Sunday, November 14, 2010

We Went To New Orleans...

I'm home!!!

And, as one might suspect, a complete Zombie. I loved every minute of New Orleans, and after that, our surprise trip to Atlanta, but there's not a lot left in me.

Before I say anything else, I want to send out Love to my Sister Tracy, who lost her longtime friend Kitty Buster today. She made the right call, as we have all had to do, but I know she is missing him a lot right now, so here's all of our love for you, Tracy, from me and my Fiends...

And secondly, I don't think I ever managed to get around to doing a HAPPY 50TH Birthday Boss! Post! Had meant to on his Birthday, but he had a Party in New Orleans for it, and I didn't manage to have any time to say everything I wanted to for him. Not sure I can now, so I will use the important words:

I love you. You are the best Boss in the World. The past 18 years have been wonderful and I am honored to be your Assistant. I could say Thank You a thousand ways, a thousand times, but neither of us have the time for that, so we'll go with this:

Happy Birthday! I will always make you tea.

(Let's do it again at 75!)

There. Best I can do.

I can't talk about this Party, or week and do it justice. There was simply too much of it. Not sure I slept much. Wait. That's not right. I am very sure I didn't sleep much. I can say it was very beyond wonderful seeing so many good friends, many of whom I hadn't seen in years. Many of whom I hadn't EVER met in person.

I can say a few things tho:

Cat Mihos: You were with me every second and I wouldn't have been sane without you.

SuperKate: You Rock at what you do. Every time I saw you, my Impressed Meter jumped. Glad you are here.

Amanda Palmer: The morning of November 10th 2010 is something I will never forget. You did good and I am very happy you may or may not have married my Boss. I am going with Married as I can't imagine anything more real.

Storm, Hera, and Bill Stiteler: Ya'll are wonderful and I love you dearly, and was very happy that it was you drinking at various times and not me. I love you all more now. And will happily watch over you anytime.

Emma: You are always in my heart in a very special place. Pansy and Violet were all over the place. And the Flash Girls were together again. Love.

Nice People from China who own the Foot Massage Shop: I can walk, which is your doing.

Kambriel: Pretty sure you didnt drive to Georgia hyst to give me massage and find the evil knot, but I am glad you did. I even forgive you the Waffle House thing. You are not a Waffle Overlord.

Merry Housekeeper: Both houses look GREAT and all the Beasties are happy. Thank you.

Hans: You drove all the presents home, including the crossbow, and no one was hurt.

Adriane: That would be your basic shuttle bus MAGIC. You rocked.

That's all my brain is letting me do for now, sadly, there were so many more, and so many friends and I will do more, with more pictures. But for the moment, here's a picture of me, that is getting posted now, because, if I may be permitted to say it:

DAMM, I'm hot!

Love and New Orleans,


At 17:29 Blogger Phiala said...

Hot indeed.

It sounds like an amazing time. I must confess to being a wee bit jealous.

At 17:29 Blogger DataGoddess said...

Yes, you are hot! Mrow!!! And isn't New Orleans supposed to make you a zombie??

*sympathy* to Sister Tracy, and much love.

Sounds like Boss had a fabulous 50th birthday!

At 17:30 Blogger Cecily said...

First and foremost, you are DAMNED HOT!!!

Secondly, that sounds like such an amazing time and you are very lucky to have such wonderful people in your life.

Last but not least (((Sister Tracy))), you have my love and sympathy.

At 17:31 Blogger Precision Grace said...

you are hot! loving that get up.

your post made me feel all emoshunal. *sniff* So glad everything went brilliantly and then some.

Lots of love and hugs to Sister Tracy. Sad times.

At 17:31 Blogger Precision Grace said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

At 17:33 Blogger Dragonsally said...

We all agree you are damn hawt.

Lots of love and sympathy to sister Tracy, my heart hurts for you.

I'm so glad Boss had a wonderful birthday and that you all had a rocking time in New Orleans - and that we were able to be with you a little bit by the magic of the interwebz.

and I promise Q that now you are home I will behave. (fingers crossed behind back)

At 17:58 Anonymous Kate said...

Welcome home! What a week -
Both Sister Tracy's loss and your photo of the Bengals made me think of this poem - so I'll share here - excuse the length, I hope you agree that it's worth it:

"exactly right"
by Charles Bukowski
the strays keep arriving: now we have 5
cats and they are smart, spontaneous, self-
absorbed, naturally poised and awesomely

one of the finest things about cats is
that when you're feeling down, very down,
if you just look at the cat at rest,
at the way they sit or lie and wait,
it's a grand lesson in preserving
if you watch 5 cats at once that's 5
times better.

no matter the extra demands they make
no matter the heavy sacks of food
no matter the dozens of cans of tuna
from the supermarket: it's all just fuel for their
amazing dignity and their
affirmation of a vital
we humans can
only envy and
admire from

from The Night Torn with Mad Footsteps: New Poems.

And yes, you do look amazing -

At 18:10 Blogger ChiaLynn said...

I very much doubt that SuperKate would remember me, but I've seen her dance many times and she is amazing.

And you are smokin'.

And my heart hurts for Sister Tracy.

At 18:19 Blogger Chantrelle said...

I LOVE that picture of you. I said it on twitter but will say it here too, "va va vooom!"

Welcome home, *relaxing hugs*.

At 18:20 Blogger Chantrelle said...

Woops....*hugs* for ticky box.

At 18:39 Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yay! Now to get back to skating *grin*


At 18:47 Blogger EmilyOliveP said...

Lady, u SMOKIN.

Welcome back home!!!!

At 19:42 Blogger Marjorie said...

That picture of you is amazing, you're right, you are HAWT!!

I love your belated happy birthday, and the comments, and the way Twitter gave us a little share in all the fun, and the wedding .

And much sympathy for Sister Tracey. Making the right call isn't easy.

At 19:51 Anonymous Anonymous said...

This was just packed with awesome. It sounds like an amazing time was had -- the kind that always makes you smile, even in retrospect. A good time with good company -- few things are better than that.

And that picture of you, Lorraine? Totally kickass. You look gorgeous. :-)

Much love and sympathy to your sister Tracy. I know how hard that can be. It's the toughest thing about owning a pet. ((((HUGS))))


At 20:59 Anonymous Anonymous said...

Be certain to let that horridly misbehaving knot know that we've located it's Den of Wickedness and it must learn to "loosen up".

You realize we passed several Waffle Houses on the way back, and their mere presence is mocking me now... ;)

At 21:24 Blogger Vinity said...

You are hot. You look gorgeous! It was fun seeing all your tweets of the week. Must have been wild!

Very sorry to your sis. Loosing an friend is so heartbreaking.

You made it to the east coast!! Still not close to me LOL

At 21:44 Blogger ariandalen said...

You are downright SIZZLING, Ms. Fabulous!

{{{{{Sister Tracy}}}}} I had to make the same choice this past August.

Glad Neil and Amanda got to have a wonderful wedding! I'm willing to bet that it is legal under common law; they sure had plenty of witnesses. :)

At 22:21 Anonymous Wendy Withers said...


I was a zombie long before I moved to New Orleans. Perhaps a study needs to be done on NOLA, zombies, and cause and effect.

(((((Sister Tracy)))))

Jess and others:

I've told my professor about what he wrote and the fact that he told me not to line edit one of his works a few weeks ago. His response was, "I wonder why he did that." I think he has lost control, and it's going to be in my course evaluation.

Lorraine: You are always hot. And you have a nice ass.

Today a young man I work with flirted with me and invited me to his scream-o show (he's in a band). Work was fun today. Also, his name is Talmage, which is a fine and proper New Orleanian name.

At 22:33 Blogger Pi R Squared said...

Welcome home Quiche!

You looked beautiful in your birthday finery. Glad a good time was had by all...and it really did look like a swell time indeed.

Love to your sister Tracy on her loss. Hugs!

At 22:49 Blogger Fluffy said...

In order:
1. Tracy, so sorry! That's such a hard thing to go through.
2. Hawtness - given. LOVE the outfit.
3. CROSSBOW. A real crossbow?
4. I didn't do it.

At 23:34 Blogger vampi said...


hot stuff indeed. shamble on!


At 00:21 Blogger spacedlaw said...

You are way too darn hot!

Wlcome back.
Glad to know all the beasties are fine bespite being abandoned by their humans all that time.
Hugs to Tracy.

At 00:58 Anonymous Wendy Withers said...

If anyone wants to read the essay that was originally not creative enough (I just finished the new draft a few minutes ago) you can email me at wendylbolm (at) gmail (dot) come, and I will send you a copy.

I just sent a copy to Marjorie, who said she wanted to read such things.

At 09:35 Blogger Jane said...

What a marvelous party! Love seeing all the photos on FB.

Hugs and sympathy to Sister Tracy..

At 09:58 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...


I am going to but myself a coffee maker today. This stuff is great. I've been borrowing the one from Bosses but I think it is time to have my OWN.

That's all I got now.

At 10:30 Blogger EmilyOliveP said...

Are you a novice coffee drinker? ("This stuff is great" ...)

At 10:32 Blogger Jess said...

Wotcha, hot stuff! Sparkly and rockin' the anime hair. I dig it.

I recommend one of them machines with a stainless steel thermal pot. Not so much because they keep the coffee warm (a bonus), but because I tend to drop things. Won't tell you how many replacement pots I went through on my last machine. Can't shatter a stainless steel pot, though! Hah.

Oh Tracy! So sorry. :(

At 11:13 Blogger Chantrelle said...

Did you drink the coffee ralph roasted for you Q?

At 11:44 Blogger spacedlaw said...

What type of coffee maker?

At 11:52 Blogger EmilyOliveP said...

I got a cup now. Must stay awake. 'Cause I've got a math test I am NOT going to fail. (pause) Might fail. Damn, failure to me is a B ...

At 12:25 Blogger Na said...

{{{Tracy}}} with sympathy and love.

the Party week was so clearly a joy - i can only imagine the loads of work what went into it. some measure of the happiness you lot generated was clear, enough to remind us all that there's nought so wonderful and life-affirming as a great time with great friends. slainte!

At 13:35 Anonymous Wendy Withers said...

It looks like I will probably not have coffee until after 7:30 tonight, and even then it's realistically going to be black tea, not coffee.

I wish I had some now. :(

At 16:06 Blogger meganagitor said...

so. i absolutely LOVE your photo.
it is the kind of photo that one keeps looking back on, and thinking 'damnit. why can't I take photos like THAT."
seriously. i don't know how to describe it other than that.

also, yay for a coffee maker!! i just hope it doesn't result in you being on an episode of 'intervention'

and last but not least,
much love and hugs and comfort to sister tracy <3<3<3

At 16:27 Blogger One Sock Short said...

Belated wolf whistles, Lorraine!

And hugs for Sister Tracy.

At 22:45 Blogger Ms T said...

Have to say damned gorgeous photo! (And psst...nice arse.)

Swamped with work at the moment, and although I have a laptop now, I still haven't scrapped together the funds for an internet connection. Next pay. (And, ah, maybe it had something to do with a certain Yarn Club claiming priority.) Way too late to upload my Night Garden photos now, but the project still inspired me - to look at things, to finish up some knitting projects, and to finally get a bloody computer at home!

And arohanui (much love)and sympathy to Sister Tracy from the Antipodean one.

At 23:27 Blogger liashke said...

I read it on Neil's blog that he was in New Orleans at the same time I was, but I didn't realize there were quite so many people! Sounds like it was awesome. :) (And yes, you look hot.)

I do find it quite funny, though. I was in New Orleans for a week to celebrate a friend's 40th birthday (also on the 10th). Had never been there before. It's a really neat place and I had a blast!

At 10:51 Blogger Fluffy said...

There is definitely no place like New Orleans. Terry Pratchett says so. He discovered the joys of bananananana dakreys there.

At 10:53 Blogger Fluffy said...

And I wonder if the coffee thing is one of those cool ones that uses those hockey-puck shaped, er, pucks to make millions of varieties of kaffe one cup at a time.

At 10:53 Blogger Jess said...

I heard someone say Night Garden! Talk to me, T. nightgardenproject [at] verizon [dot] net.

At 10:57 Blogger Chantrelle said...

Ben started his xmas list this morning. He asked for a Nintendo DS among other brain-sucking things. I think santa may oblige since we have a 14 hour flight to sydney xmas night!

Good morning everyone. Coffee seems to have taken over Q completely....i wonder if this will end badly?

This needs to be a day of getting shit done... my house is a bit of a wreck!

At 11:20 Blogger Phiala said...

I have been up since 5:30 this morning and have gotten SO MUCH DONE.

Likely to crash midafternoon though, while still at work and before finishing everything that needs to be done. I still need to write a presentation for tomorrow...

At 11:40 Blogger Jess said...

I've been up a similar amount of time, and am already crashing. Productivity: thirty percent. Caffeine levels: falling. Will to achieve: oh look, a squirrel.

At 11:52 Blogger spacedlaw said...

That is my usual time too and the thought of having to write another 1000 words between now and bed time is daunting. Also because I have gone and walked 9 Km on the treadmill. It would be so much better to be sipping wine and listen to Jason's music on Bandcamp while dinner is cooking.

At 12:05 Blogger Cecily said...

Chantrelle, I don't know if it will make you feel any better, but there are some very excellent games you can get for the DS, that are quite the opposite of brain sucking. One of my favs is called Brain Age (I think) it is all about honing the skills of the brain through math and patterns and reading. They also have soduku/kakuro games for it. There is another series of games which I also highly recommend, Animal Crossing. In that one he would be a new person in a town and have to get a job and earn money to buy furniture and's kind of sims like, but much more G rated. There is a lot of reading involved and memory

At 12:17 Blogger Na said...

i'm experiencing the misery of a looking at a book in what i'll call proto-pages, a book for which i edited the manuscript, and i'm seeing numerous errors come to glaring light. doesn't help that i got the ms almost two weeks late on an extremely tight schedule, and there's loads of tricky images involved. still. professionally very unsettling. at least this isn't "real" pages, so all fixable.

doesn't help i'm going on less than five hours' sleep. i don't do sleep deprivation well.

on the happy side, i got to see Marian Call perform live last night, and she's amazing. i say see her if you can, when she tours next.

At 16:40 Blogger Hellie said...

Sleep deprivation...had a bit of that too this week. Just begun a 6 month distance learning course & on top of that work is the busiest ots ever been.

Had lots of Marian Call recommendations lately...she is on my 'to be checked out' list!

New Orleans sounds like a blast, I hope my 50th birthday is even half that exciting (have 19 years to plan it I suppose!)

Much sympathy & hugs to your sis.

At 18:57 Blogger vampi said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

At 19:00 Blogger vampi said...

i now find myself drawn to bees in the news, ok not news but blog. bees in spaaaaaaaaace

ok not really, but i <3 muppets

At 19:18 Blogger AletaMay said...

Hugs for Sister Tracy. Such a hard thing.

LOVE that photo and that look oh Hot One. Following the festivities on Twitter was really wonderful. Na said it so well, what a great testament to the sacredness of good friends.

Agree on the stainless steal coffee pot thing. For me it is all about the fact that there is no burner so the coffee never gets overheated icky tasting AND you never have to have that panicked moment of "did I remember to turn the coffee maker off?"

At 07:46 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...


I bought a coffee pot! I got a Mr Coffee. I choose it because it has ONE button. It turns it ON and OFF.

Figured I should start EASY and not make things difficult.

And if it breaks, well, I got another $20.

Really busy trying to catch up at work, kind of daunting. I'm eating right tho, and getting my workouts in, and hey, now I have COFFEE!

At 09:24 Blogger vampi said...

really can't go wrong with mr coffee. it's very basic and a good starter. the problem with mr coffee, is it's like every day dished, and eventually you will want some fine china. but at least you get our trial and error done with mr coffee.

as i recall, the grind has a lot to do with the quality of the brew. i don't really make coffee at home anymore, so i don't know how to be more specific which grind i recommend. well obviously the quality of the beans is also a consideration,

At 10:26 Anonymous Wendy Withers said...

I think the next three days are going to be full of sleep deprivation.

All research paper and no play make Wendy something something.

I think I might drink my first energy drink since 2005.

At 11:00 Blogger Phiala said...

I'm on a three-day conference call.


At 12:01 Blogger Na said...

three-day conference call?! that sounds too unpleasant to be allowed. :(

we have snow. the world turns white. goodbye grass! goodbye ground! see you in spring. day two of Real Winter here and with windchill they say it's -19 C out there. i got out my Very Warm Winter Coat (as opposed to my Moderately Warm Winter Coat).

At 13:59 Anonymous Wendy Withers said...

Need coffee...


At 17:18 Blogger Dragonsally said...

Gee Phiala, I hope they let you have sleep and food and loo breaks!

Sending energy to Wendy...

Make sure your body stays inside your skin Lorraine...coffeeeeee

Na - send me a photo of your snow. I miss snow, but not the cold. Um, Lorraine, have you got snow now too?

I need cofffee now. Sheesh, talk about bad influences here.

At 17:30 Blogger Chantrelle said...

Trying to get house and errands caught up before we leave for thanksgiving and get behind all over again.

Went to costco today to look for a twin-sized air mattress for ben when we travel, didn't find one but still spent $200. That place just sucks the cash from my wallet. Also did some recon for xmas presents for ben. The grandparents always ask and 2 of the 3 shop at costco a lot so i like to see what's there and give those as recommendations. There's a cool Wii gadget that's a sketch pad/art program! I think i'll send that out as a recommendation. There's also a small amp that has an ipod input and a mic. Ben would have a blast with that!

I"m rambling on and I don't even drink coffee!! ;-) Hubby roasts the most amazing coffee and I just smell it.

Q, how's Tracy? Hanging in there?

Phiala - 3 day conference call!??! What the hell!?

At 18:06 Blogger Phiala said...

Three-day conference call is my penance for not traveling to Texas this week.

I decided I was in danger of complete collapse if I had to travel this week on top of everything else and weasled my way out of it. I still need to be involved in the meeting, so three-day conference call. Hooray for speaker phones. And mute.

Today's revelation: my boss is stepping down as boss, though staying as scientist. Which would be fabulous and exciting and make me very happy, except he's only doing it so he can make one of his proteges the new boss.

At 18:17 Anonymous Wendy Withers said...

Today was my workshop day for my revision in the class where I had hecklers. I won one of them over. The other said my essay was offensive.

So, I'm happy. I've pretty much written the one guy off.

At 19:12 Blogger Dragonsally said...

offensive? How the heck could it be offensive?

At 19:41 Blogger EmilyOliveP said...

Awesome latest Boss blog. Love the bumblebee socks, Lorraine.

At 19:47 Anonymous Wendy Withers said...

Using the "Converting to Judaism is like applying for a naturalization card to Jew Land" quote from my rabbi as one of the central themes was very offensive. He tried to get around saying that I didn't have the right to say "offensive" things like "Jew Land," because I was only a convert and therefore not a real Jew, but my class would have none of it and argued him down.

At 19:53 Blogger Dragonsally said...

Sounds like this person is a rather cantankerous git!

we go to see the new Harry Potter film in an hour YAHHHHH.

At 19:58 Blogger One Sock Short said...

Greetings from The Vic, where there will soon be Dresden Dolls!!!

At 19:59 Anonymous Wendy Withers said...

Yay Emily! I was just thinking that you have been missing!

Sally- The same guy has told people that profanity in their essays was offensive, but when he uses it it's okay, because he's writing about the military. He also told another guy that he sucked as a writer. He's not my favorite guy.

Also, I'm addicted to nip/tuck. The show's so crazy! I will be watching it while you're at Harry Potter, even though I should be working on my research paper.

At 20:10 Blogger Na said...

are you still feeling zombified, Lorraine?

Sal - will do, when the sun comes up. by then there shall likely be more of the white stuff, too.

am contemplating whether or not to plug in the car tonight. *ponders idea of taun tauns*

At 22:32 Blogger dabbler said...

Zombieeeed here. Too much to can't keep up. Reading blog on the fly, and missing everyone. Hopefully whirlwind will stop spinning soon and allow me to catch up.

At 22:35 Blogger Fluffy said...

Wendy, our rabbi showed us where in the Talmud it says that a convert is to be considered as Jewish as one born that way. So, Talmud says Mr. Asshole is wrong.

At 06:46 Blogger Jess said...

If your prof is worth his salt, Wendy, Mr. Asshole will find he's not done very well at the end of the term. Workshops aren't just for the giving and taking of criticism, constructive or otherwise. They're also for learning to be a good reader. Asshole is neither doing his job, nor learning much, it seems.

You are doing your job, on the other hand, and that's what actually matters. You'll find that there will be certain readers in there whose feedback is more helpful to you than others: listen to them. And really, it's more important to get a feel for what the group is actually saying-- not whether or not they like your stuff, but what the general consenus seems to be as to where the problems are. Peer critiques aren't a reliable gague of how good a writer you are, or aren't; seeing the big picture, and refining it, is what counts.

My favorite former prof wrote a really good post about being in a workshop, and how to get the most out of it, not too long ago. Might reassure you a bit.

At 07:48 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Good Morning!

Not Zombified, but def under the gun work wise, pretty intense catching up. Looking forward to slowing down a little and catching up on, say, my Spooky House.

All good tho , these times happen.

No morning workout today, just tonight, so that's a couple extra hours right there, for, well , currently, sitting naked on my couch on th ecomputer, but I have hopes.

I have to get my hair done again, it is SO bad. No clue what I want.Keep the purple? Lose the extensions? Go red? Rainbow? Such choices...

At 08:21 Blogger Jess said...

I need to get mine touched up. Or possibly at this point just coloured all over again. The red really didn't last as long as I thought it might. :(

At 08:24 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Sometimes I just want to get it all cut and do something with it. I never seem to DO much with it anymore, with all this working out and bury. And extensions are pricy. And take TIME.

But I sure do love the purple. May go again, gigs, and New Years Eve are coming up.

At 08:25 Blogger Cecily said...

Quiche, I am all for hair change, but I thought I might point out that the last time you took the purple out you weren't very happy with it. :-)

At 08:26 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Good point. I was very sad.

At 08:41 Blogger spacedlaw said...

Bury? Who are you burrying, Lorraine?

At 08:43 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Er, no one. Nope. Not me. Not even thinking about a little kidnapping or anything either. Uh-uh!!!!!

At 08:49 Blogger Jess said...

That's all in the past, now. All in the past. There's no one to bury. Any more.

I know what you mean. I keep doing the same thing over and over with my hair, every time I get it cut. Even with the new color I still went for the same old hair. (Though it's not a bad cut. May go a smidgen shorter next time. It's awfully tangly this long.)

Maybe you could do a subtle, all-over purple. That might be kind of cool.

At 08:53 Blogger spacedlaw said...

HA! We all know that Joan of Dark has to be careful around you.

At 09:08 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Just what makes you think I am speaking of kidnapping HER?????

Could be anyone , really.

I am off for St Paul, as that is the closest source of fish. We have no fish here, and I know it would make my Boss happy to have some.

At 09:12 Blogger AletaMay said...

Enjoy your time in my fair city!

At 09:22 Blogger Jess said...

Me me me! Kidnap me. I'm sick of Pittsburgh. I need a vacation. I take up very little space and I probably won't break anything. Else.

Rock and pool
is nice and cool
So nice for feeeet!

Our only wish
to catch a fisshh
So juicy sweeeet!


At 11:16 Blogger Chantrelle said...

Home w/ a sick kid today. Ben woke w/ a 101 fever. Tylenol seems to be doing its job, he's on the couch watching They Might Be Giants videos :)

At 11:30 Blogger Chantrelle said...

I would say kidnap me except i don't want to go to the cold place!

I had an appt to get my hair re-purple-ized today but since ben's sick i had to cancel. It made me supremely happy to have purple in my hair again. It had been, like, 7 years! Not sure how that happened.

At 11:56 Blogger Jess said...

Poor Ben! :(

Ultimate cute: My friend's daughter, the one I wrote the poem for, is four, and is determined to be a princess when she grows up. (Hang on. The cute part's coming. That wasn't it.) Someone told her that the only real princesses and princes these days come from England. Now she wants to know if that means Mr. Jess is a prince. She's going to call us later tonight and ask him. (I don't think he is, but we've never really discussed it. I'll let you guys know what we find out, and the we can talk about whether you'll need to start bowing. :D )

At 11:59 Anonymous Wendy Withers said...

I would like to point out that I need kidnapping AND I like the cold place.

At 12:00 Blogger Arwenn said...

I'll happily bow.....just don't ask me to scrape!

At 12:03 Blogger Jess said...

Never! But I can't guarantee you won't have to kiss his boot.

At 12:04 Blogger Cecily said...

I'm with Wendy. Or at least I will be when you swing by the east coast to kidnap me also. ;-)

At 12:20 Blogger One Sock Short said...

I could do with a bit of being held hostage in the Spooky House. I can make coffee. And knit warm things. And catalog books.

At 12:25 Blogger Cecily said...

I can make coffee, even though I don't drink it. But knitting is beyond me...I can kinda crochet...does that count? I'm REALLY good at cat lovin'. even the most skittish and shy cats usually come for my neck scritches.

I feel like I'm filling out a very odd singles ad.

At 12:25 Blogger Phiala said...

Oh, if we're signing up for kidnappings count me in.

I'm on lunch break, which means I'm halfway through the three-day conference call. Sheeeeeesh.

At 12:27 Blogger DataGoddess said...

I can do what OneSockShort can do other than making coffee, but I do make a mean cup of tea!! I also bake and sew.

In other words KIDNAP ME!! KIDNAP ME!!

Why do I feel a little like I'm answering an ad for a wife? *grin*

At 12:30 Blogger Cecily said...

Quiche, you have a plethora of fine women at your disposal. If you had a very large space filled with pillows and chiffon you could have a harem. :-D

At 12:36 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

So it seems! Who knew!!???

Found fish.

Gee, I'm exciting.

At 12:46 Blogger Chantrelle said...

Fish sounds exciting to me!

I'll volunteer for Spring we can cover the whole year you know. And I will cook...but i don't knit, crochet or bake.

At 12:50 Blogger Marjorie said...

Am I too late to apply for the post of kidnapee?
I don't knit or crochet, but I can cook, bake, make Proper Tea and coffee, provide cat scritches and hot tub conversation, tweet by proxy and I would like to visit the Cold Place to see what it's like:-)

I have friends arriving tomorrow, for the weekend. I am starting to think Plan A, which involves tidying and cleaning the house & making it respectable may be replaced by Plan B, which will involve me plying them with alcohol as soon as they arrive so they don't notice my failings as a housekeeper.

At 12:52 Blogger Cecily said...

OK someone is going to have to make me a cup of Proper Tea (heh property) so I can know if I have been doing it 'right'.

At 12:59 Blogger Marjorie said...

Proper tea involves boiling water. And teapots. And tea leaves.
Lorraine gave me tea. I had been in America for a week, and I was so grateful.

At 13:27 Blogger EmilyOliveP said...

Come to RI and kidnap me! I'll even give you the day-to-day coordinates! (bus stop, check. school, check. classroom x, classroom y, check.)

Anyway. I got my first B today. Feel like I fucked up ROYALLY, because when I saw what I got wrong it was ALL JUST CARELESSNESS. Gah. Cube root, square root, mixed up the memorized numbers. But yesterday's was like THE worst morning I've had in a long time so ... I knew I was gonna flop. Not that 86% is a flop per se. But it sure feels like it!

Oh, and by the way, that blue hair spray was fun but it DID mess up my hair. A lot. Good luck, Lorraine!

At 14:36 Blogger spacedlaw said...

All the way to st Paul for fish? What about the trout farm?

Also: I would not mind being kidnapped. It sounds like the perfect excuse to miss Christmas.

At 16:25 Blogger Dragonsally said...

Me! Me! I'm up for the role of kidnapee too.

I want to have a wife, I mean a white Christmas.

Um, LiEm, here 86% would be an A, possibly even an A+.

So you have an Aussie A, okay?

and can someone tell me why it is that yuo decide to throw bleach around the bathroom only when you have your favoritest shirt on?

At 17:07 Blogger EmilyOliveP said...

Oh Sally, you always know JUST what to say.

At 17:34 Blogger Precision Grace said...

I hab a cold. My bose is going to fall off. That is all.

At 17:36 Blogger Dragonsally said...

Oh noes PG - lemon! hot water! honey! whiskey!

and rest. lots of rest. bed - warm.

At 17:38 Blogger Precision Grace said...

I bowe you Sally. You are the west. Sniff.

At 18:23 Blogger Jane said...

Put me on the kidnappee list! I don't cook, but I do clean, also do cat duty, reading aloud and knitting.

Dijana - sorry about your cold...are you able to stay home and rest?

Oh and definitely good hot tub company - either nude or with bathing suit.

At 19:07 Blogger dabbler said...

All I want is a Proper cup of Coffee, Made in a Proper Copper Coffee Pot,
I may be off my dot, but I want a proper coffee in a proper coffee pot.

I could be available for kidnapping.. I don't clean, but I cook, make coffee, love cats, hot tubs and books....

And I want to thank Donielle for the link to the NASA bee site, which has caused great joy for my space loving, bee keeping husband.

At 19:35 Blogger Ms T said...

And well hey, if you're going all the way to Oz to kidnap Sally, you could swing by here as well. I'm just across the ditch.

You could pick up a coffee and a kidnappee at the same time. (Lots of coffee shops here, interspersed with second hand book shops and crafty stuff.)

I'll even bring my wool stash. :)

At 19:46 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Great Scott, Fiends! You've gone kidnap MAD! I can't possibly kidnap ALL of you. I'd want you to be happy and there simply isn't enough ROOM.

Besides, Nathilie called it this morning, Joan of Dark is getting kidnapped first. Because she would kill me if I didn't.

Literally. I'd die. I've seen her work out. And skate. She hits HARD. Ain't pissing her off.

If you can subdue her tho, we can talk.

Actually tho, anyone who is willing to come and cook me dinner can be kidnapped all over the place. I'm beat.

Or deal with my near HOARDERS level basement. Gods. This weekend, I swear it.

At 19:55 Blogger Jess said...

Yeah, on second thought, don't kidnap me, actually. I can do basement reorg at home. :P

At 20:02 Blogger Cecily said...

I am excellent at organization. I am also excellent at decluttering. As long as you have a Goodwill/thrift store that takes donations near you. ;-)

At 20:15 Blogger Chantrelle said...

If I were any closer, I'd totally come cook you dinner. But even if I left now I couldn't make it until almost breakfast.

At 21:43 Blogger ariandalen said...

Hi, liashke! Welcome to Fiendom! Here is your white, buckled jacket. Feel free to personalize it with any of the supplies over on that table. Have fun, and don't be afraid to comment again.

I won't offer to be kidnapped. I'm getting over being sick. Not bad sick, just enough to feel like crap. Ariane was sick last weekend, and now Don is sick. We'll stay here, and not get anyone there sick.

At 22:59 Anonymous Wendy Withers said...

I would like to point out that you would have to come back to New Orleans to kidnap me. It would be win/win.

At 04:07 Blogger Precision Grace said...

I don't want to be napped. The Spooky house scares me. It has Things of Scary Nature in it. and a Basement. brr

Feeling possibly worse to work (they don't pay me if I don't show up - are we America yet?)

Take care Fiends, don't get a cold or if you have one already, get well soon!

At 04:13 Blogger Dragonsally said...

On No PG, this is not good. can you sneak a hip flask of whisky in to work with you?

Get better gal.

At 04:21 Blogger Precision Grace said...

lol, you Australians.
Hugsies for Sal o' Dragons

At 08:06 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Ack. Slept late. Cranky. Busy. Behind. May not have time or mental state for a ride. Shall drag myself to the gym where I can take out this mood on some, well, they have to have some class. Not sure what.

Spoke to Joan of Dark, she is pretty clear on she is the only one who will be chained in the basement.

You lot of Fiends shall have to lurk about outside with the rest of the Things in the Garden. It's nice there tho, you will like it.

I need to do a new blog.

At 08:15 Blogger Phiala said...

I'm not sure I want to lurk in the garden this time of year, even if you bring me lots of hot coffee.

Can we work out some other arrangement please?

At 09:11 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

New post is UP! And I am BACK!

At 10:12 Blogger Marjorie said...

Can we lurk in the attic or basement at Boss's with the ghosts and the books, if we are not getting kidnapped? Phiala's right, it's too cold to lurk outside at this time of year. Hells,. it'd be too cold even here in the UK, and you guys would point and laugh at our idea of cold.

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