogger Beez said...


At 10:40 Blogger Jane said...

Possibly ground hogs or deer are eating the heads? If you have either of those, they eat everything, at least around here they do. Steve took a photo of the ground hog actually IN the garden, huge creature...

I'll have to see if I can find the photo..

My only garden this year is on my deck (which has in the past been attacked by who knows what) and whatever that giant volunteer squashy thing is that has taken over the garden plot. I hesitate to even get close to it.

At 10:45 Anonymous Wendy Withers said...




-runs around like headless chicken-

At 10:46 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Oh thanks you Beez!!!!!

Not Monday. And later in the day. WHy am I talking about this here? Email me, my Bunicula hunting friend and we will work this out.

At 10:48 Blogger Beez said...

Deep breaths Wendy.

Deep, cleansing breaths.

Also, Ambien

At 10:56 Blogger Jane said...

Wendy, congrats and BREATHE :-)

At 10:56 Blogger spacedlaw said...

It could indeed be a deer. I've seen one in the backyard...

At 10:57 Blogger spacedlaw said...


At 10:57 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

That ain't fun. Can't imagine it's an AP class.

I am going to work. Did GREAT work for the EE tour last three days, but I pointed out to the Boss we hadnt' done any of OUR work.

Going to be a wild one, but there's riding at the end of it.

At 11:03 Blogger Beez said...

heheheheh....."A good deterrent for wild rabbits is (used) cat litter, especially from cats that have captured wild food or have a diet of meat."

Apparently Hell-Bunnies also do NOT like lavender or catnip.

At 11:08 Blogger Phiala said...

But keeping a wolfie in your yard doesn't seem to deter them at all. Really.

At 11:08 Anonymous Wendy Withers said...

I think I am much CALMER. I got a call at 10 asking if I could come in for an interview at 2 for a job that starts on Monday.


Totally going to own the interview. I even have my classroom management binder ready to go to prove to the head of the English department that I am CAPABLE of teaching 8th graders four hours a day.

My only suit jacket smells musty, though. I'm burning incense under it. I'd rather smell like the good kind of hippie than the other kind.

At 16:23 Blogger Dragonsally said...

Wendy, I have this gorgeous image of you running around in circles screaming "arghhhhhhh"
Good luck, go slay em.

Bunnies are scary just ask Anya.

At 17:41 Anonymous Wendy Withers said...

That IS how I spent my morning. When I wasn't laying in a dark place with a headache. Now I feel better, and a second school has asked me in for an interview.

Bidding war!!!!!

At least, that's the best-case-scenario.

At 18:21 Blogger Fluffy said...

GO Wendy!!

At 19:35 Blogger Beez said...

Phiala, I don't know about your Wolfie, but my Mika was chasing the bunneh in our yard with great enthusiasm- even managed to nip off a fluff of fur twice.

Lately- she barks, runs @ the bunneh, the bunneh starts to run....

Mika slows down when she's about 5 ft. away, sniffs, wanders off.

Bunneh stops, get up on hind legs...looks around....ambles out of the yard.

I think Deals Are Being Done under the bushes.

At 20:01 Blogger LihuaEmilyP said...

I like the photo as well. AFP is so cool. Now Quiche, as much as I want to see you, you must understand I'm in RI. If I were not in RI, this would not be a problem. To my intense dismay, I must admit that I am in fact in this boring leetle state. HUFF.

At 20:45 Blogger Dragonsally said...

Beez, that sounds rather like the arrangement Garfield has with the mice...

At 21:19 Blogger Ms T said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

At 21:22 Blogger Ms T said...

Whoops. Second try. First one was a little garbled.

Yes, well, unfortunately my furry little monster hasn't made any arrangements with the wildlife, unless there's one in place regarding the catch and release of live rats in my bedroom. Hasn't happened for a while...touch wood.

And Happy Firbday to Queen Lizzie! It might not be her actual firbday but it's the start of a long weekend for us. (Sal, I think you fullas observe it next week, don't you?)

At 21:24 Blogger Cecily said...

I have forgot to ticky for many blogs now...been kinda distracted.

At 21:35 Blogger Chantrelle said...

Today was Ben's last full day of kindergarten. The year flew by. He's got his "moving on" ceremony tomorrow and next week is rehearsal for the big end-of-the-year Ramayana play they do. But no more class! Crazy. Can't believe it.

End of the year is so busy! I'll have to catch up sometime right?

At 21:52 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Had a great ride and storms are coming tonight.

No one peed on me.

Nothing got broke. Bones or household items.

I found a shadow box and a REALLY ugly Swan Shaped Soup Tureen at a random garage sale.

Managed my quota of six impossible things before breakfast. (We ate late tho)

The season finale of L&O SVU does not suck.

I am in my bed typing.

I'd call it a good day.

At 22:02 Blogger Dragonsally said...

Yes Ms T, next weekend. Which is special, because my dad gets a long weekend for his 80th firbday.

At 22:05 Blogger Ticia said...

I want to see a picture of this soup tureen! :)

Six impossible things accomplished by our fearless leader. YayQ (a typo, but I liked it SO much I left it!)

At 22:23 Blogger LihuaEmilyP said...

Whoot good days, I am off to bed now ... or soon ... would have fallen asleep earlier if sugar had not gone into the basement ... have a nice Friday, Fiends!

At 23:18 Blogger Na said...

It's Friday? Really?!

Is it May yet?

Popping in to say Hi again, and these pics are making me smile. :) Need more live music in my life! Will settle this evening for a Solas CD (they use fiddle quite a lot).

At 06:21 Blogger Madeline Carol Matz said...

Loved you and your fiddle-playing!!! I think Tuesday show may be the BEST show I have ever been to! The air was thick with the love vibe! I saw them the next night in Chicago at the Park West which was fantastic but a totally different atmosphere (the venue ended the show at 10p?!?! I was tickled pink to met you and thank you hardily for taking the time to talk to all of us hanging about. I would drive that 10 hours again to see an AFP show in Minneapolis! aka @mcmatz

At 06:55 Blogger Phiala said...

I sold a story!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry, bit excited. Never been paid for fiction before.

On the other hand, a local magazine used two of my photos uncredited.

At 07:42 Blogger Beez said...

Hurrah Phiala! Published and paid!

Now, as for the pictures. If your politely-worded letter doesn't work, I have a friend who is a bouncer @ Chums.

She may be available to apply corrective measures.

Sally, glad you're feeling a bit better.

At 08:01 Blogger Jill said...

Huzzah and hooray, Phiala! Cool about the fiction-publishing, not so much about the uncredited-photo-using.

Sally - HA! Love the Anya/Buffy reference. :>) Pleased that I'm hip enough to have gotten that.

At 09:08 Blogger One Sock Short said...

Tick and shamble...

At 09:19 Blogger Jane said...

Phiala, congrats on the story!!!

And bad photo publishers!

At 09:23 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...


(In my personal humble opinion, I want it POSTER size all over my house so I remember what is really important in life for ever more!!!)

By @BenZvan

At 09:29 Blogger Jane said...

That IS a great photo!

At 10:09 Blogger Phiala said...

That is a *wonderful* photo!

At 10:13 Blogger Phiala said...

Thanks for the congrats, everyone.

The magazine has already apologized for the missing photo credit and promised to print a correction in the next issue. Not as good as getting it right the first time, but not much else they can do at this point.

I have just finished a review that was dragging on interminably. I'm leaving work early today (1ish) because I'm going to have company this weekend. (And really, any excuse to leave early on Friday, right?)

So it's all around a good day.

At 10:20 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Opps! Got so wrapped up in my own personal thing, I forgot to say CONGRADS! Mistress, that is so cool, way to go selling a story!

Going to be a good day, I am thinking. Work, then rock. I like it.

This weekend is tonight only for me at Charlie's, tomorrow is Paul and John "Big Sexy" Sjogren, I had to take the night off for work bits.

At 10:51 Blogger Na said...

*happy dance for Phiala!*

And agree, brilliant photo! Wonderful, wonderful.

Cecily, will you find me on facebook? I'm pretty sure I haven't broken any rules but fb won't allow me to send "friend" invites right now.

At 11:07 Blogger dabbler said...

Woot to Phiala, Wendy, and , of course Ms Fabulous...and hugs to those needing 'em. Trying to get caught up...must tick.

At 11:09 Blogger Jess said...

Phiala!! YAY!! :D Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful.

And go Wendy!

And poor flower heads.

Well hello. I am back. I wish I wasn't. It is nasty and humid here. We walked in the door and it smelled of damp. I says, Arizona didn't smell like this! How do we live in a house that smells like this?!, and Mr. Jess just laughed at me. Then we found some petrified cat poop on the floor. Awesome! I'm eighty-seven percent certain it was just a random accident on the part of the cats, and not a statement.

Got me some Good Arts, though, so I'm happy. And the Three Rivers Arts Festival begins today, so it'll be even more arts again. All you guys should come. Drop everything and come.

At 11:10 Blogger Jess said...

and i tick it
o yes i do
i tick the box
so i gets comments
from yoooooou

At 11:22 Blogger Jess said...

I missed that! That is awesome. :D

At 11:22 Blogger Na said...

Oh Wendy, I did mean to cheer you on! No moss growing on you. :D

Argh. I am thus far successfully avoiding work this morning. Need to fail at that for a bit...

At 12:39 Blogger Uisge said...

Joyful tick to happy fiends.

Congratulations to the MANY of you with good and exciting news.

Happy healing thoughts to those who need it.

And a request for healing thoughts for my boy Beau who is working hard to beat back fatty liver disease.

At 16:00 Blogger Marjorie said...

Wonderfl pictures of Lorraine, Fantastic news for Phiala, and goodluck vibes for Wendy. What did I miss?

At 17:01 Anonymous Wendy Withers said...

So, I did not get the job I interviewed for yesterday, but my next interview is next Thursday, and I think I would like the program a lot more. It is a charter school for kids who are trying to get through school, but for whatever reason (homelessness, death in the family, etc.) they need a lot of extra help.

This is the kind of job I moved to New Orleans to do!

At 17:08 Blogger Cecily said...

huh...I am subscribed and not receiving emails...

At 17:09 Blogger Dragonsally said...

Lorraine, if that wonderful picture was made into a poster and sold to help the Bengals I'd buy it - so much joy!

Phiala, congratulations. I'm glad the magazine is going to print the credit.

Wendy, I like the sound of the next job prospect better too.

Hey, yesterday was our coldest day since June last year. No wonder I was happy to stay snuggled inside.

At 17:14 Blogger Chantrelle said...

That picture is AWESOME!!!

At 17:54 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Off to my gig! Chatter me things to read during the breaks, please?

Feeling good about playing, it will be lovely to stretch out and play, and who knows what might happen???

At 18:04 Blogger dabbler said...

Hmm. Methinks I hear a ...hint. Will check back later to see if my guess is right. No money need be involved.

At 18:10 Anonymous Wendy Withers said...

If the other AFP/Fablo picture was turned into a poster, I'd buy it. I'm classy like that.

At 18:11 Blogger One Sock Short said...

As always (though perhaps even more so this month), wish I were there.

I wasn't at my best on Wednesday, so I'm afraid I couldn't enjoy EvEv to the fullest. I did enjoy it more on stage though. Their mannerisms as the twins were endearing.

At 18:50 Blogger Chantrelle said...

It seems to be summer. Ben's done w/ school (minus play practice and performances next week) and it's hot. He's outside playing w/ the hose. I'm inside watching and once in a while going out to get sprayed accidentally.

ROCK OUT tonight Lorraine!! Woot!

At 19:33 Blogger LihuaEmilyP said...

Have a wonderful gig, Quiche! Hey Fiends, guess what? I've been watching ALL the Doctor Who ...

At 19:49 Blogger Cecily said...

Na, I'm still not getting messages on here, hence why I haven't added you...that and I don't know how to find you. :-)

At 19:51 Blogger Cecily said...

Lihua, ALL of the Doctor Who?! I went looking just through Tom Baker stuff and decided it was just too much.

At 20:10 Blogger Phiala said...

But Tom Baker is the BEST!

Thanks for the congrats, everyone. I'm very pleased with myself, and went out for sushi to celebrate.

My father and his wife are here for the weekend, so I probably won't be online a whole lot.

At 21:30 Anonymous Wendy Withers said...

Tonight I'm sitting at home writing and watching Spaced. Might rewatch Torchwood, too.

At 21:48 Blogger LihuaEmilyP said...

Not quite ALL, not yet, just all the Series, but not at this point all the episodes. I love it.

Quiche, I only JUST NOW realized the person in the picture with AFP was you. Why did I not notice this? Now I feel a twinge of guilt for going, "AFP is SO COOL" and not "You are both SO COOL" when really this IS in indeed what I should have said.

At 22:04 Blogger Jess said...

Quiche is a Rock Star now. Cool is a given. :)

Tonight I have been uploading one too many pictures of the Grand Canyon. Click if you like views, or flowers, or the occasional lizard.

At 22:23 Blogger AletaMay said...

Hope the gig is going well!

I just got home from my friend Daniel's art opening. It was the art that kids in Ghana made with him last year. Great stuff.

At 01:11 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Lihua, no worries, always an adjustment when I friend turns into a ROCK STAR GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, ego back in check. FIne gig tonight!

We are doing a video shoot for something, I forget what, but they want US, as an example of cool Irish rock, so June 18th a Friday, keep it open.

I need cool people there!

At 02:05 Blogger Na said...

wish i could stop in, Lorraine! slainte to you and Paul and your rockin' world.

cecily - now fb let me send invites (the interwebz do puzzle me).

i read a version of Thomas the Rhymer to my monsters last night. now my elder wants us to have a "Truth Day" tomorrow. he plots, i believe.

At 02:21 Blogger Dragonsally said...

Hey Fiends, I'm watching an old ep of Green Acres - lordy but it was a corny show. Still makes me laugh though.

At 08:58 Blogger Jess said...

I applaud Elder Monster's persuit of Truth! Good for him. Let every day be Truth Day. Except maybe once a month when you can lie your pants off. (That would be Lying Bastard Day, and Sarah Palin would be its patron saint, badum tish.)

Will the video feature dry ice and pyrotechnics, Q? And maybe a flying rig so you can fiddle over the crowd? It should. That would be awesome. And you could ride Dim onstage for the opening! The folks at Charlie's won't mind, will they?

Which reminds me: what is it with historic hotels like that, that they always have a bar downstairs called "Charlie's"? We found another one in downtown Flagstaff.

Ally Cat here would like you all to see her belly. If I had the webcam enabled, you could. But I don't, so you'll have to imagine it in all its wobbly glory.

At 09:41 Blogger Jane said...

Jess, love the photos. Did you ride a mule down into the canyon?

At 14:40 Blogger Fluffy said...

Love, love, love the ROCK pic. Mr. Ben Zvan got some great shots. Speaking of which, Jess didn't do too badly with hers. Gorgeous desert views. I saw a penstemon in there.

We have a wedding to attend tonight. I believe it is outdoors. Aaargh. I just hope it isn't one of those ones where they wrote looooong sonnets to each other. Feeling a bit grumpy at the mere idea. 90+ temps do that to me.

At 15:58 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Well, I can post comments from work, but not, apparently, from home.

At 18:27 Blogger Jess said...

Well, back to work, then! Chop chop! ;) You gigging tonight, Q?

Thanks, Fluff. Oh my god, you're right! Of course it's a penstemon! I couldn't figure it out for the life of me, and I have the damn things in my back yard-- white with red stems and leaves, but I still should have worked it out. I've never seen an orange one before. How cool!

No mules. We hopped on and off the shuttle bus around the South Rim. Really roughing it, I know. (There's a even gift shop at the end! Yeehaw!) You couldn't pay me to ride a mule down a cliff, and I feel just fine about that.

Wish I'd got more pictures in Sedona, but you can't park on the scenic pull-offs without a park pass, and we didn't figure out where to get them till we were on our way back. Meh. I have seen it with my eyes.

At 20:07 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...


At 21:02 Blogger Jess said...

Yeah!! Rock!! Oh, wait.


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