Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Birthday Me!

Couple things on my blogging mind today...First of all, THANK YOU, all of you for your love, comments, emails, FB's, and tweets on my last post. You have no idea what such an overwhelming response to posting the things I'd kept secret for so long means. Saying the scariest things out loud and getting such a wonderful supportive MASS of love in return, well, thank you. Doesn't cover it, but it's all I have.

I especially want to send some love out to the people who wrote, and posted about their own Secret Rooms. Telling your stories took a lot of courage. And there's a whole lot of healing going on.

To the people who posted anonymously, or who wrote and said, maybe, they could now talk, I will tell you how it feels a couple weeks out when you do this. It feels AMAZING. You can talk, you can speak out and it really, really is ok. Know this too, we're with you. All the way. You'll feel lighter, you'll feel like the THING you've been carrying around, you know, that weight that's never really gone, that stuff you've been expending so much energy on hiding, is all gone. You can start living. And loving. Trust me.

Write me, I'll listen to you. I know. It happened to me. Tell me. And again, trust me. I'll still like you no matter what happened. Fabulouslorraine@gmail.com.

And again, everyone: THANK YOU SO FREAKING MUCH!!!!!

Sooooo....It's my Birthday today! Here's a couple photos from a scrimmage I skated in last Sunday. Not great photos, and I have no idea why it looks like I'm wearing a skirt, not mind you there's anything WRONG with wearing a skirt, but it isn't me. The cool thing about these photos is that they are of ME and I'm Bouting. And in the second half of that Bout, for the first time, I SO ROCKED THAT SHIZ. Perfect? No, but I sure as heck did make some moves, got some hits and had my butt on a jammer who wasn't getting by. Went all WRECKNG BALLL (thank you Pinky and Kitty for the half time talk) and got in there and did me some skating. Had that one. I can do this. I gots this. And am not going to stop smiling for a while on this one,

You see, it was one year ago today that I went to the Chippewa Valley Roller Girls fresh meat meeting and joined the team.

I remember that day REALLY well. Joan of Dark had been in town and we had gone to their Bout the Saturday before, which I watched, knowing I was going to meet all of them in a few days. Nervous? Hells yeah! Scared to death. Me? Skate? DO this? I remember talking to Joan about it on the way to the airport earlier that day and her telling me if I wussed out she'd kill me, and I remember getting kind of mad and saying THAT was not an option because I was SO GOING TO DO THIS and a little trial by fire never hurt anyone.

I met Jinxy that night, there were about 12 of us there, but by the end of the evening, she and I had exchanged numbers because we knew we at least, were making this happen. And we did.

It. Changed. Everything.

There aren't words for what this team means to me. There aren't words to say what it feels like being a skater.

I think what I'm trying to say is this: Don't let anything stop you from going full on into what you want more than anything.

You may get everything you've ever dreamed of.

Trust me. It can happen to you too.

Love and Birthdays,
Quiche MeDeadly


At 07:46 Blogger LihuaEmily said...

Happy happy happy happy birthday! I know how much better you must be feeling after that last post. You are awesome and I hope you have the best birthday in the history of Fienddom.

Much love as always ...


At 07:46 Blogger spacedlaw said...

The best birthday to you!

At 07:49 Blogger Ali Trotta said...

This post made me all teary, in a totally good way.

Lorraine, you are one hell of a person. I'm so damn proud of you for kicking ass -- for going after what you want. Being a derby girl is fantastic. And it suits you. You shine, chica. That is a wonderful thing.

Happy, happy, happy birthday, Quiche.

At 08:28 Blogger dabbler said...

Woohoo! May this birthday be only the first day of a joyous year. And when the clouds roll over (as they always do) may you hold the love and freedom and joy close till they pass (as they surely will)and know yourself to be valiant, strong and whole.

At 08:28 Blogger dabbler said...

Senile! Tick....

At 08:32 Blogger DataGoddess said...

Hippo Birdies Two Ewe!!!

And here's to another year of rocking and rolling and growing!!

At 09:23 Blogger vampi said...

happy quiche day! *kermit flail*

DG, ha! Rock and Roll. Lorraine always had the rock ad now she has the roll too. love it!

At 09:31 Blogger Cecily said...

Happy Birthaversary Beautiful Lady!

It's funny, I KNOW...and I mean KNOW, I would suck at derby, but every time I read your experiences with it, I want to try. That's some powerful stuff there.

At 10:00 Anonymous Marc said...

Happy Birthday Quiche! I've been wondering where all the pics of you doin the derbs were..... Are there any more online? If not I may have to talk to Joan about how we can fix that.... ;)

Happy Birthday again, hope to see you again soon!


At 10:10 Blogger hope said...

Many happy returns of the day!!! Has it been only a year since you started Derby?! Deadlines are not the only thing that make a whooshing noise as they fly by.

At 10:16 Blogger Chantrelle said...

Happy Birthday!!!

I'm so happy for you and skating and butting jammers and rocking.


At 10:18 Blogger Keshalyi said...

I've never even seen a roller derby match - honestly until a few years ago, I assumed it was one of those things that used to exist, or was the province of some select, far away few. You know, like polo. On roller skates. Actually, I bet horses would hate roller skates.

But happy birthday.

At 11:00 Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy birthday brave, fantastic, amazing, eternally inspiring, absolutely fabulous you!

I am singing to you, which is a good reason to be happy about us being on different continents.

At 11:53 Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love love love love love you! xxxxx Happiness forever! From Wolri

At 12:05 Blogger Claire said...

Happy Birthday, Lorraine! (Looks like it was yesterday, d'oh, but just saw it in my feed reader today.) I hope you had a molto groovy day!

At 12:05 Blogger Phiala said...

Felicitations on the solar anniversary of your natal day!

At 12:51 Blogger Marjorie said...

Happy Birthday, Quichie!

At 12:59 Blogger Marjorie said...

And tick.

At 16:48 Blogger Dragonsally said...

Is it really only a year ago?
It seems like you've been skating forever now.

At 17:02 Blogger Hellie said...

Happy Birthday and Happy one year Derby-versary!! Have a wonderful & Rocking day lovely lady! xx

At 19:48 Blogger ariandalen said...

Happy Firbday, Queen Empress!

At 09:25 Blogger Jane said...

If you're celebrating birthday week, as I like to, it's still your birthday! So, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

At 12:40 Blogger Marjorie said...

Happy Firbday to Ticia and Adri, too!

At 16:34 Blogger Na said...

a belated-yet-heartfelt HAPPY FIRBDAY!

At 20:44 Anonymous Anonymous said...

I sport my CVRG t-shirt ALL THE TIME. it is my favoritest piece of clothing.

At 10:15 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...


Great news here this morning, my lost camera has been found! In a field. At the farm. I thought I had lost all the B'day pics, but nope, found. Get ready for an awesome blog this weekend "A Day At the Farm or 1000 ways to die"

At 15:02 Anonymous Mollie Manner said...

Happy Birthmonth! It is one we can truly celebrate because of all the wonderful gifts that make up who you are. Becca has been caring for a wounded squirrelfriend she found in the neighbor's driveway today - who has been vulnerable but feistier and feistier. I shall name her SquirreLor.

At 19:47 Blogger FabulousLorraine said...

New blog post is up! How I spent my B'day!

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