Sunday, July 25, 2010

Mostly My Horse, With A Recipe....

I haven't done pictures of Dimiyl, or Dim as I call him, in a while, or a Blog Post devoted to Horses, Dim in particular, so that's the Plan for tonight. But first....

I was making some Fried Green Tomatoes this afternoon for the Boss and me, and on a whim decided to take a pic and direct message it off to the Birdchick, Fried Green Tomatoes being up there with Bacon in her book, that is to say: she loves the things, along with a message about her coming out on Tuesday, but managed to post this picture of the frying lovelies publicly (and the come out here Tuesday bit) and now I am no end besieged with requests for the Recipe. And people wanting to come for lunch on Tuesday.

I don't post Recipes. I just cook. But, this time, I'll have a go.

Fried Green Tomatoes and How You Could Make Them

Well, first off, this may seem obvious, but if I am going to do this, I might as well be thorough, you need some Green Tomatoes. Hopefully, you are growing them in your garden, and can simply nip out back and grab a couple, as they are not much sold in stores. Alternatively, you might make friends with someone selling Veggies at a Farmers Market and ask THEM to nip out and get you some from their gardens.

If you have managed to acquire the Green Tomatoes, the rest is relatively easy.

Slice them up. As thin or thick as you like them. If they are too thin, they will fall apart tho, and if they are too thick you will have Green Tomato Provencale, and no one wants THAT.

Oddly enough, while I googled for a friendly image of Tomatoes Provencale to help illustrate my point, this also came up. They call it "a tian of roasted tomato, avocado, fingerling potato, hearts of palm, tomato coulis and Sardines" If this were Top Chef, they would SO be going home for this one.

(Also candidate for a Weight Watcher Recipe Cards circa 1974 if I ever there was. If you haven't seen them, GO, you will laugh. A lot.)

Anyway, back to the Fried Green Tomatoes. Slice 'em. Carefully. With a Sharp Knife. Ideally, losing no fingers in the process. Rinse them, this is important, they need to be WET.

In a small bowl. Or a large bowl, really, your call. You have to mix up some COATING. You have some options here, and a lot of wiggle room. You might go with flour, any kind. Today I used Corn Flour and Corn Meal, as they were handy. Toss in some Seasonings. Salt and pepper. Or paprika. Or Spike Seasoning. Tony Chechere's. Whatever is in the cupboard.

But wait, you ask!! How much of each do we USE?????

No clue. Get creative. Obviously, some things are in the "Use Less" category, like the seasonings. Don't get too extreme. Or too worried. It's coating.

Now you will need a FRYING PAN. A non-stick pan works nicely for this. Spray it with Olive Oil Cooking Spray. Add a LITTLE bit of Olive Oil. Not a LOT, this isn't DEEP frying, just a wee little bit, it will sort of travel around the pan, but at no point does it completely COVER the Frying Pan. The main purpose of it is to make that nice sizzling sound when you toss in the tomatoes. We are trying to be healthy here.

Turn on your burner. Not too low, you want the sizzling sound, but again, not too high or you will have smoke, always a bad sign when cooking. Kind of medium.

When you deem your pan ready, take a Wet Tomato and Coat it in your coating. The easiest way to do this is to drop it on in your bowl and flip it around a few times.

Toss it in your Heated Frying Pan.

Now cook it until it is done. NOTE: You will need to flip them over halfway thru the cooking process. As to how to tell when you are halfway, or when they are done, well, it's kind of Zen. They are done when they are done. Or when they look like something you would want to eat. Black is a Bad Sign, as is, again, Smoke. They should look, well, cooked tho.

There you have it

Now back to Dim, this IS a Horse Blog after all...

But first, sending thanks to my Boss, who spent rather a great deal of time talking to my Phone and My Computer, getting THEM to talk, so these pictures could go from one to another, and ultimately, end up here.

Love and Dim, with some Fried Green Tomatoes,


At 19:03 Blogger DataGoddess said...

Dim is looking great!

At 19:08 Anonymous Wendy Withers said...

I used to make fried green tomatoes all the time when my mom grew them in the back yard, more than 10 years ago. Now, I'm hoping I can catch some at the farmer's market, because I really want to try out my new frying technique with them: the egg bath.

Also, every time you write about Dim, it makes me want to buy a horse. I just wrote my obituary today; maybe I should add a horse to my survivors for my future death.

At 19:11 Blogger Jess said...

Well thank you, because it just so happens that in my CSA box the other week I received ONE GREEN TOMATO, and have yet to use it. And Birdchick actually shared her fried green tomato recipe once in the not-to-distant-past, but I lost track of it, so I've never done it. And, as I say: got a single green tomato in my fridge, leading a useless life.

Tonight I am making drunken chocolate chip cookie squares, because we aren't trying to be healthy here. What we are is drunk, and wanting cookies. I will say this: they sure look like something a drunk person craving cookie squares would make.

(I cut out half the sugar, for anyone interested in these sorts of things. I have yet to determine whether it was a good move or not.)

A lovely horse! Where is he going, with his fetlocks blowing in the wind? Etc. (And how is his foot/ankle/leg?)

At 19:24 Blogger Precision Grace said...

that boy really is byoutiful! and has a purple bridle (is that the right word?)
fried green tomatoes...there was a film with those in it, a good one too.. can't remember what it was's on the tip of my tongue..

At 19:25 Blogger Beez said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

At 19:25 Blogger Rhonda Roo said...

Well thank you for several things
#1 LOVELY picture of a BEAUTIFUL horse-is there anything better?

#2 THE Recipe. and WW thing (guffaw). and pointing out that i should be growing green tomatoes in my garden. :p But really, the guy at the Farmer's market is really really nice, and I think he's almost my friend. Two more trips, really.

#3 Did i mention it's an organic farmers market?

#4 One good recipe deserves another, for your next camping trip should you choose to imbibe:
In a Big gallon pitcher type thing:
~6 pack bud lite LIME
~one fifth vodka
~one quarter cup sugar
~stir this up
~add 3 BIG cans frozen limeade (you know in the GREEN can)
stir gently
sip happily
go easy
it's called "run naked through the woods" -but I have it on authority it works for beaches too. :p
(not me)



At 19:28 Blogger Beez said...

Blogger Beez said...

Dim is a glorious glowing piece of Horse, isn't he?

I've made fried green tomatoes-usually with the cornmeal coating.

The instructions you gave are very Zen.

(Thanks Boss, for making the electronica chat and voila! Horse Pictures!)

Oh yeah, I belonged to Weight Watchers in 1974. I may still have cookbooks packed away somewhere.
We were DEAD SERIOUS about this food....I can't effing believe it...

At 20:13 Blogger Jane said...

OMG you are marvelously funny :-)

At 20:28 Blogger vampi said...

i'm iffy on the green tomatoes, but i think the last time someone just really effed hem up i am willing to give them a try.

boy wants to join a csa, but i'm afraid we won't use up all of the veggies because i'm picky, and if i get alot of rooty things i may not try them.


At 20:31 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Jess, as ever, you make me laugh. Well, you all do really. Wendy, do we want to know?

Dim is looking great and he seems healed from what ever it was. I lunged him today and we went for a trail walk where I learned he can REAR UP, which was exciting. Why, I do not know.

Rhonda Roo, welcome, but forgive me if I don't try YOUR recipe. Jess will have to and report back.

The purple thing is a Halter, a bridle has a bit to go with it, and reins. This is just for walking around.

Aren't those WW things hysterical?? I laugh every time I go there, it's the descriptions that do it.

At 20:31 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Vampi, don't fear the rootie things..

At 20:34 Blogger vampi said...

oh urg, why won't blogger keep me signed in? bad blogger.

oh i recently cut my hair short, so i went to a craft market that must have been arond the corner from hell, because it was HOT. i bought a bunch of hair accessories including my first animal print accessory ever at least 1st as far as i can remember.

At 20:34 Blogger Dragonsally said...

Really, all recipes should be written like that. Makes MUCH more sense to me.
And I might just try this recipe I think. I've never eaten green tomatoes. Do they taste totally different?
Dim is looking wonderful. Shiny!

At 20:34 Blogger Dragonsally said...

ticky tocky.

At 20:49 Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your phone and computer are having lovely conversations.

At 21:00 Blogger LihuaEmilyP said...

Ah, Boss the Computer Supergenius. Ben tried to make Fried Green Tomatoes a while ago. Liked them. Never really got around to making them after that. But he liked the book ... one of the few books he's ever read. -_- I told him, "READ BOOKS. YOU WILL LIKE THEM" and despite my being proven right, he would rather gulp down politics. Um. Anyway so yes. He's big on cooking too. Hence the Tomatoes.

At 21:07 Blogger Jess said...

Alas, I cannot be your Run Naked Through the Woods guinea pig, Q, because I do not drink the spirits, or the frozen limeade. I am strictly a wine and beer girl. (Also a whine-then-beer girl.)

I can report that the cookie squares came out more like scones, i.e. kind of dry and crumbly, so I guess I now know why the whole cup of sugar. Still a satisfactory culinary venture for someone in my drunken-munchy state, and more dignified than eating handfuls of chocolate chips out of the bag. Which I was prepared to do, I don't mind telling you.

Vampi, I will not deny that it's difficult to get through all the veggies. Helps to have a friend or two to unload unwanted heads of lettuce on. Thing to do, if you do it, is find a multi-farmer CSA which offers lots of different things, plus goodies like cheese and eggeses and honey and that. Because then it'll seems worth it.

Rooty things are better and more useful than you might expect, and so are Weird Greens. I have found this here tome an invaulable resource re: unfamiliar vegetables. Of course I am a big fan of Nigel Slater anyhoo.

At 21:17 Blogger Beez said...

Ooh Jess, I NEED that cookbook. Growing stuff book. EVERYTHING book all rolled into one.


Oh, and green tomatoes do taste a bit different. Fruitier. My grandmother used to make green tomato pie the same way you make one with apples, and it was really good. (I come from a long line of farmers, what can I say).

At 21:35 Anonymous Wendy Withers said...

I was watching a TV show, and one of the characters was writing his obituary as a motivational exercise. I decided to give it a go, and I think it worked out pretty well. I thought it might help, since I'm rewriting my life.

I'm dying my hair tonight in celebration of my first day of work tomorrow. It's going to be Hot Tamale. Also, I bought some purple hair spray, so if I go out someplace special, I can have pretty purple hair again, at least for the night.

Also, have to check my work policy for weird hair colors.

At 21:43 Blogger Dragonsally said...

Hot Tamale?
Will I bet Jess to the song

At 22:08 Anonymous Wendy Withers said...

At 22:27 Blogger Dragonsally said...

We have excellent taste Wendy - that's about as close to my colour as you could get *high five*

At 23:19 Anonymous Wendy Withers said...

Fiends: The Clone Wars Edition

I try to keep my hair around the red/pink/fuschia range. And, this is the closest to fuschia I can get right now and feel comfortable about my future.

At 00:10 Blogger ariandalen said...

Dim looks absolutely fabulous! Glad you got to work with him, even if you couldn't ride him. :)

Green tomatoes...I don't think I'll be finding any in Texas as it's been too hot for tomatoes to fruit for a couple of months now. On the up side, it's time to plant them for the fall. :)

Hi, Rhonda Roo! If you've been reading for a while, then you know that you are now officially a Fiend! Welcome! Here is your white, buckled jacket. You can use whatever is handy to personalize it; it need not remain white if you prefer a different color. :)

At 00:19 Blogger AletaMay said...

Oh fiends you make me laugh! Yay

Dim looks great and so do fried green tomatoes. YUM! LOVE the links -- WW and square cookies all mixed together. :-)

I've been spending a lot of time pulling together some of the strings in my life lately -- mostly by way of figuring out how not to have the lights and phone turned off if you know what I mean.

Anyway one piece of the puzzle is a new Zazzle shop. I'm announcing it on Facebook and via emails and such tomorrow but I thought I'd pop a link up here so fiends can have an early peek.

I must sleep now. My sleep has become very backwards lately. I've become very nocturnal. This really does not work with my life right now. 'Night Fiends!

At 00:22 Anonymous Wendy Withers said...

^.^ There is thunder outside. I think the remains Tropical Storm Bonnie wants to put me to sleep!

At 00:27 Blogger spacedlaw said...

Nice recipe! I'll wait until the tomatoes refuse to get red in our garden, though...

Dim looks fairly pleased with himself. Should we get worried about mischief?

At 00:31 Blogger Na said...

Clue, Fiend Edition; possible solutions:

in the Kitchen
with Drunken Cookie Squares

Rhonda Roo
in the Woods
with a Suspicious Concoction

At 00:33 Blogger AletaMay said...

Oh Na that sounds like a game worth playing!

At 00:33 Blogger spacedlaw said...

The comments on that weight watchers from hell site sound like they might have been written by Jess.

At 00:38 Blogger Na said...

oh, and HI!

happy Fried Green Tomatoing. i've never had them but they do sound delish. *add to Things To Do List for When I Can Garden Again*

Phiala, thinking of you. may some rays of sunshine or moonlight find their way to you and all there.

At 00:40 Blogger spacedlaw said...

Glad to see I was not the only one thinking of Jess on that one.
My favourite for today is the salmon mousse.

At 00:43 Blogger Na said...

Aleta - ha! and fun to design. i'm now imagining rather Spooky room decor.

drove from Missoula to Edmonton yesterday, via the Road to the Sun in Glacier NP. not a journey i care ever to repeat. very tired (but having fun catching up here). must sleep (but don't want to go to sleep). real life resumes tomorrow.

At 00:45 Blogger Na said...

oh and hi, Nat!

okay. forcing myself to go to SLEEP. (that works, right?)

At 00:48 Blogger LihuaEmilyP said...

Quarter-to-two-in-the-morning greeting. Incredible nightmare. This is why love having a laptop.

I am watching messed-up Doctor Who videos on YouTube. Swell therapy.

At 01:18 Blogger Marjorie said...

I like your recipe style, Q. Reminds me of the Christmas we spent at my aunt & uncle's home with no proper temperrure control on th oven. My dad stayed very calm with his "cooking is not an exact science" mantra, and with that and lots of sherry ( applied to the cooks, not the meal"'all was well.
I have lots of green tomatoes - may try it out.

And Dimil is beautiful.

Very cheering to wake to on a Monday Morning.

At 02:14 Blogger vampi said...

bears in the news

so i'm wondering is someone left a peanut butter sandwich on the sign where you go camping, apparently they are irresistible :D

At 08:05 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Morning! You know, they DO sound kind of like Jess, now that you mention it...

Had a sore throat in the night. And coughing stuff. This ain't good. Can AC do that to you?

I am going to my first ZUMBA class tonight with a new friend I met at the Farmers Market. She says she does it all the time, she is really FIT and reads PG Wodehouse.

Clearly she is onto something.

Must now google ZUMBA and learn what the heck it IS....

First tho, email is DONE and I am going to see Dim, no riding yet, but we will lunge, and walk thru the woods.

At 08:25 Blogger spacedlaw said...

Zulu rumba? Zany samba?

At 09:00 Blogger Ticia said...

Thanks fir the recipe!

Dimmis absolutely gorgeous. Horses look like freedom and movement to me, even when they are still. :)

Jess, now I want cookie squares. I may even try to make some.

You fiends inspire me to stretch my culinary limitations and try to cook things.

Okay. Off to work. Have a wonderful day.

At 09:18 Blogger One Sock Short said...

{{{Emily & Family}}} I hope the treatment goes well. Healing thoughts for your mom.

{{{Phiala}}} What an ordeal.

Dim really does glow with gorgeousness.

Thank heavens Weight Watchers has seen the error of those ways.

I make a delicious stew from green tomatoes.

My brain seems to only be able to produce short thoughts today.

At 09:36 Blogger Laura B said...

I love fried green tomatoes! My mom used to make them. I think I'll have to swipe a couple of tomatoes from their garden and try it myself.

I've actually had a couple of drink concoctions very similar to the recipe that Rhonda Roo posted. At Hypericon it was made with frozen lemonade and called Skippy. At home my husband makes it with the limeade and tequila and calls it Hillbilly Margaritas. Tasty stuff, but packs a punch.

Big hugs to LiHua/Emily and Phiala. And anyone else who needs it.

Oh, and lovely Dim pictures!

At 09:47 Blogger Jess said...

Well the Drunken Cookie Squares sure are extra dry and sconey this morning. At this point I'd call them "edible". But not necessarily "delicious".

I am always alarmed by the things people say sound like me, or surely must be me because the writer's name was Jess and it seems just like the sort of thing I'd say. They usually sound nothing like me, and make me wonder if I'm ever really saying what I think I'm saying, or just what, for that matter, people do think I'm actually saying, and whether they think I'm nuts. By which point I'm ready to go back to bed, forever.

In the case of the Weight Watcher's cards, the writer's name is Wendy, and I would never have thought up this gag. This is a great gag. I wish I had thought of this gag. So, no. Not Me. But I'm flattered you think I'm as funny as that. :)

At 09:49 Blogger LihuaEmilyP said...

Mom is feeling exhausted but not too bad. I'd like things to stay this way. Don't think they WILL but I wouldn't be a pessimist. And yeah, Quiche, AC can totally bug your throat and sinuses etc. Blech. Ya'll can laugh but I hate AC!

At 12:16 Blogger Marjorie said...

Sorry you have sore throat, Q. It probably is the AC - Hope you feel better soon.

Bleck. I was thinking all sorts of interesting things earlier, but now it's too hot, and I think my brain melted.

At 12:28 Blogger Precision Grace said...

so sorry to hear about your mum Emily. Hugs!

Now, what was I going to say?
Oh yes - love the hair Sally!

And..Zumba is brilliant! I can't sit still to a latin beat - and it works ALL your muscles, tho I've only tried to follow along to youtube videos so far, a friend goes to a class and she says it's the most fun she ever had.

And... I spent almost the WHOLE of today talking to people (after months of more or less purely written communication with the world). Went for an interview then stopped to see one old boss (who can talk for England so an hour and a bit later), was passing another old place of work & as I hadn't been in touch in ages felt, what the heck and popped in - talked to four different people for half an hour each (or more in some cases) and now my head needs to go on a scrap heap. This much talking (or even listening actively as I was mostly doing) can't be good for the health.

Also, made a salad with home grown cucumber. Divine.

At 12:44 Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dim is quite handsome. I've wanted a horse easily since I was five but have never owned one. It is a very special relationship, human and horse. Thank you for sharing!

What is with Fried Green Tomatos? I brought them up at work this week and was deluged w/ recipe requests...I had always assumed everyone grew up with them...they were one of my Dad's specialties. And your recipe is spot on!

I want you and the Fiends to know how much I appreciate your seems as though many of you are currently going through life changes (or actually, not changing but becoming more of who we really are?) and I come here and become re-inspired on my own quest...especially when it seems as though it's all taking too long or am simply discouraged. Thanks all, and keep posting!


At 14:15 Blogger Unknown said...

I finally have a chance to ask my fried green tomato question! Is it green tomatoes, as in the tomatoes that have not yet ripened to their red/pink/yellow/orange or striped loveliness? Or is it green tomatoes, as in the ones that are naturally green when ripe?

Currently I'm growing Brandywine tomatoes, but I'm tempted to try some green zebra next year. Or maybe tiny tiger because I'm sure that would fit somewhere . . .

At 16:28 Blogger Jenn said...

Yay! Shiny summer coat. Go Dim!

At 17:11 Blogger ariandalen said...

Erika, they are green as in not ripe tomatoes. :) That's why they need to be cooked to eat.

Hi, Ames! Count yourself as a Fiend! Here is your very own white, buckled jacket; personalize it any way you please. :)

Keeping you and yours in my thoughts, Li Hua! {{{Li Hua}}}

Thanks for the update on Lys and Brenda, Beez!

At 19:32 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Hello Ames! You should come here more often too, be welcome, very welcome, that's what we are here for, if you like us, you belong here.

New post is UP! Two in two days!

Welcome to ZUMBA.....

At 20:41 Blogger Cecily said...

Ok I am way behind on my reading, I will go to the new blog, but wanted to comment on this first...

I love FGT, but shouldn't eat them as I have a slight sensitivity to tomatoes. But usually when there are FGT around I have to have at least one cause of my love for the movie. Seriously one of my top three movies.

Dim looks amazing. Now off to try to read the new blog.

At 13:07 Blogger Phiala said...

I know this has been superseded, but I'm trying to catch up now that I'm actually home... or at work, taking a late lunchbreak. Or something like that.

I cannot remember what I reported here about my horrible trip home... 4 hours in a plane on the ground in Atlanta, a tremendously long line in Detroit that was shut down after I stood in it for an hour and a half, a couple of hours of sleep tucked behind a chair somewhere in the airport, and a flight into State College the next morning that was itself delayed over an hour.

And I paid a lot for that dose of misery. To get a bereavement fare you have to have all kinds of information that was not available yet. Stupid *&#$^& airlines.

I did not make it home for the funeral, nor the burial, nor the post-funeral luncheon. But I did get there for the post-luncheon family time at the farmhouse. Everyone is doing as well as can be expected, I think. We stayed an extra night with Barb so she didn't go from house full of family to nobody there all at once.

Got home yesterday, went to work for a few hours to catch up on email. Today I'm at work for a full day, but I'm quite ridiculously tired and sort of puttering.

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