Saturday, August 13, 2011

Way Too Many Bengal Pics in the Leopard Lounge!

The Leopard Lounge got just a little bit bigger, more jungle gym! We would have some lovely tree cutting pictures, but I forgot my camera for that bit of the adventure. As it turned out, we didn't need mine after all, as Stunt Double, my Derby friend, who has actual photography skills, brought hers along.All the photos today are hers and I give you:
Way Too Many Bengal Pictures!!!

I believe it is done now, there isn't a lot more ROOM in there to add anything more. But they have bridges now, and ledges to walk around. Plenty of places to Lie In Wait and play Death From Above. This makes the Bengals Happy.

I love Mim's eyes here, she's an intense kitty, they all are, and I think Stunt Double captured that in all these shots, both with her and Venus.. I love the GREEN-green of their eyes. Sadly, Magic had had enough at this point, and decided to go in.

Since we DO have so many Bengal pics today, never a problem in my book, perhaps we can talk about a couple other things. (Mostly I just keep looking at the pictures tho, been actually trying to post this for two days and now am lying on the floor with coffee, STILL trying to think of something exciting to write. Look at the pictures. They're lovely. REALLY lovely.)

There. New paragraph, see how this works? Music! I got confirmation on fall and winter gigs last week! We've had the summer off, me to skate and Paul to get married and all, but we're really getting excited to get back to gigging. FIrst weekend is, oh yes, The Most Wonderful Weekend of the Year! Yes, Folks, Halloween Weekend! My personal favorite holiday of the year and we're playing the 28th and 29th at Charlie's Pub in Stillwater MN. I need Zombies. What's a Halloween Gig without Zombies, I ask you??? Or a webcast, hmmmm.....

I see they aren't up YET, but watch the Paul and Lorraine website for a complete listing , coming soon!

It's been a year now since I started blogging my FIT and indeed started the Journey. I have a LOT to say on this but it's the sort of thing that needs to sit around in my head a bit before I can actually write it all out for you. I want some cool pictures too. (Hello? Yeah, I have muscles now!) I can tell you, I am happy, happier than I've ever been, and if you've ever thought of...hang on. Not writing that blog today. Soon, but not today.

I will say tho: DAMM, it's been worth it.

Here's another view of the Leopard Lounge, you can see the newly expanded Jungle Gym, it's hours of fun for Bengals, and a right obstacle course for their person. As I said, we didn't get pictures of the trees coming down, we we picked a nice one, and Slam'er got in there with her chainsaw and down they came. If a tree falls in the woods and no one shoots it does it....(Sorry, had to be said. I slay myself) She took out a couple in the way junky trees while she was at it, (very handy!) LOTS more light for the Boss's fruit trees now, which will make them much happier.

Useful skill, the whole chainsaw thing. We can't possibly add anything more into the Jungle Gym, but I kind of just want to invite them over for some, um, CLEARING, chainsawing and general mayhem, just for the fun of it. Nothing says party like a chainsaw!

We made a video on Friday, which I will of course post in due time, but well, we need to wait a little before it goes public, there may have been a contest, and you may want to keep your fingers crossed for us here. We had to move fast, very fast, but fortunately Stunt Double also has video skills, and did an amazing join shooting, editing, and uploading the video all in a day. (watching the video, I question when I thought I may have had voice over skills, I'm such a DORK. But I'm you're dork and ok with that)

I will tell you it has music, and as time was tight and options were limited, I did in fact BUY two of my own Flash Girls songs off Amazon. Hope I see some of that back!

For now, just sit back and enjoy the pictures. Nothing says Good Morning like Way Too Many Bengal Pictures!

And that tale's ended...

Love and Leopard Lounge,


At 09:35 Blogger spacedlaw said...

Greta pictures indeed! AND I aa keeping my fingers crossed for the contest. Love the last picture of Venus and Magic's tail.

At 09:43 Blogger bengalgirl said...

Never too many bengal pictures for me. And I agree with spacedlaw, the ending with Magic's white tail tip says it all - done. Fingers and toes crossed for video.

At 10:06 Blogger Rusty said...

It's an amazing structure, an amazing invention. What you do with and for your cats is beyond important or profound, it's just kinda cool. And it's been a vicarious thrill reading and enjoying your journey into strength, vision, Derby Adventure and happiness this year. Congratulations. Be well and rock on!

At 10:17 Blogger Marjorie said...

Great pictures! And such very lucky leopards.
I'll keep my fingers crossed, too, for the competition.

At 10:20 Anonymous Anonymous said...

Absolutely LOVE this. Great pictures! That looks like an amazing place for the Bengals.

And there are never enough Bengal pictures, as far as I'm concerned. They make me happy. :-) ~Ali

At 11:48 Blogger Rubius said...

Fabulous... absolutely fabulous!! I love the leopard lounge and hearing that you are so happy these days. It is such a pleasure seeing your cats so happy too.... and while the cat eye photos are amazing, I think I love the one with Venus licking her lips best. Your Derby friends are VERY cool.

For Halloween I vote for a web-cast!!!! That would be fantastic. I remember the St Paddy's day webcast a few years ago as the most fun I have ever had online with a community of people... laughing and dancing and singing around my room while your music soared through the ether and out of my speakers. I wish I could be your zombie!!! Actually I may be attending a zombie-walk next weekend... always good fun.

At 12:02 Blogger DataGoddess said...

Never enough bengal pictures. Or enough pictures of your nice ass, but that one might just be me ;-)

At 12:35 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

Oh my darlings, just went deeper into the contest rules at and me oh my oh!

It closes tomorrow then the first 2 weeks in september the top 20 get posted on the website and whomever gets the most votes, well, wins.

We're going to be in that top 20, there's only 25 entries so far.

Oh, I will need you.

That's a whole lotta money for Bengals and I'd get to go to NY, be on TV and talk about Bengal Rescue and the Leopard Lounge!!!!

Our video needs to be approved, and I suspect will be up on Monday, so you can go to the website and look, and then, in a couple weeks: VOTE THE HECK OUT OF IT!!!!!!!

yeah, I'm excited!!!!

At 12:58 Blogger spacedlaw said...

Of course we will. That's what we're here for.

At 13:13 Blogger Fluffy said...

What a project! What great friends! What a YEAR.

It's all too cool for words, so I'll stop.

At 14:10 Blogger dabbler said...

Woohoo!!! Will vote my socks off when the time comes. Love the lounge and all the leopard pics.

At 15:16 Blogger Jane said...

Happy blog post indeed! Happy you and happy cats.
Ready to vote, early and often :-)
I found all of you because of cat photos and there can never be too many.

At 15:17 Blogger Jane said...

and tick

At 17:50 Blogger Dragonsally said...

Wow, the photos are amazing, and there can never ever be enough photos of Bengals or the Leopard Lounge.

At 20:51 Blogger vampi said...

lovely lounge, awesome bengals
and some tail!

so excited about this contest! you will surely win. the lounge is just way too awesome

At 21:26 Blogger Chantrelle said...

Love the Bengal pics! The lounge looks incredible!

At 21:27 Blogger Chantrelle said...


At 21:54 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

This year just got BETTER! GOt my 25 in 5 tonight! That's a skill test where a skater must skate 25 laps around the track in 5 minutes, you have to do it before you can pass, and Bout.

I SO DID IT!!!!!!!

The gods know where I got the reserves from, it's really hard, a five min sprint, but I pulled it out with a LOT of help from my team, couldn't have done it without them.

WHen I think where I was a year ago, and where I wanted to be....

There are no words. There just aren't.

At 22:06 Blogger Dragonsally said...


You are awesome.

At 22:19 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...


You have no idea. Truly.

At 22:46 Blogger vampi said...

box of ticks

At 23:24 Blogger spacedlaw said...

You are so freaking awesome. That is a fact.

At 01:03 Blogger Marjorie said...

You are AMAZING, Madame Quiche!! Congratulations. So proud of you!

At 12:04 Blogger Cecily said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE all the pics!


Yes I am having a CAPS LOCK sort of day. ;-)

At 15:53 Blogger Cecily said...

I thought this might be appreciated here.

At 19:29 Blogger LihuaEmily said...

The Bengals are BEAUTIFUL, as always. Oh, and of course, you must spend Halloween weekend at Charlie's ... so wish I could be there jamming with you guys. The BEST pub on Earth, I think.

At 00:44 Anonymous Deedra said...

Congrts on the 25 in 5!!!! You rock :) And so glad you entered the contest. Will totally vote for you!!

At 14:17 Blogger Cecily said...

It's been weird with my inbox being so quiet for the last few weeks...

At 13:19 Blogger LihuaEmily said...

There is a hush!

At 21:27 Blogger AletaMay said...

How did I miss this post! GREAT photos! And the questions I had about when we'll be able to see and hear Paul and Lorraine again are answered too! I really should pay more attention to what is going on right here on my wee computer!

At 00:51 Blogger vampi said...

dr mew

bowties are cool.

At 06:20 Blogger Jess said...


Meweeeeooooooooo! OOOOOOmewoooooo! Mew mew mew, mewwwwwwmewmew etc.


At 11:14 Blogger dabbler said...

You ARE awesome, Quiche.

This weekend is the Philly Folk Festival,the 50th. Mark has worked 41 of them, and I have worked 39. Unbelievable that that much time has passed. Many memories, a fair bit of sadness about those no longer among us, and, this year, new experiences!

First year we ever had a storm so powerful that a gust blew over the scaffolding holding one of the video screens by the stage....totally terrifying moment. Especially for those of us who had watched the Indianapolis video. By great blessing, it was raining so hard that the usually crowded area where it landed (right outside the Lighting crew's door!) was deserted. So no injuries. (I'm talking tower of scaffolding four sections high with literally tons of water in huge tubs as the anchoring. Video screens backed with black plastic make good sails, turns out. (not our job, but a mistake that should not have been made...)) So grateful that the god/desses of music were watching over us all.

Also... Trombone Shorty and the Orleans band make some fab music!

At 15:03 Blogger Jane said...

My goodness Katie! Glad everyone is ok.

At 20:41 Blogger LihuaEmily said...

I liked numbers one, three, and nine Doctors Mew.

At 10:58 Blogger Na said...

okay. that's it. srsly. too many bengal pics. can't ever look at another one again.

At 11:14 Blogger Cecily said...

I love the Dr. Mew. \m/

So very happy no one got hurt Dabbler.

There are never enough bengal pics!!! NEVER!!!

At 12:41 Blogger Marjorie said...

Glad everyone was safe, Dabbler!

At 14:24 Blogger Kimberly said...

These are seriously AWESOME pics! I want a leopard lounge for my foster kitties - they'd go APE about it ... or ... um, cattastic!

I got a great update on Zoraline the other day, with pics - need to post those!

On another topic, I'm taking my mom to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester in October - any chance you're near enough for a cuppa or something? I promise not to smuggle in any kittens and leave them with you! Mostly ;)

At 19:48 Blogger Martha W. said...

I am so impressed that you can skate so fast! I can't imagine anything other than a split atom moving that fast.

At 14:30 Blogger Marjorie said...

Evening all!
I need to share a little *squeee* - back home from London after seeing Mr Tennant, & currently in a pub in Bristol waiting to see Mr Jason Webley :-))

At 16:22 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

New blog post is UP!!!!!!!!

At 17:45 Blogger AmyK said...

If I don't see: "Nothing says party like a chainsaw!" on a t-shirt one day...there is no justice in this world.

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