Wednesday, April 6, 2011

First Bee Post Of The Year...

I do recall promising you a new, the very first of the Season, Bee Post, with all new pictures of The Birdchick and I, taking inventory, going over the hives and supplies, getting READY for the Bees!

And. Well, Yes. I do know that first picture is not BEES, but rather two Bengals in the Bathtub, in the Dinning Room with a Skeleton, but it has been kind of a long week for me and I seem to have a LOT going on (Derby, among other things, does that to you) and I did completely forget to bring the camera out and TAKE any new pictures.

And I don't seem to have any old ones I could sneak in, on this computer, in hopes no one would notice, so we'll go with Bengal Pics, and TALK about Bees.

That's Magic and his fish. Sadly, they all died. The fish I mean, not Magic. He's just fine. (look, I did TELL you it had been a long week, we'll get to the Bees in a moment. I won't even mention how far beyond sore I am. Or the amazingly cool Derby I saw last weekend, with Naptown against the MN Roller Girls, THAT was a Bout, down to the last jam, closest...What? Oh. Right. Bees.)

Where was I? Oh, right, dead fish.

(How did I get here?)

Ah, this is King Lear the Huge, playing in his water dish, not noticing the Tardis has landed in a seriously off scale world.

(Note to self: This is a BEE post, work them in somehow.)

HA! Here is Jason Webley from last year, he came for a visit and got put to work extracting honey. Sticky business that, but tasty. He's on tour just now, and if you haven't got to a live show yet, trust me, you really do need to. He's one of the most powerful performers I have ever seen, well, I could go on, but most likely, you've seen him, and if you haven't, just go. Again, trust me.

(Did I lose the Bee Topic AGAIN?)

Bees. Ok. The Birdchick and I did spend time together today with all of our Bee Things, plotting and Planning. Mostly we would like coloured Bee Suits. Fashion is everything, remember. And my Bee Suit is too big now, I need a new one anyway.

By the end of this month we will have seven new hives, all of ours having not made it thru the winter, sadly. Not colony collapse, we think it was the weather, it got way too cold, way too fast and winter went on way too long. We're getting two hives of Russian Bees, (yes, they may well wear little furry hats and drink vodka) two Carnelian and three Minnesota Hygienic Hives. (Don't know much about those last two and have nothing very clever to say about them.)

At some point in the next couple weeks, these seven boxes of bees will arrive. (The post office courteously calls you when they do. They courteously call you REALLY EARLY)

We will Hive these Packages (I kind of like saying that. It's just fancy for "Dump the boxes of bees into the hive") and there will be NEW Bee pictures.


I leave you with me naked in the bathtub, (This one in the bathroom. Oddly, for this house) as any post as scattered as this one ended up NEEDS something hot at the end...

Love and Bees,


At 20:27 Blogger Siri said...

The early bird gets the post. I wasn't even really wait, but here it is. Woo. I love brain dump blogs. So much more fun than structured ones.

Go Bees.

At 20:28 Blogger Siri said...

Waiting. I wasn't waiting. Waiting is what you do when something you want is going to happen. Not wait.

I is a riter.

At 20:28 Blogger Jess said...


I remember that tub picture. Your toes are just as hot now as they were then.

And lest we forget, Jason is ace and special and super and lovely because he helped us with a Night Garden thing which still has a month to go, and we've raised $100 so far, and it would be nice to raise more before the 30th, and the biggest donation gets a signed CD from Jason, and blah blah blah. And this is the art here. And of course we don't expect Fiends to shell out because in all likelyhood they've already done so, but we hope they'll tell all their friends and so forth.

In other news, Mister Jess just informed me that Lando Calrissian is 74 years old. Holy crap.

At 20:30 Blogger Jess said...

And I do know that "likelihood" does not have a y in it, but I've had half a bottle of wine. So sue me. Apparently I is not much of a writer at all, if I can't spell "likelihood" on the first go.

At 20:34 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Hee-hee. Looks like my Fiends are all in the boat brain wise as I am...

Jason. Night Garden. Duh. Knew there was something. Don't worry my Stalker Wife drinking Wine, that will be getting its own post, soon...I love this project.

At 20:34 Anonymous Nick Zimmerman said...

You might want to reconsider or at least research the whole colored bee suit thing. Bees do see in color, and there is some evidence to show they have color likes and dislikes.

Just saying...unless you are attempting to either taunt the bees or have them mistake you for a large flower that needs bee love.

At 20:36 Anonymous Lisana said...

Lovely Bengal-- I mean Bee post! Is that Lear fishing for your toes?

I hope the Russian Bees in their little furry hats are quite cute!

At 20:43 Blogger dabbler said...

What very pink toes! Lovely!

Are the Carnelian bees a lovely tawny reddish brown color like the stone? And the Minnesota Hygienic ones must surely have hairnets, and those slippery things on their feet that people wear in Operating Rooms..... huh. Slippery=like slippers, not likely to slide....

We is all riters on this bus...

At 20:46 Blogger Siri said...

Me thinks people are making sport of me.

Feh. I scorn your sport. I'd write something pithy, but I'm all out of pith....


At 20:50 Blogger dabbler said...

Siri...not my intention at all! i was editing myself, but too lazy to really fix it.

At 21:07 Blogger Vinity said...

Yay bees. Cute toes!

At 21:09 Blogger Dragonsally said...

We iz righters...get it - we putz things to correct-ville?

Okay, that bad attempt at humour just took all of my available brain cells. *sigh*

I rather like this post Quiche -it has a bit of lots of things Fiends love.

At 21:20 Blogger Siri said...

No worries, Dabbler - we are all funning here tonight!

At 21:27 Anonymous Wendy Withers said...

I would like to see more bengal pics, more Jason Webley pics, and more hot naked tub pics.

I am a fan of all three.

At 22:26 Blogger D said...

Bees! How exciting! What are the names of your hives?

At 22:42 Blogger Bridget said...

It's always good to have company when in the bath. Lear knows this, it's clear.

At 23:25 Blogger Jaime said...

I love wandery blog posts. And Bengal pics. And poor not alive fish. Alas.

Just got back from open skate myself - sometimes I find myself wondering how much a warehouse and a rink floor would cost and if it would REALLY be so bad to have one of my own. I fear accidentally hurting someone else... especially someone shorter and younger than me. Tiny humans do not need fully grown humans rolling into them. Eep!

Wait, what about the bees? ;o) All I know is the bees in furry hats with vodka? Best visual ALL DAY.

Hope everyone is doing well this evening! Random moments of spellink and riterlyness aside. *ahemkoff

At 23:46 Blogger Pi R Squared said...

Lear! (Lear's not bees!)

Aren't the Russian bees the ones that have been difficult to acquire in the past?

Good to know the Postal Service works hard ensuring speedy bee deliveries!

At 23:49 Blogger Dragonsally said...

and aren't the Russian Bees the grumpy ones?

At 00:31 Blogger spacedlaw said...

Hey, a post with kitties is ALWAYS good. And a post with Bengals AND Jason Webley is almost blogging about the Night Garden Project challenge too!
Hygienic bees. I suppose they wash often and have the cleanest honey of all?

At 00:34 Blogger spacedlaw said...

I supose I could try to claim that I did not tick the box on account of my mom's keyboard which has all the letters in the wrong place.

At 01:00 Blogger Marjorie said...

I love posts like this. And all the pretty kitty pictures.
I'm a bit sad for all thebees who *aren't* hygenic. Iimagine them all sitting there saying " but we clean the hive EVERY DAY, what more do they want?" and sobbing into their nectar.

At 01:08 Blogger vampi said...


tick. just stopped working at 11pm, brain mush
*twirls and shambles

At 01:32 Blogger Dragonsally said...

Gee, I don't know why but this made me think of Quiche, and quite a few other Fiends. (make sure you click on the cartoon for the 7th of April if you're reading this another day)

At 07:00 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Good Morning!!

Yes, the Russians are kind of grumpy. Aggressive even. And they have been hard to get in the past. We'll have to see, they are meant to be HARDY.

Glad you liked the post, I knew it wasn't going to happen tonight after practice and it's a gigs weekend, so I thought I had better do SOMETHIN...

I had to step the open skates, Jaime, too dangerous, loving haveing the warehouse to practice in now tho!

At 07:22 Blogger LihuaEmily said...

Yay, bees! Happy to hear about the bees, for sure. Oh hey, I love your little TARDIS.

At 10:45 Blogger Jane said...

Any post with cats is a good one. Even the sad ones calling for help, as the word must get out.

And why did the fish die? Were they scrutinized to death by Magic? Gave them little heart attacks, seeing his big face - I have that face on a couple of coffee mugs and it can be kind of scary early in the morning.

Jess, I've missed talking to you on Twitter :-(

At 10:46 Blogger Jane said...

And tick. Blogger doesn't let me tick until it thinks it knows me...

At 10:50 Blogger Chantrelle said...

I love following the tangential meanderings of your brain Q :)

Yes, Jason...go see him. He just added an all-ages, 7pm, art gallery show in San Jose to his tour list so ben finally gets to go see him! Odd that "finally" is a word I'm using for a 6-yr-old and a concert but, well, he's Ben! He rocks! That kids been to more shows that I had by age 18. ..and better ones at that!

I have quite a few gals around here interested in derby-lite. I was talking with one of them about just renting the roller rink for an hour and skating as a big group...what the heck, why not?! Maybe I can get Ben's teacher to come too and show us the derby work-out ropes which would be why we would do this....that and dressing in cool outfits and buying my own skates :D

At 11:12 Blogger Cecily said...

OK can't catch up on comments, but did read post finally. So ticking and getting back to work....workworkwork

At 11:17 Blogger AletaMay said...


At 13:40 Blogger Na said...

i'm chuckling! great post. scattered is the way i roll right now.

i'm making a new song in my head:
seven boxes of bees to all hive,
seven boxes of bees!
you take one down,
spread them around,
six boxes of bees to all hive...

as for real songs, i learned that Mr Webley will be actually here! in this place in which i live in! i've heard so much about him, feel obliged to find a way* to see the performance. (* way = babysitter)

At 13:46 Blogger Na said...

Siri, what does pith look like, pray tell? and can i buy it organic and locally grown? :D

speaking of long winters: today i scolded boys for playing around a deep, only-semi-frozen pond. too bad it wasn't on my lawn to boot, and me without a cane to shake at them...

At 14:39 Blogger Na said...

dang! the most exciting thing just happened here! my guy works for the Royal Alberta Museum. (it's the whole reason we're in Canada, in fact.) and the provincial gov't just made a major announcement about plans to build a new building at a major city-centre location. they announced it to the museum folks less than an hour before the news release. gonna be a big damn deal. here's a link for anyone who likes to see government make an awesome cultural and scientific resources decision!
press release
cool video

At 15:11 Blogger Chantrelle said...

Na, that's awesome!!

Becca - just saw your blog post, glad you're able to eat at least a little. And the "Neil" song is beautiful :)

At 15:50 Blogger Marjorie said...

Na, that's great news! (& you should go to see Mr Webley to celebrate!)

Did I tell you all I am going to be a Zombie (probably) next week?

At 16:12 Blogger Jane said...

Marjorie - say more about that :-0

At 16:26 Blogger Na said...

Marjorie, so long as it's a reversible condition and all...

i know this prolly sounds corny, but i'm happy for the people of the Alberta! there were some really bad ideas on the table about how to refurbish. i love museums, they are For The People, and this one has so much to give to The People, i think. i'm glad the RAM will get what promises to be such a good new home, and it seems to me the new location will make it much more accessible for a lot of people, city residents and visitors alike.

At 16:45 Blogger Marjorie said...

Na, I'm *reasonably* sure it'll be reversable... It's only for a day.

At 16:47 Blogger Marjorie said...

(I signed up to be an extra for this film I'm not guaranteed Zombie-hood but there's a good chance!

At 17:02 Blogger Hellie said...

Not surprised post office people call really early, must be freaky when parcels that say 'bzzzzzzzzzzzzz' arrive!

I hope Mr Webley plays round here soon. Will have to make do with Ben Knox Miller & Simon Felice this weekend, squee!

Can't wait to hear about the zombieness Marjorie! Mmmm brains.

At 19:48 Blogger Siri said...

Na - you must create your own pith.

It helps to have a helmet.

And, as a reminder, if you preview your comment before posting it, click EDIT; /hen you come back to the leave a comment area, you are all ready to tick your box.

Write these things down people - sometime I'll retire and won't be here to pass on the information.

At 20:30 Blogger Jess said...

Hey peeps, dunno if you all caught this comment from Kimberly in your inboxes, so I thought I'd throw it up here too, as it;s on an older post. (She fostered Zoraline and Ziggy, remember? Course you do!) She says:

It's been a really REALLY long time since I was active here, although I still swing through all the time, but I thought I'd let folks know that I recently posted a wonderful Zoraline update on my (relatively) new blog:

Also, ZIGGY! :)

Enjoy :)

At 20:41 Blogger Kimberly said...

Thanks, Jess, for moving my comments over here! Zoraline and Ziggy's story really is a happy one :)

At 20:55 Blogger Dragonsally said...

I'm subscribed to your blog now Kimberley, I won't miss on fostering news at all!

Now, to go and look at Na's link..

At 22:08 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

That whole hitting thing in Derby? Yeah. Get that now.

I feel great. Well, sort of great. Ok, kind of dead. Someone needs to feed these Bengals and take me to bed.

At 23:00 Blogger Na said...

so, Fablor's feeling great in a kind of dead way. gate crashing Marjorie's zombie shindig, then?

as for making my own pith. hmmm. maybe grow some in the garden this summer?

no idea what i'm on about. tired. a person can edit too much in a short amount of time. bzzzzt! that's my brains frying. no good for zombies that way, hopefully. no spice. just *bzxzzzzt*

srsly, i amused myself today watching a video titled "All about roundabouts."

At 01:28 Blogger Dragonsally said...


At 01:33 Blogger Dragonsally said...

Um, I should have added, he's not doing a signing (he is at a Discworld con in Sydney this weekend, and then does the talk at Melb Writers Festival. I had to win the tickers for this!

At 02:04 Blogger Marjorie said...

Yay!! Have a lovely time, Sally.
Have you met him before? He's lovely :-)

At 02:07 Blogger Dragonsally said...

No, I haven't Marjorie. I am SO stoked.

At 06:42 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Good Morning!!!

Sally, that's really cool! Have so much fun!

Why is Marjorie going to be a Zombie? Is that cool with us? Don't we kill Zombies dead? I'm all confused.

At 10:02 Blogger Marjorie said...

Please don't kill me dead! (anyway, if I'm Zombied I'll be dead already, won't I?)

James Moran, who has written eps of Doctor Who & Torchwood, has now written a film, which is being filmed now in London. He twittered that they needed extras to be Zombies, and I'm going to London next Friday to be a zombie (or, possibly, a not- zombie, but I'm hoping for Zombie) for the day.
They promise to feed us for tbe day. Not sure if that'll be Brainzz or normal food..
I will blog it when I'm done (assuming noone kills me to death, of course)

At 14:28 Blogger Chantrelle said...

Marjorie! I hope you get zombified and we won't kill you dead as long as the effects are temporary.

I think we're going to get an amateur derby-lite thing going here! I have a lot of people interested. We'll just need to rent time at the rink and need Ben's teacher to coach us on the workouts. Even though I won't be doing *real* derby, I'll still need a derby name...Like I really need another nickname...but it needs to involve food...maybe even incorporating Chantrelle into it. My friend suggested using "Eat Me" in it. Not sure ;-)

At 14:50 Blogger Jess said...


At 15:46 Blogger Arwenn said...

Death Cap?

At 15:47 Blogger Arwenn said...

Doom Shroom

At 16:08 Blogger Jess said...

Doom Shroom! WINNAAAAAR.

At 16:10 Blogger Chantrelle said...

I love you guys.

At 16:37 Blogger Arwenn said...

I love the idea of the name incorporating belladonna or deadly nightshade (which, it turns out are actually the same plant) but I couldn't quite get it to work :(

At 17:04 Blogger Cecily said...

I LOVE Doom Shroom!

Other ideas...
Deadly Nightcap
Eat My Wheels
Scramble This
Port A. Bella
She Taki

I'm sure I can think of more...

At 17:05 Blogger Chantrelle said...

OK, you're too good now! I need multiple jerseys!

At 17:12 Blogger Dragonsally said...

ScambleThisDoomShroom....that has a really nice ring to it!

Marjorie, you are in for an awesome experience by the sounds of it.

At 17:25 Blogger DataGoddess said...

I have nothing witty or deep, after the week this has been. Bengals and bee talk are cheering, however :-)

At 07:37 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Cool, Chantrelle, how perfect, you go girl!! I love these Derby-lites popping up! Just like mushrooms!

I slay myself. I am so funny on a couple hours of sleep.

Gig: rocked. Derby practice now: Going to be great.

Nap this afternoon: Best idea EVER.

At 17:53 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

WHAT??? No Fiends all darn day? Spring. You're all clearly twitterpated and not the 140 ch kind.

IF anyone checks in, I am off to rock shortly. MIGHT I get some lovely comments to read during my breaks and when I get home?

I might. You never know.

At 17:59 Blogger vampi said...

rock! have a great show, hope it doesn't float away. the bar is perilously close to that river.

i think we should plan another fiend gathering. i had so much fun seeing you play and also generally hanging out with fiends.

At 18:32 Blogger dabbler said...

Went to hear Catherynne Valente read at our NEW local indie bookstore....actually it's moved from further away to closer, and expanded greatly. She read from Deathless, her new book...with domovoi...and, apparently, the Siege of Petrograd. Bought a copy, but have been resisting starting it.

In other news, we need to fix son's beat up car. Again. For twice what we thought it would cost. Or else we don't...but that means finding another cheap car, and ANOTHER cheap car for daughter.
Make my head hurt. Also my, rather-empty, about-to-pay-taxes, bank account.

Grumble. grumble, grumble.

At 18:45 Blogger One Sock Short said...

Noooooooooo! Wrote a *long* comment and it's gone! Gone into the ether! And I knew I should have copied it first, just as I was clicking the button.

At 18:56 Blogger One Sock Short said...

Here we go again... this time in outline form.

No twitterpation here, but there was Derby Lite.
I fell. A lot.
Skating is not like riding a bike.
Skating skills go away.
At least mine did.
I fell. A lot.
I didn't always fall the way I'm supposed to.
Need to practice derby crouch so I fall the way I'm supposed to.
Bruised thigh, on account of the not falling right.
Banged up knee, on account of ordering wrong size knee pads, which slipped.
Swapped for smaller knee pads (and smaller elbow pads), and all was well.
Gear measuring guidelines LIE!
This is a full-body workout.
In spite of it all, it was fun.
Go, Chantrelle, go!
Protective gear (that fits) is your friend.
Lorraine is a GODDESS for being able to do this both after and before gigs.

At 19:05 Blogger Na said...

awesome that you're doing that, Sock!

Fablor, did you pour the world through your violin? planning to do so this evening?

have committed to being exercise buddies with a friend here. it's a vague thing, but we have a PLN. we will Try Different Things - swimming, weights, walking, yoga, biking. we have some vague goals, too (build strength and cardio). mainly we both feel like we just need to do Something.

meanwhile, i have just returned from t'yarn store. i've been twitchy to try something new. while there remembered that i've been meaning to go on Ravelry. but on Ravelry, as on Twitter, all the names i'd like to use are TAKEN. :( i'd like to find a new thing, something i could use on both. you all are so good at thinking of things - hjalp?

At 19:19 Blogger Cecily said...

I am SO for a Fiend gathering.

Also, OSS, fall right before you get really hurt! Stopping and falling are the two things to learn BEFORE you try to go! ;-)

Ordering pizza here tonight, probably shouldn't be but it's been a long week and neither of us want to cook.

At 19:19 Blogger dabbler said...

Sock! I'm totally impressed. Go you. So glad you had fun.

(Quietly: sounds like torture to me....)

All I'm managing is walking a couple of miles a few times a week...but I'm moving.

At 01:03 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

OSS way so beyond cool! And un-huh, it's like that. Go for it!

Na, good on you too! Fiends are rocking the FIT!

I did pour the world thru my violin, and sure did rock the pub tonight. Sometimes I do think I have a talent for This Sort of Thing.

I am all for another Fiend Gathering. That was so fun last time. Any ideas?

At 01:05 Blogger Dragonsally said...

I have a request...could it be in Australia?

No, seriously, could it?

At 01:30 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Well...Would so love to come there, but...

At 03:15 Blogger Marjorie said...

I am definitely up for another Fiend gathering. Europe, maybe? Or anywhere..

At 10:21 Blogger Cecily said...

I don't have a Passport so out of the country is going to be a lot harder for me. (But for the record, England and Australia are my top two for places to go!)

I don't know how the last one went or was planned, so I don't have much to offer at this moment.

At 12:02 Blogger Chantrelle said...

Fiend gathering...yes!!

I'd always love to go back to Oz...or UK...or Italy. :) And there's always San Francisco!

I'm probably not going to be much help w/ the logistics and picking-a-location part.

At 16:16 Blogger Chantrelle said...

Man, my hips are sore.

I don't think it's from the 5k walkathon as much as the sprinting up and down this hill to get more tokens for the kids. The 1st grade was in charge of a putt-putt golf course and the kids would get one token for every hole they got. I kept running out and I'd have to run up to the prize booth and get more. Up-down-up-down. OW!

At 16:41 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

And the new post is UP!!

At 19:47 Blogger Netpawz said...

No bubbles?

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