Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Mostly About Madame Mim...

The Blog today is mostly about Bengals, but since the last one was all over me failing at my FIT, we'll start out with some good news: Weigh day today, lost 5.85 pounds this past week! Adding in eating right to the workouts WORKED. Who knew? I'm happy, but mostly my feelings are "Nice. Now do it again" Long way to go yet, but yes, a nice start.

It IS a lot to lose in a week, this I do know. I should say I am not on any Fad or extreme diet. I am not starving myself. I'm eating a low fat, lots of veggies, whole grains, vegetarian diet. I stopped eating CRAP. I also workout a LOT more than most people. And I train hard, 6 days a week. I write everything down and have a trainer with a degree in nutrition who goes over it, making sure it's good.

A very nice start indeed, as I said, but it's next week I am going for now.

I can do this. In fact, I am LOVING doing this.

And thank YOU, for all your love and support, because I can't do it alone.
Moving on to Bengal News, and once again, WAY too many Bengals Pics! It's not entirely good news, sadly. Madame Mim, featured in the first two pictures here (F4, marble Bengal) has PEE issues. Has for some time. She PEES everywhere, including on me sometimes. She's wrecking my house.
I took her to the vet (again) and she's fine (still). I am an expert in PEE issues, I help people, often, with PEE issues. She has multiple, uncovered, large litter boxes, in different rooms. She has a covered one, should she wish privacy. The litter is un-scented. We have Feliway. I use Anti-icky-poo to clean up after her.

Talking with both Janet from Great Lakes Bengal Rescue, and my Vet, we've come to the conclusion, or at any rate, all we can figure out, is she's stressed. Which makes sense. These cats ARE bred from Leopards. Small Leopards, true, but it's there, even four generations away, which is what Mim is.

I take her for leash walks, which she loves. She has a lovely cat wheel and runs on it, which none of the others do. We have toys, feather sticks, catnip, Super Scratchers, and SIX huge cat tress for climbing. Today, I got her a Pool, as you can see, so she can catch toys (can't do the live fish thing, don't care if it's only bait fish, can't do it)

She wants out, and badly. Which is not entirely possible, not until I can make it safe.

Added another litter box too. BIG litter box, which so far she seems uninterested in. That's Venus checking it out. Yes, my cats now have two pools. One to swim in, one to (one hopes) PEE in. Really hope they don't mix these up.

Here's Venus out on the porch. On my chaise lounge. Which is out on the porch because Mim has PEED on it so badly it can no longer be cleaned and must be re-upholstered.

I am putting her on meds. Not very happy about this, and if they effect her badly, it will stop. But they may help.

To help with the She Wants OUT issue, I am building her an outdoor cat house. BIG outdoor cat house, roofed, Bengal proof with a tunnel going from the house out to it, so she can go in and as she likes. It will have climbing things, hiding places, the pool will go there, I'll get a big 'ol dead tree so she can pretend she is indeed a Leopard. There will be grass to slink thu, and hanging things to pounce on. She'll be OUT, but safe.

My tattoo, which I've finally decided on, will have to wait.

Mim's not happy.

And I'll do whatever I can to see that she is.
I'll leave you with Magic, who IS happy now. I fixed him.

I can do the same thing for Mim.

Love and Bengals,


At 18:57 Blogger vampi said...

<3 that bengal house sounds amazing. i can't wait to see it. makes me wish i was a bengal!


At 19:00 Anonymous Anonymous said...

HOORAY on the weight loss! And yay for sticking with it. You can SO do this. Very proud of you.

Also, I adore the bengal pictures. So cute. Love the pool idea. As for the litter box, is there any benefit to putting sand in it? Maybe give Mim something to dig in? Until she can get out safely, of course.

At 19:03 Blogger vampi said...

oh and LOVE picture posts. your cats are beautiful.

that last one of magic made me laugh. reminded me of laugh in joke wall

At 19:03 Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to hear about Mim and the PEE problem. Hopefully her outdoor cat house (which sounds AMAZING) will help!

At 19:10 Blogger DataGoddess said...

I wouldn't say you "fixed" Magic, but you made the world a safe place for him, because it was the world that was broken, to him. You can do the same for Mim. I hope she loves it!

At 19:14 Blogger Jane said...

That is a lot to lose in a week - but once you got serious about it, no way the pounds weren't going to come off - you are the most seriously determined woman!

And yes to happy Mim. Some would give up but not you. I wouldn't either. Beloved members of the household get what they need, esp if you can figure out what that is...

At 19:20 Blogger LihuaEmily said...

Those cats. Those are beautiful cats. Also, excited for the tattoo. Tattoos are very cool. Most tattoos. Not all. But yours will be.

At 19:25 Blogger Dragonsally said...

Weightloss win!

Hey -LiEm has a stunning new pic!

I'm so glad Mim is with you, and not someone who would give up on her.

I'm looking forward to seeing photos of the outside house too!

At 19:28 Blogger Chantrelle said...

Bengal Love....and pee...but LOVE!

At 19:33 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

It's going to be an AMAZING cat house! I am very excited and hope the builder I am talking to can make it happen SOON.

She will be so much happier.

By next week there will be good news on both fronts, FIT and Mim!

Did I mention I found another muscle? In my ARMS!

At 19:35 Blogger Chantrelle said...

You're building a place for cats, i'm building one for ben. He's got a 3/4 or so finished 2 story fort. He too must get out and climb. Maybe he's part Bengal.

At 20:23 Blogger LihuaEmily said...

Sally, thank you! Lorraine, congrats on arm muscles.

At 20:41 Blogger folkmew said...

the bengals are gorgeous! We have a lovely (part) Maine Coon Cat and a weird little pointy faced kitten now. Good luck with the healthy habits!! I've lost 54 pounds so far but still have a long way to go with working out. Yea, verily, you shall inspire me! :-D

At 22:34 Blogger Vinity said...

Major congrats on the weigh in, i eat OK. My problem is working out around my broken body parts. If the damn spa pool ever get built, {contracted and started 4 months ago with not one days work done since they blew up the yard and tore the back porch off March 18th} I hope swimming will help.

I SO sympathize on the pee thing. Your suggestions have help with our one Pee kitty but the older blind kitty almost never finds the kitty litter boxes anymore, and I mean BOXES, 2 in each room at least. 2 nights ago she poop on John when he carried her down the hall. It's getting very bad :(

At 23:03 Blogger Cecily said...

Quiche, I love and adore your devotion to ...well pretty much everything you put your mind or heart to. You are, as usual, inspiring.

Thank YOU.

At 01:20 Blogger Marjorie said...

Mim is lucky to have you. It sounds as though the new cat run will be great for her (and the others)

And you are inspiring, with the Fit. Congratulations on your new muscles:)

At 09:59 Blogger Cecily said...

Quiche, I had a dream last night where in I yelled NICE ASS at you while you were getting on stage, and you scolded me for my inappropriate timing. At which point I asked if it would then be bad if I held up my sign which read NICE ASS. I have great comedic timing in my dreams. ;-)

At 10:15 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Cecily, there is no bad time to yell NICE ASS at me, go for it!

Good news: The builder of the Cat House is starting after the 4th of July!

Bad news: My PMS just found out its not getting chocolate and chips.

And my email won't stop.

And its 50 degrees and raining.

And I'm cranky.

At 10:23 Blogger Cecily said...

Hey Quiche, NICE ASS!!!

YAY for building starting soon! I hope you will post pics for us to follow along in the awesomeness!

I have been racking my brain trying to figure out something to tell you to substitute for chocolate...I'm not coming up with much. My first substitute won't work for you because it's a juicy steak.

At 10:55 Blogger Marjorie said...

Poor Quichie.

Have you considered discussing with your nutritianist building in to your eating plan a little chocolate (or a few hob-nobs) once a month?
If you knew that you were 'allowed' a little bit at that time of the month it might make it easier to bear, and if it was part of the over all plan you wouldn't feel you were slipping or failing.

At 12:32 Blogger ariandalen said...

Told you that you have Bitchin' Arms to go with your Nice Ass. :)
As for no chocolate, up your daily intake of Magnesium. It does help. I take 50 mg in my vitamin/mineral supplement in the morning and 80 mg in my Citracal Plus at night. I definitely noticed a difference in chocolate cravings, especially PM, when I switched from Citracal(no or little magnesium) to Citracal Plus. The label says that 80 mg of magnesium is only 20% of the recommended daily value (for a 2,000 calorie diet, granted), so you're not likely to overdose on magnesium.

Hi projectvalkyrie, isis, CatherineMarie, prettyandink, and folkmew! You are now Fiends! Here are your very own white buckled jackets. Over there are supplies where you can personalize your jacket; it need not remain white, but the buckles do need to remain in place. :)

To other new Fiends that I missed, here is a whole rack of white buckled jackets! Pick yours up and personalize it! Any Fiend that would like more than one jacket can pick up another one. :)

At 12:55 Blogger Marjorie said...

I'm literally weeping with laughter.
Have you all seen the #OnionPulitzer videos? I love Neil's (even though he did just commit us to a war)and Mark Gatiss' in particular
(see them here)

At 14:14 Blogger Phiala said...

*waves at everyone*

No time for Bengals. Science calls!

At 14:15 Blogger Cecily said...


At 14:16 Blogger Cecily said...

I posted a comment earlier that bloggers seems to have eaten. It was along the lines of a thank you to Marjorie, LMAO here, and an OMG Boss looks very thin doesn't he! Go Neil!

At 16:47 Blogger Dragonsally said...





I fear I'll be shouting all day now.

At 08:00 Anonymous Michael Shean said...

Good lord, am I with you on the UNGODLY PEE issues. We have four girls, and Jesus Criminy do they like to run around spraying on certain areas of the house. Random areas, of the stair landings. We've had to tear up the carpet. Any insights as to why they choose such random places?

And congratulations on the weight loss! Just reading about your new challenge makes me want to get back in the gym. Talk about inspiration...

At 08:18 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Thanks, Michael! No insights, Mim was peeing EVERYWHERE, and she liked the counter electric socket best. I was terrified.

Good news: Two days on meds and NO PEEING so far. And she seems fine, not a zombie, all normal.

Did I mention the builder starts the cat house after the 4th?

Boss Event today. Trying to find pants that won't fall off. Hmmph. Suppose there are worse problems a girl could have.

At 08:33 Anonymous Michael Shean said...

Cripes, I bet you were! I've never heard of a cat peeing on a bloody ELECTRICAL SOCKET. However, one of our girls DID puke all over my keyboard. Took a good bit of cleaning before I could get back to writing...

What meds are you having her take, if I might ask? Is this specifically for behavioral control?

At 08:56 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

It's actually Kitty Prozac. Might be actual Prozac. I'm not for medicating, but it's been a year and I've tried everything else. It's a last resort, not a first one.

She seems fine, and isn't peeing.

I think she is just SO stressed. She's a later gen bengal, F4, but sometimes they get too big a share of that Leopard, she wants OUT, which is very not safe here.

The outdoor cat house will help too, I am thinking.

At 10:20 Blogger Cecily said...

I have so much hope that this works out for Mim.

At 12:13 Blogger Chantrelle said...

There are prescriptions for a reason. Not to jump to as soon as there are any problems but to go to when you've tried everything else, which you've done. I wish people put as much time and effort into their kids before they dope them up as you have on your kitty!! I was the same way with my anxiety. I went through therapy, yoga, breathing, hypno-therapy, etc. but just having a bottle of Xanax in my purse is the anti-anxiety i need most of the time....once in a while I have to take one, most of the time I just need to know I *can* take one.

I know that won't work on Mim but I hope the meds do. They aren't just to make your house stink less but to make her a happier kitty-kit.

At 07:11 Blogger Ms T said...

Oooh, can totally relate to spending money to make the cat happy and well. (Trip to Aussie is off; Cat is happy and not so itchy.) Fingers crossed for Mim. Thankfully the meds seem to be helping, and I'm sure she will just love the Bengal house.

Oh...and nice arse! :) (Well done you for sorting out the eating right!)

At 11:53 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Well, eating right mostly. The media escort bought an unholy amount of chocolate for us last night, walk of shame to the gym this morning.

Feel better now tho and will go for a proper trail ride this afternoon, my butt might not like it, but the rest of me will.

At 17:41 Blogger Dragonsally said...

Dammit. Blogger just ate my comment. I hate that.

Ms T - bummer, we need to have our own Fiendom Fest.

Quiche, surely choccy is allowed with such a big night?

Hello everyone *waves and does a Vampi-esq twirl*

At 20:58 Blogger LihuaEmily said...

Sending love to Becca right now. She's going through a massively rough time ... :(

At 21:37 Blogger Cecily said...

LOTS and LOTS and LOTS of love to Becca.

At 02:26 Blogger Dragonsally said...

I just spent my Sunday afternoon in an almost perfect way, watching the broadcast of WITS. Would have been made perfect if we'd seen the white dogs and Assistant of course.
The wonders of the interwebz.

At 22:27 Blogger ariandalen said...

Hi, Michael Shean! You are now a Fiend! Here is your very own white buckled jacket. Right over there you'll find whatever you need to personalize your jacket, just be sure to leave the buckles on. :)

This summer's heat is not funny. The high today was only 99F here, but Childress, in the Texas Panhandle, hit 117F; Amarillo hit 112F and Midland 111F. Out of over 200 counties in Texas, only 22, or 24, are not in a drought. Arizona and New Mexico aren't in any better shape. It's not even July yet. :(

At 07:00 Anonymous Michael Shean said...

I'm a what a who a where now? :D Will there be room for decorative buttons and inlays?

At 08:01 Blogger LihuaEmily said...

Here in RI the weather has been up and down and all over the place. But quite lovely, for the most part. sorry to here about the heat, Ariandalen. :( Must be agonizing.

I am still trying to figure out what is on my buckled jacket. Should give it more thought.

At 10:29 Blogger vampi said...

mine has bats.
bats and sequins.

*head explodes*

At 11:35 Blogger LihuaEmily said...

Donielle, you have my endless approval.

At 11:43 Blogger ariandalen said...

Michael, you are now a Fiend, just like the rest of us here. :)
Of course there is room for buttons, inlays, color change, etc. You can tie-dye it if you want! We do have to leave the buckles on, though; however, they're so nice and shiny, why would you want to take them off? ;)

At 11:51 Blogger Chantrelle said...

I get to see Boss tonight! *Happy dance*

I am taking my neighbor and hopefully we get there early enough to get decent seats...i have the plea out there to have folks save us seats.
Just heard from another friend that the event is so sold out even the guest list is full!

I was toying with the idea of taking boss a nice bottle of wine but looking at his schedule, I dont' know if he'll have time to drink it! Unless we go the route MistressMousey and I were plotting on twitter and have a drunken Q&A ;-)

At 12:18 Blogger vampi said...

my hair is now "intense auburn" people at work are very unobservant. i went from brown to eff you red and not a peep from anyone.

i'll try to get some pictures.

At 12:38 Anonymous Michael Shean said...

@Ariandalen: Well well, I shall wear it with pride. I had no idea that I was joining a club! ;)

At 13:25 Blogger LihuaEmily said...

Seriously, Vampi? Too bad! You'd think SOMEONE would say something! I would love to see you with red hair; I think you would look great.

Also, have a great time, Chantrelle!

In other sorry news - sorry for me - oh. My Fods. My ex-boyfriend. Is driving. Me up. The wall. Save me, Fiends.

At 14:44 Blogger Marjorie said...

Vampi, I sympathise. No one at work noticed when I got my hair cut (despite being 6 inches shorter) bet you look great with red hair!

At 18:26 Blogger Dragonsally said...

LiEm, you'd best warn him that you've sicc-ed the Fiends on to him.

Photos of red hair?

At 18:41 Blogger LihuaEmily said...

I sent him a solid e-mail reminding him that he's a jerk and he responded like the jerk he is, so. Whatever. I harbor no particular interest in spending time or energy on him.

At 18:44 Blogger Chantrelle said...

OK, dressed in my MistressMousey skirt. Grabbed a bottle of killer wine from our cellar for Boss on the off chance that he'd have a chance to enjoy it on this whirlwind tour. Have a magazine i'm giving to Ticia that i ended up w/ 2 of. Wrangled a ticket for Amacker. Put my ticket in my purse.

What am i forgetting?

At 21:12 Blogger dabbler said...

Running by tick....

At 10:47 Blogger Chantrelle said...

Had a lovely time last night w/ boss, ticia, Michelle, Dan...freakin' amacker was so late she stayed home in the end, missed the whole thing. Gave boss, what I think is, an awesome bottle of wine..said he'd check bags but now it looks like, from twitter, that he needs a plane to check bags on to. His plane was cancelled...Q is busy at the moment I'm sure.

At 12:57 Blogger Marjorie said...

Sounds like a fantastic evening!
I'vejust seen that Jason Webley is going to be in Bristol in August! Just nabbed a ticket :)

At 13:42 Blogger LihuaEmily said...

Oh man, sounds like you guys have got some good times in your various areas. RI actually has Toad the Wet Sprocket coming to Providence, so I'm really happy.

At 10:19 Blogger Chantrelle said...

Wow, I loved Toad the wet sprocket when I was your age LiEm! :-)

At 10:36 Blogger LihuaEmily said...

They are certainly amazing, Robyn!

At 16:12 Blogger Hellie said...

I'm about to get my tickets for Jason Webley in Manchester! First time seeing him so very excited.

Well done on the fit! Loved your last post too, thank you - it got me thinking. 'I love myself enough to do this. For myself'; I think this should become my new mantra. Too good at making excuses to neglect myself - I don't have time, I need to get on with decorating, I need to work late, I need to look after stressed boyfriend....and now feel tired and stressy and frankly a bit rubbish about myself. No more! 2 weeks holiday starts on Monday and I plan to swim every day and come back rejuvenated and ready to get back into FIT!! Yay \o/

At 20:13 Blogger Chantrelle said...

Going to the roller rink tonight to workout-skate. First time. I'm guessing I will not be walking tomorrow.

At 22:04 Blogger Chantrelle said...

No skating tonight after week. My skating buddies couldn't make it and I don't have the motivation to go alone.

At 05:24 Blogger Ms T said...

Finally catching up with all the comments (it's been that kind of week).

Yep, Sally, we definitely need an Antipodian Fiendfest. *sigh* Must be time for me to start planning for another trip to Oz, er, Aussie. :) (I think saving money is much like fit - there will be times it doesn't go so well, and I'll have to remind myself of my goals.)

And you are all so inspiring!

At 07:44 Blogger LihuaEmily said...

Oh man, I've always always wanted to visit Aussie. Someday!

At 08:21 Blogger Hellie said...

Count me in, I'd love to go best friend in the whole world is in Sydney, I miss her!

At 22:10 Anonymous Fast351sgrl said...

I wonder if they make a cat-version of a "thunder shirt"? It's a tighter-fitting "shirt" you put on dogs to help them relax when it's storming. I think it's like giving the animal a constant hug so they feel safe.

At 21:30 Blogger Na said...


just sayin'.


At 21:35 Blogger Cecily said...


At 01:34 Blogger Dragonsally said...

Damn Na, you frightened the pants off me, and now I'm half nekkid.

At 02:11 Blogger Dragonsally said...

I have been trying to get to my first Roller Derby bout for ages, but my friend's calendar kept conflicting with the bouts. I've just bought our tickets for this
What an awesome introduction I'm going to have.

At 09:07 Blogger spacedlaw said...

Poor Mim! But I bet she'll enjoy the huge gift you are building for her.

Well done on the weight loss. I had total confidence that you could (and will continue to) do it.

At 09:54 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

New blog is UP!

Lear and Mab, and what happened first...

At 16:43 Blogger Gloria said...

Oh, I understand PEE issues. My F2 is now on Prozac because after 6 years, 1 mattress, 3 sofas/armchairs, 4 rugs, and countless blankets, towels, etc, I found a vet who said, you know, have you thought about trying Prozac? I gave in, and she is awesome. Playful, crazy, affectionate, but doesn't PEE standing up and straight out and all over everything.

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