Sunday, June 12, 2011

One More Day...

Dear Friends,

We have One. More. Day. We are currently in 6th place in the Animal Rescue Contest. We are 76 votes out of 5th Place. The money doubles at 5th place. So very close...The contest started with 100's.

Not spam. No Gimmicks. No Sign up, or lengthy process. Very. Very. Simple.

Just click HERE. And Vote for Great Lakes Bengal Rescue.


It's about Making a Difference. And we can make a difference for so many Kitties.

If they cross my path, I will save them.

And I will owe YOU a Really Big Favor*

Love and Bengals,
*yes, that was a NEVERWHERE reference. You know what it means.


At 17:07 Blogger Dragonsally said...

I'm not entirely certain, but I may have snuck another vote through then.

I did manage to repost to my wall though!

At 17:31 Blogger Cecily said...

I could not vote again on either of my FB accounts. But I have once again posted the link and begged people to vote.

At 17:53 Blogger DataGoddess said...

I hate that I can't vote more than once!

At 18:10 Blogger bengalgirl said...

Me too, only ever able to vote once. The #1 group has almost 3500 votes, I'm sure they have figured out a way to vote multiple times. Contest ends 6/14, not sure if voting is allowed that day or not. Keep trying all! And thank you very much.

At 21:14 Anonymous Melme said...

Done and done! I hope my vote was enough to push you over the mark!

At 23:30 Blogger spacedlaw said...

I have already voted twice and can't anymore, alas.

At 00:16 Blogger ariandalen said...

I would vote, but I still am not ready to sign up for Facebook. When you click the "Like" button, you get a prompt to sign up, or sign in.

Also, there is nothing that says that Dr. Marty Becker is associated with Great Lakes Bengal Rescue.

At 07:26 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Dr Becker is NOT associated with our group. But he does have sponsorship and is having a contest and giving away $30,000 to the top 6 vote getting Rescue Groups.

I want a piece of that.

One more day, currently we are up by 8 votes, for 5th place. The contest started with 100's.

It's my hope that the 6th place doesn't notice they are down and if they do that they can't catch us.

My friend Slammer is coming over in a few minutes to wack my gardens into shape! Gods, this is exciting! FINALLY!!!!

At 16:22 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...


I love you, my Fiends SO SO SO much!!!!

On another note, my Derby Sister, Slammer (Arm & Slam'er) just left. She got here at 8. The women is a MACHINE.

But my Gardens, ALL of them, are soooo lovely.

All I did was "help" her. And I am dead. Leaving for the sport workout in 20. Bet I sleep Reaaaal good tonight.

At 19:02 Blogger Gloria said...

Put in my vote. I adopted an F2 a few years ago, and wasn't told she was EG until I really started having issues. I certainly wasn't in a place to be able to deal with the load of problems she has. She will most likely be with me the rest of her life; I can't imagine any normal household being able to have her. Poor thing, turns out she had major issues. Still does, but I think we have it under control, after 5 years. Keep up the work, because at their best they're wonderful, at worst, well, you know.

At 19:45 Anonymous mutablemind said...

Finally a chance to use my tech-ninja skills for good.

Seven votes in for you guys as of this comment, and i Kay he able to get in a few more....

At 19:49 Anonymous mutablemind said...

Oops...that was "may", not "Kay"

Off to do more tech-ninjutsu...

At 20:02 Blogger catastrophegirl said...

voted! my little feral cat rescue organization didn't make it past the nomination stage, so glad that yours did!

At 20:24 Blogger Dragonsally said...

This is what our own Ms T has been up to recently. She can be seen in the last photo working on one of the installations

At 21:38 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

THANK YOU!!! Great Lakes Bengal Rescue is now in 3rd place!

Gloria, feel free to email me if I can help with EG issues, got an F1 and an F2, both started as fosters and ain't going nowhere. But I love them.

Feral Rescue Girl, I am sorry you didn't make it, but bless you for all the work you are doing. I do know how much work it is and how much it means.

Mutle Mind, I like the way you think! THANK YOU!

I have to go before I cry again.

At 22:00 Blogger Chantrelle said...

The power of the fiendish internet!! Go kitties go!

At 22:06 Blogger Cecily said...

Boss is a sweet man and uses his powers for good. 5th to 3rd is a huge jump. *happiness*

At 01:10 Blogger Marjorie said...

You have a lovely Boss :-)
(I was only able to vote once, but keeping my fingers crossed)

At 08:24 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...


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