Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Happy Birthday To Me!!!!

Why yes, it IS my Birthday today! I'd almost overlooked that! How did that happen??? I think because this entire weekend has been a sort of wonderful B'day weekend sort of event, the DAY of it pales.

Not quite pales, it's going to end with my first Derby meeting with the Chippewa Valley Roller Girls, but I get ahead of myself here.

Let's just re-visit some of the weekend highlights...

Joan of Dark came (Still here in fact. She's meant to be going back home later today, but the jury is still out on if this will happen. Not excited about the idea, frankly, and may yet kidnap her and keep her in one of the libraries. It would be nice to have coffee made in the morning, and dinner at night and it would give the house sort of an extra cool factor, all sorts of people have Library CATS, but a Library Derby Girl??)

Here she is on my Boss'es new Inversion Thing. Being the lightest of us all, she was drafted to test it first and see how well the thing was put together. She does not lack a sense of adventure, this one.

Shortly after we all had a go (it being "safe" or at least not falling apart) we went off to see CVRG bout the Naptown Third Alarm team, which was made even more fun by the fact my Boss decided to come along with us, and see his first Derby Bout! I think he liked it, if you missed his account, it's up HERE.

I loved it. It was Derby. If Derby lights you on fire, every bout is wonderful. Every bout you learn.

It's spring here now, by which I mean we had a couple days with temps over 30. Lovely melty slushy outdoors! We decided to go and visit a White Witch and Mr Tumnus shoot in the woods by the Lamp Post. (I hadn't BEEN to this Lamp Post yet and good thing we saw the direction they all walked off in or Joan and I would be wandering woods yet in search of the thing. Had no idea where it was)

This is me trying to get down the hill to the Lamp Post. And here is 8 seconds of Joan of Dark following me down, carrying a Golden Wand dropped by the White Witch on her way down.

Whipping snowballs at people is fun. Mostly they turn and say things like "Oh! You got me! Argggh! Man, you so thru a snowball at me."

If you whip a snowball at a Derby Girl, it is not likely she will demure, at not only lobbing one back, but taking you DOWN, and involving some White Wolves in the process. I like this in people.

Here's the White Wolves rehearsing a scene from the shoot. They are great about rehearsing. The call "ACTION tho, leaves them still as the stone so many creatures got turned into by the aforementioned wand, or sends them off into the woods at a dead run.

Riding yesterday was nearly as much fun as I had thought it would be. That's Joan on Max on the left, and me on My Little Pony, Alex, on the right. Joan wants me to say that her horsie was not all THAT little and that mine is HUGE and hers only LOOKS very small.

This is relevant as she did go off shortly after this picture. (It should be noted that shortly after this picture, she also donned a helmet as well, no riding without) It wasn't her fault she went off mind you, it was a perfect storm of frisky horise, wrong canter lead among other things. Didn't like that part, could see it was going to happen a few strides before it did, and it's NOT a fine feeling see your friend tumble, but I knew it was going to be a good fall and she was fine. Still, poor dear is sore.

She got back up tho.

We did a re-enactment, as amongst she, myself and my trainer Poetry, the biggest irritation was that we did not in fact get this on camera. You'll have to go back thru FB and Twitter for the real fun pics, but we thought the roses were a nice addition.

Since today is a pretty big skating day for me, yes, the new skater meeting is tonight, here's some video of our session on Sunday. An entire 16 seconds, which would have ended with a very lovely toe stop had I mentioned to Joan of Dark I'd be doing this, so she could have say, stopped as well. Not SURE I can count it as my first hit, but it was pretty funny.

I think I am equal parts nervous and really excited about tonight. I've learned I in no way shape or form (as it were) have any of the muscles needed for skating, despite spending the last six months in the gym, even as I learned SO much skating with Joan.

Mostly I learned how little I know and how very far I have to go.

Which is no bad place to start from.

Can I do this? Don't know.

Mostly I know I would regret forever not trying.

Love and Birthdays,


At 08:24 Blogger spacedlaw said...

You have to try! Wishing you a glorious time of it all. (I love that first picture, it's the best of you two)

At 08:24 Blogger Rusty said...

Happy Birthday. Brilliant blog, full of joy and adventure. Be well and rock on!

At 08:27 Blogger DataGoddess said...

Happy firbday!!

The giggles on the video as she collided with you just cracked me up.

At 08:36 Blogger dabbler said...

Wonderful videos! Hippo birdies to ewe, and may the joy continue ALL YEAR! So there.

At 08:44 Blogger Phiala said...

Happy birthday! May your adventures this year be wonderful.

At 08:44 Blogger Jean said...

Yes, you must at least try! You never know what you will learn about it and yourself. My bet is that it will be a grand birthday all around.

At 08:49 OpenID liztheness said...

happy birthday!

At 08:56 Blogger vampi said...

happy birthda!

looks like so much fun!

At 08:57 Blogger vampi said...

tick. blogger is being weird.

At 08:59 Blogger Jess said...

Happy Birthdaaaaaaaay! \o/

At 09:03 OpenID alwayscoffee said...

Happy Birthday, my dear! And you CAN do this. You can. I have the utmost faith in you. Good for you, though, for trying -- and for knowing that not trying would be worse.

The riding pictures, and story, is great. I totally get that Joan's horse was not Shetland Pony Sized, but small in comparison to Alex.

What is that inversion thingy for? I'm curious. Plus, it looks rather fun... ~Ali

At 09:08 Blogger One Sock Short said...

Happy Birthday, Dear and Fearless Leader!

At 09:45 Blogger Marguerite said...

Happy birthday, strap on your skates, and give it your all! :-)

At 10:03 Anonymous Wendy Withers said...

You guys are so cute. ^.^ You should point out that no goodbyes are allowed during your birthday month, so she must stay and make you coffee at least until the 28th.

At least, that is the argument I would make in your situation.

At 10:06 Blogger Vinity said...

Happy Birthday.

Sounds like you guys are having a blast! Live on!

At 10:07 Blogger Jess said...

By the way: there is some new art in the Night Garden by a lady called Cat Dudka, who also makes lovely jam. Word of the birdies has it she will be making a special Night Garden jam and donating a portion of the proceeds to GLBR! But that is still something of a secret for the moment. So shhhh. :D

At 10:27 Blogger Marjorie said...

i love that first pic, and that you are having fun over your birthday :-)

At 10:27 Blogger Marjorie said...

aaaand Tick.

At 10:35 Blogger Cecily said...

Happy Birthaversary to you my dear!

So happy for you to be having such a wonderful time!

At 10:35 Blogger AletaMay said...

What a fun time! Lovely Birthday Weekend Fun.

So many places to wish you well here in the internest. What a great year you have had, so much greatness ahead. Happiest of Birthdays to you!

At 10:36 Blogger Arwenn said...

Many happy returns of the day!!!

At 10:46 Blogger The D said...

Happy birthday! And enjoy your meeting! Playing derby is the most fun and terrifying thing I have ever done, and I know you will LOVE it!

At 10:51 Blogger Na said...

here's wishing you a continuing wonderful birthday week, Lorraine! rock on.

At 11:37 Anonymous kali_licious said...

Rockin' on purpose! Doesn't matter if you can or can't do it, just have fun trying:)

At 12:26 Blogger Pi R Squared said...

Hoppy Bird-day Quiche!!!

Yay! Hope the good times continue to roll!

At 13:11 Anonymous Morrica said...

Happy Birthday from Sweden!

At 13:50 Anonymous Joypeg said...

Happy Birthday Fabulous Lorraine. And many thanks for sharing your wonderful, inspiring blog, with added pics of those amazing Bengals. Cheers.

At 14:13 Blogger Claire said...

Happy Birthday, Lorraine!

Not sure if I've ever commented here, but I do very much enjoy your tales of Bengals, fit, and Derby!

Congratulations and good luck with the roller derby!

At 14:50 Blogger Ticia said...

Happy Birthday!

I know, I know... I've already said it on Facebook and twitter... but it doesn't feel like I've said it until I say it here.

At 14:56 Blogger Precision Grace said...

Happy Birthday! Glad to see you having so much fun. Have some for me too will ya, I'm having 0 fun here.

Skating is awesome! And you can do much more than most of us, so wayhay, you are not starting from scratch.

Also, I vote that you keep JoanOfDark as your personal library prisoner. She is tons of fun.

At 15:07 Blogger LihuaEmily said...

Trying is important. VERY important. A very happy birthday, Quiche!



At 15:30 Blogger Hellie said...

Birthdays should always be celebrated for at least several days! Many happy returns - glad that it has been full of fun & adventure, and here's to the next year of joy and discovery!

Good luck with skating this evening, you've achieved so much already and we are all rooting for you!

At 17:00 Blogger Cecily said...

Just realized my inbox was so quiet because I forgot to ticky! Oops!

Can't wait to hear about your rockin' it out tonight!!!

At 17:27 Blogger ariandalen said...

Happy Firbday, oh Fearsome Leader!

At 18:05 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Many thanks for all the B'day wishes!! Feeling all the love today!

Joan of Dark is on her way back to Indy and I am on my way to a Derby Fresh meat meeting.

Perfect Birthday. Except for that Joan of Dark leaving bit.

At 18:39 Blogger Dragonsally said...

You should have audio of you and Joan giggling on every blog post!

Happy Birthday again - can't wait to hear how you went tonight.

At 19:28 Blogger Jane said...

What a fabulous birthday weekend!
And Happy Birthday!

At 19:29 Blogger Jane said...

and tick

At 22:52 Blogger Jaime said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! *squeeee!*

What a HECKUVA birthday too! Wow!

Much love, many wishes for adventures, education, and the bestest of memories throughout your next year!!!!

*hip checks and much love*

At 06:44 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

The new skater meeting rocked! I was pretty nervous, shook in fact the first 20 min, but they were great.

I can't skate until my health insurance kicks in, on March 1st, but I can train, and practice at my bouncy castle track.

Made a lot of new friends. I can't wait till I can skate with them. It's hard to explain, I just want to do this REALLY a lot. It's making me stronger inside.

I feel like I am getting back to myself, in a way.

At 10:12 Blogger Jess said...

Yay! That's very cool!

Mr. Jess says a very happy birthday, belatedly. (Think he tried to log in last night to say so, but couldn'tb remember his password. :) )

At 15:42 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

What? Not my B'day anymore so you all run off and hide? Does this seem fair to you? I ask you...

Need some lovely chatter! Pushing thru here to the end of the day, and you are my motivation!

At 15:48 Blogger Cecily said...

Sending you motivations!!!

I am about to bring my 13 year old to go get contacts!!! She has had glasses since she was 2! I am almost as excited as she is. *bounce*

At 15:58 Blogger Marjorie said...

I'm sorry, Mistress of Fiends. I have been stuck in loping meetings, and Reading nasty stuff all day.

No fun chatter :-(

now re-reading Diana Wynne Jones' "The Dark Lord of Derkholm" to unwind.

At 16:06 Blogger Marjorie said...

Also, Happy Happy Firbday to Ticia & Adri!!

At 17:43 Blogger Hellie said...

Sending motivate-y vibes your way. I have been sitting in my lovely local yarn shop drinking tea, chattering & finishing a frills purple scarf for my mum. The plumber has not destroyed our house & we still have heating. Now I'm off to bed to read my current book club book, which so far seems to be mostly about coffee & sex.

Great to hear you had a wonderful time at the skater meeting! I'm trying to imagine a bouncy castle track & picturing simultaneous bouncing & skating!

At 23:18 Blogger ariandalen said...

Sorry, Ms. Fabulous, Wednesday's are pick up girls from school and get them through dance classes day. No chatting from 2:30 PM til about 9:00 PM CST. I'll let everyone know what's up with my left ankle after I see the Nurse Practitioner in the morning.

HI, di, Rusty, liztheness, Marguerite, and Claire! You are now Fiends! Over here you can pick up your nice white buckled jacket. Over there are all sorts of supplies with which to personalize said jacket. No need for it to remain white unless you like it that way. :)

At 23:21 Blogger ariandalen said...

Oops! Forgot to mention that any Fiends who go to Confluence 2011 this July in Pittsburgh should go see The Bedlam Bards! Cedric and Hawke are very good, Browncoats, and good friends of mine. :)

At 00:14 Blogger spacedlaw said...

And I was asleep (by this time you will probably be too, or at least I hope you will be for your sake).
Today I am having the day off (I am in sore need of a hair cut) so heading off into town in an hour or so.

At 07:27 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Ok, so you were busy yesterday, I fell asleep myself by 8. Wednesdays are like that.

Working on a new post with some very funny My Little Pony vid RIGHT NOW!!!

At 08:35 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

New post is UP!!!!!!

At 13:55 Anonymous Anonymous said...

You CAN do it and it WILL make you stronger, without even realizing it! Confidence is contagious so just exude it and all the newbies will catch it, so before long you will all be encouraging one another. <3 <3 <3 derby love!

At 14:37 Blogger Becca said...

I love the falling-down-the-hill-even-though-there's-a-rope video! This totally would have happened to me if Neil hadn't been in front of me. You don't just crash into a famous writer and cause him to fall down an ice slide, most likely severely injuring himself in the process. How many fans, authors and publishers would be out for my blood? More than I care to think about, that's how many.


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Happy Mothers Day
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Happy Mothers Day 2016

Happy Mother's Day 2016
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