Tuesday, March 8, 2011

All You Need Is One Great Idea....

I wanted to write a new Blog, as it's been too long, but have been having trouble thinking of ANYTHING to write about. It's the end of winter. It's the hardest part, I think. It's the time when one ought to be taking off for Bora Bora. (May decide to do that yet..) Everything seems really hard, and bed seems like the easiest place to be. (Especially at THAT time of the month) You do your work, but it ain't easy. Lot of dark thoughts sometimes. They go away tho.

I thought, all I need is one great idea. See that first picture? THERE'S a great idea.

Waiting to happen.

I have a friend coming to visit next weekend with Joan of Dark. (Actually there's a lot of them coming, THAT will be a blog) This friend loves the trampoline, but objects to the RULE. There's only the one: No Shoes On The Trampoline. I finally told her, fine, as long as that's ALL you are wearing.

I forgot how connected to Derby this women is. Going to be some fun. Noooo. I don't think there will be pictures, of THIS great idea. Use your imagination. We're getting a LOT more snow this week.

Speaking of snow, these are Snow Drops. They call them that because these little go getters are up LONG before the snow is gone. "HEY", they think "Above zero, we had a warm day, let's GO!"

While I admire that kind of spirit, the poor dears are in for a bit of a shock...

Let's have a Dog Update, while we're at it. Cabal, as you know has been pretty poorly this year, with four different surgeries, and was to the point where he needed a both a ramp and help, to get in and out. I am very glad to tell you, he's doing REALLY well!

He's off ALL his meds, he's going for long walks, playing with Lola, and happy again. He smiles again.

What we think he has was a sort of Degenerative Myleopathy. The Boss found a hospital in Florida who have had a LOT of success treating this, and while I would have been happy to nip down there with Cabal (It's no Bora Bora, but hey...)We didn't need to. It's based mostly on diet and exercise. Apparently, if he eats really well, and works out, he will get much better. WOW. There are also meds he can go on if he gets worse, but so far, switching to the SUPER Healthy, all natural food, with lots of Vitamin and Herb supplements (yeah, it looks pretty weird, Merry Housekeeper makes it up) has worked wonders.

You can read about it all HERE.

Here he is killing Lola. So sweet....

And because I do live with five Bengals, we will end with Madame Mim, looking nearly posed on her real faux fur blankie.

Love, and all good,


At 17:54 Blogger Chantrelle said...

How many fauxs died for that blankie huh?

As fun as nekkid trampolining may seem, I'm not sure it would photograph well--gravity's a bitch y'know and there are other forces at work there too ;-)

I'm so happy to hear Cabal is doing so well! Give him lovey kisses and scritches for me. I just got my Cabal shirt in the mail from Kitty, I will wear it proudly.

Ben will be home in about 15 minutes...do you hear that? It's quiet...shhh...it's about to go away!

At 17:55 Blogger Chantrelle said...

Ooh, even w/ my babbling I'm first but forgot the ticky box.

At 17:56 Blogger Dragonsally said...

Yah, you're back. We're back.

Mim looks very snuggling on her blanket there, and as regal as ever.

And my god the idea of nekkid trampolining is doing my head in - all I can think is ouch!

So glad Cabal is improving. Now I am off to read that link.

At 17:59 Blogger Dragonsally said...

So, its sort of like MS in dogs? Is that right?

At 18:02 Blogger Cecily said...

There are many things in this world I would gladly do nekkid, I do not believe trampolining is one of them...though I could be proven wrong on that one.

So glad you are Medeadly!

At 18:02 Blogger Cecily said...

Crap, forgot to tick...

At 18:14 Blogger Vinity said...

What is tick? Ask the newbie. More snow? I can imagine this time of year, having lived with all the stuff and cold all winter would be weird. Have a great time with visitors.

At 18:19 Blogger Ticia said...

I am here!
and so are you.
With all the fiends,
it's quite a do!

While winter's here,
twill soon be gone.
Tho, I've no snow,
dark thoughts

At 18:20 Anonymous Wendy Withers said...

I don't think there will be much naked trampolining in my future, even though my apartment's ceiling is quite high. Now that it's warm out, there might be some naked swimming in my future, though. We have that here.

At 18:24 Blogger Jane said...

So glad to hear Cabal is doing well. Diet and exercise - I keep hearing that is good for lots of ailments.

Nekkid trampolining might be kind of painful...

At 18:25 Blogger Cecily said...

Vinity, it's when you 'tick' the little box that emails future comments to you on each post.

Wendy, I need to get some nekkid swimming in soon...maybe over the summer we will switch and I will stalk you. ;-)

*stares into space* the first time I skinny dipped was in Liz's above ground pool at midnight...man that girls was a tease. *snaps back to reality*

At 18:25 Blogger Jane said...

And tick, because the first entry doesn't have a space for it.

What "tick" is - check the box that says email follow-up comments. At least mine says that.

At 18:28 Blogger Cecily said...

Jane, if you need to sign in, you can just preview your first comment and then close the pop-up, you will then be able to tick your first comment. :-D

At 18:34 Blogger Jess said...

I think you'e just out to disprove my theory about running down stairs without a bra.

Yay for Cabal doing well! This pleases me.

I have wine. This also pleases me.

So we're on to week two of the big Night Garden/Jason Webely bonanzafest thing. I do not know how many donations Janet's gotten so far. I hope lots.

That is all I've got for the moment. Apart from to tell Chantrelle that I wasn't kidding about the parmesan. She'll know what I mean. :P

At 18:35 Anonymous Anonymous said...

So glad to hear that Cabal is doing well.

At 18:35 Blogger dabbler said...

I so agree that nekkid trampolining sounds painful...even without snow on the ground.

My brief foray in NC made me want Spring NOW! We have no snow, just lots of rain on the way. But I saw out bees out and about today...one tried to find my pollen but only found my wool sweater.

So even Cabal is getting FIT. I love it. And the dark thoughts may pass through, just let them move on....no stopping here.

Glad you're back with us.

At 18:48 Blogger Phiala said...

I just explained to Grendel that his internet buddy was doing much better. Grendel looked up alertly when I said his name, but has now returned to napping on my feet, as lazy old dogs tend to do.

At 18:55 Anonymous Anonymous said...

So glad to hear that your doing okay -- even if the winter doldrums (and Evil Girl Parts) have tried to thwart you. I'm glad the dark thoughts go away. :-)

Also, in no particular order -- yay for Bengal picture, Cabal doing awesome (squee!), and something about naked trampolining? I think that one broke my brain a little, BUT huge hooray for a gaggle of Roller Derby woman, especially Ms. Joan of Dark. Very happy things.


At 19:01 Blogger Dragonsally said...

I just did my walking around nekkid bit for the gang. Had a warm spritz bath to sooth the owie nether regions and was too hot to dress for a while. Humidity isn't friendly with warm/hot baths!

At 19:04 Blogger Cecily said...

I think the thing that breaks my brain the most about the nekkid trampolining, even mor ethen the floppin' ze's, is that said person would have sneakers on and nothing else. And that's just not a good look on anyone.

At 21:32 Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm trying one last time to post. Blogger hates me, and has for days. Please, Blogger, let me post.

Thank you, kindly.

Siri, who might be banned

At 21:34 Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hmmm. Let me post anonymously, but hasn't with my gmail name. Ha! I foiled you, Blogger. Take that.

But I can't tick, if I'm anonymous. Rats.


At 21:36 Blogger Dragonsally said...


try totally logging out and in again...

At 22:44 Anonymous Wendy Withers said...

Siri!!!!! You can beat the system!!!!!


I accept fiendish stalkers. Not the other type. I had one of those once. He showed up at my doorstep, back when I was doing a bunch of art and goth modeling and was on the Myspace a lot. He interrupted a cuddling session between me and an ex girlfriend. Very unfortunate.

However, if you are going to stalk me, make sure to let me know when, so I will look my best!

At 00:16 Blogger spacedlaw said...

Yeah! A new post! With cabal good news and Mim! With added Lola too!

Greta to know you are up and kicking (and ready for some serious weekend shenanigans, I see).

At 01:03 Blogger vampi said...

i got my cabal shirt and hung up my sticker at work.

so glad to hear cabal is doing well. my mom's dog just had to have te joint surgery cabal had earlier. she was surprised knew all about it:)

At 01:28 Blogger Marjorie said...

Fly-by ticky box

At 04:53 Blogger Joan of Dark said...

Mim has my scarf!!!!!

At 05:00 Blogger Dragonsally said...

I'm sure she will take very good care of it for you!

At 07:36 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

I'm going to wear that scarf today, I can tell you that. Seems to have snowed all night. Looking at the forecast, it seem like it's going to snow all day. Lovely.

I mean, Good Morning!

I should point out one would not trampoline COMPLETELY nekkid. And it will be a might cold. Not for hot tubbing tho...and jumping in the snow. And it's actually not THIS weekend, but the next. I play St Pats, then they come a few hours later.

At 07:46 Blogger spacedlaw said...

You are going to be so beyond exhausted! I do hope some of the girls have massage abilities for yours arms and hands (and back too, I would guess).
About trampolining in the nude, well I thought maybe after a sauna (or in between sauna sessions). But one could - if not die outright - suffer from frost bites in awkward places. Derby girls seem used to hurt themselves but still...

At 07:59 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

I have only ONE gig this St Pats! A fall out from our booking agent dying last year, I think. Fitz used to book everyone in all the clubs, and now, it's a free for all.

Everyone book their own gigs with the clubs now.

Not sure I mind, COULD go out and look for more work playing, but I don't seem to be of a mind too. I still love playing music, but I am loving other things more, Derby, riding, working out.

Still, will be tired, I'll get home at 2am, they get in at 5 or so, and we do a sunrise shoot right away, but I get ahead of myself..

At 10:53 Blogger Pi R Squared said...

Mornin' Fiends! Hi Lorraine!

Glad to hear Cabal is feeling so much better...when I read how significantly his health improved after dietary changes...it really makes me look at what I take in. Hmmmmm......

Hot tubs and snow...great together!

At 11:56 Blogger Na said...

yays for Cabal being well - he's looking sleek.

and cheers for returning from dark thoughts. for myself, i find it helpful that the sun is beginning to rise about the time i do.

good news bit: the Night Garden fb page had as many new participants in the last week as it has since it was set up! \o/

listening as i work (and faff about online) to NASA's Discovery ustream tv broadcast. i teared up a bit this morning, thinking about this being Discovery's last mission, and only two (i think) shuttle missions left.

At 12:53 Blogger Pi R Squared said...


I know! The return of the Discovery is the beginning of the end of the US space program. It makes me more than sad...it has always been such an inspiration to me growing up...I'm such a space geek, I've even got a NASA bumper sticker!

At 13:01 Blogger Precision Grace said...

hip hip woof woof for Cabal - such good news.

have no comment on nekkid trampolining in the sub zero temperatures.

yay for Bengals being cozy in a totally non faux way

and tick

At 13:03 Blogger LihuaEmily said...

Cabal is awesome.

At 13:03 Blogger Precision Grace said...

oh, and if you didn't know why being a grown up rocks - it's because you can have eggy bread for dinner and nobody can tell you off.

At 13:36 Blogger AletaMay said...

Winter needs to stop. Seriously. Go. Away.

Sounds a bit more a like one great fantasy I am thinking...

Yay for Cabal getting better. He looks beautiful. As does Lola. And Mim looks like the queen of the world.

I've been trying to keep up on reading comments but I've gotten very behind on writing them! Hi new people! Feel better not feeling well people! I am hoping that when winter finally goes my focus will start to come back to my brain so that I can hold a thought long enough to write it down in a comment!

At 15:16 Blogger LihuaEmily said...

Yeah, I'm looking forward to being a grown-up. Full-time, not part-time like now.

At 15:17 Blogger Phiala said...

I dunno, I could stand to be a part-time grownup.

At 15:20 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Sometimes, I wonder what it will be like being a grown up..

At 15:22 Blogger Chantrelle said...

Most aspects of being grown-up are overrated. And most of the time I forget I am one. Then I hear things coming out of my mouth like, "I don't need to give you a reason, you do it because I asked you to" and I think, What the hell was that?!?!

At 15:44 Blogger Cecily said...

It's not the best video, but every time this subject comes up I am transported to the past.

At 15:46 Blogger Arwenn said...

When people say "ma'am" it still never registers that they are talking to me.

At 18:54 Blogger Dragonsally said...

I'm the same with that Arwenn, and this Mrs thing people throw at you once you're older than 35/40.
I seem to forget I'm not 14 anymore until I listen to 14 year olds talk...

Quiche did you say "shoot"?

At 19:11 Blogger One Sock Short said...

I like the idea of being a part-time grownup too. Take a few things off my plate, please!

At 19:31 Blogger Jane said...

Not sure I've ever been a grown-up. Maybe if I had children...but that doesn't seem to work on everyone. I've definitely had grown-up jobs, but that didn't take, either. I've been called ma'am so long it seems normal.

Anyway, happy where I am, wherever that is :-)

At 20:05 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

I think she killed me. Lil Evil is well named.

At 20:50 Blogger ariandalen said...

Of course Lil Evil is well named, Ms. Fabulous. You named her.

There is definitely a step toward true adulthood after your parents die. Maybe even more than when you become a parent, though that's a big step, too.

On the other hand, it has been said of me that I "was never a child."

At 07:50 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Good Morning!!!!!

My my, such a day. Well, not so far, so far we have shredded TP because I forgot to put it away last night and Lear went postal, and coffee and great music.

That's really it so far.

Extracting honey today tho, from the dead hives, with Birdchick. And a rare noon workout with Lil Evil. (Which may or may not turn out to be a good idea, but it's all the time I have today)

At 07:56 Blogger dabbler said...

Good Morning! Flooding predicted here. Lots of rain on the way and the rivers are already high from the snow melt...I know, we should be glad it's melted!

I was thinking about honey extraction earlier today. We have bees, apparently happy ones. And hope to steal their precious honey later in the spring. I remember you have posted pictures before. Are you using the dancing centrifuge this time, or cheesecloth at buckets? Could we have a post sometime. (Yup, I could go look at the older ones...but I want more!)

Have a sweet and sweaty pleasant day.

At 07:58 Blogger Erin Underwood said...

Q,is the honey usable from the hive? I'm thinking it would be since the bees froze, but I have no idea.

Curious beezy minds want to know!

When do the new bees arrive?

At 08:35 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

There will be Bee posts coming, to be sure. We're getting 3 hives of Russians and 3 of Italians in April...

And Erin, yes, the honey is just fine, we can use it. And will.

I like the cheesecloth and bucket method, tho we have new BIGGER buckets with straining things on top now too.

At 10:36 Blogger hope said...

So happy to hear that Cabal is doing better!!!!!

My dog and his best friend murder each other all the time. It's hilarious.

At 11:11 Blogger Jess said...

My cat is currently impersonating a cat that's been murdered by a dog. Or maybe a distressed Edwardian lady. She's got that fainting-away paw-against-the-forehead thing going. But her tongue's also poking out, and i've never seen an Edwardian lady do that, distressed or otherwise.

Also, she's snoring.


At 11:21 Blogger Jane said...


At 12:37 Blogger Becca said...

yay! The goddess returns! I'm so glad Cabal is improving. I love those dogs. I hope I get the chance to meet them again *hint hint to Lorraine*

I've been missing Lorraine and Neil so much and now I've got Lorraine
*sings I Got You Babe*
I'm obviously more tired than I thought.

*sits in the corner and folds origami*

At 14:14 Anonymous Wendy Withers said...


That's better than what Kitty was impersonating the other night. She was pretending to be Wolverine, and she left a giant gouge that goes along the entire length of my foot and up past my ankle. I should send her to you for finishing school.

In other news, I was told I grade my students too harshly. So, the F's are D's, and a couple of the low B's are going to be high B's or low A's. There's a good chance the C's will stay C's, though.

At 14:52 Blogger Jess said...

You find your grading rhythm with time. It really helps to look at it in terms of whether or not students have demonstrated a grasp of what you've taught them, rather than how well they manage to emulate it. Because of course it takes a very long time to learn to write well. My system went this:

An A is for a student who shows both a grasp and some fluency-- which is not always the same thing as demonstrating talent. You can reward students with an A for stepping out of their comfort zones, taking intelligent risks, or showing progress.

Bs and Cs are for students who demonstrate willing, but perhaps not a complete grasp of what you're trying to teach. They're also for people who make routine mistakes-- grammatical errors, rhetorical errors, errors of comprehension, unintended misuse of sources, etc. Where they fall in the spectrum depends on how frequent and routine the mistakes.

Ds are for late or incomplete work, poor research, inadequate length, and so on. Fs you reserve for people who cheat, or routinely fail to hand work in.

At 16:07 Anonymous Wendy Withers said...


The problem that I have is that they're in a remedial class that they have to test out of. Even the best students have papers covered in errors. And, no matter what grades I give them in class, they won't pass if they don't pass their exit writing exam. It worries me, though my supervisor/ boss has been saying I'm doing a good job.

At 17:06 Blogger Dragonsally said...

Becca - we all get like that when Lorraine goes away!

Jess and Wendy - I love that little insight into marking.

I've got nothing here, except its Friday morning.

At 17:13 Blogger Arwenn said...

Sally - from where I sit that's a hell of a lot!!!

At 19:18 Anonymous Wendy Withers said...


At 19:21 Blogger Jess said...

Wendy - In that case it's really still a matter of looking at how well they're grasping what you're trying to teach, and how well they demonstrate that. So an A won't necessarily mean a lack of errors--but you can use it to reward the progress you see. If your sup says you're doing fine, though, I wouldn't worry too much.

I found one-on-one time with students really helpful for stuff like this. It always helped me get a better sense of where they were, and it gave them a reason to work at the assignments, instead of just surviving them.

At 21:12 Anonymous Wendy Withers said...


I've got student conferences coming up in a couple of weeks. But, we only have about five weeks left in the semester, and I've only had four or five students come in to see me out of two classes. :(

At 22:23 Blogger Jess said...

Not many will come to you for office hours. But one option is to set aside a free day to "work" in class. Then you call them up one by one, and give them each five to ten minutes of individual attention. You give them a brief, friendly rundown of what you've noticed about their writing so far, and offer them a chance to ask questions and vent frustrations.

I won't lie: it's chaotic, and no one will actually do any work. And it's best to do it when you have graded papers to hand back, so they're not tempted to leave before you're through. But every time I did it with a class, they were surprisingly appreciative-- it makes a world of difference when they understand that you are in fact paying attention to them individually, and want to help them pass, rather than judge them.

At 06:57 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Good Morning. Not what I wanted to get up to. It's a horror. Very sad.

Going to be hard to concentrate on riding, but I think I need to go.

At 07:07 Blogger spacedlaw said...

It will do good to your head. Ease the worry. You - we - can't do much about what is happening right now. Later, we can set up something to help.

At 07:17 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

That was my thought exactly, do more good getting in a workout than sitting around worrying about things I can't control.

At 08:08 Blogger Becca said...

Exactly, Lorraine. I know all about not worrying/getting mad about the things I can control and trying to focus on the things I can.

Let's all send positive, beautiful thoughts to the people who are in crisis instead of sending out wrry thoughts into the universe.

And thus I wax New Age... ;)

At 08:10 Blogger Becca said...

first "can" in that post should be a "can't". I mean, otherwise the meaning is lost, right?

What can I say; new laptop=new keyboard to get used to.

At 08:49 Blogger Arwenn said...

My co-worker is vacationing in Hawaii right now, staying in an apartment on the beach on the big island. We aren't usually in contact during vacations but everyone keeps coming by my desk and we just commiserate and hope.

At 09:00 Blogger spacedlaw said...

That is just terrible, Arwenn.

At 09:37 Blogger Arwenn said...

It's looking like Hawaii hasn't been hit that badly, just flooding and evacuations - so no reports of injuries so fatalities, just a lousy thing to happen on a vacation you've been planning for three years.

Which means I'll take Becca's advice and stop worrying about my friend and send out positive thoughts to all of those in crisis.

At 10:05 Blogger DataGoddess said...

Am slowly catching up on things after spending *5 whole days* with my rocket scientist partner, after not seeing him for over a year. Good visit, but I'm glad to be home!

*hugs* to all who need them, *smooches* to anyone who wants them.

At 10:57 Blogger Jess said...

That said, I am a little nervous for Robyn and Ticia. Saw Ticia around twitter this morning. Anyone heard from Robyn?

At 11:03 Blogger Jess said...

Also Vampi, and Val. Though I don't know that anything was supposed to hit LA. I know. I'm not helping.


At 11:21 Blogger Phiala said...

I haven't heard from them specifically, but the west coast of the US is entirely fine. Save your fretting for Japan.

At 11:37 Blogger Na said...

i'd only heard there was "a big quake and tsunami" this morning, until i checked the News. and now i'm a teary mess.

my SIL is from Nagoya; it's around a large bend in the coastline relative to the most effected areas, and so as long as her family were all home, i know they should be fine, but i'm not having success getting ahold of her and my brother this morning, so i worry, but i don't want to call, assuming they're trying to get in touch with her family.

peeps in Cali will be fine, i'm sure - all quite inland except maybe Robyn? even if the wave is significant on that end of the Pacific.

ways to help: Red Cross is involved! the US is sending other aid as well.

At 11:37 Blogger Ticia said...

I are fine...

I'm fretting about Robyn too... her area suffered some damage. I'm sure she's fine, but... I'm trying not to be a Nervous Nelly and call her. :)

At 11:46 Blogger Marjorie said...

Yes. RedCross as always. Also ShelterBox - see here (US & UK sites)

At 11:47 Blogger Marjorie said...

Good to see you, Ticia. Glad you're OK.

At 11:47 Blogger Chantrelle said...

I'm fine!! I feel so special ;-)

Just at work. It's pretty crazy around here, not because of the tsunami itself but because of the crazy reaction that people had...fleeing to 2000ft in the mountains, etc. That would be one damn big wave!!

At 11:54 Blogger Na said...

*whew* my brother just sent me a note, and all of SIL's family are fine, as expected.

Robyn - 2000 ft?! that's funny.

At 12:09 Blogger Marjorie said...

Glad to hear that, Na.

At 15:28 Blogger Precision Grace said...

speaking of shoveling snow for a parking spot (it seems it's a bit of a thing over there)

At 15:29 Blogger Precision Grace said...

still reeling from Japan news but glad the tsunami didn't amount to much

At 16:25 Anonymous Wendy Withers said...

I'm glad the fiends are safe. We need to be safe so we can work on plotting fiendishly.

At 16:37 Blogger Dragonsally said...

Morning Fiends

I'm up and catching up on the poor battered globe, and very relieved that Fiends and their loved ones are all safe.
Becca, I just love what you said. I'm going to try and make that one of my mottos now.
Toni - you've been missed.

At 19:58 Blogger Becca said...

Thanks Sally. You know, I was just at the bookstore and I saw a woman getting into a car and I could have sworn it was you! But then I got a bit closer and realized that, no, it wasn't you and how could it be you anyway since I live in midwest America?

At 20:08 Blogger Dragonsally said...

You found my doppleganger? How cool is that?

At 21:41 Blogger Siri said...

So. Can I comment yet?

At 21:42 Blogger Siri said...

Look!!! I can!!! It took an earthquake and a tsunami, but I can finally comment as me. Teh interwebs is weird.

I have nothing to say. I was just feeling left out of all the fun.

Carry on.

At 22:05 Blogger Na said...

hi Siri!

going to get t'monsters abed, then turn on t'news to see if i can understand what all is happening in the world. we need an Earth whisperer.

At 22:18 Blogger Becca said...

Siri, hi! I'm the new fiend, Becca. At least, I think I'm a Fiend. Someone called me the Star Fiend since I make origami stars and I'm cool with that name.

Sally, yes, that must have been what it was. But dare I ask what your doppleganger is doing in my town at the same places I'm going? I have a bad feeling about this...Perhaps I should invite her to tea and make sure she's not an evil twin. Or, at the very least, get on her good side. In which case should I spike the tea? And what should I use? Just some rum or something like a crushed up Ambien so that I can check for...well, for any items that might suggest she wishes me ill? I mean, it all looks rather suspicious. She has accomplices in the bookstore parking lot. One of them was driving her because, I believe, she is in need of a walker as well (although I did not actually see a walker).

And that, Fiends, is why I need to go to sleep. I am far to tired to write a coherant comment. However, for entertainment's sake I shall post it.

At 22:29 Blogger ariandalen said...

Yes, Becca, you are definitely a Fiend! :)

Siri! Glad you can comment as you again! :)

Now I have nothing more to say. ::sigh::

At 23:18 Blogger Dragonsally said...


You are most certainly a Fiend Becca.

Yes, I'd make her sleeeeepy with Ambien and then check for hidden compartments in her bag and clothes.
I must say, I kind of like the idea of having an evil twin because that means I'm the good one!

At 01:29 Blogger Marjorie said...

Y'know Sal, my first thought was to query whether we were confident it was the doppelgänger who was the Evil Twin,,,,

(& wouldn't being the evil twin be more fun anyway?)

At 01:36 Blogger Dragonsally said...

You're right Marjorie. I've changed my mind, I want to be the ebel twin.

At 04:06 Blogger Becca said...

ah, well then, I suppose I don't have to worry about spiking tea then. I do hope, however, that your good twin isn't too good. I mean, it would run right in the face of my fiendishness (new word?).

So glad I'm an official Fiend, btw! I've already got a black cat who follows me around, so that's covered. Not a Bengal, but still, a black cat is rather fiendish, I think. Plus I have an army of trained rats.

At 04:11 Blogger Dragonsally said...

An army of rats is totally Fiendish!

At 09:32 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Good Morning. Kind of again. I might not be exactly awake.

Did a bizarre 3am airport run this morning, thru high winds, sleet and snow, but got back by 7 and slept some more.

Ready for gym. Refusing to consider the gig tonight yet.

At 21:13 Anonymous Wendy Withers said...

Oy. I had a horrible claustrophobic moment at the synagogue today, and the stress ended up hurting my arm. I think I tensed it so much that I ended up pulling a muscle in my shoulder. Now, my arm aches, I can barely turn my head, and when I move in normal ways, there is shooting pain jabs. I would like to point out that I don't get hurt in the normal way. For example, I am so clumsy that I never get hurt from tripping, because I'm so used to catching myself before I get hurt. The last time I can remember being in this much pain, it was because I pulled muscles in my back from knitting too much.

Now I'm going to work on writing and watch Don't You Forget About Me, a movie about John Hughes.

At 03:36 Blogger LihuaEmily said...

Oh my Fods, epic sore throat at four thirty in the morning. Which oddly enough is so painful I think I burn about a hundred fifty calories just swallowing, and also has me feeling like I'm about to puke. Make up your mind ... yurgh, dude ...

At 03:53 Blogger Dragonsally said...

oh no LiEm....get that hot lemon into you quick smart.

At 05:21 Blogger Marjorie said...

Beughh. Sorry to hear that, LiEm!

I'm trying to decide whether I should be glad that i slept until 5 a.m. This morning, instead of waking at 2.30 like I did yesterday, or pissed that I still didn't manage to get a proper night's sleep. Maybe I should get Tybalt to give me some napping lessons.

Sal, are you feeling better?

At 08:54 Blogger LihuaEmily said...

To be honoest, Marjorie, that is definitely not a proper slumber! I feel much better now. One of those things that had to peak and then settle - didn't throw up or anything. I think I felt sick because I was dehydrated. Water made things much better ... yay!

At 11:59 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Uh-oh! Hurt! Ack ! Rock! Oh my poor self.

Good thing I am switching to Derby here. SO I won't hurt the morning after....

I have a new blog in my head, more or less. WIll do that for you later today. Skating at the bouncy castle track this afternoon, will try for video!

Now, coffee!!!!! Please, coffee!!!

At 12:59 Blogger Becca said...

Gah! Why are all the Fiends getting sick and hurt?! Must be a curse...
Mr. Neil isn't sending any strange Chinese curse over here I hope...?

At 13:51 Blogger Marjorie said...

I don't think Neil would curse us. I mean, unless we were mean to Quiche, and we haven't been. (have we?)

At 13:52 Blogger spacedlaw said...

Why nooo, I was just reading something wonderful.

At 14:30 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

If you WERE ever mean to me, you would not have to worry about Boss. I would deal with you myownself.

Off to skate. As tired as I am, need to practice.

Also going to Target with Day-Z, which is an Adventure in itself and more fun than one might suppose.

New blog tonight with video, we hope.

Behave yourselves! More or less.

At 15:10 Blogger Marjorie said...

I have no doubts as to your smiting ability, Should it bevrequired. just that I could not think of any other circumstances which would make your Boss get all cursey at us. He's never struck me as the kind for random, undeserved smiting.

At 16:19 Blogger ariandalen said...

The only Chinese "curse" I know of is that we live in interesting times (paraphrased), and the whole world is in the same boat. Can't blame any one person for that.

Becca, you are not to blame for anyone getting hurt. ::shrug:: Life is.

At 18:02 Blogger Kitty Cat said...

Q! your photos are getting so so good!
i can no longer complain about the quality.
consider me...silenced.
yours in awe.

At 19:44 Blogger Dragonsally said...

I appear to be Marjorie and it is awesome....look...I am sitting normally Who knew being able to sit normally could be such an achievement? And, m'dear I am not surprised at your early wakenings at all with the work shenanigans you've been enduring.

My neighbour is using a jack-hammer. It is not making my beloved happy as its a public holiday and we should be able to sleep in.

Can't wait for skating vids Quiche, I hope you're having a blast as I type this.

At 19:45 Blogger Dragonsally said...

Akshually the jack hammer isn't making me happy either, because the noise is preventing me from opening all the doors and windows to let nice fresh air in to the house.

At 21:47 Blogger Cecily said...

I have nothing specific to say, but a desire to say something...probably best not to though,

At 21:53 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

I bought a good camera! And kind of know how to use it, Miss Kitty, still a greasshopper, but learning...

Soooo tired, didn't get much vid. The biggest problem is I am starting to get good at this, and pick up too much speed, it was so crowded so it wasn't really safe to be skating. I want to go full out.

I need my insurance to kick in so I can start SKATING.

Have an idea tho for tomorrow, to get some pics, and so, will try and do the blog then.

Sorry. Very tired. Bed now...

At 09:38 Blogger Jane said...

Sally - glad to hear you're sitting!

At 13:40 Blogger Jess said...

Wotcha, birdies. The first contribution to our Jason Webley "Back to the Garden" Bonanzafest is up!! From shiny new contributor Jill Albright, who just joined the FB page. So you can head on over to the Facebook page and greet her if you like.

At 14:02 Blogger spacedlaw said...


In the meantime, my Caos has developed an eye infection. Poor kitty. Not that it affects his appetite, mind you. Still. A trip to the vet is in order.

At 14:56 Blogger Jess said...

And speaking of you, Nathalie, why, Here's a second contribution from you, yourself! Yay!

At 14:57 Blogger Chantrelle said...

Yay for awesome submissions! I'll have to read Nathalie's story later, i'm at work :)

I can't believe i still haven't submitted anything...*lame*

At 16:27 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Got to go see Little Evil shortly, but I really really do have a blog in mind and will do my BEST to post it tonight.

The skating vids didn't work so well.

If I can move, I will blog tonight tho and get you a lovely new post on something, er, no doubt, exciting...

At 19:29 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

And we have a new post, yes, new blog is UP!!!

At 09:34 Blogger Chantrelle said...

I'm awake...well, i'm out of bed at least.
New hair..wooo!

Sorry, that's as excited as i get before tea.

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