Monday, August 9, 2010

Dogs, ALPACAS and Me....

Cabal goes in to the U of M vets today and has his TPLO surgery tomorrow. That's to repair a torn tendon on his back leg, he had the other leg done last year and can now use it perfectly. He will be laid up for 6 weeks or so, no stairs, no running, no outside off leash, but after that, he ought to be good to GO! (Once again let me say what a GREAT idea Doggie Health Insurance is.)

We hope to have him home by Thursday, if all goes well, possibly even Wednesday.

The not pictured today Puppy Lola has her first Dog School Class tonight. I know, you say "But Lorraine, we thought she already went to Dog School and took that class????" That was the last session. This is a new session. She did well last time but has not mastered the concept of "Other dogs are friends and not something you try and kill" so she is taking it again. Lucky for her fellow Dog Students.

People have been captioning my ALPACA photo, REALLY funny, here's a link to the responses. Also, I'd better clarify, they are not my ALPACAs . (No, I don't know why I feel the need to write ALPACA all in caps, I just DO.) I do not have an ALPACA, nor am I planning on getting one, tho I did enter the "Win a free ALPACA" drawing, and just exactly how funny would that be??? I just like them. They are cute. And sweet. Not like Llama (Sorry Joan of Dark!) who are arrogant and disdainful. Ok, so these guys don't look FRIENDLY exactly, but they make the BEST noises. I need to sample ALPACA talk on my next cd. Here's a link to a sort of ALPACA Zen Meditation. (If you're up for it, You Tube has WAY more ALPACA noise vid's than one would think likely.)

Here's today insptational photo. That's my Naptown Roller Girls jersey with my number 12 and Roller Girl name on it, sent to me by ACTUAL Naptown Roller Girl, Joan of Dark! I keep it on the board in my office (along with a Dr Who calendar still on July apparently and a handy Ukulele) as it does not currently FIT me. It's tight.

It will not be come end of October, and I will wear it when I meet these Roller Girls at House on the Rock.

There WILL be pictures.

Love and ALPACAS,


At 14:32 Blogger Precision Grace said...

Good luck tomorrow Cabal! hope it goes well and convalescing isn't too much of a hardship.

Had afternoon nap and dreamed I was visiting Q headquarters with other fiends (Marjorie was looking after me ?!) and Q was being Very Strict on how she wanted the beds made. lol

My cat are being INSANE today. Much hissing and fighting and not a lot of eating or drinking.

At 14:32 Blogger One Sock Short said...

Best wishes to Cabal.

Mmmmm, alpaca fiber.

At 14:34 Blogger DataGoddess said...

At least this time it won't be too cold for Cabal to go outside with a shaved leg! I have my fingers crossed that everything goes well.

Alpacas are very goofy looking, but have wonderful wool. If you get some, you'll need to find someone to spin it up and sell it (I'll buy it, I don't spin. Yet.)

You know, given I'm only an hour north of Naptown, I mean Indy, I should go to a Roller Girls game!

At 14:38 Blogger LincolnBlog said...

Hope all goes well with Cabal. Also hope t-shirt will be a chapter in your new book.

At 14:42 Blogger Beez said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

At 14:44 Blogger Beez said...

Well, you DID do it all! ZOOOOOOM goes Lorraine.

*skritches* and *pets* to Big Dog. He's had more than his fair share of medical stuff, so hopefully this one is it.

Having experienced Miss Lola and Other Dogs- yeah. I can see Round II for the girl. She's so damn smart.

HOTR...y'all better Twitter and Twitpic and and...I am so SAD to not be able to go. Fiends AND a bunch of other friends coming in from all over. So close and yet so far.

It looks like Rory will get a vet checkout this week. SUCH a totally different kitty than the almost-dead one a couple of weeks ago. Curious, affectionate...I hope we get the all-clear to integrate all the pets. She and Mika the Dog have met and are pretty relaxed around each other.

Well, until Mika *SLURPS* her ear!

Well, onward and workward.

At 14:48 Blogger Vinity said...

Sending best wishes and healing vibes to Cabal and calming vibes to Lola

I bet the shirt Sending best wishes and healing vibes to Cabal and calming vibes to Lola

I bet the shirt will be loose by then! I'm really sad I'm gonna miss the House on the Rock gig. DV is making our Wooley Worm Festival plans for that weekend this week. Why does everything have to happen on conflicting weekends?

OK, let's see if this post? will be loose by then! I'm really sad I'm gonna miss the House on the Rock gig. DV is making our Wooley Worm Festival plans for that weekend this week. Why does everything have to happen on conflicting weekends?

OK, let's see if this post?

At 14:59 Blogger Cecily said...

Yay for what will hopefully be the last surgery for one of the prettiest dogs in the world!

And yes it would be totally ironic if you did win the ALPACA that you *say* you don't want. ;-)

And we want pics in October when it does FIT!

At 15:51 Blogger Marjorie said...

Excellent shirt!
And scritches for Cabal. Hope it all goes smoothly (and that Lola does well at school)

(Ticky ticky tick)

At 15:51 Blogger Marjorie said...

And everyone at HOTR has to blog, and tweet, and take pics.

At 15:56 Blogger fairbetty said...

Ok, I'm intrigued... Wooley Worm Festival? I will google now...

Alpaca wool is the best! And having your own alpaca to get it from would be an adventure!

At 16:19 Blogger dabbler said...

Uh... low key = Loki? Or not, but that's what me hubby doth think. he, of course, is an inveterate punster, so may have read into something....

Best of rapid healing wishes Cabal.

At 16:32 Blogger Jane said...

Loki exactly - IMO.

Good luck to Cabal tomorrow.

::drool:: alpaca fiber

Glad to hear about Rory's improvement!

At 16:36 Anonymous Fast351sgr; said...

Good luck Cabal-baby! You will be so happy after all this rotten leg stuff is done for good.

And yes, having a German Shepherd growing up, all is familiar. Sasha not only had the tendon surgery Cabal had (chasing bees, no less), until age 5 or so, she seemed to also believe that certain dogs were there to be attacked. They were always pretty, fluffy dogs, OR little dogs who felt it was their duty to snarl/bark at her loudly. She even dragged me and my 11-year old body all the way across the obedience class ring on day to fight another dog who loved to fight as much as she did. Eventually she grew out of it, but as good of a people dog as she was, and as much as she considered our cat the "alpha dog" of the house, certain dogs were simply PREY in her mind.

At 16:39 Blogger vampi said...

low key lyesmith - god/character in AG
loki - god
low key - chill

I want to go. i should just make plans and show up. any fiends a traveling and wan to be carmates/roommate/just plain mates?

i LOVE the shirt. i'm kind of scared of alpacas, they could trample me. trampled by a sweater.

for those with tickbox issues like me where i am never signed in. write your post. click preview. the preview pops up, close it. do not publish from the preview box or you will miss the option to tickbox. once the popup is closed, you will have the option to subscribe to emails. the pop up box is a bad invention by blooger and i do not like.

At 17:25 Blogger Dragonsally said...

Shiraz is sending licks to Cabal, and says that she hopes his second surgery & recovery goes as well as her second round did. And from her humans - good luck and energy for surviving the next 6 weeks. Ironical that we were going through all that a year ago!

At 17:46 Anonymous Allie Gator said...

Ha, there will be more than pictures....

At 18:29 Blogger LihuaEmilyP said...

Looking at Lola, I wouldn't have pegged her for a killer.

I lke that Alpaca photo. It's a solid winner.

At 19:26 Blogger Jess said...

Meeh. Meeeeeh. They seem to say. And in fact do say.

Poor Mister Dog! He'll do well. He's a tough guy.

Quiche Medeadly! Hee. I dig it.

Gadget gadget.

(Impressive level of thought gland activity on my part this evening, eh what?)

At 19:36 Blogger Jess said...

I have forgotten to tick the thing again. This calls for lines from Doctor Who in haiku form.

It's a fez. I wear
a fez now. Fezzes are cool.
I can buy a fez.

At 21:40 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Allie Gator! I believe you!

There are Roller Girls threatening to kidnap me at HOTR so when one says "HA, there will be more than pictures" I am inclined to take this seriously...

Remember last week when I was whining about that gym class, the one where I didn't like the teacher, and didn't feel challenged?

Well, Hello! I found the KICK BUTT version of the weight training class. It is going to take serious work before I can even keep up with them. On a basic level. I have no muscles, you see. Apparently.

Was a bit more like it. All I could think was what if I could get fit enough to do the things they were doing. I am SO going back.

(and yes, I used very little weight on my bar thingie, and quit when I'd reached the point where I couldn't DO it, and opted for easier versions when I needed to.)

At 21:42 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Low Key. I get it. Where are you all SEEING these things tho? I can't find any info on the event...

At 21:54 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Data, you should go to a match! You can SPY for me! What a totally brill plan!

At 21:55 Blogger dabbler said...

Fablo, the only place I'm seeing it is on Facebook... and if you should happen to have any information on the costume contest other than... Boss will judge it.... I'd love to know. Are there, for instance, limitations on making/buying costumes? Different classes of costume? Or just Boss's reaction? (Nothing wrong with that, if so, just want to know.)

At 21:55 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Lola did FAIRLY well in class. We sort of sit by ourselves. I just want her to be able to relax with other dogs around, and focus on me.

At 21:59 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Vin! You posted. Oddly, but heck, with your luck just making it POST is good enough, hee-hee.

Fast, ah, you've BEEN there, I see.

Jess, lovely poem, really. You should write me. (I slay myself)

We should have a haiku day and I will only allow comments written in haiku. My post shall also, of course, be all in haky.

Then we shall move onto Iambic pentameter. (Spell check didn't have a problem with those last 2 words???)

At 22:00 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Dabbler, I don't really know. We've been talking about it but I don't think anything is decided. I say no limits tho, and there won't be too many RULES.

This is going to be a FUN event. I've seen costume contests that aren't and I hated them.

My arms can no longer raise themselves to type. SOmeone else needs to comment for a while.

At 22:02 Blogger LihuaEmilyP said...

I love haiku, but

mostly I love Doctor Who

haiku - thank you, Jess.

At 22:08 Blogger LihuaEmilyP said...

Now is bedtime, and

I am more than ready to



At 22:56 Blogger Cecily said...

I'm really bad at haiku. It's one form of poetry I just can't connect with.

Iambic pentameter I could probably fake though.

At 00:51 Blogger Ticia said...

ticky box

At 06:58 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Morning Fiends!

Still no ALPACA. Tho I did bring up the possibility to my Boss last night. Best to plant the idea in a brain that is jet lagged and somewhat fuzzy, I am thinking.

Seems to be STINKING hot again. Hmmph.

How do you find the FB page for HOTR? I can't seem to. But FB and I are not real good friends.

Are you all coming? I know who is in Ireland, very exciting, and this makes me happy! I need to make PLANS for that one. Like when I am coming and what I am doing.

There is a Pop Tarts store opening in NY. Why, one wonders?????

At 07:17 Blogger LihuaEmilyP said...

Not coming to HOTR, of course. I've never even read all of the book, becaue actually I didn't like it. But this was quite a while ago.

At 07:54 Blogger Jane said...

I'm coming to HOTR - as for who I am, all my names are Jane, for here, Qitou on Twitter and Sharon Janesick on FB.

At 08:19 Blogger Laura B said...


At 09:08 Anonymous Wendy Withers said...

Good morning, fiends!

I'm not going anywhere for a while. I'm building up my bank account from lots and LOTS and lots of work. And, I'm doing a budget thing for the first time in my life. It's time for me to see where that money GOES.

At 09:56 Blogger Jess said...

Dear Ms. Medeadly:

Please consider my BRILLIANT, UNTITLED, NON-RHYMING DOUBLE HAIKU FOUND POEM VERSE for your esteemed publication:

Just touch these two strands
together, and the Daleks
are finished. Have I

that right? To destroy
the Daleks? You can't doubt it.
But I do, you see.

I'm sure you recognise QUALITY when you see it. Unlike that Sylvia Plath, who never quoted Doctor Who at all.



I would totally do haiku day. We never do haiku wars any more.

We hate iambic pentameter!

At 10:05 Blogger vampi said...

haiku comment war
i am up to the challenge
battle ALPACAS!

At 10:07 Blogger Precision Grace said...

Alpacas bray
dance Queue

At 10:20 Blogger Jess said...

queues up with the herd, little
purple helm agleam.

At 10:25 Blogger One Sock Short said...

ALPACAS shedding
let's turn them into fuzzy
scarves hats and mittens

At 10:38 Blogger dabbler said...

I think if you do a search on Low Key Gathering, it will take you to the FB page for same, and you can add yourself as a friend. Not much happening there at the moment.

And thanks for the update on the contest. I expect it will be a lot of fun...and rules? We don't need no steenkin' rules.

At 10:54 Blogger Jess said...

Oi! There's a haiku
war on. You can't just come in
here with sentences.


At 11:04 Blogger One Sock Short said...

break time has arrived
there will be coffee and snacks
bring your own mug please

At 11:07 Blogger Jess said...

I have a lovely
chai tea, in a big Penn State
mug. But no biscuit.

At 11:10 Blogger One Sock Short said...

to Englishman detected
biscuits need gravy

At 11:25 Blogger Jess said...

Touché, damn Yankee!
You'll get gravy, when Britain
takes back what is hers.

At 11:27 Blogger Marjorie said...

Jess says we never
do Haiku wars anymore
Thems fightin' words, girl!

At 11:28 Blogger Jess said...

Did you just get here,
or something? GAME ON, lady.
Bring it! In verse form.

At 11:34 Blogger Beez said...

No HOTR for meeee.

*sits in her corner weeping*

stoopid being all grown-up and responsible. bah.

At 11:36 Blogger Arwenn said...

Ack! Must abstain from
haiku. Busy day then I
become a juror.

At 13:23 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Haiku war is on.
Jess has spoken to us all
Let there be Haiku!

At 14:02 Blogger Precision Grace said...

is it just me who can't stop smirking at the "purple helm agleam"?

At 14:08 Blogger Marjorie said...

Now, I remember
I am temprementally
more suited to Peace.

War (even Haiku
War) seems unfriendly to me
Can we now make peace?

At 14:17 Blogger Jess said...

Eh? Why, I'd never,
she said, and raised one eyebrow
'neath her purple helm.

Haiku Peace indeed!
There isn't any such thing.
En garde, you sissy.


At 14:27 Blogger LihuaEmilyP said...

The Fiends have become

Athos, Porthos, Aramis -

I am D'Artagnan.

At 14:29 Blogger Marjorie said...

Humph. Be like that then.
See if I care. But be warned
now no holds are barr'd

At 14:34 Blogger Jess said...

Zounds! I am undone.
Clever Li Em slays me with
wit and metaphor.

*retreats to bat cave,*
*hissing, hissing like a snake,*
*she sheds her skin, dies*

At 14:37 Blogger Marjorie said...

LiHua, you are!
Do you have a floppy hat
with big feathers in?

And if you don't have
such a hat, consider if
you should not get one.

At 14:38 Blogger vampi said...

haiku friendly fiends
lemon honey jelly bean
ALPACAs are fun

At 14:42 Blogger Cecily said...

I feel so left out...
I have no talent for haiku...
I tend to talk in long rambly sentences and screw the whole thing up.

At 14:45 Blogger One Sock Short said...

Lovecraft could not have
written haiku. He liked his
adjectives too much.

At 14:45 Blogger Precision Grace said...

my cheeky mind can't help it
double entendre
engineers something rude

At 14:49 Blogger LihuaEmilyP said...

A feathered hat is

such a marvelous idea!

I shall seek one out.

At 15:14 Blogger dabbler said...

Aghast, I cower
Reprimanded I flinch.
Henceforth shall not speak.

But wait. Honor whines.
Such scoldings must be answered
Alpaca droppings!

At 15:43 Blogger dabbler said...

The thread has died.
My feeble words it's knell
Memento mori.

At 15:49 Anonymous Andi Newton said...

"Rumors of my death
have been exaggerated,"
the thread assures me.

At 15:57 Blogger Marjorie said...

It's not you, Dabbler,
for some of us it's bedtime
now, so Good Night fiends.

At 16:00 Blogger AletaMay said...

Distracted by life
I miss this alpaca post
Wishing Cabal well

At 16:38 Blogger LihuaEmilyP said...

We welcome you now,

Aleta - and good night to

our friend Marjorie.

At 16:49 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Step class then yoga.
Will the war soon be over?
And will I survive?

What will happen here?
Where will this battle take us?
Who is left standing?

The wit here is sharp
My blog is a battlefield
Of dying haiku

At 16:51 Blogger Precision Grace said...

Sorry, haiku no more
I give up
here is a website

At 17:30 Blogger Dragonsally said...

Fods a war is on

but no breakfast yet for me

how shall I survive?

At 17:32 Blogger Dragonsally said...

so to eat I go
rice porridge awaits my spoon
om nom nom nom nom

At 17:39 Blogger LihuaEmilyP said...

I have never tried

rice porridge but it sure does

sound like something good.

At 18:51 Blogger LihuaEmilyP said...

Is my brain working?

Jack Black playing Lemuel

Gulliver seems wrong.

At 20:21 Blogger LihuaEmilyP said...

On second thought, the

great tale of Gulliver

is hilarious.

At 20:24 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Oh Fods I can't move

Every muscle screams at me

Ow Ow Ow Ow Ow

I shall dream in Haiku tonight

Sleep comes soon

Might be now

(Haiku Extreme:5-7-5 8-3-3)

At 20:56 Blogger LihuaEmilyP said...

Ah, I ask myself,

why should we, Fiends that we are,

not try Tanka verse?

At 21:26 Blogger Jess said...

What on earth is that?
I simply wouldn't know how.
Useless MFA.
I didn't take no poetry.
It scared me.
Stupid, eh?

At 21:36 Blogger Rach said...

gosh this is the first time in forever i've checked up on cabal! hope he is okay, love to you all x

At 22:21 Blogger LihuaEmilyP said...

Tanka is of course

a more elaborate form

of our dear haiku:

five-seven-five-seven, and

then, at last, seven again.

At 22:22 Blogger Dragonsally said...

Five, seven, five and
Seven,seven syllables
Tanka poems are fun
Counting on my fingertips
What did I want to tell you?

At 22:24 Blogger Dragonsally said...

(non Haiku or Tanka)
HA, Li-Em and Sally think very alike!

At 00:16 Blogger vampi said...

never have i heard
of this tanka poetry
i feel like the count
of sesame street counting
1 ah ah ah 2 ah ah

be careful spelling
the count, one letter missing
changes meaning ick!

At 00:22 Blogger Cecily said...

Speaking of the Count.
One of my favorite vids
Is the Count censored

At 00:34 Blogger ariandalen said...

Healing wishes to
Cabal, calming to Lola.
Alpaca play soon?
Welcome new Fiends: Chia Lynn,
Ethneliane, and Andi!

White, buckled jackets,
Which you may personalize,
Are yours for taking.
My apologies for lapse!
Welcome, Allie Gator, too!

Fabulous and Fit
Our Queen Empress is/shall be!
Haiku to tanka
Comments wage war on her blog.
No blood shed, just spicy brains.

At 07:08 Blogger LihuaEmilyP said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

At 07:09 Blogger LihuaEmilyP said...

Why yes, Vampi, of

course I shall take much care to

spell "Count" correctly.

I will watch Cecily's link

when I've my laptop in hand.

At 07:10 Blogger dabbler said...

Waking from slumber
My mind cant manage seven
More than once a turn.

At 07:13 Blogger dabbler said...

Ooops! Apostrophe
Has slithered off last haiku.
More coffee here, please.

At 07:32 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

I can't think in Haiku this morning. Torrential monsoon of doom happened in the night. I mean it RAINED. thundered and lightninged.

My basement did not get the same joy I did out of this storm.

At 07:46 Blogger LihuaEmilyP said...

And once your basement

lost its joy, quite possibly

you did as well, Quiche?

At 07:47 Blogger dabbler said...

Ugh. Wet basements that's the sump pump. Hope you have one. Though I guess bailing counts as exercise?

For Woodsman Hans?

At 07:57 Blogger LihuaEmilyP said...

Cecily's link made

my entire morning a

pretty great morning.

At 08:03 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

I'm thinking of just leaving it. The Bengals LOVE water. It could kind of be sort of a POOL for them...

At 08:11 Blogger Marjorie said...

I can see the temptation, but have a sneaking suspicion that there might be a down side to leaving it..

At 08:27 Blogger Precision Grace said...

Ahh, underground pool, how cool; maybe time to re-think the Alpaca plan in favour of duck or pos. goldfish?

At 08:31 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

You may be right. I was sort of feeling decadent too. No workouts or riding this morning. Nice relaxing, catch up on email, do a few chores, get into work early...

Now I'm just sort of looking sadly at the wet, pondering how in the world one gets the wet OUT?!

At 09:01 Blogger Jess said...

Oh dear. You're having my nightmare. :( I take it there's no Big Drain in the middle of the floor somewhere-- you'd just broom it off in that case. How much water? I am hoping this is a job for towels or mops, and not a bucket-chain.

At 09:12 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Bucket and mops. I have a plan involving Merry Housekeeper and Spooky Teen....

At 09:16 Blogger Marjorie said...

My flooding experience involved lots of firemen and a Big Pump. That part of it had it's upside...

At 09:23 Blogger Jess said...

Gah. No fun at all. Your basement is unfinished, isn't it? At least there's that-- no wrecked carpet or anything.

Sump pumps are a girl's best friend. Expensive to have put in, though. (And here I reiterate my UTTER HATRED of basement waterproofing guys.)

At 09:41 Blogger vampi said...

blender in the morn
grumpy early wake up noise
peach berry smoothie

sorry 'bout flood quiche
i hope nothing is ruined
unexpected pool

At 11:40 Blogger Fluffy said...

Last night up 'til 3
Bejeweled new high score, woo
Need more caffeine now

At 11:40 Blogger Na said...

ah, ha hahahahahahahha.

*wipes tears of laughter from eyes*


At 11:42 Blogger Beez said...

No haiku (even though I had 6 of them all made up before I got up.

The pond in my basement is greatly reduced (Yay!) by the application of two box fans on the stairs on "high". Water was only about 3 inches at it's deepest, so the air movement seems to be making for speedy evaporation.

Our Gayle has Rory at the vet right now. She's an old girl (I suspected), there are some bad teeth and her kidney function is getting checked.


I will do my best for her. She's a love and deserves a soft, loving landing after what she went through.

At 11:45 Blogger Fluffy said...

Going to Low Key,
Spouse, kid, and friend Cara
from the Pratchett Board

Need to re-read AG soon
if costume
is to be

At 11:49 Blogger Fluffy said...

Beez, you are an angel! I am thinking positive thoughts that something will happen to allow us to at least visit a bit in October. Must start hatching Fiendish Plans. Maybe Cara and Revelle will be my minions and help me devise a Fiend Meet-up Ray...

At 11:49 Blogger Na said...

that was, laughter at it all, post and comments. no patience for haiku yet today. will work on it in a mo.

and tankas! urgh. i edited a volume of such not long ago. poems and author were fine, but the person who wrote the introduction made my work life a living hel for a week. meh.


bagels and chai down
brain wakes and demands motion
but reading Fiends first

At 11:51 Blogger Fluffy said...

D'oh! What am I thinking? I am married to a Potential Mad Scientist! He has his PhD in molecular spectroscopy. Worked with lasers.

Lasers!!! Mwahah***koff***

At 11:52 Blogger Na said...

oh no! but {beez} {rory},
and yay, Gayle.

not the funny. here's wishing something good for Rory.

At 12:11 Blogger Jess said...

Three inches! Blimey.
I wouldn't know what to do.
Roll up in a ball
and cry, most likely. Beez is
a better woman than I.

Poor li'l Rory Cat.
It's tough being an old cat,
teeth all rotted and
always needing a wee-- or
worse, never weeing at all.

Kind of a warning.
Our cats show us our own fate.
You might Zumba now,
But one day, no teeth! Then you'll
have dentures for castanets.

At 12:13 Blogger Beez said...

Gayle just called. Rory is at least 13....and diabetic.

I need to come up with $100 for 6 month's worth of insulin. Oy.

At 12:17 Blogger Fluffy said...

Why can't good deeds ever be something less than hopelessly complicated with a side order of expensive?

At 12:19 Blogger Fluffy said...

Wait - read it again - I thought $100/month at first!! I'll help, Beez, if someone can handle the injections.

At 12:19 Blogger Beez said...

Because...umm....where's the fun in that? :P

At 12:20 Blogger Beez said...

I have NO problem doing the injections.

Fella says in another life I'd be an EMT.

At 12:22 Blogger Fluffy said...

Fun - right! Ahahaha!!!!! I'm still horrified at the cluster**** that resulted from helping one of my family members get through a divorce... I think I need another dose of my medicine, now that I think of it.

At 12:23 Blogger Fluffy said...

That's it. I nominate you for a Quichie.

At 12:32 Blogger Beez said...

Humans make for clusterf**ks.'s just What Needs To Be Done.

No side orders of Family Guilt, Psychodrama or any of that other stuff.

At 13:05 Blogger Marjorie said...

Beez, do you have a paypal address so we can help out?

At 13:58 Blogger Jane said...

Beez - I know you do have a paypal address but have forgotten it - could you remind me.

Poor cat, and thanks, Jess for the scary words :-)

Floods, not so much fun :-(

At 14:50 Blogger Beez said...

Hi there.

Okay, I just talked to the vet. Rory's blood sugar was 430- it doesn't READ any higher than that. She needs to go on insulin as soon as we can do it.

Good lord. The poor girl.

My Paypal account is under

Thanks so much for whatever help we get- it was because of all of you that she was able to get her vet check today- besides the fabulous Gayle's mad
negotiating skilz with the vet's office, as well as driving Rory to her appointment

I'm going to go get a glucose monitor so I can keep an eye on her blood sugars at home. It's the best way to track them and her insulin dosage, and not too expensive to boot.

At 15:18 Blogger Pi R Squared said...

Hi fiends...loved the Haiku, sorry I missed it.

How's Cabal? Hope he's doing well!

At 15:27 Blogger Jess said...

It's never too late
for haiku. The worse it is,
the better, I feel.

At 16:16 Blogger Arwenn said...

Better to Haiku
than to spend these precious few
free moments surfing.

Aimlessly trolling
innumerable news sites
yet learning no truths.

At 17:03 Blogger Jane said...

Mary - $ on their way to you - I don't take them in, but I can help you with it.

We're good with injections around here, too, pain meds, subq, anti-nausea, we've done it all.

No haiku from me - enjoying it all, though.

Good for Cabal, coming home and doing well!

At 17:57 Blogger Dragonsally said...

Beez, I am going to email you.
I was able to get Tysie in remission really quickly just by changing her diet and getting her off all dry food.
The very first thing you should do is go and join the forum at
For anyone here who has a diabetic cat, and hasn't gone to this website please do. This has become one of my hobby horses - Tysie has been able to educate our vets and specialists here with the story of the course of her diabetes. 

At 18:01 Blogger Beez said...

Sally, that's the second time I've run into info on that forum this afternoon. I'm joining!
I'm going to try to wean Rory off of the kibble- although I did get a diabetic prescription food for her today.

As of now, she will only eat the dry- I have tried her on Halo canned and also plain chicken. With her bad teeth, you'd think she would like the soft stuff but nooooo....

At 18:12 Blogger Dragonsally said...

I've sent off an email to your gmail Beez!

At 18:14 Blogger Jane said...

Mary, the link above has some advice about weaning cats off of dry food. Good luck.

My vet thinks cats should never have just dry food - her reason being that if cats have never had canned food and then need to have only it, sometimes there is a problem. But there are a lot of opinions out there and we kind of read through them and decided what makes sense.

At 18:21 Blogger Dragonsally said...

ohhhh, great link Sharon, I've added that to Tysie's bookmarks.

At 18:23 Blogger Cecily said... vet pushes both. he explains the importance of the dry food is for teeth and gum health. Things can apparently go wrong in the mouth if cats don't have crunchies to chew also.

At 18:29 Blogger Jane said...

Who knows the right answers? We do the best we can with the info we have at the time and try not to second guess ourselves - at least that is my goal most days - do the best I can.

At 18:30 Blogger Dragonsally said...

crunchies are easily obtained by feeding with things like chicken necks and wings, and dehydrated chicken/liver etc. Much better for all cats because there are no carbohydrates in them.

At 18:40 Blogger Jane said...

No carbs, no grains, no veggies - the only thing that should be in cat-food is whatever they would eat in the wild. So I read. And don't disagree, really.

About to have a big storm here. Not flooding though, I hope.

At 19:19 Blogger Cecily said...

Sorry I wasn't elaborate enough in my comment as dinner was hitting the table. The point of my comment is there are various reasons for various foods and types there of. I think saying all cats should eat raw foods is incorrect. Just like people digestive systems vary greatly in domestic cats. I have a friend who can not eat any meat because his body will not digest. If I go too long without meat my iron plummets and I have health issues. I have had cats that have to have grass available to eat so they could digest properly. Opinions vary greatly across vets and humans that belong to cats. Different cats have different needs, and each should be judged by their own systems and not what the cat next door can eat.

So yes a diabetic cat should eat well for a diabetic, but I do not think I am a bad cat human because I feed my cats kibble and wet food. That is what my vet recommends and is important for one of my cats to have the kibble so he doesn't get ill.

At 19:34 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

I do not wish to interrupt the talk, as I am learning a lot, but I thought perhaps we might MOVE it.

New post is up.

Carry on...

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